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Walkthrough and Guide

Version 1.9




1.0 (2002.03.26)  Started this damn FAQ. First hour or two of Chris down in 

1.1 (2002.03.27) Slight format revision, added another hour or two onto the 

1.2 (2002.03.29) Heavy format revision, only a little extra walkthrough due
to FORGETTING things and having to do it all over from an old save >:(

1.3 (2002.03.29) Walkthrough up to bees, some typoes corrcted, more forget-

1.4 (2002.03.31) Walkthrough up to Flamethrower, more corrections, enemies and
items sections now fully updated. Still a whole section missing (d'oh).

1.5 (2002.04.04) Walkthrough completed. Enemies section completed. Items section
completed. Minor details added. Acknowledgements added. Copyright changed.

1.6 (2002.04.07) Missing MO disk remembered :). More changes to copyright.

1.7 (2002.05.03) Woohoo it's out in the States, and my inbox is PACKED :P
Yet more copyright changes.

1.8 (2002.05.06) Message board for questions/discussion added.

1.9 (2002.05.08) Cleanup of helmet key section of walkthrough. Disclaimer added. 
Many extras added. Acknowledgements section updated.


Tip of the day: examine items before deciding they are useless, and emailing me 
about it. Damn it.


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1- Introduction
2- The game
3- The controls
4- Enemies: strengths, weaknesses, strategies
5- Items, a brief summary
6- Walkthrough and puzzle solutions
7- Acknowledgements
8- Disclaimer




Read any of the numerous Resident Evil/Biohazard anthologies out there. 
This is a guide not an exercise in reminiscence. All information is relevant to 




Biohazard is all about tenseness with short bursts of action, and edge 
of seat "I'm going to die" stuff. And die you will, frequently. With 
this in mind get in a different mood to what you might be for any of 
the usual save-a-minute ammo coming out of your ears videogames. Its 
different, and it just might be better.

A couple of points that might affect players who don't read Japanese or are just
curious: When starting a game from fresh the top option is HARD and the bottom
is EASY (well which is easier, mountain climbing or hiking - and which offers
the greatest reward for your challenge...?). Once you complete the game this
option will be replaced by EASY / MEDIUM / HARD (in English).

Endings will differ depending on the degree of skill you showed in completing
the game. There are also costumes and game modes up for grabs.




Read the manual. If you really can't figure it out, it's the same as 
the PSX except the buttons are slightly different. You'll get it. New
methods are... weird.




Bosses (unique enemies) CAPITALISED.

Dumb, slow, weak, but still deadly. Will kill you in around five hits. 
Some are faster and stronger than others and some can spit acid a 
short distance, but when they do you have a pleasantly long moment in 
which to get out of the way. Avoid them when possible.
Knife: 4-infinity
Handgun: 1-10
Shotgun: 1-3
Magnum: 1

Crimson Head Zombies (resurrected zombies)
Very fast for a zombie. I mean it. They will kill you in three hits, so 
don't mess around. Otherwise like a slightly different zombie with a 
running attack (they run VERY fast, as fast as you). This speed can also be 
to your advantage though - corners are your best friend. When you hear their 
nasty squelchy footfalls wait round the edge of a corner for them to come 
hurtling by and leg it past before they can turn around! It is also possible 
to stun them to all hell with one handgun round, but I stick to the old 
Knife: don't know
Handgun: 1-10
Shotgun: 1-3
Magnum: 1

Swines, they have improved these guys a lot. They avoid a beeline for 
you these days, so no easy kills for you! Luckily they aren't too 
powerful and die quite easily. In groups they are a pain as they keep 
moving and are hard to keep track of, but as one shot often puts them down 
you can usually handle them ok.
Knife: 3-7
Handgun: 1-5
Shotgun: 1-2
Magnum: 1

Fast but very weak. They poison if they get a chance, so smoke 'em. Their 
flight pattern can make them hard to hit but if you just plug 'em quick 
they'll pose you no trouble. Unless of course there's 10 of them.
Knife: don't know
Handgun: 2-4
Shotgun: 1
Magnum: 1

SNAKE (1st and 2nd meeting are more or less the same)
Good lord it looks great on Gamecube! Has a fatality if you are on caution so 
beware when your health isn't perfect. Poisonous. Powerful. Very easy to evade, 
so don't worry too much.
Knife: too many
Handgun: 20-30
Shotgun: 6-8
Magnum: don't know

He jumps out and attacks with little warning so blast him quick! He runs at you 
much like the crimson zombies and has similar attacks, but is much tougher and 
slightly more powerful. Be careful as the shotgun does not knock him back so
effectively as usual.
Knife: hahahaha
Handgun: 10-25
Shotgun: 3-4
Magnum: you don't have it yet!

Very powerful but nice and simple - just blow her off the edge and then shoot 
her as she clings on so that she falls to her death. Alternatively, push all
4 stones off and she will leap to her own death (thanks S G).
Shotgun: 5

Weenie snakes
They are slow but poisonous, so be careful. Faster when in water.
Knife: 1
Handgun: 1

Fast but relatively easy to avoid due to the shape of the room you find them 
in. Don't waste your ammo on them. They will kill you in three to five hits, 
and the big one will eat you whole so don't hang around.
Knife: hahahaha
Handgun: don't know
Shotgun: 3-4
Magnum: don't know

Get up on the balcony ASAP and shoot at the Plant's exposed core. The 
hose-tentacles will spray acid at you so keep moving in order to avoid these 
annoying attacks, and stay clear of their smash attack too as this will knock 
you back off the balcony and is highly irritating.  It will when you shoot it 
(usually every 2 shotgun shots) close up briefly and shower the area where you 
are stood with acid, so GET OUT OF THE WAY. Repeat until death, it's not too 
hard. If you are willing to expend the ammo you can just plug 6 magnum rounds
into it in one go to kill it (thanks to Eric for the info) thus avoiding any
Knife: dont know
Handgun: dont know
Shotgun: 10-15
Magnum: 6

Eurgh. Horrible enemies. Very fast, can leap down whole levels like you can 
steps and have a "caution" fatality from long range. Be very careful when
dealing with Hunters, and don't even think about using the knife. The handgun is
woeful too but it can be done. Use the magnum to hve no trouble at all. One 
weakness I spotted is that a defence dagger REALLY hurts them for some reason.
The problem is they usually slash at you instead of grabbing you...
Knife: hahaha
Handgun: 5-15
Shotgun: 2-3
Magnum: 1 and very rarely 2.

