Trophy Strategies FAQ by Zaps

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                                TimeSplitters 2                                
                             Trophy Strategies FAQ                             

                               Table of Contents                               

 | 1.0 | ABOUT THIS FAQ                             | AFAQ |
 |     +--------------------------------------------+------+
 |     | 1.1   Version History                      | VHIS |
 |     | 1.2   Information                          | INFN |
 |     | 1.3   Introduction                         | INTN |
 | 2.0 | ARCADE LEAGUE                              | ARCD |
 |     +--------------------------------------------+------+
 |     | 2.1   Introduction                         | AINT |
 |     | 2.2   Amateur League                       | AMTR |
 |     | 2.3   Honorary League                      | HNRY |
 |     | 2.4   Elite League                         | ELTE |
 | 3.0 | CHALLENGES                                 | CHLG |
 |     +--------------------------------------------+------+
 |     | 3.1   Introduction                         | CINT |
 |     | 3.2   Strategies                           | CSTR |
 | 4.0 | MISCELLANEOUS                              | MSCL |
 |     +--------------------------------------------+------+
 |     | 4.1   Frequently Asked Questions           | FRAQ |
 |     | 4.2   Some Final Tips                      | SFTP |
 |     | 4.3   Contact                              | CNTC |
 |     | 4.4   Special Thanks                       | SPTH |
 |     | 4.5   Finishing Off                        | FNHO |

                             1.0   About this FAQ                         AFAQ 

   1.1   Version History   VHIS   

Version 2.02   March 20, 2005

               I have removed all contact details. I no longer want to receive
               tips, questions, and the like. Thanks to those who have put the
               effort in e-mailing me, but now is the time for me to end all

Version 2.01   June 29, 2004

               Just after the big update has been uploaded, I spotted a couple
               of big mistakes. My apologies.

Version 2.00   June 29, 2004

               I haven't touched this in over a month, and after browsing 
               through version 1.06, I thought "this needs some serious 
               formatting" and now this is the result! The table of contents 
               looks prettier and so do some of the headings. I have also added 
               some extra tips from e-mails which I have received from as early 
               as January, and I have re-shuffled the order, most notably in 
               sections 1 and 4. I have also done some other formatting changes 
               which you may or may not have noticed, and I have re-written
               some sections and strategies. Oh, and I have added some 
               reference codes too. As a result of all these changes, the 
               filesize has gone up by over 30kb!

Version 1.06   December 9, 2003

               I have made quite a lot of small changes. More tips have been 
               added, thanks to some e-mails, and also some small formatting 
               changes. Questions and tips are still welcome!

Version 1.05   September 7, 2003

               I have added a question in section 4.1. That's about it.

Version 1.04   August 24, 2003

               Ah, I haven't updated this in a while! Thanks to Andy, there is 
               an extra tip to help you complete Dam Bursters! This can be 
               found in section 3.2.

Version 1.03   April 25, 2003

               An even smaller update, just correcting something small in 
               section 4.2.

Version 1.02   April 23, 2003

               Another small update here. I have updated sections 1.3 and 3.2.

Version 1.01   April 22, 2003

               I have noticed a couple of mistakes in sections 1.3 and 4.2, so 
               I have now corrected them.

Version 1.00   April 21, 2003

               This FAQ is now done! I have finally completed section 3.2. 
               Additionally, I have updated section 4.1 just randomly.

Version 0.95   April 18, 2003

               I only have a couple more strategies left to write about and 
               that's it! I have almost completed section 3.2 and section 4 is 

Version 0.85   April 15, 2003

               Nearly there now! I am about half way there composing the 
               Challenges strategies. I have also updated section 4.2.

Version 0.75   April 11, 2003

               A quick update here, I have started doing the Challenges 
               section, completing section 3.1, the introduction. I have also 
               done a quick formatting change, updating the section bars.

Version 0.70   April 10, 2003

               I have finally completed section 2 after finishing off writing 
               about the Elite League and I have done some extra work on 
               section 4.2.

Version 0.50   April 9, 2003

               I have continued working on section 2, completing writing about 
               the Honorary League. I have updated section 1.3, the websites, 
               and I have also updated the table of contents. Section 4 has 
               been added to and so more work is needed to finalise section 4.

Version 0.25   April 8, 2003

               Sections 1, About the FAQ, and 4, Finishing Off, have been
               completed. I have started composing section 2, the Arcade
               League, managing to finish sections 2.1 and 2.2.

   1.2   Information   INFN   

Language: English

Game: TimeSplitters 2

FAQ Title: Trophy Strategies FAQ

Version: 2.02

Author of FAQ: Zaps

Consoles: GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox

Console I own: GameCube

Date Started: April 08, 2003

Last Updated: March 20, 2005

   1.3   Introduction   INTN   

[ This section has been re-written for v2.00 because it previously sounded 
rather stupid and dull ]

This FAQ will primarily try to give you useful tips to conquer the Arcade 
League and Challenges. All these strategies have worked for me, except the ones 
stated, and they have all helped me with a gold, or even platinum, trophy in 
every single arcade match and challenge.

To find a section quickly, just find the reference code given in the table of 
contents and use the shortcut [ Ctrl + F ] to go to it quickly.

                              2.0   Arcade League                         ARCD 

   2.1   Introduction   AINT   

[ Like the Introduction, this section has been re-written for v2.00 ]

Arcade matches are considered to be easier than Challenges. This may seem like 
it in the Amateur or Honorary Leagues, but some challenges in the Elite League 
will have you ripping your hair out and breaking some controllers...OK, that is
a tiny exaggeration, but it won't be an easy ride!

I have updated the headings of each strategy, and so new headings are starred 
[*] beside them in the brief description below. So, here is are the headings, 
along with a description of what they mean:

Title            This is simply the title of the arcade match.

Type             Is it deathmatch, capture the bag, zones? Well, this heading 
                 will tell you.

Description*     Here, a few details will be given on the match or what you
                 have to do.

Location*        This is where I tell you where the arcade match will take 
                 place. I hope it's not in the cramped nightclub!

Rewards*         This new addition will tell you what you get if you have 
                 earned a trophy in that particular arcade match.

Score for Gold   The score needed for that elusive gold is listed here. 
                 Platinum scores may also be added at times.

Difficulty       This is an indication on how hard I think it is to get GOLD, 
                 not platinum. Also remember that this is MY opinion, and 
                 no-one else's.

Strategy         How did I get that gold? Well, this is the part you need to 
                 look up on then!

Remember, these strategies are NOT guaranteed to get you a gold straight away.
Good luck!

   2.2 Amateur League   AMTR   

 1)  Beginner's Series

Title:            Adios Amigos!
Type:             Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Mexican Mission
Rewards:          Hector Baboso, Lean Molly
Score for Gold:   10 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 40 seconds)
Difficulty:       1/10
Strategy:         No real strategy here. Wait outside by the fountain and just 
                  kill anyone you see. Stick with the Lugers x2 unless you pick 
                  something else up. Don't bother wasting your time to search
                  for better weapons as the Lugers will do fine.

Title:            Casualty
Type:             Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          Dr. Peabody, Crypt Zombie
Score for Gold:   15 kills in 3 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         Slightly harder, but nothing to worry about. The best weapons 
                  to use are the Lasergun or the Plasma Autorifle. Get one of 
                  them and you should do fine. The Electrotool works well too.

Title:            Top Shot
Type:             Elimination
Description:      6 Lives
Location:         Hangar
Rewards:          Hangar, Sgt. Shock, Elimination
Score for Gold:   1st in 3 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 10)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         Fairly simple. Always target Capt Snow. If you don't there
                  is a good chance that you will end up running out of time
                  trying to get rid of his three or four lives left. Of course,
                  that doesn't mean you should ignore the rest. If you meet
                  someone else along the way, be sure to kill him! Use the
                  minigun to help you eliminate your rivals if you wish.

