Story Mode Guide by BenjG

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Story Mode Guide
For Super Monkey Ball 2
Last Updated 3/5/03
Copyright 2003 Benjamin Good

NOTE:  This guide is meant only for story mode and the stages involved in it. 


I.   Version History
II.  About Story Mode 
III. Story Mode
A.	World 1-Jungle Island
B. World 2-Volcanic Magma
C. World 3-Under the Ocean  
D. World 4-Inside a Whale
E. World 5-Amusement Park
F. World 6-Boiling Pot
G. World 7-Bubbly Washing Machine
H. World 8-Clock Tower Factory
I. World 9-Space Colony
J. World 10-Dr. Bad-Boon's Base
IV.  Legal Information

I.  Version History
Version 1.0  3/5/03
Initial Version

II.  About Story Mode

In Super Monkey Ball 2, there is a function called story mode that you can 
play.  In story mode, AIAI and his friends will pursue Dr. Bad-Boon.  As they 
do, they will encounter different worlds, ten in all, ten stages apiece.  I am 
not writing this guide to tell about what happens in the story itself.  Rather, 
this guide is meant to help you through the stages you must complete when you 
aren't watching a story cinema.  When you enter a world, you can play any of 
the ten stages in any order.  When you beat a stage, you can't play it again.  
Beat all ten stages, and you'll advance to the next world.  There are warps in 
the stages, but they won't let you skip anything.  I have written the world 
number and name of each stage, and I have also put the difficulty.  The 
difficulty given is not from the game, it's from me.  Almost all of the 
difficulties provided by the game are highly inaccurate.  Of course, the 
difficulty can depend on several factors, like how good you are at the level or 
if it's one with different paths of varying widths.  I have given more accurate 

III.  Story Mode

A.	 Jungle Island

World 1-1
~ Simple ~
Difficulty: *

The stage name couldn't be any closer to the truth.  Just head straight 
forward into the goal.

World 1-2
~ Hollow ~
Difficulty: *

In this stage, you must roll around in a circle to get to the goal.  There are 
sloped walls that prevent you from falling off, provided you're not going too 
fast.  The quickest way is to go straight ahead.  You'll need to get as much 
momentum as possible, but you can cross the gap and to the goal's platform.

World 1-3
~ Bumpy ~
Difficulty: *

Bumps that look like tiny walls divide the stage into a grid pattern, with 
some dirt humps in a few areas as well.  If you head straight forward, you 
should end up in the goal with little trouble.  But the bumps can send you 
high in the air when approached at fast speeds.

World 1-4
~ Switches ~
Difficulty: *
To get to the second portion of this stage, you must hit the switch you see.  
When you do, a platform will appear and act as a bridge to get there.  Another 
switch will be here, but don't hit it; it just causes the platform with 
bananas on it to fold downward.  After crossing this, swerve around the 
circular platform to the goal.

World 1-5
~ Conveyers ~
Difficulty: *

If you don't know the easy strategy for this stage, it can be very hard.  
Conveyer belts are placed on the platform.  You can pass most of them, but 
right before the goal is a belt that spans the whole platform.  A great deal 
of momentum is necessary to cross the belt.  Head straight forward from the 
beginning, and crossing the belt will be very easy.

World 1-6
~ Floaters ~
Difficulty: **

Many square shaped platforms move up and down in this stage, and they leave a 
square hole behind when they are aren't located in their "niche".  Ignore the 
square platforms and head into the goal, unless you want some bananas.  In 
that case, ride one of the square platforms up in the air by falling on them 
when they're lower than the platform.

World 1-7
~ Slopes ~
Difficulty: *

Ramps are located in the first portion of this stage.  Ignore them; they have 
no useful purpose.  Then, ascend some slopes to get to the goal at the top.

World 1-8
~ Sliders ~
Difficulty: **

A good way to describe this level is a tube that's been cut in half, with the 
bottom remaining.  The tube swerves around, and has some steep slopes, so 
carefully maneuver your way through the tube.  The key is to remain at a 
fairly slow speed.

World 1-9
~ Spinning Top ~
Difficulty: *

A large, metal spinning top twirls around the goal in this stage.  To get to 
it, just head up the slope at the base of the goal's platform.  However, 
instead of the top being balanced on its point, it is "rolling around" on the 
platform (this is what happens when a top is no longer balanced).  Avoid the 
top at all costs, as it will send you flying when touched.  Roll past it when 
it's out of the way.

World 1-10  
~ Curve Bridge ~
Difficulty: **

A long, curved bridge with no walls is this stage's challenge.  The bridge is 
fairly thick, but don't get moving too quickly.  At the end of the bridge, a 
long platform dips down in a downward slope.  At first, nothing is visible at 
the end, but the goal's platform will come into view after waiting briefly.  
Head forward and down to the goal.

