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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Joe the Destroyer

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    For play on Nintendo GameCube
    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
    Last Updated: 11/5/10
    Version: 1.36
    Phase: Technically Complete
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    -1:50 PM Update
    Saw that there we no FAQs for this game last night and decided to begin writing
    -5:30 PM Update
    Section 1B complete.  I may add more, though, as I see fit.
    -1:10 PM Update
    Added ASCII art.  Section 4A complete.  Section 1A complete.  Added some info
    on Violet.
    -4:30 PM Update
    Started work on Section 5.  Also added some questions to the FAQ Section.
    -6:10 PM Update
    Integrated Sections 1B and 1C.  Added some info on Sinder, Fowl Mouth, and
    Whack Angus.  Got a start on Section 3, but since my file doesn't have all
    weapons unlocked yet, it won't be complete for a while.  I think that's a wrap
    for today.  I should be adding more in the future, possibly even later tonight
    if I get bored enough with my gaming.
    -7:52 PM Update
    I'm going to change a lot of the info I have on weapons.  I've decided that two
    categories isn't enough.  Did a little work to the game mode section, too.  Not
    a major update, but surprising that there even is one considering I have
    homework to do.
    -11:54 PM Update
    Meager update before I go to bed.  Added info for Flemming and Dominique Trix.
    I'll probably play as B.T. Bruno soon so I can add some stuff on him.
    -4:15 PM Update
    Very small update.  I'm mainly going to be spending today updating my Robotrek
    FAQ.  Changed the Freeze ray data a bit.  Also added a new question to the FAQ.
    Look for a bigger update on this maybe next week when I don't have school
    (Monday, Tuesday; My last final is on Thursday).
    -12:20 AM Update
    Many apologies.  It's been a while since I've updated this guide.  No, I don't
    plan to completely abandon this guide.  You'd think that now that I'm on Summer
    break, I would have plenty of time to update this.  Meh, my damned social life
    has gotten in the way of many updates outside of the Monster Rancher 3 guide.
    Either way, look for this guide and my Robotrek guide to be complete sometime
    this Summer.  Added a bit more to Section 5A.  This is probably going to be the
    section that will be getting the most attention over the next few updates.
    -1:21 PM Update
    Added Count Earl, T. Wrecks, B.T. Bruno, and Brian the Brain to the character
    section.  Also added their weapons to the weaponry section.
    -6:15 PM Update
    Just a meager update before I eat.
    -12:00 AM Update
    Good news!  My computer finally has been fixed!  That means I now can continue
    this project.  Adding a little info given through e-mail.  Added more info on a
    couple more levels.  Completed the info for Count's Castle.  There may not be
    too many more updates this week.  I am heading to Canada and Seattle come this
    Saturday.  I'm thinking of actually loading this up onto a disc (along with the
    zip file) and just doing it while I'm at my bro's house.
    -11:04 PM Update
    Added some more stuff that was sent via e-mail.  Completed the tip section on
    Smack Attack.  Moving on to Gate Relay.
    -11:55 AM Update
    Thanks to a wonderful stomach virus, I have been kept indoors for most of the
    last two days.  My diet has consisted of bananas, chicken broth, water, sports
    drinks, and crackers.  Oh well, I'm well enough to update the FAQ anyway.
    -9:50 AM Update
    Ironically enough, I said that Summer would be a good time to finish this FAQ,
    although all Summer did was take more time out of my available life and force
    me to have to wait until I have my freetime during school to update.  I'm still
    not finished with the two FAQs I'm working on, and quite frankly, I'm not
    working on any new ones until these two are in technically complete phase.
    Tips up for the first three races in Gate Relay (that would be all of the
    canyon levels).  Look for another update, hopefully soon.
    -4:05 PM Update
    Adding more to the FAQ.  Oh happy day!  Completed the Gate Relay section of the
    -4:50 PM Update
    Hoping to finish this off tonight or within the next few days.  I'm pretty
    close to done.  Added a bit to the Flag Relay section of the tips.  After
    that's done, there's really only a few more things left to do and this should
    be complete.  Ahh... It'll feel nice to finally have this damn thing done.
    -5:16 PM Update
    Took a short break for dinner.  This FAQ is finally complete.  Thank you all
    who contributed.  If anyone else has more, please send it.  Even though this
    FAQ is technically complete, I still do accept more info for it.
    11/12/02- FAQ-wide update...
    6/12/03- Just added another site to the permissible use list.
    8/27/03- Another FAQ-wide update.  Details above...
    -4:06 PM Update
    Updating many of my FAQs, mainly trying to update errors.  Sections 1-3 have
    been updated.
    -12:15 PM Update
    Short update before I go to work. Section 4A proofread and updated.  Will
    probably do more later.  Don't know, still working on my novel.
    -10:54 PM Update
    Sections 4, 6, and 7 completely updated.  Made some decent changes to Section
    5, in particuarly section 5A1 is completely up to date and 5A2 has some small
    updates to it.
    -10:55 AM Update
    FAQ updating process done.
    Reference credit goes to:
    Instruction manual for a bit of the plot outline and driving stats.
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Introduction
    1A: Cel Damage: Every Night @ 8
    1B: Just Another Twisted Metal Clone? (Game Basics)
    Section 2: Characters [CDS2]
    2A: Readily Selectible Characters
    2B: Unlockable Characters
    Section 3: Weapons [CDS3]
    3A: Regular Weapons
    3B: Special Weapons
    Section 4: Game Modes [CDS4]
    4A: Smack Attack
    4B: Gate Relay
    4C: Flag Rally
    Section 5: Tips
    5A: Level Tips (as per mode type)
     1: Smack Attack
     2: Gate Relay
     3: Flag Rally
    5B: Individual Character Tips and Ratings
    Section 6: FAQ [CDS6]
    Section 7: Legal Bit
    Section 8: Thank You and Goodbye
    If you spliced Who Framed Roger Rabit? or Cool World with Twisted Metal, this
    is what you would get: a game full of twisted toon violence and mayhem and
    loaded with Cartoon Network style humor.  The Toon Town we visit in this game
    is not much different from our own.  Society has its blue collar and white
    collar individuals, and then it has its entertainers, which are the contestants
    on Cel Damage.  They vie every night for domination of the TV world by horrible
    blowing each other up, slicing each other to bits, or pushing each other off
    cliffs.  Such is Cel Damage.
    For those of you who haven't seen or played Cel Damage and are interested in
    knowing just what it's all about...
    I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is any "Twisted Metal Clone."  We've
    seen many in the past (Rogue Trip, Vigilante 8, Star Wars Demolition).
    Although this game does carry in the tradition, it is not a fully clone.
    Rather, think of this as being a cross between Twisted Metal and Unreal
    Tournament where you have the TM style of driving and destroying things, but
    you have Unreal Tournament's different types of modes and winning conditions.
    Add in the element of cel-shading which gives the game a more cartoony look
    (hence the name "Cel Damage") and voila.  You have the gist of the game pretty
    much down.
    This game does differ on some levels from Twisted Metal.  First, there aren't
    as many characters to immediately select from.  Second, the weapon system is
    much different.  In Twisted Metal, you start with some weapons and can pick up
    more as time advances.  As you pick them up, they accumulate and you can switch
    amongst which weapon you wish to use at a given time.  In Cel Damage, you only
    start with one basic weapon which differs from character to character, but
    pretty much has the same effect.  This cannot, as far as I know, destroy any of
    your opponents with the rocks, but you can build up your Smack (see the section
    on game modes to get a better explanation on "building Smack") slowly with
    this.  When you pick up a weapon, that is the only weapon you can use until it
    runs out or until you grab another weapon.  Once you grab another weapon,
    though, you lose the one you previously had.  So, if you grab an axe, then grab
    a cluster bomb, you will lose the axe even after the cluster bomb is totally
    consumed.  Another difference this game has from Twisted Metal is quite a
    simple one.  The core idea to Twisted Metal is to destroy everyone else on the
    screen.  There isn't a mode in this game in which you really have to destroy
    everyone else.  The closest it comes is Smack Attack, which you build up points
    by damaging the other cars.
    Obviously, this is a driving game.  The environment presented is a 3D
    cel-shaded one with many stimuli that give it an authentic cartoon feel.  Each
    level has different stimuli you can mess with and activate by running over
    certain bullseye signs.  There are even stimuli that don't need to be
    activated, but are very much deadly such as lava, deep water, or even
    man-eating plants.
    To accelerate your car, you push to the R Trigger.  Deceleration and reverse
    are the L Trigger.  You steer your car with the analog control.  Two buttons
    you may be using a lot are A and B.  A fires your ready weapon, which could
    either be your primary weapon or the weapon you just picked up.  B always fires
    your primary weapon, and it also allows you to jump where applied (e.g. when
    you're on the vines in a certain level).  B probably won't be used as much as
    A.  X and Y are fairly useless buttons, but are there more for the hell of it.
    X blasts your vehicle's horn, while Y executes a taunt.  Finally, you have the
    Z button, which toggles between your screen's radar and the leaderboard.
    Button Breakdown:
    Analog Stick: Steers vehicle (using left and right directions)
    D-Pad Up: Accelerate
    D-Pad Down: Brake, Reverse
    D-Pad Left, Right: Steers vehicle
    A Button: Primary Attack/Use Weapon
    B Button: Primary Attack, Jump where applied
    X Button: Horn
    Y Button: Taunt
    Z Button: Toggle between radar and match's leader
    C Stick: Not used in game
    R Trigger: Accelerate
    L Trigger: Brake, Reverse
    NOTE: Some of the stats were taken from the instruction booklet.
    Character Name: Violet
    Vehicle: APC
    Primary Weapon: Skull Balls
    Special Weapon: Mortar
    Top Speed: Medium
    Acceleration: High
    Turning: Fair
    Deceleration: Fair
    Traction: Fair
    Weight: Very heavy
    Violet is a cynical and rather violent demon-anime chick, and is a decent
    character to play as.  She's almost perfectly rounded.  Her only downside
    happens to be the fact that her vehicle is very heavy and can be hard to
    control at times.
    Character Name: Sinder
    Vehicle: ATV
    Primary Weapon: Flame Balls
    Special Weapon: Woodchipper
    Top Speed: Medium
    Acceleration: Medium
    Turning: Good
    Deceleration: Poor
    Traction: High
    Weight: Heavy
    Sinder was once a demon that worked for Satan.  Unfortunately for him, he was
    released from his duties in Hell due to the fact that he is just too
    rambunctious.  He walked off that very day and found himself in just the right
    place at the right time.  He "applied" for the show (watch the intro movie and
    you'll see what I mean) and was instantly hired.  Sinder is, in my opinion, one
    of the best characters for Smack Attack.  While he's not incredibly fast, he is
    very easy to handle.
