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Super Monkey Ball 2: Beginner Extra Mode FAQ v1.0
Jeff Dimapasoc aka GForce9x
September 23, 2002

This FAQ is to provide tips and strategies for the 10 floors in 
Challenge Mode's beginner extra level.

General Info and Symbol Guide

Throughout this guide you might see an asterik(*) on some of the 
floors' walkthroughs.  These indicate a warp, shortcut, or 
alternate route to the goal.

If you see an (s) symbol next to a floor, it means that you will 
need to pay close attention to your speed on the said floor.

If you see a (t) symbol next to a floor, it means that timing will 
be crucial on the said floor.

How to access the extra floors

To access the beginner extra floors, you must complete floor 10 of
the normal beginner mode without using a continue along the way.
Once you reach the extra floors, you may use continues and still 
play until you finish the last floor or run out of continues to use.


1 - CONVEYERS - Nothing much to this floor.  Just head forward at
full speed to the goal.  The conveyers may make you spin a little, 
but if you're going at full speed, they won't push you off course.

2 - BUMPY CHECK - This floor is similar to BUMPY, but with gaps 
in the floor.  The easiest and safest way to do this floor is to 
go to either side, since all of the gaps are in the middle of the 
floor.  You might be able to save a few seconds by going down the 
center and jumping the gaps diagonally if you choose, but it is 
more risky.

3 - ALTERNATIVE -  Skip switch unless you really want to challenge 
yourself.  There are eight moving platforms in the formation moving 
back and forward.  The corner platforms alternate with the ones on 
the sides.  You can take one platform at a time if you wish.  The 
fastest way to do it is to go from the corner platform you first get 
on to one of the far side platforms as soon as the first platform 
joins with the rest.  Wait for the side platform to move out and then 
back in.  Then hop on to the last platform and ride it to the goal.

4 - JUNCTION - For this floor just go forward off of the runway and 
take any path you wish toward the goal.  Just be careful of your speed.

*Warp: Move forward to the end of the runway.  Turn around and head 
full speed to the other end (bounce off the sides as you go forward 
for a little extra speed).  As you are near the end of the runway 
move to the center and jump the gap, watching your speed as you land.  
Stay on the outer paths and work your way to the goal.  Jump to floor 6. 

5 - BEAD SCREEN -  There are five switches here.  Plant yourself
near the far right one (the pause one) and wait for the sections
of the floor to flatten out in the form of stairs.  Hit the pause
switch to keep the floor from breaking up again and head down the
stairs to the goal.

6 - FLUCTUATION - Boxes move up and down through the holes in this
level.  This level is similar to FLOATERS, but with less room to
move around in.  Navigate your way between the holes in the floor
toward the goal.  The boxes blocking the goal will move out of the 
way at around 40:00.

7 - FOLDERS - Stay along outside edge where the floor doesn't move.
When you get to the end where the goal is, wait for goal platform 
to go down and then back up.  Enter goal quickly before the floor
falls out from underneath you.

*Optional:  You can power your way through this floor.  Hold forward 
immediately from the start, taking the right side.  When you approach 
the end of the platform, it should just be lowering itself.  Use your 
momentum and fall off the left side, aiming for the goal.

8 - QUICK TURN - (t) You start this floor being dropped onto a fast 
forward switch.  Turn around to back of platform to slow it down to
normal speed if desired.  It's safest to stay on either the right or
left side of the platform when crossing a triangle's path.

9 - LINEAR SEESAWS - (s) Maintain a steady speed on this floor.  The
first two seesaws have a platform in the middle.  Last one has 
platforms to either side so roll off the second seesaw at an angle.
Watch you speed as you land on the goal platform as there isn't much
breathing room.

10 - BIRTH - You can tackle this floor in a variety of ways.  First
off, you begin by being dropped on a fast forward switch.  There is
a normal play switch behind you on the back of the runway.  The path
after the runway forks into two directions.  The left path takes you
up a ramp toward the main platform which you must cross to get to 
the goal.  The right path leads to a pause switch that will freeze
the blocks and keep them from falling.  Choose your desired speed
and head up the left path to the platform.  Cross the platform as
you work your way uphill.  You'll need to drop down from the upper
right side of the platform to get to the goal.  Make sure you are
high enough because it can be easy to misjudge and drop too early.
*Optional:  Head down the right path from the start and stop near
the edge.  Turn around and head full speed to the pause switch 
straight on.  As you hit it, angle yourself left to get on to the 
platform. Just don't angle too hard or you may fall off as you land 
on it.  Once you are in the air and over the wall, you may want to
hold down and right to correct yourself for your landing.  Don't 
worry about coming to a dead stop as the slope of the platform is
low enough for you to accelerate uphill.

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