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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
In-Depth Character Guide for Frost

Version 1.0

Copyright 2003
Written by White_Pointer

Contents of this Guide:

1.0    Introduction
2.0    Legal Information
3.0    Controls
4.0    Frost's Background Story, Stats and Fighter Introduction
5.0    Frost's Special Moves
6.0    Frost's Tong Bei Fighting Style
7.0    Frost's Yuan Yang Fighting Style
8.0    Frost's Daggers Fighting Style
9.0    Frost's Fatality
10.0   Acknowledgements and Credits

1.0 Introduction

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat line 
of games, and in my opinion, one of the best fighting games ever made. This 
character guide is for the character of Frost, a new recruit in the Mortal 
Kombat series, and who can be considered a female Sub-Zero. However, as you'll 
see, they are quite different. I've read some FAQ's that say that Frost isn't a 
good character, and I'd like to know why, because I've been able to kick some 
serious butt with her. And hopefully, this guide will help you get skilled at 
using her as well. I've written this guide as I've been playing the Gamecube 
version, but X-Box and PS2 owners shouldn't have any trouble reading this as 
well as I've catered for you too. I'm also assuming you have already unlocked 
Frost in the game! (or else why would you be reading this guide?)

2.0 Legal Information

This guide is intended for personal use only. No profit can be made 
from this guide under ANY circumstances, it is to be used for non-profit only. 
This guide will ONLY be hosted on and Gamefaqs, unless you have 
my written consent to publish it on your own site and you MUST e-mail me to 
request my permission to use it. Please explain in your e-mail what the theme of 
your site is, the approximate amount of unique visitors you receive each month 
and what materials the site covers. This guide may not be altered in any way, 
shape, or form.

3.0 Controls

Throughout the guide I'll be referring to the Gamecube buttons, so to make this 
guide universally compatible, here is a button conversion chart for the three 
major consoles (sorry, I haven't provided anything for the GBA):

A1 = Attack 1
A2 = Attack 2
A3 = Attack 3
A4 = Attack 4
BL = Block
CS = Change Style
SA = Special Attack

Gamecube     Playstation 2     X-Box
********     *************     *****

A1 = B       A1 = Square       A1 = X
A2 = Y       A2 = Triangle     A2 = Y
A3 = A       A3 = X            A3 = A
A4 = X       A4 = Circle       A4 = B
BL = R       BL = R2           BL = R
CS = L       CS = L1           CS = L
SA = Z       SA = R1           SA = Black

4.0 Frost's Background Story, Stats and Fighter Introduction


Sub-Zero had reformed the Lin Kuei clan and held a tournament to recruit the 
best of the best. The winner was a mysterious female named Frost who seemed to 
have freezing abilities similar to those of Sub-Zero. Breaking with Lin Kuei 
tradition, the new Grand Master, Sub-Zero, took it upon himself to train this 
new recruit. With his help, Frost was able to better harness her Kori Powers. 
Sub-Zero was not able to teach her humility, however, and her arrogance grew 
along with her superior fighting abilities.


-Status:         -Lin Kuei
-Alignment:      -Unknown
-Weight:         -120 lbs
-Height:         -5'8"
-Styles:         -Tong Bei, Yuan Yang, Daggers 


Frost is a new character introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, and is a 
female ninja with freezing abilities like to Sub-Zero. Her combos and moves 
however are not all that strong so when using her, you'll need to rely on her 
speed and agility. She is quite quick and nimble, allowing you to get the first 
hit in quite a lot and making your slower and stronger opponent's lives hell. 
She is unlocked in the Krypt in Koffin "IV" and costs 208 Ruby Coins.

5.0 Frost's Special Moves

-Slide                    -Down, Forward, X
-Ground Ice               -Down, Back, A

The first thing you should learn about Frost is how to use her Special Moves. 
She only has two, so at first glance is may seem like she isn't very versatile, 
but both moves have their uses.