B.	 Volcanic Magma

World 2-1
~ Banks ~
Difficulty: *

All you need to do is cross the S-shaped platform and head to the goal.  The 
thing that makes it a bit trickier than that is the fact that the platform is 
slightly sloped, so move upward as well as forward while moving.

World 2-2
~ Eaten Floor ~
Difficulty: **

The large triangle platform in this stage is covered with square shaped holes 
of varying sizes.  It isn't too hard, but there are several areas where you 
must cross a short, but thin path between holes.  The best strategy is to 
travel along the edge of the platform.

World 2-3
~ Hoppers ~
Difficulty: ***

In this particular stage, you begin by landing on a switch.  Many stages begin 
this way.  When activated, the switch will cause two long, reflective 
ellipsoids to begin rocking back and forth.  They move at a good speed, and 
you can in fact make them go slower.  Turn around at the beginning and you'll 
see another switch that will slow the ellipsoids down.  Then run under them, 
making sure they don't land on you.

World 2-4
~ Coaster ~
Difficulty: *

This stage is a long tube that spirals around like a telephone cord.  When you 
enter it, you will notice that certain sections of the tube are missing, so 
you must keep the control stick pointed against the centrifugal force of 
turning.  If you go fast enough, you can get some banana bunches after passing 
through the goal.  Be prepared for the thin path that leads to the goal.

World 2-5
~ Bumpy Check ~
Difficulty: **

This is similar to World 1-3, but some squares have been removed to leave 
large holes.  Take a path on the far left or right side on the platform.  
Don't get too carried away, otherwise the bumps tend to send you flying.

World 2-6
~ Swell ~
Difficulty: ***

This is a rectangular shaped platform that has humps and slopes in it.  It's 
kind of like traveling on ocean waves, only they aren't moving.  The best way 
to tackle this stage is to head forward and stay in line with the row of 
bananas by collecting them.  You must be moving at a good speed, otherwise the 
slopes will overtake you. 

World 2-7
~ Gravity Slider ~
Difficulty: *

This stage is incredibly easy, but is quite fun to play.  Simply go forward.  
Basically it's a big slide that is steep.  When you start to move down the 
slide, you'll rocket downward at an amazing speed.  It'll last a while, but 
you'll be in the goal in no time.

World 2-8
~ Inchworms ~
Difficulty: **

Since you start on a speed switch, turn around and hit the slow switch.  Then 
move along the path over to the first "inchworm".  Don't get on it until it's 
has just folded itself up again.  It would make more sense if you saw it.

World 2-9
~ Totalitarianism ~
Difficulty: **

Several poles have a donut shaped thing around them that moves up and down, 
all of them in unison.  You will die if one of the donuts lands on you.  You 
start on a speed switch in the beginning, so turn around and hit the other 
switch to slow the donuts down.  The donuts won't hit where bananas are 
located, and it's a good idea to remember where the donuts will hit so you 
know where it's safe.

World 2-10
~ Alternative ~
Difficulty: ***

Get on one of the square platforms and ride it until it rejoins with the 
others.  Then get on another one until you arrive on the square that leads to 
the goal.  You'll need to adjust your movement because of the platform's 

C.  Under the Ocean
World 3-1
~ Organic Form ~
Difficulty: ***

Turn around and hit the slow switch to reverse the speed switch's effects (you 
start on a speed switch again).  Now head toward a structure that is composed 
of several long thin platforms that moves back and forth. It makes a 
fascinating visual display.  Stay in the middle of the structure.  Even if you 
start to get knocked around a bit, it will still be fairly easy to move 
forward to the goal's platform.

World 3-2 
~ Reversible Gear ~
Difficulty: ****

The goal is located in the center of the gear you see that is rotating.  It 
changes directions at regular intervals.  However, there's only one way into 
the gear, and that makes things complicated.  The gear only stops for a brief 
period of time before moving again, and the entrance to the goal literally has 
to be right in front of your face.  It's a matter of being at the right place 
at the right time.  Even if it does appear in front of you, you still must get 
to the goal before the gear boots up again.  You'll be sent flying if the 
sides hit you.

World 3-3
~ Stepping Stones ~
Difficulty: **

You have two options: take the left path or the right.  This stage will have 
you falling from platform to platform, avoiding the checkerboard pattern in 
the middle of each one.  On the left path you have larger platforms, while the 
right has smaller ones, many of which only have the checkerboard portion to 
land on.  You're at high risk for simply falling through one of the square 
holes, and the effort only yields a few banana bunches.  Take the left path.

World 3-4 
~ Dribbles ~
Difficulty: *****

Many sphere shaped "balls" move up and down on a long winding path.  First 
turn around and slow the spheres down by hitting the slow switch, and head 
toward the challenge.  The thing to do is to run under the sphere after it has 
gone in the air.  You die if it hits you in any way.  Some of the spheres 
later on will be larger and you won't be able to see them as well; their 
shadows won't help at all.  It would help if you studied the stage to know 
where they are in this case.

