Item Guide by CyricZ

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/12/02 | Printable Version

Resident Evil (GCN) Item Guide
An In-Depth FAQ by CyricZ
Version 1.1

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Common Items
4. The Mansion (before the Courtyard)
5. The Courtyard
6. The Residence and Aqua Ring
7. The Mansion (before the Tunnels)
8. The Tunnels
9. The Altar
10. The Laboratory
11. Anything Else?
11. Standard Guide Stuff


1. Introduction

Hey there!  Welcome to my Resident Evil Item Guide.  I had a notion to 
craft a guide for Resident Evil, but I wanted to put up something 
that'd help many people quick.  I thought to myself, "Self, what do 
people need help on a lot?"  The answer is ITEMS!  The puzzle items 
are the heart and soul of this game, and you need to know where to find 
them and what to do with them, so that's what my guide does.

NOTE: This may go without saying, but you will be SPOILED if you look 
through this.  That's okay, though, since you gave up your right to 
be surprised when you looked this up... :-P

Oh, also, I don't intend on covering Files or maps here, since they're 
not at all required to complete the game.


2. FAQ

Q: Where's _______?  What do I use it for?

A: Look in the list.  I've organized these in the order you can find 
 them in.  I've tried to be as descriptive as possible when covering 
 their locations.

Q: Do the locations of items differ for characters or difficulty?

A: For the most part, no.  There are a couple of exceptions, and I'll 
 note them as they come up, but you should be all right for both 
 characters for most items.

Q: How can I find a specific item in your guide?

A: Type CTRL+F (for Internet Explorer) and type in the box the item 
 you desire.  If you spelled it right, you should find it quickly 
 enough.  In a general sense, or if you don't know how to spell it, 
 just scroll down in the guide.  I list the items pretty much in 
 sequential order.

Q: Where are the weapons?

A: In the guide.  If you don't see a weapon in the area you're in, 
 chances are it's not time to get it yet, like say the Magnum...

Q: I don't know what to do with this item!

A: Chances are that more can be learned by Examining it.  Do so in the 
 Inventory Screen.  You can rotate the item to look at all sides of it.  
 You can also press A to further check it, which will give you a text 
 message describing it, or it may operate something on it.


3. Common Items

These are items that show up repeatedly, some in groups.  They're 
not used for puzzles, but for personal maintenance, whether it be 
healing yourself, saving your progress, or fending off the nasties...
It should be noted that, although you can carry only a set number of 
different items, you can carry a large amount of Ink Ribbons or 
ammunition in one item slot.  Note that the number of these you can 
find does change with difficulty...

E = Found on Easy Difficulty
N = Found on Normal Difficulty
H = Found on Hard Difficulty
C = Found playing as Chris
J = Found playing as Jill

Also, I know I'm not very descriptive with the location names.  Well, 
you either have a concise list, or a freaking long list.  I've given 
you general locational tags, though, to go with the room names:

1W = First floor of the Mansion (west wing)
1E = First floor of the Mansion (east wing)
2W = Second floor of the Mansion (west wing)
2E = Second floor of the Mansion (east wing)
3F = Third floor of the Mansion
B1 = Basement of the Mansion
CY = Courtyard
RE = Residence
TU = Tunnels
LA = Laboratory


Ink Ribbon

Each canister of Ink Ribbons you pick up has three inside.  Find a 
typewriter while holding a canister, and you will be allowed to save 
your progress.  It's worth noting that there's no rating system in this 
game, so feel free to save as often as you like.

Item Box (EN)
(1W) Dining Room near the typewriter (ENH)
(1E) Living Room (EN)
(1W) In the Utility Room (ENH)
(1W) Piano Room (E)
(2E) Researcher's bedroom (ENH)
(RE) Storage Room (ENH)
(RE) Room 003 (E)
(1E) Science Room (Helmet Key door in main hall) (ENH)
(TU) Tunnels Entry (ENH)
(LA) Laboratory entryway (ENH)
(LA) Laboratory Refueling Room (E)
(LA) Laboratory Lounge (ENH)
Totals: E-39 N-30 H-24



Green Herb - This herb is used to repair 1/3 of health.
Blue Herb - This herb cures poison.
Red Herb - Useless on its own.

Combining herbs is an essential part of the game.  It saves space and 
makes the Herbs more potent.  You can combine herbs as follows:

Green + Green = Repairs 2/3 of health.
Green + Green + Green = Fully restores your health.
Green + Blue = Repairs 1/3 of health and cures poison.
Green + Green + Blue = Repairs 2/3 of health and cures poison.
Green + Red = Fully restores your health.
Green + Red + Blue = Fully restores your health and cures poison.

It's worth noting that herbs don't appear as frequently on higher 
difficulty levels.  The totals account for those Herbs also in First 
Aid Boxes.  Mixes count for the herbs they're composed of.  The Auto 
Uses, however, are not counted.

