Crimson Head Guide by AVVesker

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WRITTEN BY - Albert VVesker
COPYRIGHT 2002 BY Jack Wilson
MAY 16, 2002

MAY 16, 2002

Confirmed Crimson Head boss rumor. Check it out.


1.) Introduction
2.) Crimson Heads
3.) Fighting Tactics
4.) Frequently Asked Questions
5.) Conclusion/Contact Me


Welcome to the first FAQ I have ever made! In this FAQ I will explain 
the many ways of preventing the resurrection of and the fighting tactics 
to use against the V-Acts, better known as Crimson Heads.


This FAQ is available to the general public and anyone else that wants 
to use it on their website. (GameFAQs, Neoseeker, etc.) You can only use 
this FAQ if it is left unedited and I am given credit for writing it.


Do not E-Mail me with any questions that are NOT already answered in 
this FAQ. If you have found I have left something out, or have a 
question for me, E-Mail me then and ONLY then and let me know.


You have permission to IM me ONLY with questions that I have NOT 
answered in this FAQ. Anyone who IMs me without a question or a comment 
will be blocked eternally.


A Crimson Head (Or V-Act.) is an already dead Zombie that has been 
resurrected. They are Zombies that have been dead for quite a while and 
within an hour or so, wake up in a very BAD mood. 


Crimson Heads are very different from regular Zombies and are extremely 
easy to spot. You can tell if a Zombie is a Crimson Head by using the 
following guidelines.

1.) They roar very loudly and distinctively.

2.) Their skin is blood red.

3.) The have claws.

4.) They run as fast as you, usually even faster. (Yikes!)

5.) They try and slash your face off.

6.) When they attack you, they take a VERY large chunk out of your 


The time it takes a Zombie to be resurrected into a Crimson Head varies 
among the different difficulty levels of the game. Also, after 
completing certain objectives in the game (Snake Fight, etc.) some 
zombies will automatically be resurrected even if you killed them just 5 
minutes ago.

Easy - Usually an hour, sometimes less.

Normal - 30-45 minutes, sometimes less.

Hard - 20-30 minutes, sometimes less.


There are many ways to prevent the resurrection of Zombies and many ways 
to fight the Crimson Heads.


Here are the ways to stop Zombies from becoming Crimson Heads.

1.) Just avoid the normal Zombies altogeather. This is a great way to 
conserve ammo.

2.) Dacapitation. You can do this two ways.

A.) Most Zombies will lose their heads on Easy/Normal mode very easily 
if you let them get close to you, aim up, and fire a Shotgun blast right 
under their chin. It'll decapitate them most of the time. You can also 
take their heads off with the handgun from a distance if you are lucky. 
(You have about a 10% chance of doing this with the Handgun.) The Magnum 
also does wonders.

B.) As Chris, use a Flash Grenade, step about 5-6 feet away, and fire a 
single HANDGUN Bullet at the Zombie, blowing his head off. (Note - It's 
also been rumored that if you do that when there is a Zombie right next 
to the one whom you shoved the Grenade into, the explosion will 
decapitate the one next to it, too.) 

3.) Burn them. You can do this two ways.

A.) The first way, which I recommend, can be done in Jill's game only. 
Burn them with Flame Rounds. You can usually hit a Zombie one time with 
a Flame Round and he'll fall to the ground dead and burn. If he falls to 
the ground dead without burning, walk up to his dead body, aim down, and 
fire another Flame Round, his body will burn. Do this on Zombies you 
killed previously in the game, as they will still be on the ground. I 
highly recommend using the Grenade Launcher Multiplication trick. (Go to 
the Frequently Asked Questions section of this FAQ to find out how to do 
this trick.)

B.) The second way can be done by both characters. Use the Oil Canteen 
while having the Lighter in your inventory. (Note - Chris starts with 
the Lighter.) But be warned, as kerosene is limited throughout the game, 
you only get enough for about 15 Zombies. (Hint - When killing Zombies 
try and make them die right on top of eachother, that way you can kill 
multiple Zombies with one dose of kerosene, they will all burn at the 
same time!)


Note - Once you kill a Crimson Head, they NEVER come back to life. That 
is it, they are gone, done for. Once you kill them you don't have to 
worry about the Crimson Head ever coming back to life again.

There are many ways to stop Crimson Heads in their tracks. Here I have 
listed the best ways.

