FAQ/Walkthrough by azraelswrd

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/18/03 | Printable Version

Version 1.4
by Azraelswrd (azraelswrd@hotmail.com)
created: 4-23-02
last update: 4-18-03

This document is Copyright 2002 Azraelswrd

This is a document made for the free and by the free and it should stay that
way.  If you want to use it, please let me know first.  Otherwise, its for
anyone who loves to play the games for the love of games and not for profit or
personal gain.


I.    Update History
II.   Introduction
III.  Game Controls/Gameplay
IV.   Mission Walkthrough/Specifics
         1.  Search for Justice
         2.  Warehouse Hunt
         3.  Birth of a Hero
         4.  Oscorp's Gambit
         5.  Subway Station
         6.  Chase Through the Sewer
         7.  Showdown with Shocker
         8.  Vulture's Lair
         9.  Vulture Escapes
         10. Air Duel with Vulture
         11. Corralled
         12. Scorpion's Rampage
         13. Coup D'Etat
         14. The Offer
         15. Race Against Time
         16. Razor's Edge
         17. Breaking and Entering
         18. Chemical Chaos
         19. Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon
         20. Escape from Oscorp
         21. Mary Jane Kidnapped
         22. Face Off at the Bridge
V.    Secrets
         a. Secret Store
         b. Play as/in
VI.   Cheat Codes
         a. visual changes
         b. other functions
VII.  Other Things
         a. Green Goblin
         b. Pinhead Bowling
VIII. Combat Combos
IX.   Frequently Asked Questions
         - #2 Golden Spider (Web Hit) location walkthrough
         - VULTURE'S LAIR walkthrough
         - Secret on BIRTH OF A HERO
X.    Acknowledgements
XI.   Hosting Sites

4-18-03   Ver 1.4
          Added a walkthrough on Chemical Chaos

1-4-02    Ver 1.3
          Updated and expanded my explanations on Vulture's Lair, the WEB HIT
          combo location.

7-5-02    Expanded on how to get HIGH WEB HIT.  Deleted VILLAINS section. 
          ALL the golden icon level locations in VIII. Combat Combos.

6-18-02   Added some cosmetic additions; added FAQ section

5-23-02   Minor adjustments (added Force Crawl and corrected an omitted credit)

5-13-02   Found a different location on COUP D'ETAT for golden spider

5-3-02    Added some more sites to the HOSTING SITES list

5-2-02    Ver. 1.2
          Added a list of site where this FAQ is being posted (with permission)
          Included where to get ADVANCED IMPACT WEBBING

4-26-02   Added a blurb about Alex Ross Green Goblin in the "Secrets" section
          Some minor tweaks to the Mission tactics

4-25-02   Ver. 1.1
          Added secrets on "Warehouse Hunt" and "Breaking and Entering"
          Expanded "Chemical Chaos" and "Escape from Oscorp" descriptions
          Included a list of Combat Combos
          Made a Villains section
          Corrected my misuse of term "HK" which are the robot spiders

4-23-02   Finished Version 1.0 of FAQ

This is a guide based on the Playstation 2 version of the Spider-Man: The Movie
game.  It was released on April 18th, 2002 and to rather mixed feelings from
gamers.  Some people feel that it is too much like its two predecessors and
others gripe about the quirky camera controls.  Nonetheless, I still feel that
the game has its merits and the problems that do arise are systemic of almost
all contemporary 3-dimensional adventure games.  Even Lara Croft has had her
"bad days" in Tomb Raider.  However, there's so much going for this game that I
wrote about it.

This is a Walkthrough for each mission with codes/secrets listed at the end. 
If this is not what you want, then stop reading already...

And by the way, I wrote this up in an hour so don't expect any miracles if
that's what you're looking for.  I also didn't want to copy anything from a
guidebook or another FAQ.  If I don't know something, then I'll let you know. 
I also give credit where credit is due, because that's just the smart thing to

I think I've covered most, if not all, aspects of the game such that you can
get through all the missions and find everything you may need.  However, I
won't hold your hand through ALL the hard parts.  That's where you have to use
your own brain and figure some things out.

