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Super Monkey Ball 2: Beginner Mode FAQ v1.0
Jeff Dimapasoc aka GForce9x
September 23, 2002

This FAQ is to provide tips and strategies for the 10 floors in 
Challenge Mode's beginner level.

General Info and Symbol Guide

Throughout this guide you might see an asterik(*) on some of the 
floors' walkthroughs.  These indicate a warp, shortcut, or 
alternate route to the goal.

If you see an (s) symbol next to a floor, it means that you will 
need to pay close attention to your speed on the said floor.


1 - SIMPLE - Nothing to this floor.  Just head straight forward 
to the goal.

2 - HOLLOW - For this one, just follow track around and make a 
sharp right at the wall.  Head straight to the goal from there. 

*Optional: Straight forward and start to veer right as you hit 
the edge.  Keep yourself going forward and right while you are 
in mid-air, but not too much because you do not want to overshoot 
your landing.  It may take a couple of tries to get it right, but 
it can save you a lot of time if you are going for a high score. 

3 - BUMPY - All you really have to do on this one is just hold 
forward and go straight until you get near the end.  The bumps 
will cause you to jump as you roll over them.  Slow it down a 
little toward the end so that you're not out of control as you 
reach the goal.

4 - SWITCHES - Hit the switch in front of you to raise the bridge 
ahead.  Skip the second switch and head across the second bridge 
to the goal.

*Warp:  Hit the second switch to raise the second bridge.  The 
goal is on the underside of the bridge and you may get a glimpse 
of it as the bridge is turning.  It will be below you and out of 
view.  The goal is nearly vertical, but angled a little to the 
right so you'll want to stand a bit left of center and drop down 
into it.  Your positioning depends on your speed as you drop 
down.  Be very careful not to hit the wall as it can throw off 
your trajectory.  This one is mainly a trial-and-error goal.  It 
may not be worth going for if you only have a few lives to work 
with as it only skips the bonus level.  It'll give you big  
points though if you are going for a high score.  Jump to floor 6. 

5 - BOWL -  This is beginner mode's only bonus stage.  The 
bananas are located at the upper inside edge of the bowl.  You'll 
need to maintain a high speed if you want to grab a bunch at a 
time.  You may have to make a few runs to get all of them because 
the slope of the bowl is too steep to stay on the upper edge.  
Or, if you are going for points, just head forward to the goal.

6 - FLOATERS - Treat this like the simple stage, but with 
alternating sections of the floor floating up and down.  It's 
pretty easy though.  Just zig-zag your way around the floaters 
and keep a forward path to the goal.

7 - SLOPES -  Maneuver your way around the small jump ramps and 
work your way forward to the bottom of the main ramp.  Turn right 
and head up.  Then make a u-turn to the left and head up to the 
second level.  Make one more u-turn to the right and head up to 
the third level where the goal is located.  

*Optional: Go forward at full speed to right jump ramp in 2nd row 
and hit it head on.  Angle yourself a little to the right and hit 
the larger jump ramp behind it, staying at full speed. You should 
land on the front side of the jump ramp and launch yourself up to 
the first platform.  This should save you a few seconds compared 
to going the normal route.

8 - SLIDERS - (s) This floor is pretty much a straight-forward 
path to end.  Take the turns on outside edge so that you don't 
have to brake so hard to keep yourself from falling over the side. 
The slope gets steeper with each turn, so watch your speed on 
curves, especially the last few as steep drop will cause you to 
bounce out of control and possibly over the edge.

9 - SPINNING TOP - There isn't too much to this level.  Just go up 
either side ramp around to the back.  Turn around to face the 
front of the level and go underneath the top along the outer edge 
of the platform around to the goal.

10 - CURVE BRIDGE - As with most of the beginner floors, it's a 
simple path to the goal.  Watch your speed as you're going around 
the corners because it is very easy to misjudge them and fall over 
the side if you're trying to power your way through. The end ramp 
at the end of the path and the ramp containing the goal alternate 
moving up and down.  You can see the relative positions of the two 
as you round the next to last corner.  When the goal platform 
drops down lower than the main platform, head straight toward the 
goal.  Just be careful of your speed as you drop down so that you 
don't bounce out of control.

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