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"Change or Die, Seriously!"

Battlecry- I waited forever to get a real impression of what it was to pilot a veritech and I have to say that this game pretty much gets it down.

Eye Candy: 9
Cel shading was a good call for this game; it sticks with the cartoon theme. The details are well done also; lines in the panels of veritechs are shown along with well made shadows of the mecha. The colors are bright and vivid and that's exactly what I expect.

Finger Fumbling: 8
The VF handles like a dream...for the most part. I have a few gripes with the guardian not being able to fly in reverse and the speed control of G and F modes. The contols are easy to remember and work pretty smoothly from one mode to another. This really comes in handy when using manuevers that require more than one mode. A fave tactic of mine is to fly in with missiles blazing off and then switching to B mode and strafing an enemy at high speeds.

The Game Play: 8
I would really like to have seen a better radar/targeting system. Battlecry's is ok, but it's almost as bad as that targeting system in Rogue Leader...They would do well to look at the targeting system in AceCombat3: Electrosphere.
Electrosphere drew a line on screen to show you where the enemy was. It also had the ability to look in any direction and use that to track an enemy. The target/radar problem really shows up in the Trial by Fire mission when you have to track the movement of the Cat's Eye.

Ear Treatment: 8
The music has weird transitions sometimes, and I would've liked it if they kept the original theme and used the remix as well. Still, the music helped to make me feel as if I was in an episode of Robotech. Ulpio Minucci would be proud.

The Great Closer:
Battlecry is great overall. It presents an unusual challenge to players of all types; the ability to transform is both an obstacle and an asset. The game was made to represent the combat abilities of the VF and I have to say that they did a good job of it. The VF is a ground-pounding robot, a high-performance fighter, and a VTOL aircraft all wrapped into one and even more. The VF in Battlecry is what they said it was in all those episodes of Robotech. For fans of the series: BUY IT. For those of you not so familiar: RENT IT...then if you like it, BUY IT.

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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