The game gives you the choice of the old system from the old games (CLASSIC)
and a new system (ENHANCED).  I prefer the Classic system, but the Enhanced has
two cool exclusive options:

1) Web Twirl - spins victim overhead and does damage to anything close
2) Advanced Impact Webbing - bigger ball o' web

~  =  do the next action very quickly
,  =  pause a little before the next action
+  =  at the same time

OK, here's the default controls:
TRIANGLE = shoot web
SQUARE = punch/pick up civilian/hit button
CIRCLE = kick
X = jump/throw
R1 = zip-line (fastest move for Spidey)
R2 = web swing
L1 = lock on
L2 = <unused>
left analog = can be used for movement
right analog = look around
push into L3 = force Spidey to crawl on ground
push into R3 = sniper target sighting (used best with R1 for zip-dashing)

R1 + direction = zip-dash
R1 + TRIANGLE = zip-attack (big explosion on impact)
L2 + R1 = the Yo-yo spidey (can lower or rise to/from ceiling)
X~X = high double jump

X during Web Swing = break the web line
X~X during Web Swing = evasive back-flip in mid-air that also breaks the line
SQUARE or TRIANGLE during Web Swing = swinging attack
SQUARE or TRIANGLE during jump or in air = diving cannonball attack
Jump or Web Swing then TRIANGLE = laser webbing (this is MY name for it!)
hold down X after breaking web-line in mid-air = Riding the <insert villain>

down + TRIANGLE = web yank towards
down~left + TRIANGLE = web yank left
down~right + TRIANGLE = web yank right
up + TRIANGLE = impact webbing
left + TRIANGLE = web gloves
left, left, TRIANGLE = advanced web gloves
right + TRIANGLE = web dome
right, right + TRIANGLE = advanced web gloves

L2 + TRIANGLE = impact webbing
L2+ hold down TRIANGLE for a few seconds = advanced impact webbing
L2 + SQUARE = web gloves
L2 + SQUARE, SQUARE = advanced web gloves
L2 + CIRCLE = web dome
L2 + CIRCLE, CIRCLE = advanced web dome
L2 + X = web yank towards
L2 + X, left = web yank left
L2 + X, right = web yank right
L2 + hold X, left, then rotate direction counterclockwise = web twirl CCW
L2 + hold X, right, then rotate direction clockwise = web twirl CW

(*note = web twirling is NOT easy and best with the left analog stick control*)

Here's my rundown through all the missions.  The tactics are also just my own
recommendations and there are other ways to solve each one.  That is up to the
player to discover.

For each mission, I listed the bonuses that can be earned in addition to the
PERFECT life bonus and STYLE bonus.

- PERFECT is whether or not you go through the mission without getting hit.

- STYLE is based on the "variety" of attack combos used and how successful they
are in combat (hit/miss ratio).

#1 Search for Justice
Combat: defeat all 16 thugs
Secret:  Find the woman and get her purse
Go directly left from the start and then a little north.  You'll know when you
can hear the women scream.  Save her and then go north from her position
towards the billboard that says Latvania on it.  The purse is here.  No go back
to her.

Gold Spiders:(1)FIELD GOAL (2)WEB HIT
1) Underneath the stone eagle where you start the game.
2) Go far right (3 buildings) then go up and right a little (2 buildings) . 
Its on a very tall building with 2 thugs and lots of air conditioners and
little sheds.

Nothing much here.  I recommend doing the Secrets and getting both gold
spiders, then hunt down all the thugs on this level so you get all the points

#2 Warehouse Hunt
Stealth bonus
Secret:  Area behind the wall of crates in the second room with 2 thugs then 3
more come out.

It's in a hallway at the very beginning.  Can't miss it.

The first area is almost all shaded ceiling, so take advantage and zip up all
the thugs here.  Now, get to the other room but watch out!  There are two
guards in here, so be sneaky and take out one guard then the other.  Now get
inside and fight the other 3 thugs hidden in a shed.  Get into the other room
and announce yourself and fight some more.  Bait the forklift and get into the
air ducts to find the fuse.  Not too hard to figure out.

#3 Birth of a Hero
BOSS: Uncle Ben's Killer
Time bonus
Must sneak past the 3 guards and inside the small room. (walkthough in FAQ

Gold Spiders: (1)ADV. WEB DOME (2)HANDSPRING
1) In the secret area.
2) En route to fight the boss.  In the middle of a corridor.  Can't miss it.

Another straight forward mission.  Just use your new found HANDSPRING combo and
jump A LOT to dodge the bullets.  You do have the opportunity to battle a group
of 6 or so thugs, so be careful.  When in doubt, WEB-DOME!!!

To fight the Killer, use the ceiling then use the zip-attack to get close, then
use the Handspring.  Watch out for his shotgun and flash grenades.  He dodges
impact webbing so don't waste your time.  He is very quick for a normal human,
so be prepared to engage close!