Ridiculously easy boss. The room is just too big and you can run rings around 
it while doing whatever you like to it. I used the knife to save ammo. 
On a boss! 
Be warned though, if it charges you _are_ going to get hit as it moves
absurdly fast and knocks you off your feet. Even with this brute force it still
needs at least four hits to kill you and relies mostly on its poison to weaken 
you. Its babies (ie "normal" spiders) will also join the fray to try and eat 
you... if it wasn't for them this boss would be a real pushover. One strong
point of this boss is its width due to its wide field of vision. In other words
if you are anywhere in front of it even to the side it will knock you for six. 
If you burst it like the normal spiders the carcass will hurt you due to acid.
Knife: 15-20
Handgun: 13
Shotgun: 5-8
Magnum: don't know

Six-Legged Things
They remind me of enemies from Biohazard 3. They will climb up on
the ceiling and drop on you! They seem to be weaker than hunters, but I havent
really been nailed by one yet so I don't know... one trick they do have is to
grab you FROM the ceiling and have you dangling by your throat! This is a 
great time to have a defence weapon. Shoot them in the back for comedy death
throes :). If they swing at you and you blow off their head their swing will
continue and hit you, so be careful of that one.
Handgun: 1-20
Shotgun: 2-3
Magnum: 1-2 (and the bullets go through so you can get 2 in 1 easy)

Slowly walks at you and nails you if he gets close enough. Just blast the crap
out of him until he gets close and then leg it and repeat, until death. I did 
this losing no health.
Handgun: dont know
Shotgun: 5-10
Magnum: 5

Fast and will knock you back with his crushing hits but if like me you have 
the girls helping you and over 20 magnum rounds to hold him back with he's no
trouble :). Just keep out of his way and shoot him to stop him killing Jill. 
Make sure you have plenty of health items. Wait for Brad to drop the rocket 
launcher from the helicopter and then kill his ass. Simple.
Handgun: don't know
Shotgun: 3-5 to get him angry
Magnum: 3-5 to get him angry
Rocket Launcher to finish.


5- ITEMS (name/method/slots) 


Knife / equip as weapon / ONE
Short range and weak. You can slash, back off, slash, back off and as 
long as you don't run out of room cope quite well with single zombies, but 
against harder enemies it is useless. You will often find 
yourself with nothing but the knife and a prayer. Also good for 
getting in free hits on zombies you have downed with the handgun, and 
for checking to see if a grounded zombie is still alive, as it will 
bite and he'll get up. There is also a weird mechanic in the control 
that allows you to tap R repeatedly and back off easily. Try it!

Handgun / equip as weapon / ONE
Very average, steadfast weapon. Will down zombies and dogs all day 
long but don't expect to get the better of the harder enemies with it. 
Ammo is scarce at best, this is the original Biohazard damn it! Those 
of you who only played Nemesis/Last Escape (3) will have a shock with 
this game… Also occasional random headshots to kill in one.
Holds: 15

Shotgun / equip as weapon / ONE
Who is your daddy? There is nothing this weapon cant do, although I 
feel it has been toned down from the Biohazard 2 version. Still, aim 
up and they die, aim down and they die or at least get crippled 
(shortly to be knifed in the arse :P), and aim flat and you can get 
two or three of 'em. And it has great stopping power, and sheer damage 
capabilities. Oh and ammo is relatively good seeing as it is so 
powerful. Did I mention I like this weapon?
Holds: 6

Stars shotgun / equip as weapon / ONE
Same as normal shotgun but holds 10 rounds instead of 6.
Holds: 10

One shot weapon /equip as weapon / ONE
Seems like you only get one bullet, and it seems like its DAMN powerful. Sorry
about the lack of info but I only used it on the first plant encounter so I am
as yet unsure of its power. Seemed to be at that time about 2x shotgun...
Holds: 1 (thats it)

Magnum / equip as weapon / ONE
This is a real monster of a weapon. No enemies can stand up to it, but 
ammo is very limited. Will kill more or less anything, and stops the enemies 
dead in their tracks. Basically a concentrated shotgun (i.e. no worries about 
Holds: 6

Rocket Launcher / equip as weapon / ONE
You get this exactly 1.31 seconds before you complete the game - it kills
tyrant in one hit so lets assume it does the same with other enemies.
Holds: 4

Green herb / use / ONE
Heals 25 per cent or thereabouts of your health. Combine with other herbs for 
better effects.

Red herb / use / ONE
Useless on its own. Combine with other herbs for better effects.

Blue herb / use / ONE
Cures poison status. Combine with other herbs for better effects.

Ribbon / auto use / ONE
Comes in threes. Use this at typewriters to save your progress, but use it 

BBQ bottle hip flask / use / ONE
Use this to burn static bodies… some will come to life and some are 
damn hard when they do. Learn which ones to burn and when! The best 
example of this is the spooky torch corridor on 2f… you try and burn 
them, they eat you. Unless you have the shotgun… BOOM! Be careful of 
the flames.
Holds: 2

Defence grenade / equip / NONE
You press L… short delay… his head goes BOOM. Mind you, so do you if 
you hang around. You can also shoot the victim to detonate grenade. If
you leave the area before the grenade goes off it will still count as
killing that enemy.

