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                B L O O D Y   R O A R   P R I M A L   F U R Y 
                     Bloody Roar: Primal Fury Move List
                               Final Version
                        For the US Nintendo Gamecube
                               By: "A" Tadeo
                        Submitted: September 3, 2002
                           Date last Updated: n/a
                    Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                      Home Page: http://surf.to/aaronph


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Hi again everybody! ^_^ Well, Iíve said on the boards that Iíll be leaving 
for a while due to my studies. But Iím able to kick this in between my 
schedule. This shall be a move list of all the characters in the game only. I 
may or may not develop this one to become a FAQ. 

About the game, this is much like the bloody roar series for the Playstation. 
You fight and change into a beast to increase your fighting ability. All in 
all, this is your average fighting game. ^_^ Nevertheless, you will enjoy the 
game. It has great sounds and graphics, courtesy of Nintendoís next 
generation console. Thank you once again and enjoy playing the game! ^_^


                        i.      E-Mail Policy  
                        ii.     Introduction
                        I.      Progress/Updates/Revisions
                        II.     Move List
                        III.    Credits

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This shall be strictly a Move List for the game. This is already complete. 
But then, in the near future, I may or may not develop it to become a full 
FAQ for the game including tidbits of information about the characters. Thank 
you. ^_^

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                           CHARACTER MOVE LIST

Here is the list of the various moves and various combos for each of the 16 
characters in the game. Note, if you see a Ď+í sign, it means that you have 
to press the buttons at the same time. Also, Iíve included those that Iíve 
discovered for each character.

d  = down            db = Down+Back
u  = up/jump         df = Down+Forward
b  = back            ub = Up+Back
f  = forward         uf = Up+Forward
P  = Punch           BD = Beast Drive
K  = Kick            DK = While Ducking
B  = Beast Attack    A  = in the air
T  = Throw Button    BT = Back Turned

One Two Body Upper                   | d,df,f+P,f+P,f+P
Silver Wolf Knuckle                  | d,db,b+P
Counterblow                          | d,df,f+P,b+P
Clinch                               | d,df,f+P,K
Heart Break Blow                     | f+P,f+P,f+P
Champion Straight Punch              | b+P,b+P,b+P
Dragon Finish Blow                   | db+P,db+P
Final Machine Gun Upper              | df+P,df+P,df+P,df+P
Low & Step In                        | d+K,df+K
High Speed Combination               | P,P,P,P
Blind Blow                           | df+B,f+P
Panther Two                          | f,f+K,P,P
Claw Twin Knuckle Slash              | B,P,P,B
Flicker Lightning                    | d,df,f+K,P,P,P,P,f+K
Spiral Kick                          | K,d+K
Leg Slash                            | P,P,db+P
Bloody Roar                          | d,df,f+B
Spiral Fang (BD)                     | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
King of Breaker (BD)                 | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
3-Hit Combo                          | P,P,K
3-Hit Combo                          | P,K,K
Power Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,b+P
One Two Punch                        | d,df,f+P
PK Combo                             | P,P,P,K

Blitz River Throw                    | P,K,P,d+K
Sway Kick Combination                | b+P,K
Through Punch Upper                  | f+P,f+P
Rabbit Step                          | df+P,P,P,d+K
Low Rabbit Knee Rush                 | d+B,d+B,B,B,B
Leg Beat Combination                 | df+K,K,K
Somersault                           | d,u+K
Triple Somersault                    | d,db,b+K,b+K,b+B
Rabbit Spiral                        | d,df,f+P
Spring Slap                          | d,db,b+P
Rabbit Slide                         | d,df,f+K
Somersault Kick                      | d,db,b+K
Triple Somersault Kick               | d,db,b+K,K,b+B
Squat Combination                    | d+P,d+K,d+K
Rabbit Flip Chain                    | df+K,K,b+K
Rabbit Blast                         | df+K,K,db+B
Rabbit Step Hammer                   | df+P,P,P,u+B
Low Rabbit Slider Rush               | d+B,d+B,d+K,d+P
Bunny Love (BD)                      | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Lifting Star Lane (BD)               | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Punch Combo 1                        | P,P,P
Punch Combo 2                        | P,P,P,d+P
Punch Combo 3                        | f+P,P,d,df,f+P
Punch Combo 4                        | P,P,P,f+P
PK Combo                             | f+P,P,d+K
Kick Combo 1                         | K,K,f+K
Kick Combo 2                         | K,K,d+K
Double Flip                          | f+K,b+K
Low PK combo                         | db+P,K

