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Locations of various memos, notes, etc. in Resident Evil 4.

  • 1-1. Alert Order: In the Pueblo, towards the exit. It's on the wall above a table. There's some handgun ammo on the table.
  • 1-1. About the Blue Medallions: In the farm, right after the Pueblo. It's hanging from a tree just across the fence from the building with the typewriter.
  • 1-2. Chief's Note: Inside Chief Mendez' house, upstairs in the bedroom that has the Insignia Key. It's on the bed.
  • 1-3. Closure of the Church: Past the church, in the little building on the walkway above the lake/swamp. There's a snake in a box right next to it.
  • 2-1. Anonymous Letter: Ada leaves a memo in the building on the far side of the lake. Leon wakes up there after defeating Del Lago.
  • 2-2. Sera and the 3rd Party: Almost immediately upon entering the Farm when Leon revisits it at night. The memo is to the left in the outbuilding with the typewriter.
  • 2-3. Two Routs: After the Cabin Brawl, there's a note about the left and right paths in the building outside with the typewriter.
  • 2-3. Village's Last Defense: Right after the left and right paths, in the building across from the Merchant.
  • 3-1. Capture Luis Sera: Shortly before the Water Maze there's a memo hanging on the wall, near the key to the Prison where you encounter the first Garrador. It's right next to a yellow herb.
  • 3-1.Target Practice: In the first Shooting Gallery at the end of the chapter; on the Merchant's counter. It talks about the game's rules and prizes.
  • 3-2. Luis Memo: In the subterranean sewers where Leon first meets the Novistadors. First cell on the left, next to some shotgun shells. It's about parasites controlling their hosts.
  • 3-2. Castellan Memo: Just before the Balcony Room, the one with the Red Zealot wearing the animal skull, and the raising gatling gun.
  • 3-3. Female Intruder: At the beginning of the chapter (right after the Garden Maze with the Colmillos dogs). On a table right next to the Merchant.
  • 3-4. Butler's Memo: Found when playing as Ashley. It's in the room with the turnstile that opens the hidden exit.
  • 4-1. Sample Retrieved: Note on the table with the yellow herb outside the King's Grail Knights area.
  • 4-1: Ritual Preparation: At the top of the clock tower, hinting at the puzzle. (The building that connects to where the Twin Garradors await.)
  • 4-2. Luis' Memo 2: In the room with the Merchant Leon encounters right after the Verdugo fight. Next to the typewriter.
  • 4-2. Letter from Ada: Right at the beginning of the chapter. Hanging by the door on the Merchant's shack. (In the Ruins area after the Novistador Cavern and before the Cathedral.)
  • 5-1. Luis' Memo 3: Note with the keycard to the cryogenic/freezer room. (The room where the first Regenerator spawns.)
  • 5-2. Paper Airplane: Note from Ada, right after Ashley is rescued from her cell on the Island, at the beginning of the chapter.
  • 5-3. Our Plan: In the room where Saddler takes Ashley after the bulldozer/truck ride through the tunnel.
  • 5-3. Luis' Memo 4: By the Merchant just before the battle with "It" (U-3).
  • 5-3. Krauser's Note: By the Merchant underground before the Krauser boss battle. (Not to be confused with the Krauser QTE knife fight.)
  • 5-4. Luis' Memo 5: In the area with the penultimate Merchant. (Right before facing the last four regular enemies in the game.)
  • Final Chapter. Our Mission: In the room upstairs from the plaga-removal chamber, just before the final boss battle.