 2)  Mode Madness

Title:            Chasity Chased
Type:             Regeneration
Description:      One-on-one
Location:         Compound
Rewards:          Regeneration
Score for Gold:   10 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 10)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         Very simple. Just find a stronger weapon than your starting
                  one, then hunt her down using your radar! She tends to run
                  away until she finds a decent weapon.

Title:            Shrinking from the Cold
Type:             Shrink
Description:      None
Location:         Siberia Dam (Outside)
Rewards:          Private Sand, Sgt. Slate, Shrink
Score for Gold:   10 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 50 seconds)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         Very simple again. I would get a stronger gun like a 
                  Tactical 12 Gauge, which is in one of the buildings, or a 
                  Minigun, which is found on top of a building, to kill your 
                  opponents. If you are having difficulty killing them when
                  they are small, why not crouch?

Title:            Scrap Metal
Type:             Vampire
Description:      One-on-one
Location:         Scrapyard
Rewards:          Scrapyard, ChassisBot
Score for Gold:   10 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 5)
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         Slightly harder, but it shouldn't pose any problems. Get a
                  decent weapon, preferably a Lasergun, use your radar to find 
                  the ChassisBot, and kill him. Remember, if your life span
                  is empty, you die, so keep killing it quickly to stay alive!

 3)  It's A Blast!

Title:            Night Shift
Type:             Leech
Description:      None
Location:         Robot Factory
Rewards:          SentryBot, Leech
Score for Gold:   1st with 25 kills (Platinum: 50)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         This is slightly harder than previous matches. Your opponents
                  can be a bit tricky to spot in the Robot Factory. Homing
                  Launchers are very useful in this. Keep moving, everyone has
                  rockets, and don't be scared to kill an opponent when you
                  are literally touching him - it's leech!

Title:            Spoils of War
Type:             Thief
Description:      None
Location:         Ice Station
Rewards:          Meezor Mox, Thief
Score for Gold:   25 points in 4 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 2 minutes 40)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         It is useful to get the Homing Launcher. On this fairly open
                  level, aim at your opponents' lower body instead of the head. 
                  Try not to run in a straight line and remember to get the 
                  coin that the dead body leaves behind. If you are lucky, you 
                  may spot some easy coins lying around. Be sure to pick them 

Title:            Demolition Derby
Type:             Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Scrapyard
Rewards:          Male Trooper, Female Tropper, Vampire
Score for Gold:   1st with 25 kills
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         To kill ChassisBots, one rocket is enough. To kill 
                  SentryBots, make sure you fire three at a time using the 
                  alternate fire. Since you are R109, it will take more than a 
                  rocket to kill you. There's a Homing Launcher in the middle 
                  and there's a damage power-up lying around. If you get a 
                  chance, get them, but otherwise, Rocket Launchers are fine.

 4)  Too Hot to Handle

Title:            Monkey Immolation
Type:             Virus
Description:      None
Location:         Mexican Mission
Rewards:          Crispin, Flame Tag
Score for Gold:   Survive for 2 minutes (Platinum: 3 minutes)
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         Quite simple. Get outside in the courtyard and go to the top
                  of the building with the ladder. Watch out for the monkeys 
                  and jump off the building if a monkey comes up. Go around the 
                  fountain in the courtyard then go up the ladder again. Repeat 
                  until you get caught. There is a glitch which may occur if 
                  you are lucky. Sometimes the infected monkey can get trapped 
                  under the ladder. If you get this, you're on for an easy 

                  There's also another tip, as Ryan Wardell tell you:

                  | "Another way is to go to the colunm where the cloak       |
                  | power-up usually is and stand there. If you're lucky, the |
                  | virus will be trapped under the column, running around in |
                  | circles."                                                 |

                  Cheers Ryan! This method has been tested and works at times.

Title:            Disco Inferno
Type:             Virus
Description:      None
Location:         Nightclub
Rewards:          Louis Bignose, Lt. Wild
Score for Gold:   Survive for 2 minutes (Platinum: 3 minutes)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         This is a lot tougher. Go outside and run up the metal
                  stairs. Find the Tommy Gun on the top level, not the side 
                  with the max damage power-up, and position yourself facing 
                  the ramp. When anyone is trying to make their way up, kill 
                  them. Should you have difficulty, run backwards and you will 
                  manage to go across the gap between the two sides, picking up 
                  the max damage power-up at the same time. Now use this to 
                  kill them with ease and make your way back to the side with 
                  the Tommy Gun. Repeat until you get infected.

Title:            Burns Department
Type:             Virus
Description:      None
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          Nightclub, Undead Priest, Virus
Score for Gold:   Survive for 2 minutes (Platinum: 3 minutes)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         Go up to the balcony with the Shotgun. This is a useful spot 
                  as there are two exits with only one entrance. When an 
                  infected opponent comes in, try to kill them. If you can't, 
                  drop down from the balcony, running backwards, then go to 
                  your right, then left, up the stairs, then go back to the 
                  balcony to wait for them. You may want to practise this route 
                  before trying this strategy.

                  There is an alternate strategy. Go into the bathroom and wait 
                  for an infected bot to come in. Now circle around the room to 
                  avoid getting caught. This only works if only one opponent is 
                  infected and if no-one else comes in and gets caught.

 5)  Team Series A

Title:            Club Soda
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Nightclub
Rewards:          Slick Tommy, Jimmy Needles
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 30)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         Very easy, get the Tommy Gun and kill everyone you see. Your
                  teammate will help you to rack up your score. Try not to 
                  stick with your starting weapon.

Title:            Station Stand
Type:             Zones
Description:      None
Location:         Ice Station
Rewards:          Lt. Shade, Zones
Score for Gold:   1000 points in 4 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 3 minutes 15)
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         Get a decent weapon and go round securing every zone you see.
                  One is on the metal platform, two are in the two small
                  buildings in the corner and the fourth one is underground.
                  Use the speed power-ups to help you patrol faster and kill 
                  anyone in your way.

Title:            Men in Grey
Type:             Assault
Description:      Reach the waterfall, destroy all six fuel drums, then destroy
                  the computers inside your opponents' base!
Location:         Training Ground
Rewards:          Accountant, Lawyer, Assault
Score for Gold:   Completed in 3 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         This is probably the hardest match to get gold in the Amateur
                  League. Get a Soviet then approach the exit. Before you do,
                  there is a ramp. Go up it and get the Homing Launcher. At the
                  top is a Minigun and body armour. Fall off, then stay on the
                  right until you see an autogun. Use the Homing Launcher to
                  get rid of that. Proceed to the waterfall, and switch to the
                  minigun. Blow up the two barrels that are in the open. Get
                  your Soviet out and destroy the one behind one of the
                  buildings. Go to the far left to grenade another one. Go
                  inside your opponents' base and up the ramp to find another
                  one. Drop down from the left to find the last one. If you are 
                  still alive, that's good. If you die at any point before all
                  the barrels are destroyed, respawn and use the Homing
                  Launcher. You should have some rockets left for the homing
                  launcher. Go inside your opponents' base to find some
                  computers. Use your rockets to destroy them!

   2.3   Honorary League   HNRY   

 1)  Maximus

Title:            Cold Corpse Caper
Type:             Gladiator
Description:      None
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          Cyberfairy, Gargoyle
Score for Gold:   1st with 15 kills (Platinum: 40 kills)
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         Very simple, get Tommy Guns x2 or Shotguns x2, hunt the 
                  gladiator down (with the radar, or follow someone who is 
                  searching for him), kill him, and kill everyone you see. You 
                  can run to the toilets if you want to camp.

