FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Zophar

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###        ###  ######  #####             #####           ####
####      ####  ######  #######          ### ###          ####
### #    # ###  ####    ####  ###       ###   ###         ####
###  # #   ###  ####    ####   ###     ###     ###        ####
###   #    ###  ######  ####    ###   ###       ###       ####
###        ###  ######  ####     ##  ###         ###      ####
###        ###  ####    ####    ### #################     ####
###        ###  ####    ####  #### ###             ###    ####
###        ###  ######  #######   ###               ###   #########
###        ###  ######  #####    ###                 ###  #########
                    ---------            |-------
                   |         |           |
                   |         |           |-------
                   |         |           |
                    ---------            |
     HHH    HHH     OOOOO     NNN    NNN     OOOOO     RRRRR
     HHH    HHH     O   O     NNNN   NNN     O   O     R   R
     HHHHHHHHHH     O   O     NNN N  NNN     O   O     RRRRR
     HHH    HHH     O   O     NNN  N NNN     O   O     R   RR
     HHH    HHH     OOOOO     NNN   NNNN     OOOOO     R    RR


[Game= Medal Of Honor: Frontline]
[System= PS2]
[Version= 1.4]
[Created= June 3, 2002]
[Author= Lord Zophar]
[Contact= Slasher962@aol.com]


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Version Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
v.1.3--.1.4:Added a few glitchs and some other crap, will update some more 
v1.2:DId a error check through a lot of guide and more FAQs (and
organized for some complainer).  Added a stupid E-mail section too!
Added few e-mails in there and also put in some more glitches.
v1.1:A few spelling and an extra part in Drailed!  added.  Also
tried to make some things "clearer".
v1.0:All mission walkthroughs complete!!!!!!!!!  Added some glossary
terms and also some more FAQs, remember to support me by contributing!
v.0.4--v0.7: added four new missions, added all the sections
I will probably have.  Some cheats too and a glitch, also changed
the format of some stuff for organization, did wep stuff too.  Added
a glitch too and controller thing.
v.0.4:Added medal stuff and cheats.  Also started glitch stuff.
*Some* spelling mistakes fixed :P.
v.0.3:Added 3 new mission walkthroughs (2nd level and first
train one and needle in a haystack).  Fixed some spelling
mistakes.  Added a few codes and added some medal info.
v.0.1:Started guide and its format.  Did first mission info as
well as the popular problem one, Repunzel.  More to come!

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. How To Use This Guide
III. Controls
IV. Walkthrough
 A. Mission 1
 B. Mission 2
 C. Mission 3
 D. Mission 4
 E. Mission 5
 F. Mission 6
V. Medal/Star Information
VI. Game Strategies/Tips
VII. Cheats/Secrets/Bonuses
VIII. Glitches
IX. Weapons
XI. Future Plans
XII. Thanks
XIII. Contact
XIV. Glossary
XV. E-mails Received

I. Introduction

This guide was written by Lord Zophar in order to
help those with problems in the Medal of Honor Frontline
game for the PS2 system.  After playing this game for
awhile, I realized I really loved it and so I decided I
should put my love for the game to use.  This game,
while not too challenging, can still present problems
for some gamers, such as finding a certain item or
fighting a certain character.  I warn you, this will
contain spoilers, but it doesn't really matter in this
kind of a game.  I implore all of you to donate any
information you want to me at my E-mail (Slasher962@aol.com).
Well this is all for my intro right now, so onward,
to the guide!  Also, remember, I have worked very
hard on this guide and donated a lot of my time to
this guide.  Please respect that and do not mess up
my guide or steal it in any way becaue I am sure you
would be mad if the same thing happened to you.

II. How To Use This Guide
The guide itself is divided into different sections
that can be found by using the ctrl+f function in your
browser.  Simple enter the Roman Numeral and . after it
and hit find until you get to it.  The mission sections
of this guide are divided into parts as well.  The first
part being a sort of short exert from the briefing the
game gives you followed by the objectives.  I will also
add the medal you get for completing all the missions in
the part with a gold star and also how many enemies that
should be killed for each level (these number will be approximate
though and to see how you are doing).  After those things, the
actual guide for the mission begins.  The mission guides
are broken into paragraphs for each objective.  That is
all I have planned for that part now.  Any questions
about it can be directed to Slasher962@aol.com.

*Remember, ctrl+F to find specific words or phrases you can
jump to easily*

III. Controls

There are different setups you can use for your controller.
I will soon have them all, but for now I put the one I use.