    Character Name: Fowl Mouth
    Vehcile: Studebaker
    Primary Weapon: Bricks
    Special Weapon: Tommy Gun
    Top Speed: Slow
    Acceleration: High
    Turning: Good
    Deceleration: Fair
    Traction: Fair
    Weight: Light
    Fowl Mouth is a callous, ass-kickin' duck with a film noir edge.  He was born
    in the black and white era and his colors reflect as such.  This mean gangster
    duck may not have a fast vehicle, but he handles very good considering that his
    frame is light and the steering is great.  He's good for Smack Attacks,
    Character Name: Dominique Trix
    Vehicle: Caddy
    Primary Weapon: Spiked Balls
    Special Weapon: Dynamite Crossbow
    Top Speed: Fast
    Acceleration: Medium
    Turning: Fair
    Decelation: Good
    Traction: Poor
    Weight: Light
    Dominique Trix is a dominant little girlie into S&M and subjegating the
    opposite sex.  She favors very much pain and torment and has entered into Cel
    Damage as a means to torture and and punish others.  Since her vehicle is fast
    and light with fair turning, it's fairly good for Gate Relays.  However, she
    has very bad traction.
    Character Name: Flemming
    Vehicle: Hovercraft
    Primary Weapon: Shuriken
    Special Weapon: Laser
    Top Speed: Fast
    Acceleration: High
    Turning: Good
    Deceleration: Poor
    Traction: Poor
    Weight: Medium
    Flemming is a typical nerdy character who got on Cel Damage through his
    elaborate vehicle and weapon designs.  Could it be this, or the girls (as his
    intro movie suggests) that got him to join up Cel Damage?  If you look at one
    side of his stats, you see that he's got high acceleration, a fast top speed,
    and good turning.  However, he has very poor deceleration, poor traction and
    weighs a bit.  Because of this he can get up fast, but can't slow down quick
    enough.  He's an effective killer and can go very fast, but when you need to
    turn around in Gate Relays, he can be a very frustrating character to use due
    to his lacking maneuverability.
    Character Name: B.T. Bruno
    Vehicle: Bulldozer
    Primary Weapon: Hammers
    Special Weapon: Sledgehammer
    Top Speed: Slow
    Acceleration: Low
    Turning: Good
    Deceleration: Excellent
    Traction: High
    Weight: Super Heavy
    B.T. Bruno is one of my least favorite characters.  His vehicle is incredibly
    slow.  B.T. is a construction worker who loves to destroy things.  According to
    the book, he also has an eating disorder and an Elvis fetish.  One thing I can
    say positive about Bruno is that his special weapon, the Sledgehammer, is
    decent.  It can rack up large amounts of points, especially when you're near
    large groups of people.
    NOTE: Stats were not taken from the book and were assessed by me.
    Character Name: Whack Angus
    Vehicle: Dragster
    Primary Weapon: Dung Balls
    Special Weapon: Clevers
    Top Speed: Fast
    Acceleration: Medium
    Turning: Fair
    Deceleration: Fair
    Traction: Poor
    Weight: Light
    Whack Angus is a pissed off bull.  Much of his bretheren have been taken to the
    slaughter house.  Because of this, Angus very much supports the vegan movement
    and fights with much ire.  He can be unlocked by winning all 9 of the desert
    levels (3 for each mode of gameplay).
    Character Name: Count Earl
    Vehicle: Looks like Batmobile
    Primary Weapon: Batarangs
    Special Weapon: Seeking Missile
    Top Speed: Fast
    Acceleration: High
    Turning: Fair
    Deceleration: Poor
    Traction: Fair
    Weight: Medium
    I'm not sure what the full story is with Count Earl.  All that seems to be is
    that he's a vampire entered into Cel Damage.  I'm sure that if I unlock his
    intro movie, I could find out a bit more about him.  Any info on Earl would be
    appreciated.  Count Earl is unlocked when you complete all 9 Transylvania
    levels (3 for each mode of gameplay).  Earl is pretty fast and can be used
    quite aggressively.  I've been able to lead with almost 200 points using Earl
    mainly because I got so cheap with the Seeking Missile.
    Character Name: Brian the Brain
    Vehicle: High-Tech Tank
    Primary Weapon: Moon Rocks
    Special Weapon: Nuclear Mine
    Top Speed: Medium
    Acceleration: High
    Turing: Good
    Deceleration: Good
    Traction: Below Average
    Weight: Heavy
    Again, not sure of Brian's full story either.  He's a brain in a tank that
    seems to want to take over the world (just throwing possibilities out the
    window).  You can unlock Brian by beating all the space levels.  Brian isn't a
    bad character at all.  However, he's not the best either.  One thing positive
    that can be said is that the Nuclear Mine is very helpful.  He's also one of
    the best for building up Smack.
    Character Name: T. Wrecks
    Vehicle: Monster Truck
    Primary Weapon: Bones
    Special Weapon: Shrink Ray
    Top Speed: Medium
    Acceleration: Medium
    Turning: Poor
    Deceleration: Fair
    Traction: Good
    Weight: Heavy
    T. Wrecks is a movie star dinosaur with rather douchy tendencies.  Could it be
    that he's seeking fame and fortune by being on Cel Damage?  Could be, could be.
    Yeah, you guessed it.  Not sure about his story, either.  You can unlock T.
    Wrecks by completing all the jungle levels.  Personally, I don't like using T.
    Wrecks all that much.  He seems to be a decent character for Smack Attack.  I
    think my main beef with him is that I hate his one-liners.  Yes, I know.  It's
    dumb reasoning, but they bother the living hell out of me.
    /  SECTION 3: WEAPONS  \
    NOTE: Each weapon is rated out of five stars.  Weapons are also listed in no
    particular order.  I should also say that these ratings are based solely on my
    opinion of each weapon AND MAY DIFFER FROM YOURS.  I'm saying that so I don't
    get any e-mails saying, "D00d, u suxorz!!!11 Hwo can u giv teh ax a 5 an than
    giv protibol whole a too?"
    My rating system:
    1- Next to worthless
    2- Just crappy
    3- Fairly good, but has its bugs
    4- Good weapon
    5- Excellent weapon
    Weapons are a fundamental part of this game.  Using them greatly increases your
    chances of winning a battle.  It is also beneficial to master each weapon you
    unlock.  Learn where the best places are to use the weapon.  You can unlock
    weapons for use on other levels by completing levels.  Should you complete a
    level that has a weapon you have not yet unlocked, that will unlock the weapon,
    in other words.
    3A: Regular Weapons
    Regular weapons are those that can be picked up by any character.  These you'll
    see in the form of different signs and such around the arena.  Grabbing one
    will immediately equip it and allow you to use it either until it runs out or
    you grab another weapon.  Bear in mind that you can use your primary weapon
    when you have any other weapon equipped.  This may help your weapon to last,
    but it seems that primary weapons can be so weak that it really doesn't seem to
    matter much anyway.
    Rating: *****
    Use: Instant kill
    This is probably my favorite non-special weapon.  You swing it and it instantly
    chops an opponent into pieces.  It can take out more than one character at a
    time easily.  It's best used almost any time, but especially in situations
    where everyone is grouped togehter or you are being persued.  I find this
    weapon most beneficial in Smack Attack.
    Cluster Bomb
    Rating: ****
    Use: Leave as a level hazard
    The cluster bomb is a good weapon to set in places that get a lot of traffic.
    This drops out time bombs that explode after the time expires or when someone
    runs over one.  These can easily take out multiple characters in just one use.
    However, you only get one use per pick-up.  I find this weapon most beneficial
    in Gate Relay mode.
    Portable Hole
    Rating: **
    Use: Leave as a lever hazard
    I'm actually not too fond of this weapon.  You throw a small, black hole and
    any driver that drives over it is sucked in.  While this may sound like an
    ideal weapon, it has its quirks.  You pretty much have to set this up in an
    almost perfect position such as hallways or in front of passage ways.  It's
    pretty unreliable and I usually don't aim to grab this weapon unless I have to.
    Effective in Gate Relays, however.
    Broadside Cannon
    Rating: **
    Use: Instant kill, if positioned right
    While I do give this one a low rating, it's still not incredibly bad.  This
    weapon is mainly only good when you can get opponents on either side of you.
    This sets cannons up on either side of your vehicle and fires them on command.
    Sure, this can be effective in Gate Relays, but not so much in Smack Attack.
    Rating: ****
    Use: Instant kill
    Almost as good as the axe.  This is almost the same thing, actually, except
    this one sweeps across rather than vertically.  It, too, cuts enemies into
    bits.  Effective in Smack Attack mode.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Well-placed, long-range instant kill
    This weapon is only good once you've actually mastered it.  This fires a
    harpoon  that skewers your opponents and kills them.  This can skewer multiple
    drivers, if used right.  There are two qualms I have with this.  One is that
    your aim has to be almost perfect in order for this to be effective (or you
    have to be really close), and the other being that it takes a while for this to
    reload.  All the time that you are waiting to reload, others are racking up
    their smack or trying to destroy you.  Needless to say, the harpoon is best
    kept away from surrounding situations.  One upside to this is that it will
    fetch you 15 smack per target.  10 for a successful shot and 5 after the target
    is destroyed.  Best used in Smack Attack or Flag Rally.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Level hazard
    This is good weapon to keep your opponents on their toes.  You basically let
    one go and it'll run all around the battlefield.  Should it hit a target, said
    target will be split in half.  This weapon, however, isn't incredibly reliable
    though.  So, I say throw them almost immediately (have a bit of placement
    involved, anyway) and just let them go; Grab another weapon.  Best used in any
    Rating: **
    Use: Well-placed instant kill
    I'm not too crazy about the grenade, as you can tell.  My main problem with
    this weapon is that you pretty much have to have your opponent directly in
    front of you for it to be effective.  This, as you can probably tell, launches
    a grenade out to destroy nearby opponents.  It's best used in Smack Attack and
    can be used effectively in the fray.
    Chain Gun
    Rating: *
    Use: Seek and destroy
    This is, without a doubt, the worst weapon in the entire game.  This installs a
    chain gun on your vehicle which rapidly fires bullets.  It doesn't instantly
    kill and just hitting with it doesn't even seem to bring up Smack at all.  You
    basically have to have an enemy cornered and quite still in order for this to
    be effective.  Fowl Mouth has a much better version of this called the tommy
    Baseball Bat
    Rating: ***
    Use: Rack up smack/Knock opponent away
    This isn't the best melee weapon, but it's not bad.  This swings a bat left to
    right.  This can be effective in Smack Attack levels with pits, as it can
    launch your opponent right to the pit.  In terms of racking smack, though, this
    weapon can be a bit ineffective.  I've noticed it's also good for throwing
    opponents off course in Gate Relays.