Title:            Killer Queen
Type:             Gladiator
Description:      None
Location:         Aztec Ruins
Rewards:          Leo Krupps
Score for Gold:   15 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 50)
Difficulty:       3/10
Strategy:         Get the double Tommy Guns on the log over the grassy pit, or 
                  by other means, and kill the gladiator. After that, try to 
                  find a comfortable place to rack up your kills. This is
                  really simple. The only problem is the Stone Golem with a 
                  high stamina, but if you have the Tommy Guns, you should be
                  able to kill it. 15 kills isn't a lot.

Title:            R109 Beta
Type:             Gladiator
Description:      None
Location:         Ice Station
Rewards:          Ufopia, Lt. Chill, Roman Hat, Gladiator
Score for Gold:   1st with 40 kills (Platinum: Beat your gold score)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         In my opinion, this is one of the hardest matches you will
                  face in the Arcade League. It took me a while, but the
                  strategy that worked best for me is to hunt down the
                  gladiator and go inside the big building in the middle. Keep
                  moving while shooting rockets at every robot that you see.

                  Alternatively, if that didn't work, retreat to the
                  underground tunnel and use your radar at the three-way
                  intersection to get to your target.

 2)  Elimination Series

Title:            Baking for the Taking
Type:             Elimination
Description:      7 Lives
Location:         Chinese
Rewards:          Chinese Chef, Gingerbread Man
Score for Gold:   1st in 3 minutes (Platinum: 2 minutes 20)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         This should be a piece of cake. Get the Minigun and killing
                  all the Gingerbread Men shouldn't be much of a problem. Don't
                  worry if you keep dying, as long as you are gunning them down
                  fast enough.

Title:            Brace Yourself
Type:             Elimination
Description:      7 Lives
Location:         Nightclub
Rewards:          Braces, Trooper Brown
Score for Gold:   1st in 1 minute 45 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute 20)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         This one can be tricky depending on your luck. Get the Luger
                  Pistol x2 and then search for someone to kill. As long as you
                  don't keep getting killed, you should get gold quite quickly.

Title:            Starship Whoopers
Type:             Monkey Assistant
Description:      None
Location:         Scrapyard
Rewards:          Trooper Black, Monkey Assistant
Score for Gold:   1st with 25 kills (Platinum: 30 kills)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         Try to stay outside for the whole match. Your only problem 
                  is the monkeys. Only kill them if you need to as they do not
                  count towards your kills. Make sure you use your radar to
                  help you track down the bots and if you can, get the Homing

 3)  Burns 'n' Bangs

Title:            Chinese Burns
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Chinese
Rewards:          Calamari, Chef Hat
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 2 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 45)
Difficulty:       2/10
Strategy:         This isn't that hard at all! Just get the Flamethrower and 
                  burn anyone you see! If you have trouble burning them, punch 
                  them and if you are set on fire, run around manically trying
                  to set as many Calamaris on fire as possible before you die.

Title:            Snow Business
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Ice Station
Rewards:          Snowman, Trooper Grey
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute 50)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         Run after all the Snowmen and flame them as fast as possible. 
                  If you catch on fire, you die fast! Still, it is possible
                  to set another Snowman on fire. One thing which you should 
                  use to your advantage is that you have a slightly longer
                  range. With a bit of practice, this shouldn't pose you too
                  many problems.

Title:            Rocket Man
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Streets
Rewards:          Venus Starr, Capt. Sand
Score for Gold:   40 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute 5)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         This can be quite tough, considering you have to rack up
                  those kills fast. Go inside any building with only one floor.
                  Now kill everyone that even tries to enter! This match is
                  more based on luck, so keep trying until you conquer it.

 4) Outnumbered but Never Outpunned

Title:            Someone has Got to Pay
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          Duckman Drake, Capt. Night
Score for Gold:   60 kills (Platinum: 80 kills)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         Whatever you do in this tough match, never run around the
                  level trying to find some ducks. So how are you suppose to
                  get gold? Well, there are a couple of good rooms to camp.
                  The toilets and the shower room is a great place to hide and
                  the balcony has double Shotguns and is another great area.
                  My advice is to run to the nearest of these two areas every
                  time you die and respawn. Oh, and always always aim for head 
                  shots. The ducks die so much more easily. And make sure you
                  always have double Shotguns.

Title:            Time to Split
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Compound
Rewards:          Barby Gimp, Scourge Splitter
Score for Gold:   15 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute 20)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         This one may be easier because there are less opponents, but 
                  your character is weak compared to the Scourge Splitters! 
                  Despite this, you should get through this fairly easily. 
                  How? Go to or spawn in the tunnel-like area and pick up the
                  SBP90 Machinegun and the body armour. Now kill the Splitters
                  as fast as you can, staying in this area. Don't let them get 
                  any extra health (you can tell when they want some by them 
                  running away) and if you need any health yourself, get the
                  body armour, when it spawns.

                  This isn't the only way, as Dave suggests another way:

                  | "Go to the room upstairs inside the building. There is a  |
                  | SBP90 Machinegun x2 and some health. Camp here and kill   |
                  | the Splitters."                                           |

                  I've tried this method and it works great, so try it out!
                  Thanks for the tip Dave!

Title:            Can't Handle This
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Nightclub
Rewards:          Chasm, Hatchel Sal, Handyman
Score for Gold:   40 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 2 minutes 40)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         This match has been known to be one which a lot of people get
                  stuck, but once you have completed it once, it's surprisingly
                  easy! Head over to the dead end that has the Tommy Gun x2,
                  where you enter in the Chicago mission in Story mode. Now
                  turn around and go to the right glassed dead end. In there
                  should be a health pack. Crouch in front of it and aim up,
                  then kill all the Handymen that are coming! Don't leave this
                  area. If you want ammo, move forward to pick up the ammo left
                  by the dead bodies. If you want health, just move back and
                  forward again to run over the health. As long as you don't
                  use the Luger Pistol, you should be fine. Practice makes
                  perfect, as they say.

 5)  Team Series B

Title:            Hack a Hacker
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Compound
Rewards:          Krayola, Milkbaby
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 1 minute 20 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         Find the SBP90 Machineguns or the Lasergun, then use your 
                  radar to find everyone. Try to go for enemies which your
                  teammates aren't going for to rack up the kills more quickly.
                  This match requires a lot of luck and help from your
                  teammates, but it is possible, and within a few attempts, you 
                  should have cracked it.

Title:            Rice Cracker Rush
Type:             Capture The Bag
Description:      First to 5
Location:         Streets
Rewards:          Riot Officer, The Master
Score for Gold:   Score 5 in 4 minutes (Platinum: 3 minutes)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         When you start, pick up the invisibility power-up after a 
                  corner or so. Then run and grab your opponents' bag and run 
                  back as fast as possible. There is one thing worth pointing 
                  out, at their base is a Minigun. You would be well-advised to 
                  pick it up to make killing bots a lot easier on your way
                  back. Score with your opponents' bag and start heading out to 
                  their bag again. By this time, your power-up will have worn 
                  out, so after a couple of corners from your bag, be aware of 
                  the building with a flashing yellow sign. See it? Well, then 
                  go in to collect the speed power-up! Now just run to your 
                  opponents' bag then run back to your bag and score. By now, 
                  the invisibility power-up should have respawned. Get it and
                  repeat the process until the gold is yours!