#4 Oscorp's Gambit
Secret: defeat the HK's
Must be on Hero or better.  Little blue-glowing spiders appear out of thin-air
near/on the Met-Life building, Treyarch, the one with the Basilisk movie
billboard or any building with a ledge on it and a blue or red spider icon
nearby.  Swing past an icon and see if they appear. If they don't, then they
probably won't appear there.  Keep going from building to building ledge and
rooftop.  You need to defeat a lot of them (at least 6) without dying.

Gold Spiders:  none

First, follow Peter's advice and start swinging.  Target the red balloon and
follow the directions (swing, web break and swing, attack balloon, pop
balloon).  Get the photo sets and then activate the blue-red icon.  Now defeat
the drones.  They're not too bad and can be killed with any aerial attack
(punch, kick, web laser).  On HERO or SUPERHERO level, HK spider-drones guard
the icons so watch out.  Destroy a lot of them to get the secret bonus.

#5 Subway Station
Time bonus
Secret: none
1) After you beat up at least 3 thugs on the first cop, go far up and to the
right.  It should be in the sunken area.  Get this while the first cop is

2) When you start this level, you come running in from a sunken stairwell
flanked by two smaller stairs on each side and debris on the ground where
Shocker blew out the wall.  At the other end of the station is another sunken
stairwell but WITH NO DEBRIS.  This is where you need to search for the icon. 
It will be above you, under the stairwell, on the left side so just hit your R1
to zip-up to get it.  Safest time to get this is after the cell phone rescue.

Just save your allies and blitz through the baddies.  Nothing special or
difficult here.  Only hard part may be the first civilian inside the room.  He
tends to get beaten up quickly so be sure you get to him fast and first!

#6 Chase Through the Sewer
Time bonus
Combat:  kill all thugs (at least 20)
Secret:  Unlock the room underneath the electric wires
After you go through the big pipe, look up and left.  There's a small room with
a switch.  Activate it and then go back to the water drainage area (same room
with valve) with the electrical wires.  There's a room underneath.

1) On top of the sewer pipe where Shocker's man pulls the valve off
2) In the secret area.
3) In the area where the gate closes behind Spidey there are 3 doors (2 lower
and 1 upper level).  Defeat the thugs until you find the key.  Unlock the lower
left door.  (You must be using ENHANCED mode or you won't find this)

Lots of thugs to beat up on.  Pretty straightforward.  Some guys have keys or
key items.  Just defeat them to get it and proceed.  Watch out for the enemy
thugs as most use their guns now and some even have grenades.  When in doubt,

#7 Showdown with Shocker
BOSS: Shocker
Time bonus
Secret:  get the golden spider

Gold Spiders: UPPERCUT
After you move the train and up the stairs, zip dash into the water and it will
float by quickly.

The hardest part of this mission is reaching Shocker in the subway tunnel.  You
need to use your zip-dash effectively here or you're never leaving alive.  Use
the gaps between the four tracks to bait Shocker into firing, then swing and
zip-dash to close the distance.  On easy, you can take 4 shots.  On Hero, only
2 before you expire.  Another trick that works is to use your web domes when
you're about to get hit by a shockwave (submitted by Tim Foggie).  The only
thing is that you must get ready to leave a corridor ASAP or Shocker will
follow up with another shot quickly.

After that, just release the train car and follow the path for the battle with
Shocker.  He fights in a simple pattern.  He either jumps up and down or runs
around then fires.  Occasionally, he'll do a cyclone attack that sucks Spidey
in and does a lot of damage.  Just run away from the cyclone and then attack
quickly with impact webbing or, if close, a combat combo.  Shocker is dizzy
after his cyclone attack.  You can also shoot him with impact webbing whenever
he lands from a jump or if he fires and misses you.

#8 Vulture's Lair
Time bonus
Secret: none
Gold Spiders:  GRAVITY SLAM
Underneath a stairwell.  (there's a walkthrough to find it in the FAQ section)

A maze-style puzzle where you need to navigate a broken set of stairs to make
it to the top, but need to dodge planted mines, killer spiders, and
delayed-fuse bombs.  Halfway up, Vulture will blow up a large section of the
stairs.  After this point, there will be a break in the stairs that will lead
you to the gold spider.  At one point, you'll need to drop down to go up. 
Vulture's bomb will blow open the blocking passages and give you a way to go
down the central tower.  Spidey will make a comment about Quasimoto and indoor
decorators.  This is your clue that you're on the right track.  When you're
about 3/4 of the way up, Vulture gets really testy and lobs A LOT of bombs as
well as spider-bombs and mines.  Use your R1 for speed and escapes.

