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Has anyone ever beaten Siberia on Hard Mode?

Is that level impossible or is it just me?

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FelixTrapper answered:

It really isn't that bad. You just need to take your time. At the first of the level, Snipe everyone and destroy all the cameras. When walking across the roof to get the mines, be sure to avoid the sniper who WILL shoot at you. Take him out after you get the mines. When walking up the dam stairs, make sure to carefully turn the corners and kill the guards. Once you reach the top, use the sniper rifle to aim through the glass window and take out all the guards as they come. Basically just be as careful as possible and try to reach the checkpoint with 100% health and go from there. The zombies are easy, just get head shots.
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v3m5c3 answered:

No its not impossible its just a pain with one player, i suggest using 2 players, it realy helps.
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Vyse_skies answered:

I think 2 players make things worse. It isn't imprssible as I have done it once before, but you need to be good at aiming and shooting. Conserve your ammo, don't shoot like crazy and aim for head shots. oh, and shield yourself well.
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