MOH Sharpshooter Setup

D-Pad (up+down)=zoom sniper rifle
Left Analog=move Jimmy
Right Analog=move crosshair
Select=call base
R3=melee attack
Square=previous weapon
Circle=next weapon

IV. Walkthrough

| A. Mission 1 : D-Day                                             |
| Levels in this mission:                                          |
|Your Finest Hour                                                  |
|Into the Breach                                                   |

    | 1. Your Finest Hour |

Enemies Required for Gold Medal: 10

Briefing: No briefing documents.

||Meet the Captain on shore
||Rescue 4 pin downed squad men
||Rejoin squad at shingle embankment
||Rescue engineer at end of embankment
||Rendezvous with Captain at base of bunker
||Cross the minefield and man machine gun
||Destroy MG Nests on Ridge
||Eliminate enemy soldiers in trench

As the mission starts, enjoy your beautiful boat ride.
Take in the beautiful graphics, and then get ready
to exit the boat (approx 30 seconds).  A bomb hits your
boat and you are sent into the water, wait until you can
see your health on the bottom right before you attempt to
control Paterson.  Once you have control, quickly run
forward and to the left.  You should see the blue boat
wreckage on the coast (you can hear the captain calling
to you as well.  Go to it and the Captain will give you
your next objective.

|X|Meet the Captain on shore

From the Captain's posistion, move
down the beach (to the right) until you find an
impassable fence.  From there, turn around and look for
one of your soldiers in front of a shell hole and behind
a tank trap.  Run behind him and use L1 (or your aim
button) to move your crosshairs onto the fire from the
tower on the right side of your screen.  Fire into those
two lights until you either see at the top "1 of 4
rescued" or the lights briefly dissapear.  Okay to get
to the next guy, move back to the edge of the water and
follow it back to the left until you see another guy
behind a tank trap.  Again, get behind him and fire on
the right tower.  The next guy can be found in a shell
hole further down to the left of the beach.  Fire on
the left bunker to help him out.  Finally, look to the
left of the hole you are in to find the final guy
hiding behind a tank trap.  Go to him and fire on the
left bunker to help him out.  This will save him.

|X|Rescue 4 pin downed squad men

After he is rescued, run forward to the embankment
to rejoin your squad.  Once there, you get a new
objective to rescue the engineer that has explosives.

|X|Rejoin squad at shingle embankment

He is on the far right side of the beach under a
broken metal thing.  Once you get to him, aim at the
right tower and fire, to give him cover fire while he
gets to the area he needs to be and blows open a hole
in the shingles to get you through.

|X|Rescue engineer at end of embankment

After you get through there, run
to the left tower to rejoin your squad.  Once you do
you are given another objective, crossing a minefield
AND manning a machine gun :-)!

|X|Rendezvous with Captain at base of bunker

You will get a surgeon
pack before crossing the field, so it isn't a problem,
but the safest way to cross it is to go from shell hole
to shell hole, diagonally.  Like this
   X *Where X equal shell hole*  When you get to the last
hole, hug the wall and you should make it pretty intact.
When you get to the otherside, go in the wall crack
and kill the one guy in front of you and then turn into
the aclove on the right to hit the other one.  Once he is dead,
climb the ladder and man the machine gun.

|X|Cross the minefield and man machine gun

Now, aim it toward to the two MG Nests that are on
the hill and fire on them until they blow.  After you
complete that objective, don't get of the machine gun

|X|Destroy MG Nests on Ridge

Turn it around to where you came from and kill all the
Germans who were waiting for you to come down.
After that objective is done, just waltz down and walk
to the door of bunker two and you have beaten the
first level (that is, when your squad gets across the

|X|Eliminate enemy soldiers in trench

   | 2. Into the Breach |

Enemies Required for a Gold Medal: 44

Briefing:No briefing documents.

||Clear machine gun bunker
||Destroy radio link to upper gun deck
||Find smoke grenades
||Clear both gun decks
||Mark gun deck with smoke grenade

Ahhhh, another beginning of a lovely level.  Watch
as your men talk to you before you attempt to enter
the bunker.  Watch as one man tries to get in, but
is quickly gunned down, do not follow suit.  Stand
near the corner by the entrance and enter aim mode.
Now, still in aim mode, peek around the corner until
you see a barrel.  Shoot it to take out the doormen.
Now enter the bunker and continue til you see a stair-
case.  Go the the right of it first and shoot the guy
standing there and then the one behind the barrels in
the room.  After that, go to the room where the machine
gunner was, but be careful because a guy will be in
there using a body as a shield.  Once in there, use (X)
the machine gun and shoot the Germans who have retaken
the outside of the bunker.  Now the objective to clear
the bunker should be done.

|X|Clear machine gun bunker

Head back to the staircase killing one guy who has
appeared and killing his friend who falls down the stairs.
Don't let him get up, shoot him while he is down :-O.  Go
up the stairs, killing a man on them as you go.  When you
reach the top, turn to your immediate right.  You
should hear a German voice from a radio.  After turning
right, there will be another room on your right that
has a German listening to the radio.  Shoot him in
the head before he knows you are there and then
shoot the gray box with red and green buttons to end
the life of the radio.