World 3-5
~ U.R.L. ~
Difficulty: ****

Amusement Vision's website is placed on a large rectangle that juts outward at 
certain intervals.  You must avoid it, and you can't make it across in a 
single run.  Instead, you must hurry into a lower area that the website can't 
reach.  Gather enough speed to push up the small ramp and quickly enter the 
next lower area when the website begins to recede.  Small walls prevent you 
from traveling straight through the safe zone.  Continue until you reach the 

World 3-6
~ Mad Rings ~
Difficulty: **

Being very short and very easy, it's very doubtful that this stage will give 
you any trouble.  A large ring rotates around a platform you must cross to get 
to the goal.  It moves slowly, and you should avoid hitting it, otherwise you 
fall to your death.

World 3-7
~ Curvy Options ~
Difficulty: ***

You have a choice of four paths, the one on the far left being the thickest.  
As you move left, they get thinner.  Unless you want some bananas, take the 
left route.  You might as well take it easy now, because it's going to get 

World 3-8
~ Twister ~
Difficulty: ******

Several square shaped things that resemble picture frames are spinning around, 
only briefly stopping to form a safe square tunnel.  It's impossible to run 
through before the frames start moving, so try to bounce around until you get 
to the goal's platform.  It takes a little luck and some practice.

World 3-9
~ Downhill ~
Difficulty: **

You begin by heading down a staircase; keep your speed down.  Then, you just 
travel around on a ring platform until you find a steep ramp.  Use it to get 
to the next ring, slowing down once you get on it.  Continue this until you've 
traveled on all the rings to the goal.

World 3-10
~ Junction ~
Difficulty: **

A large diamond shaped platform is sloped, and the goal is at the end.  There 
are pits, so you should slow yourself when necessary to avoid falling off.

D.	 Inside a Whale

World 4-1
~ Pro Skaters ~
Difficulty: *

The goal has some sort of skates attached to it, and it is moving back and 
forth in a sloped half-pipe.  A new switch is introduced: the pause switch.  
Hit it when the goal is located in an area so that it's easily accessible, 
preferably on level ground.  Hit the speed switch if you stop the goal in a 
bad location.

World 4-2
~ Giant Comb ~
Difficulty: ***

A giant comb rotates, and you'll need to get past it to complete this stage.  
I think you know what will happen if you come into contact with its teeth by 
now.  Luckily, the pink lines on the platform are there to indicate where the 
comb's teeth touch the platform.  Right after the comb whizzes by each time, 
quickly cross each line in a rhythm motion.

World 4-3
~ Beehive ~
Difficulty: ***

Half of the hexagons in this stage slope downwards, the other half upwards.  
Carefully descend the first half, and slowly cross the thin paths where the 
middle of the stage is.  Then just climb up to where the goal is.  Again, keep 
your speed down.

World 4-4
~ Dynamic Maze ~
Difficulty: **

This stage would actually be a maze, but because large sections of it will 
lift into the air, it hardly makes for a challenge.  Sometimes the maze will 
trap you, but a section of it somewhere will rise upwards eventually.  Because 
some sections may not budge for a while, try to get close to the goal so you 
have time to wait.

World 4-5
~ Triangle Holes ~
Difficulty: *

Many triangle holes of varying sizes cover a platform.  It appears to be a 
rather tricky challenge, but on this particular stage, if you simply head 
forward you will go straight into the goal.

World 4-6
~ Launchers ~
Difficulty: **********

When you drop down onto the platform with the large tree trunk structure and 
four moving rectangles, you will bounce around violently.  This stage is 
incredibly difficult, and it is very important that you learn how to control 
yourself in the air and make safe landings.  Get in front of one of the 
rectangles.  When it thrusts forward, you will be sent sky high.  Your current 
objective is to land on the top of the tree trunk.  Look at your map (the 
middle view one) to pinpoint where you are in relation to the tree trunk.  
This will take many tries, and it is very difficult to prevent death when you 
fail to land on the tree trunk because of the ferocity of your monkey hitting 
the ground at such a great height.  Your monkey will bounce like crazy and 
you'll lose control of them.  Anyway, once you do land on top, look for the 
goal.  It is rotating around the trunk not far from the top.

World 4-7
~ Randomizer ~
Difficulty: ***

This is nothing but a lot of bumpy squares.  Just head straight forward.  
Remember to keep the speed down, because it's easy to fall off when you hit 
the bumps too hard.

World 4-8
~ Coin Slots ~
Difficulty: ***

There are a total of seven goals on this level.  The goal closest to you moves 
fastest, and they get slower as you move forward.  I highly recommend taking 
the one furthest from you, because even it is a bit tough to get.  Anyway, the 
goals bounce around and eventually fall through a slot, never to return.  Head 
forward as it goes through the slot.

