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Bloody Roar:Primal Fury

Ganesha FAQ

Copyright 2002 to Matthew Roberts

Created July 18, 2002.

Version 1.0

Table of contents:
1.)Legal stuff
4.)Pro`s, con`s

1.) Legal stuff:This FAQ is for public use. You may put it on your site, 
but it must remain free and accessible without ANY restrictions. I spent 
hours figuring out all of Ganesha`s moves, so please ask me before 
putting anything from this guide into your own.

2.) Info:Ganesha is Cronos`s bodygaurd. He is a tall, overweight man who 
is probably from India. He transforms into a HUGE elephant. His first 
outfit is a piece of armor over his stomach, two pieces of armor over 
his shoulders, more armor protecting his hips, wrist guards, baggy pants 
that are striped like a rainbow, what looks like a loincloth, and orange 
foot wraps. His second outfit has the same armor over his chest, but he 
doesn`t have any more armor on. He has gauntlets on his hands, and black 
foot wraps. He wears gold rings around his biceps and a gold belt. He 
has baggy pants that are white with red and gold designs going down the 
sides. The legs of his pants are wrapped in the foot wraps.

3.)WARNING:If you dislike throws, stop reading and close this FAQ. If 
you dislike slow characters, again, close this FAQ. Ganesha is the 
largest character in the game, and is the slowest in the game. He is 
very much throw-based. Also, Ganesha is NOT for beginners. He has a 
steep learning curve.

4.)Pro`s, Con`s:

*He`s strong, quite possibly the stronget in the game.
*He`s heavy, so he doesn`t get launched high.
*Has the best throw combos, in my opinion.

*He`s the slowest character in this game.
*He has the lowest jump height, especially in beast mode.
*He has no air attacks in beast mode.

Thw=The throw/block button
B=beast button
QCF=Roll the control stick from down to forward
QCB=Roll the control stick from down to back
HCF=Roll the control stick from back to down to forward
HCB=Roll the control stick from forward to down to back
360=Spin the control stick once.
Df=Down and forward together
Db=Down and back together
Duck=Hold down
Crouch=Tap down twice and hold it
Run=Tap forward twice and hold it
Backdash=Tap back twice
+=Do at the same time i.e. F+K is forward and kick at the same time.
,=Do one after the other

5.)Ah, here`s the meat of this guide. Pay attention.

P=Hand stab to the face
Duck+P=Same as standing
F+P=Palm attack. Ganesha steps forward during this.
U+P=A jumping chop. Be careful not to jump doing this.
B+P=A turning punch. Very powerful. Will send foe flying.Ganesha steps 
forward during this.
Crouch+P=Jumping shoulder. Launches.
Dash+P=A powerful running headbutt.
F,F+P=A shoulder rush

K=Knee attack
Duck+K=Typical ducking kick
F+K=A kick to the chest area.
U+K=Ganesha jumps up and stomps the ground, causing a small earthquake.
B+K=Spinning heel.
Crouch+K=Ganesha kicks out with both feet.
Dash+K=Slide, same as everyone.
F,F+K=Spinning front kick. Knocks down.

B=Ganesha rears back and slams his trunk on the enemy`s face/head.
Duck+B=Rears back and swipes opponent`s feet with trunk.
F+B=Lunging trunk strike
U+B=Shoryuken! A dragon punch with his trunk.
B+B=A super powerful turning trunk slap. Sends the enemy flying.
Crouch+B=Ganesha rolls to his right then does a trunk uppercut.
Dash+B=Pounce. I believe it is the same for all characters.
F,F+B=Trunk slap.

Throws:These are Ganesha`s pride and joy, for a good reason.
Basic throw=Ganesha grabs the enemy and flips them over his shoulder and 
lands on them. That`s the best description I can come up with ^_^
In beast mode he grabs them with his trunks and slings them around a bit 
before tossing them away. Very cool.

QCF+Thw=He grabs the enemy`s hands, pulls them down, the jumps and butt 
slams on them.
B,F+Thw=He grabs the foe`s legs and slams them behind him.

QCB+Thw=Ganesha grabs the enemy then tunks and jumps, landing on them. 
As far as I know, there is no throw combo with this.

HCF+Thw=Ahh, this is the setup for most of his throw combos. He grabs 
the enemy and powerbombs them, but holds thier legs for a bit afterward.
360+Thw=Ganesha will start spinning his foe by thier legs, the tosses 
them across the arena. Alternately, instead of worrying about the 
difficult time, spin the control stick and tap the throw button. It`ll 
work the same.


D,D+Thw=Ganesha will do a second powerbomb.
U,D,U+Thw=Ganesha will do his version of the piledriver.