|X|Destroy radio link to upper gun deck

Now go back out of the room and go to the left hallway
that you earlier passed.  Watch the coolness of the
guy throwing down the desk infront of him.  There is
an explosive barrel near him, but it is hard to hit so
just run in the room and kill the 2 guys in there.  Now,
kill the guy in the room with the ladder and then climb
up.  Once up there, kill the guy sitting on the floor
in the next room and then proceed until you see another
room with a ladder.  Advance slowly until you see some-
thing fall down.  IT'S A GRENADE!  Run backward and get
the heck outta there before it blows.  After it does,
continue forward into a supply like room and shoot the
soldier with the supply crate before he can grab his
gun.  Now collect the stocks in the room and head into
the tunnel.  When you first enter the tunnel, look left
for the smoke grenades in a crate.

|X|Find smoke grenades

Continue through the tunnel and try to get close to the
two guys in it and hit them with your gun and then shoot
them on the ground.  Keep moving in to the next room and
shoot the three guys in there, aim helps. In the next
tunnel part there is only one guy who easily falls.
In the next room, crouch by the crates and look for a
little space.  See the barrel on the other side?  Shoot
it to save yourself the trouble of shooting the two guards.
Now move to where they were to get their stuff and then
go to the hallway.  To make it easier for you, just run
down the hallway and then kill the 2 guys in the room.
Then turn right and kill any of the 4 guys that come
out of the room on the right.  Before you go into that
room, go down the hall to the left of the table and
collect the stuff from the little ammo room.  After
that, go to the hallway and kill the guys there and
then go to the end of the hallway and climb the ladder.
Once up there, you will see a door to the gun deck.
Before you go through it, look right and shoot the
guy on the radio.  Feel free to hit the radio too.
Now go out on the gundeck. Again, use the aim feature
to save yourself the trouble.  After you clear
your deck, wait for the Captain to clear his.  You should
see a fighter shoot everyone on his deck.

|X|Clear both gun decks

Now, you will hear him yell to you and leave a
smoke bomb.  Now back up and stare at the center
of your deck until a red square appears.  Move
to the square and hit X to place your smoke grenade.
Now, GET OUT OF THERE!  If you do not you will not
live because a bomber is coming to hit that gun
deck.  After you exit the deck, go through the
door that is to the left as you exit the gun deck.
Once out there, continue onward until you see a guy
talking to you about a new assignment.

|X|Mark gun deck with smoke grenade

| B. Mission 2 : A Storm in the Port                               |
| Levels in this mission:                                          |
|Seaside Stowaway                                                  |
|Special Cargo                                                     |
|Eye of the Storm                                                  |
|A Chance Meeting                                                  |

   | 1. Seaside Stowaway |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 57


||Collect resistance drop at insertion point
||Man machine gun in church tower
||Secure submarine refueling roster
||Breach wall to docks
||Locate submarine fueling docks
||Stow away in cargo crate

When the mission begins, look to the right
for some boxes and the pickup you need.  Go
to the boxes and smash them with your melee attack
and then open the drop behind them to get the paper
you need

|X|Collect resistance drop at insertion point

Now, head out until you see one of your ally's
trucks driving along.  It gets hit by a bomb and it
is also shot at I do belive (so horrible war is)
so follow it and then man the mounted machine gun
in the back.  Help your allies in the next area by
shooting all the Germans you can and any boxes they
hide behind.  Once the area is clear, go into the
building on the right to find a table that has some
health + grenades on it.  After you are done in there,
go back out and into the left corner of the area (left as
in if you were still at the mounted machine gun).
In that little area you will find some ammo.  After
you are done in this area, continue forward until you
get to an area with some enemies and a bomb drops to
the left on top of a car.  Advance forward killing
the enemies you meet here until you see a small
alley that leads to the left.  Look into it and
kill all the enemies you see in it.  Before you
enter it, look to your right for 2 medical canteens.
After you get them, go back down that alley way until
you get to the end of it.  Look to the right
for a medical canteen and then crouch and go through
the crack on the left.  Once through it, get back up
and run out into the open and take a right.  When you
see the bridge and tank, keep running, except turn
right when you get across the bridge.  Now, kill
any enemies you see in the right area and then begin
tossing grenades at the tank until it explodes (or use
the machine gun to the right of the tank).  After
it explodes, go to the area on the other side of the tank
to make sure the enemies on that side are dead and collect
the items on that side.  Also, check the area to the right
of where the tank was for items.  After this area is clear, you can
head back over the bridge to get what you missed on that
side.  When you are done, cross back over the bridge and
keep going straight, right into the church in front of you.
You will see a guy dead on the floor with a surgeon pack.
Ignore him and then climb the ladder around the corner to the
left.  On the 2nd floor while climbing the ladder, you can veer
off on to a ledge where you will be able to get some grenades.
When you get to the top, man the mounted machine gun
and kill all the newly spawned Germans you see on the road
below.  Once this is done, exit the church and turn left
to get some more enemies and find some hidden health.

