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Gauntlet Dark Legacy Boss Faq
by Urunus

Boss Guide for PS2 version:
True Skorne

2.About Gauntlet Dark Legacy
3.Boss Faq Help
4.A little about characters

1. Start

Updated: Monday Jan 2nd 2005

Faq created by: Urunus

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want to ask which I haven't said in this walkthrough. If you're 
asking about glitches note that I will not be able to answer since
this is a boss faq. However, glitches on bosses WILL be accepted.
During the past few days things have been going busy so if you are
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When you're e-mailing put GDL as subject so that I will know it's
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This walkthrough will help people "understand" more about bosses 
and help them fight it. Most of this faq is on the playstation so
when I say "attack" for e.g. and I'm referring to the controls I
will use the playstation buttons. The PS2 version might also have
some changes as well so if you're using this faq it is recommended
that you get the playstation version. Study some of the game basics 
before you read this faq so that you'll actually understand what 
I'm talking about.	                              
2. About Gauntlet Dark Legacy

In my opinion this is like the greatest game ever, and is created by
Midway Games Company. It was released for Playstation in the Year 
2000. The story of GDL starts with two brothers, Garm and Sumner.
Garm summoned Skorne from the underworld using the runestones but
he could not control Skorne and then Skorne went on a rampage to 
take over the world. He also hid the runestones in different realms
so that nobody will ever find them again. No one dared to challenge
Skorne until now.......

Sumner summoned up his eight greatest warriors, each from one of the
eight realms. Your job is to use one of them (though you can change
after finishing a level) to defeat all the bosses in each of the 
realms, retrieve their shards, and restore the entrance to the 
Desecrated Temple to battle Skorne. You also have to find all 12 
runestones to restore the portal to the underworld where you can face
the true Skorne. Once he is defeated you get to face Garm, but along
the way, you also have to find the thirteenth runestone so that you
can enter Garm's Citadel. Get it? Good.

3. Boss Faq Help

And so begins the walkthrough! Note: I will list the bosses in the 
order I fought them, because I recommend that order. If you find it
weird just note that everyone has their own opinions, so don't e-mail
me about them!

Plague Fiend

Level recommended: 38

Legendary Weapon: Javelin of Blinding-found under a ledge in the 
Volcanic Cavern (Mountain Kingdom).

Items: An amulet(I picked the Light amulet, but of course it's your

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 6 

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 4

For this huge lump of toxic waste with six arms and one eye he is 
pretty tough! The Javelin of Blinding will spear his only eye making 
him attack aimlessly but only for a while. Use your amulet and your
pet(you should have one by now) to attack him like crazy, but stay 
away from him as well! He has some average acid shots, but his main
problem comes from his sweep attack which is undodgeable. Stay away 
from the toxic pipes, as some times the Plague Fiend will dive under
the toxic and splash some toxic waste onto you if you're near the 
pipes! At a high enough level you can just go and attack aimlessly 
on him, also if you're at level 38 then you're more than likely gain
two levels fighting him! Take the well earned 9000 gold from him.

Level recommended: 35

Legendary Weapon: Book of Protection-under a cage thingy in the Sky
Shipyards (Sky Dominion)

Items: None, you get an amulet in the battle anyway

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 4

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 3

Big, fast, guy we're dealing with here. He has alot of attacks and most
of them involve with his axe. However, he's still pretty weak and if 
you come in with the Book of Protection then he will be a little bit
easier. Still, he's no match for you at those levels I mentioned 
above, the only annoying thing you should watch out for when you fight
him is his weird hand grasp thingy. When you kill him, though, a hand
will grab HIM and will send him back to the underworld! 

Level recommended: 32

Legendary Weapon: Ice Axe-found in a "freezer" part of the Castle Barracks
(Castle Stronghold)

Items: Not really, as you can see the Dragon's easy plus there's a 3-Way 
Shot in the battle.

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 3

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 1

Probably the easiest boss in the game. As you can see, he is very big
which means that most of your attacks should hit him unless it goes 
WAY off. Start off with a full turbo, unleash it on him, then get the
3-Way shot to totally KILL him. If you have the Ice Axe note that it 
will freeze the dragon for several seconds, letting him to have it with
your powerful attacks. The dragon's basic attack is a fireball one slow,
one fast. Hide behind the magma rocks which, if you're lucky, will prevent
the fireballs from hitting but only for three times. It will also block
the dragon's quake stomp attack which is annoying and ALWAYS hits unless
you hide behind the magma rocks like I said. Don't get too close to him
or he will attack you with his claw, which hurts. Also, watch out for his
flame breath as well. Overall he isn't too tough, you just need to get 
the hang of dodging the fireballs he spits. 


Level recommended: 58

Legendary Weapon: Lamp of Dark Obstruction-found inside a cave of the 
Erupting Fissure (Snow Domain) 

Items: An amulet plus the 3-Way Shot, you'll NEED it.

