Claire 2nd Scenario Gatling Gun Guide by Mcondella

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Subject: Resident Evil 2
Claire B 2nd Scenario/Gatling Gun Guide
Played on: PS 
Format: NTSC~U/C
Version: 1.00
Author: MCondella 
Donations [Paypal]: Runbarefoot1(at)verizon(dot)net 
Email: ThePeoplesDrummer(at)Verizon(dot)net
Copyright 2006 Michael Condella

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|001: Table of Contents  |                                    

001: Table of Contents
002: Version History
003: Introduction
004: Controls 
005: Basic Terminology 
006: Status Menu
007: Walkthrough

Claire Redfield |

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and hold ctrl+F and enter the corresponding code.)

City Area.......................................(Wa00A)
Police Department...............................(Wa00B)
Sewage Disposal.................................(Wa00C)
Vacant Factory..................................(Wa00D)
Umbrella Laboratory.............................(Wa00E)

008: Final Words
009: FAQ Overview
010: Disclaimer

|002: Version History  |                                     

Version 1.10, July 3, 2006:

It has come to my attention that while writing this guide
the first time through I was suffering from some kind of 
meth high and placed commas, this, and, 
didn't, know, why, it, was, done,! It has been fixed.
I'm no comma master...we all have tendencies ;)

I apoligize to all my patrons who had to navigate 
through that to get to game content. -Michael

Version 1.00, April 10th, 2006:

Welcome to the first installment of Resident Evil 2/ClaireB 
2nd Scenario Gatling Gun/A Ranking Guide! I will 
periodically monitor and revise this guide for various
defects in grammar and removal of mistakes - even updates on
knowledge. Good luck with obtaining an A ranking and being
rewarded with the infamous Gatling Gun - one of the premier
weapons in the 'Special Weapons' subtopic.

|003: Introduction  |

The only reason I conduct speed runs in general are for the 
rewards. There are a handful of people who conduct speed 
runs just to have an impressive clock time and the
subsequent bragging rights to little Mary. I HATE that and 
all of its manifestations. Why? Because it's pointless, 
obsessive, and most notably, there's always a desire to get 
a faster time!

In this guide you WILL conduct a speed run. However, It 
won't be the fastest guide in the world. For such pursuits
you will just have to look elsewhere on the net. My primal 
desire with this work is creating a guide in which you will 
obtain the 'Gatling Gun' no matter what; the important 
thing! Yeah, you heard me right: Gatling Gun! This is your 
most notable award for clearing Claire B 2nd Scenario with 
an A or B ranking and in a certain amount of time. You'll 
also be rewarded with the 'Sub-Machine Gun'. When compared 
to the 'Gatling Gun' you'll realize that the 'Gatling Gun' 
is the optimal weapon.

Aside from conducting a speed run there are other 
parameters you need to remain congruent to. They're as

1. Saves - You are not allowed to save.

2. First Aid Sprays - You are not allowed to use any First
Aid Sprays. You MAY carry a First Aid Spray, the game only
registers that you've used one when you attempt to heal 
yourself. Due to the information I have just given you 
obviously carrying a First Aid Spray is a bit silly!

The only recovery items you are allowed to use are herbs, 
i.e. the green, blue, and red plants that are EVERYWHERE! 
To some, it may seem drastic that you cannot use FAS but 
as your skill level increases, and you subsequently receive 
less damage from enemies, brand new, constant themes may 

- "There are too many herbs in the game"

- "By the time I was done with the final boss my inventory 
box had a whole collection of herbs that I didn't use. The 
valuable time spent hunting for herbs could have been
applied more accordingly on completing the game A LOT 

3. Special Weapons - You are not allowed to use any Special
Weapons, e.g. Rocket Launcher, Sub-Machine Gun.

4. Completed Game Time - Completed Game Time must be less 
than 2:30:00.

5. You need to play on the 'Normal' difficulty setting.

6. To further assist you in completing the game faster,
when you enter a specific door and you know what area will
load next, hold the running buttons before hand to get a
head start. This may seem minor, but you'll be surprised the 
amount of difference it makes.

7. Try reading through this FAQ a handful of times to get 
accustomed to it. Attempting a speed run and squinting at 
your computer monitor for help is not wise.

|004: Controls    |                     

The game offers 3 different control types:

1. type A
2. type B
3. type C

In this guide I used control type A (which, to my knowledge
is the default control setting) I recommend using type A
as well mainly because control type A will be the only
type outlined in this guide. You may use
another type at your own discretion.