Consecutive Strike                   | P,P,P
Cross Attack                         | B,B,B
Rotation Back Gate Elbow             | P,K,d+K,f,f+P
Hawk Shoulder Plant                  | df+P,P
Consecutive Attack                   | b,f+K,f+B,d+P
Course to Heaven (BD)                | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Ferocious Tiger Laceration (BD)      | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Charge Punch                         | d,df,f+P
Fatal Elbow                          | d,db,b+P
Double Upper                         | d,df,f+K
Stomp                                | d,db,b+K

M-V1 Stinger                         | P,P,P,K
M-V1 Nupperm                         | P,P,d+K
M-V1 Nupperm Fake                    | P,P,d+P
Hunting Arrow                        | f+P,K
Assault Kick Mine                    | f+K,K,K,d+K
Triple Low Scratch                   | B,B,d+B
Pile Bunker                          | b,f+K
Lightning Slash                      | df+P,f+B,B,b+B
Hunting Double                       | f+P,P,P
G-III Combination                    | K,K,K
Assault Kick Bomb                    | f+K,f+K,K
Angry Crow Judgement                 | B,B,B
Somersault Scratch                   | u+B
Fake Mine                            | f,b+K
Trident Shoot                        | d,db,b+K
Scramble Snatch                      | d,df,f+K
G-III General Attack Combination     | K,K,f+K,K,K,P,P,P,K
Flying Drop                          | d,df,f+K,d,u+K,b,f+B
Mad Trap (BD)                        | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Cross Blade Zapper (BD)              | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Uppercut                             | d,df,f+P
Thrust                               | d,db,b+P
PK Combo                             | P,P,K
Kick Combo 1                         | f+K,K,K
Kick Combo 2                         | K,K,d+K

Hand Knife Combination               | d+P,K
Body Slasher                         | f,f+P
Shell Slasher                        | P,K,P,P
Lightning Mine                       | b,f+P
Bio Shock                            | f,b+P
Shell Rush Guillotine                | P,P,P,K
Thrust Blow                          | f+K,K,b+P
Solid Cutter Combo                   | K,P,P
Thrust Knee Smash                    | f+K,K
Thrust Knee Crash                    | f+K,d+K
Chaos Beetle Rush                    | B,B,d+B,d+B
Violence Beetle Rush                 | B,B,d+B,df+B,u+B
Grasshopper Leg                      | d,db,b+K
Spider Drop                          | d,df,f+P
Antler Bomb                          | d,db,b+P
Hornet Grab                          | d,df,f+K
Combination Antler Bomb              | f+K,d+K,d,db,b+P
Thrust Bug Throw                     | f,d+B
VTOL Basher (BD)                     | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Boosting Burst (BD)                  | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Grab                                 | f+P
Power Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,P

Snake Elbow                          | P,P,P
Cross Blow Attack                    | B,B,f+B
Low Rolling Sobat                    | P,K,d+K
Double Cross Crow                    | u+P
Ring Cross Attack                    | B,B,B
Enemy Grasp Sun & Moon               | d,db,b+B,B,B,B,d+B
Snake Attack                         | d,df,f+P
Rolling Sobat Combination            | d,db,b+B
Stride Kick                          | d,df,f+K
Shadowless Kick                      | d,db,b+K
Tiger Darkness Attack (BD)           | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Ferocious Tiger Laceration (BD)      | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Back Kick                            | (BT)K,K,K

C-A-I-N                              | P,P,P,P
A-B-E-L                              | P,P,d+P,P
Lunatic Attack                       | P,P,K
Crimson Lunatic                      | P,P,P,K,K,K,K
Paradise Lost                        | f+P,P,B
Moebius                              | df+P,P
Spiral Babel                         | f,f+K,K,K,K,K
Velvet Chain                         | K,K,K
Tyrant                               | B,B,B
Darkness Baron                       | f+B,B,B,B,u+K
Crusader                             | b+P,P
Executionerís Virtue                 | B,K,B
Chain Breaker                        | K,K,B
Guilty Chain                         | K,K,d+K,K,K,K,K
Mystic Slicer                        | f+K,K,K
Mystic Rink                          | f+K,P,K
Striker                              | d+B,B
Song to Naught                       | (DK)B,B
Outbreak (BD)                        | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Ascension to Heaven (BD)             | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Uppercut                             | d,df,f+P
Backhand                             | d,db,b+P
Power Kick                           | d,df,f+K
Helicopter Kick                      | d,db,b+K
Jump Attack                          | uf+P
Jump Attack Combo                    | uf+P,P

