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How to play multi player?

Hi ! I bought the game tales of symphonia and it came without an instruction manual ... So my question is; how can we play on multi player mode ?? Thxs !

Black_Phoenix12 asked for clarification:

What's the difference between Auto and Semi Auto?

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Jeg_er_en_varg answered:

You need to go into the [Tech Menu] for the second(if you're two) character. There you need to set the character to [Manual] instead of [Auto] by highlighting the players name and press [Start].
It's in the corner up to the right.
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Paladin14x answered:

Go to the Tech Menu of whichever character the other players' controllers are plugged into. For example, if a player is plugged into the third controller port, go to the third character's Tech Menu.

Change the mode from "Auto" to either "Manual" or "Semi-Auto" for that character. "Auto" means the character is controlled by the game's AI, and "Semi-Auto"/"Manual" mean the character is player-controlled.
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bandit3060 answered:

Go to tech menu and go up to control type and it say's manual, semi auto, and auto click semi auto
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Valiant672 answered:

Auto gives AI complete control over the chacecters movements: Human players cannot control the chacacter whatsoever. Semi-Auto gives AI partial control over the players actions, including sometimes attacking for you , sometimes blocking for you, sometimes moving or jumping, etc. I recommend setting to manual for multiplayer, it is a lot better because it doesnt interrupt your playing for whatever it wants to do
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