D-pad (directional pad)                                  
Up        Move player forward
Left      Turn player left                                    
Right     Turn player right
Down      Move player backward
L1        NO USE
L2        NO USE
L3        NO USE
R1        Aim
Triangle  Cancel
Square    Run
Circle    Status
X         Ok/Attack
Select    Options
Start     Pause

|005: Basic terminology   |

Drop:                 Shooting a creature to the ground (not
necessarily killing it) for free movement. This saves time &
more importantly ammo.

FAS:                  First Aid spray.  

Ninja Zombie:         A zombie with unusually high sp.
(speed points)   

Sleeper:              A fully conscious zombie that lies on 
the ground.

Strafe:               To grind against a wall in order to
evade an enemy.

Mash:                 Repeatedly press the specified button.

Evade:                To escape from the enemy.

Cut scene:            Movie Sequences.

|006: Status menu    |

Fine: You're perfect. You are able to move with MAX sp.

Caution (yellow): Your physically hurt. Speed is slightly 
reduced. Can be cured with a single green herb.

Caution (orange): Not a feasible condition. You can die from 
a single critical attack. Never under any circumstances 
challenge creatures that posses an array of critical hits 
like this. (not sure if speed differs from caution yellow 
send me an email) 

Danger: You limp like a gypsy. Completely unhealthy. 
Destined to die. Heal immediately. Never remain in this 

Recap: My recommendation is to actually remain in the Fine 
condition at all times. Some beliefs speculate going on 
the caution yellow condition is okay (you can) but the 
fine condition provides MAX sp, and clarity of mind, the 
key to mastering the clock, and the subsequent rewards.

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                   |007: Walkthrough  |

City Area   Wa00A

Strafe the southern line of cars to evade zombie 1.
Then quickly strafe the opposite line of cars to 
evade zombie 2 & 3. In the new map proceed south, 
strafing the wall all the way down to the room and 
get the Cabin Key. Backtrack, but this time there 
should be a gap between the two previous zombies, run 
right through it and use the Cabin Key.

Police Department   Wa00B

Pickup the bullets from the desk and exit. When outside 
evade the two zombies present easily. When you turn the
corner strafe the left side wall and then turn to your
right evading the girl zombie. On the helipad press START
to skip the <cut scene>.

Pickup the Green Herb inside the Raven Corridor, unlocking 
the blue door. Collect ALL the herbs in this area. Pickup 
some bullets from the corpse and the Valve Handle from the
shelf. Return to the Helipad, stand in front of the water
pressure valve, combine ALL the herbs in your inventory, and
finally use the Valve Handle. Pickup the Acid Rounds from 
the helicopter cockpit and exit from whence you came. Press
START to skip the <cut scene>.

Run right into Tyrant-103 taking damage. Move past him and 
into the further door in this area. Continue to the
end of this area to hear a woman, "yarrrrh," and into the
door we go. Pickup the Blue Card Key from the left. When the 
licker comes crashing down evade him by moving backwards.
If done right the licker will enter it's long range attack
phase and in the meantime you can easily run around it.

In the save room pickup the ammo from the bench.

Deposit: Knife, Mixed Herb, Valve Handle, Acid Rounds.

In the Main Hall past the emergency ladder, drop all the
zombies prohibiting your access to the Unicorn Medal. Once
you have it descend the emergency ladder. Pickup the
Grenade Launcher off the desk and use the Blue Card on the
computer. Next, use the Unicorn Medal on the fountain and 
pickup the Spade Key. Enter the door to the left, evade 
zombie 1, allow the screen to change so you can view BOTH
zombie 2 and zombie 3 and try to waste them both with a
grenade round, (two birds with one stone, as they say).

In the next area use the Spade Key and push the staircase
to the north and pickup the lighter. Pickup the Green Herb
outside and continue on. Enter the double doors as two
cop zombies come crashing in. Light the fireplace and pickup
the Red Jewel, when you get outside use a grenade round on
the zombie blocking the unexplored path.

Proceed up the stairs and into the puzzle area...

                |       - - - - - - - -      Exit     
                |      |               |     |
                |     __   ___   __    |     |
                |    | B| | A | | C|   |     |
                |    |__| |___| |__|   ----> |
----------------| <-|              |         |
Entrance            - - - - - - - -          |

When you pickup the Red Jewel your inventory should be full.
Enter the STARS Office and rendevous with Leon. Afterwards,
use the single Green Herb to free up an inventory space and
pickup the Diamond Key, ignoring the fax on the way out.
Enter the save room below the puzzle area.

Deposit: Mixed Herb, Lighter, Red Jewel x2.

