Question from rock465

Where can I find the Turbo Nozzle in Ricco Harbor?

Im trying to find the turbo nozzle in here but cant seem to find and no faq can help ive already looked

rock465 provided additional details:

No i mean where do i first find it to unlock it

Accepted Answer

silktail answered:

The very first Turbo Nozzle is in episode 7 or 8, inside the Black ship at the start of the level.

Once you collect that nozzle, then all the hologram turbo boxes will become real.
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bpkevoIII answered:

You can look on top of the buildings past the lighthouse
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romeo777 answered:

Inside the first ship in front of your start point. It's available in the episode 8.
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Gamekidg7 answered:

I think there is one on the top area where you go to get the caged shine sprite. You should find it there or the hologram in there.
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