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Capcom vs. SNK 2 to Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO Console
Differences FAQ:


-Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic of (Brettdude in Gamefaqs)

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Last Update: March 24, 2007

Notes before reading this document:
1) This document is NOT a tier list or a movelist. It's a brief 
description of the slightly known differences in Capcom vs. 
SNK 2 for PlayStation 2, imported for Sega Dreamcast that's
comparing the Nintendo Gamecube and XBOX versions
marketed under Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO so don't expect 
anything answered such as "Which character is top-tier?", 
"How do you do this specific move?" or anything on doing 
certain combos. If this is not the information you are looking 
for, please close this text now.

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Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) Differences
     -Character Wise
3) Contact
4) Credits

Version Changes:
1.02- March 24, 2007:
-Added a few points.

1.01 - March 15, 2007:

1.00 - October 24, 2006:
Compilated on October 4, 2006 around 11:01am EST and 
finished on October 24, 2006 around 1:41am EST.

1) Gameplay:

-S-Groove charges much faster. You charge an extra 2-
3 seconds faster.

-P-Groove gets the (amazingly broken) ability to do a 
Super Cancel. How this works is that you can cancel a
Special Move and do a Super Combo right after (eg. In 
the corner, do Rock's HP Rising Tackle. Upon landing, 
do a Raising Storm while the opponent is still in the air. 
See how broken that is?).

-P-Groove has been built up so it's slightly faster to
build meter.

-Characters can jump and whiff an air attack and still
activate into Custom Combo in A-Groove afterwards.
They can also cancel most connected air attacks into 
Custom Combo as well.

-Roll Cancel has been removed. Capcom's development 
team have confessed that this was not a planned feature, 
and as such has caused countless arguments within 
the community as to its place and purpose. While some 
players decry its use as an unfair advantage and very 
"cheap" way to fight, others point out that due to the 
very narrow window in which one has to execute this 
(5/60ths of a second), it cannot be abused by a casual 
player to upset an expert player. Roll Cancelling also 
adds depth to the game when both players use it. 
Arguments exist to this day in many bulletin boards 
and websites. Tournaments are still being run without 
this glitch being banned.

-Added the EO feature. Originally intended for Gamecube 
and ported over to the XBOX, adding XBOX Live support, 
this feature allows to do attacks using various directions 
of the right thumbstick, movements with the left thumb-
stick, sub-systems to be pressed with the face buttons, 
normals to be pressed (depending on how hard it's pressed) 
with the triggers and has auto-block. By using EO-Ism (as 
playing the game regularly is known as AC-Ism), the use 
of the directional pad won't work within the duration of 
that time.

-Added XBOX Live support. This feature allows players
to play each other via Broadband which are connected
to Microsoft's servers. Also has real-time chat, rankings
containing weekly, monthly and overall and a friends list.
Ever since the release of XBOX 360, the overall rankings
are seen with the points, gamertag and grade have all 
been blank.

-Has a minor sound bug (XBOX version only). The music
will stop playing once a character does a Finest KO. The
only way to have the sound bug fixed is by downloading
the mandatory update upon connection to XBOX Live.

-The XBOX version is not backwards compatible with 
the XBOX 360.

-The PlayStation 2 version and the Dreamcast version 
plays exactly alike. The only difference is that the Play-
Station 2 version has higher resolution support.

-Comparing to other consoles, it's statistically known 
that the XBOX version has the longest loading times.
This problem is mostly known due to early versions of
XBOX consoles which house in Thompson DVD-Drives
instead of the Samsung DVD-Drives which was fixed 
and released in mid-2003.

2) Character Wise:

-Sagat, Cammy and Blanka's damage properties are 5%

-King, Dan, Kyosuke, Maki, Zangief, Raiden, Yuri, Eagle
and Ryo's damage properties are 5% increased.

-Cammy bounces a lot higher when her Cannon Spike
gets blocked. Think of that move only with her CvS1

-Maki can no longer juggle a Custom Combo after her 
P throw in the corner.

-Hibiki can juggle a Custom Combo after her K throw in 
the corner.

-Sagat has some minor frame disadvantage and buffering
in some of his attacks and moves (Gamecube version

-Kim's infinite has been removed. For those of you who
don't know of it, corner the opponent and immediately 
cancel a Level 2 Phoenix Kick and keep doing Legs of 
Conquest in his second stance. Time it right as it needs
to juggle the opponent.

3) Misc.:

-In the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast version (assuming 
Gamecube also), you can save as much as 4 replays to 
your memory card. In the XBOX version, you can save 
as much as 10 replays and also, matches from XBOX 
Live can also be saved as well.

-When choosing GC-ISM, the Gamecube logo is seen in
the health meter. There is no GC-ISM in the XBOX version,
as it's renamed AC-ISM and no logo is seen above. AC-
ISM is supposed to refer as Arcade-ISM.

-In the Gamecube and XBOX version, the Training stage 
adds in the original music featured from CvS1 and it plays 
the tracks per match randomly:
--Ryu's Stage from Street Fighter II
--Sagat's Stage from Street Fighter II
--Bison's Stage from Street Fighter II
--Akuma's Stage from Super Street Fighter II Turbo
--Terry's Stage from Fatal Fury II
--Geese's Stage from Fatal Fury
--Todo's Stage from Art of Fighting
--Morrigan's Stage from DarkStalkers
--Nakoruru's Stage from Samurai Showdown
--Kyo's Stage from King of Fighters '94
--Tune of Guy's music from Final Fight
--Pao Pao Cafe from Fatal Fury
--Tune of compliated intros from (in order) Street Fighter II, 
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Super Street 
Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 
2, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter III: New Generation, 
Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

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