Pickup the two Green Herbs in the hall and enter the silver
door. From here it's a linear path. Use the lockpick and
pickup the Plastic Bomb. In the next area immediately run
past zombies 1 & 2, wasting zombie 3 at the end with a g.
round. Enter the office and pickup the Detonator from the
desk in a timely manner, turn around and waste anybody
blocking your escape. When a path is cleared combine your
two herbs as well as your bomb stuff....don't forget to 
pickup the Green Herb in this area. Unlock the door.

Back in the main hall...ascend the emergency ladder. Return 
to the save room.

Deposit: Mixed Herb, Diamond Key.
Take: Red Jewels x2.

Place the Detonator near the destroyed door. Once inside 
examine the dead body. After the event enter the other
door in this area. When you rendevous with Sherry pickup
the Ammo inside the chest. Pickup the Heart Key from the
chief's desk. Now, head back to where you got the Blue Card 
Key and ignore the Licker. Spend two grenade rounds to 
neutralize it. Place the two jewels inside the maidens and 
pickup the blue stone.

Return to the place where you got the Valve Handle and 
immediately enter the small office ASAP. You don't need
to stand in front of the safe you can access it by its side.
Input '2236', pickup the Acid Rounds, and use the Heart Key
on the nearby door.

Inside pickup the two Green Herbs, evading the dog, and 
descend into the dungeon of lies. When you come to the fork
take a left, pickup the Red Herb, and enter the manhole.
Enter the save room.

Deposit: Blue Stone, Red Herb.
Take: All available Acid Rounds.

Over to Sherry...Ride the elevator to the top and enter the
closest building. Inside you are presented with another
easy puzzle:
             |    #####      |
             | -> # B #   ^  |
             |    #####   |  |    ________________________
             |#####     #####|    |  SOLUTION:            |
             |# A #     # C #|    |Climb A                |
             |#####     #####|    |Push B ->              |
-------------|               |    |Climb out              |
Entrance                     |    |Push A, B, C in place  |
-----------------------------|    |_______________________|

Move the lever and pickup the Club Key from the other side.
Outside, enter the 2nd building and pickup Grenades for 
Claire. Exit from whence you came...Pickup your new items,
make sure you bring a healing item with you, and make sure
to load the all your Acid Rounds into the Launcher!

Once your out of the manhole again evading the first dog is
a synch. For the second dog, strafe the left side wall and
into the door. Enter the 'Autopsy Room' using one Acid 
Round per Licker. Pickup the Red Card Key from the cabinet.

Enter the Power room and pickup the Green Herb. Examine the
control panel and input the following sequence: Up, Up, 
Down, Up, Down. Use the Red Card Key on the card reader.
Inside there are (2) packs of Handgun Ammo, Acid Rounds,

Enter the parking garage and easily run past the doggies.
In the next area run past the dog feasting on the corps,
and duck into the silver door. You have to pickup the Crank
adjacent to the manhole while 3 dogs advance at you. 
Personally, I NEVER shoot at them, act at your own 
discretion.  Back in the parking lot there is a lonely Green
Herb to the north where you haven't explored yet.

Ascend the stairs to the Police Department and use the Club
Key on the door to the north. Pickup the Acid Rounds inside.
Feel free to blast the doggie with a Grenade Launcher if
need be. When you get back to the area with the safe (2236),
easier with only one minimal sleeper!

In the Corridor blast away with Grenade Rounds. A general 
rule of thumb is to aim up and blast. When all the foes have 
been neutralized enter the main hall and into the area 
with the inventory box.

Deposit: All healing items.
Take: Blue Stone, Lighter, Diamond Key, Single Green Herb.

Return to the corridor you just visited, the one with all
the zombies. There's a green herb by the vending machines.
Use the Diamond Key on the first silver door and pickup
the Eagle Stone. Outside, pickup the Red Herb and use the
Club Key on the green door. Light the burner and turn the
faucet's in this order:

*Middle #12
*Right #13
*Left #11

Pickup the Gear Cogwheel as Tyrant-103 comes beasting in.
In the corridor nearest to the door leading out, Tyrant-103 
will counter you once again, take a hit and move on with 
your life. Back in the Main Hall climb the emergency 
ladder. The licker here is inactive and shouldn't be a 
problem. Head into the Library. Climb the stairs and enter 
the door.

In the Clock Tower use the crank on the square hole. Then, 
climb up the stairs and use the Gear Cogwheel. Pickup the 
other half of the Blue Stone turning around and exiting.
Make sure your Acid Rounds are armed and ready and attempt 
to enter the Library once again. IMMEDIATELY turn around 
and run to the BACK of the area and pump about 4 rounds 
into him. (he will wiggle and the music will stop) Then 
pickup the Grenade Rounds from him.

