Question from silverpotatojah

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I do the MO disk quest?

i got the MO disk but dont know what to do with it

Accepted Answer

From: General_Nubcake 5 years ago

Put it in the chest and take it out after you get the electric room key which is the last key in the game. Unlock the two doors with it then get your MO disk. You will find two more in the laboratory. Get them and look for these machines that look like Gamecubes. The total purpose for them are to open a door to free Jill/Chris.

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There are a total of three MO disks. You can find three Nintendo Gamecibe-shaped objects where you insert them into throughout the laboratory. Putting all three in allows you free Jill/Chris. One disk reader is located in the hallway between the room where you place the fuel capsule and the computer that turns on the elevator. Another is where you get the slid filter/fill the fuel capsule. The last one I think is located in the solitary room you unlock with the lab key. I might be off with the locations, but that's what you use the MO disks for.

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