|X|Man machine gun in church tower

On the left you will encounter an enemy that has a health
canteen near him.  After that, turn around and get the
2 soldiers in the little alley way.  After they are dead, enter
the alley way and get the health in a little room it leads
to.  Now return to the main area and turn right and continue
straight to continue the level (you may want to make sure
all the Germans in this area are gone though first).  Now, keep
going this way until you see an opening to the left.  Kill
the German in there and grab the health kit and then be prepared
to fight another one as you exit there and turn right on the path.
Once he is dead, look the the left for another room that will
have an enemy in it to kill.  Now go to the end of this area
and before you turn left to move onward, grab the health canteen
at the end of the path.  Now go into this tunnel and crawl through
the hole on the left.  Continue onward into the next area where you
can assist one of your men fighting some other guys.  One of the
enemies may open the blue door straight ahead of you which has
a surgeon pack in it.  When you are done, head out the opening that
is on the right side of where you entered the area.  Follow this
path and then turn right and check the corner of the next path for
a surgeon pack.  Now come back out of the little corner and turn
right into a broken down path where you will have to crawl into a
little hole to continue.  Get down and start crawing and then turn left.
You will hear an "interrogation".  Keep crawling until you see another
hole on the left.  Go through it and kill the guard in there and then
take the ammo in the room and chart of the wall to the right of the chair.

|X|Secure submarine refueling roster

Now exit the room and turn right.  You will notice a lot of Germans
at a mounted machine gun, but they don't notice you!  You can have fun
with this, I prefer a well placed grenade, but do what you want.  Once
they are gone, continue down this path to make sure all the Germans are
gone and to collect the health to the right at the end of the path and
to the right of the sandbags.  When you are ready to continue, go to
the opening across from the empty breakable box.  You will see a red
barrel, shoot it to breach the wall.

|X|Breach wall to docks

Once the wall is cleared, enter the space you made and continue
until you come to an area with some boxes.  Grab the ammo and health kit
here and then take the right path.  Now, shoot the one guard here and get
behind the machine gun on the right.  Mow down all the Germans you see and
the boxes (it may take a little while, but you can get them all).  Now, when
they are all dead, get off the machine gun and go into the path on the right
for some health and ammo.  Now, exit that part and go back to the area you
first started at after the wall, with the boxes.  Now take the left path.  
you exit the path area, check the machine gun to make sure there was no guard
sitting at the machine gun nest there that may have shot you if you went the
other way.  When you enter this area, you will be on the sub docks.

|X|Locate sumbarine fueling dock

Now look to the left of the truck there for some cargo boxes.  One
will be missing a lid.  Move toward it, crouch, and crawl in to it in order
to win the mission you are on (Demo players will notice this crate
is in a different spot from in the demo).

|X|Stow away in cargo crate

   | 2. Special Cargo |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 35


||Sabotage U-boat engines
||Set explosives in aft torpedo room
||Disable radio communications
||Set explosives in fore torpedo room
||Find Enigma code book
||Escape through exit hatch

Okay, you begin this level in the crate
you got in last level.  Now, after the guy
complains about the weight, press X to open
the crate.  After that, the two guys will
notice you so kill them both and then go into
the next room.  In this room, a guy will come out
of a room on the right.  Kill him and then take the
medical kit from the room.  As you continue you
forward, the 5 guys in the next room will start
to engage you.  As you move through the next
room, grab the medical canteens and then continue
around the left corner when you kill the 5 guys.
You can kill about 3 guys in this room, but after
that, don't run into the red room.  First turn
of the valve.  Once you do that, shoot the 2
guys you can see from the entrance.  Now look
left and crouch and crawl under the steam on the
left.  After that, continue to the left and turn
the valve.  Now turn back around and look to the
left where some more steam will dissapear.  Turn
the valve off in there and then it is safe to
leave the room via the other door.  Now, in this
next room, there will be 4 guards who won't notice
you yet.  Kill them all and then break the crate
to your right to get a surgeon pack.  After that,
go to the end of the hall and press X when the
red 3-d square appears.  After that, back up and
wait until it explodes.

|X|Sabotage U-boat engines

Exit through the newly made hole on the right.
Crawl through these tubes until you climb a ladder
and reach a vent.  You have to shoot to open this
vent, so make sure you have enough ammo to then
shoot the two guards behind it. After you do that,
plant the bombs on the left torpedos.