Title:            Superfly Lady
Type:             Assault
Description:      Destroy all the perimeter guns, open the hangar door, then
                  destroy all three fuel drums
Location:         Hangar
Rewards:          Capt. Pain, Hangar (Assault)
Score for Gold:   Finish by 2 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 30)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         This is one of my favourite Arcade matches and I still
                  sometimes come back to it to try to improve my time. Start by 
                  exiting the current room and turn left. In front of the box 
                  on the left is a Soviet. Get it and run behind the box and 
                  grenade the autogun that you see shooting at you. Turn around 
                  and look at the mounted gun at the top through the slit. Look 
                  down (parallel to the gap) and bounce the grenade up to 
                  destroy that gun. Do the same to the other mounted gun. Then 
                  turn around and shoot two grenades at the autoguns beside the 
                  next door. At this point, you are free to die.

                  Continue with the Soviet. Now here comes the hardest autogun 
                  you have to destroy. If you want to do it safely, go round 
                  the back of the mounted gun (on the box) and shoot at it 
                  until it has been destroyed. Alternatively (but risky), 
                  you can bounce a grenade at it and hopes it destroys the 
                  autogun. Enter the next room and immediately turn right 
                  behind the box to get the body armour. Continue running and
                  aim a grenade at the autogun on the far right. Now stand 
                  against the wall, parallel with the two mounted guns on the 
                  ceiling. Look down and bounce one parallel to it to destroy 
                  the mounted gun further away from you. Do the same on the 
                  other side. Now there's one more left. Look in the opposite 
                  direction of the stairs to see another one. Aim a grenade 
                  there and you should get a new objective. If not, you are
                  missing an autogun, and I suggest you restart.

                  Now go upstairs, ignoring everything that is shooting at you, 
                  until you come to a switch. Activate it, then die. Respawn 
                  and get the Soviet (beside the stairs) and enter the final
                  room with the planes. Grenade two of the barrels between the 
                  tyres of the first plane you see. Turn right to see another 
                  plane, and between the tyres of that one is another barrel. 
                  Grenade that one to finish it and get a respectable time.

                  If you are aiming to get platinum, aim to destroy all the 
                  perimeter guns by 45 seconds, or 50 by the most.

   2.4   Elite League   ELTE   

 1)  One Shot Thrills

Title:            Babes in the Woods
Type:             Shrink
Description:      One Shot Kills
Location:         Aztec Ruins
Rewards:          Jo-Beth Casey
Score for Gold:   1st with 20 kills (Platinum: 25 kills)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         Before you start, remember that body armour is useless! All 
                  the matches in One Shot Thrills are one hit kill matches! 
                  Stay around the pond area, and make sure you keep watching 
                  and moving. Just one shot will kill them only. Try not to die
                  a lot and you should do fine.

Title:            Double Bill
Type:             Thief
Description:      One Shot Kills
Location:         Chasm
Rewards:          Beetleman, The Impersonator
Score for Gold:   20 in 3 minutes 30 (Platinum: 2 minutes 30)
Difficulty:       7/10
Strategy:         This is a bit harder. Try getting the speed and shrink 
                  power-ups if you can. The shrink is quite important as Big 
                  Tony, the character you are using, is huge and the Beetlemen 
                  are tiny. Never stop moving and it would help if you plan a
                  route around the level which allows you to pick up both 

Title:            Nikki Jinki Bricky
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      One Shot Kills
Location:         Chinese
Rewards:          Nikki, Jinki
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 2 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 30)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         This is easier compared to the other two in the category.
                  Spawn or make your way to the basement. Grab some bricks and 
                  keep your eye on the stairs. Use the secondary fire to kill 
                  your opponents and be careful of bots spawning near you and 
                  taking you by surprise. One advantage you have is that your 
                  teammate is very helpful and will contribute to your kills.

 2)  Duel Meaning

Title:            If I'm Ugly - You Smell!
Type:             Elimination
Description:      5 Lives, One-on-one
Location:         Mexican Mission
Rewards:          Mikey Two-guns, Jared Slim
Score for Gold:   1st with 4 lives (Platinum: 5 lives)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         All matches in this series are one-on-one, so you have to be
                  alert. Get the Garrett Revolver x2 as quick as possible. Its
                  spawn point is somewhere underground in the building. Now
                  make your way outside, wait for your enemy, and kill him five

Title:            Golem Guru
Type:             Elimination
Description:      5 Lives, One-on-one
Location:         Site
Rewards:          Kypriss, Fat Characters Cheat
Score for Gold:   1st with 4 lives (Platinum: 5 lives)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         You are facing a Stone Golem. Grenade Launchers, Shotguns and 
                  most other things are useless against him. The solution? 
                  Rockets. Your first target has to be getting the Homing 
                  Launcher. To find it, go up the ramp of the building in the 
                  corner (there is also health there if needed) and you will 
                  see the Homing Launcher lying on a beam. Take it and fall 
                  down. It takes two secondary fires (or six rockets) to kill 
                  the Golem. Once you do kill him, your ammo is bound to be 
                  low, so get the Rocket Launcher under one of the ramps. 
                  Again, use the secondary fire to kill him, then go back to
                  find the Homing Launcher.

Title:            Golden Thighs
Type:             Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Siberia Dam (Outside)
Rewards:          High Priest, Aztec Warrior
Score for Gold:   5 kills in 2 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute 30)
Difficulty:       7/10
Strategy:         Jungle Queen is very strong, and so the best method is 
                  grenading her. Get the Soviet x2, which is on top of one of 
                  the buildings. Jump off, and be aware of the Jungle Queen. 
                  Once you see her, fire grenades at her until she dies. 
                  Replenish your health if needed and get more ammo. Now repeat 
                  until you have killed her five times. If you want to camp, go 
                  to the entrance to the dam and face the stairs and grenade
                  her when she comes.

 3) Frantic Series

Title:            Hangars Hats Off
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      Frantic Mode
Location:         Hangar
Rewards:          Henchman, Dark Henchman
Score for Gold:   30 kills in 1 minute 30 seconds (Platinum: 1 minute 15)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         This is very similar to Hack a Hacker but the time 
                  requirements are much harsher! You have to heavily rely on 
                  your teammates for kills. The most important weapon is the 
                  Soviet. Henchmen sometimes come in groups. If that's the 
                  case, grenade them and earn a few quick kills. Another very 
                  useful weapon is the Rocket Launcher (upstairs). Don't get it 
                  unless you spawn near it as you will waste time. Another 
                  reason why this is harder than Hack a Hacker is that the 
                  Hangar level is way bigger. Keep trying and you will
                  eventually succeed.

Title:            Can't Please Everyone
Type:             Zones
Description:      Frantic Mode
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          Maiden, Changeling
Score for Gold:   800 points in 3 minutes (Platinum: 2 minutes 30)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         This is surprisingly easy once you know what to do. Firstly,
                  you will have noticed that one disadvantage against you is 
                  that the Undead Priests' stamina is a lot higher than yours.
                  But, believe it or not, you can turn it into an advantage.
                  How? Well, find a Grenade Launcher (there is one lying under 
                  one set of stairs) and use the secondary fire to set them on 
                  fire! They take a long time to die, due to their high 
                  stamina, and will not secure any zones as they make their way 
                  to the shower room! Meanwhile you can secure all the zones! 
                  Alternatively, you can follow the Undead Priests and 
                  continuously set them on fire while your teammates secure all 
                  the zones. Because your agility is fast, if you are on fire, 
                  try to set the Undead Priests on fire and let your teammates 
                  rack up the points. Simple, huh?