Green Herb: 
(1W) Far west stairway (ENH)
(1W) Far west stairway (EN)
(2W) Spear Corridor (ENH)
(2W) Spear Corridor (E)
(1E) Eastern Stairwell (E)
(1E) Northeastern Patio (ENH)
(1E) Northeastern Patio (ENH)
(2E) Drawing Room (ENH)
(2E) Drawing Room (E)
(2W) Western Terrace (ENH) (Auto Use)
(1W) Conservatory (ENH)
(1W) Conservatory (ENH)
(1W) Conservatory (ENH)
(1W) Conservatory (ENH)
(1W) Conservatory (ENH)
(2E) Eastern Terrace (EN)
(2E) Eastern Terrace (EN)
(2E) Researcher's Bedroom (ENH)
(2E) Researcher's Anteroom (E)
(2E) Attic 1st Corridor (ENH)
(2E) Attic 1st Corridor (ENH)
(CY) Outside Cabin (E)
(CY) Outside Cabin (E)
(CY) Fountain Area (EN)
(CY) Waterfall Area (E)
(RE) Rec Room (ENH)
(RE) Rec Room (EN)
(RE) Aqua Ring Corridor (ENH)
(1E) Mirror Room (ENH)
(2W) Library Corridor (ENH)
(2W) Library Corridor (ENH)
(3F) Library (EN)
(3F) Library (EN)
(TU) Tunnels Entry (ENH)
(TU) Lisa Corridor (ENH)
(TU) Lisa Corridor (H)
(TU) Lisa's Room (ENH)
(LA) B2 Corridor (ENH)
(LA) B2 Corridor (EN)
(LA) B2 Corridor (E)
Totals: E-45 N-36 H-26

Blue Herb:
(CY) Fountain Area (EN)
(CY) Waterfall Area (E) (Auto Use)
(RE) Residence Entry (ENH)
(RE) Residence Entry (EN)
(RE) Residence Entry (EN)
(1E) Mirror Room (ENH) (Auto Use)
(B1) Water-flooded Corridor (ENH)
(TU) Tunnels Entry (E)
(TU) South Storage (ENH)
(TU) South Storage (EN)
(TU) Lisa's Room (ENH)
Totals: E-10 N-9 H-5

Red Herb:
(1E) Northeastern Patio (ENH)
(1E) Northeastern Patio (E)
(1E) Northeastern Patio (E)
(2E) Drawing Room (E)
(2E) Researcher's Anteroom (ENH)
(CY) Path to Residence (EN)
(RE) Gallery (E)
(RE) Gallery (ENH)
(B1) Water-flooded Corridor (EN)
(2W) Library Corridor (EN)
(TU) Lisa Corridor (EN)
Totals: E-11 N-7 H-3


First Aid Spray

Spraying this on yourself will completely restore your health (but not 
cure poison).  In other games, using this decreased your rating.  With 
no rating in this one, you're free to spray to your heart's content.

Item Box (ENH)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's First Drop (ENH)
(1E) Wesker's First Drop (E)
(1E) Garden Shed (ENH)
(RE) Storage (E)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's Second Drop (EN)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's Second Drop (E)
(LA) Projection Room (EN)
(LA) Lounge (ENH)
Totals: E-12 N-8 H-5


First Aid Box

This befuddles several people.  All you have to do is Examine it on the 
top and you'll get a Spray or herbs.

(2E) Researcher's Bedroom (EN) (FA Spray)
(RE) Rec Room (ENH) (Green/Blue)
(RE) Aqua Ring Control Room (EN) (Green/Green)
(TU) Rolling Rock Room #2 (ENH) (FA Spray)
(LA) Computer Room (E) (Green Herb)
(LA) B3 West Corridor (H) (Green Herb)
(LA) B3 West Corridor (EN) (Green/Green)
(LA) Escape Corridor (ENH) (Green Herb)
(LA) Escape Corridor (E) (FA Spray)



Your weapons need their yummies to serve you, so be sure to grab them 
whenever they can.  The rounds for the Grenade Launcher are only found 
when playing as Jill, so don't bother looking.  The amount of 
ammunition packs changes slightly when you to greater difficulty 

Handgun Magazine - A clip of 15 9mm parabellum rounds for the Handgun.
In handgun (ENH)
Item Box (E)
(1W) Far west stairway (cage) (EN)
(2W) Spear Corridor (ENH)
(1E) Southeastern Corridor (EN)
(1E) Eastern Stairwell Storage (E)
(2E) Study (ENH)
(B1) Kitchen (E)
(1E) Keeper's Bedroom (ENH)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's First Drop (EH)
(1E) Wesker's First Drop (E)
(2E) Eastern Terrace (E)
(2E) Servant's Dining Room (ENH)
(2E) Servant's Dining Room (N)
(B1) Crypt (after fighting V-ACT) (H)
(RE) Room 001 (EN)
(RE) Room 001 (E)
(RE) Gallery (ENH)
(B1) Water-filled Corridor (EN)
(2W) Trophy Room (H)
(TU) Main Lift Room (ENH)
(TU) Main Lift Room (EN)
(TU) Rolling Rock Room #1 (H)
(TU) Transport Room (ENH)
(LA) B3 Main Corridor (E)
(LA) Refueling Room (H)
Totals: E-315 N-210 H-195

Shotgun Shells - A box of 6 12-gauge shells for the Shotgun and 
 Assault Shotgun.
(1E) In Shotgun (ENH)
(2E or RE) In Assault Shotgun (ENH) (10 Shells)
(1E) Graveyard (ENH)
(1W) Tiger Statue Room (ENH)
(1E) Wesker's First Drop (EN)
(2E) Servant's Dining Room (E)
(2E) Attic (E)
(B1) Crypt (after fighting V-ACT) (EN)
(1E) Garden Shed (ENH)
(RE) Aqua Ring Storage (ENC) (NJ)
(RE) Aqua Ring Storage (EC)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's Second Drop (ENHC) (HJ)
(1E) Spencer Room (ENH)
(B1) Basement (spider room) (ENH)
(2W) Library Storage (ENHC) (NHJ)
(2W) Trophy Room (ENC)
(TU) Bloodstained Rock Tunnel (EC)
(TU) Rolling Rock Room #1 (EN)
(LA) Projection Room (EN)
(LA) Stores (ENH)
(LA) Lounge (ENHC) (EJ)
(LA) B4 Corridor (EN)
(LA) B4 Corridor (E)
(LA) Jail Cell (E)
(LA) Escape Corridor (E)
Totals: Chris: E-154 N-112 H-70
        Jill:  E-118 N-94  H-64

