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Where should I Train? LVLs 80 +

I'm trying too level to level 250. So Far, All my characters are just about Level 80. Where should I train?

I have x2 EXP . ^_^

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Flare_Dragon123 answered:

So then.

To reach level 250 you want to be using the Grade Shop bonus of 10x XP. Equipping the Demon's Symbol will double all experience for one character, as well as make them completely unplayable so you will also want to have the Krona Symbol equipped to nullify all status ailments, to make it as easy and quick as possible.

Lv. 60 - 80 should level at Mithos' Palace and The Road to Welgaia. From then on all levelling should be done in Niflheim. Of course on average with 10x XP games you will be around Lv 100 -110 by the final Tower of Salvation.

The lower you go in Niflheim the harder monsters and more XP you will receive. Getting to max level is typically long hard and very boring in any game, so good luck, and hope this helps.
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Relm98 answered:

2x exp will never let you reach lv 250. At least not if you want it this year.^^
Start with 10x exp and near the end of the story you will hit lv ~160. Then you can grind angels in Mithos' Palace with demons symbol(2x exp of 10x exp = 20x exp) equiped. But even so it will take a pretty long time.
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Kratos15354 answered:

With just 2x exp., it will take you ****ing forever to get to level 250. That aside, the best place to level is in Niflheim. On a blue or green floor where enemies respawn, find a skull enemy that has Arch Demons, Medusas, Samaels, and/or Doom Guards in the battle. Keep on fighting them for as long as you can. If you're really lucky, you'll have the floor effect "earned experience increased," which doubles your experience. Couple that with a Demon's Seal/Krona Symbol combo for each battling character, and it won't take near as long.
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fate311 answered:

And if you're annoyed with the whole soulfire bit you can try Derris Kharlan instead.
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66941203 answered:

You could always go and battle a sword dancer and if you have 10x experience you will get a lot of ching
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awsomeknight123 answered:

You should accept Kratos's answer or Flare's.
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