Defence Dagger / equip / NONE
Another L weapon - knocks them back and inflicts minimal damage.

Whistle / use / ONE
Call the dogs at the moonlit balcony with this.

Sword, Armour, Shield, Helmet Keys / use (auto use) / ONE
Open their corresponding doors

Earth / use/ ONE
Basically the chemical from the original. Kill the plant with it to 
get the "eye" death mask.

Eye, Nose, Mouth, EMN Death Masks / use / ONE
Four masks to be put in the crypt.

Emblem / use / ONE
Switch it for the other emblem in the emblem room.

Broken Music book / use / ONE
The moonlight sonata, but its not Chris's cup of tea.

Page of music / combine / ONE
Put it in the broken music book.

Arrow / check / ONE
Break off the head.

Arrowhead / use / ONE
Place it into the arrowhead shaped indent in the cherub's bow (graveyard).

Purple book / check / ONE
Get the sword key from this, and the first clue to the faces puzzle.

First Aid Kit / check / ONE
A spray or herbs is contained inside this.

Wind Crest / use / ONE
Put it in the graveyard, in the headstone.

Sun Moon box / check / ONE
Just light up both sides of the sun and you will get the final "ENT" death mask.

Large Octagonal objet / use / ONE
Put it in the octagonal hole in the outdoor corridor / main hall

Small Octagonal objet / combine / ONE
Combine with Octagonal frame

Square Crank / use / ONE
Use this by the pool in the gardens.

Hexagonal Crank / use / ONE
Use this behind the waterfall.

Moon, Star, Sun medals / check-use / ONE
Put these in the other gravestone next to where you get it.

001 key / use (auto use) / ONE
Opens the 001 door right at the start of "residence" area

003 key / use (auto use) / ONE
Gets you into the bookcase room before Plant 42

Red book / use / ONE
You only want it for the picture on the spine.

Flooded room key / use (auto use) / ONE
Opens flooded (shark) room.

Gallery key / use (auto use) / ONE
Opens the door in residence marked "gallery".

Sprayer / use / ONE
Kills the bees.

Red Jewel Box / combine / ONE
Combine with the Red Jewel and solve the puzzle to get the Spencer Key

Spencer Key / check-use (auto use) / ONE
Opens the door oppostite the picture puzzle room.

Blue, Yellow Jewels / use / ONE
Put these in the tiger's eyes for the MO disc and shotgun rounds.

Red Jewel / combine / ONE
Combine with the Red Jewel Box.

MO Disc 1, 2 ,3 / use / ONE
These unlock the door at the end of the game allowing you to rescue Jill.

Eagle, Wolf Medals / use / ONE
Put them in the circular pool in the courtyard.

Battery / use / ONE
Powers the lift out in the courtyard (waterfall area)

Cylinder Shaft / combine / ONE
Combine with Cylinder

Cylinder / combine / ONE
Combine with Cylinder Shaft to make the "W Cylinder Shaft"

W Cylinder Shaft / use / ONE
Put this back where you got the Cylinder Shaft to activate the lift.

Flamethrower / use / ONE
Put in the clips on the wall to gain access to Nasty's room

Octagonal Frame / combine / ONE
Makes the second large Octagonal objet to fit in main hall 1F.

Capsule / use / ONE
Fill it with nitro and then take it to the furnace area to activate the thingy
in the labs. If you run, shoot or get hit while holding it you will die.

Hughes Unit / use / ONE
Activate the lift with this. Means you have one less item slot (ie if you didnt
know about it you'd have to run back to the item box thus wasting some time).

Flare / use / ONE
Use it anywhere to show Brad where you are. Get ready...

Cloakroom Key / use (auto use) / ONE
Use this to unlock the new door in the statue room in "once again..." mode.




(This is a "walkthrough". i.e. it is in chronological order. I am not 
usually going to describe how to get to locations - you shouldn't need 
anyone to hold your hand, just a guide... this is mainly for the 
benefit of those who love imports but cant read Japanese but also for 
myself because I forget what day it is never mind where the second 
small key is hidden...)

By now we all know the drill... into the mansion you go, Wesker Jill 
and Chris, Barry lost somewhere who knows where... you better go check 
out that noise!

Dining Room 1F
Shield over fireplace - take it if you want to clog up your item slots, 
otherwise leave it for later. Now through the door into the adjoining 

The first encounter with the zombie you are about to meet can be 
avoided by backtracking through the door you came from, or 
alternatively if you feel your knife skills are up to scratch take him 
out there and then. Either way the zombie will remain until you kill 
him, I just find it easier to come back better armed. Speaking of 

Main Hall 1F
You will find your (Jill's) handgun here. That's about it. At this stage 
in the game you only have two more options-

Statue Room 1F
Get the map from the pot the statue is holding.
If you go into the side room you can get ribbon, but you might want to 
be ready for action! The other door is as yet inaccessible.

First encounter corridor (via dining room) 1F
If you haven't got 'im already, watch out for our mate there. If you 
want the file off of Kenneth's corpse you'd better collect it...

As per Biohazard rules you are restricted to one door at this point - 
so follow your route!

Show off room 1F
Stop gawking at the lighting effects and pay attention. There are 
green herbs here, but be careful how eager you are to use these this 
early on. This will become a crow's nest later on, but you probably 
guessed that already (or am I the only one who knows what karasu are?) 
by the birdcage evidence.

Spooky torch corridors 2F
Zombies! Have your fun while you can. After you've cleared the place 
out you will notice a green herb, some handgun ammo and an arrow. 
You'll need that... The zombies on the floor can be burned later, but 
the one nearest the West door is the first Crimson Zombie and if you 
try to burn him he gets upset and eats you…

Dining room 2F
Push the statue. Oh come on, please!
And you may want to mind the ZOMBIES!