Magnum Rounds - A speedloader of 6 .357 calbier rounds for the Magnum 
(CY) In Magnum (ENH)
(RE) Aqua Ring Exit Passage (EN)
(RE) Aqua Ring Storage (H)
(2W) Library Storage (ENHC) (EHJ)
(TU) Transport Room (EN)
(LA) Computer Room (EN)
(LA) Refueling Room (ENC)
(LA) Lounge (EC)
Totals: Chris: E-42 N-36 H-18
        Jill:  E-30 N-24 H-18

Grenade Shells - A canister of 6 explosive shells for the Grenade 
(2E) In Grenade Launcher (ENHJ)
(RE) Aqua Ring Storage (EJ)
(1E) Barry's Second Drop (NJ)
(2W) Trophy Room (ENJ)
(LA) Lounge (ENJ)
Totals: Jill: E-24 N-24 H-6

Acid Shells - A canister of 6 shells for the Grenade Launcher, filled 
 with sulfuric acid.
(1E) Given by Barry in Main Hall after exploration (ENHJ)
(1E) Barry's Second Drop (EJ)
(2W) Library Storage (ENJ)
(TU) Bloodstained Rock Tunnel (EJ)
Totals: Jill: E-24 N-12 H-6

Incendiary Shells - A canister of 6 shells for the Grenade Launcher, 
 filled with ignitable fluids, which will cause flame damage.
(1E) Barry's First Drop (ENJ)
(LA) Lounge (HJ)
(LA) Refueling Room (ENJ)
Totals: Jill: E-12 N-12 H-6


Defensive Weapons

These items are used when you get grabbed by a Zombie or a Dog.  Hit L 
if you're on Manual, or you'll automatically used your equipped 
Defensive Weapon, if on Auto.

Dagger - Both characters can use these.  When grabbed, you'll whip out 
 this knife and plant it in your enemy's skull.  No, this generally 
 will not kill them, but it's worth some damage.  If you end up blowing 
 the enemy's head off, you can retrieve your Dagger.
(2W) Dining Room (EN)
(1E) Back of Art Room (ENH)
(1E) Southeastern Corridor (ENH)
(1E) Bathroom (ENHJ)
(1E) Living Room (ENH)
(B1) Kitchen (EN)
(1W) F-shaped Corridor (E)
(2E) Eastern Terrace (ENH)
(RE) Room 003 Bathroom (E)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's Second Drop (H)
(1E) Mirror Room (ENH)
(2E) Moving Wall Room (N)
(2W) Trophy Room (ENH)
(B1) Water-filled Corridor (ENH)
(TU) Lisa Room (E)
(LA) B3 Main Corridor (ENH)
Totals: Chris: E-13 N-11 H-9
        Jill:  E-14 N-12 H-10

Flash Grenade - This is Chris' other Defensive.  He'll jam the grenade 
 in the mouth of his enemy.  Once that's done, step back some ways and 
 fire.  BOOM!  Ever seen anything as pretty?  Note I said to step back, 
 as the grenade can damage you too.
Stungun - This is Jill's other Defensive.  She zaps her enemy with the 
 Stungun, causing major damage, but not necessarily killing it.  She 
 needs to find Battery Packs in order to power it.

Grenade/Battery Packs:
(1W) Utility Closet (ENH)
(1W) Keeper's Bedroom (ENHJ)
(1W) F-shaped Corridor (EN)
(2E) Attic 2nd Corridor (E)
(1E) Garden Shed (ENH)
(RE) Storage (ENH)
(1E) Wesker's/Barry's Second Drop (EN)
(2E) Moving Wall Room (E)
(1E) Spencer Room (ENH)
(2W) Library Storage (ENH)
(TU) Transport Room (ENH)
(LA) Computer Room (ENH)
(LA) Stores (EN)
Totals: Chris: E-12 N-10 H-7
        Jill:  E-13 N-11 H-8


4. The Mansion (before the Courtyard)


Survival Knife

Both characters start with a Knife.  This is a very weak weapon and 
should only be used as an extreme last resort.  You can use it to repel 
dogs (they get knocked back), or to kill snakes before they get too 
close, but it's not very useful at all otherwise.  You'd be wise to 
dump this at your first opportunity.  

You can also find one of these down in the Tunnels in the room of the 
Big Spider.  You'll use it to cut up some webs blocking a door in the 
same room.



This is a S.T.A.R.S. custom semi-automatic that fires 9mm parabellum 
rounds.  Jill starts with this weapon, but Chris only finds it after 
his first zombie encounter.  Once you see your first zombie, hightail 
it back to the Main Hall.  You'll notice the Handgun on the floor.

This weapon is your only one for a while.  It takes several shots to 
take down a Zombie or Dog, one to take down a Crow, Snake, or Bee, and 
maaaany to take down a Hunter, Chimaera, or major enemy.  It holds 15 
rounds in its clip.



Chris starts with this butane lighter at the beginning of the game.  
Jill must find it in the Study, which she'll need the Sword Key to get 
to.  The Study is on the second floor, and is accessible by taking the 
1F eastern corridors all the way around to the eastern stairwell and 
making your way to the U-shaped corridor on the second floor.  The door 
to the Study is in the northwest corner of that corridor.