Note:The timing for the combination throws is rather difficult. The key 
is to start putting in the motion right before he slams them, the press 
the throw button right when he slams them.

Okizeme attacks (As I call them)
Do these close to a downed opponent

D+P=Ganesha reaches down to punch them
D+K=Ganesha does a low kick on them
D+B=Ganesha does a trunk smash 

Special Moves:
QCF+P=Ganesha slams his fist down, leaving a blue trail.
QCB+P=Ganesha does a lunging hand stab while blocking high and mid.
QCF+K=Ganesha sweeps his far foot to the other side [no damage], then 
does a side kick.
QCB+K=Ganesha does a lunging front kick.
QCF+B=Ganesha rears back and throws his trunk out. If this connects, 
he`ll drag the opponent to him, leaving them stunned. This is 
unbelievibly useful for getting the opponent close enough for a throw. 
Oh, and if it makes you feel better, yell "GET OVER HERE" when you do 
QCB+B=Ganesha slings his trunk upward. I don`t know if it hits or not, 
because I never could get an enemy that high into the air and pull it 
off fast enough. It works as a pretty good taunt, as it looks like he`s 
throwing his trunk up and blowing it like a wild elephant.
QCB,HCF+Thw=Ganesha grabs the enemy and smack them straight up in the 
air with his belly. It does little damage, but what you can do off of 
this is pretty good. Please send me any good combos you can do off of 

Beast Drives:Hehehehehe, this is where it gets good. I gave the beast 
drive names because I have no idea what the real names are.

Beast Drive #1, the "Wrath of the Elephant God":
QCF,QCF+B=Ganesha does an uppercut with his trunk. If it connects, it 
will send the enemy into the air, then he bends backwards and bounces 
them back into the air with his belly. He then flips backward onto his 
feet. The enemy will always fall back head first, and he smacks them 
with his trunk right before they hit the ground. The will bounce 
slightly when the hit the ground, and Ganesha will hit them with his 
trunk, sending them into the wall [or out of the ring if there`s no 
wall. ^_^]

Beast Drive #2, the "Elephant God`s Descent"
QCB,QCB+B=This is the big one. I believe this may be the sigle most 
damaging beast drive in the whole game. Ganesha tries to grab the enemy. 
If he grabs them, he flips over them, puts them on his shoulders, snaps 
a few bones in thier back, then jumps WWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYY up into the air. 
When they come down, the enemy is sandwiched between the ground and 
Ganesha. The impact causes the ground to break up, sending chunks of 
earth everywhere [Okay, his first beast drive does this and his Up+K 
move does this in beast form, but it just looks more painful and more 
rocks come up in this one].

6.)Strategy: With Ganesha, you shouldn`t really stay on an extreme 
offensive. Use his throw combos whenever you can. One important thing to 
remember is to know how much time you have before an opponent attacks. 
Don`t try a HCF+Thw move if the enemy`s fist is already drawn back. On 
the other hand, don`t go for just a basic throw when the enemy is 

     Use his special moves wisely. If the enemy if charging up for a big 
blast, time a QCB+P move so that you`ll block it before they hit you. 
Both his QCF and QCB+K moves are offensive, and so are his QCF+P and his 
QCF+B. Just know what to do and when.

     I can`t stress this enough. USE HIS QCF+B MOVE!!! A LOT!!! Ganesha 
is extremely slow in beast mode, so it`s hard for him to get in for a 
throw combo. That is what this move is for. But don`t EVER use this 
without usig a throw. It only does one pixel of damage, and if you don`t 
throw, the opponent WILL combo you. That isn`t a good thing, kiddies.

   His beast drives are very damaging, especially the "Elephant God`s 
Descent". But you need to know which one to use in which situation. Most 
often, you won`t be able to do the EGD [abbreiviated] due to it`s short 
range. But don`t pass up an opportunity to use it.

7.)Misc.= Ever wonder where the name Ganesha came from? It is the name 
of the elephant god from the Hindu religion.

To unlock Ganesha, beat the game once with any character. Simple. When 
you unlock him, you also get the Movie player and his stage, the Indian 
Palace. I just want to say that I LOVE that stage! The background music 
is so cool! It`s the best track in the game!

Ganesha`s poses/quotes=Beginning of match=He slaps his face twice and 
gets into stance.
End of round one in Human form=He stands up straight and slaps his 
End of round one in Beast form=He stomps the ground like a sumo wresler.
End of round two in Human form=He claps his hand together twice while 
saying "You`re just wearing yourself out" then he puts his fists on his 
hips like on the selection screen.
End of round two in Beast form=He rolls forward on to one knee, then 
makes that loud trumpeting sound while beating his chest.

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Thank you for reading this FAQ.