Main Hall 2F
Basically this is the most efficient route to the graveyard. The door 
is halfway down the staircase.

Graveyard 1F/2F
This is another gawp at Gamecube moment, but if you can manage it you 
can walk outside and pick up shotgun ammo. I would suggest you 
consider whether you want to be carrying it around though...
Figure out the puzzle, it isn't that hard. Cough*arrow*cough.

Crypt B1F
Ok I will stop going on about how pretty this game is. Just one last 
time... damn this room is pretty.  Grab the book and get the key off of 
it. Wow! Now you have the Sword key... back to the house!

Kitchen B1F
Your new area is through the first encounter corridor and down to B1F, 
and in it you will find a defence dagger, an old key and a pant 
load of enemies. Do as you will with them, then go and use the sword 
key on the door in the statue room where you got the map.

THE corridor 1F
Fans of Biohazard rejoice, its THE corridor. You will find another 
defence dagger (I love those things) and a clip here. Oh and watch out 
behind you...

The random outside bit 1F
You'll need one of those little keys here... the gardeners corner 
perhaps, as some absent minded fellow has left a sack of "earth" 
behind for you to find... not to mention a load of herbs. You can get 
zombie-BBQ from the canister too, but you wont have the bottle 

Bathroom 1F
Drain that bath!

Shotgun room 1F
You'll find a defence dagger here and also ribbon, but you might not 
want to be too hasty taking the shotgun from those suspicious looking 
clips JUST yet. Your choice!

The outdoor (crest) corridor 1F
He's behind you!

Save Room 1F
Thank the lord. Small key, ribbon, lighter fluid bottle - now you can 
burn the bodies once you re-kill 'em! Fun for the family. Fill it up 
at the fuel canister on the floor, but be careful because it is not 

2F corridor
Nasty zombies! These ones have a slight halitosis problem. Didn't his 
mum ever teach him to floss the human flesh out before bed? Anyway if 
you have ammo smoke 'em, or do what I did and get here with no ammo at 
all and re-kill 'em both with the knife...

Fireplace room 2F
Come on baby, light that fire. That green herb might take you off 
danger as well ;)

Study room 2F
To get here you have to get uncomfortably close to some zombie action 
(and one of those zombies is _hard_), but smoke 'em if you got 'em and 
make your way to the room you couldn't get into a minute ago as it was 
shut from the other side. Here you will find a clip (yes!) and a 
whistle with a note attached. Now if like me that clip has given you 
teeth again you want to go and pick up the wooden board from the 
corridor with the hard zombie and his friend, and make a map out of it 
using the relief template above the fireplace. Now back to dining room 

Another corridor 2F
Use an old key to get through the first door, taking you outside to 
the moonlit balcony. What's that you just spotted? A herb patch? Three 
uses are all you get my friends. Follow the balcony round and unlock the 
door from the correct side, allowing you easy access in and out. Past 
this door you'll meet a couple more of our stinky friends, but they're 
a piece of cake. Descend the stairs and find the second lovely save 

The medical save room 1F
There's nowt here now though bar a chest and a typewriter.

Dusty Storeroom 1F
You need an old key here, but you have one if you followed my guide so 
lets boogie. There is ribbon here, along with a defence grenade and 
the rusted shotgun. You can fill up your BBQ bottle again too. Now 
take that rusty shotgun and hang it in place of the working one back 
in the shotgun room now you have the boomstick, your trusty leg remover. 
Bring it on.

Go back outside on 2f to where you unlocked the door from the other 
side (where the herb patch is) and blow your whistle… fido will bring 
the (imitation) key right to you, only you'll have to ask nicely! Now 
take that fake key through the start of the spooky torch corridor up the 
stairs to:

The Armour Trap Room 3F
Be careful, if you have the imitation key the "dead" zombies in the 
corridor before this (spooky torch corridor) suddenly get less dead… 
and they are the new speedy ones. 
When you take the key the walls close in, and you are about six 
seconds away from mincemeat… more than enough time to put back the 
imitation and make off with the real armour key. Head back to 1F and 
mind the evil Crimson zombies while you're at it.

1F corridor
Defence grenade (alright!) and a ton of doors await you. In these 
rooms soon you will need the blue jewel, the "earth" and the crest 
from the start… so get 'em ready.

Bedroom 1F
Go in here (first on right) and grab the clip and the file off the 
table ? when you search the shaky closet guess what happens? Well 
there's two of them, deal with them and grab the old key. Outta here! 
(hint don't do what I did and use a defence grenade for a laugh, you 
cant get out of the way very quickly…)

Tigers head room 1F
You put the blue jewel in, the shotgun rounds out, in out in out shake 
it all about…

Water supply room 1F
In goes the earth, down goes the plant. Muhahaha. When you flick the 
switch, choose the first option. Whatever you do don't flick the 
second option, as you will nuke all the lovely herbs waiting for you 
there… strong stuff that "earth". Grab the "eye" death mask. When you 
leave this room keep BOTH eyes on those windows, and get ready for the 
smelly ones. Your prostrate buddies will start becoming less dead as 
well, so be on your guard at all times, and re-kill them.

The bar 1F
Slide across the bookcase and grab the music book.

With the armour key in hand you now have access to the door in the corridor on 
2F where earlier we met our bad-breathed friends... go back there now.

Moose head room 2F
Red herb. Take a right and head into another bedroom where you'll find a spray, 
ribbon, a green herb and an old key (not to mention some scary music). Now go 
back and go through the other door, using an old key in the process.