You use the Lighter in three specific places.  Only one is required to 
finish the game.  That one is in the Servants' Dining Room on the 
second floor, which can be reached by taking the southern door in the 
aforementioned U-shaped corridor.  The other uses are in the Drawing 
Room on the east side of the 2F to light the fireplace, and in the Rec 
Room in the Residence on the oil lamps.

Also, you need to have the Lighter in your possession when you want to 
incinerate Zombies using the Fuel Canteen.



This is Jill's special item.  You can immediately use this at any 
door with a simple locking mechanism.  The doors opened with a Lockpick 
are listed under Old Key, but it's not necessary to know them, since 
you automatically open it, and can't ditch your Lockpick anyway.


Emblem (wooden)

This shield-like emblem of the Spencer Family isn't used for a while 
when you find it, so don't bother taking right away.  Wait until you 
find the two pieces of the Moonlight Sonata to grab it.  Once you've 
used the Moonlight Sonata to open the door in the Piano Room, grab the 
Gold Emblem and use this in its place.


Golden Arrow

You'll find this in the corridor on the second floor that is lined 
with spears and has several mirrors.  Once you get it, Examine it.



This peridot is what you get when you Examine the Golden Arrow.  Go to 
the Graveyard behind the door on the second floor landing in the Main 
Hall.  Go to the back of the Graveyard and insert it into the grave.


Blue Gemstone

On the 2F of the Dining Room, there is a movable statue, which you can 
push off an open section of railing and onto the floor below.  Inside 
is the Blue Gemstone.  This is not useful until you get the Armor Key.  
Once you do, you can open the F-shaped corridor in the west wing.  In 
the tiny room in the corridor, you'll find a Tiger Statue.  Put the 
Blue Gemstone in the Tiger and you'll get Shotgun Shells.


Book of Curse

You'll find this at the bottom of the Crypt in the Graveyard, after you 
open it with the Arrowhead.  All you need to do with it is Examine it 
and look at the back.


Sword Key (aka Mansion Key)

This key is on the back of the Book of Curse.  It starts off as a 
Mansion Key, and you need to further examine it to idenitify it.  

This key can open four doors in the game.  

1: U-shaped corridor, in the northeast corner of the second floor.  
2: Eastern Corridors, from the Art Room (east of the Main Hall).  
3: Western stairs, northwest door of the second floor of the Dining 
4: Kitchen, in a stairwell in the First Zombie Corridor leading down to 
 the basement.  

Once you unlock all four doors, you'll be able to toss the key.


Old Key

You will only find these little keys as Chris.  They're small, and can 
be carried as a group in one item slot.  They can be used once to 
unlock simple locks.

There are five keys to find:
1: Kitchen, which is behind a Sword Key door leading to the basement 
 in the First Zombie Corridor.
2: Bathroom, which is in the northeastern corridors.
3: Keeper's Bedroom, which is on the western wall of the F-shaped 
 corridor, which you need the Armor Key to access.
4: Eastern Storage Room (Save Room), near the Eastern Stairwell.
5: Researcher's Bedroom, which is behind an Armor Key door on the 
 2F eastern stairwell.

These are the doors to use them on:

1: Patio, Northeastern 1F corridor, metal door at the northeast corner
2: Western Terrace, metal door on the second floor in the Western 
3: Utility Closet in the west wing, near the Drug (Save) Room.
4: Researcher's Study, which is behind an Armor Key door on the 2F
 eastern stairwell.
5: After the Stain Glass Room, a gate leading into the Graveyard.


Herbicide (aka Chemical)

This is a bag of plant-killer.  You can find it in the northeast corner 
of the 1st floor, the Patio.

When you get the Armor Key, go to the west wing on the 1st floor, to 
the F-shaped corridor, and go through the northeast door, to the 
Conservatory.  Toss the Herbicide into the water pump and turn the 
pump to Red to kill the nasty plant.



The boomstick is temptingly placed in the Living Room in the east 
wing, on a couple of hooks.  If you remove it, the hooks will ride up.
Going out the to the Anteroom will cause the ceiling to come down and 
crush you.  To avoid this, you need to put the Broken Shotgun on the 
hooks after you take the normal one.

There is also a way to get out of this if you're Jill.  After you get 
the Sword Key, go straight from the Main Hall to the Living Room.  
Don't go anywhere in the west wing.  Take the Shotgun and head back to 
the Anteroom.  Barry will come by and bail you out.

The Shotgun is a good all-around weapon.  It can take out most enemies 
in one or two shots, with the exception of major enemies.  It holds 6 
shells in its clip.


Fuel Canteen

This canteen is found in the save room in the east wing, the one near 
the eastern stairwell.  

There is only one use for this, and it's not required to complete the 
game, but it's highly recommended.  If you have a Lighter in your 
possession, use the Fuel Canteen on fallen Zombies to immolate them.  
If you don't do this, then after doing a certain amount of events in 
the game and coming back, you'll find the Zombie to have turned red, 
and become a V-ACT, which are much stronger and faster than standard 

The canteen has enough room for two draughts of kerosene.  You need to 
fill it up at a jug of kerosene, which has five draughts inside.  There 
are five jugs of kerosene in the game:

1: The Eastern Storage Room (you're already there :-P)
2: Utility Closet near the Drug Room in the west wing (Old Key Door)
3: The northeastern 1F Patio (Old Key Door)
4: The Storage Room in the Residence
5: The first corridor in the Laboratory


Broken Shotgun

This piece of junk is in the Utility Room near the Drug Room in the 
west wing.  It's not servicable, but you can bring it to the Living 
Room in the East Wing, take the good Shotgun that's there, and replace 
it with the Broken Shotgun.  That'll prevent a major headache as you 
try to leave.


Wooden Mount

You can find this in the U-shaped corridor, near the connecting door 
to the Eastern Stairwell.

