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Awesome game,buy buy buy!Alkaiser DELTA10/10
Good for those who never played or don't own the DC version, but otherwise...Behonkiss8/10
Best Game I've EVER PlayedBudbrowny10/10
Sonic and Shadow, the biggest rivals ever!Chilli7710/10
A good port to the GCN.DarkMark429/10
Sonic For GameCube?! A Pass, or a Flop?Firebird2kGM9/10
I never played the DC version, but the GCN version pleases me...garrspete29/10
Shadow the hedgehog? Sounds awesome.homerlampshade8/10
This port is about the same as the originalirrewonderful5/10
Finally, a decent platformer for Gamecube ownersJolt Cola7/10
Sonic games just keep getting betterJoshJ06129/10
This Game is Perfect... Well, Almost.KirbySSB9/10
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle awesome game a buy..Knuckles Chaotix10/10
A very fun game with some minor problemsLegolas019/10
Sega and Nintendo finally bring Sonic to Gamecube!Luminous Carrot9/10
An Good Game Running at a Breakneck SpeedMG Ray7/10
Not bad for SegaOniLink50008/10
10 years ago this would never had been imaginable...PerfectGamer9/10
Finally, Sonic comeths to the Gamecube!PokeTrainerAlex10/10
A good game, but still, a ripoff from DreamcastPrince Roy7/10
The blue hedgehog on a Nintendo system?ProtoDude9/10
Overrated, but still pretty goodSharmHedgehog7/10
Save the world... Or conquer it!superstarluigi9/10
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle beats its predecessor by a long shot...The Sonic Hedgehog10/10
A good game with its fair share of problemsVic Rattlehead6/10
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a nice port for an average game.Xkefka3X6/10

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