Game Script by knuckles_sonic8

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Super Monkey Ball 2
Game Script
Version 1.0
Created by: knuckles_sonic8 


Table of Contents:

1. Disclaimer
2. FAQ Information
3. Game Information
4. Version History
5. Prologue
6. Scene 1
7. Scene 2
8. Scene 3
9. Scene 4
10. Scene 5
11. Scene 6
12. Scene 7
13. Scene 8
14. Scene 9
15. Scene 10
16. Epilogue
17. Thank You


1. Disclaimer

I give permission to to use my FAQ on their site. 
No other site, nor individual person, may use my FAQ in its entirety, 
or part of it, by ripping off, copying and pasting, selling, rewriting, 
redistributing or in any way shape or form duplicating or taking part 
of this FAQ without documented permission from me. To violate any of 
the above is a serious crime and you will be dealt with by the law. 

2. FAQ Information

This is a Game Script to the Gamecube game, “Super Monkey Ball 2”. As 
this is a Game Script, this guide contains spoilers to Story Mode that 
may be better off watching yourself although some of the scenes aren’t 
as interesting as can be. Nevertheless, unless you are really desperate, 
please avoid viewing this guide for the purpose of finding out what 
happens in the game after completion.


3. Game Information

Title: Super Monkey Ball 2
Platform: Gamecube
Blocks: 2
Number of Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


4. Version History

Version 1.0 – Contains all scenes and movies in the game. Very little 
room for improvement in the guide for there is very small room for 


5. Prologue

(The scene opens up to a village on Jungle Island whereby several 
villagers are going about their day-to-day life when the sky darkens.)

(The camera heads overhead over to Dr. Bad-Boon’s airship which is aloft 
over the village.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Bananas on this island are all for me, the great scientist,
Dr. Bad-Boon! People of the Jungle Island, if you hate me, you will 
starve!! Hee hee!

(Dr. Bad-Boon’s airship ejects a vacuum which sucks up all the bananas 
in the village.)

(The scene switches over to a platform where the Monkey Ball Gang are 
watching Dr. Bad-Boon from afar.)

Aiai: Stop it, Dr. Bad-Boon! Everyone is going to hate you even more!

Dr. Bad-Boon: Shut up! Shut up! You insolent monkey! If you want the 
bananas, you’ll need to come to me! I’ll put all the bananas in my 
labyrinth… You’ll need to survive my devious mazes to get them back. 
However, do you think you will get out alive…? Hee hee hee!

(Dr. Bad-Boon’s airship flies away into the clouds.)

Aiai: Dr. Bad-Boon. You won’t get away with this!!

All: (Singing) Hop, step, jump-jump, poo! Let us cooperate yeah-yeah-woo!
Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

6. Scene 1

(The scene opens up to an area above Jungle Island where the Monkey 
Ball Gang all meet up with each other.)

Aiai: Everyone is trying their best to survive. We’ve got to help get 
all the bananas back!

Meemee: Then we have to stop Dr. Bad-Boon before he causes more trouble! 
But…where is he now?

(Dr. Bad-Boon's airship flies overhead behind the Monkey Ball gang.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh, my sweet Meemee, I am here for you! If you marry me, 
I'll give back all the bananas. Hee hee hee!!

Meemee: Marry you! Ewww. I would rather starve to death than marry you!

Dr. Bad-Boon: Your words hurt me..But is it your fault? You must be 
influenced by ths village. 

(Dr. Bad-Boon gets angry.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: (Continuing) My sweet Meemee, I don't think you should 
live here anymore! I will sink this island. Then, my dear, you will see 
how strong I am. If you won't love me, then learn to despise me! Hee hee 

Meemee: Oh no! What have I done? Now he's really gone mad! 

Aiai: I'll never let him sink this island!

(The Monkey Ball Gang all fly upwards to chase Dr. Bad-Boon)

(The camera switches over to Dr. Bad-Boon's airship which is hovering 
over a volcano.)

