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How do I get the Hand Cannon, Energy Rifle, or Thompson?

I've replayed the game many times and I already have the Unlimited Ammo Rocket Launcher, and would like to get the other unlimited ammo guns and the awesome suit with the trench coat and hat, but have no idea how to get them.

Accepted Answer

Mookiethebold answered:

Chicago Typewriter - Complete Assignment Ada, then purchase it from the merchant for 1 million pesetas on a round 2 or higher replay round.

Handcannon - Get 60,000 points on all 4 maps with all 5 characters in Mercenaries, then buy it from the merchant for zero pesetas (yes, it's free!) on a round 2 or higher replay round. You will need to purchase the upgrades to give it unlimited ammo, though.

The PRL412 laser gun is not available in the GameCube version, nor is Leon's mobster suit and Ashley's knight armor. These things are all in the PS2, PC and Wii version only.
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