This is a simple plank of wood.  It's not essential to your quest, but 
you can use it to create a map.  Head to the eastern edge of the 2F 
Eastern Stairwell, you'll find the Drawing Room.  Use the Lighter on 
the fireplace there, then use the Wooden Mount on the frame above the 
fireplace to burn the map of the Mansion 2F into the wood.


Dog Whistle

You'll find this high-frequency whistle in the Study on the second 
floor, which can be reached by entering the U-shaped corridor from the 
eastern stairwell.

To use it, go to the second floor Western Terrace, which you can reach 
from the 2F Dining Room, passing through the Sword Key door, then the 
Old Key metal door.  Once you get out on the terrace, use the Whistle 
and a couple of canines will come running.



Once you defeat the two dogs on the 2F Western Terrace, you'll find 
the Collar on one of the bodies.  Examine it.



This pops out of the Collar.  Flip it over and Examine it.


Imitation Key

When you Examine the Coin, it'll turn into a key-like object, but it's 
not strong enough for any door.  Take it to the 3F Blade Trap room.  
Then, take the Armor Key off the plinth and quickly replace it with 
this to keep from making a mess of yourself.


Armor Key (aka Mansion Key)

The Blade Trap on the 3F has this key on a plinth, but you'll be full 
of holes if you try to grab it.  You need the Imitation Key to replace 

It works on seven rooms before being tossed:

1: Piano Room, which is accessible through the First Zombie Corridor.
2: The F-shaped Corridor, which is near the Drug (Save) Room in the 
 west wing.
3: 2F Eastern Terrace, which is the southeast door of the 2F Main Hall.
4: Attic Area, which is one of the two Armor Key doors in the U-shaped 
 Corridor on the second floor.
5: Armory, which is the other of the two Armor Key door in the U-shaped 
 Corridor on the second floor.
6: Researcher's Rooms, found on the second floor of the Eastern 
7: Stained Glass Gallery, which is in the Eastern Wing on the first 


Grenade Launcher

Jill's unique and powerful launcher is on the Eastern Terrace on the 
second floor, next to poor Forrest's corpse.  For such a powerful 
weapon, it's pretty easy to get...

This is a great weapon.  If there's a problem with it, it's that it 
doesn't have the high range of other guns, and it shoots in an arcing 
trajectory.  Otherwise, it's a great gun, and the different rounds are 
very useful.  Normal Grenade Shells are good for all-purpose killing.  
Acid Shells can put down Hunters and Chimaeras very well, and 
Incendiary Shells can burn plants and act as a secondary immolation 
device for Zombies.

The launcher can hold an indefinite amount of any type of grenade 


Lure of a Bee
Bee Specimen

All three of these items are found in the Researcher's Study, which 
you can get to from the Eastern Stairwell.  Take these three items 
from the cases on the walls.  Combine the lure and the hook.  Now, 
place the completed lure on the case you found the bee specimen.  Now, 
place the bee specimen where you found the lure.  Press the switch 
that you're prompted to press.  Now, the bee will fly out and attack 
you!  Kill it, and grab the Wind Crest that's in the newly-opened 


Wind Crest

This is found in the Researcher's Study, by playing with Bee Lures and 
the real thing.  See above.

Put this item in storage until you head out to the Courtyard.  When you 
reach the small Graveyard on the outside path (not the one in the 
Mansion, mind you), you'll see two stones.  One has three slots, and 
the other has one.  Place the Wind Crest on the one with one slot, and 
you'll get the Star, Moon, and Sun Crests.



When you enter the first Attic Corridor, you'll find Richard poisoned, 
and you'll be tasked to get Serum from the Drug Room on the first 
floor.  If you want to save Richard, make sure you don't take too many 
detours getting to the Drug Room on the first floor, which is in 
Western Stairwell area.  Take it back to him quickly, too.

Also, if you're bitten by the Giant Snake, you'll need Serum as well.  
If you're Jill, you'll have to get it yourself, but if you're Chris, 
Rebecca will have to get it.


Musical, mid-pages (aka Musical Score)

After dealing with Richard and the Serum, you can go past him to the 
second Attic Corridor and further on to the Servant's Dining Room.  
Once inside, light the candles using the Lighter, push the shelves 
out of the way, and you'll find part of a Musical Score behind it, 
along with a Zombie.

This score is combined with....


Missing Music (aka Musical Score)

Behind a stack of shelves in the Piano Room, you'll find part of a 
score.  Combine the two halves to get...


Moonlight Sonata (aka Musical Score)

You get this by combining the two halves of the Score.  Use it on the 
piano.  If you're Jill, you'll demonstrate your mad piano skillz and 
open up the passageway.  If you're Chris, Rebecca will step in and try.  
She'll need time to practice, so go do some other things before coming 
back.  Once the song is played, a small passageway will open.


Gold Emblem

Once the Moonlight Sonata has been played, you can take the Gold 
Emblem.  Only problem is that removing it will close the door behind 
you.  To solve this, you'll need the Wooden Emblem from the Dining 
Room.  Put that one in the Gold Emblem's place and you're free to go.

Put the Gold Emblem in the Wooden Emblem's place on the fireplace in 
the Dining Room to open the clock.  Adjust the clock's hands to six 
o' clock and it'll move to nab you the Shield Key.


Shield Key (aka Mansion Key)

Complete the Clock puzzle in the Dining Room (above), to get the 
Shield Key.

It only has one door.  In the second Attic Corridor, it's the door with 
the spider's webs on it and it leads to the Giant Snake.


Assault Shotgun

Chris and Jill get this weapon in different places, and you can only 
get it if you brought the Serum back to Richard in time.