    Freeze Ray
    Rating: ****
    Use: Slow down and destroy
    This is not my least favorite weapon, but it's down there close.  I've had
    early on complaints with this weapon, but someone called Cadaverian on GameFAQs
    pointed out how to really use it.  I do feel a bit dumb for not realizing this
    to begin with, but eh... Such is life.  Anyway, you can freeze characters with
    this weapon, then throw your primary weapon at them and cause them to shatter.
    Sounds easy, but you can be interupted if there are others around.  Effective
    in Smack Attack and Gate Relay.
    Boxing Gloves
    Rating: *****
    Use: Rack up Smack
    This is probably my favorite Smack-racker.  This installs some boxing-gloved
    hands on your vehicle which punch the crap out of anyone in your way.  This
    weapon can be cheap because it can be rapidly used.  By rapidly pushing A, you
    can crank up your Smack (crank and smack used in the same sentence and it has
    NOTHING to do with drugs, LOOK AT THAT!!!) quickly.  I find this weapon best
    used in Smack Attack, of course.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Take away weapon/flags or disturb relay placement
    This weapon is a lot like the Woodchipper, except less destructive.  This sucks
    opponents into a little vacuum on the front of your vehicle, assuming they're
    close enough.  What's good about this is that any flags the person is carrying
    will transfer over to you.  It's a decent weapon, but it's by no means a
    destructive one.  If the opponent you use it on doesn't have any special
    weapons or flags, it's almost worthless (unless you're trying to build Smack).
    Best used in Flag Rally.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Seek and destroy or getting over cliffs/drop-offs
    This will add chopper blades to your vehicle and temporarily give it flying
    capability.  You can also use high-powered guns to gun down your enemies.  This
    seems to be like a much more effective version of the chain gun.  I suggest
    using this to hunt down your targets.  Best used in Smack Attack mode.
    Rating: *
    Use: Jump ahead and effect surrounding opponents
    I hate this weapon.  This gives you a little boost by springing you into the
    air.  Landing on or around enemies causes damage, but good luck hitting
    effectively.  I find this also to be uneffective in Gate Relay and Flag Rally.
    Best left alone.
    Rocket Booster
    Rating: ***
    Use: Boosting ahead or getting rid of a huge group
    With this weapon, you can jet rocket yourself incredibly fast across the
    battlefield with the R Trigger.  You can also launch the rocket with the A
    Button and cause a huge explosion.  It's not always effective, though.  Best
    used in almost any mode, actually.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Long-range instant kill
    Violet's Special Weapon.  Not bad, but has a major downer.  You need distance.
    You see, this launches bombs a good distance away and kills any enemies it
    comes into contact with.  If you're too close, then it really doesn't work
    well.  Effective in Smack Attack and Flag Rally.
    Also thanks to DragonNoah for pointing out that the Mortar can somewhat seek
    out your targets.  Keep that in mind also, people.
    Rating: *****
    Use: Short-range instant kill
    Sinder's Special Weapon.  Very effective and used best in the fray during a
    Smack Attack.  This is a close range weapon that sucks opponents into a grinder
    and grinds them to bits.  The only downside is that you have to get close.
    Tommy Gun
    Rating: ****
    Use: Smack racking/killing
    Fowl Mouth's Special Weapon.  The reason I call this one an instant death is
    that it actually can kill seemingly right away.  This is a better version of
    the chain gun that seems to be much more effective in taking opponents out.
    Best used in any mode.
    Dynamite Crossbow
    Rating: ***
    Use: Destruction
    Dominique Trix's Special Weapon.  While this doesn't instantly kill, it does
    ensure death.  This fires an arrow into a driver's vehicle that will detonate
    after a given amount of time.  The downside to this is that the driver actually
    gets a grace period before it explodes.  You also need fairly good aiming for
    this weapon.  Effective in Gate Relay, but you must be patient.
    Rating: ****
    Use: Rack up Smack, especially in groups
    B.T. Bruno's Special Weapon.  Brings a huge hammer down on characters, adding
    Smack to his score.  Best used in large groups. Effective in Smack Attack or
    Gate Relay.
    Rating: ***
    Use: Long-range kill
    Whack Angus' Special Weapon.  Imagine having an axe you can actually throw.
    That's what this is.  However, it only goes straight.  Best used in Gate Relay.
    Seeking Missile
    Rating: *****
    Use: Long-range kill
    Count Earl's Special Weapon.  This can be a very cheap weapon to use.  By
    firing it at a person, it will chase after him/her until either it hits the
    target or an obstruction.  This can be used to rack up Smack quite quickly.
    What's more is that it seems to take out multiple targets if fired at a group
    (bearing in mind that it will only chase one target, though).  Best used in
    Smack Attack.
    Nuclear Mine
    Rating: ***
    Use: Destroy big groups
    It takes out so many, so why only 3 stars?  Well, there is a bit of an
    uncertainty factor here.  You have to hope there's enough people around it when
    it explodes.  Basically, Brian drops one green bomb down and after some time it
    lets out a HUGE explosion, destroying anything within a certain radius.  Makes
    good for Gate Relays, and still decent for other modes as well.
    Shrink Ray
    Rating: ***
    Use: Shrink and crush
    T. Wrecks's weapon.  You hit your enemy with a ray, it shrinks him/her and
    gives you Smack, then you can run your enemy over for more.  I really don't
    like it too much, though.  Works well in almost any mode, especially Gate Relay
    since it can slow cars down.
    Rating: ****
    Use: Rack Smack and Kill
    This is Flemming's weapon.  It's a pretty good weapon, at that.  You can rapid
    fire it like the chaingun, except every hit gives you Smack.  After a while,
    your opponent will catch fire and die, giving you more Smack.  Oh, joyous day!
    Before, I compared this game to Unreal Tournament in that this game has
    different modes with different winning objectives.  If you get killed during
    the matches, you respawn right back into the fray.  There are three different
    types of matches on this game: Smack Attack, Gate Relay, and Flag Rally.
    Smack Attack seems like something directly out of an online deathmatch FPS game
    such as Tribes or Unreal Tournament.  However, this mode is not directly set up
    to necessarily kill as much as you can (although you can "kill" your other
    opponents, it is not necessary).  The major objective here is to gain as many
    points (or Smacks) off your other opponents as possible.  You gain Smacks by
    damaging your opponents with the different weapons you are given.  The first
    one to gain 500 Smack is the winner.  Which means if you don't get to 500
    Smack, someone else will and you'll have to begin the battle over again.
    Part of being successful in this mode relies on a few different factors:
    1) What weapons you grab- Some weapons are very effective in building your
    Smack (like the axe), while others tend to be a bit unreliable (like the hole).
    Go for weapons that are either an instant kill or that you can damage an enemy
    multiple times with.
    2) Jumping into the fray- I pretty much refer to "the fray" as the area where
    most of your opponents have congregated.  If you avoid most enemies, chances
    are you're not going to build up much Smack.  While this may not guarantee you
    to gain Smack (as you will be surrounded), it is a good way to get it as your
    Smack up because there are more victims around.  This means that you probably
    shouldn't just chase after one person too often if said individual is far off
    from the rest.
    3) Proper use of special weapon- Know what situations your weapon would be good
    in and how to use it effectively.  Each character has an incredibly effective
    weapon, but not all can be used in the same instances.  For example, Violet's
    special weapon is best used from a distance, where Sinder's is best used--hell,
    only used--up close.
    One thing that is worth noting is that different types of weapons build Smack
    in different ways.  Hitting enemies with Smack-racking weapons may only do it
    one or so point at a time (usually more), but there are some weapons like the
    boxing gloves that can actually build Smack quite quickly.  Mainly, the type of
    Smack-rackers you want are ones that hit rapidly and last a while; ones you can
    get really cheap with.  You can get very cheap with the gloves because you can
    hit enemies a hell of a lot with them, as well as even corner them and continue
    to rack a ton of Smack on just one character.  Some weapons can instantly kill
    your opponents.  Instant death weapons can be very effective as well.  Most of
    them will give you about 5-10 Smack for killing one enemy.  The axe is a great
    example.  This can hit multiple characters, assuming there's more than one
    nearby, and thus  n54allow you to rack up tons of Smack.  The fact that these
    weapons actually kill is both a blessing and a curse, however.  A blessing in
    that it gets them away from you and gives you more Smack to your score, but a
    curse in that they will probably respawn farther away from you, meaning that
    you'll have to hunt them down.
    What driving game is complete without a racing mode?  This is the closest
    you're going to get.  In this mode two gates are position at two ends of each
    arena.  Driving through one gate will give you a point.  Naturally, you cannot
    drive through the same gate twice.  So, you must drive across the other side of
    the arena and go through the other gate.  The major emphasis is not necessarily
    aggression, although aggression does help.  The major emphasis is speed and
    precision (in terms of handling).  You'll need the speed to get ahead of your
    opponents and the precision to slow down and angle your vehicle properly such
    that you do not peel out too much.  Peeling out could cause you to lose a bit
    of distance between you and anyone behind you, allowing them to get ahead of
    you.  The first one to get twenty points is the winner.
    Weapons are very useful in this mode.  However, it probably isn't a good idea
    to go out of your way for all the best stuff.  Different weapons can be
    effective in different areas of the race.  You may also find that there are
    some that really aren't useful at all.  Gaining Smack is useless in this type
    of a match.  However, attacking can be important.  You see, weapons will stymie
    your opponents just long enough to give you a lead, especially if the weapon
    kills them.  Making an opponent take time to respawn can be quite effective.
    You will have to deal with very chaotic situations in races, particularly in
    ones where the racers will group up and congest areas.  There are also certain
    weapons that can be very effective in these cases.  This is where the game can
    also get very frustrating.
    Almost forgot to say... Gate Relay must be unlocked and can only be done when
    you complete one Smack Attack match.  Nothin' to it!
    Flag Rally does not start out readily available.  In order to unlock this mode,
    you must complete 4 Smack Attack or Gate Relay matches.
    Flag Rally is probably my favorite type of event.  You must be aggressive to
    get all the flags before anyone else and take out characters whenever need be,
    you must be fast to grab the flags in a hurry and get away, and you must be a
    good driver to dodge any dangers that may come your way.
    The gist of this mode is this: You are on the screen with all the other divers,
    starting at random positions.  Scattered about the screen are a few little
    flags running around (yes, running around--they have feet!).  The object is to
    snag four flags and head to a designated area (which you just can't miss as it
    is a huge pole with a bit light on it) to win.  You must have all four of these
    flags at the same time.  This does not mean you can go grab one, then take it
    to the circle.  You must have all four.  If you are killed, you lose all flags.