(Dr. Bad-Boon is seen ejecting from his airship on a jetpack down into 
the volcano.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh, what a beautiful volcano. I'll just put this 
super-dynamite time bomb right here! When this bomb blows up, the 
volcano will erupt...Poor Jungle Island will sink into the sea. Hee hee 

(Dr. Bad Boon is seen traveling back to his airship and leaving the 

(Aiai and his friends spot Dr. bad-Boon's airship and head over to the 

Aiai: This is Dr. Bad-Boon's airship. He must be here! Let's go!!

(Shot changes to Monkey Ball dance sequence.)

All: (Singing) Fire of anger, bam-bam-boo! Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!


7. Scene 2

Baby: This is a bomb! I think Dr. Bad Boon is going to use dis volcano 
to blow eberything up!

Gongon: Wroaagh! I'll take care of this! Stand back!

Meemee: No! Don't do it! It's too dangerous, Gongon!

Gongon: Hrrrrrrrr! Here I go!

(Gongon knocks the bombs out of the volcano and the bomb goes flying.)

(Shot changes over to Dr. Bad Boon's airship.)

Dr. Bad Boon: Only a genius like me would mastermind the sinking of 
Jungle Island! And look, it's almost time for the explosive event! Hee! 
Hee! Hee!

(The shot switches back over to the bomb which is still flying in the 
air and it collides with Dr. Bad Boon's airship and it crashes into the 

Aiai: Where in the world is Dr. Bad Boon? We've got to capture him!

Meemee: Hey, look over here! Dr. Bad Boon's airship is drifting over 
the ocean! 

Aiai: I found him! He's by the airship!

(Monkey Ball gang fly over to Dr. Bad Boon's crashed airship.)

(Shot changes over to Dr. Bad Boon who sees Aiai and his friends.)

Dr. Bad Boon: What? Those monkeys are coming! I've got to get out of 

Aiai: Dr. Bad Boon! You're not getting away!

All: Dive into the sea, splash-splish shou, Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

(All of them dive into the ocean to chase Dr. Bad-Boon.)


8. Scene 3

(Camera fades up from black and heads toward an underwater pirate ship.)

(Dr. Bad-Boon's voice is heard.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: It's been hours since I came in here. 

(Dr. Bad-Boon appears out of the pirate ship.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: The monkeys must have given up by now... I'll head for 
my hideout to plan my revenge.

(As Dr. Bad-Boon swims away, Aiai's vioce is heard.)

Aiai: We finall found you, Dr. Bad-Boon! Give back our bananas!

(Shot changes over to where the Monkey Ball Gang are situated.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Eeep! You're still here! I can't believe it. What do I 
have to do to get you monkeys off my back? Oh well, it's time I bid 
thee adieu.

(Camera shot zooms in on a button on Dr. Bad-Boon's suit he presses.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Bye no! So long everyone! Hee hee hee!

(Dr. Bad-Boon swims away.)

Aiai: Dr. Bad-Boon! I'll get you!

(The Monkey Ball Gang all swim fast to chase him.)

(Camera fades to black and fades up above sea level.)

(Camera goes past a whale and onto an area where Dr. Bad-Boon rises 
from under the water.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Gasp! I can't breathe! I think I'm going to die! Cough... 
My air's almost out. And I'm only half way there. Wheese...

(Camera switches to the right whereby Aiai and the others appear above 
sea level as well.)

Aiai: Hey are you tired? anyway, it's time to give up. You can't get 
away from us.

(The whale we saw earlier is now seen behind Aiai and the others.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Eeek!! Aiai! Look out! Behind you!

(The wwhale is seen getting closer and closer as Aiai speaks.)

Aiai: Come on, Dr. Bad-Boon. I'm not going to fall for that trick. 
You're planning on running as soon as I turn my back, aren't you?

(The whale opens its mouth and Aiai turns around.)

Aiai: Huh?

(The shot pans back and the whale is seen about to swallow Dr. Bad-Boon, 
Aiai and his friends. The Monkey Ball Gang is seen scared and freaking 
out. They all scream.)

Gongon: Oh my...

Baby: Waaaah! Waaaah! I tink I wet myself!!

Meemee: Ahhh! Help! Aiai!

Aiai: Oh boy! It's too late now. Hold on everyone!

(The whale swallows them all up and the camera fades to black.)