Fish Tank room 2F
There are three items here, the wasp model and rare wasp model, and a fishhook 
so you will need three item slots... this is probably a good time to do some 
running between the chest and the rooms to pick up everything. Once you are 
happy combine the fishhook with the rare wasp to make the lure, and replace it
in the lure cabinet on the West wall. Put the other wasp in the other case 
(effectively switching them) and flick that switch! 
Once you do you will get a bee to the face (looks like the one you just put in 
the case) so shoot that and grab the wind crest from its hole. Now you cant go 
back via 1F so take the 2F route, and watch out for the Crimson zombies on the 
way. You now have the armour key, so unlock the large double doors and go into: 

Armour room 2F
Smells like a trap! Figure out the puzzle before you flick the switch (unless 
you enjoy being gassed), I will go so far as to say leave the weaponless one 
till last as he doesn't bring any of the others out. Now grab the case out of 
the wall and boogie.

The next door is also an armour key door so go in, and there you will find 
Richard and Rebecca - Richard has been bitten by the snake so now you have to 
leg it back across 2F to get to the medical room... do you remember that? Get 
going! Once you return with the serum you and Rebecca will take Richard back to 
the medical room, thus putting you in that half of the mansion. You can go back 
into the medical room to have and injuries healed by Rebecca, but then that 
depends on your state of health doesn't it? Now head back to where you found 

The Richard corridor 2F
Zombie, and if you wake him up but don't kill this one he will follow you Dino 
Crisis style, so tread softly! Green herbs too, very nice indeed. In the next 
half of the corridor there is another zombie, and a defence grenade in the 
corner... so into the next room we go!

The servant's dining room 2F
So dark... so light the place up using the candelabra on the table! Here are two
clips and the sheet music you need. Be careful, there's a zombie behind the 
shelves between you and the music. Now make your way back to the bar making sure
you have the combined sheet music. There are more Claw Hands around now so be on
your guard.

The bar 1F
Now you will witness the power of Chris's piano skillz! Mind you Rebecca cant do
much either yet... leave her to practice.

Make you way back through the 1F corridors on the East side towards the save 
room under the stairs. On the way you will have to face a pant load of crimsons 
so make damn sure you can take care of them one way or another. Don't 
enter the bathroom unless you want to face a crimson with no reward, and don't
enter the corridor before the save room unless you want to take a long route 
back to where you are (the door wont open from the other side). By now you might
have realized that the bodies you didn't burn earlier are crimsons... damn you

Now you can enter the:

Picture puzzle room
Famous from Biohazard's earlier incarnations this puzzle has been changed. The 
format remains roughly the same however. 123456 and final are switches, to be 
played thusly. Change the colours of the three stained glass windows to: 
(1,6 bracers) = red, (2,5 headband) = green,  (3,4 necklace) = purple. 
Then flick the final switch to be let out into the area of the graveyard where
an item was twinkling earlier. This item is the "mouth" death mask. You can use
an old key to open the gate from this side, but you can also go round the other
way if you really want. You can take this opportunity to put the two masks you 
have down in the crypt now... very cool little video sequence if you ask me. 

The bar 1F
Get the emblem from your magic chest / the dining room. Rebecca will have got 
moonlight sonata nailed by now, so go ahead and switch your emblem for the gold
one. Now high tail it back to the dining room where you got the old one and bung
the new one in its place. This will activate the clock puzzle.

Dining room 1F
Look at the painting next to the now-open clock. The big sword's in the guy's 
face = helmet. The small sword's in the guy's gut = armour. Not too hard is it 
really? Now grab the shield key and get moving.

Main hall 2F
The last locked door isn't a shield door but I think this point is a nice quiet 
time to go and check it out. Here you will find Forest from Alpha team slumped 
in a chair dead... you knew he was gonna come back to life didn't you? There are
two green herbs at the end of the corridor and a defence dagger opposite the 
chair where Forest is sat.

Richard corridor 2F
Now you can open that last door, and get rid of the shield key (what already?!).

Snake room 2F
Yes, snake. Force-feed it some lead (I find this encounter easier than those 
damn crimson guys) and grab the contents of the room ("nose" death mask, 
shotgun shells), not necessarily in that order. When you exit the room you will 
be poisoned and as such control will switch to Rebecca for a while... go get 
that serum! With that "nose" death mask and the box with the "EMN" death mask 
you can now go down into the crypt and finish what you started earlier.

The crypt B1F
Once you put all four death masks on the heads you just know what's going to 
happen to that big-ass coffin! So kill what comes out of it, quick! There is 
shotgun ammo on the floor. Once Coffin Henry's dead flick the switch in his 
coffin to raise the door again and grab the octagonal object. This goes in the 
outdoor corridor, so off we go! You can return to the medical room at this point
and get your wounds healed.

Guardhouse 1F
Self defence grenade and first aid spray. From here you can move to the 
courtyard by going down the steps and going through the door, where you will 
find yourself in a very miserable outdoor area.

Outside 1F
The Chinese characters in this puzzle might be quite hard to read, so here is 
the solution - red = west, blue = north. Sorted. This gets you into the 
graveyard where you can put in your crest to receive three others. Item 
clog-a-thon! Just activate these crests and put them in the other statue to
receive the MAGNUM. Oh baby.

Long path and woodshed 1F
The house in the woods is a typewriter/chest area, but don't get any delusions 
of safety - you are about to meet whatever became of the little girl in the 
photo's mother. Grab the crank from round the back and prepare for cowardice! 
Do not, I repeat do not unload all your ammo into this enemy. Just leg it.

Guardhouse 1F
You can also go into the gardens if you take the double doors here. Three dogs 
await along with a green and a blue herb. Go through the North exit to find the 
pool (natsukashii!!) and use the crank on the mechanism. The water will drain, 
beautifully, and allow you access to the lift on the other side of the water.

Fountain garden B1F
Crows aplenty and not much else yet, so get going to the West side and the next

Snake corridor 1F
Snakes drop from the ceiling but keep running and you'll be fine. This leads 
you to the residential area.

