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Zelos Judgment Glitch?

I have been hearing about a glitch that allows Zelos to use Judgment. Is it true? If so, how do you do it?

mal000 provided additional details:

Umm, I'm not talking about the Hi Ougi. I'm talking about Zelos casting the Judgment spell. The same spell Colette and Kratos can use.

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StarOcean_EX answered:

In the PS2 (and/or GCN JP version - either way it's in a JP version), Zelos can learn to cast the spell Judg(e)ment at the end of a battle in which he uses his Hi-Ougi (I believe it's Shining Bind that you need to use.)
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kevinwonpie answered:

I think it's only for Japanese version because when i looked
it up on Youtube and clicked on one it was in Japanese
then i clicked another japanese then i clicked like 5 more
JAPANESE soooooooooooooooooo only Lloyd,Collete,and
Genis are the only ones you can use in english version.
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Kratos15354 answered:

In the PS2 version, Judgment is added to his tech list after some point. I think it existed in the GCN version, but you need to use an action replay to enable it.

If that's not it, I've also heard of a glitch that lets any character cast any spell another character knows, but don't remember how to do it.
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