(The camera fades up again, this time inside the whale on an area of 
buildings where Aiai, his friends and Dr. Bad-Boon are situated.)

Gongon: I think we're in trouble! The whale swallowed us!

(Camera switches over to a depressed Dr. Bad-Boon.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Groan. Am I going to have to stay here for the rest of my 
life? But on the bright side, it may be a good thing since I'll be 
staying with my sweet Meemee...

Meemee: Ewww. I can't stand it! Get me out. Get me out of here. Let me 
out of here now!

Aiai: Don't worry! We've got a way to escape. All  of us except for 
Dr. Bad-Boon that is!

(Camera switches over and Monkey Ball song starts.)

All: (Singing) We are starving, grr-grr-eek. Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!


9. Scene 4

(Camera fades up from black to a shot of the Monkey Ball Gang ramming 
the inside of the whale.)

Gongon: Hey! I'm getting tired! It doesn't look like we're having any 
effect on the whale! 

(All of the Monkey Ball Gang members are exhausted and they fall to 
the ground.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Of course you're not affecting the whale! It's too big. 
But continue your futile struggle.

(Camera closes up on Dr. Bad-Boon who is silently and slowly creeping 
his way to Meemee)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh my sweet Meemee, you must be very tured. Let me give 
you a massage. Hee hee hee!

(Shot changes over to  a disgusted Meemee.)

Meemee: No! Go away! Help me, Aiai!!

(Aiai enters the shot.)

Aiai: You better stop it, Dr. Bad-Boon. If you take one more step toward 
Meemee, you'll be sorry!

(Suddenly, the inside of the whale begins to shake.)

(Camera switches over to Dr. Bad-Boon as he falls to the ground from 
the rumble.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Ouch, that hurt!

Meemee: Woaaaaaaaaah! It's an earthquake! A big one!

Gongon: It's about time. But it looks like the whale's in a world of 

Baby: Did we hurt him that much!? I feel terrible!

(Shot pans back and we watch as the whale's mouth opens and water begins 
to rush towards Dr. Bad-Boon and the monkeys.)

Aiai: Wow! The water's coming in at high-speed! What's going to happen 
to us?

(The water comes in at a rapid rate and washes Dr. Bad-Boon and the 
monkeys away.)

(Camera fades to black and fades up again, this time, outside the whale.)

(The blowhole of the whale spurts out water.)

(Camera zooms in on the blowhole as Dr. Bad-Boon flies out.)

(Camera closes in on Dr. Bad-Boon who is relieved.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh boy...What a terrible experience! But at least I've 
escaped. Those monkeys must still be trapped inside. Good riddance...

(Camera pans back to the whale's blowhole again and we watch and see 
the Monkey Ball Gang get shot out of the whale's blowhole as more water 
spurts out.)

Baby: Yah! We did it! We did it! Da whale blowed us out of its body!

Aiai: Hey! I'm glad we're free, but, where's Dr. Bad-Boon!

(Camera switches over to Dr. Bad-Boon who is far away, flying towards 
an island.)

Aiai: Come on, we've got to get him!

(Camera fades down and fades up again, this time in an Amusement Park.)

(Aiai and his friends enter the shot.)

Aiai: We're on Keekee Island. This whole island is a great big amusement 
park, a Monkey's Paradise! (Looking around) Do you think his hideout's 
really here?

Baby: I don't see Dr. Bad-Boon now, but I saw him enter da parl. His 
hideout must be here! He's really smart to have a hideout here. Who 
would think of such a funny place?

Aiai: OK, now we have to find the entrance to his hideout! It must be 
hidden around somewhere here!

(Camera switches over and Monkey Ball song starts.)

All: (Singing) Have some fun with the ride-ride-go! Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!


10. Scene 5

(Camera fades up from black to a haunted house and the Monkey Ball Gang 
is climbing up a stairwell leading to it.)

Meemee: This haunted house looks a little strange... I guess this is 
his hideout. 

(Camera pans forward and zooms in on a board Meemee reads aloud.)

Meemee: Look at this board, it says 'PLEASE DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT MY 
PERMISSION. Thank you, Dr. Bad-Boon.' 