"Residence" 1F
Three blue herbs and some more creepy music are waiting for you here in the 
entrance to the residence. The nearest room to you is a save room, so get in 
there. Be careful of the hole in the floor down the little side passage - 
tentacles will reach up and grab your neck if you walk over it. Push the crate 
onto it to avoid this. 

Residential save room 1F
Ribbon and a defence grenade for your bunghole. You can also fill up the BBQ 
bottle here. Prepare yourself and move out.

Recreation room 1F
It's full of bloody spiders! I find it quite easy to avoid these fiends rather 
than use precious ammo. Check out the numbers/colours of the pool balls on the 
old pool table, and light the oil lamps to decipher it later on... all will 
be revealed. You can collect two green herbs, a green/blue mix from a first aid 
kit and the red book here.

Move into the next area over the box that you pushed over the holes in the
floor. Collect the map from the far end of this new next corridor (do NOT look
in the hole if you want to remain bee-free for now!) and enter the 002 door.

002 room 1F
The door immediately on your left is a bathroom containing the 001 key, but 
beware as if he is still alive the zombie in the other room will burst through 
the door and be on top of you in an instant. The room itself contains merely a 
memo but if you push the bookcase you will find a ladder leading down... now 
where could that possibly go? Wherever it is don't go there yet, go back and use
the 001 key...

001 room 1F
The door to your immediate left is a bathroom (again) and if you drain the bath 
and grab the key then yes that zombie will suddenly get restless. Do as you will
with this one, then return to the main room. Ignore the swinging body for now 
because you can grab the "one-shot weapon"! There's also a clip and a note, so 
get those too. Now you should head down that ladder.

Concrete corridor B1F
Push all three boxes into the water to make an impromptu bridge. There is a 
green herb in the corner, around which you will find the flooded area... thus 
begins a new chapter of terror.

Shark room B1F
Richard, you might be dead but that's one of the coolest videogame deaths ever. 
Now stop gawking at the graphics, which I will add after saying I wouldn't are 
simply amazing, and run like crazy! Take the outside route (you shouldn't get 
hit if you hurry) and unlock the door.

Water control room B2F
Objects might appear bigger than they really are! This is such an awesome piece 
of videogame action! Once you flick the switch on the far wall you will have a 
time limit - turn to your right and flick another switch. Then, turn 180 degrees
and flick another. The damn thing isn't working! Back the way you came are a 
series of switches, flick number 3 and the system will reset. Now run back round
and flick the right hand switch followed by the left hand switch - you will see
barriers come down properly. Then flick the first switch again to drain all the
water out and level the playing field with those sharks! In that room is a medi
kit and a map, so grab 'em.

There are shotgun rounds to be found in the mess of metal in the corridor
here but be careful of your slots as there are two more or less essential
items coming up to the East. West is a shortcut back to the concrete corridor.

Bottom of shark room
Go outside and grab the new 10-round shotgun from the floor (finish off the 
beached shark at your leisure or just leave it) and climb up by the massive 
dead shark. He will go crazy and wreck the place, allowing you to push 
the control panel into the water by him and turn on the power using the 
switch to your left. FRY! Now grab the Gallery key and go back, taking the 
short cut.

Magnum ammo! Alllright I hear you say. There is also a pistol clip waiting for you

In order to open the coded door (and escape from the damned bees) you must refer
back to the pool table and lamps from the recreation room to solve the puzzle. 
Alternatively input this code ;)... 4 eyelashes = red *3*, 2 eyelashes = green *6*, 
0 eyelashes = orange *5*. Sorted. Unfotunately you don't need to go in here yet,
so just run to where the corpse is slumped and relieve the body of its sprayer.

Run back outside and use this sprayer through the hole in the wall behind the map,
thus killing all the annoying bees!

Pick up the pistol clip from the table and follow the room round.Where the dead 
beesnest is is the 003 key which will allow you in to the next residential room 
- you will need the red book here so make sure you have it. Once you complete the 
puzzle in the bookcase (don't bother with the side room it's just for decoration) 
go through the door to face Plant 42.

This encounter isn't too hard but it isn't a walkover so make sure you are well
equipped. Refer to Enemies section for strategy.

Besting the plant gets you the Helmet key (and JUST the helmet key), meaning you
now have access to a lot more of the mansion... guess where YOU're going.

After the cutscene with Rebecca you can go back to the number-locked door to get
full health for free. You did put that code in earlier, right?

Now that you have the helmet key you just KNOW that all hell is going to break
loose. Once you have spoken to Wesker head back to the mansion and be ready for 
action. There are dogs now instead of crows in the waterfall area so be careful
(you can avoid them quite easily), and where you drained the pool earlier 
snakes will drop from the sky...

The guardhouse holds shotgun shells and a health spray as you pass through, 
you will need against the hunters that now fill the mansion! If you go back 
through the picture-puzzle room you can get to the main hall unaccosted.

The final locked door in the main hall leads to a room full of curious stuff,
including a memo and ink ribbon. through this room is a mirrored room and a
zombie, as well as a defence dagger, green herb and the red jewel box. Just
combine the red jewel with this box to unlock a piece puzzle so that you can
open the box and get the spencer key... 

Be warned, if you come back here again a hunter will follow you through the 
door into the mirror room and you will be forced to kill it...

The eagle-eye room
This door above the medical save room on 2F is now unlockable. This room contains
a defence dagger, shotgun rounds and a puzzle to obtain the red and yellow 
jewels. Now you can open the red jewel box and head back to the spencer crest
door near the picture puzzle room on 1F, stopping at the tiger's head room to
put in the yellow jewel on your way. This will get you the MO disk.

In order to get to the "Spencer crest room" you will need the Spencer crest key.
The locked door in main hall 1F requires the helmet key, so go there!

