Review by Sage588

"Weee! Teradactyls!!!"

Gameplay - 7/10
I really liked playing this game. I don't know how many other people enjoy it, but if you like being able to shoot anything that moves, this is your kind of game. Ever just got so mad at a game you wanted to tear down the levels. Well, you can't do that, but you can cut down trees. Yep, with a single swing of the axe, you can fell a tree, and if an enemy happens to be in the way of the tree and the core of the earth, then, well...squish. Heh heh...
I don't know if I'm just bad at FPSs, but I die a whole lot in this game. Not just, ''Oh no, I died for the first time in an hour.'' More like ''DARN IT!!! I died for the fifteenth time in the same amount of minutes!!!''
The best part of this game so far has to be the flying levels. With a engine similar to that of every other flight combat sim, it doesn't take any liberties, besides artistic of course. Nose dives are fun! The way the bird thing acts is kind of neat too, I guess.

Story - 5/10
I'm not very far into the game, but so far it seems pretty interesting. Not really ''Story Line of the Year'' interesting. More ''Nice Try!'' interesting. Tal'Set is a funny name! hee hee!

Audio/Video - 6/10
The voices in this sound really buzzed or something. Maybe it's just my set. The music is neato cool though. All that native american style drum and flute stuff seems to set the mood of ''Primal Killer of Many a Dinosaur'' with me.
Video wise, this game doesn't really excel. The FMVs are sweet peas, but the in game graphics force a small groan from my mouth ever so often. The weeds and grass are really jaggy, and the character designs are just bad. But, as I said, the FMVs are smooth.

Replayability - ?
Haven't finished it, but the multiplayer might be worth something.

Rent or Buy -
So far I'd say rent. Besides killing dinosaurs, you don't really get anything out of this game you couldn't get from Rouge Squadron and AUF, and considering I own those games, well, you know. If you're looking for a FPS that isn't just ''shoot that dude and continue'' this game is probably for you, but as I said, if you already forked for RS and AUF, used is the only way you should buy this game.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10 | Originally Posted: 09/14/02, Updated 09/14/02

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