(Camera switches back to Meemee.)

Meemee: Funny, he's so polite here.

Aiai: Ok, now! Let's go in!

(Camera fades as the Monkey Ball Gang enter the haunted house.)

(Camera opens up to Dr. Bad-Boon who is speaking to himself.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Look at these brilliant robot theives being produced in 
my factory. These robots will get me bananas from all over the world!

(Camera switches over to Clock Tower whereby numerous lines of robot 
theives resembling Aiai are shown.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: And without bananas, Aiai will starve. Besides, these 
robot theives look exactly like Aiai so everyone will think it's Aiai 
who's stealing all the bananas. Everyone's going to hate Aiai as much 
as they hate me! Hee hee hee!

(Camera switches back to Dr. Bad-Boon's factory. Camera zooms in on 
the alarm system.)

Alarm System: Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Scans indicate intruders 
as Aiai and friends!

(Camera pans back to Dr. Bad-Boon.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Aiai, again! I just can't seem to shake him or his 
friends. But they can't stop me! They're walking right into a trap! 
First, I'll capture them, then I'll punish them!

(Camera switches back to the Monkey Ball Gang who are walking in a dark 
alley looking for Dr. Bad-Boon and Dr. Bad-Boon's voice is heard.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Hee hee hee! You foolish monkeys! Didn't you see my sign? 
I guess you need a lesson in manners!

(Camera pans behind the Monkey Ball Gang and a light reveals 
Dr. Bad-Boon's presence who is beside his assistant.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Well, here's lesson number one. It's impolite to visit 
unannounced unless it's to pay a small visit. So, I think you should 
try this patent 'Mini-Monkey' Laser-Beam on for size!

(Dr. Bad-Boon points the beam at the Monkeys and they start to shrink.)

Aiai: No! We're shrinking.

(Camera pans behind the now shrunken Monkey Ball Gang and a giant 
Dr. Bad Boon enters the shot.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Hee hee hee! Now Aiai, let's see you pick on someone your 
own size!

(Dr. Bad-Boon grabs the four monkeys in his hand.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Ah, my sweet Meemee, shall we have a date in Adventure 

(Camera fades down. Camera fades up again in Adventure Forest beside 
a pot where Dr. Bad-Boon is situated.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Ah, my sweet Meemee (heart sign). If you want to be 
normal again, you have to be my wife (heart sign). Why not think about 
it over a lovely lunch... (heart sign). What do you say? (heart sign)

(Camera pans behind a shrunken Meemee.)

Meemee: Marry you! Stop asking! I would rather stay small than marry you!

(Camera switches back to Dr. Bad-Boon.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Grrr. You are so stubborn! If you won't listen to me, 
maybe you'll listen to the screams of your friends! Hmm, I think I have 
a recipe for monkeys in boling water. I wonder what they'll taste…

(Camera switches to the shrunken Monkey Ball Gang who are all 

(Camera switches back to Meemee.)

Meemee: How dare you! You stuck-up meanie!

(Meemee flies up Dr. Bad-Boon's nostril.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Aaaah… Oh, no! My sweet Meemee has gone up my nostril! 
Aa! Aaa! Achoooo!

(Dr. Bad Boon sneezes and all the Monkeys scatter.)


11. Scene 6

(Camera fades up to a Dr. Bad-Boon who is desperately trying to find 
Meemee in the forest.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh, my sweet Meemee. Where are you!? Please answer me!

(Dr. Bad-Boon stands up.)
Dr. Bad-Boon: Boy, all this looking around is making me tired... Ah, 
I must stink with all this sweat. 

(Dr. Bad-Boon begins to walk back.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: I'd better take a bath before I continue searching for 
my sweet Meemee. Otherwise, she'll be repulsed by my smell.

(Dr. Bad-Boon arrives at his bachelor's pad.)

(Camera switches over to a Washing Machine where Dr. Bad-Boon throws 
his clothes in.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Time to push the button!

(Dr. Bad-Boon is seen taking a bath outside his bachelor's pad.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: La-de-da-da! After taking a bath, I'll be smelling like 

(Camera switches over to the shrunken Monkey Ball Gang who are gathered 
by the Washing Machine.)