Explore the upper regions of the Library where you will 
eventually come crashing down. The solution to the puzzle 
graphically would be:
  ___       ___       ___      ___
 |---|     |---|     |---|    |---|
 |---|     |---|     |---|    |---|
 |---| --> |---| --> |---|    |---|
 |---|     |---|     |---|    |---|
 |_O_|     |_O_|     |_O_|    |_O_|

Afterwards, there is a Red Herb on a desk in the Library
and now with all the stones in your possession your 
pilgrimage to the chiefs office can begin. In the save room 
near the chiefs office...

Deposit: Lighter.
Take: 1 Mixed herb.

Meet up with Sherry and place all the stones inside of the 
illustration. Ignore the file and examine the elevator 
twice. After all the events, pickup the Acid Rounds in this 
area (have them armed and ready) and proceed down the 

Sewage Disposal   (Wa00C)


William Burkin
This is a small encounter but if he does manage to get a 
hit on you, he usually performs good damage. At the 
beginning of the fight your automatically lined up with him, 
never explore the environment, just pump Acid Rounds into 
him until he retreats.

Meet up with Sherry and venture into the Sewage Disposal a 
little deeper. (During the cut scene with Tyrant-103 
wouldn't you think he would hear Sherry emit, "Claire!?" and 
look down...? Eh.) After Sherry is sucked down a hole 
collect the blue herbs and enter the save room.

Deposit: Blue Herb x 2, any and all herbs.
Take: Valve Handle.

Pickup the H. Gun Bullets from the buffel bag and close by, 
use your Lockpick to a enter a small warehouse. There is 
Grenade Rounds in the southern most area amongst a shelf 
and a single inactive zombie. After the treasure is 
collected return to the save room and ride the lift down.

It's your old pal Leon. Luckily he left 3 Green Herbs for 
you in his scenario save room, (ride his lift opposite to 
yours) and collect em'. After putting the 3 herbs into 
Leon's inventory box, return to Leon and enter the other 
corridor door. Head north and collect the Wolf Medal and 
Grenade Rounds from the fallen comrades. Simply run by the 
spiders and into the next area.

Enter the double doors where there is a <cut scene> with 
Annette Burkin. Use the Valve Handle on the transmitter and 
access the other side. Pickup the two Green herbs and some 
Flame Rounds; use the Valve Handle on this side's 
transmitter before leaving.

Eventually you'll come to the bridge you have risen. Take a 
left and pickup the Eagle Medal from the maintenance worker. 
Finally, use the Valve Handle to stop the rotation of 
the fan. Inside the fan it's a linear trip to the other 
side (evade the bugs as well as you can). Ignore the zombies 
and spiders and put the medals inside the device.

Eventually you'll come to a tram station. Use the control 
panel and summon the tram. Greet Sherry as well will ya'?

Vacant Factory  (Wa00D)

On the other side of the station examine the ground near 
the flare to acquire W. Box Key. (If you ignite the flare 
it will lower your rank, you don't have your lighter 
anyways). Enter the door to the north and inside choose 
the right path. When you come to the fork grenade the foe 
and enter the door. In the other area there are a total of 
4 zombies. Blast them all and head into the save room. 

Deposit: Valve Handle, W. Box Key.
Take: Make sure you at least have one healing item.

Pickup the Acid & Flame Rounds and head outside. Enter the 
security room and pickup the C. Panel Key. Afterwards, 
examine the monitor. Remain congruent to my future 
teachings, i.e. have the Acid Rounds armed and ready. Stand 
at a good vantage point and waste him. When he falls collect 
6 more Acid Rounds. 

Meet back up with Sherry and use the C. Panel key on the 
monitor. NOW, make sure you stock your ENTIRE inventory with 
recovery items (if something should go wrong). Push the 
button and enter the car. Inside, pickup the Flame Rounds 
(near the toilet) load them into the launcher, take a deep 
breath, and exit.

Boss Data:

William Burkin
DO NOT let this version of Billy get close to you. If he 
does, he will execute a 4-hit combo. It's a little 
over rated; it doesn't do THAT much damage but watch out. 
In order to evade this maneuver navigate the environment 
to the fullest. When you are at a GREAT distance from 
William Burkin shoot him as many times (with flame rounds)
until he closes in. Then SCRAM! Repeat process.

Umbrella Laboratory   Wa00E

Exit the car and slide down the ventilation shaft. Enter the 
double doors and pickup the Green Herb near the inventory 

Deposit: Nothing.
Take: Mixed Herb, W. Box Key.