Title:            Big Top Blowout
Type:             Deathmatch
Description:      Frantic Mode
Location:         Circus
Rewards:          Mr. Giggles, Stumpy
Score for Gold:   1st with 35 kills (Platinum: 45 kills)
Difficulty:       7/10
Strategy:         This is a tough one. Your best bet is to find a Homing 
                  Launcher and blast everyone while strafing and moving to 
                  avoid getting killed. Use your high speed to your advantage 
                  and dodge some of the rockets. Don't be tempted to chase 
                  individual bots and go for groups instead. This will be a
                  long match, so sit tight.

 4)  Team Series C

Title:            Bags of Fun
Type:             Capture The Bag
Description:      7 Minute Match
Location:         Ice Station
Rewards:          Ringmistress, Big Hands Cheat, Slow Motion Deaths Cheat
Score for Gold:   7 bags better (Platinum: 10 bags better)
Difficulty:       9/10
Strategy:         This is one the hardest in the whole game, so keep patient. 
                  Seven minutes is a long time and if you mess up during that 
                  time, you will have to start again. There are two strategies 
                  I can give you. First, I will tell you the one I use. Go to 
                  the right side approaching the TimeSplitters' base, getting a 
                  Rocket Launcher and the speed power-up along the way. On your 
                  way back, go to your right again and grab the half-armour. Go 
                  upstairs and score. On your second run, go to the left side. 
                  There will be another speed power-up. Repeat the process, 
                  making sure that the Splitters don't grab your bag. This 
                  strategy has worked for me, but only after a lot of attempts.
                  It is even possible to get platinum with this method, as I
                  have, but you need a bit of luck.

                  The second strategy is going to the little building in the 
                  far left. In that building there is a Homing Launcher and 
                  full body armour. Go there every time when your Homing 
                  Launcher ammo runs out. This doesn't seem to work for me, but 
                  who knows, you might have better luck with it.

                  There are a couple of things that I will note. Don't score
                  with your opponents' bag after the time runs out. Apparently,
                  this can lead to all sorts of problems. Also, when you are
                  trying to improve your trophy, you must also improve the
                  number of bags you score as well as your lead.

Title:            They're Not Pets!
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Circus
Rewards:          Baby Drone, Bear
Score for Gold:   1st with 40 kills (Platinum: 55 kills)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         Another team deathmatch. As long as you are prepared, you 
                  shouldn't have any problems at all. I usually try to either 
                  stay in the main circus area where there is a SBP90 
                  Machinegun x2, or if I spawn outside, get a decent weapon and 
                  run around outside in circles, killing everything I see. 
                  Avoid using the Flamethrower and the Plasma Autorifle's
                  primary fire, as it takes too long to kill someone.

Title:            Nice Threads
Type:             Assault
Description:      Breach the airlock, then secure the cooling towers, before
                  seizing the control room
Location:         Scrapyard
Rewards:          Scrapyard (Assault)
Score for Gold:   Finish by 5 minutes (Platinum: 2 minutes 40)
Difficulty:       7/10 or 9/10 depending on luck
Strategy:         I couldn't decide, 7, 8 or 9 out of 10, and you will see why
                  as you have to depend on your luck. But either way, I must 
                  admit this is harder than Superfly Lady. There is one weapon 
                  that will make life a hell of a lot easier to complete: The
                  Lasergun. Get the Lasergun and turn the shield on (using 
                  secondary fire), charging through towards the left side. Aim 
                  your shield towards the top left laser threads, then when you 
                  get nearer to the door, the ceiling of the hallway as there 
                  are two laser threads there. Just before you enter the 
                  hallway, there is a full body armour on the left. Be sure to 
                  get it! After going past the hallway, immediately turn left 
                  to the next door (under the ramp). Continue going down and 
                  your first objective, to breach the airlock, is complete.

                  Keep running down and you will come to another laser thread.
                  Remember to turn and face the laser thread in the small 
                  opening on your top right when you get to it. After this one, 
                  there are a quite a few threads as you go down the ramps.
                  Point your shield to the top right, running on the inside of 
                  the path. You will then come across a rocket turret. Step 
                  into its view, then step back. A rocket will be blasted and
                  should miss you. Enter the next room (the cooling towers) and 
                  progress from here and you should have completed your second 
                  objective. If you die once before you reach this second 
                  checkpoint, restart. The main reason being that bots will be 
                  in your way trying to kill you and you can't defend off the 
                  laser threads and the bots at the same time.

                  Continue through, getting the half armour. You will then 
                  enter a room with two rocket turrets, one infront and one 
                  behind. Run in a zig-zag, left to right, to dodge the 
                  rockets. Continue through until you get to a grated walkway. 
                  Turn right in the 'T' intersection. There is another turret
                  (plasma) which will start firing. You can dodge left and 
                  right or just keep running forward (you won't lose much 
                  health). The next room has more plasma turrets. If you are 
                  fast enough, you can avoid them by running to the next room,
                  opposite the entrance. Eventually you will come to a blue
                  hallway. Go up the stairs on the right, go up and immediately 
                  take a left. Turn your Lasergun shield on because there is 
                  one more laser thread. Turn the next right and aim at the 
                  last laser thread towards the top to avoid dying at this late
                  stage. Run to the dead end to finish this assault!

                  Remember, the Lasergun shield cannot protect you against
                  rockets. It is possible to complete this without a Lasergun,
                  in fact, I know someone who has a platinum on it without
                  using one, but getting gold, or even platinum, is a lot
                  easier with a Lasergun.

 5)  Sincerest Form of Flattery

Title:            Aztec the Dino Hunter
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Aztec Ruins
Rewards:          Dinosaur
Score for Gold:   70 kills (Platinum: 90 kills)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         This is slightly different to most matches you have played in 
                  because of the fact that your score does show up until the 
                  end. This can be very frustrating when you are one or two off 
                  gold. The Dinosaurs only take one crossbolt to kill, so find 
                  an area that you feel comfortable to stay in (maybe the pond 
                  area) and kill all the dinosaurs to see. Try to reload when 
                  you see nothing rather than reloading when you have to as the 
                  reload time of the crossbow takes a while.

Title:            Half Death
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Hangar
Rewards:          Drone Splitter
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 2 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 2 minutes)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         The only tip I can give you is to use the Plasma Autorifle or
                  the Soviets. Why? Because grenades will help you a lot. If
                  you use your grenades wisely, you should be able to get a
                  gold pretty quickly.

Title:            Dead Fraction
Type:             Team Deathmatch
Description:      None
Location:         Chasm
Rewards:          Jebediah Crump, Small Heads Cheat
Score for Gold:   20 kills in 3 minutes (Platinum: 2 minutes)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         As long as you find somewhere good to camp with a good
                  weapon, you shouldn't have too many problems with this. One
                  good camping spot only has one place where enemies can shoot
                  through and enter, and on top of all that, a SBP90
                  Machinegun x2 and a health pack is provided nearby!

                               3.0   Challenges                           CHLG 

   3.1   Introduction   CINT   

Challenges are slightly different to arcades...why? Challenges are not arcade
scenarios. They are not something you can play in an arcade match for fun with
your mates. Challenges set in TimeSplitters 2 involve smashing glass, beheading
zombies, doing single mini-missions, shooting cardboard cut-outs, collecting 
bananas and killing innocent-looking monkeys.

The format given will be the same as I have shown in my arcade strategies, so
you should be very familiar with it. One thing that will not be included though
is the "type" as it does not apply to Challenges. They are harder that Arcade
matches in general, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem if you have 
completed all the arcade matches...should they?