First, the Slide. Sub-Zero used to have this move in previous Mortal Kombats but 
has decided this move is too simplistic for him now that he's Grand Master of 
the Lin Kuei. Frost now has it, and she slides across the ground on a slick of 
ice to trip up her opponent. It's rather easily blocked, however, and even 
though she slides along the ground, it doesn't need to be duck-blocked by the 
opponent like Sub-Zero's version needed to be previously. So against a turtler 
(an opponent who constantly blocks and waits for a opportunity to counter), this 
move won't help you much if you use it by itself. So, the best way to use it, is 
as a surprise attack or as the final hit of a combo - best done after you 
complete a combo that ends in a pop-up attack. Because it's so fast, you can 
also sometimes catch your opponents off guard and hit them with it as well. It 
does leave you prone to attacks if it's blocked or avoided, however.


Like Sub-Zero, Frost has the ability to freeze her opponents. Unlike Sub-Zero, 
she only has one move that's capable of doing this. Luckily though, it's a good 
move. Her freeze attack actually travels along the ground and is difficult to 
avoid, and can only be countered by duck-blocking, or a well timed jump or 
sidestep. At close range, even a well timed sidestep isn't enough. This move 
will often get turtlers, since they tend to leave themselves prone to low 
attacks. Particularly after connecting with another move or combo, move in close 
and attempt to freeze them. You'll either connect with it and therefore be able 
to hit them with another attack, or they'll be quick enough to duck-block it 
(I've found normally they don't attempt to jump to avoid it at close range). 
Sooner or later, they'll catch on to your strategy and be ready for a freeze 
after a move or combo and start to instinctively duck-block. This, of course, 
leaves them open to any high attack you can come up with, from combos to juggles 
to throws and even an impale. Once they are confused by that, confuse them even 
more by mixing up your strategy, randomly choosing between the ground freeze or 
a high attack at close range, and they won't know whether to block high or low.

6.0 Frost's Tong Bei Fighting Style

The name Tong Bei, or Tong Bei Quan, can be translated as: "fist of spreading 
power from the back."  The origin of this fighting style is unclear.  One legend 
claims it originated in the 3rd or 4th century B.C. by a man named Yuan Gong.  
Another says it was created in the mid 900's A.D. by a daoist named Lu Yunging.  
Modern history attributes this style to the Zhejiang province in China in the 
1900's.  The style is based on the five types of palm strike, each associated 
with one of the five elements: earth, metal, water, tree, and fire.

-Cold Strike              -B
-Falling Strike           -Down + B
-Corkscrew Strike         -Back + B
-Ice Crusher              -Up + B
-Slapping Palm            -Y
-Low Rising Strike        -Down + Y
-Icy Maul                 -Back + Y
-Northern Lights          -Up + Y
-Cutting Gut Kick         -A
-Low Roundhouse           -Back + A
-Power Kick               -Up + A
-Low Poke                 -Down + A
-Frosty Kick              -X
-Winter Winds             -Up + X
-Thrusting Low Kick       -Back + X
-Frozen Elbow             -Down + X
-Backflip                 -Z
-Shiver                   -B, A
-Spring and Autumn        -A, A
-Chills                   -B, B, Back + Y
-Harmony                  -Y, Y, Up + Y
-Crazy Monkey             -B, B, Y, Up + X
-Tong Bei Fury            -B, B, Y, Y, Up + Y
-Freezer Burn             -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, A
-Blizzard                 -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, B, Y
-Iceberg                  -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, Up + A
-Ice Fall                 -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, Fwd + B
-Snowball                 -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, B, B, Up + A
-Frostbitten              -B, B, Y, Y, L, X, B, B, L, B, B, B

Rule number one about Frost's Tong Bei Style is that it is very quick, so in 
one-on-one situations where you and your opponent hit the button at the same 
time, generally you'll come out in front. Most of her combos start with the B 
button, being a quick punch, but it doesn't have a lot of reach so make sure you 
are close before attempting it. She has two juggle moves in this style too, her 
"Ice Crusher", where she smacks her opponent into the ground and bounces them 
into the air, and her "Winter Winds", which is a somewhat awkward kick that 
propels the opponents into the air. The rest are pretty standard high and low 
attacks, mix them up, and mix up the small and bigger combos to confuse your 
opponent into un-blocking too early. Use the backflip well to keep your 

7.0 Frost's Yuan Yang Fighting Style

Yuan Yang Quan, or Mandarin Duck Fist, is an art rarely seen outside of China 
and as such, information is scarce. Although there is little available material 
on the Mandarin Duck style as a whole, there are a number of references to the 
kicking methods it employs.  A number of other Chinese styles adopted "Mandarin 
Duck Legs" of this style as they were reputed to be very effective.