    If you are hit with various non-killing weapons, you lose one flag at a time.
    Your opponents win the exact same way, which means they'll be gunning for the
    flags as well.  Not only do you want to concern youself with grabbing all the
    flags, but you also want to make sure your opponent doesn't win.  In doing
    this, you must cause him or her to lose his/her flags before they can reach the
    winner's area.  This means you must stay well equipped.  While you can cause
    them to lose just one flag at a time using primary weapons, it's a whole lot
    easier to use other weapons and specials.  It should be well noted that the
    Vacuum comes quite handy in this mode, as any flags a character is holding when
    he or she is vacuumed will go straight to you.  If you get vaccuumed, that also
    means any flags you hold will be transfered to them.
    Keep your ears open.  You will most likely, through the course of a match, hear
    a strange tone.  This means that an opponent somewhere has gotten four flags.
    This is also where your radar comes very handy.  You can look on your radar to
    see which character it is.  That character will have a star around their head.
    Also keep your eye on the radar for the flags.
    /  SECTION 5: TIPS  \
    Each level is different.  Obvious, succinct, applicable to almost any game, but
    very much true. Because of this I feel that each level also has its own
    particular strategy.  That's why I've given tips and strategies for each level.
    You could say this is the closest thing to an actual walkthrough as you can
    really get.  The main reason that a walkthrough for this game might seem in
    some ways awkward is that this game is pretty non-linear and you really can't
    give a person descript places to go on each level at a given time.  Each level
    is, in a sense, an impromptu job.  You start the level and work with what fate
    gives you.  It seems that one word also comes to mind when I think of success
    in this game: Domination.  One of the best ways to win is to be aggressive and
    dominate the match. While sure, all out aggression isn't the best way through,
    it does help a lot.  Take every chance you get to push another opponent down.
    In Smack Attack, always beat the living crap out of the other drivers.  In Gate
    Relay, push yourself to the end.  Just because you've fallen back doesn't mean
    you should just give up right way.  Use what weapons you are given to push the
    others back behind and you keep them there.  Just because you are in the lead
    doesn't mean you shouldn't use weapons.  However, you also shouldn't persue the
    other opponents too much in Gate Relays either.  In Flag Rally, always go after
    a flag regardless as to whether or not someone may be close to it.  Attack and
    destroy everyone, regardless as to whether or not they actually do have a flag.
    1: Smack Attack
    It's been stated before.  The best way to win a Smack Attack is to dominate.
    Take every chance you can to inflict punishment on your opponents.  Favoring a
    particular weapon can also be a fatal mistake.  You should work with what
    you're given and only grab other weapons if they happen to be nearby.  It's
    like the old saying goes, "Beggars can't be choosers."   If you don't like a
    weapon, it may not be necessarily wise to avoid it.  If you can find a better
    weapon that's incredibly close by, though, that could be a different story.
    Pay attention closely to what's in your environment that could be of use to
    you.  There are signs that you can knock over that will cause certain
    environmental stimuli to activate and damage other opponents.  For example,
    there is one level in which knocking down a bullseye sign will cause a train to
    come out and destroy anything in its path.
    <<<<<Wild Wooly West>>>>>
    There really isn't much of a strategy to apply here.  I find that this was more
    or less designed to be a beginner's level.  All you really have to do is be
    aggressive.  Stay in the fray wherever it may be.  Take out anybody at the drop
    of a dime.  There should be plenty of weapons laying around in this level,
    especially the axe (which can be unlocked through this level).  I highly
    recommend doing this level first above all not only because it unlocks the axe,
    but it also norms you with the game's controls and gameplay basics.  The only
    things really worth acknowledging are that there are three traps set up in this
    level.  One of them is a small exploding building inside a small loop along one
    wall.  This can be activated through knocking over a sign near it.  This thing
    can actually work to your advantage or disadvantage.  You could explode the
    building on others to gain Smack, but others can do the same for you.  There is
    also another such environmental hazard that can work for or against you.  This
    is the train.  This one comes out at random.  There is a sign near a sign near
    one of the train tunnels.  This will cause boulders to fall from the mountain.
    Also, Codemaster64 pointed out that you can drive in one train tunnel here and
    pop out in the other.
    <<<<<Death Valley>>>>>
    This is another easy level, but that doesn't mean you should treat it like a
    downhill coast.  You should still stay aggressive.  If you aren't out there
    damaging other characters, someone else is, which means they're stealing your
    thunder.  The best way to get around this is simple.  Fight.  Stay as close to
    the fray as you can.  Don't get be too picky with weapons here, but one thing I
    should note is that it seems that the harpoon seems quite ineffective in this
    level.  It's a bit hard to get a good aim on the characters because most of the
    straightaways don't last very long.  Take notice to a few things in the
    environment.  First, there's a magnet on one side of the cliff that can be
    activated by using the sign below it.  This will put you up on a cliff that
    can't be reached by normal means.  Here is where your special weapon is.  I've
    noticed that Sinder is a good character for this level since everything is
    tightly crunched in.  You can grab the special weapon here on the cliff and
    chew everyone to bits.
    You may also notice that there're three ways to get across the valley easily.
    One of
    them is a regular land bridge that has no traps, although it is simple to
    force opponents off here (and yes, you do get smack for forcing opponents off
    the edge on this level, but you have to be the one responsible).  There are two
    other ways across.  One is a bridge that has a trap door on it.  Hitting one of
    the bullseye signs near the bridge will activate the trap door and thus cause
    anyone who drives over it to fall.  You will also gain Smack if anyone should
    fall when you activate it.  It is worth noting that just because the door is
    open doesn't mean you can't get over.  If drive all the way to one side of the
    bridge, you can actually cross on the little piece of bridge that's left.  Just
    make sure that you're scrunched over far enough or you could fall.  I actually
    do recommend you drive that way across this bridge whether it is open or not,
    mainly because you never know when it will open.  To the furthest side of the
    bridge is another path that you can use to cross the valley, except this has a
    huge weight above it.  Of course, there are signs you can use to activate this
    weight and drop it on unsuspecting victims.  However, this is not an efficient
    way to gain Smack.  I would mainly only use this if the situation permits.  It
    seems to be much more effective to just run around and beat everyone up.  On
    the side of the valley opposite the manget is also a small cave you can enter.
    There is a path here that takes you upward through the cave where you can find
    a special weapon and an exit.  That makes two areas in particular in which you
    can find a special weapon.  Keep those locations in mind as they can be helpful
    and even beneficial towards winning this match.
    <<<<<Mesa Madness>>>>>
    There isn't a whole lot to note here, either.  There are a few environmental
    things that should be brought to your attention.  You should notice a huge,
    natural ramp in the very middle of the battlefield.  You can use this to throw
    you over to a small, secluded area where you can find a special weapon.  To get
    back off this little area, there should be a rock positioned diagonally and
    pointing back toward the battlefield.  In front of this rock is a natural
    pillar with a stone one it.  Position yourself at one end and the stone will
    fall off the pillar and launch you back onto the battlefield.  There is also a
    compactor that can be activated in this level.  It doesn't seem to cause much
    damage, though.  As always, being aggressive should be an objective in this
    battle.  I've also found that one of the best places to put cluster bombs or
    holes is right underneath the ramp, as that area gets a lot of traffic.
    <<<<<Swamp Stomp>>>>>
    This level is practically all about environment.  There really aren't any
    strategies I can give you on this level that you can't gain from others.
    Again, aggression is the key.  Take notice of the two ponds on either side of
    the level.  Both of those ponds have deadly alligators.  Worry not, they're
    easy to dodge and can also be attacked with your various weapons.  There is
    also a tree here that has a hole in it.  Going into that hole will take to a
    higher part of the level.  Also take note of the vines.  Should you jump just
    right on the ramp, you can grab hold of one vine and actually jump from it by
    pushing the B button.  Other than that, there isn't much to this level at all.
    <<<<<Temple of Boom>>>>>
    There are a few things worth noting in this level.  First, you should notice
    that there are two pieces of land.  Both pieces are separated by water.
    Running into the water can be hazardous, as it will result in you being eaten
    by fish.  Naturally, use the bridge to get across.  There is also some shallow
    water just down the way of the bridge that you can use to cross.  One piece of
    land has a huge temple in the middle of it.  There should be some stones on
    each side of this temple with faces on them.  These stones can be easily moved
    either by being driven into or hit from a certain angle with your weapons.
    From here, you can drive into the temple and pick up your personal weapon.  The
    other side of the river has a small path leading into the back.  You should
    notice that there is a special weapon back here, as well as what appears to be
    moving bushes that are actually man-eating plants that will kill you.  Oops.
    Watch yourself when going around corners.  You never know when an opponent
    might pop up and nail you.  Careful when crossing the bridge.  If someone else
    is on it, there will be a conflict that may result in one falling off.  This is
    not necessarily a bad thing, but something you should keep in mind.  Notice
    that any time you are able to hit someone into the water and they get eaten by
    the fish, you get Smack for it.  The bridge and the pathways around the temple
    are also a great places to put cluster bombs.  Again, stay aggressive.
    <<<<<Shmoe vs. The Volcano>>>>>
    To tell you the truth, I absolutely hate this level.  I think it's mainly
    because I tend to have high amounts of stress, a lot of which seem to be
    generated by this level.  Some people may find this level to be easier than me,
    but that's just my own personal beef.
    This level contains probably the most obvious hazard of them all: Lava.  Quite
    simply put... You fall in the lava, you die and respawn.  This can make the
    level frustrating.  The more you die, which I seem to quite often in this
    level, the more time you waste that you could be using racking up Smack. You
    should also notice that at one end of the battle field, huge flames rise up
    from the ground that can also kill you.  Boohoo.  Also featured on one side of
    our track are the killer tendrils.  One swipe from one of these babies and
    you're in pieces.  It seems this level really has it in for you, probably more
    so than the other drivers.  There is a weapon in front of the tendrils that you
    can grab.  The only way to get it without getting killed is to kick the very
    corner that is sticking out away from the tendrils.  This should keep you out
    of their reach.
    There is a small tunnel of sorts you can go into in this level.  Near the huge,
    stone structure (near the bottom of it) should be a bullseye on each side.
    Hitting those will trigger the wall to open and let you inside.  In there is a
    special weapon.  Weeeee!  While driving through it, don't worry about the wall
    on the other side, as it will open when you approach it.
    The cluster bomb will be your friend in this level.  While not to say that you
    should seek it out particularly, should you find one... USE IT!  Use it on the
    pathways with the most traffic, or behind the row of pillars in the stone
    structure (you should notice that that gets plenty of traffic).  As you can
    guess, you must be immensely aggressive in this battle all while trying to stay
    alive.  On the opposite side of the lava flow from the stone structure should
    be a couple of destroyed staircases and a huge platform in between them.  I
    feel it worth noting that you can use either set of staircases as ramps to get
    you onto the platform.  On that platform will be a weapon.  This trick will
    come very handy (and necessary) when you do this level on Gate Relay mode.