World 4-9
~ Seesaw Bridges ~
Difficulty: ******

You'll need to cross three long platforms that will slope to one side if your 
weight is settled in one place two long.  The safest place is in the middle, 
where the platform levels out.  However, barriers prevent you from going 
straight in the middle, so you must go around each one.  Another platform 
doesn't have barriers, but it has some chunks removed from it.  It really 
helps if you're moving at a fast speed, that way your weight won't have much 
of an opportunity to settle.

World 4-10
~ Arthropod ~
Difficulty: *******

A peculiar looking creature resembling a spider walks along five rotating 
rings in this stage.  The best way to handle this stage is to wait for the 
goal to show up.  Then, bolt forward and try to get in the goal.  Sometimes 
one of the spider's feet may get in the way, so you need to try to avoid them 
if possible.

E.	 Amusement Park
World 5-1
~ Wormhole ~
Difficulty: *

This level introduces the warp portal, a blue door that, when passed through, 
will cause you to appear right outside another portal that is located 
elsewhere.  Head forward into this stage's portal.  Then carefully travel in 
the upper half of the level, slowly crossing the thin platform to the goal.

World 5-2
~ Freefall ~
Difficulty: ***
Begin by crossing the thin platform ahead.  Take a look at your map in the 
high view.  You should see a great big circular platform.  When the map 
indicates you're above it, drop down.  Immediately try to regain control while 
you bounce around.  Then cross over to the goal, which is in a horizontal 

World 5-3
~ Melting Pot ~
Difficulty: *******

A square platform is filled with large balls that are rolling around, and you 
must wait for the platform to be within your reach before getting in, as it is 
moving around.  Once inside the pen, you'll realize how tough this stage is.  
The balls will knock you around violently, colliding into you when you get 
near them.  The goal is located on one side of the pen.  Luck is really the 
only thing that will get you in there.  With the pen moving around in tricky 
motions and the balls knocking you every which way, you will barely have any 

World 5-4
~ Mad Shuffle ~
Difficulty: ****

You'll land on a speed switch again, but it isn't behind you for a change.  
This time it's behind the warp portal. Activate it and enter the portal.  Two 
long platforms are shuffling over each other.  The idea is to wait until 
they're about ready to change direction, then head on the lower platform.  
Cross over to the other one to avoid getting pushed off as you travel along 

World 5-5
~ Bead Screen ~
Difficulty: **

Huge masses of thin squares are moving every which way, and they eventually 
all level out to form a staircase.  When they do, promptly hit the pause 
switch and head to the goal.  You may want to have the slow switch activated 
to make it easier.

World 5-6
~ Jump Machine ~
Difficulty: ******

This is similar to the Launchers stage, and it really isn't any easier.  The 
base of a large structure juts upward, and you will fly to the sky if you're 
on it.  There are four circular platforms accessible from the first jump, and 
one has the goal.  Use your map to scope it out.  One thing to be wary of is 
the fact that all of the higher platforms have jutting circles as well.  To 
get in the goal, you need to land on the stationary portion; otherwise you'll 
be sent to the skies again.

World 5-7
~ Zigzag Slope ~

A good burst of speed is necessary to bolt up the slopes in this stage.  
Carefully maneuver yourself so the slope doesn't take over and send you off.

World 5-8
~ Tower ~
Difficulty: ****

First, head straight into the warp portal at the far end of this stage.  You 
will appear on the top of the tower.  The goal is placed horizontally at the 
lowest point on the tower, and you must fall from the top and try to regain 
control of yourself after bouncing around without falling off.  Get on the 
bottom portion of the tower where the goal is.  It's sloped, so slow yourself 
as much as possible and carefully enter the goal.

World 5-9
~ Toggle ~
Difficulty: ******

Two sets of platforms alternately flip over in this stage, and the best way to 
beat it is to shoot forward when the platforms have just leveled out.  The 
stage takes some luck, but the idea is to be on the platform that has just 
flipped over.  That way, the second set flip around but you won't fall off 
since you're on level ground.

World 5-10
~ Fluctuation ~
Difficulty: *

Remember the Floaters stage?  That's basically what this is; only it involves 
many cubes that move up and down.  Ignore them and head into the goal, 
avoiding the square holes.

F.  Boiling Pot

World 6-1
~ Combination ~
Difficulty: *****

Look behind you and hit the slow switch.  The challenge before you is a 
checkerboard.  Every other square will move upwards, and all the others move 
down.  Then the two halves rotate and reunite shortly.  Get on one of the 
squares and cross as many as possible before the checkerboard splits up.  Then 
wait for it to rejoin and head to the goal.  It'll take some time, but isn't 
too bad.

World 6-2
~ Punched Seesaws ~
Difficulty: ********

This is another platform that will bow into the direction wherever you are.  
However, some circular holes have been "punched" into the platform, making it 
very difficult.  Weave in and out of the holes as best as you can.  Going fast 
is the best way the get past this challenge, but slow down to weave around 
those holes.