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 7

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 5

At those levels, he is TOUGH! However, with the Lamp of Dark Obstruction 
and those items you SHOULD be able to defeat him. The Genie has an eye 
laser attack and a beam sweep which are annoying, however the Lamp of 
Dark Obstruction should be able to blind him giving you an easier time.
Watch out for his tornado, it HURTS! His weird ceiling fall attack is 
just as bad as well, however it is easier to dodge. If you aren't fast
enough then the genie will summon multiple small green swordfighters, 
these guys are ANNOYING so defeat them FAST unless the genie goes crazy
summoning them. There's a Light Amulet and some ham to get in this
battle but don't get too close to the genie or else he will use the old
Hassan CHOP! which will cut your head off but it's pretty rare. Good 
luck, you'll need it. The Genie gives 12k!

Spider Queen

Level recommended: 62

Legendary Weapon: Poison Bellows-found in a tomb of the Mystic Pyramid
(Desert Lands)

Items: Growth Potion, maybe an Amulet or a 3-Way Shot

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 8

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 6

She is FAST, and the damage that she does quickly adds up. The Poison 
Bellows will drain a fair amount of life from her, use your best 
attacks at that time before she charges at you. Before she does that,
though, she will basically shoot acid shots at you which is easy to dodge.
However, once she does her charge, things start getting messy. She will
start by whipping you over and over again, try to be fast and outlast
her. Other than those attacks she can also summon up spiders, stomp them.
You will most likely NEED food in the middle of battle, so the good 
thing is there's some ham in the middle of the room! Still, that's not
enough so just try your best to defeat her. 6500+ life would be recommended
at the start of battle. Even at level 99 she is not healthy for your HP 
but note that she will give EXCELLENT experience, so if you're up for it
she will make a good training boss.


Level recommended: 45

Legendary Weapon: Scimitar of Decapitation-Below a huge tree stump in 
the Gnarled Branches (Forest Realm)

Items: 3-Way Shot(though at those levels it isn't really needed)

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 4

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 2

The Chimera has three heads, each resembling a Gargoyle species and 
you'll have to destroy all of them! If you have the Scimitar of 
Decapitation then it will either cut off the Lion head, or severly
damage all three heads depending on where you use it. The Chimera's 
ultimate attack is it's 3-way breath attack which is undodgeable,
however using the Scimitar of Decapition from far will disable that.
All three heads are lousy shooters so you should be able to dodge it's
breath and fire/electric/acid ball easily. It also doesn't have alot 
of life, and with the 3-Way Shot you should be able to defeat him
with ease. Quite a good money-making boss.  

Level recommended: 70

Legendary Weapon: Parchment of Fire-found in a pool in the Haunted
Cemetary (Forsaken Province)

Items: Fire Amulet(fits the best "theming"), maybe invulnerability

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 8

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 5

The Parchment of Fire will totally burn the Yeti's icy body, and 
with the fire amulet you can totally show him the heat! However,
the Yeti's still no joke and he's a beefy guy so it will take long 
before you actually kill him. He's main attack is the ice boulder,
however he can do it in two ways: a) He can create one and roll it
towards you or b) He can punch the wall and an ice boulder will bounce 
of towards you! Not really hard to avoid. He has the Dragon's Quake 
Stomp but you can avoid that by hiding behind the ice walls that he
can create. Another good training boss but not as good as the Spider
Shadow Wraith

Level recommended: 78

Legendary Weapon: Lantern of Revelation-found in the Haunted Grounds
staircases (Dream World)

Items: Amulet, Growth Potion, 3-Way Shot

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 9

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 7

This guy is a PAIN, and his attacks can do over 150 damage! The Lantern
of Revelation will, as always, drain away his HP and blind him. This
will make the battle a little easier for you. The Wraith has a lot of 
attacks, but the one you should really watch out for is his Shadow Blade
because it is VERY fast, and does a lot of damage! He also has numerous
other attacks: Shadow Shot which is EXTREMELY fast, this weird green 
mask thingy, snake rush, and if you get to close then he will use his 
Blade Spin. You should definitely start off with a full turbo, and also
there is a full turbo charger nearby the Wraith, but, like I said, watch
out for his Blade Spin attack when you get too close. With the Amulet,
Growth Potion, and 3-Way Shot he shouldn't last long as he doesn't have
as much HP as the Yeti.


Level recommended: 80

Legendary Weapon: Soul Savior-you can get it by lowering a high chandelier

Items: none

Difficulty without legendary weapon: 6

Difficulty with legendary weapon: 5

Not very tough for a guy like him. The Soul Savior will take away one 
quarter of his life, and after that you can just stay away from him at
the back and ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK! Skorne has some powerful shots which
he will do most of the time, but at level 80 you should be able to easily
withstand them. Once you have defeated Skorne he will then tell you to 
come with him to the underworld, but first you must choose one of his
equipment. They are: Helmet, Mask, Gauntlet, but I don't know what the
last one is. They're all equally good so it doesn't matter what you
choose. I usually pick the Gauntlet, though. Of course, they will not last
long on you so make sure you use the most of it on important stuff (Like
the next stage, which is a PAIN)!