    Try your hardest at this level.  Stay aggressive, use the cluster bombs well,
    and push people into fire or lava any time you can.  The key is to stay away
    from the hazards as much as possible.  Do not get too careless or you will wind
    up losing your head.
    <<<<<Monster Mosh>>>>>
    Yet another level I despise.  The main idea behind this level is to create a
    huge arena so that the participants have a possible chance of scattering out so
    you cannot find them easily.  Needless to say, your radar will come incredibly
    handy here.  One thing you should definitely be careful of here, and all other
    Transylvania levels, is Count Earl's personal weapon.  This weapon can be very
    cheap because it seems he always grabs it and it can home in on people and kill
    multiple targets.  So, if a lot of people are having a huge melee in the middle
    of the battlefield while Earl has his weapon, he can take out most of them with
    just one shot.  There have been battles where he has led by 80+ points,
    sometimes even over 100.  This should be a big hint for you to try to unlock
    his weapon for general usage.  All I can really say other than stay aggressive
    (which is starting to sound like a broken record) is to check your radar.  Go
    to the area where the most people have accumulated and try to take them out
    (possibly) from a long range.  Attacking Earl is not a bad idea, either.  The
    more you destroy him, the less of a chance he will have to grab his weapon.  If
    you destroy him while or before he grabs his weapon, all the better.
    There really aren't too many noteworthy structures here.  There are a few huge,
    stone structures.  One of them in the middle of the arena has a personal weapon
    in it.  There is also a personal weapon off to one corner in front of a huge
    pair of cemetary gates.  Don't fear the water in this level.  There's nothing
    in it and it can be crossed from any area.  One thing that can be handy (mainly
    when the other participants are congregated towards the middle of the arena) is
    a huge spider web on one side of the battlefield (should be on the other side
    of the water).  Driving into this will fling you toward the middle of the
    arena.  It's also handy for helping you to get away if you're in a desperate
    <<<<<Count's Castle>>>>>
    There is actually a bit of different things to do in this level.  The first
    thing that is worth noting is the wooden ramp running up along the wall.
    Following along this ramp will take you to a stone tower with a special weapon
    inside.  You should notice that this little area is actually a respawning zone.
    When you respawn, grab the special weapon right away.  It shouldn't be any
    surprise that falling into the moat will result in your untimely death.  Next
    to the bridge should be a cart that is pointed upward.  If you drive along that
    cart, it will shoot you into the air and across the moat.  Not incredibly
    useful yet, but it will come handy in Gate Relay mode.  One the side of this
    arena opposite the large, wooden ramp, you'll find a catapult and a ballista.
    Both should be at opposite ends of each other.  The ballista can be used as a
    weapon.  To engage it, position your car onto the flat wooden platform.  From
    there, you can push A to launch flaming arrows from it.  Each arrow acts like a
    harpoon against the opponents.  To get off the ballista, push B.  Now, before I
    speak of the catapult, I will talk about the building in the middle of the
    arena (mainly because the catapult ties into this).  You can enter the middle
    building one of two ways.  One way is to go across the draw bridge.  Take
    notice that on either side of the bridge are bullseyes.  Hitting either of
    those will cause the bridge to lift.  The other way into the building is, of
    course, is through the catapult.  Position yourself onto the wooden platform on
    the catapult and it will launch you into the building.  You'll find a special
    weapon inside the building.  If you want to leave, you can either use the
    entryway or take notice to the ramp in one corner of the structure. If you back
    up far enough and drive really fast, you should be able to fly out of the
    <<<<Bohemian Raspberry>>>>
    Such a relatively small level with so much packed into it.
    There is a huge house up at the top of the hill on this level, but I don't
    think you can interact with it too much.  Near that house, however, is a rock
    set up like a ramp which you can use to throw you to the other side of the
    arena.  Other side?  What's in between the sides?  A huge drop straight to the
    ground.  You may find that using this rock can be more reliable than using the
    bridge.  The bridge can actually be used as a weapon, both by you and against
    you.  If the bullseye near it is struck, the bridge will shift and people can
    fall off.  If you're lucky, instead of falling, you'll fly up in the air and
    hopefully land back on the bridge.
    Taking us to the other side of the arena now... There is a cave near a fountain
    to one corner of the arena.  Do not try to "explore" the cave as I did.  I knew
    I should've follow my first notion on the eyes in the cave.  Should you go in,
    you'll be brutally attacked by whatever creatures live within the cave.
    However, should you be the one who causes someone to fly in there, you will
    gain Smack for it.  The cart returns in this level.  This will send you to the
    other side (where the house is) much like the rock.
    Use your weapons as much as possible.  Try to avoid using the bridge (unless
    it's against someone else).  Use the rock and cart instead.  They've always
    seemed better for me.  Of course, don't wander into the cave and careful if you
    are hit out of control around that area, as you could fly into the cave and
    give one of your opponents some Smack, and I don't mean of the illegal variety.
    <<<<Babbling 5>>>>
    Space levels seem to be a bit... weirder than all the rest.  They're also home
    to Brian the Brain.  Brian can be a little bit cheap at times.  It's mainly
    because his weapon, the Nuclear Mine, can destroy everyone within a certain
    radius of it (and it's usually quite a few people).  This means he can rack the
    Smack like anyone else in Cel Damage.
    There's quite a few neat toys to tinker with here.  The first thing I'll
    indicate is the basic structure of the area:
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                               __    /  \       __
                            B |  |  /    \     |  | C
                              |__| /      \    |__|
                                  /   A    \
                                 / ________ \
                                / /        \ \
                               / /   __     \ \
                              / /   |  | D   \ \
                             / /    |__|      \ \
    Note: There is a ramp all around the perimeter of the level that can be
    accessed a few different ways.  Read ahead to find out how.
    This may not be to scale or even symmetrically correct, but it is pretty much
    the gist of the level.  You see, A is a huge platform with a rocket on it that
    is elevated above the floor.  You can make it up to that platform using the
    ramps (those long things you see sticking off the ASCII triangle).  You can
    also drive under the platform for a personal weapon.  Now, you should recognize
    that your frame of reference in relation to this area will differ from where
    you are.  B, C, and D are some small ground level platforms.  One of them has
    strange specimens in little bottles that are fun to smash, but ultimately
    useless.  Another one is a platform that will lift every now and then. On this
    is a small ramp that you can drive up that will convert you vehicle into an
    aeronautic device.  You can fly around with this thing, grab weapons that are
    nearby, and wrack up points.  Great for raising hell!  You can also use this to
    get up to a very high up platform.  This platform has a teleporter and a
    personal weapon on it.  You can also use this flying machine to get onto the
    ramp around the perimeter of the arena.  Finally, the last of the two ground
    level platforms has a teleporter on it that will take you to the ramp around
    the perimeter of the arena.  From here, you can grab some weapons or even take
    another teleporter to the high up platform and get that personal weapon.
    This level is a jumbled mess and can be very chaotic.  On top of attacking a
    lot, you'll want to focus on staying alive.  I suggest that unless you're well
    normed with the flying, try to avoid getting the flying machine on the ramp.
    Also, try to time your driving on this level (and other space levels).  You
    should notice that your weapons will float up and down as time passes.  If you
    time your driving speed just right, you should be able to hit weapons while
    they are down or just coming down.  This can be especially helpful since
    weapons = Smack.  If you see Brian's Nuclear Mine, get the living hell away
    from it as soon as possible.  You may not make it, but there's always a chance.
    This thing can kill a lot of people, especially those in big groups.  I've
    found that since your personal weapon in this level is so easy to grab (as it
    is in the middle of the arena), grab it!  You should also know that platform A
    has a hole in it that you can use to drop through and grab the special weapon
    more easily.
    This one is actually quite an odd level.  If you notice, a lot of the features
    seem to have a pinball-like feel to them.  I should start off by saying that
    this level is somewhat divided (rather unevenly) into two areas, both of which
    are separated by wall.  Let us first look at the environment of the first area,
    that being the one you start in.
    Take notice of your surroundings.  There will be four craters, some huge
    crystals sticking out of the ground, a huge building, and a patch of mushrooms
    (there's also a rocket, but it seems to really serve no purpose other than for
    decoration).  Starting off with the crystals... Avoid these.  I usually even
    avoid driving through that area.  If you hit the crystals, you die and have to
    respawn.  The reason being is that they puncture your tire and send you flying
    off the planet.  It is worth noting that the crystals can be destroyed, even
    with your primary weapon.  If at any time you are in in the position that you
    really can't avoid this area, begin using your primary weapon to take the
    crystals out.  While you are doing this, though, you still shouldn't get over
    zealous with the gas pedal.  The crystals that are falling apart can obstruct
    your view of the other crystals and cause you to drive right into ones that
    haven't been destroyed, so be careful.
    The four craters are all pretty much the same.  In the middle of each is a
    weapon just waiting to be grabbed and loved by a willing owner.  You should
    also notice that there is a ramp with some small wheels at the top of it moving
    outward in each crater.  If you drive into these, they will throw you a good
    distance away.  These don't seem to be incredibly useful in this mode, but it
    seems like they may come handy in a circumstance in which you need to get away
    from an area.  In that case, these can serve as a great help in flinging you
    away, especially if you're trying to avoid one of Brian's Nuclear Mines.  The
    mushrooms are more of a impediment than an actual help.  However, if you're
    good at navigating through them and find a way to the center, there's a nice
    personal weapon waiting for you.  At the far end of the battlefield, right near
    the building are also some sheep you can slap around.  Ultimately useless, but
    fun to do nonetheless (reminds me of the Spyro games as well).
    Now, getting to the other part of the battlefield... Getting there is
    incredibly easy!  Just drive up to the huge building and hit the target on the
    right side.  The door should open and you can go in.  There should be a target
    right as you enter as well; This will close the door behind you (which would
    not be a good idea in this mode because you wouldn't be able to get any Smack
    if there's no one around).  You should be going down a long hallway now.  A
    little past halfway through the hall is a moving target.  Hitting that will
    activate some UFOs just outside, which will use some beams to destroy any cars
    that come near them.
    There aren't a whole lot of things you can use to an advantage other than
    biffing your enemies into the crystals (if you can).  I wouldn't advise making
    that your goal with every opponent, but if you can, go for it.  Try to avoid
    using the other part of the arena.  It really doesn't seem to be a deciding
    factor in the battle.  Also remember that the wheels on the ramps in the
    craters can help you get away from sticky situations.  Aggression will be
    another key.  Since this area is actually quite closed in comparison to othes,
    Brian has a huge advantage here.  His Nuclear Mine can really help him rack up
    Smack.  I advise either killing Brian when you have the chance, keeping your
    Smack up as much as possible, or run like hell to avoid the Nuclear Mine's
    blast (which can prove to be difficult on a whim).