Jill gets it earlier.  When fighting the Giant Snake, Richard will come 
in and help.  After hitting the snake enough times, Richard will be 
eaten and he'll drop the Shotgun.

Chris gets it quite a bit later, in the Aqua Ring of the Residence.  
When you first enter the flooded Aqua Ring, you'll find Richard, and 
he'll get eaten up by sharks.  Once you drain the water from the Aqua 
Ring, you'll find the Shotgun on the bottom floor of the Aqua Ring.

There's little to separate this from a regular Shotgun, except for how 
cool it looks and the fact that it holds 10 shells in its magazine.


Jewelry Box (mask)

This Jewelry Box is found in the Armory, which is the room that the 
U-shaped corridor brackets.  Solve the Knight pushing puzzle by getting 
all four suits pushed back onto the vents.  Once that's done, you'll 
get the Box.  Examine both the front side and the back side (with 
hearts on it), and the box will open, giving you a Death Mask.


Death Masks (w/o eyes, w/o nose, w/o mouth, w/o all)

There are four Death Masks needed to progress in the game.  Each is 
missing parts of the face.

Eyes: Conservatory, kill the plant with Herbicide
Mouth: Stain Glass Gallery, complete the puzzle
Nose: Attic, drive off, or get by the Giant Snake
All: Armory, open the Jewelry Box

Once you have the four Masks, go the Crypt in the Graveyard, and 
place them on their respective faces.  This will release the V-ACT and 
you'll have to fight him.  In his coffin, you'll find a Stone and 
Metal Object.


Stone and Metal Object

You first find this in the coffin in the Crypt after using the four 
Death Masks.

This is a medallion with both the logo of Umbrella and the emblem of 
the Spencer family on it.  With one of these, you can open the door 
leading to the Garden Shed at the north end of the mansion.  You can 
also make another one using a Stone Ring, and a Metal Object.  When 
you make the second one, you can take the first one and use both to 
unlock the Altar underneath the stairs in the Main Hall.


5. The Courtyard


Star Crest
Moon Crest
Sun Crest

You'll find these three crests in the small Graveyard out in the 
Courtyard when you place the Wind Crest in the gravestone on the right.  

Examine the back of each crest to pop up some lines that you can use 
to fit them into the gravestone on the left.  You can use them in any 
order.  Once all three are in place, you'll be able to take the 
Magnum Revolver.


Magnum Revolver

You'll find this powerful gun in the Graveyard out in the courtyard 
when you place the Sun, Moon, and Star Crests in the gravestone on the 

This is a very powerful handgun, and can kill most enemies in one 
shot.  However, its ammo is scarce, so you should save this for hard 


Square Crank (aka Crank)

You'll find this in the Cabin at the end of the long outdoor path in 
the Courtyard.  Watch yourself on the way out, though.

You'll use this crank in one place, but you'll use it twice in the 
game.  In the main Courtyard area, you'll find a Pool.  Use the Crank 
to drain the pool and you can continue on to the Residence.  Later, 
you'll come back with a Battery for the lift, and you won't need to 
have the pool drained, so you'll come back to refill it and the 
waterfall blocking the Tunnels will stop.


6. The Residence and Aqua Ring


Unprinted Book (Red Book)

You'll find this blank book in the Rec Room of the Residence (double 
doors off the entry corridor).

When you make it into Room 003 of the Residence, you'll see a bookcase, 
with a white book sandwiched between a bunch of red books.  Take the 
white book and replace the Red Book.  Now, arrange the red books to 
complete the painting on the spine to open a bookcase to Plant 42.


Key for Room 001 (aka Residence Key)

This key is found in Room 002's Bathroom, on a shelf.

Use this key on Room 001.


Self-defense Gun

This weapon is found in Room 001.  It's a small .22 Magnum and it only 
has one shot in it, but it packs a VERY powerful punch.  Use it when 
you're in serious trouble.


Control Room Key

This key is found in Room 001's Bathroom.

Use this key down in the main area of the Aqua Ring.  You'll use it to 
enter the Control Room.


Gallery Key (aka Residence Key)

This key is found in the bottom of the Aqua Ring after you drain the 
water, in a small box past a big shark.  Once you try to grab it, the 
shark will knock it into the water.  To get it, push the console nearby 
into the water, then throw on the generator.  The shark will be 
zapped, and you can grab the Key.

Use this key to access the Gallery, which is off the main corridor in 
the Residence.


Insecticide Spray

This is found in the Gallery, on a poor sap who got stung one too 
many times by the bees in this room.

You don't use this in the Gallery itself.  Head out to the main 
corridor and to the very end of it, past door 002.  Take the map off 
the wall, and you'll notice a hole behind it.  DON'T look into the 
hole.  Instead, just use the Spray and you'll kill all the bees in the 


Key for Room 003 (aka Residence Key)

You find this in the Gallery near the beehive.  You'll want to take 
care of the bees first for obvious reasons.

This is very simply used to unlock Room 003, which is right near the 
place you find the key.


Empty Bottle
UMB 10

These are part of a small sidequest to do some damage to Plant 42.  
Neither character is required to do this, but the option is open.  For 
Jill, she can make the V-JOLT and bring it down to the Aqua Ring where 
Plant 42's roots are.  When she finds Plant 42, Barry will give her a 
hand and she won't have to fight it.  For Chris, you'll have to do this 
as Rebecca if Chris gets trapped by the plant.  This occurs when you 
don't save Richard from the snake's poison.

