Knife Tactics Guide by Maddux

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==================RESIDENT EVIL (GCN) Knife Only Tactics================


I.    Introduction
II.   Barry Sanders Moves
III.  Zombie Combat
IV.   Misc. Combat
V.    Crimson Head/Hunter Combat 
VI.   Boss Combat
VII.  Legal Jargon
VIII. Contact

I. Introduction

"Slice and Dice, people!  Slice and dice!"

Tired of running out of ammo?  Do yourself a favor!  Head to the item 
box and dust off the knife.  It's got unlimited ammo, didn't y'know?
Do it now!

Thank you. :)

The knife gets no respect.  Many so-called veterans look at the knife as
nothing more than a useless weapon, and recommend ditching it at the 
first foreseeable opportunity.  Where, in reality, the knife should be a 
"veteran survivor's first choice."  Truth being told, I've became so sick
and tired of hearing how useless the knife is, that I became inspired to
write this guide.

Not until I played Nicholai and Wesker's mini-game challenges did I 
realize the potential of the knife.  And although it took a long time 
to master it, I can undoubtedly say now that it was entirely worth it.

In order to perform any of these moves, you'll have to be well-adapted 
to the control scheme and general physics of the game.  With that in 
mind, I would expect only an experienced player being able to pull these
stunts off.

The following strategies were written to help a player through the game
with the knife ONLY.  However, in this guide you could also learn how to
incorporate the knife into regular games for simply ammo conservation 
purposes.  Keep in mind that this is not a hold-your-hand-while-we-do-
it-together FAQ, but rather a compilation of strategies.  Being the 
veteran that I hope you are, you should be able to figure things out 
along the way.  Let it be noted that I've completed the game on easy and
normal using only the knife, but have yet to attempt hard mode.  So, in
other words, it IS possible!

Just a few things before I get started...

==Playing as Jill is stupid!===

Don't play as Jill!  She is absolutely BRUTAL when it comes to using the 
knife!  Chris is the ONLY way to go.  Trust me!

=Don't save Richard!=

If you save Richard, you won't be able to use V-JOLT on Plant 42.  
V-JOLT will make the battle MUCH easier.  By letting Richie die, the 
only thing you'll be missing out on is the Assault Shotgun.  But since 
we're only using the knife, that won't matter, right?

=All bosses can be killed!=

Don't sweat it!  We can kill anything using our wonderful knife!

=Defense items are our friend!=

If you make a mistake and get bitten, these handy little items can bail 
you out!  Use them sparingly, however, as they are in limited supply.

Though, to some, using defense items may nullify the fact that you beat
the game with the "knife only."  If you're really worried about that, 
then I'd suggest that you go through your first time using defense 
items, and then try without them the second time.  That's exactly what 
I did, and I can easily say that it helped me learn things.

Some of my below strategies make specific references to using defense

II. Barry Sanders Moves

Barry Sanders was one of the most prolific runningbacks in NFL history.
You, too, will need to learn several Sanders-like moves in your conquest
to beat this game with the knife.  In fact, you'll need the best shake 
and bake without a mistake!

A)|   | B)|   | C)|   | D)|  X|
  | Z |   |   |   |   |   |  X| 
  |   |   | Z |   |   |   |  X|
  | C |   |   |   |Z  |   |Z X|
  |   |   |C  |   |C  |   |C  | 
  |___|   |___|   |___|   |___|

First off, yes, I know they're crappy diagrams.  This shows the step-by-
step progression of how to avoid a zombie.  The "Z" representing the 
zombie, and the "C" representing Chris, and the "X's" representing the 
path you're going to take when you sprint by.  

Figure A shows Chris nearing the end of a hallway.

Figure B shows Chris moving slightly to the left, luring the zombie to 

Figure C shows the Zombie moving in close for the kill.

Figure D shows the necessary path to take for escape.  Touchdown!

This can obviously be applied to many enemies, but more often than not,
you'll be using it to escape from zombies.  This is the ultimate way to
escape from a pinned corner.


III.  Zombie Combat

If there's any enemy that you're going to have to be well-prepared to 
fight, it's the zombie.  Encounters with him in the early stages of the
game are somewhat unavoidable, so you'll find yourself bumping into him
frequently.  There are several methods you can choose from, each 
dependent on your surroundings, in which you can dispose of these 

-Method #1: Slash and retreat 
-Most effective when:  In a narrow corridor, or any other place that 
prevents evasive maneuvering.

The usually-reliable slash and retreat method will probably be used in
most encounters.  Timing and depth perception is paramount here, as one 
miscalculation can lead to an almost certain zombie bite.  Developing a 
rhythmic stabbing pattern is the best way to approach the situation.  

For example, my pattern is: "Slash...1...2...Slash...1...2."  The 
"Slash" part is obviously the part where I slash with my knife, and 
"1...2.." part denotes the seconds of backwards-walking retreat in 
between my slashes.