    <<<<Shooting Stars>>>>
    Tell you no lies, I hate this level!  Well... Sort of... It's my least favorite
    level on Gate Relay mode, and Flag Rally mode is also a bit painful.  Still,
    there is so much to write on for this level.
    Aside from my basic whining about this level, it's easily the most unique level
    out of the bunch.  Yes friends, you are driving on the planet's rings!  Driving
    off said rings results in what?  You fly off into space and then begin to be
    pulled in by the planet's gravity!  Ten points for Gryffindor. The planet will
    then throw you back onto the battlefield.  Notice, however, that this takes a
    lot of time.  In other words, avoid falling off like the plague.  Time wasted
    is Smack lost.  It's especially aggrivating in Gate Relay mode.
    Take notice at least now of the downed rocket.  You can actually drive up it,
    but it seems there's nothing there now.  I could've sworn I remember there
    being a Personal weapon up there on Flag Relay mode...  Anyway, a couple things
    you should also pay attention to are the platforms and the teleporters.  The
    platforms aren't hard to miss.  There should be a ramp and some metal rings
    leading out to a small platform in space.  To get there, just drive up on the
    ramp and keep your finger on the gas.  If you release, I've noticed that you'll
    fall before getting to the platform and just get pulled over to the planet.
    Both platforms have special weapons.  Remember that!  One of the platforms has
    a target in front of its ramp and rings.  Hitting this target will activate a
    shower that rains down meteors (Get it, meteor shower!  Ha! That's too much!).
    Also, there's the teleporters.  Depending on which teleporter you enter, you
    will be sent to another teleporter.  The teleporter closest to the huge arch
    will take you to another one that's in between the two platforms.  The one in
    between the two platforms will take you onto one of the platforms.  Finally,
    the one on that platform will take you to the one closest to the arch.  See the
    This level can be a bit tough, and it's mainly keeping Smack up since everyone
    seems to like to disperse in this level.  Always stay on top of the game.  Grab
    the weapons you are best with (unless you can't find those, go for second best)
    and seek and destroy your opponents.  Do not hold back anything you have.  Let
    it all out!  I've noticed some guys love to fall for the meteor shower, acting
    as though it isn't on.  So, turning that on isn't so bad every now and then.
    Just beware of flying through that ramp with the meteor shower next to it.  I
    have died several times when the shower was activated while I was trying to get
    to the platform.  Timing can be critical here, too.  Your weapons are all
    floating up and down and if you don't hit them at the right time, you'll miss
    and have to reposition yourself or just seek out a different weapon.
    The best weapon you can have is perserverence.  Don't give up.  If you've been
    beaten once, dust yourself off and try again.  Yes, it's normal to mutter four
    and five letter words like I do when playing this game, so I've prepared some
    nice replacement words in case there are little 'uns around...
    Instead of that nasty word you say involving "mother," say "featherduster".
    Rather than using that word that ultimately means excrement, say "grit".
    Instead of that one word that almost everyone claims is the worst dirty word
    you can say, say "frig".  Some enemies are also "filthy runts" or "unwashed
    fajitas".  Instead of calling your enemies female dogs, call them "stitches".
    Yes, they're corny, but I sometimes have to resort to them.
    2: Gate Relay
    Think now... What's the one thing in gaming that can cause a grown man to yell
    obsceneties, pull out hair, and wish death upon a concept designer or game
    developer?  Okay, other than Spyro: Ripto's Rage's mini-games. Um... Okay,
    other than building up legit MMORPG characters, only to be punked out by a
    cheater.  Okay, other than paying $50 US for WWE Wrestlemania X8 on GCN.
    Argh!  Yes! You hit the nail on the head!  Gate Relay mode!  Yogurt!  I hate
    Yogurt- er... Gate Relay mode!
    Maybe it's just me.  There has to be some other people out there who are much
    better, hands down.  It's actually pretty hard for me to give advice for this
    mode.  There are a few general tips I can give before delving into level tips.
    1. We have no time to explore.  Your goal is to be as fast and skillful as
    2. Know the environment.  This is tough to do without exploring, so it is
    probably best to explore the levels in Smack Attack first.  If there are any
    easily workable shortcuts, take them.  However, try to avoid any shortcuts with
    any degree of uncertainty.  If it's a dangerous shortcut, then it's best left
    alone as just one mistake in this mode could cost you the game.
    3. Don't give up.  I've won races where I was in sixth and seventh place for
    the longest time.
    4. Don't deviate too much from the main track.  Sure, there are some nice
    weapons that are out of the way, but they may not be worth it.  Try to only
    grab weapons that are in the way of the main track to either gate.
    5. Pay attention to what path the computer cars take.  It may be easiest to
    follow them.  Also, on that note, try not to go against the traffic of the
    other cars.  That has screwed me up quite a bit before.
    6. Gather any weapons that throw someone off course or that may set up hazards
    on the screen (a la Cluster Bomb).  Mercilessly kill anyone in front of you.
    Laugh maniacally at them when doing so.  It takes the edge off the frustration.
    <<<<Wild Wooly West>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    In between a couple of canyon walls near the train tracks
    Near the exploding outhouse
    I really hope this explanation isn't too confusing.
    As you can guess, this is one of the easiest levels, if not the easiest level,
    in Gate Relay mode.  There're several different possibilities as to how you can
    go through this area, but it's best to pick the one that works for you.  I
    prefer to go straight through the first gate, then cut straight to the left and
    either turn through the curve (heading toward the outhouse) or keep going and
    take the furthest left turn.  Both sort of have their own advantages. Taking
    the curve can increase your chances of dodging the explosion, assuming someone
    sets it off.  On your way out taking the curve you can also use the bullseye
    and cause the building to explode, killing anyone behind you and thus pushing
    them further back.  On the other hand, the track can seem to go a bit quicker
    if you take the furthest left.  By the time you hit the gate going that way,
    you won't have to back track, you'll already be on your way to the next gate,
    so to speak.
    <<<<Death Valley>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Near the huge weight
    On one side of the bridge
    This is another easy one.  I actually kind of find this one easier than Wild
    Wooly West.  The biggest advice I can give you is to learn how to cross the
    bridge while the trap door is down.  Basically, drive right against the side
    (almost as though you're trying to drive on the little bit of floor that's
    left).  If you can do that, the bridge can work to your advantage, as the
    computer doesn't always seem smart enough to know not to drive down the middle
    of the bridge.  The huge weight can be a bit of a problem, should you be in the
    wrong place at the wrong time.  It can also be quite helpful in establishing
    your place in the race.  If there's a good number of people behind you, hit the
    bullseye once you get across.  Not only can this help take out some of them,
    but block others.  Keep in mind, if the weight is down when you get there, you
    can crush some of the rocks and get around it.  This hopefully shouldn't be too
    difficult for you to figure out.
    <<<<Mesa Madness>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Across the arena from the junkyard
    In the junkyard
    This one can be incredibly frustrating.  The main reason would be the trash
    compactor.  As you should (hopefully) know, you can get picked up by a magnet
    and thrown into a compactor that will send you across the arena.  So, if you
    are on your way to the gate in the junkyard (which is where the magnet and
    compactor are), and you get picked up by the magnet, you will have to travel
    all that distance over again and be even further behind in the race.  Do not
    give up if you are caught in this position.  You can still pull off a victory
    as long as you're persistant enough.  There really isn't a whole lot of advice
    I can give you as far as the route to take between the two gates.  It's all
    pretty much a straight shot.  The only advice that may help would be not to go
    against the stream of traffic.  I've been messed up many a time doing that.
    <<<<Swamp Stomp>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Under the tree platforms
    Near the swinging logs
    This is actually one of the easiest Gate Relay levels.  You will start out just
    underneath the tree platforms.  After heading through the first gate, cut to
    the right and make your way towards the incline where the swinging logs are
    located.  There should be a personal weapon on the way there in the middle of
    the arena.  Grabbing it can help greatly.  Try to cut the corner as much as
    possible when going up the incline.  Also be absolutely sure you avoid the
    logs.   They can be very detrimental to the outcome of this match. Get past
    them and through the gate and continue on. At the edge of the incline should be
    a couple of jumps.  Hit the left jump that sends you over to the tree with the
    platforms on it (the first gate you went through should be there).  If you
    should happen to catch the vines, no biggie.  Just make sure you don't jump
    onto the platforms in the trees.  Drop off the vine if/when necessary and drive
    around the tree and through the gate.  Now, repeat what was done earlier.
    Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  If you're having trouble, keep trying or just be more
    <<<<Temple of Boom>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    At the far end of the temple
    Near the man-eating plants
    Not too hard, not too easy.  Just right balance of difficulty here.  There is
    not much to explain in this track, since it's just a simple oval shape (so to
    speak).  After going through the first gate, just head across the river at the
    shallow spot, then go through the gate near the plants.  I have only two
    warnings on this level.  First, watch out for the plants.  Since the gate is
    really close to them, your chances of being killed by one are fairly good.
    Second, try not to go against the grain here.  Keep an eye on traffic because
    everyone in this arena loves to switch the flow of traffic.  Also, having a bat
    while you're close to the river can be quite a mean prank to pull on your
    opponents, as smacking them into the water can delay them fairly well.
    <<<<Shmo vs. The Volcano>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Near the stone stairs
    In the middle of the path on the opposite side of the river from the other one
    This is one of the hardest levels in the game!  I honestly dread doing this
    level.  Head straight through the first gate and you're presented with your
    first judgment call of the level.  Should I take the high road or the low road?
    Taking the low road (through the structure that opens by hitting the target)
    can be helpful assuming you can go fast enough and aren't screwed over by the
    camera angles.  All in all, I've found that it isn't much better than taking
    the high road, and can even be worse.  The high road doesn't have any level of
    uncertainty to it, which means it could be your best choice.  Which way you do
    go is personally up to you, just know that the low road can more of a
    hinderance at times.  On the other hand, the low road does contain a personal
    weapon, so if you can make up for lost distance with a powerful special attack,
    then you may be able to pull youself into the pink.  After getting around that
    curve, head straight and through the gate.  Another hazard has come up.  Your
    only way across the river (short of backtracking) is to use the stairs as a
    ramp.  The only problem there is the random firewall that builds up in front of
    you before you can quite hit the stairs.  Getting hit by this can create a
    large set back and thereby making this level quite hard.  The only thing I can
    say in relation to that is to take it fairly slow around this area, but not so
    slow that others pass you.  This can also serve to your advantage because other
    drivers could well drive themselves right into the firewall.
