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Asked: 5 years ago

Chao type?

If i pet a chao with only shadow,with his quils be like shadows,because when i pet my chao he only turns darker.

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From: inthebox44 5 years ago

It's been a while since I played, but from what I can remember, it takes quite a while, but when the chao evolves, he will have quills like shadow's, red and black. I mean, he won't look JUST like shadow, but pretty close. You also have to get the chao's run stat up. The few things im reading say that at first, the chao might have green quills when you get his stats up, but if you keep giving him the green chaos drives, he eventually turns red with shadow. I hope this helps.. let me know! ^_^

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Yes, your Chao will have quills the colors of Shadow. He will also be a Dark Chao.

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To do this you must also give him only green chaos drives, petting him with shadow will have no effect unless you do this, when he becomes an adult he will have green stripes, so you must also continue to give him green chaos drives, and then in his second evolution he will have red quills like shadow

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