Get in as many slashes as possible, but be wary of the end of the 
hallway.  There's nothing worse than getting pinned in a corner!  
Because of all the inflicted knife wounds, at some point before reaching
a dead end, you'll *hopefully* be able to make him keel over and fall to
the ground momentarily.  While you have the opportunity, QUICKLY get 
around to his other side.  This way, you will have got yourself out of 
the corner he's been backing you into.  Additonally, you also bought 
yourself more than enough clear real estate behind you to finish him 

If you do happen to get pinned, there's only one thing you can do:  You
can TRY to pull a Barry Sanders and squeeze by.  If you get caught, and
you have a defense item, then you're fine.  But if you don't have one, 
or you're not using them, then be prepared to lose some health.

[NOTE: It is important to ONLY use the mid-section slash with this 
method.  Don't aim for the head or legs.]

-Method #2: Dizzy Zombie
-Most Effective when: In a large, open area.

This is a very good method, which will later be applied to many other 
monsters. I must stress that it requires some precision control, 
however, so it may take some practice.  The main idea here is to 
essentially make the zombie really, really confused.
Stand in front of a zombie, and wait for it to start coming after you.
Keep waiting until he's almost ready to grab you, and then suddenly take
off.  Run right behind the zombie into its blind spot and stab it.  Wait
for it to turn and face you, and then repeat.  Keep doing this until he
finally drops. 

Beware, however, that sometimes zombies do a little "quick turn" and try
to grab you  This will happen if you get too close behind it, so make 
sure to keep your distance.

-Method #3: The Stair Trick
-Most Effective when: In an area where you can easily lure a zombie onto
a staircase.

This is the easiest method of them all.  Simply lure a zombie onto a 
staircase, and proceed a lot like with what you did in the dizzy zombie
strategy.  It's easy to run around the zombie on a staircase, mainly 
because they can't grab you -- they can ONLY vomit!  That being said, 
stab them a couple times while they're facing you, run behind them, 
stab them in the back, and then repeat.  The key here is to keep them on
the staircase.  Just keep luring them up and down AND avoid their vomit! 


IV. Misc Combat


It's not smart to fight dogs.  Not at all.  You will, most likely, get 
bitten several times in the process.  On top of that, you're better off
just avoiding dogs all together.  However, there is a "glitch" that 
you can exploit when dealing with dogs, but it only works in a couple

In the courtyard, there are several lifts.  Dodge all the dogs, and sit
in one of the lifts.  You see, when the dogs get near a lift, they can't
get in!  They just keep running straight at it like the morons they are!
Sit inside and just keep knifing until they're all dead.  It's THAT 
simple, folks!  


Don't waste your time.  Just run away.  As long as you don't stop 
moving, you should be fine.

[NOTE: I should mention that it's quite fun to sit there and see if you 
can time a slash perfectly just as a crow swoops in.  I only recommend 
you try this if you've got a lot of health, though. :p]


You don't actually have to fight them, but if you want to, they're 
easily killed with the dizzy zombie method.  Wait until they're just 
about to attack, and then run behind them and stab.  With practice, you
can kill them without taking any damage at all.  It's probably best to 
just run away from these critters, though, as they aren't really worth 
your time.


Don't waste your time.  Just run away.  You won't be back-tracking 
enough through Chimera areas enough to warrant you killing any of them.


V.  Crimson Head/Hunter Combat

=Crimson Heads=

If you are attempting the game with the KNIFE ONLY (which I assume 
you are) and time is no concern, then it is highly recommended that 
you go out of your way and burn zombie corpses.  Crimson heads can 
truly be a pain, so it's probably best that you take the time to do 
things right.

However, if you're lazy, or else you want to get a really good time, 
then you're going to have to deal with crimsons sooner or later.  There
are two ways to deal with Crimson Heads:

-Method #1: Run past them!

It has come to my attention that MOST (if not all) Crimson Heads 
right-handed.  Use this to your full advantage.  When a Crimson is 
charging you, just be sure that when he's nearing you, you pull a quick
move to his LEFT SIDE. This way, he should completely miss with his 
swipe, and you'll be long gone.

-Method #2: If there's a crimson-infested hallway that you're frequently
accessing, it might be smart to remove the Crimson(s) for good.  Do this
by running into one with a defense grenade, because it would probably be
considered suicide if you attempted to kill a crimson in that situation
with the knife only. 

However, if you MUST kill a crimson with the knife, you have to be 
pretty good at the dizzy zombie strategy.  More specifically, though, 
you have to be REALLY quick on your feet.  Though, you will probably 
need some extra health as well.  

Remember how I said that most Crimsons are right-handed?  Wait until 
they are bearing in on you, sprint to their LEFT, and get off a slash.
You'll have to do this quite a few times, but eventually the crimson 
will drop dead.

[NOTE: If I recall correctly, Crimsons, like Zombies, can do a 
quick-turn and grab on to you.  Keeping that in mind, even if you're 
behind them, it would be safe not to get TOO close!]