*note: I've included an in-depth walkthru for this level and put it in the FAQ
section (IX.) if you still have trouble getting through it.

#9 Vulture Escapes
Time bonus
Vulture proximity bonus (just get close enough to attack him in the air)
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders:  none

Follow Vulture around town.  He throws mines and feathers behind him.  He also
tries to stall by shooting a billboard and water tower.  Just land and web them
up (land and hold down TRIANGLE) and follow him some more.  You can get closer
by using the fast web swing and using your kicks to drop altitude quickly.

#10 Air Duel with Vulture
BOSS: Vulture
Time bonus
Secret: none
Gold Spiders:  (1)STING  (2)DIVE KICK
1) After you force Vulture down twice, it should appear on the ledge of the
building.  Just have to look for it.
2) At the very top of the building.  Don't get it until you see the rain stop,
or the lightning will kill you.  Also make sure Vulture is down or he'll shoot
feathers that will knock you down.

Just swing around and beat up on Vulture.  He throws bombs and shoots feather
darts so be careful of his range, plus he also does a kamikaze style charge. 
Stay above him and do the kick or web laser him until he lands, then use your
melee combos.  Don't do more than one or he'll hit you as he recovers.  You can
also throw him like Goblin by using the air throw [hold X after breaking the
web-line over his head and land on him] (submitted by Tim Foggie), but I prefer
to use hit and fade techniques (safer).

#11 Corralled
Protected Scorpion life remaining bonus
Secret:  go on ramp between 2nd and 3rd levels
Gold Spiders: ADV WEB DOME (yes, this also was on #3:BIRTH OF A HERO!)
  in the secret area

You've got to save Scorpion and destroy all the robot spiders or HK's.  They
are annoying as they can shoot electricity, throw bombs, spit fire, and even
kick you with their little legs (OW!).  Recommend web-yank to get them close,
web-trap any that are threatening Scorpion, and any long range melee combo
works well here (handspring, tackle, haymaker).  Impact webbing is too slow and
doesn't do enough damage to justify wasting the web fluid.  Web gloves are a
good investment as these buggers are tougher than the average thug.

#12 Scorpion's Rampage
BOSS: Scorpion
No Pickups Used bonus (don't get any health/web items during fight)
Secret: none
Gold Spiders: TACKLE
It should be on the broken column that Shocker shot down in previous level.

Back in the subway station, so there's plenty of room to swing and fight in. 
Scorpion has three basic attacks: weak tail laser, strong tail laser, and melee
attacks.  His tail laser is about as strong as your laser webbing.  You can see
him charge up for his strong laser.  Just dodge it and attack him with some
impact webbing.  When he's on the ground, you can even engage him with some
melee combos, but HANDSPRING and TACKLE are recommended only as the others
leave Spidey too vulnerable to a counter attack.  When Scorpion is on a wall,
just shoot him with laser web shots, or wait till he gets on the ground.  You
can't web yank him down.

#13 Coup D'Etat
Time bonus
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders:  LOW WEB HIT
On very top edge of the building Spidey starts at.  Get it after you save MJ.
(If it's not here, look for it on the Helipad on the building where you left MJ
to safety)

First save Mary Jane on the panda balloon.  Then get the gold spider if you
want it.  Now beat up on Green Goblin until he runs away.  He's going for the
tall building/tower.  You can actually head him off and land there and wait. 
After he hits four support pylons, you need to web them up before time runs
out.  Afterwards, you need to beat up on him some more until he runs away
again.  Now get to the bridge between the two buildings.  I just swung ahead of
him and landed on a plank underneath the bridge and waited.  After he nails two
support struts, web them up and engage GG again.

#14 The Offer
BOSS: Green Goblin
Time bonus
Ride Goblin bonus
Secret: none
Gold Spiders:  FLIP MULE
In the room with the first close quarter battle (CQB) with Green Goblin.  Near
a door.

The first part is an aerial battle.  Try to land on him by holding down X or
jump and then punching him till he throws you off.  It's a lot of fun!

When he has about half life, he will crash through a ceiling and then you need
to fight in close.  Be warned:  Green Goblin has the melee skills of Jackie
Chan on PCP so be very careful!!!  I tended to play it safe and shot him with
impact webbing and laser web shots. Don't rely too much on web-dome to escape
danger as Green Goblin will pick you up and body slam you faster than you can
say "The People's Champion"!  The laser webbing is good because it can stop his
grenades and bombs in mid-flight.

