Question from jackkrauser83

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there another way. A faster way to unlock the handcannon?

The mercenaries minigame

Accepted Answer

From: krauser1989 5 years ago

There is no way to unlock the handcannon without getting 5 stars on 4 stages gor all characters. If you think you cannot get it so easily, I have two ways to do that :
_First : Down load the save game file Max Drive ( North America) in this web to the gamecube.
_Second : Watch videos on youtube. This is one of the easiest mercenaries walkthrough :
+ Resident Evil 4 Handcannon guide (Name Chacrater)_(Stage).

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No, the only way is to get 60,000 points with all 5 characters on all 4 stages.

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