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Not as awesome as Star Fox 64, but a great game nonetheless.Blairville8/10
Great, if multiplayer is what you are looking for.camroidv278/10
Disappointing at bestCaptain Username6/10
I didn't think it would be THIS good!EBunleashed8/10
Another Star Fox lacking with levels.goldmario648/10
The good name of Star Fox is smeared by mediocrity again.John_Hartigan6/10
Even as a big Star Fox fan, its hard to recommend buying this game.JurassicRabbit6/10
Get ready! Fox and his crew are back in an all-new adventure!kirbyroks9/10
A Fun, Easy to Get Into Space Shooter From the Gods of Flight Gameskiriyama29/10
What? This game isn't that similar to Starfox 64? Think I care?KoolKirby9/10
The Year of the FoxL0rd Crump9/10
Might Not Reach a Great Scale, but still Good.mattycakes107/10
With SFA you can ignore the NGC game that came before itMewtwo6410/10
Star Fox Assault, Star Fox evolvedMr Floppy9/10
Nintendo has a perfect formula for success with SF and SF64. Namco refused to follow it.NateJu17277/10
Fox And His Team Are Back.. And Missed The Point CompletelyNeoNess5/10
Nintendoman1987 Review - Assault brings the series together!NintendoMan19879/10
Worth getting a Gamecube for.number10/10
Not bad, but it could have been better.Phoenix_Hedghog8/10
A Welcome Return for the Star Fox Crew.PopMartian331068/10
I think they forgot something...I think its called...replay valueryanm326/10
Namco did this? I'm impressed.shadowthebat8/10
A great game, but it's not the classic that Starfox 64 wasSix_Six_Majin9/10
An excellent continuation of the Star Fox franchise.Tarravan9/10
Namco, you've done good!TPitch9/10
You thought it couldn't get any worse? It has.Ultimate Sub Zero3/10
What happened here?VRaptorX4/10
Finally, a real Star Fox game againXevnest248/10

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