   3.2   Strategies   CSTR   

 1)  Glass Smash

Title:            Pane in the Neck
Description:      Using Soviet grenades, destroy every glass pane
Location:         Siberia Dam (Outside)
Rewards:          Rotating Heads Cheat
Score for Gold:   18 seconds (Platinum: 11 seconds)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         There are many ways of doing this, but in my opinion, this is 
                  the most effective. Run up the stairs and aim two grenades at 
                  the huge building in one of the windows on the second floor. 
                  If you have done this right, the first grenade should break 
                  the window, the second should go to break the door window at 
                  the back. That building is now done. Run round the back of 
                  the building along side the low wall (beside the entrance of 
                  the dam) and fire a grenade in one of the windows there. 
                  Continue forward until you can see the windows of the next 
                  window clearly. Fire a grenade there - be careful not to hit 
                  the lamp post. Now go in between the two buildings you have 
                  just fired grenades at and this should take you past the huge 
                  building again. Fire a grenade through the door window of the 
                  final building (make sure it doesn't go through a window) and 
                  you have done!

Title:            Bricking It
Description:      Same as the previous challenge apart from you have bricks!
Location:         Siberia Dam (Outside)
Rewards:          Brick (Weapon)
Score for Gold:   35 seconds (Platinum: 27.9 seconds)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         A tip before starting...use the secondary fire - it fires 
                  further! Run up the stairs again until you are facing the six 
                  windows of the huge building. Break every single one using 
                  the secondary fire. Run to the right of the building and 
                  break the three windows there. Run up the stairs and strafe 
                  to break the door window with ease. At this stage, you should 
                  be at 15 seconds if you are going for a gold. Go on the 
                  wooden platform and fall off from it to the right. Now 
                  destroy the glass panes of that window and go to the left of 
                  the building for the door window. Now proceed to the building 
                  near the stairs. Destroy all those panes, then proceed to the 
                  last one and do the same.

Title:            Stain Removal
Description:      Break all 32 panes using your grenade launcher
Location:         Balcony in the cathedral, Notre Dame
Rewards:          The Hunchback
Score for Gold:   32 panes (Platinum: 32 panes in 47.9 seconds)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         This is slightly harder. When you start immediately run 
                  backwards until you can see some huge panes above you. Use 
                  the secondary fire to destroy all the panes on that side. Try 
                  to shoot whilst strafing. When you run to the other side, 
                  make sure you break the three in the middle, where you 
                  started. Finish off the other side to complete it. This can 
                  be frustrating, but don't give up!

 2)  Behead the Undead

Title:            Fight Off the Living Dead
Description:      Survive as long as you can against zombies with a shotgun
Location:         Compound
Rewards:          Sewer Zombie
Score for Gold:   20,000 points (Platinum: 145,000 points)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         Try to aim at the zombies' heads and shoot them before they 
                  enter the room you're in, if you can. If too many zombies 
                  comes in, circle them and shoot them off one by one. The 
                  zombies can also kill each other. Also try to survive as many 
                  waves as you can, to collect bonuses. If you follow the tips,
                  you shouldn't have much trouble obtaining a gold.

Title:            Sergio's Last Stand
Description:      Exactly the same, but this time the zombies are on fire!
Location:         Circus
Rewards:          Sergio
Score for Gold:   25,000 points (Platinum: 35,000 points)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         A lot harder, get the fire extinguisher(s) on the other side 
                  of the poles - just in case you get caught on fire. Use your 
                  crosshair if you can to get headshots. Use the quick-switch 
                  method to reload your Tactical-12 Gauge instantly (switch 
                  weapons then back). With a lot of practice, you will
                  eventually get that elusive gold.

Title:            Day of the Dammed
Description:      How long can you survive against zombies using only fists?
Location:         Inner Siberian Dam
Rewards:          Feeder Zombie
Score for Gold:   20,000 points (Platinum: 25,000 points)
Difficulty:       7/10
Strategy:         This is slightly easier than the previous one, but when you 
                  get to wave four or five, you better watch out. Keep looking 
                  around for any zombies that happen to surprise you from 
                  behind, and remember to circle them and run around them if 
                  things get a bit too crowded.

 3)  Infiltration

Title:            Silent but Deadly
Descripion:       Infiltrate the first part of the Siberia mission!
Location:         Siberia Dam (Outside)
Rewards:          Viking Hat
Score for Gold:   1,000 (Platinum: 1,000 in 39.9 seconds)
Difficulty:       7/10
Strategy:         This one took me a while to get pass. Remember - if someone 
                  spots you in this level, nearly everyone else does! Try to 
                  get headshots with all the guards you encounter with. Start 
                  off by getting the Sniper Rifle and shoot the guard on top of 
                  the stairs in the head. Then shoot the camera's lens nearby. 
                  Continue a bit forward and wait until the guard patrolling 
                  between the two visible buildings walks out of sight. Run 
                  through the gates and stay to the right side of the right 
                  building. Now when possible, shoot him in the head. Walk 
                  forward to the next building (straight ahead) and shoot the 
                  guy in the head through the door window. Go round that 
                  building so you're behind the female guard (Lt. Frost) and 
                  again shoot her in the head. Go round the next building and 
                  you will see a guard (Capt. Snow) patrolling near the metal 
                  stairs. When his back is turned away from you, kill him. Get 
                  out your Temporal Uplink and get inside the huge building to 
                  turn off the cameras. Go upstairs to open the dam, then walk 
                  along the wooden planks into the locked building to get the
                  Timed Mines. Chuck a mine on the satellite dish, then run 
                  inside the dam!

                  The route given above is a safe, but slow one only aimed to
                  get gold. If you want a platinum, you must take a different,
                  riskier route.

Title:            Trouble at the Docks
Description:      Infiltrate the first part of the Chicago mission
Location:         Docks in Chicago
Rewards:          Pirate Hat
Score for Gold:   1,000 (Platinum: 1,000 in 24.9 seconds)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         Run to the ladder, fall off. Approach the guy moving on your 
                  left, then shoot him in the head or punch him there. When the 
                  guy walking along the walkway goes past the next bit, run 
                  straight ahead until you reach some stairs. Run up them and 
                  shoot the next guy when you get to the top (through the
                  windows or from the side). Go down the stairs, killing 
                  another guy along the way, turn right then run out to 
                  complete this challenge!

Title:            Escape From NeoTokyo
Description:      Escape from NeoTokyo without getting seen by the cameras
Location:         Streets of NeoTokyo
Rewards:          Big Ears Hat
Score for Gold:   1,000 (Platinum: 1,000 in 19.9 seconds)
Difficulty:       5/10
Strategy:         Simple, just one piece of advice: TAKE YOUR TIME. The first 
                  camera can be avoided by walking straight ahead. Then go to 
                  the second gap, which should be safe from the second camera. 
                  Wait for the second camera to turn away then run and wait
                  just before the corner. Wait until the police car goes past, 
                  then avoid the final few cameras and run to the end!

 4)  Banana Chomp

Title:            Banana Chomp
Description:      Collect all the bananas as fast as possible!
Location:         Aztec (Outside)
Rewards:          Private Coal
Score for Gold:   55 seconds (Platinum: 45 seconds)
Difficulty:       3/10 or 7/10 depending on if you know the route
Strategy:         Start by walking through the tunnel, collecting the three 
                  bananas. Go to the left side of the pillar to collect a 
                  couple, then go round the far end and come back to get a few 
                  more. Then go round the next pillar for the last two in this 
                  area. Continue through the next area getting one on the ramp, 
                  then go up the stairs facing opposite the ramp to get two 
                  more. Then proceed, turning left at the intersection to get 
                  the banana in the corner.

