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Simply put: this game is the best ‘traditional’ RPG that we have seen in years.Aagon10/10
Possibly the best RPG. EVER.Achristianskate10/10
What do you give the game that has everything? A five!Black_Crusher5/10
Much anticipated and ultimately disappoint, extremely disappointing.Braben6/10
Middle Child SyndromeRememberance8/10
It's cliched. It's been-there-done-that. And yet it's still an award winner!1wingedangel458/10
An experience best left... cherished!Aegis Shield9/10
An essential for all RPG loversAganar10/10
Tales of how Namco have produced the RPG of the Generation. Or, in other words, a Review...AnimaKeyblade10/10
You won't find out what a Symphonia is, but you'll have a good time anyways.Arctic Wolves8/10
TalesOf Symphonia one of the better GC RPGsarngrim_samurai9/10
Finally A Game To Make Gamecube Owners RevelAshley Winchester8/10
What the heck is a Symphonia?Auron2557/10
A Gamecube RPG actually worth playing!BillyBoy61610/10
A Symphonic AchievementBloatedcow70149/10
The best RPG of the gaming generation!BluePenMan10/10
Tales of Symphonia: An RPG Heavy WeightBoromir1410/10
A Great Example of Tradtional Japanese RPGsburuburu19/10
Tales of Symphonia: Going full forceCalamity9/10
A review from someone who playing Abyss firstCareful_Crab7/10 RPG Gamecube Owners Can Call Their Own.Carnival Nights9/10
Not the best RPG ever made, but you will remember it even in 10 years... and lots of cat-people too!cfamgcn8/10
Tales of Symphonia shines with brilliance!Chaos Control10/10
Namco has created the greatest RPG ever. Period.chunkyliver120410/10
Among my favorite games of all timeComputerbug810/10
A Tale to remember.ConfusedGuy10/10
Quite possibly the best RPG of all time!crumble11410/10
Not only the best Tales Games, but Best Gamecube Game as well.DaemonscharmII10/10
Best GameCube RPG? Yes. One of the best RPGs ever? Could well be!DarkKuja8/10
Without doubt the best RPG for Gamecube, and quite possibly one of the best games ever made.DarthMarth10/10
Tell me a tale...discoinferno848/10
A Tale of TalesEJRICH7/10
Arguably the greatest Role playing game of all time.Etrurianmage10/10
Tales of Symphonia is one of the best RPGs to date.Flare_Dragon1239/10
The Gamecube finally gets another great rpgFunky Bob10/10
Tales of Symphonia gives out a false apparition of brilliancy.Galactus216/10
A nice new addition to the "Tales of" seriesGheddonLN8/10 the DEAD SEXY!hashmalumomega029/10
The GameCube's number one RPGInfernoCrossing10/10
Got EX-Skill?ionicmind9/10
Tales Of Encore..The True RPG Story.Jaminator219/10
Without Sheena, this game would be nothing. With Sheena it's everything I've always wanted.Judqement810/10
Every console deserves a "best game ever." Tales of Symphonia is the one for the Game Cube!Kashell Triumph10/10
Tales of a Fantastic RPG!KingZeal10/10
Namco, you did a perfect RPG game.Kratos_2510/10
Let the Symphony play. ~ReduxLlag_von_Karma10/10
Clearly The Definitive RPG For 'Cube Ownerslockeman2410/10
Tales of Symphonia is undoubtedly the best game I have ever played.MagnaBlaze10/10
...Incompetent good intentions will only bring tragedy.Menji10/10
Something Old, Something New.Moon 29/10
Kimi to Hibiki au RPG - The RPG that resonates with you.MrMariosta110/10
Tales of a game you've played a billion times before.MSuskie6/10
An RPG for all GamersNahtanoj9/10
Has many moments of greatness, but they're overshadowed by hours and hours of pure tediumnintendosega6/10
A fun but ultimately shallow experiencePervan7/10
The most fun I've had with an RPG in awhile, just what the doctor ordered for the Cube, and a vast improvement over the previous Tales installments.Putingrad9/10
Symphony composed with flying colors.RageBot9/10
Something wonderful this way comes...Relle9/10
Tales of a pretty average RPGRockguyKev7/10
The best game on the next generation systems and it will become a quick classicRyu Killer Dragon10/10
Namco's 60-hour behemoth RPG for the Gamecube.ShadowGuardian910/10
The best RPG out thereShivan Reincarnated10/10
Dwarven Vow # 22 - If words just aren't enough to express one's joy, have ye change of pants readyShyningFade10/10
A Tale to end all TalesSiegTheKnight10/10
An Rpg elevated to the form of fine art.smurf9/10
Legendary RPG With An Unique Flairsparklite10/10
Tales Of Symphonia: A True Masterpiece of an RPGSSJ1 Mike10/10
Tales of the Best RPG for GCNStop Fundamentalists8/10
I have never played a game this good since Super Mario World or Metroid PrimeSupera459/10
What?Suspended Thoughts6/10
The Greatest RPG for the Gamecube (Which may not be much, but still great!)TripleJump10/10
A lackluster RPG from NAMCO. I expected better.TurtleT95/10
"The Gamecube has no good RPGs" officially died with Tales of Symphonia's release.UltimaterializerX10/10
Finally! A good RPG for the 'cube!vector219/10
ToS delivers the needed drive for the starving Gamecube RPG environmentViralMonkey9/10
A forgettable tale, but not a forgettable questWishingTikal8/10
What Tales of Symphonia lacks is an interesting plot.wolverinefan5/10
Tales of The First Great RPG for the GameCubexNxIxCxKx9/10
The RPG Masterpiece... On GameCube?ZFactor10/10

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