|X|Set explosives in aft torpedo room

In this next room you will enter, there are 5 guards
as well as 2 medical canteens.  After they are all dead,
enter the next room.  There will be two guys here that
will not notice you at first (one is requesting permission
to dock at your next mission level).  After they are dead, note
the hatch above the room, this is the level exit, but
you are not ready to beat the level yet.  Continue forward
through this section into the next room.  In this next room
is the radio and a guy distracted by it.  Kill him and then
shoot the redish/greenish machine to get the radio.

|X|Disable radio communications

Now follow this passage way around where you will find two guards
to kill on the first path and a little aclove with a canteen.
Continue onward until you start seen little individual sleeping
quarters in this same room and kill the 3 guards there.
After this, grab the ammo on the shelves in this area and then
go to the next room.  This room has 4 engineers you can kill before
they even know you are there.  After they are dead, break
the last case on the right to get a surgeon pack and ammo and
then press X near the red square to place the bombs.

|X|Set explosives in fore torpedo room

After that, turn around and head back into the room
you were just in.  You will see a new guard, kill him
and then enter the room behind him.  Look left from there
to find the Enigma Code Book.

|X|Find Enigma code book

Now, return back to the place I told you about before
(the one with a hatch and that had two guards on it, one
requesting permission to dock).  Once you get back there,
simply climb the ladder there and go out the exit hatch.
There, level complete.

|X|Escape through exit hatch

   | 3. Eye of the Storm |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 95


||Find resistance weapons cache
||Find rooftop hatch near U-boat pen 2
||Destroy supply trucks
||Acquire deployment roster
||Infiltrate wet docks facility

As this mission begins, grab the grenades next
to your start.  Now peek around the corner in aim
mode and shoot the one guy in the head.  Now run toward
him and shoot the guy on the left and then grab the ammo
on the side of the boxes.  Now keep following this wall,
killing any guys on the same level as you.  When you get
to the corner and onto the 2nd wall, there will be some
health for you.  Keep following the walls until you reach
a staircase.  Grab the grenades that are to the left of it
and climb the stairs until you see a ladder and then
go up the ladder.  Up here, kill the guys on the same
roof as you and then go around the peek of the building
and across the plank to the next building.  You will see
a box that you must open that has your weapons and
charges in it (sniper rifle).

|X|Find resistance weapons cache

Now, go back to the bridge between the two roofs and get
out your sniper rifle.  Shoot everyone you can see: guys
on roofs, and on the boat and ground.  Now, move back to the
other roof and snipe any guys you may have missed.  Now move back
to the side of the roof where the ladder is.  Shoot the guy to your
right in the crane and the one in the tower.  When you get ready
to go back down or get near the edge, the U-boat will blow.
Head back down and grab the surgeon pack on the boxes before
turning right and continuing.  Now, in the next part, there will
be guys on the ground who come after you and guys on the boat.
If you see a guy on the boat run for the front of it, nail him
because there is a mounted machine gun on the fron of the boat.
When you clear the area along this boat, go all the way to the
end of the area and look right to find some health on the groun
and in a box you must break (think melee).  Now head back out of
their and take the path on the left.  Go down this path killing
any guys who are still alive.  In either aclove before the car,
there is sniper ammo.  Now when you turn left on this path, there
will be more enemies and a little aclove to the left of the stairs
in which 3 of the 4 boxes have health.  Get it and then head down
the stairs.  Hit anyone in the immdediate area and then get close
to the wall before the place you turn right.  Get out your sniper
rifle on full zoom and use the aim and peek until you get all the guy
at the far end of the next long hallway.  Once they are dead, continue
through the hall as normal.  Now, in the next main water/port area
you will enter, there are so many items in it in every little corner
that I will just say follow the walls to find them all.  Okay, pull
out your snipe rifle first and try to get as many guys as you can
with it.  When you are done, head to the right side of the area and continue
down the path until you get to the last door on the right.  Inside
is an enemy and health + ammo.  Once he is dead, go back out toward
where you came from (note, a lot of units will be on your level now!).
Continue over to the left side of the area killing everyone.  When you
get there, go to the other side of the parked train and look for a
ladder on the wall, once you find it, climb up it to get to the
right roof tops.  Once up their, head right, clearing the rooftops
until you reach a hatch.

|X|Find rooftop hatch near U-boat pen 2

Once you find it, turn around and do a last sweep of the previous
area to make sure you got everyone (use your sniper scope from various
areas and listen for gunfire).  After that, just go into the
hole and prepare to kill everyone in the garage.  As you take out the alarm
and kill the people in there, more will bust through a door.  Head out
there when you are done.  Before you follow the path in front of you,
head right and to the side of the building you were just in for a
health kit.  Now go back to the path you were just at a go down it.
The enemies here will hide behind the stuff, but you can usually gib
their arms and legs with well-placed aim shots.  Continue
through this path until you see a big store house.  Go right around
it to make sure you get all the items (look behind the air
conditioning thing for health) and stuff and then
continue around it and to the right until you reach an area
with 3 cars and a bunch of guys.  Kill them all with
whatever weapon you are good with and then plant a bomb on
each of the three cars fronts.  Once they all explode, the
door on the loading bays behind the cars opens and you
can enter the area behind there.  Kill the guys there and
take the health kit of the boxes (there are also 2 health
canteens on a box outside of this garage area on the balcony
thing).  Now head to the right in this hallway and follow it
killing all who oppose you until you reach and office with
a bad guy in it.  Kill him before he sees you and then take
the roster off his desk.