Here's how to make V-JOLT:

Water + UMB 3 = NP-004
NP-004 + Yellow-6 = UMB 10
Water + Yellow-6 = UMB 7
UMB 10 + UMB 7 = VP-017
VP-017 + UMB 3 = V-JOLT


Helmet Key (aka Mansion Key)

This is found in the large hall with Plant 42.  Once you kill the 
Plant, you can grab this Key in the fireplace and head back to the 

This key opens four doors:

1: Science Room, last locked door in the Main Hall 1F
2: Crusher Room, 2F on the far side of the Drawing Room in the east 
3: Trophy Room, 2F in the west wing in the same area as the Drug Room.
4: Library, 3F in the Blade Trap Room.


7. The Mansion (before the Tunnels)


Red Gemstone
Yellow Gemstone

These stones are both in the Trophy Room on the second floor.  If you 
shut off the lights in the room, you'll notice the gems in the eyes of 
the two trophies on the wall.  You'll also notice the eagle statue 
following your movements.  When the eagle statue draws level with one 
of the trophies, the gem is held in place.  What you need to do is push 
the chests of drawers into the far corners of the room, on either side 
of the eagle.  Now, draw the eagle's attention over to one end of the 
room, then run UNDER it.  It can't track you when you're under it.  
Now, climb up the opposite chest and snag the gem.  Do the same for 
the other one.

Now, the Red Gemstone is combined with a Jewelry Box (below) which 
will end up giving you a Brooch.

The Yellow Gemstone is placed in the tiger's head on the first floor's 
dark F-shaped corridor.  It will give you an MO Disk.


Jewelry Box (Brooch)

This second Jewelry Box is found in the Mirror Room, which can be 
reached by going through the Science Room which is behind the last 
locked door in the Main Hall.  To open it, you need the Red Gemstone 
(above).  Once that's inserted, you need to solve a small shape puzzle 
to open it.  Thankfully, I don't need to describe it in ASCII, I'll 
just give you this URL:

This is the solution and the gif file was created by DEngel.  Very 
nice on his part...

Anyway, open the box and the Brooch will be yours.



You get this by opening the Jewelry Box that has it.  Examine it and it 
will turn into the Spencer Key.


Emblem Key

This is what the Brooch turns into.

Go to the first floor corridor near the Save Room (the one that leads 
out back to the Courtyard.  You'll see a door with the Spencer Family 
Emblem.  That's the door.


Metal Object

This is inside the "Spencer Room".  This is half of a "Stone and Metal 
Object".  You won't need it for a while, so deposit it until you find 
a Stone Ring, then you can combine the two.


MO Disk

This is a floppy disk designed to unlock a security system in the 
Laboratory.  There are three in the game:

1: Tiger statue on the 1st Floor, west wing
2: Laboratory B2, in the main hall outside of the projection room
3: Laboratory B2, in the projection room

Use these in three very familiar-looking disk readers in the Lab:

1: Refueling room in Lab B3
2: Stores in B3, but you have to climb through vents and get to the 
 surgery room to get to the reader.
3: In the second furnace room on the way to the main elevator switch.

Once you scan all three disks in, you can unlock the door in the west 
end of the Lab B3 and go meet your captured partner.


Last Book, vol. 1

You find this in a small dug out area past the Crusher room in the 2F 
east wing.  Open it up by looking at the pages.


Medal of Eagle

You get this medal from the Last Book, vol. 1.  Use it after you 
escape from the Altar in the circular pool.



After going through the basement passages, you can ride a lift up to 
the second floor near the library.  There's a closet in this area with 
the Battery.

To use it, go out to the Courtyard, past the drained pool, and to the 
waterfall area.  Put it in the slot next to the non-working elevator.  
With that done, you can use the Square Crank to refill the pool and 
stop the waterfall, allowing you access to the Tunnels.


Last Book, vol. 2

This book is in the Library, which you can enter from the third floor 
Blade Trap Room.  Once you destroy the Giant Snake, it'll knock the 
book off in its death throes.  Open the book by looking at the pages.


Medal of Wolf

You get this medal from the Last Book, vol. 2.  Use it after you 
escape from the Altar in the circular pool.


8. The Tunnels

NOTE: This area is NOT those small passages beneath the mansion.  You 
access this place from the waterfall out in the courtyard.  Look up 
several lines if you haven't the slightest idea what I'm on about.



John Shaft...  You'll find this in the large Main Lift area in the 
Tunnels (proceeding east from the entry shaft).  I suggest not taking 
it as it's already in the place you need to use it.  Once you find the 
Cylinder, combine it to make the Cylinder Shaft (shut yo mouth)...


Hexagon Crank (aka Crank)

When you go as far east as you can in the Tunnels, you'll come upon 
Enrico.  He has the Hexagon Crank.

There are three places to use the Crank.  The first one is right in the 
first tunnel area (with the Item Box), and you'll use it to rotate a 
passage so that you can pass.  The second time is past the Giant 
Spider, where you need to rotate the passage three times to move on 
(mind the falling rocks).  The third time is in the next room after 
that, where you rotate it to push a statue away from the wall.



Only Chris can find and use this weapon.  Unfortunately, it's 
relatively useless and only usable on the Giant Spider.  It's flame 
stream is limited and it's used up quick.  What the Flamethrower is 
REALLY used for is weighing down a set of hooks that unlock the door 
that lets you back out, so once it's time to leave, you have to put 
it back...



This small gray cylinder is found in the furthest southwest area of 
the Tunnels.  You need to move the statue over to the discolored brown 
wall, use the Hex Crank to push it out, then push it on the middle 
circle twice to rotate it, then shove it into place next to the other 

Combine this with the Shaft found in the Main Left area.