    Skill is what's going to get you through this level.  Skill and opportunity.
    Hope that you can maneuver well enough to get around the harsh curves or even
    get past the impedements of the track.  Grabbing the right weapons can help.
    Any weapon that really doesn't do you much good on the Gate Relay should be
    avoided.  Don't give up and remember to try your damnedest.  Take it easy near
    the firewall and hope that only your opponents run into it.
    <<<<Monster Mosh>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    At opposite ends of the arena from each other
    This level isn't complicated, but it can be difficult.  This one can be easily
    wonby just about anyone.  Basically, the gates are on opposite ends from each
    other.  There are a few things that you can do to help bring about your victory
    here, but nothing is definite:
    -Use weapons (appropriate ones) as much as possible.
    -Do not take any pathways that are full of obstacles or that could hamper your
    -Follow the arrow at the top of the screen.
    -Don't go too far out of the way for weapons.
    Yeah, not much I can lend here mainly because this level is so open and large
    that there really isn't anything environmentally that gives you an advantage.
    The only advantage you can take is to be aggressive, as I have stated on many
    other levels.
    <<<<Count's Castle>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Near the castle structure
    Just before the wooded area
    This area does have one environmental agent that can give you just that much of
    an edge.  After crossing the first gate there should be a cart to the right.
    If you're good enough at controlling the car, angle toward the cart and it can
    shoot you a bit ahead.  However, only do this if you're confident enough to hit
    the cart almost every time, lest you should fall into the quicksand.  If not,
    then just follow the other cars across the broken bridge.  Also be careful when
    going through the forest, as the curve in there could cause you to hit some
    trees and tie you up a bit.  Going against the traffic in this level would be
    particularly unwise, especially while going through the forest.  Not much more
    to offer here that hasn't already been stated before.
    <<<<Bohemian Raspberry>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Near the cave
    Next to the haunted house
    This level can also be made quite easy thanks to an environmental ramp.  Go
    through the first gate and follow all the cars to the haunted house.  You can
    help tie up a bit of drivers if you cause the bridge device to toss them
    around.  Drive around the back of the house and through the gate.  Go straight
    from the gate and you should see near the cliff a large stone set up on
    another.  You can actually drive on this stone and it will take you clear
    across the arena!  This can give you an edge against most of the other drivers,
    remember that!  Again, not much more than that...
    <<<<Babbling 5>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    Opposite ends of the arena from each other
    This one has yet another judgment call.  As you go through the first (keep this
    gate in mind particularly), you are given a choice.  You could go turn right
    and head through the middle of the arena or go up the ramp leading to the
    rocket and go above the middle.  This is honestly your call, both have
    advantages and disadvantages.  Going through the middle can be quicker
    (keyword: can) and has a personal weapon, but you are also most likely to be
    destroyed or caught up in traffic here.  You could take the extra time, which
    isn't much, if you wanted and take the ramp that comes after the first gate and
    jump across the middle.  This can be a lot easier, but it can also expend more
    time.  This really depends on which car you'rer driving. I only recommend that
    you take the ramp with faster cars, as it can be harder for slower ones like
    Bruno to catch up.
    Gate Locations:
    At the far end of the main area (farthest away from the building, that is)
    Other side of the building
    Go through the first gate as you normally would.  Remember the small field of
    bumpers?  If you feel like risking it (which I wouldn't), you can go through
    them to get a special weapon.  I say just stay clear of them and keep going
    straight.  Eventually, you should make it to the huge buildling (don't worry,
    the door is always open).  On the way down the long hall you could hit the
    bullseye and activate the UFO.  This could incinerate anyone who dares go
    through its beams.  Try to avoid it youself and hope your enemies fly into it.
    Head through the gate and back to the beginning again.  Just make sure you
    don't go against traffic here, as that has screwed me over here as well.  Also
    be sure to take the least crowded route.
    <<<<Shooting Stars>>>>
    Gate Locations:
    On either side of the huge arc structure
    This is a very difficult level and the worst part is that I really haven't
    found any parts that can give you any bit of an advantage.  The only thing I've
    been able to use to aid me in victory is kicking the living crap out of
    everyone with any weapon I can grab and keeping a resounding lead.  After you
    go through the first gate, head straight through the arc and you should see the
    other gate almost right away.  It is much easier to turn around and go back the
    way you came rather than to keep going straight (as doing the latter will be
    entirely too long).  There isn't much I can give as far as tips for this level.
    If anyone could give an effective strategy for this level, I'd be incredibly
    I would honestly like it if you got the strategy through playing the Gamecube
    version, but if you got it through the Xbox version, I may still consider it
    for posting.  I say this mainly because I don't know how much different the
    mechanics are between the two, except that I've heard the Xbox version is
    3: Flag Rally
    You may find this a bit strange.  Others may charge this as an act of laziness.
    I, more or less, see this as an attempt to cut back on blatant repetitive
    actions.  This section will not have as much content as the other two modes
    above, simply because you can apply the same strategy to each level.  The only
    difference is the environment, which I've already covered in the Smack Attack
    section.  I will do only one thing for each level, and that is give the
    locations for the goals and how to get to them.
    Instead of giving you level by level tips for each, I'm going to give you the
    basic strategy for Flag Rally matches that can be applied for quite possibly
    every Flag Rally match.  Do note, though, that there will be some levels that
    may actually have some side notes added to them.
    -Pay close attention to your radar.  You can acutally see each flags' relative
    positions on the radar around the outside of the screen.  Use it to locate a
    flag that you think would be close by and nab it.
    -Try your hardest to stay alive.  The instant you are killed, you will lose all
    your flags.  Be thankful, though, that you can restart as many times as you
    want without any penalty (aside from losing your flags).
    -Become acquainted with the vacuum.  It's possibly the best weapon to use
    during a Flag Rally for one simple reason.  When you use the vacuum on a
    character carrying any flags, all the flags he or she has are immediately added
    to your flags.  However, you can only have up to four, so any more than four
    are left on the opponent.  Now, this is a two-way street meaning the computer
    can just as easily do the exact same to you.
    -Make good use of any weapons.  Destroying others will cause them to lose their
    flags, which measn you can grab them as they drop.  Attacking others can also
    work as a form of self-defense.  It's pretty much kill or be killed in this
    situation.  If you kill a character without flags, that will at least delay
    them from obtaining any for a short while.
    -Make sure you know where the goal is and how to get to it early on.  It really
    sucks having all four flags and not knowing where the goal is.  It's happened
    to me before.
    -You can only finish the level with four flags on you simultaneously.  So, you
    cannot just grab one and take it to the goal, then go grab three more and take
    them to the goal (not really a tip, but more or less a reminder of the rules).
    -Be sure you learn the art of chasing flags.  The flags love to try to maneuver
    away from you.  You need to learn how to keep up with them, especially when
    they make sharp turns away from you.
    -Don't remain still for too long, otherwise you're leaving yourself wide open
    and pretty much aren't gaining ground.
    <<<<Wild Wooly West>>>>
    Goal Location- Near the wooden bridge on which the tracks run.
    Getting to the goal- Cross the bridge and take a left.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Death Valley>>>>
    Goal Location- On a cliff.
    Getting to the goal-  On one side of the arena should be a huge magnet with a
    target underneath it.  Hit the target and have the magnet pick you up and it
    will carry you to the cliff with the goal on it.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Mesa Madness>>>>
    Goal Location- On a piece of land that is separate from the arena.
    Getting to the goal- There should be a huge natural structure in the middle of
    the arena.  Drive up it as though it were a ramp.  Drop off the edge at the
    very top and it should send you straight to the piece of land where the goal is.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Swamp Stomp>>>>
    Goal Location- At the very end of the inclined area.
    Getting to the goal- Head to the inclined area (where the swinging logs are),
    avoid the swinging logs, drive clear to the end and the goal should be there.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Temple of Boom>>>>
    Goal Location- On top of the temple.
    Getting to the goal- Drive up one of the flattened corners of the temple.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Shmoe vs. The Volcano>>>>
    Goal Location- Near the huge blaze.
    Getting to the goal- Drive down to the section of the land where the wall of
    fire comes up and head straight into the goal.
    Notes: This goal can be the most difficult one to get to.  One thing to
    remember is to go at a safe enough speed such that you do not drive right
    through the wall of fire as you head towards the goal, lest you should lose all
    of your flags.
    <<<<Monster Mosh>>>>
    Goal Location- At the end opposite the spider web.
    Getting to the goal- It should be pretty self-explanatory as this level doesn't
    have any higher secret passages or anything like that.
    Notes: none
    <<<<Count's Castle>>>>
    Goal Location- Inside the structure in the middle.
    Getting to the goal- Hit the targe on the outside of the structure and it will
    lower the bridge.  Cross the bridge and you're there.
    Notes: In case you didn't remember, there's another way in.  Near the forest
    area should be a catapult that will throw you over the wall and into the
    structure.  Use that if you have difficulty using the other method.
    <<<<Bohemian Raspberry>>>>
    Goal Location- Near the haunted house.
    Getting to the goal- Cross the wooden bridge and drive around the back of the
    Notes: none
    <<<<Babbling 5>>>>
    Goal Location- Along the outer ledge.
    Getting to the goal- Use the transporter to get onto the ledge, then drive to
    the goal.
    Notes: Make sure you know which transporter takes you to the goal for sure.
    Goal Location- On the other side of the huge building.
    Getting to the goal- Hit the target to open the door, drive down the hallway
    and out onto the other side.  The goal should be there.
    Notes: If you accidentally hit the target in the hallway, stay clear of the
    UFO's beams, as that can cause you to lose all of your flags.
    <<<<Shooting Stars>>>>
    Goal Location- On one of the floating platforms, the one near the meteor shower.
    Getting to the goal- Find the platform that has the meteor shower near it and
    drive off the ramp and to the goal.
    Notes: The meteor shower may be turned on when you get there.  The best thing
    to do is drive around, but not too far away.  Just don't stay still as that
    will make you an easy target.
    Ever since games like Street Fighter 2 gave us the option to choose multiple
    characters, it has been a must to have characters that have strengths and
    disadvantages; characters that excel in some areas, but fall short in others.
    There are some who say that there are no characters in any game that suck,
    there're just characters you don't know how to use... Well, okay so those
    people perhaps haven't played as Ball in Gundam Battle Assault 2.  One thing
    that I will say right now is that it IS possible to finish every level with
    every character.  It is true, albeit hard.
    I will not assess anyone based on Flag Rally simply because how you do on that
    is much more dependent on how good of a player you are rather than how good the
    character is.
    Now remember, these ratings are based solely on my opinion.  You don't have to
    agree with what I say.
