3-D Character AnimationFumihide Aoki
3-D Character AnimationMitsuru Fukumoto
3-D Character AnimationMasayuki Hashimoto
3-D Character AnimationKaori Matsunaga
3-D Character AnimationHiroto Nakashima
3-D Character AnimationJunichi Ochiai
3-D Character AnimationShinichiro Sugimoto
3-D Character AnimationYoshiyuki Tagawa
3-D Character AnimationNatsuko Takeuchi
3-D Character AnimationKeiichiro Yoshitake
3-D Character GraphicsYoshiyuki Tagawa
3-D Map GraphicsMasayuki Hashimoto
3-D Map GraphicsKanako Horiguchi
3-D Map GraphicsRyo Inoguchi
3-D Map GraphicsMitsumasa Muraishi
3-D Map GraphicsNatsuko Takeuchi
Assistant DirectorAkiko Sato
Assistant DirectorYusuke Sugimoto
Assistant DirectorToru Takamatsu
CG IllustratorsKeisuke Kadota
CG IllustratorsYoshitomo Kitamura
CG IllustratorsYusuke Nakano
Character DesignFumihide Aoki
Character DesignHiroji Kiyotake
Character DesignShigeru Miyamoto
Character DesignShin Yamanouchi
CoordinationToshiharu Izuno
CoordinationKenichi Nishida
CoordinationAtsushi Okada
CoordinationMasaaki Uno
DirectorHaruki Kodera
Executive ProducerSatoru Iwata
Game DesignerMasato Kawamura
Game DesignerShigeo Matsuzawa
Game DesignerNorisumi Osawa
Game DesignerKentaro Sakou
Game DesignerShuji Shimizu
Game DesignerAyumu Shindo
Game DesignerYusuke Sugimoto
Graphic DirectorFumihide Aoki
Graphic SupportYoichi Kotabe
Graphic SupportMasanori Sato
Lead ProgrammerHaruki Kodera
Lead ProgrammerKazunori Mimori
Lead ProgrammerToru Takamatsu
Main Game DesignerHiroyuki Takahashi
Main Game DesignerShugo Takahashi
MusicMotoi Sakuraba
Opening MovieEndo Takashi
Opening MovieKazuhiko Tsukada
Opening Movie DirectorAtsushi Fujimoto
Opening Movie DirectorKazuhiko Tsukada
Opening Movie PlanAtsushi Fujimoto
Opening Movie PlanRyo Inoguchi
Opening Movie ScriptNate Bihldorff
Opening Movie ScriptLeslie Swan
Opening Movie ScriptBill Trinen
ProducerShinji Hatano
ProducerHiroyuki Takahashi
ProducerShugo Takahashi
ProgrammerHiroyuki Ichikawa
ProgrammerHiroyuki Watanabe
ProgrammerYutaka Yamamoto
Sound DirectorMasaaki Uno
Sound EffectsTakeshi Arai
Sound EffectsJareth Hein
Sound EffectsMitsuhiro Hikino
Sound EffectsYoji Inagaki
Sound EffectsToru Minegishi
Sound EffectsHikaru Ogawa
Sound EffectsHideaki Shimizu
Sound EffectsMasaaki Uno
Sound ProgrammerJareth Hein
Sound SupportKoji Kondo
SupervisorShigeru Miyamoto
SupervisorTakashi Tezuka
TextWilliam Barnes
TextKentaro Sakou
TextShawn Seavers
TextYusuke Sugimoto
TextShugo Takahashi
VoiceScott Burns
VoiceHeidi Darschke
VoiceDex Manley
VoiceCharles Martinet
VoiceDeanna Mustard
VoiceDelores Rogers
VoiceTrevor Smith
VoiceJen Taylor
VoiceKazumi Totaka
Windows & LetteringRyo Inoguchi
Windows & LetteringAkihito Kimura
Windows & LetteringJunko Nakamura
Windows & LetteringAyumu Shindo


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