World 6-3
~ Opera ~
Difficulty: ****

Two long staircases weave around to form several circles when looked at from a 
distance.  You can head left or right, both directions are equally difficult. 
Then descend the curving staircase, remembering to slowly move downward.  When 
you begin the second descent, the stairs are steeper and will cause you to 
bounce violently if you get moving too fast.  As you move further downward, 
the stairs will be so steep you will have to take them one at a time, 
otherwise you will fall into the boiling water below.

World 6-4
~ Brandished ~
Difficulty: ****

The goal is attached to what resembles a zipper tab.  It rotates around a 
pole.   The easiest way to complete the stage is to stay in line with the row 
of bananas.  Slowly move forward, and the goal should eventually pass through 
you.  Try to get where the goal whizzes by when you see it.

World 6-5
~ Tiers ~
Difficulty: ***

You have four different paths you can take.  The highest one is the shortest, 
but is extremely thin.  The one on the bottom is thickest.  Here's what makes 
the stage tricky: all of the paths are slightly sloped, so you must constantly 
make readjustments.  Travel forward and slightly to the left simultaneously.

World 6-6
~ Cliffs ~
Difficulty: *****

From where you start, roll down the sloped side of the platform.  To get on 
the next flat surface, you must roll over the arrow platform.  The arrow 
platforms gets thinner as you progress, so line up with it before descending.  
Slow down to avoid flying off the platforms after each slope.

World 6-7
~ Narrow Peaks ~
Difficulty: ****

This stage has two paths for you, and it is nothing but peaks that must be 
ascended and then descended.  You need some speed to climb it, as it's too 
steep to walk up.  The right path has narrower and steeper peaks, so take the 

World 6-8
~ Detour ~
Difficulty: **

Fall onto the great big slope you see and roll into the warp portal at the 
bottom.  It drops you off at a higher point.  Then move over to where the goal 

World 6-9
~ Switch Inferno ~
Difficulty: *

If you don't know which switch to hit, this stage can take hours.  A large 
field of switches has been placed in rows.  Only one will cause the goal to 
become accessible.  The goal is only halfway visible.  The correct switch is 
in the next to last row.  Go to the end of this row and hit the switch at the 
switch at the end.  The goal will only briefly be accessible, so get in it 
quick.  Hitting any other switch causes a wall to slam into you and kill you.

World 6-10
~ Folders ~
Difficulty: **

Large rectangle platforms are situated in a flat position, then they flap 
downward.  No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot reach the goal 
without a platform folding under you.  Instead, travel along the wooden sides 
and get to the goal that way.  Note that the goal is on a folding platform.

G.  Bubbly Washing Machine

World 7-1
~ Spiral Bridge ~
Difficulty: *******

Because this entire stage rotates, controlling yourself will be very, very 
difficult.  Once you're accustomed to the turning level, getting up the spiral 
bridge won't be hard.  The hard part is shooting across the narrow platform at 
the top and reaching the goal.  The further out you go, the stronger the 
centrifugal force is.  Wait at the end of the platform and promptly get off 
when the goal's platform is accessible.

World 7-2
~ Wavy Option ~
Difficulty: ***

This is real easy.  Once again, you have a choice of four paths, and the one 
on the far left is the thickest.  Each path is shaped in a wavy appearance.

World 7-3
~ Obstacle ~
Difficulty: ******

Head forward and board the long platform that travels up and down.  Get on the 
top of the high platform.  There is a black slope surrounding the base of the 
pillar that holds the platform up.  Line yourself up with the slope and fall 
off.  This could take several tries, but if you land on the slope correctly, 
your speed will take you into the goal.

World 7-4
~ Domino ~
Difficulty: **

When you hit the switch, the domino closest to you at the end will fall over 
and set off the chain reaction.  Get to the left side and roll forward, then 
make a right when you reach the edge.  The goal is at the other end of the 
domino stack.  If you don't hit the switch, the goal will be inaccessible.

World 7-5
~ Sieve ~
Difficulty: ****

First, get on the thin ring.  The thing to avoid is those two circular 
contraptions that are whizzing around the ring-shaped platform.  If you are 
too close to the edge, the device will hit you and you will probably die, as 
they move fast.  After that, there is a long, narrow platform that has another 
device traveling along the edges.  Because this a straight platform, staying 
away from the edges shouldn't be too hard.

World 7-6
~ Flock ~
Difficulty: *****

Your goal is to cross the "flock" of square platforms that move up and down at 
various speeds.  In order to get to the next square platform as you progress, 
it needs to be below the platform you're currently on, or just brushing by 
your platform so you can just roll on over.  Take it slow, but keep up a good 
pace.  You may run out of time otherwise.

World 7-7
~ Double Spiral ~
Difficulty: ******

The large spiral contraption in this stage resembles a piece of Twizzlers 
candy.  There are two thin "platforms" that twist around each other.  When you 
approach it, it may appear that there is only one way to get on it-a ramp 
sloped upwards.  Do not go up this ramp, as it has been put there to deceive 
you.  Instead, take the downward ramp, located to the right of the upward 
ramp.  You want to be on the tan colored side of the spiral, since the goal is 
on that side.  Knowing which spiral has the warp can be tricky, but if you 
head straight forward and board the first spiral that comes to you, you should 
make it.  While traveling the spiral, try to keep up a good pace so you can 
get to the goal.