After he gets to about 20% life, he leaves.  Then you fight some more in the
air.  After you beat him down, he'll enter a room full of transformers beaming
with electricity.  This is a tight room so your zip-dash and double jumps are
your best escape moves.  Use your impact webbing for maximum effect.  This is
probably the hardest Green Goblin fight you'll have to contend with.

#15 Race Against Time
Time bonus
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders: none

A scavenger hunt, with you going up against a horde of drones with a countdown
timer while you look for the bombs.  Use your compass to guide you and look for
the beam of vertical light.  That's where the bomb is.  Try to evade the shots
and punch the bombs to turn them off and keep moving.  There are about 6 bombs
that you need to diffuse.  Remember to hold down R2 for the faster web swing.

note: This level is similar to one from Spider-Man 1

#16 The Razor's Edge
R-bats destroyed (destroy another swarm after you meet the required kills)
Remaining Health bonus
Pickup Used bonus (you must land and get some Red or Blue icons)
Secret: none
Gold Spiders: none

This is a real fun mission, but can be difficult if you don't watch yourself. 
Just swing back and forth (with some key dodging) and destroy the required
razor-bats.  I prefer to use laser webbing head-on but web swing plus kick is
also a good way to plow through a swarm.  Don't worry about Green Goblin, as
you can't shoot him.  Once you meet the minimum kills, run for the construction
yard and hit the blue-red spider icon to end the level.

#17 Breaking and Entering
Time bonus
Stealth bonus
Secret:  Crawl into the elevators after you clear the very first hallway.  It
should be the one on the far left.  However, it won't tell you its a secret
until you finish the level and see the score.  There should be a red spider
icon inside.  To play it safe, just go into all 3 elevators.  (thanks to

Gold Spiders:  HIGH STOMP
In the first room, near the active computer

This is almost totally stealth based, so dodge the guards and cameras.  Stick
to the ceiling and watch for dark spots.  The first thing you need to do is
locate the five computers and get the keycodes.  There are five codes and 3
rooms of computers, so keep track of which rooms you been to.  If you are
discovered, supersoldier robots are sent after you.  You can either hide or
just run and locate the next computer then hide.  Fighting the robots is a
waste of time and life.  The computer rooms are all adjacent to one another so
you don't need to search far.

After you get all 5 keycodes, find the security room (follow the compass) and
input the proper keycode sequence.  Use the colors/lines as a clue to how they
match up and in what order.  Once you've unlocked the door, mission complete.

#18 Chemical Chaos
Time bonus
Secret: none
Gold Spiders: (1)PALM  (2)HEAD HAMMER
1) Above the door after you unlock A and B reactors.  On the ceiling
2) In a room between C and D reactors.  There's nothing else in here.

this is a walkthrough for safety and getting a PERFECT bonus
(for the TIME bonus, just avoid being sneaky and zipline all the time):

Leave the room with Dr. Antower and go into the hallway.  Watch out for
the guard in the hallway and DO NOT let the cameras spot you.  I prefer
to walk on the ceiling.  If a guard or a camera (green light) spots you,
it will summon supersoldiers.

Directly ahead of Spidey should be a hallway with LOTS of cameras.  Go
down the parallel hallway (with the red icon on the floor) until you spot
the small blinking light.  Those are door panels that you can open by
shooting your web at or by using punch.  I prefer to use webbing since
you can do it far away.  Open the door as the guard walks off and run

Now you're in a big hallway with LOTS of blue laser tripwires.  Touch
them and the alarms will go off.  Just stay on the ceiling and use your
R3 web-aim and use your R1 zipline to get past them (I call this the R3-R1

Further down the hall are more tripwires and cameras.  Again, just use the
R3-R1 technique to fly down the corridor.  Once you get to the end of the
tripwires, Antower will contact you via radio about you being close.

Go and turn into the first left hallway (there should be 2 blinking door
panels and a camera).  Enter one of the rooms with the blinking light
and Antower will tell you that you have to reach all 4 control rooms, but
you need to go to the reactor room after you activate two of them.  The
first room (farthest down the hall) is "A".  The other room is "B".  Now go
into the middle room (between "A" and "B") and Antower will tell you again
what to do.  Now walk up and activate the RIGHT panel (it has "A" and "B"
on it).

