Question from beenlat

Asked: 4 years ago

How many Shine Sprites are there?

I just wanna know how many.

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From: Zelda_Freek227 4 years ago

You need to do the first 7 levels of every world to beat the game
to complete it you need 120 total shines.

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120 total
11 in each world (8 from the episodes, 1 100 coin shine sprite, 2 secret)
24 from blue coins
the others come from various secret worlds or actions you must perform

The minimum number of Shine Sprites you need to complete the game is 50 (if the first one you get counts as one), because all you have to do to beat the game is like Zelda_Freek227 said, beat episode 7, the Shadow Mario chase, in all 7 worlds, then the way to the final boss will open.

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