True Skorne

Level recommended: 85

Legendary Weapon: None

Items: Fire Amulet (you get it from one of the Lava Golems right before
fighting True Skorne)

Difficulty: 8

The main difficulty here is actually surviving the underworld, as it is
VERY hard! Try to have over six thousand HP when you reach Skorne, and 
level 85 is more like the MINIMUM level to fight him. The true Skorne is
not much harder, he basically uses the same attacks however they obviously
do more damage. He also has something like the quake stomp, and paired 
with his fireball they can equal A LOT of damage! You should still have 
the fire amulet from the Lava Golem which you fight just before Skorne,
but the weird thing is you're fighting a fire creature WITH fire.....oh 
well.Anyways, there's a 99.999999999% chance that you don't have one of
Skorne's equipment which you have gotten by defeating him last time, but
you might if you wasted NO time at all, got the haste thingy, and totally
RAN through the Underworld without getting hit over three
might need Invulnerability (yes, that was just sarcasm!). Skorne just 
lost his armor which means he's easier to kill this time, like I said
the only problem is of actually going through the underworld and getting
here with enough life to face Skorne!


Level recommended: 99

Legendary Weapon: none

Items: Amulet, Growth Potion, 3-Way Shot, maybe Invulnerability

Difficulty: 7

I heard from all kinds of people about how tough Garm is, but at level 99
with 999 strength, armor, magic, and speed (you should have gotten those
powerups) and at a full 9999 life he isn't that hard! Garm has about 
thirteen parts...well, at least I think he does because he has too many
parts to defeat! Everytime you defeat a part they will turn into a monster
which looks like death. KILL them, then dodge their skull attack which 
they'll transform into when they die. The skull rush does about 200+ 
damage when hit, so you REALLY have to watch out! Garm himself has a lot
of painful attacks too: Purple lightning, Quake Stomp, Purple shot.....
I'm just making up the "purple" names because I have no idea what they are.
Once all thirteen parts have been defeated the statue Garm thingy will 
crumple to pieces and the real Garm inside (who looks exactly like those
monsters Garm creates when one of his parts dies) will drop down and turn
into purple goo. Congratulate yourselves for defeating the ultimate evil 

4. A little about characters

Okay, this is a boss faq but I'll still mention a little bit about 
characters in this walkthrough. First things first, note that there are
eight characters, each from one of the eight realms. Their master Sumner
has summoned them to help defeat the evil Skorne, and YOU have to control
one of them, but you can change if you want into one of the other 
characters. I won't mention the secret characters, though.


Beginning stats: str. 600
                 amr. 300
                 mag. 100
                 spd. 350

From: Mountain Kingdom-he hopes to slay the dragon there one day

Overall: 9-Good strength, medium armor and speed. Magic is HORRIBLE!


Beginning stats: str. 600
                 amr. 350
                 mag. 100
                 spd. 300

From: Snow Domain-whoa, it's freeeeezingzzzzz out there!

Overall: 9-His speed is worse than the warrior but armor is better! Don't
expect any improvements in magic.....


Beginning stats: str. 300
                 amr. 450
                 mag. 300
                 spd. 300

From: Castle Stronghold-too bad her huge home castle has been taken over 
by a Chimera

Overall: 10-She isn't weak in any area, plus she can withstand hits well
because of her high armor. My personal favourite.


Beginning stats: str. 350
                 arm. 450
                 mag. 250
                 spd. 300

From: Sky Dominion-how does he know how to drive an airship? 

Overall: 8-Not as well balanced as the Valkyrie but with more strength 
and less magic.


Beginning stats: str. 250
                 arm. 200
                 mag. 300
                 spd. 600

From: Forest Realm-probably goes hunting animals there

Overall: 6-not the guy you want to go battle hand to hand with. Magic is
mediocre, armor is bad, strength is not too high.....incredible speed!


Beginning stats: str. 200
                 arm. 200
                 mag. 350
                 spd. 600

From: Dream World-does he sleep all day?

Overall: 6-Everything that's physical is bad, but speed and mag. are
above average


Beginning stats: str. 250
                 arm. 150
                 mag. 600
                 spd. 300

From: Desert-probably his part time job is an archeologist

Overall: 7-Strength is just as good as Archer(surprisingly), but you 
still shouldn't attack hand to hand because just looking at his armor
tells you why. That's why he has good magic!


Beginning stats: str. 200
                 arm. 150
                 mag. 600
                 spd. 350

From: Forsaken Province-she calls this creepy graveyard home?

Overall: 6-Gets more speed than the wizard but strength is worst in
the game!

5. Credit

Thanks for: 

-CJayc for making Gamefaqs

-Midway Games for publishing Gauntlet Dark Legacy

-Anyone who reads this faq

Also go read some of the other walkthroughs to learn the basics

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