Go back out to the hallway and enter the room at the end of the hallway.
It should a large room with bookshelves, 4 cameras and sensors on the floor
and ceiling.  What you need to do is avoid the cameras and find a spot where
you can zipline onto a bookshelf into the area with all the sensors but is
safe from the cameras.  Now zipline to the door on Spidey's right (it's
underneath a camera so be careful).

This large room has a red spider just in case.  Now follow your compass and
go thru the next blinking door.  This laser tripwire scheme is a bit sneaky,
so be patient and do the same R3-R1 technique to get past it.  Now this
strange hallway has 3 blinking lights on doors.  Go to the one that your
compass is pointing to and activate "C".  Again, follow your compass to
the next door and activate "D".

Now, you won't be able to open it, but Dr. Rue will come along.  Attack
him and grab his keycard and activate "D".  Supersoldiers are EVERYWHERE
now and are never-ending, so run/swing/zip back to the reactor between
"A" and "B" (just go through the tripwires, bookshelf room, and run!!!)

#19 Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon
BOSS: Super Mech
Time bonus
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders:  none

Time to fight the Metal Gear wannabe.  There are 10 generators dispersed in the
room.  Six are on the robot, and the remaining four are on the catwalk on the
opposing wall.  Watch out for the mega particle cannon, as it will fire when
you're too far.  There's also a bunch of drones flying around that never seem
to miss with their guns.  Kill them too.  The super robot also has an array of
missile launchers and laser turrets, but they're slow to track so just keep
moving AND dodging and you'll be okay.

#20 Escape from Oscorp
Kill Supersoldier Robots (at least 10)
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders:  HAYMAKER
Directly in front of you as the level starts.  Move quickly and prepare for the
Supersoldier attack.

Move quick and watch your tail as you'll constantly be harassed by the robots
again.  Since the alarms are already blaring, just move it!  Find the control
computers to lower the defense lasers in the far right end of the hallway you
first enter, or you're dead.  Once inside the security office, turn off the
computer and blow the glass and jump down.  There are a few lighted switches
that will lead you back into the original hallway.  Now its a gauntlet so swing
for your life!

#21 Mary Jane Kidnapped
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders:  none

Another "follow the leader" mission.  Just watch out for the mines he throws
behind him.  Sometimes, Green Goblin will go around a skyscraper, so watch for
where he is leading so you can try to cut him off.  On Hero and Super-Hero
level, this is a MUST!  Otherwise, you will lose him and the mission.

#22 Face-Off at the Bridge
BOSS: Green Goblin
Secret:  none
Gold Spiders: none

Rescue Mary Jane at the top of the bridge first by getting her to safety.  Now
just engage old Goblin.  He will sometimes fight on the ground, while his
glider attacks from the air.  This is when laser webbing comes in handy.  You
can engage with hand-hand combos but GG is way too fast and does a four hit
combo that rarely misses and does a lot of damage.  It's better to stay far and
fire impact webbing or laser webbing against him.  Repeat until he falls.

10,000 = unlocks Pinhead Bowling
20,000 = unlocks Vulture movie
30,000 = unlocks Shocker movie
50,000 = unlimited web fluid

Peter Parker = beat game on Easy or higher
Wrestling suit = beat the game on Easy or higher
Alex Ross suit = beat the game on Normal or higher
Green Goblin (as Harry Osborn) = beat the game on Hero or higher

If you use the Alex Ross Spider-Man suit (from the Secret Store) then whenever
there is an in-game cinema scene with the Green Goblin, he will be wearing his
Alex Ross version NOT the movie version.  I like this better, but I'm not a big
fan of the Alex Ross Spidey suit.  I still like the Alien Symbiote or 2099
costumes from the other games.


visual changes ONLY
girlnextdoor   - Play as Mary Jane in red dress from movie
hermanschultz  - Play as The Shocker
serum          - Play as Peter in Lab Coat
knuckles       - Play as Thug 1  (SKULL with red jacket)
stickyrice     - Play as Thug 2 (SKULL with brown jacket, backward cap)
thugsrus       - Play as Thug 3 (SHOCKER's masked goon, purple with suspenders)
captainstacey  - Play as a Motorcycle Cop (reminds me of the T-1000 from T2)
freakout       - Play as Hoverglider test pilot
realhero       - Play as Police Officer (looks like the ones in Subway Station)
joelspeanuts   - Enemies have big heads
spiderbyte     - Spider-Man is really small
goestoyourhead - Spidey has big head and big feet

other functions
arachnid       - Unlocks All Combos and All Movies
organicwebbing - Unlimited Web Fluid
koala          - All Fighting Combos Unlocked
romitas        - Enables <Next Level> Feature on the In-Game menu
imiarmas       - Enables all levels in LEVEL WARP
dodgethis      - Matrix Attacks (slowdowns with powerful hits)
underthemask   - 1st Person Mode (really hard to play in)
chillout       - Super coolant (for Goblin's glider - reduces heat)
headexplody    - Enable Bonus Training Levels

(so don't ask!)

