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Author: Dkg

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

Character Guide for  Yugo : The Wolf

Ver. 0.1

Log Date:  3/27/02

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A.  Updates

B.  Author info

C. Game Background

D. Character Background

E. Moves  Key

F. Standard Attacks

G. Throws/Aerial Moves/Dash Attacks

H. Special Moves

I. Beast Attacks/ Drives

J. Combos

K. Credits/Thank You's/ Etc.



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    This is my first FAQ, so bear with me. I usually hang on the GC, 
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'Bloody Roar: Primal Fury', is the 4th official game in the 'Bloody 
Roar' Series.  The difference (and main appeal) between the Bloody Roar 
fighting games and other fighters is that the characters are 
Zoanthropes, meaning they all have the ability to transform into an 
animal/beast in the heat of a battle. The Bloody Roar games feature 
intense, insane fighting moves with top notch graphics. They are also 
usually associated with the term "button masher" but there can be more 
strategic ways of playing the game than simply "mashing buttons". The 
series first debuted on  the Sony Playstation in the year of 1997 and 
now, in 2002, makes it's way to the Nintendo Gamecube.



            Name: Yugo Ogami
              Age:  (22-24)
                Height: 177 cm (180 cm in beast form)
                  Weight: 81 km (85 km in beast form)
                Beast Form: Wolf
                         Fighting style: Kickboxing

1st Costume:  Black long sleeve with flames one sleeves, white Tee 
sporting words "Silver Noise" on front along with the "Silver Noise" 
emblem on front and back, dark blue shorts, black gloves, and boots. * I 
have no idea what Silver Noise means *

2nd Costume: Navy Blue muscle shirt, covered by Black leather vest 
sporting the words "PainBuster" along with his Wolf Emblem w/ flames on 
the back, belt, black gloves, blue jeans w/ leather strap around left 
leg , and shoes.  * I'm not sure if  "PainBuster" has any significance  
but if you look closely you'll see Yugo also sports many scars on his 
arms * 

Summary: Yugo has been in every Bloody Roar game to date. He's a young, 
well balanced fighter who discovered the truth about his fathers death 
in BR. With the help of Gado, the sole survivor of Yugo's father's 
combat team, he destroyed Tylon Corporation's research facility where 
Zoanthrope test were being held on his father and others. He found a 
young Bakuryu (a man-made zoanthorpe) in the remainings of the facility. 
He named Bakuryu "Kenji" and took him under his care. After Returning to 
his boxing career in Japan, Yugo witnesses "kenji" being Kidnapped by 
Busuzima, the man responsible for creating the man-made Zoanthropes. 
Apparently it seemed as though Kenji is the sole successor to Tylons' 
former top assassin, Bakuryu, but as it turns out that was not true. 
This is the beginning of BR2's story  * to be updated *  



* Note * * These directions are based on the character starting on the 
LEFT side of the screen *

DUB=Diagonal Up Back
DUF=Diagonal Up Forward
DDB=Diagonal Down Back
DDF=Diagonal Down Forward
QCF=Quater Circle Forwad
QCB=Quarter Circle Back
HCF=Half Circle forward
HCB=Half Circle Back
P=Punch *A button*
K=Kick  * B button*
BA=Beast Attack  *X button*
E=Evade *Y button*
Dash= To perform a dash simply tap forward twice, holding forward on the 
second tap



*Note* * All Standard moves are the same in Beast Form, only stronger *

Mid Punch = P

Under Jab = F+P

High Strike = B+P

Low Jab = D+P

Forward Air Strike = U+P

High Kick  = K

Forward High Step Kick = F+K * changes Yugo's fighting position *

Shin Strike = B+K * changes Yugo's fighting position *

Ankle Kick = D+K

Whirlwind Kick = U+K

Sliding Ground Kick = Dash+K

Shoulder Charge = Dash+P



* Note * * All throws, aerial moves, and dash attacks, except for 
"Forward Shoulder Slam" are same in Beast Form *


