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"Amazing....Pure Amazing...."

Gameplay 10/10

Robotech: Battlecry is a fast pace action shooter that takes you into the Robotech universe and does a hell of a job at it! I never was interested in the anime, but after playing this game, I wouldnt mind checking it out more deeply! Dont forget the game comes with the first episode!

Basic gameplay includes that you can transform into 3 different fighting modes (V-Tech, Guardian, Fighter) to accomplish certain mission objectives in around 46 levels. Weapons consist of regular gunfire and missiles (which have infinite ammo). When you are playing, thats when you relize how important quick reflex and strategy is in this game. This game is probably one of the most addicting and fun games I have ever played!

Each form of you cam take on has there pros and cons. The V-Tech (The one that looks like a giant robot) has even fire power and speed. The unique thing about this form is that you can enter sniper mode, which is very powereful against the Zentradi Forces you will be fighting against. The Guardian is a direct combination of the V-Tech and the Fighter forms (It looks like a Robot, except it has the nose of a fighter jet). This has more speed, yet less firepower than the V-Tech. Something unique about it is that in this form you can pick up items (in some cases, people) in the grasp of your arm. The final form known as the Fighter mode (The Fighter Jet) has amazing speed yet does not have such strong firepower as the other forms. Something unique and great about it is that it carries heavy missiles that do double damage than the Guardian form. Something interesting about all the forms is that they all have the boost function which allows you to go faster, yet with not much control.

Graphics 10/10

The game is cel-shaded beautifully and is probably the best example of what cel-shaded games can introduce in video games. You really do feel like you are in the anime and you are helping and impacting the story. Purely amazing!

Story 10/10

Robotech: Battlecry is based on the classic anime ''Robotech'', mostly known for the ''Macross Saga''. It begins in the future, when a strange Alien vessel lands on Macross Island. After awhile, Earth relizes that the vessel belongs to a huge alien race called the Zentradi, who are 50 foot giants. They worry that probably they are planning a invasion of Earth, and eventually devise a counterattack known as the Robotech Defense Unit. They take parts from the vessel and devise amazingly powerful fighting machines known as V-Techs. You are a young name Jack, who has a tragic past, who enrolls into the Unit. Then the day comes where the Zentradi come to Earth to reclaim the vessel and cause havoc. Thats where you come in...and you know what to do...

Sound 10/10

EXACT sound fx from the anime. Very nicely done, from hearing your V-Tech turn your enemies into swiss cheese, to the sound of your V-Tech exploding because you did something stupid. lol.

Multiplayer 9/10

Now while multiplayer is really good, I still think they should have at least thought of putting a co-op play into the game. I was praying that they would include it but unfortunatly, this game is not co-op compatible. Oh well! Multiplayer is still very good!

Replay Value 10/10

From Story to Multiplayer mode, This game will keep you coming back for more for a looong time!


This game is VERY good. If you have the money, get your a$$ up and buy the game! 46 missions is going to be keeping you coming back for a looong time!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 11/03/02, Updated 11/03/02

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