Baby-in-a-Jar Room
Here you will find a defence item and some ribbon. Continue to the next room.

Mirror Room
So cool. You get to see his head come off from TWO angles :D. Grab the box and
open it to get the spencer crest key. There is also a green herb if you want it,
and be careful because a hunter may well be on your tail...

Spencer crest room 1F (near outdoor corridor)
In here is a small cutscene (get'yo ass up those stairs!) as well as shotgun
rounds, a defence grenade and another octagonal "objet". On your way upstairs
there are two more hunters which are difficult to avoid, so kill 'em and run to
the Study room 2F.

Study Room 2F
Here Rebecca is being threatened by a hunter so smoke it and save her. Now 
across the landing throught the fireplace room is the helmet-locked:

Crusher room
When you enter the main room (not the entryway) the walls will begin to close in
but have no fear! Just push the statue all the way to the far wall, the walls
cannot crush you so long as the statue is there to hold them apart. Once you 
push it all the way run round and flick the switch behd where the wall used to
be. Quickly run back round and push the statue left onto the plate... easy. Grab
the defence dagger and drop down the hole into the little passage to obtain the
eagle medal (check the book). There is also a memo here. Flick the switch and 
head down the ladder, into B1F.

Dingy corridor B1F
3 spiders await so look out. Luckily a couple of them are up on the walls which 
means you get a free shot in! At the dead end of the corridor are some shotgun
rounds, and there is a map of B1F on the wall. Next!

Dingy corridor 2 B1F
In this corridor there are 2 zombies, a handgun clip, a red herb and a blue 
herb, a defence dagger and also the switch that turns on the service lift you 
couldn't use earlier.

Kitchen B1F
You need to use the lift here but if you run straight to it the crimson head who
reanimates here will hit you from behind, so be cautious.

More torches corridor 2F
As well as a zombie there are two green herbs and a red herb here waiting for
you. Through the door are two loads of shotgun rounds and the battery for the
lift back out in the courtyard. The double door you can't get through can be
accessed from the Armour Trap Room on 3F as you have the helmet key...

SNAKE! This is where the old adversary will stay down - if you can kill it! It's
more or less the same as the first encounter only I THINK it took a litle more
ammunition to kill. Try it and see. 
Shotgun 5-10

Once you kill the thing it will in its death throes knock all the books off the 
shelves - grab the book that comes out too and get outta there. There are also 
two green herbs as you enter the room. You will find the Wolf medal in that book.
You now have both the medals required to reach the last section of the 

Take the crank and go back to the pool where you lowered the water earlier in the
courtyard. Now that you have used the battery to give power to the lift you no
longer need the water to be low - now you need to shut off the waterfall blocking
your progress - so use that crank!

Head down the ladder behind the waterfall and you will find a chest/typewriter 
room and a whole new area to explore! There is ribbon and a green herb here,
although the herb isn't accessible yet.

Next head east through the wet corridors - don't worry there aren't any enemies.
Yet. In the room with the big lift in it there are two handgun clips and then
off to the side is the Cylinder Shaft. Continue through this room to find Enrico
and the Hexagonal Crank Shaft. Now on your way back there are hunters so be very
wary. In fact in the corridor where before there was nothing at all there are 
two of the swines more or less in your face. Watch out.

Now you can go the other direction from the chest/typewriter room.Now in this 
next corridor the passage is blocked by a huge boulder... yes it does before you
ask. When you turn away from it it will begin to roll so be sharp and leg it 
back to the end of the corridor. This rolling boulder has just cleared your way 
to the next boss, the giant spider, so make sure you grab the shotgun shells 
from behind where the boulder was!

Mommy Spider
This encounter is nice and simple. Run rings around it shooting occasionally
until it dies! You could kill this boss with the knife too if you wanted to
show off your daredevil skills! It's that easy!
Be warned though when it charges, you are going to get hit, as it moves
absurdly fast and knocks you off your feet. Even with this brute force it still
needs at least four hits to kill you and relies mostly on its poison to weaken 
you. Its babies (ie "normal" spiders) will also join the fray to try and eat 
you... if it wasn't for them this boss would be a real pushover. One strong
point of this boss is its width due to its wide field of vision. In other words
if you are anywhere in front of it even to the side it will knock you for six. 

Lucky it turns so slowly then eh :P. More butt-stabbings ahoy!

Once it is dead it leaks acid in the same way as other spiders - ie. if you burst
its bulbous ass it will pour everywhere... so just use the handgun. Honestly you
will be fine if you use the handgun on this boss.
knife 15-20
handgun 13
shotgun 5-8

In the spider's lair as you may or may not have noticed during the fight is 
another knife - you can use this one to cut the _ito_ on the door to save you the
time it would have otherwise taken to go back to the chest... or maybe it's
Capcom neing nice so that you don't have to fight the hunter that waits in the
corridor behind you...

Now you come across more damp corridors and a two blue herbs too. The map of 
the area is on the wall next to the blue herbs. Carry on...

In the next section you have to use the hexagonal crank three times to uncover
the side exit - and naturally at this point the giant boulder rolls at you. 
Simply duck into the passageway you just opened, let it roll by, and then go get
the health spray from behind where it was!

Statue Puzzle room
Slide the one statue till its level with the dark section of wall and then use 
hexagonal crank on the hole in the wall twice - now you can push the statue onto
the plate in the middle of the room thus turning it eventually through 180 
degrees and allowing you to solve the puzzle. Grab the Cylinder and combine it
with the Cylinder Shaft to make the "W Cylinder Shaft"... now stick that back 
where you got the Cylinder Shaft in the first place. 4231 is the code (but you
worked that out already right?) which brings up the lift.

Here's an item box but no typewriter (wow I remember some of this) as well as a
crushing press down the ladder, but you don't need to go down there yet so head
out of the door.

