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Why does the game keep telling me that my memory card is corrupt?

when ever i try to load my game it says that my memory card is corrupt?What do i do?

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dalmunae answered:

there are several possibilities, including those that the others here have listed. However there is at least one possibility that has not been listed and that is this:

After a while your memory card itself breaks. This means that no matter what you do or what game you are playing your files will continue to get corrupted, and you must start over. occasionally the memory card might "fix" itself and be able to save again for a while, but it is inevitable that it will break again. I suggest that you follow other peoples suggestions for how to "fix" it, and also see if the same thing happens for other games. however if you are unable to fix it, and the same problem occurs with other games, I'm afraid the only solution is to get a new memory card. I am actually facing the same problem myself right now... one of my memory cards has temporarily fixed itself, but its only a matter of time before it corrupts again. Luckily I have ordered a new memory card (you can get new ones that work with the Wii now) and hopefully it will arrive before my memory card dies again. If you're lucky though, you dont have the same problem as me and it will be easy to fix.
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Kratos15354 answered:

Well, chances are good that your memory card is corrupt. If so, your files on it are lost. If you have saves from another game on it, try checking them.
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shleff answered:

Usually your memory card gets corrupt when you turn off your console when it is saving/loading. It happened to me on another game and i had to delete and start all over. ><
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YaoMing623 answered:

You probably turned off ur system while it was saving lol.
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shinomori_kyo answered:

That's why you save on 2-4 memory cards. Happened to me before but somehow I blew into memory card and it fixed. My old Final Fantasy VIII did that after a certain point would corrupt save file, not memory card but save file.
so your copy of ToS could be corrupt in one part of the dist.
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Gargos96 answered:

Sometimes memory corrupts on its own, like one time, while playing Odin Sphere, it all of a sudden said the game memory was corrupt, so i exited and started again and it worked just fine. i'm still not sure what caused it, but it may be the same case here. or it is like the other guys said, and you'll have to start ALL over again.
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librasncfuryXD answered:

Sometimes it's not the memory card it could be the console so try blowing on it like they said but if that doesn't work then try blowing in the console it might be dust blocking the circut.
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