-Open Hand Strike         -B
-Strong Fist              -Forward + B
-Upward Strike            -Down + B
-Dual Duck Strike         -Y
-Low Winged Strike        -Down + Y
-Thrusting Roundhouse     -A
-Grounded Duck            -Down + A
-Lifting Head Duck        -Up + A
-Duck Leg Strike          -X
-Tripping Strike          -Back + X
-Sweep Kick               -Down + X
-Neijin                   -Z
-Mandarin Duck Fists      -B, Y
-Deadly Decoy             -X, X, A
-Ice cold                 -X, X, B, Y
-Mandarin Duck Legs       -X, X, Up + A
-Waterfall                -X, X, Forward + B
-Deceptive Step           -B, B, Up + A
-Ugly Duckling            -X, X, B, B, Up + A
-Frigid Frenzy            -B, B, L, B, B, B
-Snowflake                -X, X, B, B, L, B, B, B

Frost's Yuan Yang style is slightly stronger than her Tong Bei style. She seems 
more agile whilst in this style as well, moving further forward in her attacks 
and being able to back away faster. Most of her combos start with X, which is a 
quick kick attack, and she'll step forward as she does this, so if your opponent 
is slightly out of reach, lead in with a combo starting with X, X and you can be 
right on top of them and hitting them before they can block. She has one pop-up 
attack in this style, Her "Lifting Head Duck". There's a good variety of high 
and low attacks here, and they both have good reach unlike her Tong Bei style, 
so mix them up as much as you can. Neijin whenever you get the chance because 
this will increase the strength of your attacks quite impressively.

8.0 Frost's Daggers Fighting Style

By flash freezing water vapor, Frost can form intricate solid objects.  She 
doesn't have the same subtle control and mastery over her ice powers as Sub-Zero 
does, so she chooses to use the simple deadliness of the Double Daggers.  Armed 
with these blades of ice, Frost can slice an opponent to ribbons. When a 
kombatant feels the burn of a cut from one of Frost's daggers, it's not from the 
rending of their flesh, but from the cold edge of the blade ripping into their 

-Gut Stab                 -B   
-Stamping Blade           -Up + B
-Low Stagger              -Back + B
-Low Strike               -Down + B
-Dual Lunge               -Y
-Lifting Dagger           -Back + Y
-Low Stab                 -Down + Y
-Side Kick                -A
-Low Chop                 -Down + A
-Pop Kick                 -X
-Low Moon Strike          -Down + X
-Impale                   -Z
-Frozen Storm             -B, B, B, B
-Cold Feet                -A, A, A

Frost's Daggers are quite effective little weapons and can prove to be whether 
you win or lose a match. They have a good variety of high and low attacks with 
good reach and like her other two styles, they are quite quick. Like Sub-Zero, 
she can also perform kicks while holding the daggers. The "Pop Kick" is an 
excellent move that pops your opponent into the air by stamping on them, once 
they are in the air, use the "Cold Feet" combo to hurt them even more. The 
"Stamping Blade" is a great move for catching your opponent off guard, and never 
underestimate the usefulness of impaling your opponent.

9.0 Frost's Fatality

-Fatality           -Fwd, Back, Up, Down, B

Similar to one of the fatalities Sub-Zero had in MK4, Frost "charges" up a 
powerful Ice Blast and freezes her opponent from their feet up to their head, 
completely covering them. She then gives them a swift, powerful kick to their 
midriff, causing the top half of their body to snap off and fall onto the 
ground, shattering into tiny pieces of flesh and ice. The lower half of their 
body is still frozen, with bare muscle exposed where the top half broke off.

This fatality can be a little difficult to pull off, especially on the 
Gamecube's somewhat smaller digital pad. The trick is not to rush and try and do 
it too fast. Just execute the combination at a steady rate, it doesn't need to 
be overly quick, and it'll work.

10.0	Acknowledgements and Credits

Midway, for making this awesome game! I also got the move names and Fighting 
Style descriptions from the game itself.
Myself, for writing this guide :)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free to 
e-mail me.

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