World 7-8
~ Hierarchy ~
Difficulty: *********

There are five platforms, sandwiched on top of each other, and the goal is on 
the bottom one.  You'll begin at the top.  To get to a lower level, roll at 
the circular hole in each one with enough speed to avoid falling in the hole 
below, but not so fast that you fall off.  The holes become wider for each 
lower level.  This is just plain hard, and you may need some luck to beat 
this.  If you approach each hole from a diagonal angle (lined up with a 
corner), it'll be easier.

World 7-9
~ 8 Bracelets ~
Difficulty: **********

There are indeed eight bracelets (actually large circles) in this stage, 
though you must only deal with five.  You can go left or right, and when you 
approach the first bracelet, slowly drop into it on the sloped portion.  It is 
essential that you keep a good momentum.  Then, barrel up the side of i.  When 
you begin to slow down, move over into the other bracelet in a way so that you 
enter head on, on the sloped part so you'll have enough speed to do the next 
bracelet.  You'll learn how important it is to do that when you try to get on 
the goal's platform.

World 7-10
~ Quick Turn ~
Difficulty: *

Lots of triangles rock back and forth, getting faster as you progress.  You'll 
start on a fast switch to make them go faster, but this is not an area of 
concern.  Believe it or not, going forward from the start and holding forward 
will complete the stage.  The triangles won't hit you.

H.	 Clock Tower Factory

World 8-1
~ Pistons ~
Difficulty: *****

You want to avoid the triangle shaped pistons at all costs.  If you stay on 
the thin paths and stay away from the triangles, getting to the goal won't be 
too bad.

World 8-2
~ Soft Cream ~
Difficulty: *******

The rotating spiral contraption you see must be turning clockwise if you are 
to successfully complete it, so hit the slow "right" switch.  Enter one of the 
curved grooves in the spiral and proceed slowly, yet not too slow.  Travelling 
spirals like these take lots of practice to master, but keeping a consistent 
speed is probably the key.

World 8-3
~ Momentum ~
Difficulty: *****

When one long path hits the other, the other path will automatically swing in 
the other direction.  Get on the level path, and switch over to the other 
before your path swings away.  In the middle, you'll need to get by some metal 
walls.  You don't want to be passing them when the platforms hit each other.  
Otherwise, you might fall off.

World 8-4
~ Entangled Path ~
Difficulty: ****

The goal is far, far away; so far in fact that it's hardly even visible.  The 
peculiar path that curls around is the only way you'll get to the goal.  If 
you wait on top of the path where a lone banana is located long enough, the 
entire path will straighten itself out to its full length, pointed right at 
the goal.  You'll need to be ready, though, because there's hardly enough time 
to cross the path before it starts curling up again.  Make sure the slow 
switch is activated, but you hit the speed one if you don't want to wait so 
long for the path to fully unravel.

World 8-5
~ Totters ~
Difficulty: *****

Three half-tube contraptions rotate around.  When you land in one, it'll begin 
to bow down wherever your weight is settled.  It's a good idea to try to speed 
through these as fast as you can.  I've noticed that if you shoot forward from 
the beginning, you can get in the goal fairly easily, with some adjustments in 

World 8-6
~ Vortex ~
Difficulty: ********

Make sure you've hit the slow switch, as the vortex contraption in this stage 
is basically impossible if moving fast.  To board it, it must be moving 
counterclockwise.  Once you're on the vortex, you'll have one heck of a time 
trying to regain control and keep moving.  The centrifugal force will send you 
flying if you aren't close enough to the middle, so quickly head near the 
center of the vortex.  It will stop briefly after a time.  Then is your best 
chance to rush onto the goal's platform, but then it may take some luck too, 
as the vortex may not be near the goal.

World 8-7
~ Warp ~
Difficulty: *******

There are three sloped sections in this stage that you must cross, each one 
getting steeper than the last.  Bumpers have been placed at the least steep 
portion, so you will need to avoid those.  The first slope can be easily 
crossed if you come at it with a good speed.  A similar strategy may follow 
for the second.  This doesn't work so well for the third.  For each slope, I 
recommend that you slowly let the slope carry you down, then sharply go in the 
opposite direction before you fall off.  Once you're in a "controlled" 
position on the slope, you should head forward slowly.  This works better 
because it allows you to take it slower.  As I said, speed won't work for the 
last one well anyway.

World 8-8
~ Trampolines ~
Difficulty: *****

This stage presents a hazard similar to that of the Jump Machine and Launchers 
stages.  In it, you get on a platform that will jut upward and send you up in 
the air.  Several platforms will need to be ascended in this manner.  The 
hazard is the fact that it's quite difficult to maintain control and avoid 
dying.  Don't get on a jutting platform until you're facing the direction of 
the next platform.