                  Turn 180 degrees and follow the path until you come to a dead 
                  end with a banana. Step back a bit and then turn left and 
                  continue running whilst collecting a few more bananas. When 
                  you have got those bananas, you should be facing the huge 
                  hole on the right (or close to it). Run through that and go 
                  round to corner you see grabbing another banana. Turn the 
                  next right (not the stairs straight on). Grab the banana in
                  front of you, strafe right to get one there, continue then 
                  strafe right again to get another banana.

                  Run to the back of the room to find two more, then get the 
                  one on the mound. Run through the next pathway, collect a few 
                  more on the way. When you get to the next room, grab the 
                  banana in the far left corner. Go around the rock to see and 
                  grab another one. Go across the log for a couple more, then 
                  go left to get another one, then turn 180 degrees to get the 
                  other one. Go back and cross the log again, then turn right. 
                  Collect that banana then follow the path to collect the last 
                  one there sitting at a dead end!

                  There are a couple of things I will say regarding this
                  challenge. Firstly, put away your Temporal Uplink. After
                  going through this challenge a few times, you should know
                  the route off by heart. The Uplink is relatively big and can
                  get in the way. Also, try to turn corners smoothly where
                  possible. You can cut off a few seconds if you can corner

Title:            Monkey Business
Description:      The same but avoid the zombies
Location:         Aztec (Outside)
Rewards:          Private Poorly
Score for Gold:   58 seconds (Platinum: 48 seconds)
Difficulty:       4/10 presuming you know the route
Strategy:         Follow the same route as you did in Banana Chomp, but avoid 
                  the zombies. There are a couple of places where you might 
                  have some problems. The most obvious one is the swamp area 
                  (the one with the ramp and stairs) as two zombies come in and 
                  they might block your way. If this happens, restart.

Title:            Playing with Fire
Description:      Get as many bananas as you can before you die
Location:         Aztec (Outside)
Rewards:          Wood Golem
Score for Gold:   24 bananas (Platinum: 24 with 1 second left)
Difficulty:       5/10 or 8/10 depending on if you know the route
Strategy:         [ Thanks to Cayene of Doma for this ]
                  Start off by running to the corner, then turn right, 
                  remembering to take the first left. You should have two. Grab 
                  the banana in front of you, then the one on your right. Grab 
                  all five in the pillar room, then move to the next path. Grab 
                  the four in this hallway. When you get to the fourth, take a 
                  sharp left. Grab five in the next room, don't bother with the 
                  one on the far side. Head down to the next area, grabbing the 
                  group of five in front of you, then head to the right near
                  the dead end for the last one.

                  If you want a platinum but you have earned a gold, reset your 
                  game before it saves! There is a glitch, and if you let it 
                  save, you will never get the platinum on this profile.

 5)  Cut-Out Shoot-Out

Title:            Take 'em Down
Description:      Shoot cut-outs to get points, but not civilians
Location:         Wild West
Rewards:          Ample Sally
Score for Gold:   3,500 points (Platinum: 4,000 points)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         This is really straight forward. Aim at the chest to get 100 
                  points for each one. Make sure you thoroughly go past every 
                  building and do not shoot any civilians (yes, that includes
                  the boy with the balloon). Follow it and you should get a
                  decent score with a gold. Cayene of Doma has made a more 
                  detailed guide of this challenge.

Title:            Fall Out
Description:      Same as before, but in Chicago
Location:         Chicago
Rewards:          Marco the Snitch
Score for Gold:   1,650 points (Platinum: 1,700 points)
Difficulty:       4/10
Strategy:         Again, very simple, but this time all shots are worth 100 
                  points. Watch out for ones that decrease your score by one 
                  (fairly quickly!) and make sure you check both sides of cars. 
                  A more detailed guide can be found by Cayene of Doma.

Title:            Pick Yer Piece
Description:      From a window, shoot the cut-outs to gain points
Location:         Compound
Rewards:          Sgt. Rock
Score for Gold:   1,000 points (Platinum: 1,250 points)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         Patience is what you need. Get ready to restart a LOT. I will 
                  try to lead you through this nasty challenge, and like Take 
                  'em Down, where you shoot matters (maximum for each cut-out 
                  is again 100 points). Remember to use your rifle every time. 
                  When you start, run up to the window. Aim slightly to the
                  right at the top of the blue crate. Shoot at the waist of 
                  this cut-out. The next one appears lower and more to the left 
                  of the first. Aim at the top right leg. Aim directly below 
                  you in the middle, shooting at the backside, then
                  remove the sight, run backwards to the back right of the 
                  room, and another cut-out should appear (aim for the 

                  Run back to the window, and if you can, there is a demon to 
                  the right. Shoot in the groin. If you missed, you have a 
                  chance later. Aim to the low right of the blue crate you 
                  aimed at first and another cut-out will appear. Aim at her 
                  thigh. Aim down and left to the grey wall and aim at the 
                  man's waist. Now aim for the far right corner and aim for the 
                  backside again. Directly in front of you on the left hand 
                  side of the crate should be another cut-out, shoot in the 
                  groin. Aim down a bit more and to the left, and a moving 
                  cut-out should appear. Shoot her in the backside. If you 
                  missed the demon earlier (as stated), now's the time. Go back 
                  up there and it should reappear. Shoot in the groin. If you 
                  did previously shoot the demon, go back there anyway. There 
                  is a woman to the right of where the demon was. Shoot her.

                  The next one appears right at the back, on the ground to the
                  left of those boxes. Shoot the cut-out, then stand on the 
                  left side of the window and look to the middle right. Shoot 
                  the man that appears, then quickly go to the right side of 
                  the window and look all the way to the left. A target appears 
                  almost side on. Now the next one is almost directly below (to 
                  the right). Then quickly aim straight ahead, high on top of 
                  the crates in the distance. Finally, aim down at the grating 
                  to the left. Shoot the final one quickly before the time runs 

 6)  TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic

Title:            Badass Buspass Impasse
Description:      Collect the brain, then run back to the portal
Location:         Streets
Rewards:          Badass Cyborg
Score for Gold:   1 minute 30 seconds (Platinum: 45 seconds)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         The best thing to do is run past everyone then run back to 
                  the time portal, but that's a bit tricky. What I usually do 
                  is with the pistol, kill the first guard with a head shot, 
                  then kill the woman that jumps out of the corner with a head 
                  shot too. Collect the Soviet, then kill anyone that's in your
                  way. Don't stop for anything. When you get the brain, there 
                  will be Splitters which will make things harder - just keep 
                  on running to the end.

                  If you have created a map (using MapMaker) and have played in 
                  it, you will get some sort of medal. This is a glitch, but 
                  you do not get access to the next challenge or get Badass 
                  Cyborg until you have actually completed it yourself.

Title:            But Where Did The Batteries Go?
Description:      Get the batteries, then run back to the time portal
Location:         Scrapyard
Rewards:          R One-Oh-Seven
Score for Gold:   5 minutes 30 seconds (Platinum: 4 minutes 30)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         This may seem hard, but there are two armours in this level 
                  to help you. Run to the entrance, head through the doors, go 
                  to the next room. Shoot the ChassisBot in front of you, then 
                  the one on the left. Continue. Turn the corner and you will 
                  see a R109. Kill him and get his Plasma Autorifle. For all
                  moving turrets, chuck a grenade into the black area to kill 
                  it. When you get to the cooling towers (where you are on the 
                  grated platform), turn a sharp right to see a R109 with a 
                  Minigun. Take it. Just after this bit there is a full body 
                  armour. Also take that. Use your Minigun to mow your way 
                  through to the batteries. When you have, go back as fast as 
                  possible. Near the start (where the R109 with the Plasma 
                  Autorifle was) there is another full armour. Get that and get 
                  into the time portal.