Busuzima Kick                        | f+P,K
Back Attack                          | df+P,df+P,b+P
Chopping                             | K,d+K,P,P
All Open Transparent Kick            | P,P,P,K,d+K
All Open Upper Punch                 | P,P,P,B
Busuzima Head Butt                   | b,f+B
Grand Elastic Punch                  | b+B,b+B,b+B,b+B
Heaven elastic Upper Punch           | u+B,u+B,u+B,u+B
Busuzima Punch Combination           | f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P
Busuzima Kick Combination            | f+P,f+P,f+P,f+P,K
Hooligan Fake Kick Combination       | f+K,f+K,f+P
Tongue Slash                         | f,b+B
Super Tongue Slash                   | f,b+B,d,df,f+B
Busuzima (Poison Island) Serious     | d,df,f+K
Serious Punch                        | d,df,f+K,P,P,P
Serious Kick                         | d,df,f+K,K,K
Dokujima Exercise                    | d,db,b+K,K,K,K,K,K
All Open Hell Attack                 | P,K,P,P,P,K,b+K
Ultimate Die Through (BD)            | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Busuzimaís Mandala (BD)              | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Ultra Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,P,f+P,P,P
Pound Attack                         | d,df,f+P
Upper                                | d,db,b+P

Passionate Heal Rush                 | f+K,K,K,K,K
Enamel Bade                          | df+K,K,K,K
Complete Disorder                    | B,B,B,B,B
Nightmare Walking                    | f+B,B,B
Twisted Explosion                    | d,df,f+P,K,K,K,K,K,K,K
Drill Talon                          | d,db,b+B,B,P or K
Air Blast                            | (A)B,B,B
Spiral Talon                         | (A)f+B,B,B
Step Slap                            | P,P
Back High-Heeled Kick                | f+K,K,K,b+K
Sly Kick                             | d+K,K
Gross Edge                           | (DK)K,K
Wind Slider                          | B,B,B,d+B
Twist Heal Change                    | d,df,f+P,K,K,d+K
Bat Wing Blade                       | d,df,f+B
Enamel Wall Wind                     | df+K,K,d+K,K
Slap & Nightmare                     | P,P,f+K,K,K,f+B,B,B
Slap & Disorder                      | P,P,B,B,B,B,B
Sky High Temper (BD)                 | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Crimson Glider (BD)                  | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Punch Combo                          | db+P,P

Spiral Shadow Blade                  | P,P,P,P,f+P
Flowing Shadow Circular Kick         | df+P,K
Gale Crescent Moon Drop              | f,f+K,K,K
Poisonous Claw Machine Gun           | f+B,B,B,B,B
Flying Line Drop                     | f,b+P
Triple Spiral Kick                   | P,P,d+K
Shadow Bound                         | (DK)P
Dragon Sword                         | (DK)B
Sword Drop Blade Kick                | P,P,K,K
Fang Drop Hammer Moon Shadow         | P,K,K,f+K,b+K,u+P
Lightning                            | (DK)K,K
Poisonous Claw Slash                 | B,B,B
Snow Light Line Drop                 | d,df,f+P
Smoke Bomb                           | d,df,f+K
Smoke Spiral Kick                    | d,db,b+K
Rising Scrape Up                     | d,db,b+B
Poisonous Claw Spiral Shadow Blade   | P,P,P,P,B,B,B
Dancing Lunge                        | f+B,B,B,B,df+P,d,df,f+B
Double Inferno (BD)                  | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Magic Spear (BD)                     | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Low Kick Combo                       | df+K,K,K
Charge Punch                         | d,db,b+P
Low Punch Combo                      | df+P,P

Thunder Dance                        | P,P,b+P,P
Thunderclap Peace                    | d,df,f+B,B,(when hit)B
All Around 1-2-3                     | P,K,K,u+K
Supreme Penetrating Bow Thigh        | f,f+P,K
Wings of the Phoenix                 | d,db,b+B,b+B(x6)
Double Kick Combination              | f+K,K
Thunder Blade                        | P,P,d+P
Rolling Punch                        | f,f+P,P
Dance of the Cat                     | B,B,B
Rubbing Nail Peace                   | d,df,f+B,K
Surprise Cat Pounce (BD)             | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Dance of the Phoenix (BD)            | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
Kick Combo 1                         | K,K,K
Kick Combo 2                         | K,K,u+K
Kick Combo 3                         | u+K,K,K
Kick Combo 4                         | K,K,d,df,f+K
Kick Combo 5                         | K,K,d+K
Power Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,P,P
PK Combo 1                           | P,P,b+P
PK Combo 2                           | P,P,P,K
Punch Combo                          | P,P,P,b+P