Push the box onto the lift and ride it down. From here push 
the box down near the crates that are stacked up. Here ya' 
                                #   #
           ____________     |   #   #
          |------------|    | ^ #####
          |       LIFT |      |
          |            |      |
          |  #####     |      |
          |--#   #-----|  - - |
             #####        |   
               |          |

Before leaving there is some flame rounds near the 
typewriter. When done switch to Acid Rounds and ride 
the lift down. Neutralize the Super Lickers with an Acid 
Bath and push the switch to turn on the elevator.

Backtrack to the place where you entered from the 
ventilation shaft. Ride the elevator down, switch to Grenade 
Rounds, blast all the naked zombies until they're STONE 
dead,(they inflict a lot of damage), and into the save room. 
Pickup the Green Herb & Flame Rounds and head into the 
central area.

Head down the blue path; what you previously did in Leon's A 
Scenario will prove likewise here. Power up the central area 
and open the shutter at the end of the red path. Exit from 
whence you came and re-enter to evade the plants more 
easily and more importantly, save flame ammo!

Descend the ladder switch to Acid Rounds and kill the 3 
Super Lickers. Collect some herbs and enter the northern 
door. Head through the Surveillance room and into Burkins 
Laboratory. Use the W. Box Key on the lit up locker and 
collect the Grenade Rounds. Switch to Grenade Round, and 
blast ALL the naked zombies and pickup the Power Key off 
the central desk.

You have to backtrack to the area you moved the box in the 
illustration. The <cut scene> in the computer room with 
Annette will further assist you in believing me. On the way 
there don't mind the Super Licker that enters from the 
ceiling you'll never come back here.

When you enter the power room watch all the events. 
Afterwards, head into the central area where you put the 
Main Fuse. There is a <cut scene> where Annette has a 
stroke. Pickup the Master Key from her grasp and use it on 
the back terminal of the elevator.

Enter the train and proceed to the back where you have 
access to an inventory box; pickup the Platform Key as well.

Deposit: Handgun, Handgun Ammo.
Inventory: Grenade Launcher, Rounds, Rounds, Platform Key, 
1 free inventory slot, the other 5 slots you should devote 
to Mixed herbs.

Use the Platform Key on the gate, run across the bridge, 
grab the plug, and head into the door.

Boss Data:

G-VIRUS induced Tyrant-103
You gotta' love that glorious music! As soon as you regain 
control of Claire, pump Acid Rounds, receive damage, pump 
Acid Round(s), <cut scene>. Make sure your initial rocket 
hits this boss, as you should save the other rocket for the 
final boss!

Head back to the train but take the alternative path, 
slaying the zombies and activate the panel. Enter the train.

Boss Data:

William Burkin (final form)
You shouldn't even get hit from this boss. Spend the 
available Rocket and finish him off with Flame Rounds.

***THE END***

008: Final Words  |

As last. I hope this will be your primal source for future
Gatling Gun inquirys. Sure, the Gatling Gun is mentioned 
elsewhere on the internet, even on GameFaqs, but I formatted
this guide so that it should be the ONLY one accentuating 
the Gatling Gun.

I was really pleased with the amount of content that Capcom
was able to generate with this game - it's like Resident 
Evil 1 to the power of...? I dunno', this game is unflagging 
to me!

My email is Thepeoplesdrummer(at)verizon(dot)net. For anyone
who would like to leave me feedback, because it is always
appreciated in ANY form. It would be nice to know that I 
have helped someone.

Donations [Paypal]:

Thanks to James Boland and Constantine Alexandrou, for our
in-depth video game conversations. Good luck on any future
gaming endeavors kids.

Thanks to anyone reading this FAQ.

See ya' round',


009: FAQ Overview  |

Here is a list of all the FAQ's I've written:

1. Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X  
   Infinite Launcher/A ranking guide

2. Metal Gear Solid 3 SNAKE EATER
   Stealth Camo/IFP FAQ


4. Resident Evil 2
   Claire B 2nd Scenario/Gatling gun guide

010: Disclaimer  |

This text is (c) 2006 by Michael Condella (MCondella)
All rights reserved. Game concept and characters (c) Capcom

I published this guide for the intent for it to be viewed on & ONLY! This may not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a 
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. 

If you would like to use this guide publically or broadcast 
it on the internet you may ask me, I will gladly approve of 
the matter if, and only if, it is deemed evident that it is 
my walkthrough without no other person(s) taking credit for 
MY walkthrough!

I'm sorry but LOTS of personal hard work, careful 
considerations, and strategic game play went into this 
guide. To protect my work, if anyone should disobey the 
above terms they will be reprimanded with a copyright