World 8-9
~ Swing Shaft ~
Difficulty: **

A large platform slowly moves back and forth.  The middle of it is lined with 
many cubes.  This really is not hard at all.  If you shoot forward, you can 
get past this without any trouble.  But, if the platform is going to steeply 
move in a direction, you can get next to a cube.  It will prevent you from 
rolling off.  The stationary platform at the end is very thin, so slow down 
immediately after getting off the moving platform.

World 8-10
~ Linear Seesaws ~
Difficulty: ****

The seesaws in this stage are placed in a manner so they move forward and 
backward instead of to the left and right.  If you roll across the seesaws 
fast enough, they won't have an opportunity to bow in a direction very 

I.	 Space Colony

World 9-1
~ Serial Jump ~
Difficulty: *******

Head forward and enter the first ring sharply to the left or right.  You don't 
want to head into it forward because there's a hole in the middle of it.  Roll 
around inside the ring to get some momentum, then roll over the edge into the 
ring that has the goal inside.  Enter in a similar manner, then roll around 
until you get in the goal.

World 9-2
~ Cross Floors ~
Difficulty: **********

Several rectangle platforms have been placed in a line, but many of them are 
at a sharp angle so they are severely sloped.  It is essential that you move 
across these rectangles with great speed.  The most important thing you need 
to do is this: never hit the sides of the platforms.  If you do, you will die.  
In the event that you survive, you won't have much speed to work with.  There 
is a rhythm in crossing these platforms, and once you have it down it may be 

World 9-3
~ Spinning Saw ~
Difficulty: ********

A large saw with the goal on it moves up and down, spinning constantly.  Only 
when it changes directions will it stop moving briefly.  Your job is to roll 
onto the saw and enter the goal.  This is easier said than done, as once it 
starts spinning and you're on it, chances are low that you won't fall off.  
When you land on the saw, make a beeline for the goal when the saw isn't 

World 9-4
~ Chipped Pipes ~
Difficulty: *********

The concept in mastering this stage is basically the same as the 8 Bracelets 
stage.  Take the easier right path.  You need to get into a rhythm where you 
move up the side of the "pipe" and maintain decent speed.  Also, the most 
important thing of all is that each slope should be taken head on, not at an 

World 9-5
~ Flat Maze ~
Difficulty: *****

It is impossible to complete this whole maze within the time limit.  You're 
required to take some shortcuts, at least one.  The most effective I know of 
is to head forward, go right, and turn right (you should be next to the second 
right angle).  Head forward at full speed and bounce over to another section 
of the maze.  Then follow the remainder of the maze (turn right at the other 
section) to the goal, weaving your way around.  There may be other shortcuts, 
but doing just this one will work. 

World 9-6 
~ Guillotine ~
Difficulty: *******

The long, thin guillotine that rotates in this stage does not actually have a 
blade, but the force of its movement is enough to kill you.  Get on the 
circular platform.  The guillotine will breeze over your head when you aren't 
on a ramp, but if you're on the highest point on each ramp, you will be 
vulnerable to being hit by the guillotine.  Scale each ramp right after the 
guillotine has whirled by (there are two different "blades").  The ramps will 
level out as you progress, but they get longer.  Remember to head up them 
right after the guillotine passes and you should make it.

World 9-7
~ Cork Screw ~
Difficulty: ****** 

A corkscrew is exactly what this stage is-not literally, but it looks like 
one.  The inside has been hollowed out and large sections of its sides have 
been removed.  Once you enter the corkscrew, you won't really have any sense 
of direction and you can't really control yourself much.  Slow down for the 
goal at the end, and hope that you don't fall through any gaps.

World 9-8
~ Orbiters ~
Difficulty: ****

Large square platforms flip over in this stage, four to be exact.  Right after 
the largest square rotates, head forward on the second square.  The third 
should be flipping itself now.  Immediately after the third has flipped, move 
forward.  If you're a second too late, you will die.  Continue forward into 
the goal.

World 9-9
~ Twin Basin ~
Difficulty: **

This stage has two basins with steep sides.  You need to gain enough momentum 
in each to overcome the steep side at the end of the basin.  It is difficult 
to get the right amount of speed, but this stage otherwise has no definite 
challenges for you.

World 9-10
~ Air Hockey ~
Difficulty: *******

An air hockey game is taking place on this stage.  There are four moving 
blocks that are knocking around a cube with the goal inside.  The blocks never 
miss the goal, so don't worry about it falling off.  Getting inside the goal 
can be incredibly difficult, because you really can't judge which direction 
it'll go or where it is most of the time.  At the beginning, if you head 
forward to the right spot, it is possible to get in the goal because it is so 
nearby and always takes the same course.  You'll need some luck.