Meemee: How are we going to defeat him?

Aiai: I think we have a chance of catching him off guard while he's 
taking a bath!

(Camera switches over and Monkey Ball song starts.)

All: (Singing) Wash your hair with sham-sham-poo! Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

(The Monkey Ball Gang all fly upwards.)


12. Scene 7

(Camera fades up to the Monkey Ball gang who are aloft ready to get 
inside the washing machine.)

Aiai: Ok, everybody! Let’s get into Dr. Bad-Boon’s clothes!

(Camera switches over to Dr. Bad-Boon who just finishes his bath and 
heads over to his laundry basket.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: That was so refreshing. Now I’ll change my clothes and 
start looking for my sweet Meemee again.

(Dr. Bad-Boon puts his new clothes on.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: I feel so squeaky clean. My sweet Meeemee will find me 

(Camera switches to inside Dr. Bad-Boon’s clothes.)

Aiai: Ok, everybody! Let’s all tickle Dr. Bad-Boon!

(Camera switches to Dr. Bad-Boon who starts laughing for a reason 
unbeknownst to him.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Hee hee hee! (Slowly tries to utter words whilst still 
laughing.) I can’t stop laughing! It must be Aiai! I think I’m going to 
die, laughing! Hee hee hee!

(Camera switches into Dr. Bad-Boon’s clothes where Aiai is seen tickling 

Aiai: If you want to stop laughing turn us back to normal!

(Camera switches to Dr. Bad-Boon who is still on the floor laughing.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Hee hee hee! All right, stop it now! Hee hee hee! I’ll 
turn you back to normal with this laser beam, hee hee hee!

(Camera switches into the sky where the shrunken Monkeys are seen 
trying to hit the laser beam Dr. Bad-Boon is trying to fire whilst 
still laughing.)

Aiai: Yeah! We’re back to normal!

(The Monkeys are seen back to normal and they corner Dr. Bad-Boon.)

Aiai: Dr. Bad-Boon! You won’t get away from us this time. Give back all 
the bananas!

Dr. Bad-Boon: Hee hee hee! I can’t say yes to your demand, Aiai! Come 
and get me if you can! Hee hee hee!

(Camera pans back and Dr. Bad-Boon is seen running hastily.)

Meemee: He’s getting away! We have to go after him!

(Camera pans back and the Monkeys are seen rolling to chase 
Dr. Bad-Boon.)

(Camera quickly fades to black and fades up again and we are taken to 
the Clock Tower where Dr. Bad-Boon’s robots are being held.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh! I don’t think I can get away this time. I have no 
choice but to use my robot thieves, though they aren’t complete yet! 
Come on, robots!

(Camera switches over to an area where some of the robots that resemble 
Aiai are exiting from.)

Robots: Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! 

(Camera switches over to another area where the robots are seen 
exiting from.) 

Robots: Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek!

(Camera switches over to another area where the robots are exiting 
from, leading to the steps of the Clock Tower.)

Robots: Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek! Eeek!

(Camera switches to the steps of the Clock Tower and the robots are 
seen surrounding the Monkey Ball Gang.)

(Camera switches behind the Monkey Ball Gang and they are standing in 
shock as Aiai speaks.) 

Aiai: All these robots look just like me! But I have no choice in this 
matter. I have to destroy them!

(Camera switches over to the new screen and Monkey Ball song starts.)

All: (Singing) Cog wheels are rolling, creak-creak-squeak! Let us 
cooperate yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

(The camera switches back to the original shot and the monkeys are seen 
flying upwards to solve the labyrinths of the Clock Tower.)


13. Scene 8

(The camera fades up to the Clock Tower where a whole bunch of 
explosions are occuring.)

(Camera shot changes over to Dr. Bad-Boon who is frustrated.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Those insolent monkeys destroyed all my robot theives! 
What a shame! This hideout is of no use to me anymore. I have to leave.
My escape rocket is ready for liftoff! Bye now, Aiai!

(Dr. Bad-Boon runs outside to his rocket and he launches it into space 
just as the Monkey Ball Gang arrive.)