|X|Acquire deployment roster

Before you go out of his office, grab the surgeon pack on
the other desk.  Now, head back out the same way you came
in, but watch for new enemies.  Once you are back outside,
go left to see the new car parked out there.  Blow it up too,
but then use the crates on the side of it to jump up and on
the tower that falls over too.

|X|Destroy supply tucks

Use this to get over to the building where the sniper is/was,
depends if you killed him yet.  Once you are over there,
proceed to the left to grab some ammo and then go to the right
and follow the ledge of onto some boxes to win the level.

|X|Infiltrate wet docks facility

   | 4. A Chance Meeting |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 115


||Sabotage engines in research facility
||Acquire engine blueprints
||Infiltrate U-boat bunker
||Destroy all U-boats [2]
||Blow up fuel depot
||Find dock gates

Head left from the start of this level to
meet a guard by a door with a medical kit
and then in the short left path that leads
to a dead end with some ammo.  After you get
this extra stuff, turn back around and head
straight and then turn left when you get to the
path where enemies will again be shooting you.
There will also be a sniper on the roof to the
right.  Once they are all dead, turn back around
where you will see a dead in with a metal tower
thing, go to that dead end and get the ammo.  After
that, turn back around and follow the path in front
of you.  You will now see a train sitting there.  You
can jump in any of the open cars, and the first one
contains a surgeon pack and ammo.  Make sure you
kill all the enemies here and the sniper on one of
the cars.  Now head down toward the car with a mounted
gun.  Press the lever near it to move it to a place
near a crate on the left side.  Now, use the crate
to get on the car and man the mounted gun.  Use it
to clear as much of the next yard as you can (you can
even hit the sniper tower guy).  Once you think you
are done, go into the next yard to mop up what you missed.
Once everyone in the area is dead, including 1-2 snipers,
go back to the first truck on the right and hop in
the back for some ammo and a surgeon pack (you *have* to
use the box to make it).  Now continue along the right
wall until you see an aclove with some boxes blocking
it, there is some ammo and a surgeon pack here too.  When you
are ready to leave, head to the area where you fought
most of the soldiers (there are some missles in a truck
there too), and turn left and follow the passage that
way.  Before you follow it though, you should check the
little passage that has a bunch of crates it it, one has
a medical kit in it.  After that, continue down the path
with the car in it.  Check the garage door to the right
of it for a medical canteen and then kill the 2 guys
that advance on you.  Once they are dead, get the sniper
that is on the train car in front of you, and then the
one on the building to the right of you (above the air
condition-looking thning) and check the locked double
door there for a health kit.  To exit this area,
first go left a around the train car in front of you and
then look left for an area with some grenades.  Now continue
straight along the side of the train until you see
a garage open.  Soot the three guys in there and then
enter it for some grenades and MP-40 ammo.  Now go through
the doorway and follow the hall connecting to that room.
Past the next door, you can aim and get a scientist, after
you do that, run into the now alerted room and grab
the surgeon pack of the desk where the scientist was.  Once
the room is clear, you should set the bombs on those turbines
in the center of the room, there are 6 of them, but you only
plant 3 bombs (when you set them get away from them or they
will blow you up!).

|X|Sabotage engines in research facility

Before you leave this room, check the crates in the corner for
another surgeon pack and ammo.  Now, continue through the next
hall, eliminating all resistance. When you see a left room,
veer of course to get the guys in it and then round the corner
of that little room and destroy the box on the right, it has
ammo.  Now return to the path and go left again when you get
to a norther branch off room.  Kill the scientists there and
then get the health kit and blueprint off the table.

|X|Acquire engine blueprints

The guy that may enter from the door off the room can be killed
by exploding the barrel near him (or shooting if you don't like
that sort of thing).  Continue through that door now and follow
the hallway.  You will enter a room with a plane frame.  Kill all
the guys in here and check to the right of the plane body for
a health kit and on the frame on that side their is a surgeon pack.
Also, if you climb the ladders and get on top of the frame, you will
get ammo and grenades.  When you come back down, break the boxes to check
for some ammo.  After you get it, continue forward up the stairs and then
take a right to get to the room over looking the frame.  Kill the
guy here and take the ammo and health of the table.  Now, turn
around and go back out of this room and you will see a
vent you can shoot and enter.  As you enter, you will get
a medical canteen and as you crawl through, a movie with
the Herr ensues talking about security (hahahaha).  Continue through
this vent until you see the second vent wall.  Shoot it open to enter
the next area on your objective list.