A neat little secret feature.  All the controls are listed in the game.  Here
are some things to remember when using him.

1) He can summon up to 5 razor bats.  They are easily destroyed and do little
damage, but can swarm an enemy if he's stupid and slow.  They also repair items
for those types of missions.

2) His glider can't move backwards.

3) Goblin runs really fast with TURBO RUN!

A mini game that is kind of cute, but gets boring really fast.  In the game,
hit the "?" for Bruce's explanation.  Basically, once you cross the foul line,
don't hit anything but left, right, and kick.  Otherwise it will automatically
give you a zero.  That includes gutter-balls.  You can play up to 4 players. 
Unfortunately, you have no choice on the outfits.  You play as Peter Parker,
Spidey Wrestler, Spider-Man default colors, and Shocker goon in black.

Here is a list of the combos/specials Spidey can do if you find the GOLDEN
icon.  For locations on icons, I would refer back to the walkthrough section
above.  The number in parentheses is the level in which they are found on. 
DEFAULT means you already start with them.

P  = punch [SQUARE]
K  = kick [CIRCLE]
W  = web shoot [TRIANGLE]
J  = jump [X]

PPP  Dual Fists    DEFAULT           KKK  Mule Kick      DEFAULT
PPK  Field Goal    (1)               KKP  Uppercut       (7)
PPJ  Gravity Slam  (8)               KKJ  Flip Mule      (14)
PPW  Web Hit       (1)               KKW  Low Web Hit    (13)
PKP  Sting         (10)              KPK  Scissor Kick   (5)
PKK  Backflip Kick (2)               KPP  Elbow Slam     DEFAULT
PKJ  Palm          (18)              KPJ  High Stomp     (17)
PKW  High Web Hit  (5)               KJJ  Tackle         (12)
PJJ  Dive-Bomb     (6)               KJK  Handspring     (3)
PJP  Head Hammer   (18)              KJP  Haymaker       (20)
PJK  Dive Kick     (10)

Web Gloves         DEFAULT
Adv. Web Gloves    (6)
Web Dome           DEFAULT
Adv. Web Dome      (3 or 11)
Web Yank           DEFAULT
Impact Web         DEFAULT
Adv. Impact Web    (6 *enhanced mode only*)

OK, cuz someone asked for it and here it is:  (note:  these aren't quotes from
the actual questions - they are merely paraphrases from the MANY e-mails I have
received since I made this FAQ).  These are merely the more popular questions,
thus "frequently asked".  All of these questions can be solved by reading
through the stage-specific summaries listed earlier.

Q)  I can't find the other golden icon on the first level!  Where is it?
A)  There are 2 Golden Spider Icons on this level.  The first is directly below
you when the level starts.  This is FIELD GOAL.  Now the other is WEB HIT and
it's behind some buildings/shacks on a rooftop located on a tall building
approximately 3 buildings to the right and up 2 more buildings from the
starting point.

- go back to the starting point atop the gargoyle.

- turn right and face EAST (towards the ocean and the sun on your back) and
start swinging until you land on the VERY tall building with "L" shaped
structures sticking out towards you.

- turn left until you're facing NORTH (with the ocean on your right) and swing
up.  Go to the short building with the steam coming out of the two vents and
land there.

- Now look up (NORTHEAST of your current position) for the medium height
building with the 2 thugs on the roof AND the tall AC units (They make it look
like alleyways on top of a building if you're walking in it because the AC
units are so tall)

- Once the guards are taken care of, look for the icon in a narrow part of the
"alleys" at the northern end of the building.

Q)  On the Vulture's Tower and I'm stuck!  HELP!
A)  Ah yes, I've had about 10 queries on this subject alone so I've made the
following walkthrough to help:

- go up the stairs.  Dodge the spider bombs, grenades and proximity mines.

- keep going up and left, until the stairs and entire floor explodes and burns.
 Climb/zip past it and watch out for the swinging flaming timber piece.

- keep going up and left, until you see a proximity mine on the wall.  There is
also an opening (O1) into the central tower area.  Go into this opening.  There
is a light bulb nearby that flickers on and off to help identify this opening.

- Inside the central tower, look around and up towards the opposing wall and
climb into that opening (O2).  You will emerge under a stairway that has been

- If you need a "red" spider icon, go right.  The right path is blocked off,
but bombs will be lobbed and will DESTROY the blockage.  Just jump out of the
way.  Go down the stairs to the right until you're facing (O1) again.  More
bombs will be tossed and destroy the nearby left stairway, allowing you to get
the "red" spider icon.  Go back to (O2).

- At (O2) zip up and left.  There should be a proximity mine near you.  Avoid
it.  There is another destroyed stairwell so go left on this floor.  There is
another opening (O3) but it leads to nothing.  Keep walking left.  Grab the
"gold" icon for the GRAVITY SLAM.  When you are blocked off to the left, zip up
and move to the left.  There is an opening here (O4).

- Go into the central tower area and zip up towards the high left opening (O5).
 You will emerge from under a broken stairwell.  The left and right paths are
blocked off, so go up and over to the left.

- Keep walking left until it is blocked off, then zip up.  You will notice the
"red" icon in the central tower and another opening (O6).  Go into the central
tower and grab the icon if necessary, and drop down and see the opening hidden
down and to the left (O7).  There will be a "blue" icon as you emerge from

- go up and left on the stairs.  Keep going left and you will notice a "red"
icon under your stairway but you can't reach it.  Keep going left and the music
will change and more bombs will drop rapidly!  Keep going left and dodge the
plethora of spider-bombs, grenades, and proximity mines. There are some "red"
icons along the way if needed, but its just a slow steady (or quick dodging
pace!) climb to the end.

Q)  Where's the secret on BIRTH OF A HERO (level 3)?
A)  It is in the small adjacent room in the larger room guarded by three thugs
in the beginning of this level.  However, you must reach the room by NOT BEING
DETECTED!!! Otherwise, more thugs appear from this room.

Still having trouble getting to it? This is a very difficult one so bear with
me.  Here's my rundown:

Zipline into the air shaft, work your way down the shafts BUT DO NOT JUMP INTO
THE ROOM!  Slowly peek out from the vents until you can see the thugs below in
the large room below.

There are a total of 3 thugs in here.  Two wearing ORANGE and the last wearing
BLACK.  Now, when you see the guy in BLACK he has his back to you (!!!!!). 
This is where you want to be when you enter the room.  Jump or zip down and
make sure the crates are on your left side.  There is a large stack of crates
that block you from the other ORANGE thug.  The BLACK thug should be on your

Zipline to the ceiling.  Now face the crates in the far corner and then zipline
to the far corner THEN QUICKLY drop behind those crates.  Why?  There's a
SECOND THUG IN ORANGE around the corner and he will see you if you're not

Now, QUICKLY turn right and you will see the large BLUE QUESTION MARK in the
hallway.  The small room is directly to the left of the QUESTION MARK so
zipline towards the small room.  When you get near it, the door will open. 
Move in and there's the GOLDEN ICON!!!!

If you miss the golden icon here, you have another chance to get the icon on
Level #11: CORRALLED in the secret area.

>Gamefaqs for the information on the cheat codes
>Sony for a good game
>Marvel Comics for a great hero
>Activision and Treyarch for a job well done in a game

I also want to thank everyone with their positive thoughts and contributions:
>Machina, HeroicSpiderman for the 50K secret
>dcaresch for the secret on "Breaking and Entering"  (I would probably still be
killing myself in the supersoldier room...)
>Flood725, Eduardo Olvera, THESMARTONE321 for sending me the "Warehouse Hunt"
>Timothy Foggie for all the tactics and secrets I didn't think of
...and the many others for their input on the FAQ!
>My "friend" for putting up with my gaming! :P

I'm writing this guide for two reasons.  1) I have time to waste and 2) I like
Spider-Man and noticed a lot of people asking the same questions on the
GameFaqs board.  Hopefully, this will alleviate some of those problems.

Consider this an accumulation of information.  I checked at GameFaqs and ALL of
the information I have listed in this FAQ can be found there as well on the
message boards.

If there are any questions or concerns, e-mail them to me at: 

I don't have plans to update unless something comes up...

I've added this section because of all the requests by other parties for my
FAQ.  If I missed a site, just let me know and I'll add it in the next update.

www.gamefaqs.com (I will update through this site ONLY!)

"Good Luck True Believers!"  - Stan "The Man" Lee