Question from freckles428

Its a music box?

I dont understand how to solve the clock tower puzzels. I need help. Can you please give me a walk through, through this puzzel. It is a music box and i think that i need to open it?


KenseidenXL answered:

When you enter the lobby, go to the back part under the stairs. Open the music box. It will play and then it will tell you that something is written on the lid. Write that down. Now, get into the machinery room at the top of the tower. Head left to a device with a gold disc on the front. It will play a tune, then you'll be asked to move plugs. Move them into positions EXACTLY OPPOSITE what you wrote down. When you've set the last plug, choose the PLAY option and if you've set the plugs correctly, the gold disc will retract and expose the Chronos Chain. Combine that with the remaining Clock T. Key to form the Chronos Key.
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xboxboy9394 answered:

Actually, there's another music box that gives you all right notes. You might also be able to figure out the right notes just by listening.
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Kirkwood_adam answered:

Ive never used the music box under the stairs. I just listened and figured it out on my own. Not hard at all.
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