Title:            Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time
Description:      Grab the bones and run back to the portal
Location:         Hospital
Rewards:          The Cropolite
Score for Gold:   2 minutes (Platinum: 1 minute)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         Try to ignore zombies if you can. When you start, go straight 
                  forward and then turn left. Turn the next corner and keep 
                  going straight forward until you reach the end of the 
                  hallway. Turn the right corner then run across the large room 
                  to the next hallway (several zombies will appear at this 
                  point, try to dodge them). Then run to the next room (with 
                  the stairs) and run straight across to the next hallway. 
                  Continue until you get to another room. Turn right, going 
                  into a hallway, then turn another right and go in that door, 
                  then turn left across the room with the beds or cots.

                  You should now encounter some stairs. Sometimes a burning 
                  zombie (Crispin) comes down the stairs. If this is the case, 
                  stand right of the stairs, then when the zombie falls down, 
                  run up the stairs. Go past the balcony (you'll come back here 
                  later) and into the other room (with the beds). If more 
                  burning zombies appear, climb onto the beds to get to the 
                  other side. Once you have done that, turn left at the
                  intersection (usually another Undead Priest will appear with 
                  his Shotgun), turn right around the corner, grab the bones 
                  lying there, then turn back. Run back through the room with 
                  the beds (if you catch fire here, keep going - you're
                  nearly at the end). Go back to the balcony, jump off it, then 
                  run into the time portal in front of you!

                  Zombies and Undead Priests will respawn if you kill an enemy. 
                  Try to minimise your killing to avoid Undead Priests with 
                  Shotguns appearing - and wasting your health.

 7) Monkeying Around

Title:            Simian Shootout
Description:      Shoot as many monkeys as you can to gain points
Location:         Mexican Mission
Rewards:          Insect Mutant
Score for Gold:   1,800 points (Platinum: 2,000 points)
Difficulty:       8/10
Strategy:         This best position to stand (in my opinion) is to stand just 
                  in front of the fountain. Try to memorise where the monkeys 
                  will appear so you know when to stand on the left, the right, 
                  or aiming at the bell. Combos do help a lot. A lot of
                  monkeys appear towards the end, and so this is a good
                  chance to get high combos.

Title:            Monkey Mayhem
Description:      Shoot as many melons as you can!
Location:         Circus
Rewards:          Misfit
Score for Gold:   2,500 points (Platinum: 3,000 points)
Difficulty:       6/10
Strategy:         When you start, run to the barrier then adjust the scope so 
                  it is zoomed out all of the way. Aim slightly lower. This 
                  might take some adjusting, but if you get it right, every 
                  monkey with a melon will go through that spot. Keep shooting 
                  those melons off, trying to get combos, and you will get the 
                  gold needed for this challenge.

Title:            Dam Bursters
Description:      Same as Simian Shootout
Location:         Siberian Dam (On Top)
Rewards:          Robofish
Score for Gold:   8,000 points (Platinum: 9,300 points)
Difficulty:       9/10
Strategy:         This is one of the hardest challenges. Try to stick to the
                  left side or the middle. Remember to turn the secondary fire 
                  on and if it overheats too much, turn it off then turn it 
                  back on. Auto-Aim helps a lot and try to concentrate on the 
                  monkeys rolling into the dam. To get combos, try shoot to the 
                  back in the distance and hope you shoot those monkeys. Don't 
                  use the crosshair and keep moving in front of the monkeys if 
                  you can. This challenge relies on luck a lot and also high 

                  Another tip you might want to try is this: To get combos, try 
                  waiting until you see loads of monkeys in your sight, then 
                  shooting all the monkeys you see.

                  Andy also gives a tip to help you conquer this challenge:

                  | "Shoot like crazy at the fog in the middle because that's |
                  | where all the monkeys come from. By doing this I kept on  | 
                  | getting combos of eight."                                 |

                  This helps a lot, but try not to overheat the minigun by 
                  doing this. Here's another tip to help you conquer Dam 
                  Bursters from Stuckinabox:

                  | "Instead of staying in one place, continuously strafe     |
                  | back and forth across the dam so you can get a dead on    |
                  | aim for each monkey. This will make them a heck of a lot  |
                  | easier to hit."                                           |

                  This gives you more of a chance to hit those monkeys and so
                  increasing your chances of a high combo. Thanks for the tips 

                              4.0   Miscellaneous                         MSCL  

   4.1   Frequently Asked Questions   FRAQ   

Q: Do you know a good strategy for Dam Bursters?

A: Take a look at the Dam Bursters strategy. A couple of people have also
   submitted some of their tips! Keep trying and you will succeed. Good luck!

Q: What do I have to do in order to unlock Big Tony?

A: To unlock Big Tony, you have to complete Chicago in Normal (Story). This can
   be done by yourself or in co-op.

Q: I've got many points on Fight Off The Living Dead but I can't get platinium.
   How many points is required for platinium?

A: A lot of sources say it's 145,000, but I do not have platinum on this
   challenge so I cannot confirm it.

Q: How many platinums and golds do you have?

A: I currently have 42 platinums and 24 golds, but now I only play it for
   multiplayer fun. I do know quite a few people with better scores, including 
   a couple achieving all 66 platinums.

Q: What is surf time?

A: Surf time is where you move without doing so without using your controller.
   The only example I can think of in Arcade mode is getting on the crane in
   the Hangar level. Going up the lift in Siberia does not count because it is
   in Story mode, not in Arcade.

Q: What Challenge do I have to complete to unlock TimeSplitters 'Story'
A: To unlock TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic, complete three sections in

   4.2   Some Final Tips   SFTP   

[ This section has been renamed and re-written for v2.00 ]

Before I close this FAQ, I will give a few more tips.

Remember, if you are in battle with another bot or human, keep strafing and 
moving. You will be a much harder target to hit than staying with your feet 
stuck to your ground.

When playing against humans, or bots in a lot of cases, search for a decent 
weapon if you are constantly getting outgunned.

Regarding arcades and challenges, don't get too mad if you get stuck. Keep 
restarting and putting the effort in and eventually you will be rewarded. 
Sometimes a bit of luck is all you need.

Try to aim for heads rather than arms or legs. The exception is when using a 
Rocket or Homing Launcher, where aiming at the legs is more wise.

I've ran out of tips to give you now. All I can now say is good luck.

   4.3   Contact   CNTC   

Please do not contact me on this game now. And besides, I don't use my old
e-mail account any more, so contacting me should be tricky anyway.

   4.4   Special Thanks   SPTH   

I would like to thank the following:

 | Free Radical Design | For making TimeSplitters 2                         |
 | Eidos               | For publishing TimeSplitters 2                     |
 | Plat Strats*        | For some helpful tips to overcome some challenges  |
 | GameFAQs*           | For countless things                               |
 | Cayene of Doma      | For helping me on a few challenges                 |
 | Bannor              | For giving me the motivation to improve my scores  |
 | Andy                | For a tip on Dam Bursters                          |
 | Stuckinabox         | For a tip on Dam Bursters                          |
 | Dave                | For a tip on Time to Split                         |
 | Ryan Wardell        | For a tip on Monkey Immolation                     |
 | You                 | For reading this FAQ                               |


 Plat Strats

   4.5   Finishing Off   FNHO   

This is my first FAQ I have written and I hope that this guide has helped you a
lot. Good luck on progressing through the game. I have had a couple of e-mails 
asking if I am going to do a Story mode FAQ. Well, not at the moment. Don't 
expect me to do a guide on Story mode, but you never know.