J.  Dr. Bad Boon's Base

World 10-1
~ Training ~
Difficulty: ***

For the umpteenth time, you have four paths.  Take the thickest one on the 
left.  The path will peak up and down, but with enough speed you'll be in the 
goal with no trouble.

World 10-2
~ Gimmick ~
Difficulty: *******

There's a lot of moving to do here, and you don't have a lot of time to 
complete this.  Move quickly throughout this stage.  First, fall down on the 
path to your right after moving forward a bit.  Follow the path and fall down 
onto a switch.  It will cause the platform to elevate.  Follow this path and 
travel up the steep slope where the goal is.

World 10-3
~ Mountain ~
Difficulty: *****

This large, sloped mountain is not a tough stage to complete.  It rotates, and 
the goal is at the base of it.  Wait for the goal to be in view, then roll 
down the side of this stage into the goal.  Timing is one of the key skills 
tested.  Avoid the obstacles while making your descent.

World 10-4
~ Disorder ~
Difficulty: *****

Several long platforms are situated in seemingly random way, but you need only 
to fall down on the next platform many times and you'll get to the goal.  Take 
a look at this stage with the "view stage" option, it's pretty self 
explanatory once you plot out a path.

World 10-5
~ 3D Maze ~
Difficulty: *******

A mass of walls and platforms rotate, and the idea is to find areas where the 
wall will keep you from falling.  This actually isn't too complicated.  First, 
head straight forward.  You'll see a wire mesh wall with square holes in it.  
To the left of this wall is a thin section of platform.  You need to get in 
that little groove.  It's difficult, but practice and you'll get there 
eventually.  Then you'll land on a large platform.  Wait for it to level out, 
then look for another wire mesh wall.  Get to the right of it; there's only a 
thin platform here.  Once you're on the mesh wall, head fall to the goal's 

World 10-6
~ Labyrinth ~ 
Difficulty: **********

Without some written directions, this stage can be incredibly hard.  It 
involves many ramps and platforms, and has many steps, so read on carefully.  
Begin by going up the first ramp you see on the left.  Continue forward until 
you end up in a large flat area.  There's a gap you must cross over at the end 
of it.  To cross this gap, go near it, turn around and ascend the ramp behind 
you.  Then roll down it as fast as possible and you should get by the gap.  
Take the first right you see on the other side and go up that ramp.  Continue 
forward and take another right.  Go forward and head up the ramp here to get 
on a purple platform.  Here's the tricky part: you must now get up a ramp that 
goes right into a wall.  Head up it with enough speed to just barely get on 
the platform to the left, then drop into the goal.  The directions would make 
more sense, and it'll be much easier, if you observe the stage with the "view 
stage" option. 

World 10-7
~ Postmodern ~
Difficulty: ********

Many sets of staircases need to be ascended for you to get to the top of this 
structure, then fall into the goal.  That's easier said than done.  Because 
your monkey is in a ball, they do an awful job of climbing stairs.  To climb a 
staircase, get some good momentum and push forward, keeping the control stick 
forward.  You will slowly but surely climb the staircase.  Start by climbing 
the staircase to the right of the staircase.  It's self explanatory from 
there-just ascend the staircases that you come across.

World 10-8
~ Revolution ~
Difficulty: ********

This whole stage rotates around.  It can take a while to figure out, but I 
have found an excellent strategy that gets you in the goal with about 45 
seconds to spare.  Head forward.  The stage will level out, and you should see 
the goal above you.  It's upside down, and what you must do is get to the 
right of the pillar just beyond the goal.  Wait there until the wire mesh 
platform has leveled out, then get in the goal quickly, before the stage 
rotates again.

World 10-9
~ Invisible ~
Difficulty: **********

In the distance, you will see the word "Invisible".  When you hit the switch, 
the word will level out for you to cross and get to the goal on the other 
side.  Here's the problem: Many of the platforms are invisible.  You can't see 
them, but they're there.  The light green squares are the ones that will 
disappear.  I'll do my best to explain this, but it's a good idea to copy the 
"Invisible" word to know where the platforms are.  I'm measuring spaces by the 
square platforms you can see.  Start at the far left platform.  Go to the end.  
Go up two, go left to the end, go up two, go right to the end, go up two, go 
left to the end, go up three, go right three, go up one, go right one, go up 
two, go left one, go up one, go left four, go up two, go right to the end, go 
up six, go left three, go down four, go left three, go up five, go right to 
the end, go up two, go left to the end, go up six, go right to the end, go up 
six, go left three, and forward into the goal.  Again, I recommend double 
checking by copying the word.

World 10-10
~ Created By ~
Difficulty: *******

Hit the switch, and the large AV logo begins to rotate.  Roll up the paths 
until you are to the left of the logo.  At about 41 seconds, roll forward.  
The "A" will be situated in a manner so you can roll onto it and down to the 
goal's platform.  You may need to practice it a few times.

IV.  Legal Information

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private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other 
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