Aiai: Dr. Bad-Boon! Go run and hide! I'll find you no matter what!

(Camera switches over and Monkey Ball song starts.)

All: (Singing) Floating  space, colony-colony. Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

(The Monkey Ball Gang all fly upwards off the planet and into the Space 


14. Scene 9

(Dr. Bad-Boon is seen entering the base of the Colony.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: This is it. My ultimate revenge. I'll teach you a lesson 
you'll never forget, Aiai! I'll shoot this 'No More Banana Taste' laser 
on the planet. All bananas will taste like curry! That means, you'll 
never be able to taste the flavor of bananas again! Forver! What a 
tasty tactic.

(Dr. Bad-Boon heads over to a terminal.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Time to push the button.

(Camera switches outside Space Colony.)

Space Colony: Preparaing beam... Energy charget 0%... Charging...

(Camera switches to core of Colony where Monkeys are gathered.)

Aiai: Ok, everybody! Let's destroy this pace base and silence 
Dr. Bad-Boon once and for all!

(Camera switches over to Monkey Ball song sequence.)

All: (Singing) Glare at the eveil, up-up-poo! Let us cooperate 
yeah-yeah-woo! Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!


15. Scene 10

(Camera fades up to a shot of the Space Colony.)

Space Colony: Laser charged at 90%... You have...

(Camera switches to inside the Space Colony where Dr. Bad-Boon is.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: The laser's finally charged! Now all bananas will taste 
like curry forever!

(Camera switches over to the Monkey Ball Gang who are one level below 
Dr. Bad-Boon at the core of the Colony.)

Baby: We have to damage the heart of the Space Colony to destroy the 
whole base!

Aiai: Ok, everybody. It's now or never!

Meemee: I got it, Aiai!

Gongon: Hrrrrrrrr! Here I go!

(The Monkeys all gather and fly upwards and damage the core of the base.)

(Camera switches back outside the Space Colony.)

Space Colony: Laser charged at 100%... You can shoot the beam...

Dr. Bad-Boon: It's finally ready! ALl I have to do is shoot the beam... 
Hee hee hee!

(A rumble occurs in the Space Colony and Dr. Bad-Boon falls to the

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oops! What happened!? Well...

(Camera switches outside the Colony and the Monkeys are seen destroying 
it and escaping from it.)

(Dr. Bad-Boon and his assistant are seen getting ejected from his 
destroyed Space Colony.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: Oh, no! I was so close...

(Camera switches down to the Planet, on Jungle Island where villagers 
are running away as they see Dr. Bad-Boon falling from the sky.)

Dr. Bad-Boon: I can't take anymore! You win, I give up! No more!

(Monkey Ball Gang cheer.)

All: Shout for victory, yah-goo-goo! Let us cooperate yeah-yeah-woo! 
Magical spell is Ei-Ei-Poo!

(Monkeys jump in the air and a final picture is taken of them whilst 
they are aloft.)


16. Epilogue

(Camera fades up and zooms in on the Monkey Ball Gang who are all on 
Jungle Island.)

Baby: Eeek, eek! We did it! We finally solved Dr. Bad-Boon's maze!

(Shot changes over to Gongon who is excited about Dr. Bad-Boon's defeat.)

Gongon: We defeated Dr. Bad-Boon! Sevres him right! Wroaagh!

(Shot changes over to Meemee who is looking upwards.)

Meemee: Hey, look, Aiai! Bananas!

(The Monkey Ball Gang all look up and see bananas that start falling 
from the sky.)

Baby: The maze's gate is now opened, and the bananas are finally free!

(Scene pans to a Bird's Eye View of the Monkey Ball Gang whilst moving 
backwards as bananas begin to fall down to Jungle Island.)

(The screen fades to a bright white.)

Not a bad ending if I do say so myself....but it could've been better.
Oh, well, betchya can't wait 'till Monkey Ball Adventure comes out!


17. Thank You

Thanks to those who made this guide possible:

-AV, for creating the game
-SEGA, for publishing it and still being one of the greatest companies 
in the world
-My fingers, for typing this guide
-You, for reading this guide

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed Super Monkey Ball 2!