|X|Infiltrate U-boat bunker

Now kill all the people on your level, and then you can shoot,
or sniper, all the guys on the ground.  Now continue onward
through the next red hall (check in a little aclove at the beginning
of it for a medical canteent).  Follow this path until you
see a box on your left.  Break it for a surgeon pack.  Now,
continue onward until you get to a room with an alarm
and control panel.  Smash the alarm and then pull the switch
on the panel to take out a U-boat.  You can watch, but be
warned, they will shoot at you.  Once it is gone, go back the
way you came until you see a newly opened door with people
coming out to kill you.  With them dead, continue on through
the newly opened door.  Now, keep going into the U-boat pen
where you had your little "bombing run".  Kill those who survived
and then go down the right side down the pen and collect all the stuff
and then go down the left sdie collecting all the stuff.  Now go
up the stairs on the left and keep going straight and turn right
to a dead end with some items.  Now, back up and go around the
stair banister to continue through the door on the left and
move onward.  Keep moving until you get to another U-boat pen.
Now, clear this upper deck and move to the right wall and get
out your sniper rifle.  Now, sniper everyone on the bottom level
from the safety up here.  The reason for this is because there
are a lot of explosive barrels that could get you.  After you
think they are all dead.  Head back to where you entered the
room at and go down the ladder there.  Once on the ground level,
head down the pen toward the plank to the U-boat (it has a surgeon
pack on it) and then get on the U-boat and man the giant deck gun.
Let lose on everything that moves and then make sure you aim out
the now open yard doors so you can blow up the fuel tanks.

|X|Blow up fuel depot

After you think you got everyone and cleared most of the blockage
on the right path.  Get off the gun and the U-boat and make your
way around the boat and kill anyone you see, inside or out.  Now,
go around the other side of the U-boat until you get to the plank.
Board it and plant the explosives and then get back off.  Now,
head to the end of the pen and get the surgeon pack behind the boxes.
After the U-boat explodes, head out to where the fuel tanks *were*.

|X|Destroy all U-boats [2]

Now, turn left (after everyone is confirmed dead) and go straight
through the gate ahead to beat this mission.

|X|Find dock gates

| C. Mission 3 : Needle in a Haystack                               |
| Levels in this mission:                                           |
|Rough Landing                                                      |
|The Golden Lion                                                    |
|Operation Repunzel                                                 |

   | 1. Rough Landing |

Enemies Required for Gold Medal: 79


||Protect Corporal Barnes as he destroys tanks [5]
||Find kerosene
||Create distraction to lure guards from gate

As this mission begins, you will see your ally Barnes as
well as a poor soldier you see stuck on a windmill.  YOU CANNOT SAVE
SOME WILL SAY OR TRY!  Also, do not wait for Barnes UNTIL
you get to a tank!  Now continue forward and the poor
para is killed.  Continue past the house into the small
little trench-like ahead and kill the 5 guys as you pass
through it.  In the next area, there are about 7 soldiers
in addition to a tank Barnes will have to destroy.  Near
the tank is a little lean-to that you have to crouch in
oder to the items (health and ammo) out of it.  After
Barnes catches up and kills the tank, continue forward
across the bridge (of course, you may want to consider
returning to the start of the level after this to kill
some of the extra guys that magically appear after you
leave that area).  In the next little road/valley area
you will find another ally in a little lean-to thing.
He will joing you.  Continue onward and you will kill
4 guards in this path and then when you get to the next
area, thouroughly explore it until you kill 6 guards and
collect the health near the tank adn behind one of the houses
on the left (there is also ammo behind on of the left houses).
Once you ahve done that wait until Barnes catches up to
kill the tank, then run forward again to clear the next area,
Now continue across the bridge near what looks like a slide
into another road/valley thing and kill the two guys in
there.  When you exit that into the next are, there are
about 3 guards you can kill and a tank across a bridge.
Don't go across the bridge, instead head right across
a covered bridge and to a fire with 4 guys for you to
kill.  In this area, grab the kerosene by the fire, the
stuff in the lean-to, and then continue onward!