Cylinder Shaft

You can rotate the cylinder on the shaft and line up the symbols to 
see "IV II III I".  You don't need to, though.  Just put it where you 
found the Shaft and push the buttons in that order: 4, 2, 3, 1.


Broken Flamethrower

Once you make it down to the lower tunnels, you'll find a crate that 
you can push onto a transport mechanism.  Send the transporter down to 
the garbage compactor area and push it under the compactor.  Once you 
smash it, you'll find this inside.

This seemingly useless weapon is used to weigh down two hooks in a 
circular in the corridor where you found "the monster" wandering 
around.  First, you have to pull a switch in that room which moves 
the hooks out, then hightail it over to the hooks and drop the 
Flamethrower on it.


Jewelry Box (Ring)

This Jewelry Box is found in the candlelit area after you pass "the 
monster" and the flamethrower door.  Fortunately, there's no puzzle 
tied to it, and you can just Examine it.


Stone Ring

This is found in the above Jewelry Box.  Combine this with the Metal 
Object you find in the Spencer Room to make your second Stone and 
Metal Object.  Now, you can collect the first one and use them both 
on the gate below the stairs in the Main Hall to get to the Altar.


9. The Altar


Barry's 44 Magnum

If you're playing as Jill, and you refuse to give Barry's gun back to 
him, you have the option of keeping it.  It has six bullets in it, but 
you cannot reload it, as the standard Magnum Rounds don't fit with 
the .44 caliber.  This is a very powerful gun, though.


10. The Laboratory



There are two of these X-Rays in the X-Ray room on B3 Lab, one 
belonging to a guy with the initials C.D., and the other to a girl 
named G.H.  In the X-Ray room, place the CD one on the left open space, 
and GH one on the right open space.  Hit the switch to turn on the red 
light, then you can see the highlighted areas in each x-ray.  The 
organs are as follows: Colon, Esophagus, Liver, Lungs...  CELL.  That's 
the third password, along with JOHN and ADA, that you need to use in 
the Computer Room.


Slide Filter

You'll find this in the Refueling Room in B3 Lab (west end), which 
you unlock through the computer.  To use it, go to the Projection Room 
on the B2 floor and put it in the slide projector.  This blanks out 
some of the last slide and you'll see the code 8462 to open the wall to 
the video room when punched in the code panel.


Power Room Key (aka Laboratory Key)

This key is found in the Projection Room in the small video side room 
once you punch the code into the panel.  This key unlocks two doors on 
Lab B3: the one leading to the Stores, and the one leading to the east 
part of the Lab B3.


Fuel Supply Capsule

You find this cartridge in the first furnace room south of the East 
Lab corridor.  Bring it back to the Refueling Room to fill it up, but 
make sure you clear out all enemies in the way.


Fuel Supply Capsule (filled)

A capsule full of nitro is very unstable, so you'll have to walk all 
the way back to the fuel injector where you found the capsule 
originally, and you can't get hit or shoot either.  Putting this in the 
injector will power up the console at the far south end of the furnace 
rooms, allowing you to turn on the Main Elevator leading to the lowest 


Master Key (aka Laboratory Key)

If Barry or Rebecca were killed before you fight the Tyrant, you'll 
find this on Wesker's body, which you can use to open the Emergency 
Exit on B1 Lab, and the jail cell in the far west B3 if you've unlocked 
the triple security door with the MO Disks.  If they survived, the 
self-destruct will be activated and those doors will unlock 


Fuse Unit

While you make your escape to the surface elevator, you'll notice 
the Fuse Unit is missing.  Fortunately, it's right behind you about 
fifty feet back along the passage on the floor.  Snag it and stuff it 
in the socket.


Signal Rockets

These are right on the helipad.  Once you pick them up, go right ahead 
and use them to signal Brad.


Rocket Launcher

If the self-destruct mechanism was activated, you'll have to fight the 
Tyrant one last time.  Once thirty seconds are left, or you cause 
enough damage, Brad will drop the Rocket Launcher to use.  Grab it, 
take aim, and blow the Tyrant to kingdom come.  You have four shots to 
try to kill the Tyrant.


11. Anything Else?

There are a couple of secret items you can get as a reward for beating 
the game.


Closet Key

Beat the game with anyone on any difficulty and you'll get this key, 
which is found in the Item Box.  Use this key in the Art Room on the 
first floor (just east of the Main Hall).  Go to the back passage of 
the Art Room and use the Key on the painting of a mansion.  This will 
allow you into the Cloakroom where you can change costumes.  You get 
another one for beating the game again in that game, which will give 
you the 2nd costume.


Samurai Edge Gun (Handgun)

You get this for beating Normal difficulty in under five hours.  It's 
another S.T.A.R.S. custom that uses S&W .40 bullets.  Where do you 
find those, you ask?  Ha!  You don't need them!  It has infinite shots!  
It also fires three bullets relatively fast before needing to recover.  
The gun is placed in the Item Box for you to grab when you start your 
Once Again game.


Rocket Launcher (single barrel)

You get this for beating Normal difficulty in under three hours.  It 
replaces your knife when you start.  Good replacement, if you ask me.  
It fires rockets that will floor pretty much anything in one shot, and 
they won't harm you if you fire too close.  Probably the only downfall 
is that they don't completely destroy Zombies, so you'll still have to 
burn them, or suffer the wrath of the V-ACTs...


12. Standard Guide Stuff

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright 2002 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as 
your own. 

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Version 1.1 - 5/12/02 - Ammo and other item counts up.  Yay! ^_^

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counts and locations of defense items, herbs, and sprays for each of 
the difficulties, but don't rely on me in that respect...

Good luck and happy zombie hunting!