Shotgun Combination Drive            | P,P,f+K
Tomahawk Basher                      | f+P,P,P
Shell Slash                          | df+P,d+K
Tropper Comb                         | K,K,K
Skyruncher Strike                    | f+K,K,K
Triple Scratch                       | B,B,B
Destroy Scratch                      | f+B,B
Absolute Fire                        | b,f+P
Shotgun Combination Fire             | P,P,f+P
Spinning Strike                      | b+P,P
Talk to the Fist                     | d,u+P
High Command Edge Combination        | K,K,f+K,K,K
Heat Capture Middle Kick             | d,df,f+P (when hit)K
Heat Capture Low Kick                | d,df,f+P (when hit)d+K
Bloody Ridge                         | u+B,d,df,f+B
Heat Blaster Double Claw             | K,b+P,P,B,B
Heat Blast Skyruncher Strike         | K,b+P,P,B,f+K,K,K
Pressure of Tyrant                   | d,db,b+K,b,f+P,d,df,f+P,d,db,b+P
G-Bomber (BD)                        | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
G-Cannon (BD)                        | d,db,b,d,db,b+B
More Moves:                          |
2 Kick Combo                         | d,df,f+K
Thrust Attack                        | d,db,b+P

Hyper Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,P,f+P
PK Combo                             | P,P,K,K
Kick Combo                           | K,K,K
PK Combo 2                           | P,K,K,K
Sweep                                | d,db,b+P
Uppercut                             | d,df,f+P
Teleport                             | d,df,f+K
Teleport Kick                        | d,db,b+K
PK Combo 3                           | P,P,d+K
Mirage Attack (BD)                   | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Missile Launcher (BD)                | d,db,b,d,db,b+B

Pound                                | d,df,f+P
Thrust                               | d,db,b+P
Swipe Kick                           | d,df,f+K
Thrust Kick                          | d,db,b+K
Body Smash                           | d,df,f+T
Body Blaster                         | d,db,b+T
Power Slam                           | b,db,d,df,f+T
Spin Throw Combo                     | b,db,d,df,f+T,(Clockwise,T x3)
Back Throw Combo                     | d,df,f+T,(Clockwise,T x3)
Power Slam Combo                     | b,db,d,df,f+T,f,df,d,db,b+T
Elephant Buster (BD)                 | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Back Breaker Piledriver (BD)         | d,db,b,d,db,b+B

Kick Combo                           | K,K,K
Kick Combo 2                         | f+K,K
Punch Combo                          | P,P,P
PK Combo                             | P,P,K,K
Lightning Punch                      | d,df,f+P
Side Flip                            | d,db,b+P
Roundhouse Kick                      | d,df,f+K
Double Thrust Kick                   | d,db,b+K
Wall Crusher (BD)                    | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Stomach Blaster (BD)                 | d,db,b,d,db,b+B

Hyper Punch Combo                    | P,P,P,P
PK Combo                             | P,P,K
Hyper PK Combo                       | P,P,P,K,K,K
Hyper Kick Combo                     | K(x6)
Kick Combo                           | K,K,f+K
Lightning Flash                      | d,df,f+K
Teleport                             | d,db,b+K
Body Attack                          | d,df,f+P
Force Upper                          | d,db,b+P
PK Combo 2                           | f+P,P,K
Kick Teleport                        | db+P,P
HiLo Kick                            | K,K,d+K
Punch Combo                          | f+P,P,f+P
Ultra Punch Combo Special            | f+P,P,f+P,(in the air d+K,f+K)
Low Kick Combination                 | db+K,K
Aerial Buster (BD)                   | d,df,f,d,df,f+B
Ground Plow (BD)                     | d,db,b,d,db,b+B


- Special thanks to Nintendo for such a great console. ^_^

- Very Special Thanks to my sister (leonlai_ails@edsamail.com.ph) for helping 
me type the move list. ^_^

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
view and download this Move List. CjayC deserves all the credits given to 
him. Congratulations!

These are all that I would like to thank as of now. If I happen to forget 
anyone, please inform me. Iíll check it out on my inbox if you really have 
something to be credited (I never delete important ones). Note, that if there 
are same info sent to me, it is on a first come first serve basis. Any 
suggestions, comments, additions, etc. will be duly credited to you once 
youíve submitted one to me through my e-mail address written at the very top 
of this Move List.  Thank you very much!

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                                 "A"  Tadeo