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Why can Regal use magic?

I know only elves and half-elves can use magic. Regal can't be a half-elf because he would have been killed. I think it might be like in Tales of Phantasia, but I might be wrong.

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But I thought they said Raine's skills were magic

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Kratos15354 answered:

Colette: What kind of person was Master Boltzman?

Raine: He proposed that people have another power inside of their bodies
in addition to mana.

Lloyd: Another power?

Raine: Yes. The source of healing techniques. He passed away while the
educational system was still being completed, and even today his
theory is only partially understood.

Since healing arts do not use mana, you don't need elven blood to use them. As for Zelos having elven blood injections, that was a lie he made up to hide his connection to Cruxis.
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Kratos15354 answered:

According to the plot, magic and healing arts are separate. While magic requires elven blood, healing arts do not.
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mississippi_mil answered:

Healing magic is learned differently then attack magic, as shown by raine reading boltzman's book and learning resurection.
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tecarmel answered:

When you go outside with Sheena at Flanoir:
Sheena: "Since I can make pacts with Summon Spirits, I probably...I probably have elves in my ancestry somewhere in the distant past."
Lloyd: "Really?"
Sheena: "Apparently, only those of elven blood can call forth Summon Spirits. Not just magic, but any technique that uses the mana of the natural world requires some elven blood to be flowing through you."
Lloyd: "Then, Kratos and Zelos too?"
Sheena: "They might have some elven blood in them. Just like me."

Do healing arts use "the mana of the natural world"? I don't know. If so, maybe Regal is part elf too. This may not answer your question, but it does give you some more information about non-elves using magic in general.
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BlueCrystalTear answered:

Zelos got some elven blood injected or something using Tetheallan technology. As Regal was head of Lezareno Company - the most likely candidate for manufacturing something such as that - he probably had a similar injection.
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