    It's not a surprise why many people like Violet.  She's very effective in both
    Smack Attack and Gate Relay.  What makes her so effective in Smack Attack is,
    as with many other characters, her personal weapon.  The Mortar can be actually
    somewhat home in on enemies and help you rack up Smack from a good distance.
    Her stats are very well balanced.  Not only is she fairly fast, but she also
    has very good handling.  This makes her incredibly effective for Gate Relays.
    I personally say that beginners should start out with her for her balanced
    Violet's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 8/10
    Gate Relay- 8/10
    Catch Phrases- 6/10
    Sinder is one of my favorite characters.  Not only is he decent to play as, but
    he's full of nice catch phrases like, "Wanna see my weasel?"  Honestly, I think
    Sinder excels as a Smack Attack character.  The reason being would be his
    personal weapon, the Woodchipper.  I've been able to kill four characters
    within about a two second period with that.  All of them were in one big group
    battling it out and one by one they were sucked in and destroyed.  As far as a
    Gate Relay user, he's not bad.  The only problem I have with him there is his
    brake response.  That and the fact that he's quite easily knocked off balance.
    However, he does get decent enough speed.
    Sinder's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 9/10
    Gate Relay- 7/10
    Catch Phrases- 9/10
    -Foul Mouth-
    Foul Mouth is not the greatest character, but by no means a bad one either.  He
    really doesn't have much of a Smack Attack advantage, since his weapon isn't
    powerful enough.  So, in Smack Attack it's best to make do with what you have
    around you instead.  I'm not saying to totally avoid all the other weapons, but
    don't necessarily go after the Tommygun if there's something better close by.
    He really doesn't leave much of a favorable impression for Gate Relays, either.
    While he does handle very well, he's fairly slow.  You can make up for lost
    time by just destroying those in front of you.  However, the good handling does
    come handy on levels where you must make sharp turns.
    Foul Mouth's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 7/10
    Gate Relay- 6/10
    Catch Phrases- 8/10
    -Dominique Trix-
    Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Dominique.  I don't like the way her car
    maneuvers, for one thing.  It may have a decent amount of speed behind it, but
    it's still hard to turn.  She doesn't seem to have too much of an extra
    incentive to use in Smack Attack.  Her weapon may give you Smack right away
    with the first hit, but you have to wait until they explode to get any more.
    Honestly, I think she's an inefficient character and they really should've done
    something to her handling to make up for dull advantages.  She still isn't
    totally bad to use in Gate Relay, I'd just prefer not to use her all around.
    Dominique Trix's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 6/10
    Gate Relay- 6/10
    Catch Phrases- 7/10
    All around, Flemming isn't bad.  He's actually a favorite for many people next
    to Violet.  When he's going straight, he gets a pretty high top speed.  The
    only problem is he handles corners like absolute crap.  This makes him almost
    ineffective for some Gate Relay matches, particularly Shooting Stars.  However,
    he's got one of the best personal weapons.  His Laser not only adds to Smack
    while it's damaging an opponent, but any opponent that dies from the extreme
    heat adds an additional 5 Smack to his rating, making Flemming a professional
    killer.  I personally like using Flemming in Smack Attack, but almost dread
    using him in Gate Relay.  Remember that weapons can help you make up mistakes
    in Gate Relay mode.  I find his catch phrases actually quite a snoozer, though,
    with exception to a few.
    Flemmings Ratings
    Smack Attack- 10/10
    Gate Relay- 4/10
    Catch Phrases- 5/10
    -B.T. Bruno-
    Bruno is one of my least favorite characters, mainly because of how clunky he
    is.  He isn't all that bad for Smack Attacks.  His personal weapon works nicely
    since it can hit multiple times per pick-up.  His worst quality comes from his
    slow speed.  Honestly, he is the one character I'm going to dread playing
    completely through with. I say go for his special weapon when you can.
    Possibly save Gate Relay with him for last.
    B.T. Bruno's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 7/10
    Gate Relay- 3/10
    Catch Phrases- 2/10
    -Whack Angus-
    Whack Angus is one of my favorite of the hidden characters, actually.  He was
    the first character I actually completed all levels of the game with.  His
    personal weapon is to die for simply because it has a decent range and it
    instantly kills, making Angus a good competitor for Smack Attack.  He's also
    very well used in Gate Relay because he accelerates really well and has decent
    control.  My only real problem with him is his traction, which is pretty low as
    mentioned in the character description section.
    Part of playing with Angus is knowing how to control him so you aren't all over
    the place.  I've literally had problems keeping him from actually driving up
    walls at times or not going in the direction I wanted him to.  I recommend him
    mainly to seasoned vets who can whoop ass with any character.
    Whack Angus' Ratings
    Smack Attack- 8/10
    Gate Relay- 8/10
    Catch Phrases- 7/10
    -T. Wrecks-
    Some people may be shocked to hear me say this, but I hate T. Wrecks.  It's
    mainly because he's got some of the most annoying phrases I've heard someone
    say in any game, and yes that includes the "All Your Base" thing.  As far as a
    driver, he's pretty average for Smack Attack and he seems to suck on Gate Relay
    for some levels, but seems not bad for others.  It mainly comes from having
    somewhat average speed and bad handling.  I've actually driven this guy off a
    cliff where I usually make a nice tight turn with almost any other character.
    I say seasoned vets take Wrecks only.
    T. Wrecks' Ratings
    Smack Attack- 7/10
    Gate Relay- 5/10
    Catch Phrases- 1/10
    -Count Earl-
    Earl is another one of my favorite characters.  Not only does he have a
    devastating personal weapon, but he's got a high top speed with tight handling.
    I highly recommend grabbing his personal weapon because it can home in and
    destroy multiple targets in one blow, plus you get three shots per pick-up!  No
    wonder he racks up Smack so quickly when the computer uses him... For Gate
    Relays, he's awesome mainly because of his speed.  The only problem you might
    have with him is his acceleration and traction. Just be sure you clear anyone
    out of your way as it is a pain trying to get his speed back up.
    Count Earl's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 9/10
    Gate Relay- 8/10
    Catch Phrases- 7/10 (Although I like, "Your Great-Grandfater was a putz too!")
    Brian is another average character.  There isn't much more to him than that.
    He is fairly good in a Smack Attack situation, if you know how to utilize the
    Nuclear Mine. When you get that weapon, I highly recommend placing it in an
    area that would be congested with characters.  Any of them within a certain
    radius will succomb and all the Smack from it will go to you.  In Gate Relay,
    Brian isn't all that good mainly because he isn't that fast and his traction is
    Brian's Ratings
    Smack Attack- 8/10
    Gate Relay- 5/10
    Catch Phrases- 7/10
    /  SECTION 6: FAQ  \
    Note of Indication: The "rendering movies" are not the same thing as the
    "finale movies."  I've gotten several e-mails answering the rendering movies
    question, but telling me how to view finale movies.  Your intent is
    appreciated, but I figured I'd put this up.
    Q: Is there really a difference in characters you play as?
    A: Yes indeed.  Some of them do handle different and drive at different speeds.
    However, it should be noted that the differences aren't quite as radical as
    those in Twisted Metal.
    Q: How do you unlock new levels or weapons?
    A: Completing certain events.  For instance, if you don't have cluster bombs
    activated, but you go into an event that has cluster bombs in it and complete
    the event, you can unlock cluster bombs for every level.
    Q: What would you say are the best weapons?
    A: In terms of non-specials, I'd say the axe and the boxing gloves.  There are
    some others that are pretty good, but those two are my personal favorites.
    Q: Are there any hidden characters?
    A: Yes.
    Q: How do you unlock them?
    A: By completing every level in a character's area.  For example, to unlock
    Whack Angus you must complete all of the desert levels in Smack Attack, Flag
    Rally, and Gate Relay.
    Q: Is this just another Twisted Metal clone?
    A: No, it's quite different actually.  See Section 1B for more.
    Q: Do you unlock anything special for complete every level on every mode?
    A: No.  I just did so [years ago] and I didn't get squat!  I did unlock Brian,
    but that was only because I had completed all of his areas.
    Q: How do you unlock special weapons for regular usage?
    A: According to CodeHunter64, you must finish every level with a given
    character to unlock his or her special weapon.  For instance, if you finish all
    36 levels with Whack Angus, you will unlock the Cleavers as a regular weapon.
    Now, there's a question as to whether or not this is truly worth doing.  That
    is up to you, but remember this: If you want to unlock every special weapon,
    you'll pretty much have to do 360 levels (so to speak).  That's 10 characters,
    3 modes with 12 levels, making 36 levels per character.  Yep, that's a lot!
    Personally, I would say only do it with your favorite characters or ones you're
    really good with.
    Q: Aside from the four level-bound hidden characters, are there any others?
    A: I don't think so.  There are no special weapons for any other characters on
    the weapon screen that I've noticed.
    Q: How does this differ from the Xbox version?
    A: According to CodeHunter64, the Xbox version is supposed to be harder and it
    actually has realistic shadow effects.
    Q: How do you unlock Flag Rally Mode?
    A: Complete any four Smack Attack or Gate Relay levels.
    Q: How do I view finale (not rendering) movies?
    A: Go into Options.  Select "View Progress."  At the bottom of the screen for
    the six original characters, you can see finale movies.  There are none for the
    hidden characters.
    Q: It says I unlocked some rendering videos for some characters.  Where do I
    view them?
    A: Still not sure.  I'm still looking into it.
    Q: You indicate which weapons are best used in certain modes.  Does this mean
    that I should avoid a certain weapon in a certain mode if it's not best for
    that mode?
    A: Not necessarily.  In Smack Attack, you're going to need all the weapons you
    can get.  You can grab the crappy weapons until you find the better weapons.
    All that's important is racking up Smack there.  The only time I could say that
    you really want to avoid grabbing weapons, depending on where they're placed,
    would have to be Gate Relay because you need to stay on course and going out of
    your way to grab a weapon will only put you behind everyone else.
    Q: What's the difference between a special weapon and a personal weapon?
    A: Both are the same.  I use the different terminologies for flavor.
    /  SECTION 7: LEGAL BIT  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2002-2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    Thanks to the following...
    Jason Venters and HonestGamers.
    Everyone at NeoSeeker.
    EA Games for Cel Damage.
    Chris and Cheat Happens.
    CodeHunter64 for the information on unlocking special weapons and other
    recently submitted info.  Many apologies on the name.  It's been many moons
    since I've seen a good night's sleep.
    Cadaverian for giving some info on the Freeze Ray.
    Broodbath3 for the info on videos.
    DragonNoah for some info on Violet.
    Cheat Planet for delivering yet another great cheat site.
    (c) Joseph Shaffer 2002-2010

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