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Where can I find (Evil Eye and/or Soul Eater)?

where can I find them ? i want the devil arms but i cant find the evil eye ??? plizzz help

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yutiko answered:

The Evile Eye is found in Toize Valley Mine. The big white block you crush with the boulder is called a Bakura. Examine the remains to find the Evil Eye.

The Soul Eater is found in Triet. To get it you must speak with the man by the Item Shop and hear about a giant worm. Then go north one section and speak to the man by the dog and hear about a legend. Leave Triet and walk northwest. Walk along the mountains (on foot) and you will see a blue circle. Enter to fight the worm. Beat it to get the Soul Eater.
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Odins_deciple answered:

You get the Evil Eye in Toize Valley Mine. Remember the Bakura you had to smash with the boulder? Go down to it's remains and look at it (Press A) You'll find the Evil Eye. I forget about the Soul Eater. I'd like to say it's in Latheon Gorge or the Earth Temple, but don't hold me to it.
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