Branching corridor
Here we meet our old buddy Nasty, from the woodshed. Only this time it's 
something nasty OUT of the woodshed and all over you! Just avoid her which is
thankfully nice and easy and go through the open door. Be warned if she does
catch hold of you with those manacled fists she'll take you down two levels of
health with one hit! Blue and Red herbs.

Supply area
Push the box onto the lift and hit the button, sending it on its way. Here you
will find a defence grenade, handgun rounds and MAGNUM ROUNDS! Woohoo! Now head
back, avoiding nasty again. You will find the lift broken so NO ESCAPE for you

Now you can use the crusher to to crush the crate that you just shipped across.
Inside you will find a broken flamethrower. Take that flamethrower and go back
to where Nasty is prowling around, and flick the switch to bring out the clips
next to the locked door. Place the flamethrower here and make your way through.

Nasty's hideout
Poor Nasty was just the little girl from the woodshed... through her decidedly
spooky room is a sewage pipe with snakes in the water - I found the knife to be
most useful at this point. Through the pipe is Nasty's bedroom and another Sun
Moon box, but this time there is no pretence of a puzzle. Inside is the 
Octagonal frame you need to get through the gate in the mansion main hall...
Now climb up the ladder into the tunnel above. There are blue and green herbs to
your right and the exit to your left. This brings you back to where you obtained
the crank round the back of the woodshed earlier on.

Main Hall 1F
Take the octagonal objet out of the outdoor corridor on your way back here and
then insert both into the doorway inder the staircase. You will be greeted by a
bare chest/typewriter room and then a new area.

Sounds scary huh?
Well it is pretty scary! You get to put the boot in on old nasty here with the 
aid of Wesker and collect some more info on Nasty herself... once you push all 
the stone statues down the chasm the coffin will slide open and you can collect
the memo from inside. The lift takes you to the previously unexplored area in
the courtyard. Does anyone know if the game progresses differently if Wesker is
killed by this enemy?

Circular pool
Here you will need the medals to put in either side of the pool. The water will
drain and you can progress down into... DISC 2

A save room greets you and contains ribbon, so save if you want.

Corridor B2
Well our old buddies the zombies are back. Do as you will with these two and
head down the stairs. Grab the MO disk :)

Fan corridor B3
Mind the zombie to your left as well as the one in front of you, and don't
forget the defence dagger in the shelves in front of the fan. For now though 
head through the open door to your right into the:

Steamy Corridor
The first aid kit contains two green herbs mixed. You cannot use the end door 
yet so go in the door to your left:

X-Ray room
Grab the file off the table. Check the file for passwods "JOHN" and "ADA" and 
how to solve the x-ray puzzle giving you the third password, "CELL". Just hang
the two x-rays on the light screen and take the patients in alphabetical order
using the first letter of their illnesses as shown by the x-rays. 

Body Bag room
MAGNUM rounds! Also a first aid kit (green herb) and a defence grenade. Grab the
file off the table and input the passwords into the computer: JOHN, ADA, CELL. 
Now you have access to the other doors, so head via the Steamy Corridor to the:

Freezer Room
Watch out for the naked zombie and collect the MAGNUM rounds - then grab the 
slides off the table and the fax off the shelf. The security device on the desk 
will take an MO disk to unlock one of the levers on the large door outside.

Projector Room
834170623 is the code from the film in the machine...
8462 is the code from the film you picked up - enter this code in the thing on
the wall to gain access to the electric key and a cool video sequence :). Now
take that key and also the health spray, memo, map, shotgun shells and MO disc 
in that room and get back down those stairs!

Electric Corridor
The door directly in front of you as you is a save room. Mind the naked zombies
and go there.

Electric Save Room
Shotgun shells, ribbon, health spray.

1 Furnace Room
Here you will encounter the first new six legged enemies (as seen in Last Escape
or Nemesis) and you can get the capsule. Take this capsule back to the freezer 
room and bung it in the freezer. Now you CANNOT RUN MORE THAN A LITTLE or you 
will DIE. Now put it back where you got it. Advice: murder the zombies that 
would be in your way so as not to go boooom.

Carry on down through the furnaces and flick the switch - there are tons of the
six legged enemies now, maybe 7 or 8 of them, so be ready.

Now you can use the big lift in the electric corridor to head up to the bacteria
tanks. There will be a cutscene (and before this shotgun ammo) and then you will
take on the tyrant. Easy money. Grab the file off Wesker's prostrate body and 
unlock the door using the switch. Head on out.

Now the self destruct sequence has been activated (!) all locked doors are now 
open. Aside from this get yo'ass through the door in the fan corridor using the
electric key...

Shotgun ammo. Push back the shelves and climb through the vent. Through this way
you get to the third and final MO disk security device. Also a defence grenade.
More six-legs will come so make sure you can deal with them.

Go down to B1F through the door that you can now get through because you used
all three MO disks... you will find Jill.

Head to the previously locked door that read "Extreme Emergency Only" - it is 
unsurprisingly open. Through it are shotgun shells and a first aid kit, and
further down the corridor the battery that will power the lift ("Hughes Unit").

You now have 3 minutes.

Use the flare and then the Tyrant will attack. Have fun! Bear in mind your 
ending will differ depending on whether you save Jill and/or Rebecca...




CJayC for very obvious reasons, and help with my formatting troubles. Thanks!

Stirling Martine for help with missing the dumbest lever ever. Thanks!

Hoey Yip for pointing out my stupidity and forgetting the one MO disk. Thanks!

Eric Mylonas for the twenty two second Plant 42 tip. Thanks!

S G for the easy Nasty disposal method. Thanks!




I am a relatively old school Biohazard player, just for the record.
It is my own dumb decision to write what I write. I am aware that Nasty is in 
fact Lisa Goddamm Trevor, I know the things are Chimeras etc. I know, OK?