1.) Decapitation - When fighting Crimson Heads, your Shotgun can be your 
best friend. When the thing gets close to you (about 1 foot away from 
your character) aim up and fire, blasting him right under his chin and 
taking his fricken' head off. This works about 90% of the time. The 
Flash Grenades also work here. Just let them bite you, shove the Grenade 
into their mouth and fire a single HANDGUN Bullet at them. This saves 
your Shotgun Shells for times of need.

Hint - Using the Flash Grenades also works on the Crimson Head boss. 
This saves you time, health, and much needed ammo.

2.) Fire From A Distance - If you don't have your Shotgun, or don't dare 
get close to them, just run away. If the area you are in has alot of 
corners, etc. this can be the best thing for you, as these retards have 
a hard time getting past them. Just fire at them from a distance, but I 
still recommend using the Shotgun. (Note - Firing from a distance 
sometimes DOESN'T work, so be warned, as they might run right through 
the spray of Bullets and attack you viciously!)

3.) Use A More Powerful Weapon - Here I have listed the best weapons to 

A.) Rocket Launcher - This weapon kills ANYTHING in the game, including 
bosses with just one hit. Most of you probably don't have it though, so 
don't worry about it. (Go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of 
this FAQ to find out how to unlock this weapon.)

B.) Magnum Revolver - I don't actually recommend you using this weapon, 
because you are going to want to conserve it's ammo for the final battle 
in this game against the Tyrant. If you do use it, it can down a Crimson 
Head with 1-2 shots.

C.) Grenade Launcher - I recommend using this weapon overall, except for 
the Rocket Launcher, which I unlocked. If you haven't unlocked the 
Rocket Launcher (Which most of you probably have not, to find out how to 
unlock it, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section of this FAQ.) I 
recommend using the Grenade Launcher loaded with Acid Rounds. The number 
of hits to kill a Crimson Head while using this weapon depends on the 
Grenade Rounds you have loaded.

Acid Rounds - 1-2 hits, I recommend using these.

Flame (Incendiary) Rounds - 2-3 hits, maybe more.

Explosive (Regular) Rounds - 2-3 hits, maybe more.

4.) Run Away - I don't recommend this unless you are low on health, or 
in need of ammo. If all else fails, just run away, collect more ammo, 
replenish your health, etc. then return. Be ready for him, and have your 
finger already pushing down the R button as you go into the room. (Do 
this during the door opening sequence.) Once big ugly comes around and 
starts running at you fill that sucker full of lead! Remember, these 
guys get stuck on corners, so use that as your advantage when running 
away from them in long hallways with lots of turns.

Note - I have not listed the Knife, Handgun, or Samurai Edge because 
they don't tend to work very much.


Here I have covered some of the questions you may have about the Crimson 

Q.) I tried to burn that Zombie that was already dead in the mirror 
hallway, but he got up as I tried to burn him! Why did he do that?

A.) That happens when you play the game on Easy. As you try to burn him, 
gets gets up and chases you. You better just leave him alone, as he 
doesn't seem to get up at all during Easy mode unless you try and burn 
him. In Normal/Hard mode he'll get up automatically as you are about to 
take the Immitation Key up to get the real one.

Q.) How do you unlock the Samurai Edge and the Rocket Launcher?

A.) To unlock the Samurai Edge, you must beat this game with a total 
time under 5 hours. (Note - This is NOT a sword, just an automatic 
Handgun.) To unlock the Rocket Launcher you must beat this game with a 
total time under 3 hours. 

Note - If you leave this game on the Menu Screen (Where your health is 
displayed.) or the Pause Screen (Where you can adjust your brightness, 
etc.) They will both count as your play time, so if you try and unlock 
these things, try and play the game non-stop without pausing.

Q.) What is this "Grenade Launcher Multiplication" trick you speak of?

A.) Go to and then 
scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see "Glitch: Unlimited 
Grenade Ammunition (Jananese Version)" Don't worry, this works with the 
American Version too!


Well I hoped this FAQ has answered all of the questions you may have had 
about the Crimson Head Zombies. This is my first FAQ ever and I hope you 
all enjoy it. I'll be making more FAQs in the future, and probably one 
more to do with Resident Evil on GameCube. It'll be an Enemy Guide, or a 
Puzzle Guide, that is, if I decide to make it. 

If you have any questions or comments about this FAQ please feel free to 
E-Mail me about them. Or if it is easier for you, IM me. (I prefer you 
IM me.)

E-Mail/MSN - (Two V's for the W.)

AIM - Walking Nemesis

Yahoo! - albertwesker04 (I don't use Yahoo! very often though.)