Most hunters should be avoided, but there's going to be a couple that 
you'll have to dispose of.  For instance, the first Hunter that you'll
see in the game should be taken care of.  This is because you'll be 
backtracking through there quite a bit, and you don't want to risk 
damage each and every time you go through. 

Hunters aren't as ill-fated as their Crimson brothers, as they have 
fully-functional usage of both their hands.  However, they're a little 
slower at turning.  Once again, use the dizzy zombie strategy and get 
behind them.  Wait for the hunter to commit to you, and fake him out.  
If you can pull that off, start stabbin' away for as long as possible!  

Even if you are quick, you probably won't emerge from the battle 
completely unscathed.  It's best to keep some first aid sprays with 
you during the hunter portion of the game.

[NOTE: Watch your health during the battle.  If you get too low, they'll
go for the nortorious show-boat head swipe.  To avoid this, replenish 
your health, or get the heck out of the way!]


VI. Boss Combat

These are the boss battles that require some kind of revamped strategy 
in order for you to be successful with the knife.  Do as I say and 
you'll live!

=Coffin Crimson=

Use the regular Crimson Head strategies here, but be warned that this 
Crimson is much stronger.  Bring some extra health items, because you're
going to take some damage!  (You'll ESPECIALLY be taking damage if 
you've been burning Crimsons up to this point, and have yet to face one
for yourself.)

The key: Be conservative and take your time.  Choose your slashes 
carefully -- if don't think you can hit him, then run around in circles 
until you think you have a legitimate opportunity.  If you sit still and
think for too long, he'll grab you!  

=Plant 42=

If you DID NOT save Richard, you will be able to use the V-JOLT against 
Plant 42 with Rebecca.  Once that is taken care of, go UNDERNEATH 
Plant 42 and swipe at its tentacles.  Make sure you have plenty of 
health items here, because you're bound to take some damage.  The 
tentacles will be difficult to hit with the knife at times, but you'll
eventually figure it out.   

The key: Keep mobile to insure that you don't get hit with any of 
Plant 42's attacks.  Don't stay in one place for too long at a time!

=Yawn II=

This is pretty easy with the right idea.  See how there's a kind of 
horseshoe-shaped section of books with a low ceiling?  You have to lure
him back there.  When he starts to chase you in, run ALL THE WAY around
BEHIND him and start stabbing him in the rear-end of his body.  This is
perfect because there is no possible way he can harm you if you're 
behind him like that. Just keep doing this until he dies.

The key: Have patience. It's not fun, and it takes a lot of tiny stabs
to get him, but it eventually brings him down.  Don't get frustrated and
challenge him head-on, because you'll be risking severe damage.  Do it 
the safe way!

=Saving Rebecca=

I know that this isn't really a "boss" per se, but I thought I'd include
it.  I also realize that you don't have to do it, but if you want the 
best ending, you'll have to do it.  If you don't want the best ending, 
then just skip ahead.

Now, I don't know if I'm always lucky when it comes to this part, but it
seems like the hunter likes to pounce on you here.  If you have a 
grenade handy, this battle will be over rather quickly.  Wait for him to
pounce on you, and Chris will stuff a grenade in his mouth and he'll be
done.  If the hunter does not pounce (and this has never happened to me,
BTW) you'll have a tight space to work in.  Keep moving around, and be 
sure not to get cornered.  That's about all I can say.  

The key:  Have a grenade, or at least a defense dagger handy.  This will
make things all the more easy.  If you're not using defense items, then
this battle will be difficult - or near impossible - because of the
space you have to work with.  That being the case, I'd suggest not even
bothering to save Rebecca.

=Tyrant I=

Insanely simple!  Remember the dizzy zombie strategy?  Do the exact same
with Tyrant.  He's too slow to even get off an attack if you're quick 

The key:  Keep behind him the whole time and you'll be just fine.  When
he starts turning towards you, run around him in the direction of his 
non-claw hand.  Barry Sanders would be proud.

=Tyrant II=

Once again, this battle is not necessary unless you want the best 
possible ending.  I haven't really developed much of a strategy for 
this part, so you're free to do what you want and NOT listen to me.  
Just be sure thatyou have an ample health supply.  Ample, being, like 
four first aid sprays. 

You're going to have to be a chivalrous gentleman here. As he nears 
Rebecca, try to get in his way and distract him so he can't hurt her.  
I usually attract his attention by stabbing him a couple times.  Watch 
out, though, because if you don't position yourself right, he'll slap 
you away like a rag doll.  When the timer hits about thirty seconds, the
Rocket Launcher will come down from Brad.  This should be the FIRST TIME
in the game where you pick up a weapon other than the knife.  Equip it,
say something creative like "Hasta la Vista, Baby!", and fire!  

Woo hoo!

You've officially beat Resident Evil using ONLY the knife!  


(The Rocket Launcher doesn't really count as using a weapon, because you
have no choice. :p)


VII. Legal Jargon

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site (other than or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2003 Bill Maddux.


VIII. Contact

If you have a question or comment for me, I'd be glad to hear it.  
E-mail me at  

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide.