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SPIDER-MAN: THE MOVIE for Playstation 2 Walkthrough, Secrets and other handy 
Version: 1.0
By: mob boss76    (mob_boss76@hotmail.com)
Created: 6-5-02
Last update: 6-5-02

This is a document made for Spider- Man: The Movie on PS2 and is completely 
free. Nothing out of this document should ever be copied or stolen before 
asking for my permision first. I will gladly give any PART of this 
walkthrough if you ask to put it on your site etc. Just to reinforce this 
document is not for me to gain a profit.

On to the walkthrough......

I. Update History
II. Introduction
III. Game Controls and the Basics
IV. Walkthrough/Detailed discriptions of levels.
	1. Search for Justice
	2.Warehouse Hunt
	3. Birth of a Hero
	4. Oscorps Gambit
	5. The Subway Station
	6. Chase Through the Sewer
	7. Showdown with Shocker
	8. Vulture's Lair
	9. Vulture Escapes
	10. Air Duel with Vulture
	11. Corraled
	12. Scorpions Rampage
	13. Coup D' Etat
	14. The Offer
	15. Race Against Time
	16. The Razor's Edge
	17. Breaking and Entering
	18. Chemical Chaos
	19. Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon
	20. Escape From Oscorp
	21. Mary Jane Kidnapped
	22. Face Off at the Bridge
V. Secrets, Costumes and other stuff
	i.Things to Unlock in Secret Store
	ii. Controls for Hidden Character.
VI. Game Cheats.
VII. Golden Spider hidden combo buttons.
VIII. Training Modes
IX. Frequently Asked Questions
X. Facts and stories about Spider-Man and his enemies collected from 
	Dr. Octopus
                Green Goblin
XI. Thanks people on helping me make this FAQ/Walkthrough
XII. Goodbyes

=======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======
6-5-02		Finally started this FAQ/WALKTHROUGH after a month of thought.

6-6-02		I finished basic controls and started Level guide.

6-7-02		Finished Secrets, Hidden character controls, training modes, secret 
store and some bios and Golden Spider Buttons.

6-8-02		Finished all bios, added to frequently asked questions, finished 
some more levels.

6-9-02		I finished all Golden Spider Locations.

6-10-02		I finished some levels and finished all the Bonuses in levels.

6-11-02		I did a few THE WAY I DID IT sections.

6-13-02		Finished, and am posting it.
==========================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======
Hi, my name is Brett Parton and I wrote this guide. It is a guide for the 
Playstation 2 version of Spider-man: The Movie game. I love this game and so 
I decided to write this guide because I like it so much. Spider-Man is a 
very old comic book character that has now 3 video games, yes 3 if you 
didn't know. The two others are on PSONE and PC, but this game has decided 
to start again following the basic concept of the new Spider-Man movie.

Ok, This guide is to tell you secrets, hints, guides etc. about Spider- Man: 
The movie PS2 Game, so if this is not what you want or you don't want to 
know how to do the levels, learn the secrets and want to find out about the 
game yourself stop reading now.......

=======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======
Spider-Man gives you two options when you start a new game; classical 
controls, and enhanced controls.
I love the enhanced controls for the simple reason it allows 2 really cool 

1. 2x Advanced Impact Webbing. (this is considerably stronger than the 
normal Impact Webbing)
2. Web Twirl (this spins enemys around for a while when hanging on the 
ceiling over them)

Default Controls:
Triangle= shoot web/ fix broken objects
Square= punch/pick up things/ open doors and activate panels
Circle= kick/ throw object fast
X= jump/throw
L1= Camera Lock on
R1= Zip-Line
L2= not in use
R2= Web Swing
L3= Press to make Spidey crawl on the ground
R3= Press to enter look around mode (basically a sniper sight)
Left analog stick= Movement
Right analog stick= look around with out the aimer
Double X= High double jump
Double X during web swing= Break line and do a cool back flip.
X during web swing= Break the web line.
R1 + triangle= explosive zip-line (spider-man is covered in web while doing 
a zip-line which damages an enemy.
R1 = any direction= Zip-line to the direction your moving.
Down + triangle= Web yank
Left + triangle= Web gloves
Left, left + triangle= Advanced web gloves
Up + triangle= Impact webbing
Right + triangle= web dome
Right, right + triangle= Advanced web dome

L2 + circle= Web Dome
L2 + circle, circle= Advanced Web Dome
L2 + square= Web Gloves
L2 + square, square= Advanced Web Gloves
L2 + triangle= Impact Webbing
L2 + hold triangle for a sec= Advanced Impact Webbing
L2+ X= Web Yank
L2+ hold X and press LEFT then spin anti clockwise with analog= Web Twirl 
L2+ hold X and press RIGHT then spin clockwise with left analog= Web Twirl 

=======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======
Finally, we are here the Walkthrough. Now this guide here just explains how 
to do and finish every level. I have finished the game on every difficulty 
with Spider-Man and the Green Goblin so don't worry I know what I am doing. 
Now I show where to get the Gold Spiders, how to get the secrets and how to 
beat a level.

I show you what each of the bonus points that are available in a mission, So 
lets get started.........

Gold Spiders: 1. Field Goal- Right underneth you when you start the level.
	         2. Web Hit- Go right 3 buildings from the start, thenthen go 
forward a little then right 2 	             buildings it is on a building 
with 2 thugs.

Perfect- This is farely easy, just swing by the buildings with thugs and 
impact web them. But if you want to take the chance go down and knock them 
off one by one, never take on 2 or more.
Combat- All you have to do is defeat all 16 thugs in the level so go to 
every roof top and find them.
Secret-There is a lady on a building with 2 thugs around here, just go left 
from the start and then go high up (it is kind of a tall building)and then a 
little bit to the north. Now when you beat the thugs she talks and says she 
lost her purse. Now the purse is just north a bit, there is a billboard on a 
buiding, (The building is a low one) the purse is behind the billboard.
Style- This is how good your techniques are. My suggestion is: Get the 
golden spiders first now go up to the thugs and start using those moves and 
umpact web and the web yank, thats all i got.

Ok, well it is the first level, so: They are always easy, I got the two 
Golden Spiders, Found the secret and beat up all the thugs using the style 
tactics I stated above, and when it got to the go to the warehouse scene I 
just went. So I got all the bonuses except for perfect in one run.

Golden Spiders: 1.Backflip kick- This is in the first hallway, there is no 
way anyone could miss it.

Stealth bonus: This is easy when you come to the first big room, as soon as 
you enter web-zip up. Now use your Impact webbing and web yank to beat all 
the thugs in this roomm, if you beat them all without it saying stealth 
failured you'll get the bonus. Hint:(stay in a shadowed place.)
Secret: When you beat the first big room, go through the roller door, and 
beat all the thugs, now when you beat all the thugs around the corner as 
well, you will see boxes to your left, there is a small gap in the boxes in 
the top left. This is the secret.
Style: For here use your newly found backflip kick, web hit and feild goal. 
Another good way is to use you web gloves it makes fighting easier and it 
gets style when you use them. Remember when being surrounded use WEB DOME.

First, go down the hallway and get the golden spider, now enter the big room 
and web-zip up in to the shadowed area. Now defeat the thugs while on top of 
the ceiling in the shadows using impact webbing and web yank. Now when they 
are defeated drop down and go into the next room using the roller door, as 
soon as you enter do a back flip kick to hurt 1 or 2 thugs now beat everyone 
here and go to the secret (read above). Go to the roller door watch the 
scene now get on a rafter and grab the web refill. No do web gloves and jump 
down and start fighting, once they are all gone go to the corner of the 
room, it is right infront of the truck. Walk in here and a thug will scream 
die or something like that. When this happens jump into the middle of the 
room(the large room)and beat the guy who comes out of the folkcliff. Now you 
will see fire web-zip past this point and go into the vent now from here 
work your way around this place beating up the guys until you get to the guy 
with the fuse. Get it and then go back to the control panel. It will open 
the roller door. Go back down to the roller door and beat all thethugs that 
come out of that new room,(web dome works really well)When they are gone, go 
through the door that opens. Level complete!

Golden Spider: 1. HandSpring- This is right after the steam vents in the 


Time: Well this is obvious, just finish the level really fast.
Secrets: Sorry, Check other guide
Style: As always just mix it up use the hand spring alot in the big room as 
well as web dome and web gloves.

Ok this is pretty straight forward, go up the ventilation and go to the 
first room beat all the guys and go in the room with the steam pipes now 
web-zip past them and get the golden spider when you run down, now go in the 
big room and there will be 6 or 7 thugs here beat them all and get the key. 
Now go through the door in one of the corners of the huge room. Now grab the 
health and go to the stairs and web-zip up them. Now when you get to the 


Now the killer is a farely easy boss but is hard on hero and super hero. 
What you do is before you enter the room, activate web gloves. Now enter the 
room and do a hand spring to get in his face, now with the web gloves keep 
punching him, this will take off most of his health. When the gloves fall 
off, just kick him a few times and he should be down.
The Killers Weapons:
1. This guy has a very powerful shotgun so keep jumping to dodge it.
2. He has some flash grenades which can blind you, so use lock on so you 
don't lose track off him.
Golden Spiders: NONE

Perfect: For this all I can say is keep jumping so you don't get hit by 
there lasers.
Defeated HK's: You must be on Hero or Super Hero to have any of these little 
purple Spiders come up. You have to beat all of them, they are around 
pickups. ie.health spider, web spiders. A trick is to beat all except one 
flying enemy so you can get the HK's with out 4 light mechs coming after 
Style: Now this is a tricky one. I suggest when swinging repeadedly use 
laser web and impact webbing to hit when you run out of web go get some and 
wait for the mechs to come and use web dome.

Ok just follow Spider-Man and do all the camera stuff. Fine, I will tell 
you, when he says start swinging go straight forward and swing, the camera 
should take pics. Now keep going forward listening to him speak and  camera 
lock on to the floating balloon, do some swings and all that, the camera 
should take pics. Now when he speaks lock on to the the balloon again and 
fire webbing at it, the camera should start taking pics when you do that. 
Then just follow your compass to the spider. Now at the start there will be 
one light mech so just hunt it down use your laser webbing because they can 
dodge impact webbing. Now when the others come, swing straight by them and 
use impact webbing. If your close to them when you do impact webbing they 
probably won't dodge it. A swing kick is also very effective. JUST KEEP IT 

Golden Spiders: 1. Scissor Kick- From the start go forward until you get to 
the stairs on the opposite side of the start. Now at the bottom of the 
stairs turn right and go over the wall to get the spider.
	             2. High Web Hit- From the start go to the stairs opposite of 
the start again, but now keep going forward not up the stairs but down the 
passage leading down. Now look to your left and in the corner is the spider.

Time: This is a tricky one, Firstly you should always go with the people you 
are fighting with or civilans who are getting beaten. Bad guys tend to go to 
them first.
Perfect: This is farely easy, just go through to level either hanging on the 
roof attacking web, or swinging and kicking and using web.
Style: just like all the others, just mix it in with what attaks you have 
learned so far and remember web gloves are big points.

Now imidiately go down and help the poor security guard and beat up all the 
thugs that come here. Now when he goes away safe, follow your compass to the 
poor civilian and security guard, when you see the security guard go take a 
right in to the room with the civilian, because he does not fight back he 
gets hurt faster. Now when the thugs here are all gone. Go and run straight 
through to the big hall and save the guard here. Now watch the clip and go 
and save the civilian about to be crushed. Put him in the target. Now follow 
your compass through that tunnel part, when you beat all the thugs in this 
bit and the two guards are ok, LEVEL COMPLETE.

Golden Spiders: 1. DiveBomb- Above the sewer pipe Shocker runs through.
	             2. Adv. Web Gloves- After you go through the pipe with dive 
bomb above it, look to the upper left behing you. you should see a gap in 
the wall, get up there and go into the room and flip the switch. Now go back 
through the pipe you entered, fall down and it should be cut in half. Now go 
through the oppened door.
	             3. Adv. Impact web- When you get to the last huge room, beat 
all the guys and get the key now go to where you have to flip the switch at 
that bootom pit. There is a room down there that has the Spider.

Time: Just get through here really quickly.
Secrets: You just have to get Adv web gloves(see above)
Combat: You must defeat all the guards in this place, there are a lot.
Style: Normal thing, try to use all of your moves you have ever learnt at 
least once to get the bonus.

Straight away do Web Gloves, now beat up the two guys. Now around the corner 
is a guy with a uzi and has protection so he is fairly hard, I recommened 
web- gloves and web yank. Now get the key off this guy and now go through 
the door, go up the sewer bit and if you are playing on hard or higher there 
will be a guy straight to your left at the end of this small sewer bit. Now 
go through here and go right now there will be a guy to your left and right 
so WEB DOME. Now when they are beat go down the hall to see a big round room 
and hole in the middle with a path a cross the hole. Now as soon as you 
enter this big room there will be a guy running at you beat him. Now jump 
down and go to the lowest floor on the outside in the wall. There are two 
guys with uzi on this bit, so Web Yank. now when those two guys are gone. On 
that same level there is two control panels. Flick both of them to open the 
ground floor door. Now when you go to the ground floor there will be a guy 
who has armor and is tough so watch out. Now go through the door and, when 
you see another sewer stream turn to your right there will be a guy in the 
corner, go up the sewer stream. Take a left at the end of the stream, now 
there will be an FMV. Now 2 guys will run at you beat them, grab the golden 
spider, and go through the room opposite where you came in. There will be a 
few guys in here so watch out. Now beat the guy with the shiny handle (very 
easy to see) and grab it. Now follow your compass to that tap. The sewer 
should stop running, go through. Now there will be two guys when you exit 
the small tunnel beat them, now go around the corner to the right of the 
room and you will see another guy at the end of this little pool. Beat him 
and go around the corner, now just keep following the path until you get to 
a room with a stream it the middle. Now once you are there go get in the 
stream and go through the door. Watch the movie, and now beat all the guys 
here. once you beat them, heaps more guys will come out so beat them, now 
one of them should drop a key, if not go forward on the bottom floor and you 
should see a big hole in the floor(unmisable), the guy is in there. Now when 
you get the key go down in this hole and open both doors, one will have a 
golden spider the other will have a switch to open the last door, flick it 
and go up top, then through. LEVEL COMPLETE.


Golden Spiders: 1. Uppercut - When you move the tain go to the bottom of the 
stairs, now go in to camera lock mode and web-zip up the stairs on to the 
next wall. Now as soon as you reach the wall fall down and you should be in 
a drain thing. The Spider will float by. You Have To Be QUICK.

Time: Beat Shocker really fast.
Perfect: Always keep moving, never stop. And with the subway tunnel bit, use 
your web dome to block the shocks, and don't hold it down, as soon as the 
front bit off the shock hits the dome, break it and start running again.
Secrets: just get the Golden Spider
Style: Now, use the web dome to block his shocks in the tunnel. now when you 
have to fight, i suggest always swinging and web impacting. Then when he 
does a tornado, wait till he finishes and then he will be dizzy so do a web 
gloves, better yet Adv. web gloves, now punch the crap out of him. that 
should be good for style.

Now when you watch the FMV you should notice shocker firing blasts, and when 
this happens his spider-sence goes off and he dodges it. This is the same 
when you are running up the subway tunnel. When his Spider-sence goes off 
use your web dome, now as soon as the front bit of the blasts hits you break 
the dome the middle of the blast won't hurt, now you can probably do web 
dome 3 times and then you run out of web by this time you should be able to 
see Shocker. Take one of his blasts and then web-zip to him. Now when he 
runs off, look at the last gap in the subway tunnel walls, one gap will have 
life, Now when you are good, hit the switch to the left of where Shocker 
fled through. Now the train should move. Go up the stairs. And go to the end 
of the sewer through the door and then to the other door at the other side, 
now the real battle.
When the movie finishes go around the room and look for web, now always keep 
swinging he does not fire blasts if you are moving. Now when he does a 
tornado thing and finishes it, stop swinging fall and go to him now do Adv. 
Web gloves and keep Punching him. He is dizzy after doing te tornado so 
don't worry. When he gets back up, swing away and repeat the above process.
The Shockers Weapons:
All this Coushin has is some Shock rings or something around his hands that 
fire Shock Blasts.

Golden Spiders: 1. Gravity Slam- About half way up, there is a hole in the 
wall this is the one you HAVE to go through. Then once through you will see 
2 sets of broken stairs go through the second one and around the corner will 
be the Spider.

Time: Just climb the tower really fast
Perfect: Get through the tower unscaved!!!!!, This is best left until you 
unlock the secret character.



Ok just keep running up the tower and when you get to the bit where Vulture 
blows up the part of the tower,  go half way up the stair case you are on 
when the FMV starts, when you are in the middle of those stairs imediately 
web-zip up and crawl on the ceiling until you get to this main base bit. Now 
go up two stair sets and you should see a hole in the wall, go through it 
now look to your upper right and go through this hole.

Now go up the broken stairs (right infront of you). When you go up the 
stairs, you should see another set of broken stairs go through them and 
around the corner, you will see a hole in the wall DON"T GO THROUGH IT!!!!!. 
Instead keep going on and look up for a hole in the roof. Jump up through 
this hole and go around the corner to see another hole, go through it.

Now when you go in the hole look behind you then look to your upper right, 
go through this hole. When you exit this set of stairs you should see broken 
stairs go up them, now keep going around the two corners. Now look up again, 
there will be a platform and a hole in the wall when you look up. Go through 
the hole and then the next one, Which is to your left.

Now go up the broken set of stairs and keep going. Just keep going up the 
stairs. Now you should get to another main base. Climb the stairs here and 
it will start to get tricky. Not tricky in a maze.
You will be bombarded with mines, spiders and grenades. Just keep jumping, 
zipping and swinging . Here it is all straight forward, there is no maze at 

At first you will think this level is long, but I have mastered it. I can 
get 1:30min on Hero. So it ain't that long.
Golden Spiders: NONE

Time: Keep up with vulture and finish the level fast.
Perfect: Dodge some of the things vulture throws, a good thing is to keep 
above him.
Vulture Proximity: You have to be close to vulture the whole time to get 
this in full.

Not much to say here. So, hold down swing and follow vulture, always hold 
swing to go faster, use triangle to web up anything the vulture breaks in an 
attempt to slow you down. watch out for his thing that he throws. And stay 
above him and you don't need camera lock, just fllow the green wing trail.

Golden Spiders: 1. Sting- Ok on the building there will be concrete things 
sticking out, and underneth them are corners that stick out. The Spider is 
on one of them.
	             2. Divekick- At the very top of the tower you will see a 
pointy bit the Spider is on there. I recomend knowcking Vulture down and 
then Web-zipping up there.

Time: Beat vulture fast.
Perfect: Just stay away from him and use your laser web and you should be 
style: Get him with Impact web in the air, then on the building hit him with 
web gloves and use a few special combos.


Now you will start swinging automatically, so I say go get the Golden 
Soiders, and now start swinging do a camera lock on him aswell. Watch out 
for his darts, he also somethimes charges green and then flyes really fast 
at you that does heaps of damage, so keep camera lock and then canon ball 
kick him. Also use your Impact web. Now whe nhe goes on a side of the 
buiding get down there do two times Adv. web gloves and punch the hell out 
of him. now he will do one of those charges when he takes off so watch out. 
That is pretty much it. Oh and there is heaps of web and life refillers on 
the building.


Golden Spiders: 1. Adv. Web Dome- Get up to the second level of the parking 
lot. Now there will be a tunnel going up to the third level in one of the 
corners. The Spider is there.

Secrets: Just get the golden Spider.
Protected Scorpion: This is determend by how much life Scorpion has left.
Style: There is many ways in this, I suggest getting the golden sppider and 
then use the Adv. Web dome, It will get heaps.

First get the spider in front of you. Now just help Scorpion. Follow him, 
Spiders go for him mainly. Go and get the golden spider and then use the 
Adv. Web Dome on them it works great.
All I can Say is that this is a hard level on hard or higher.
Easy: 10 Spiders
Normal: 20 Spiders
Hero: 30 Spiders
Super Hero: 40 Spiders

Golden Spiders: 1. Tackle- At the start start swing and go to the far left 
side you should see it floating above some boxes.

No Pick Up's Used: Obviously, just don't use any pick ups.
Style: I suggest getting the Golden Spider and then using tackle on him it 
is a great move. When you do it and knok him on the ground you can do it 
over and over always knocking him back over imediately. Also web gloves is 


First go get the golden spider. Now scorpion is probably gonna be on the 
wall once you get the spider, so impact web him. Now once he is on the 
ground use Tackle(from the spider you just got) over and over on him, what 
happens with this is when you use tackle it always knocks him down and if 
you use it again before he gets up it will still hurt him again even if he 
is on the ground. Now just kepp at it.

Golden Spiders: 1: Low web hit- This thing is in three places. 1. on top of 
the building you start on. 2. The on the helipad on the building to the left 
of where you put mary jane down. 3. Hovering to the East of where you start. 
I is hovering on a small building with a metal box.

Time: Finish really fast.
Perfect: Just stay away from Gobby, and fire Web at him.
Style: Use your Web and a tip is: when you see goblin and break web then hit 
kick to fly kick him, instead of that hit X and you will jump on Goblins 
glider, Now hit punch over and over to hit him in the head, when he starts 
to throw you around just hit X again to jump off.

First go down and get Mary Jane, now put her down on the target. When the 
clip is over, you will be swinging again, now:

First right after you save mar jane, all you have to do is hit him like 
twice and then he will say: "your boring me Spider-Man". After this follow 
him and then once you get to a place where it is a big building he will 
throw a bomb and try to kill the people below, so to stop the top of the 
building falling go up to the bars and web them up, once you web all four 
the timer will go away. Now fight him a little bit, and he will run again. 
Now follow him until you get to a bridge overpass thing, he will blow 2 
holders of the bridge so go down and stand on the platforms and web the 2 
things up. Now fight him a little more, now he will run again in to a open 
space bit, now just fire webbing and kick him. When his life is gone he will 
run away and the level is complete.


Golden Spiders: 1. Flip Mute- In the first building vulture falls in. It is 
right in front of some red doors.

Time: Beat him really fast.
Perfect: I can't say much, I haven't got this, so make your own way, SORRY
Ride Goblin: See style in my last level.
Style: Stay with him and try to ride him twice, Use your tackle move when he 
is on the ground.


Now as soon as you start try and jump on him, now use your web-lasers and 
impact-web. Keep trying, soon he will go into a building. Now go get some 
health if needed, then follow Goblin in. Now use tackle and handspring only, 
if you use anything else, Goblin will instantly counter attack. Now when he 
has half his life left he will fly outside again. Now just use your normal 
midair attacks. Now he will go into another building, before you go in use a 
double or normal web gloves, now jump in. He will be right below you now, 
just punch him a few times or tackle him. in this place you will be in a 
electic chamber so don't touch any of the electric conductor or you will get 
hurt. Just stay outside the electic bit. Also tackle and handspring are 


Golden Spiders: NONE

Time: Just get to the last one with about 5 seconds left and you should get 
Perfect: I haven't got this one, sorry. It is those DAMN light Mechs.

First jump and start swinging, now go to the buiding infront of you, ow 
press square on the thing with a lightcoming from it,. that is the bomb. 
Pressing square on it will disarm it. Now once you have the first one, all i 
can say is to hold down swing button. because it is all in how you swing. 
Follow your compass. Ok, Full description it is:

When you disarm the first one, turn around and a LITTLE to the left, you 
should see heaps of lights and a small building. Go to this building and 
disarm the bomb. Now when you do that look to your left and you should see 
two buildings a light and a gap between the buildings, go through this gap 
and follow the compass to the next bomb. Now when you get here and disarm, 
keep going forward following you compass to the next bomb, now disarm this 
one, this one should of had heaps of lights around the buiding. Now keep 
following the compass and get to the next one which has a billboard infront 
of it. Now when you disarm this one and you should go left and between the 2 
buildings. Now the next bomb will be on a buiding with nothing on it. When 
you disarm it a helicopter with a light will come, so get out of there. Now 
follow your compass and disarm the last bomb. YAY, LEVEL COMPLETE

LEVEL DIFFICULTY: 9/10 on hard.   On Easy: 7/10
Golden Spiders: NONE

Remaining Health: Just have at least 3 quarters of your life left when you 
finish the level.
Pick Ups used: Only use 1 or 2 pick ups in the whole level.
Style: A good thing is to round up all of the bats in to one place then 
land, now do a adv web dome and it should get heaps of points, also do 
tackle on the bastards.

Now when you start swinging get somewhere on a buiding, now, just wait for 
them all to gather around you(most of them). Now do Adv. Web dome and you 
should take out like 20, just keep finding web refills and repeat the 
procedure. Now when you kill 50 go and follow your compass to the 
construction place. LEVEL COMPLETE.

Golden Spiders: 1. High Stomp- This is in the first computer room, it is 
near the first active computer, You can't miss it.

Time: do the level really fast.
Perfect: If you beat the level without setting off the alarm you should be 
Secrets: Now when you get to the second room, past the long hall way. 
Web-zip to the other side of the room and then go to the last elevator on 
the left. it should have a health refill. (note: It won't say "you have 
found a secret area")
Stealth Bonus: Just finish the level without someone rasing the alarm.

Now as soon as it starts go through the ventelation ducts and get to the 
hallway. Now imediately jump on to the roof and you will not be spotted just 
crawl along the roof until you get to the other end of the hallway. Go 
through the doors, now as soon as you enter go to the shadow to your left. 
Now when the camera passes enter the door to the left of where you came in 
the room. Now you will be in a room with a set of stairs, just go up them 
and then through the door. you will see a little movie about the codes, now 
when you gain control imediately web-zip up to the ceiling. Now the first 
computer is in the left corner at the end of the room. Now just go to the 
shadows and when the spider face is shaded the guards won't see you. Now 
when you get to the first computer wait for the guard to be at the other end 
of the room and now drop down and press square on the computer to start the 
search. It will take a while, now when you have it imediately web-zip up to 
a shadow. Now from this computer go right and you will eventually get to the 
second computer room, now there is 2 computers needed to go to in this area. 
Once you have both go to the end of this room (it is next to a on computer) 
and go through the door. Now there will be another set of stairs go up them, 
but when you get to the door open it slowly, there is a camera right above 
you, now when the light passes a bit run to the end of the room and web-zip 
up. Now there is the final 2 computers here. Once you get them follow your 
compass to the end door. Now when you get to the door you will have to enter 
the code here it is.
The numbers go in order of how you are to enter the code:

                           5.                            4.                  

                                2.                          3.

Golden Spider: 1. Palm- This is in the second big room it is past where 
there are lasers and cameras. It is just above a door.
	           2. Head Hammer- There is a room right infront of room D, it is 
in there.

Time: Just beat it fast.
Perfect: If you can do the level with out setting off the alarm then you 
should get perfect.

Ok, first go through the door and imediately web-zip up, now stay in the 
shadow and web-yank the guard and then beat him. Now take the path to the 
left, there should be health in the middle of the path. So now keep going 
forward. There will be a guard in the next bit. Beat him. Now go through the 
door and don't move, imidately web-zip up. There will be a laser wall right 
infront of you. Now on the ceiling go into look around mode and wait for the 
lasers to move out of the zip line path. Now web-zip into the darkened 
corner right before the cameras. Now get on the ceiling, now go over to the 
cameras and you will see another, more wonkey set of lasers, you can just 
web-zip through the hole. Now once through it you will here the professor 
talking, now follow your compass to the first control room. Actvate the 
thing in the control room your in, then go out of the room and follow your 
compass to the second control room, activate that one. Then exit that room 
and go through the big door in between the two control rooms. Go into the 
weird room and the activate only the right turminal. Exit the huge door 
room, now follow your comass to a door with a golden spider above it. Go 
through the door. Now you will see a huge laser room thing, first web-zip up 
to the ceiling, then web-zip to the door in the laser feild without touching 
the lasers. Go through the door, now go around the room in the middle to 
find a door that goes to another room with lasers that move. Go through the 
lasers without touching them. Now follow your compass to the next room. Go 
in and hit the switch now go out and follow your compass to the next room. 
When you try to enter room D it will say it is locked. So wait for Dr. Rue 
to come, now wait until the super soilders pass. Then one Impact web should 
kill dr. Rue. Now grab the key card and enter the door, activate the switch. 
Now just run like hell to the room with the big door. Now activate the left 
switch this time. LEVEL COMPLETE


Golden Spiders: NONE

Time: I found this to be easy, got the bonus first time through the game, 
just follow my guide.
Perfect: Very hard, I suggest using the walkway that is at the top of the 
room, it is right above the Big robot.
Style: Try to use, Impact web and laser web to get the generators, now when 
the generators are gone. Get on to the part of the robot you need to. Now 
when standing on the part, use Adv. web Gloves. Now do a punch combo and 
this should beat it, if not do two different combos, that will win.

Now you will be swinging so imediately camera lock on to a generator on his 
back, use your impact web to take them out. Now once you have all four 
generators on his back. Camera lock on to a generatoer on the outside walls. 
Once you get all four of these, head over to the robots mouth bit, there are 
two generators here. Now get on the thing that opens when the generators are 
gone. Just punch and kick the air when you are on that thing that opens, it 
will die quickly. LEVEL COMPLETE

Golden Spiders: 1. Haymaker- Leave the first starting room and you will see 
it right infront of you.

Perfect: Very, very, very hard. I suggest leaving this one till you unlock 
the secret character.
(see secret character section)
SuperSoilders Killed: You must defeat 10 Super Soilders to get this bonus.
Style: Well if you have been following the guide all the way through you 
should have all the combos so, this is easy, just mix it up.

Ok as soon as you leave the white room, run into the hallway and turn left 
now you will be bombarded in missiles by super soilders(don't stealth, they 
already know where you are). Now at the end of the left hallway, turn right 
and you should see two doors, go through them, now you will be at a panel 
place, go to the big panel, hit SQUARE on it. Now it should turn off either 
the guns or the Lasers, I can't remember. Now exit this room and go back in 
to the main hallway. Now run to the other end this tim and you should see 
another door when you turn left. Go through them and hit the switch. Now 
with the lasers and the guns off go down to the first computer room in 
Breaking and Entering. Now you will see a door covered in lasers, there is a 
switch directly opposite of the door. Hit the switch and that will bring the 
door down. Now go through and jump over the stairs now enter this room and 
then when you see the laser door just go up to it and press square. It 
should slowly open, now go through the door and jump then start swinging for 
your life, there is probably 10 supersoilders that come out. But as soon as 
you get to the end of the hall way it will all be over. LEVEL COMPLETED

Golden Spiders: NONE

Perfect: Watch out for the many of Green Goblin's bombs he drops, other than 
that just keep your eye on the bombs and do not have camera lock on Goblin.

Firstly, you will start following Goblin right behind him. Now all I can say 
is that just read my Vulture Escapes Guide. The only differents is that it 
is night, he is faster and he does not break anything to slow you down. JUST 

Golden Spiders: NONE

Bonuses: None


I personally think that THE OFFER was harder than this fight. So if you beat 
that with flying colors than your gonna be okay. Now first don't get Mary 
Jane, I found that if you go get her straight away, when you are about to 
pick her up the goblin shoots you and kills her in the process. So swing 
around a bit and then when the goblin is flying around some where go get her 
and put her in the spot. HINT: Don't swing around to long or the fire will 
kill her anyway, now for gobby.

Now, when he is flying around get above him and break web, now when you are 
falling press X and you will now land on goblin's glider if you were 
position right. Keep hiting punch to whack him in the face, keep pressing 
punch over and over until Goblin grabs you and throws you around, when this 
happens press X to jump off. This will take alot of life off him, but don't 
do it more then twice, soon he will imediately grab you as soon as you jump 
on. Now just keep laser webbing him and fly kicking him until he is on the 
ground. Now I recommend not going on the ground and giving him a fist fight, 
because: 1. He is better than you, no doubt about it. 2. When he is on the 
ground his glider will attack you aswell. So just keep swinging and Impact 
web him. Repeat the process and you will soon beat him. LEVEL COMPLETE


Watch the end cut sequence and

you have just beat Spider-Man: The Movie.

Now check the secret store to see what you have unlocked.

=======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======

POINTS                       UNLOCKED THING

10 000		       PINHEAD BOWLING
50 000		       UNLIMITED WEB FLUID


PINHEAD BOWLING:		This is a fun game that can have four players. It is 
bowling, what you have is a big bowling alley with thugs tied up at the 
other end. Your job is to swing down and kick them over.
VULTURE MOVIE:		This is just a small FMV that the Treyarch decided to leave 
out. Pretty crap if you ask me.
SHOCKER MOVIE:		The same as the Vulture movie. It just shows Shocker doing 
some stuff.
UNLIMITED WEB FLUID:		Well what do you think. This is it the grand prize, of 
couse it is not very easy to get, it will cost 50 000 bonus points. But is 
still really cool. If you haven't got the gist of it yet it gives you 
infinte WEB.


Yes that is right, if you don't know yet, SPOILER!!
The hidden Character is: THE GREEN GOBLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is true ladies a gentlemen you can play as the Green Goblin. Just to 
make sure, you are not just in his suit, you get to use his glider and all 
his bombs, and all that sort of stuff so here is how to obtain him:

All you have to do is beat this game on HERO or higher to get him.

On foot Controls:
L2+ Square = Pumpkin Bombs
L2+ Circle = Pumpkin Rockets
Triangle = Turbo Run
R1 = Razor Bats  (you can only release a total of 5)
L2+R1 = Destroy Razor Bats
L2+X = Multi Bomb
L2+ Triangle = Multi Homing
R2 = Ride the Glider

On Glider Controls:
Square = Machine Guns
Triangle = Inferno Bombs
R2+ X = Turbo fly (must hold buttons)
Circle= Homing Blades
R2 = Move Glider (must hold R2)
X = Jump off glider

1. Razor Bats can ATTACK enemies and can REPAIR structures.
2. You can throw your pumpkins while on the glider.
3. The glider has a heat gauge, keep an eye on it.
4. Turbo run does damage and you can jump far, but it uses a lot of web 

======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game========

Enter these codes in the Cheats section under the Specials menu. Enter the 
code a second time to deactivate.

girlnextdoor - Play as Mary Jane

hermanschultz - Play as The Shocker

serum - Play as Scientist

knuckles - Play as Thug 1

stickyrice - Play as Thug 2

thugsrus - Play as Thug 3

captainstacey - Play as Helicopter Pilot

freakout - Play as Matrix Spidey

realhero - Play as Police Officer

organicwebbing - Unlimited Webbing

koala - All Fighting Fighting Controls Unlocked

romitas - Enables ''Next Level'' Feature in the In-Game menu

imiarmas - Enables all levels

dodgethis - Matrix Attacks

joelspeanuts - Bighead enemies

spiderbyte - Mini Spider-Man

goestoyourhead - Bighead and Bigfeet Spidey

underthemask - 1st Person Mode

chillout - Super coolant for Green Goblin's Glider

headexplody - Enable Bonus Training Levels

Arachnid - Enables all levels, combos and movies

Codes From: Gamefaqs.

=======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======





======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game========



Follow the question marks throughout the level to get an overview of many of 
Spider-man's abilities y Bruce Campbell.
Go mano-a-mano with thugs in Bone Saw McGraw's wrestling ring. this level 
will teach you the basic Fundementals of ground based combat. Also if you 
beat 59 thugs, Bone Saw McGraw will come out and fight you himself.
It's one thing to swing around the city at your leisure. how about fighting 
villians such as the Green Goblin at those dizzying heights? This level will 
teach you the basics of how to do just that. Follow your compass from target 
to target, attacking stationary objects along the way. How fast can you take 
out all the targets?
When in camera lock mode, the right analog stick allows Spider-Man to cycle 
through nearby targets. When a target pops forward, use the right analog 
stick to cycle to that target. Shoot Impact webbing to knock out the target. 
How many can you hit?
Swing through this maze avoiding walls, floors and the ceiling. Hold down 
the sing button in straight-aways to gain extra speed. Landing on red areas 
costs a five second penalty. How fast can you swing through the couse?
How fast can you traverse this complex maze? remember landing red areas 
costs a five second penalty.
Follow the green laser and green arrows to make it through this roller 
coaster ride of a maze. Remember to steer spidey higher and lower using the 
analog controller.
use your sip-lining skills to make it through this maze.
Mastered the basics of zip training? Try to navigate your way through a more 
complicated course in this advanced training level.
The ultimate zip-line training course. See if you can go against the clock 
and rise to the top of the leader board in this fiendish maze.
Large red rings are hovering all over the city. Follow your spidey compass 
and swing through each ring turning it green. How fast can you swing through 
all the rings?
Follow the spidey compss and jump on the platforms placed throughout the 
wage battle against various enemies in this vast virtual enviroment. Use 
your webs, fists, feet and cunning to stay alive.
Can you make it through an obstacle cource without landing on any of the red 
areas? You'll need all of Spideys web-swinging and zip-lining abilities to 
do it.

======================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game=======
1. Is there an God mode/ invincibility code?
    A. No, there is not. There is one using a gameshark but there is no in 
game cheat.
2. Can you play as the Alex Ross Green Goblin.
    A. No, the Alex Ross Green Golin costume is only viewable when playing 
as the alex Ross Spider-Man.
3. Who is better, Goblin or Spider-Man?
    A. It depends who you are better at playing with. But goblin is better 
than spidey in every aspect except stealth. Goblin majorly kicks ass in 
aerial combat. I use Goblin the most.

===========================================SPIDER-MAN: The Movie Game===
The bite of an irradiated spider granted high-school student Peter Parker 
incredible, arachnid-like powers. When a burglar killed his beloved Uncle 
Ben, a grief-stricken Peter vowed to use his amazing abilities to protect 
his fellow man. He had learned an invaluable lesson: With great power, there 
must also come great responsibility!
Real name: Peter Parker
Occupation: Adventurer, freelance photographer, high-school teacher
Group affiliation: None, formerly a reserve Avenger
Base of operations: New York City area
First appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown

Powers: Spider-Man possesses superhuman strength, reflexes and equilibrium; 
the ability to cling to most surfaces; and a sixth sense that warns him of 
impending danger.
Weapons: Spider-Man's wrist-mounted web-shooters discharge thin strands of 
web-fluid at high pressure. On contact with air, the long-chain polymer 
knits and forms an extremely tough, flexible fiber with extraordinary 
adhesive qualities.

History: Orphaned when his parents were killed in a plane crash, Peter 
Parker went to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Although extremely 
bright, his shyness and studious nature often caused him to be branded a 
social outcast. Ironically, just such a scholastic pursuit made possible 
Peter's transformation into a wall-crawling, web-slinging extrovert. During 
a public exhibition on radiation, an irradiated arachnid fell on his hand, 
bit him and died. Peter left the demonstration in pain; soon he began to 
manifest strange, spider-like abilities. Rather than put his talents to just 
use, the teenager followed a path dictated by his late 20th-century 
upbringing: He created a costume and capitalized on his newfound powers to 
pursue TV stardom as the Amazing Spider-Man.
Leaving the TV studio after a taping, Peter chose to mind his own business 
when he encountered a burglar fleeing the scene of a robbery. Though he 
could have stopped the man easily enough, Peter allowed him to pass -- 
arrogantly believing that it was not his responsibility to chase criminals. 
He returned home only to discover that an intruder had murdered his uncle. 
Learning that police had cornered the hoodlum in a nearby warehouse, Peter 
donned his Spider-Man costume and rushed off to seek vengeance. Employing 
his amazing abilities to capture the burglar, he realized that it was the 
thug he had allowed to escape at the studio. Filled with remorse, Peter 
finally understood that with great power, there must also come great 
responsibility -- and he vowed never to shirk his responsibilities again.
Ben Parker's death left Peter and Aunt May without a regular source of 
income, save Social Security. Peter attempted to pursue a career in show 
business, but was unable to do so because of a smear campaign mounted 
against Spider-Man by J. Jonah Jameson, influential publisher of the Daily 
Bugle newspaper.

Making good on his vow, Peter began to use his powers to fight crime. 
Meanwhile, he would earn a living selling photographs of Spider-Man in 
action to the Bugle. Jameson's attempts to influence the public's perception 
of Spider-Man have waned due to positive word-of-mouth support for the 
wall-crawler's activities. Although he remains a controversial figure, 
Spidey has faced and thwarted a vast number of costumed criminals in the New 
York City area -- including the Kingpin, the Vulture, Electro, the Sandman, 
Mysterio, Dr. Octopus, the Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, the Scorpion, 
the Rhino, Venom and Carnage.
Peter's costumed career has had its share of ups and downs. His first love, 
Gwen Stacy, died during a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. 
Peter has lost other friends, as well -- including Harry Osborn, son and 
successor of Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin; and police Captain 
George Stacy, Gwen's father. Peter's marriage to Mary Jane Watson often was 
troubled by his crimefighting actives, and the two have separated. But 
through all his trials, he has remained steadfast in his determination to 
use his powers for the benefit of all.


The spawn of Venom, an alien symbiote that once attempted to consume the 
Amazing Spider-Man, convicted serial killer Cletus Kasady is the murderous 
force of nature known as Carnage. Unbound by moral restraint, Carnage 
fashions his adaptable apparel into blades and claws -- which he wields as 
weapons on his wanton killing sprees!
Real name: Cletus Kasady
Occupation: Convict
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #344 (as Cletus Kasady, 1991), 
Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #360 (as Carnage, 1992)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red

Powers: Besides superhuman strength and agility, Carnage can adhere to most 
surfaces with his hands and feet, project a web-like substance, and mutate 
sections of his symbiotic costume into detachable weapons.
Weapons: None
History: Homicidal maniac Cletus Kasady was serving 11 consecutive prison 
terms when an opportunity for early parole presented itself in the form of 
his new cellmate: Eddie Brock, human host to a symbiotic costume once worn 
by the wisecracking, wall-crawling super hero known as Spider-Man. Monster 
and man had merged to become the villainous Venom, but Brock was separated 
from the alien during a battle with the web-slinger. While Brock waited for 
the symbiote to spring him from prison, Kasady entertained him with his 
homicidal philosophy on life: Even the average person can commit murder, if 
only he has the courage.
As anticipated, the Venom symbiote attempted to free Brock by inciting a 
destructive jailbreak. Unknown to its human host, the alien was pregnant. It 
gave birth during the disastrous rescue. Left behind in the midst of the 
riot that ensued, the symbiote's spawn bonded with Kasady. Empowered far 
beyond the levels of Spider-Man and Venom, he made good his escape -- intent 
on using his newfound power to disseminate his lethal doctrine.
Embarking on a citywide killing spree, Carnage was confronted by Spider-Man. 
However, the wall-crawler's amazing arachnid-like abilities were 
insufficient to subdue the thrice-strong serial killer. Spider-Man was 
forced to enlist the aid of the Fantastic Four, the greatest team of 
superhuman adventurers ever assembled. He also sought the assistance of 
another, more dangerous ally: Venom, his hated foe. But the villain despised 
its offspring even more, and agreed to help. Facing the combined might of 
Spider-Man, Venom and the Fantastic Four, Carnage was captured and 
imprisoned at the Ravencroft Asylum.
Perhaps due in part to his insanity, Carnage's strength and abilities far 
exceed those of his predecessors, Venom and Spider-Man. Once, he even 
dispatched his symbiote through a phone line by reducing the alien to its 
cellular level. When an army of symbiotes invaded Earth, Carnage learned to 
feed on other aliens to increase his own mass. However formidable, almost 
all his bloodthirsty endeavors have culminated with his return to the 
Ravencroft Asylum, where the search continues for a cure to his homicidal 

Armed with a bevy of bone-crushing steel tentacles, Dr. Octopus has 
dedicated his warped genius to the eradication of his most hated foe: the 
Amazing Spider-Man!
Real name: Dr. Otto Octavius
Occupation: Criminal mastermind, former atomic-research consultant
Group affiliation: Sinister Six
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #3 (1963)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

Powers: Dr. Octopus can control his mechanical arms telepathically over vast 
Weapons: Dr. Octopus' abilities derive from his four steel tentacles. 
Attached to a harness encircling his lower chest and waist, each 
telepathically controlled, telescoping limb can move at speeds of up to 90 
feet per second and strike with the force of a jackhammer. Also, Doc Ock is 
able to generate a 50-mph wind by spinning the prehensile extremities like a 
giant fan. At full extension, the mechanical appendages allow him to travel 
high above the ground as if on stilts. Using all four, he can achieve a 
maximum speed of about 50 mph. Each arm is about 5 inches in diameter and 
terminates in three single-jointed pincers.

History: Once he was Otto Octavius -- a brilliant and respected nuclear 
physicist, inventor and lecturer. Frustrated by the limitations of the human 
body, Octavius designed and built a set of robotic arms to assist him in his 
research. Unfortunately, the world can only guess at the scientific heights 
to which this genius would have ascended. A freak laboratory accident 
exposed Octavius to intense radioactivity, grafting the mechanical 
appendages to his body and granting him complete telepathic control over the 
artificial limbs.
But the mishap altered Octavius' mind, as well, transforming him from a 
timid researcher into a criminally insane megalomaniac. He adopted the nom 
du crime Dr. Octopus, a barb once hurled his way by callous co-workers. 
Abandoning the pursuit of scientific excellence and his hopes to further the 
field of atomic research, Octavius turned instead to a life of crime -- 
seeking to amass wealth and power, and exterminate his arachnid-like 
arch-nemesis: the wisecracking, web-slinging super hero known as Spider-Man.
Through the years, Dr. Octopus has proven to be one of Spider-Man's most 
formidable foes; their battles have been among the web-slinger's most 
brutal, testing the limits of Peter Parker's amazing abilities. Early 
incarceration was unable to stifle Doc Ock's twisted genius: When his arms 
were removed, he displayed the ability to control them telepathically over 
vast distances. Doc Ock has overcome acute arachnophobia, a disassociative 
disorder and a brief bout with death to plague the wall-crawler. Once, he 
even saved Spider-Man's life so he could someday be the one to kill him.

The Green Goblin

He is Spider-Man's greatest enemy; he has been, almost since the beginning. 
A maniacal manifestation of Norman Osborn's chemical-induced insanity, the 
Green Goblin has done more than any other villain to wreck the web-slinger's 
world. Always, he has terrorized Peter Parker's friends and loved ones. Even 
his own son -- Peter's best friend, Harry -- was poisoned by the Goblin 
legacy. He killed Gwen Stacy, the first great love of Peter's life. And then 
-- years after Spider-Man watched him die, impaled on his own Goblin Glider 
-- Osborn returned to cast a shadow of evil over his hated foe!
Real name: Norman Osborn II
Occupation: Professional criminal, former owner and president of Osborn 
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #14 (1964)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Reddish-brown

Powers: An accident involving an untested, experimental formula granted 
Norman Osborn superhuman strength, a heightened intellect and an accelerated 
healing factor -- at the cost of his sanity.
Weapons: The Green Goblin's arsenal includes incendiary and concussion 
grenades, theatrically cast in the form of miniature jack o' lanterns; a 
high-flying Goblin Glider; smoke- and gas-emitting bombs, each surrounded by 
a light plastic mantle that flutters like a wraith when thrown; and gloves 
capable of discharging electrical pulses of up to 10,000 volts. Also, the 
Green Goblin has developed a gas that can neutralize Spider-Man's early 
warning danger sense for a limited period.
History: The ruthless co-owner of a leading chemical-manufacturing 
enterprise based in New York City, Norman Osborn was obsessed with wealth 
and power -- both legitimately acquired and ill-gotten. When he learned that 
his longtime partner, Professor Mendell Stromm, had appropriated company 
funds for personal use, Osborn exploited the situation to seize full control 
of the firm. He alerted authorities, and Stromm was arrested and jailed for 
theft. With his partner out of the picture, Osborn found himself with 
unlimited access to Stromm's private research. Therein, he discovered a 
formula capable of increasing an individual's intelligence and physical 
strength, and recreated the chemical from the professor's notes. As 
manufactured by Osborn, however, the solution was unstable -- literally 
blowing up in his face.
Osborn was hospitalized, but managed to keep secret the explosion's cause. 
The chemical had increased his intelligence dramatically, but slowly was 
driving him insane. A second, sinister persona soon emerged -- not unlike 
the green, goblin-like wraith whose maniacal cackling had haunted the 
nightmares of his youth. Outfitting himself with combustible Pumpkin Bombs, 
high-voltage gauntlets and a gravity-defying Goblin-Glider, the Green Goblin 
embarked crime spree colored by his precarious mental state. By killing the 
wisecracking, web-slinging super hero known as Spider-Man, he hoped to 
attain instant credibility among the denizens of the underworld.
Repeatedly rebuffed by the wall-crawler, the Green Goblin turned his 
fixation to destroying Spider-Man. At one point, he even discovered the 
hero's true identity: college student Peter Parker. All that prevented 
Osborn from realizing his murderous goal was a bout of amnesia, which hid 
all memory of his villainous persona. But Osborn's sanity proved transitory, 
and the Green Goblin soon was soaring through the skies of New York City in 
search of Spider-Man -- this time, with tragic results. To lure the 
web-slinger into a final showdown, the Goblin kidnapped Peter's 
then-girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Despite Spider-Man's best efforts to save her, 
the Goblin took Gwen's life -- hurling her from the top of a bridge. The 
Goblin apparently was killed during the ensuing battle, impaled on his own 
Delivered from certain death by the mysterious Goblin formula, Osborn 
escaped to Europe. There, he carved out a sprawling, secretive criminal 
empire. But the death of his son -- Harry, his successor as the Green Goblin 
-- brought him back to the States for one final act of revenge against his 
nemesis. Wielding his evil influence to convince Peter he was a clone, the 
Goblin eventually killed his enemy's true doppelganger: Ben Reilly, who had 
assumed the role of Spider-Man.
Osborn's most ambitious plan nearly came to fruition when he attempted to 
mold Peter into the heir to his family's legacy. The Green Goblin resurfaced 
after a lengthy absence, striking at Spider-Man through his friends and 
loved ones. But there was something different about this Goblin. Was it his 
voice? The fact that he never seemed quite balanced on his glider? In truth, 
it was Peter who had terrorized those closest to him, acting under the 
influence of a hallucinogen containing traces of Osborn's own Goblin 
formula. Revealing himself at last, Osborn tried to corrupt Peter's soul 
with the very darkness his father had taught him to embrace as a child. 
After the briefest of hesitations, Peter rejected Osborn's offer -- throwing 
the Goblin formula back in his face.


In the world of the not-too-distant future, the daughter of the original 
Spider-Man has inherited her father's amazing, arachnid-like powers. 
Possessing the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a spider, as 
well as the ability to cling to walls, May "Mayday" Parker now follows in 
his web lines as the stunning Spider-Girl!
Real name: May "Mayday" Parker
Occupation: High-school student, adventurer
Group affiliation: None
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: What If...? (Vol. 2) #105 (1998)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

Powers: Spider-Girl possesses superhuman strength, agility and dexterity, as 
well as a sixth sense that warns her of impending danger. Her original 
ability to stick to walls has evolved into a kind of bio-magnetic control 
that enables her to adhere to most surfaces and cause objects she has 
touched to cling together.
Weapons: Spider-Girl's wrist-mounted web-shooters discharge thin strands of 
web-fluid at high pressure. On contact with air, the long-chain polymer 
knits and forms an extremely tough, flexible fiber with extraordinary 
adhesive qualities.
History: In a not-too-distant possible future, Peter Parker retired from his 
career as the wisecracking, web-slinging super hero called Spider-Man to 
live a normal life with his wife, Mary Jane, and daughter, May. Watching May 
during a varsity basketball game, Peter and Mary Jane noticed the teenager 
exhibiting what they considered to be superhuman agility and skills. 
Dismissing the incident as a fluke, they thought it best to keep the 
situation under wraps.
When the wraith-like Green Goblin -- Spider-Man's greatest, most lethal 
adversary -- seemingly returned from the grave and cornered May, the 
terrified teenager reported the development to her parents. Peter took off 
for a final showdown with his hated foe, vowing to meet the Green Goblin at 
midnight atop the Brooklyn Bridge -- where Spider-Man had watched him die 
years earlier, impaled on his own Goblin Glider. Fearing for her husband's 
life, Mary Jane revealed to May that Peter was Spider-Man ... and that she 
had inherited his amazing abilities. Donning a spare spider-suit, May 
entered the fracas as Spider-Girl and saved her father's life.
May leapt eagerly into the role of super hero with spider-spawned agility, 
though a crimefighting career was against her parents' wishes. Ever after 
they forbade her to be Spider-Girl, she continued to sneak out on nightly 
patrols. Like her father before her, May felt that it was her responsibility 
to use her great powers in the service of her fellow man.
During one of her early adventures, Spider-Girl encountered the maniacal 
Crazy Eight. Her inexperience forced her to beat a hasty retreat under a 
barrage of explosive eight balls. Holed up on a nearby rooftop, an ashamed 
May encountered the mysterious Darkdevil. The hellfire hero expressed his 
disgust over Spider-Girl's performance against Crazy Eight. After trouncing 
her himself, he strongly suggested she find a new line of work. May returned 
home to heal her wounded backside and ego. Undeterred by the demon-garbed 
vigilante, Spider-Girl sought out and defeated Crazy Eight's gang -- 
proving, at least to herself, that she could carry on her father's legacy.
Swayed by his daughter's show of determination, Peter finally relented and 
began to school May in the use of her arachnid-like abilities. Though Peter 
pushed her hard, May's rigorous training paid off. Gradually, she became a 
more effective hero.
Following in her father's footsteps, May found herself facing a colorful 
gallery of rogues -- including the crazed clown Funny Face, the air-raiding 
Raptor, the supercharged Killerwatt, the mammoth Dragon King, the elastic 
Mr. Abnormal and the savage Sabreclaw. Seeking strength in numbers, these 
villains joined forces and relentlessly attacked Spider-Girl as the Savage 
Six. One by one, May managed to defeat them all. In delivering a knockout 
punch to Killerwatt, however, her powers were somehow negated. May continued 
to act as Spider-Girl sans her awesome attributes, holding out hope that 
they would return. To compensate for her lack of superhuman abilities, she 
borrowed the Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bombs of Normie Osborn, the former 
Green Goblin.
May's parents again forbade her to act as a super hero, feeling justified by 
the loss of her powers. Undaunted, she stubbornly continued her adventures. 
During this time, a wannabe wall-crawler emerged, claiming to be the real 
Spider-Man. May's relentless pursuit of the imposter built to a climax when 
he accidentally slammed her into an electrical generator. The shock somehow 
kick-started her dormant powers, along with a few new wrinkles, which she 
used to chase off the charlatan Spider-Man.
The experience forced Spider-Girl to consider her motivations. To her, 
responsibility is more than just a sound bite. It isn't an excuse to don a 
costume or bash bad guys. It's like an angry snake that twists in your mind 
and forces you out into the cold when your only desire is to cower in bed. 
It makes you leave your friends when you'd rather be partying and sends you 
against living nightmares that sincerely want you dead. It pushes you to 
make hard choices and do the right thing, simply because you should. 
Spider-Girl now knows what it means to be a hero. She learned from the best.


Never has Spider-Man faced a more vicious mass of mayhem than the 
super-brute known as Venom, a man whose intense hatred for the wall-crawler 
is matched only by the alien symbiote to which he's bonded!
Real name: Eddie Brock
Occupation: Criminal vigilante, former journalist
Group affiliation: None, formerly the Sinister Six
Base of operations: Mobile
First appearance: Secret Wars #8 (alien costume, 1984), Amazing Spider-Man 
(Vol. 1) #299 (Eddie Brock, 1988)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Reddish-blond
Powers: Venom possesses all of Spider-Man's powers and even greater 
strength. He can disguise himself to look like any person he can imagine, 
and is invisible to the wall-crawler's protective Spider-Sense. But Venom is 
vulnerable to fire, and loud noise can shred the symbiote right off Brock's 
Weapons: None
History: Venom is an amalgamation of two beings: Eddie Brock, a human whose 
career as a reporter for the Daily Globe came to an abrupt end when 
Spider-Man unwittingly exposed a story he had written as false; and the 
alien symbiote that posed for a time as Spider-Man's black costume, until 
the wall-crawler realized it was alive and rejected it. Losing his job drove 
Brock to consider killing himself. Praying to be forgiven for his suicidal 
thoughts, Brock's expression of fierce emotion attracted the empathic 
symbiote. This chance meeting enabled man and alien to combine their 
separate hatreds for Spider-Man into one overwhelming animosity when they 
merged to form Venom.
Spider-Man had rejected the symbiote, but Brock accepted it completely. 
Extraterrestrial entity and human being became virtually indistinguishable: 
Venom often refers to itself as "we." With the symbiote came all of 
Spider-Man's powers, as well as several new abilities. But most damaging, 
Brock now knew the web-slinger's secret identity. Armed with this knowledge, 
Venom set out to destroy the man it believed had ruined the lives of both 
the symbiote and Brock.
Too many innocent individuals have fallen victim to Venom's bloodthirsty 
obsession -- none closer to Brock than his ex-wife, Ann Weying. Since 
accidentally merging with the symbiote, Ann had been terrified of the world 
outside her apartment. When Brock arrived at her doorstep seeking 
reconciliation, a confluence of bizarre circumstances resulted in tragedy. 
Already fearful of an unwanted reunion with the symbiote, Ann fell into a 
hysterical fit as Spider-Man swung by her window wearing his black costume. 
Brock's subsequent transformation into Venom pushed her over the edge, 
causing her to commit suicide. Brock, not understanding he was to blame for 
his ex-wife's death, swore to eradicate everything Spider-Man held dear.


High above the skyscrapers and steel canyons of New York City soars the 
stealthy super-villain known as the Vulture -- avian adversary to the 
wisecracking, web-slinging Spider-Man. Elderly electronics engineer Adrian 
Toomes first took wing seeking vengeance for a botched business venture, the 
strength of his feeble body augmented by an anti-gravity harness. Now, the 
lowdown lawbreaker stalks an unsuspecting populace -- descending like a 
whisper in the wind to feast on the spoils of his felonious flights of 
Real name: Adrian Toomes
Occupation: Professional criminal, former electronics engineer
Group affiliation: Sinister Six
Base of operations: New York City
First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #2 (1963)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Bald

Powers: None
Weapons: When wearing his electromagnetic harness, the Vulture possesses 
superhuman strength, vitality and athletic prowess. The anti-graviton 
generator attached to his flight suit enables him to take to the air by 
flapping the bird-like wings he wears under his arms. The Vulture can reach 
speeds of up to 95 miles per hour and attain a maximum height of 11,000 
History: Adrian Toomes, an electronics engineer and inventor, co-founded the 
small firm of Bestman and Toomes Electronics. His business partner, Gregory 
Bestman, saw to all administrative affairs. Toomes devoted the bulk of his 
time to his pet project: an electromagnetic harness that would enable its 
wearer to fly like a bird. However, this inattention to detail proved 
disastrous when it came to light that Bestman had been stealing Toomes' 
share of the company's profits.
Physically confronting Bestman, Toomes discovered that exposure to his 
electromagnetic harness had granted him superhuman strength. Still, he was 
unable to intimidate his opponent, and Bestman assumed full control of the 
company in the wake of his partner's threats. Toomes found himself without 
legal recourse: On paper, at least, Bestman was the firm's sole proprietor. 
Already an old man, Toomes retired to a farm in Staten Island on his meager 
savings. There, he continued to develop his flying harness. Realizing the 
potential for revenge afforded by his groundbreaking invention and newfound 
strength, Toomes created the costumed identity of the Vulture. He ransacked 
Bestman's office, hoping to uncover incriminating evidence, then vandalized 
and robbed the plant after his search proved unsuccessful. Attracted by the 
easy rewards and thrill of thievery, the Vulture subsequently embarked on a 
career as a costumed criminal. Only the incessant intervention of the 
wisecracking, web-slinging super hero known as Spider-Man has prevented the 
stealthy super-villain from achieving his lofty objectives.
The high-flying felon fell to an all-time low when cellmate Blackie Drago 
became fascinated by his exploits as the Vulture. Drago befriended Toomes 
and gained his confidence, then arranged an "accident" in the prison machine 
shop. Toomes suffered injuries that appeared to be fatal. On his deathbed, 
the unsuspecting inventor revealed to Drago the secret location of a second 
Vulture suit, empowering him to seek vengeance on Spider-Man.
Drago broke out of prison and adopted the guise of the Vulture, but lacked 
the skill and experience necessary to use the flying harness to its full 
potential. When Toomes heard of Drago's downfall at the hands of Spider-Man, 
his will to recover surged. He escaped incarceration and returned to his 
farm to develop a new, improved flight suit. Toomes later defeated Drago in 
one-on-one combat, securing his claim to the mantle of the Vulture.
Unable to best the wall-crawler on his own, the Vulture often has sought 
strength in numbers. Hoping to bring about Spider-Man's demise, he teamed 
with the tentacled terror known as Dr. Octopus, the shifty Sandman, the 
illusion-casting Mysterio, the amped-up Electro and the renegade big-game 
hunter called Kraven. However, even the combined efforts of this Sinister 
Six proved insufficient to accomplish what none of the villains could 
achieve alone. Their master plan: Pummel the web-slinger relentlessly until 
one of them managed to defeat him. The outcome: Spidey 6, bad guys 0. 
Subsequent schemes have gone similarly astray.
Having survived cancer and de-aging, the lowdown Vulture continues to stalk 
Spider-Man from on high -- hoping his next score will earn him the handsome 
reward so far denied him by his hated foe.


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