Forward Shoulder Slam = F+E

Triple Knee Smash = QCF+E

Forehead Shove = F+E     * Performed when opponent's crouching *

1-2 (over here) = F+E   * Performed when facing behind opponent *

* Beast Form *

Quick Snack = F+E


Jump Kick = K * in air *

Jump Punch = P * in air *

Drop Kick = F+K   *B+K,  to kick behind you *

Hammer Strike = F+P or B+P

* Beast Form *

Flip Kick = F+BA or B+BA * in air *  * Best if used to counter air 
attacks *


Ground Slide = Dash+K

Shoulder Ram = Dash+P

* Beast Form *

Leg Launcher = Dash+BA



* Note *  * The "Boxer's Stance" spawns new attacks and evasive moves as 
well as combos *

Foot Swipe = DDB+P

Uppercut = DDF+P

Quick One -Two = QCF+P

Silver Wolf Knuckle = QCB+P  * Block Breaker Move *

Charged Counter = QCB+K  * Must be hit when performing move *

* Boxer's Stance * = QCF+K * Rapidly tap P for 9 hit combo * 
Back Hand Punch = * In Boxer's Stance *  B+P
Duck and Roll = * In Boxer's Stance *  D+K
Downward Strike = * In Boxer's Stance *  D+P
Upward Strike = * In Boxer's Stance *  U+P
Duck n' Dodge = * In Boxer's Stance * DDF+K  * Used to get in close to 
opponent, avoiding high attacks *



Claw Swipe = BA

Vicious Swipe = F+BA

Forward Claw Lunge = U+BA or DUB+BA or DUF+BA

Rib Breaker = B+BA

Rising Claws = D+BA

Shin Claw Swipe = DDF+BA

Hind Leg Heaven = DDB+BA, BA

Wolf Retreat = D+BA  * must be facing away from opponent *  * Can be 
performed after "Hind Leg Heaven" *

Bloody Roar = QCF+BA

Back Flip = QCB+BA * Two additional moves can be performed in concession 
of the "Back Flip" *
Primal Uppercut = * While Back Flipping *  DD+BA  * in air *  * Attack 
is sensitive to timing *
Wall Launcher = * Must be close to wall to perform * * Perform "Back 
Flip", immediately touching wall press *   BA

Wolf Smash = F, F+BA


Spiral Fang = QCF, QCF+BA

King of Breaker = QCB, QCB+BA



* Note * * Most combos can be performed in Human AND Beast form *

* There are DOZENS of possible combos. These are only a few of the more 
technical ones. Also, since Yugo's a boxer, naturally most of his combos 
involve punches *  

1. Dragon Finish Blow  =  DDB+P  2x  *2 Hits*

2. Heart Break Blow = F+P  3x  *3 Hits*

3. Champion Straight Punch  =  B+P  3x  *3 Hits*

4. *Unnamed Combo* = B+P, F+P, F+P  *3 Hits*

5. Final Machine Gun Upper  =  Hold DDF while pressing  P  4x  *5 Hits*

6. One Two Body Upper  =  QCF+P, P, P or K  *4 Hits*

7. Panther Two = F, F+K, P, P

8. Rat-tat-tat-tat = In "Boxer's Stance" * see Special Moves *  tap P  
10x  *10 Hits*

* Beast Form *

1. Claw Twin Knuckle Slash  = BA, P, P, BA, BA  *5 Hits*

2. Blind Blow  =  DDF+BA, F+P  *2 Hits*

3 Blood Lust  = QCF+P, P, QCF+BA  *4 Hits*

4. * Unnamed Combo * =  B+P, BA 3x  *4 Hits*

5 Fists of Fury = QCF+P, P, QCF+K * Boxers Stance *, P  10x  *14 Hits*

6. Meteor Crash  =  QCB+BA, D+BA



1st off, I have to thank Activision and Hundsonsoft for deciding to 
develop and release this game for the Nintendo Gamecube. I also thank 
them for info used within this FAQ.

2nd, I'm giving thanks to scea.com for help with Yugo's background info, 

3rd,  CJayC for making this site possible for FAQ's like this. No, I'm 
not sucking up, just giving credit when it's due.

and last, but not least  the Blood Roar :Primal Fury  Message board 
gang. At least I know there are SOME people out there that acknowledge 
this as a great fighter