|X|Find kerosene

(I know this is not a separate objective from the first
being complete, but the kerosene thing is an objective)
Now head through another valley-road thing into the
area that has the tank blocking the bridge.  Kill the
two guys in this wide open area and take the health from
around the tank and then run ahead, Barnes will sill kill
it.  In the next road/valley thing on the opposite side of
the area with the tank, there are about 5 guys you have
to kill, all are pretty easy to handle.  Continue through
until you reach another open area.  In this area, there
are around 8 guys (don't have the exact number because
I think Barnes and company killed some).  Also, do not
forget to get the guy in the windmill.  A lot of people
miss the guys in the windmill and so they don't get 95%
neutralization.  Also, after all enemies are dead, climb
the windmill to get 6 more enemies.  There is also a
tank Barnes will take care of w/o any distraction help.
Before you head down the next road/valley (it is by the windmill),
grab the health kit near the well.  No enemies in this
next road/valley, but when you reach the next area near
a swamp, there are about 8!  The explosive barrels will
seriously help you to get em'.  Kill them all and use the
*ROCKET LAUNCHER* to take out the tank on the other side
of the river.  Before continuing out of this area,
grab the field surgeon pack on the other side of the
house (near a civi).  Then continue between the two house
into the next road/valley area.  This is again clear from
enemies, but in the next area there are about 4 and also
there are mortars being launched at you (whoa cool!).
Kill the enemies and then be careful as you approach the
tank, it is easy for it to nail you with a rocket.  If it
does, collect the health around its base as well as the
field surgeon pack near a house on the left.  After Barnes
gets the tank, exit the area to the right of the tank's

|X|Protect Corporal Barnes as he destroys tanks [5]

Okay, now kill the one guy in this road/valley and then
follow it until Barnes and company part with you.  Now
continue ahead without them and advance to the pile of
hay near the windmill.  Okay, remember the kerosene, press
X in front of the pile of hay to begin your distraction
(very cool if you ask me, watch the windmill :-)).
Okay, kill the guards as they run out of the gates,
in all.  After they are all dead, and the area is clear
head in the gates to finish the mission.  Note, if you
finish the mission following my guide, but you still
don't get a gold star, then before you exit the level,
retrace your steps all the way back to the beginning, yes
the beginning, and make sure no enemies remain.  The
reason for this is because some enemies *magically*
spawn behind you in areas you had cleared prior.  Well,
if this does not work, contact me and I will try to help.

|X|Create distraction to lure guards from gate

   | 2. The Golden Lion |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 78


||Locate tools to sabotage vehicles
||Sabotage motor pool to prevent pursuit
||Meet operative at garage
||Get an officer's uniform
||Meet contact in Golden Lion Bar

Note:In the areas where you drive through and only
have once chance to hit the enemies, don't sweat it.
It is easy to aim and hit them with the pistol, but
if you miss most of them, don't worry.  You will still
probably get 95% of the levels enemies.

When this mission starts, turn around and grab the ammo
and note the location of the health.  Now continue to
the left and start breaking the boxes, this will draw
a large group of enemies into the alleyway, you might
want to use a grenade.  Once they are dead, return to
the place you started (a couple guards may have come
into the alley from that direction, kill them).  Now
continue out of the alley and look right for a mounted
machine gun.  Get on it and look to the left corner to
kill a few Germans that come out.  When most are dead,
go to where they were coming from and kill any you missed.
Now keep going this way until you see a town gate.  Go into
it and look right for some ammo and a surgeon pack.  Now, turn
back around and continue all the way down this road until you
come to a left turn and a gate on the right.  Go right
first and kill the two oblivious guards and then take
the healh if you need it (as with the alleyway, the boxes
are all empty).  Now exit this area and continue straight
down the street.  In this area (between the street and
where it connects to the two paths on either side of the river),
you can successfully sniper almost everyone in the area.
Once you get most of them you can, go left out of
the street you were on and cross the bridge.  To the left
of the bridge is a sniper on the roof, after he is dead,
go into the building there (it has a sign with a car on
it pointing to it, can't miss it, really!).  Once inside
there, follow the path until you reach an area with 3 cars.
There will be 4 guards here, kill them all and pull the alarm
and then destroy it (I say to do this because it may make
new guards you need for a gold star appear).  Once they are
dead, enter the green gate to the left of where you
first entered the area.  Once in there, look to the
right of the car in there to find the tools on a table
(press action to open the box they are in).

|X|Locate tools to sabotage vehicles

Now, with the tools in hand, move over to the back of the
car in the room you are in.  Press action at the trunk to
automatically open it and snip the wires.  Now move to the
front of it and press action to find some health and ammo.
After you are done, move back the the area with three cars.
Now, I will describe how to take each one out and what
to do from the car on the right, to the one on the left.
To take the first one out, crouch in front of the truck's front
and press action to drain its oil.  Now go to the front of the
car in the middle.  Open the front of it to get some health
and ammo and then go to the back and open it to automatically
sabotage it.  To take out the last car, go the front of
it and open the hood with action to automatically sabotage it.

|X|Sabotage motor pool to prevent pursuit

Now, return to the area with the bridge and paths on either
side of a river (there may be 2 guards to fight on you way
there).  Once you get back there, turn left and follow the path
until you reach a dead end that may or may not have some guards
you did not sniper before.  After they are dead, go into the
area to the left of the road block and then go right again
after walking to the end of that area to enter a small path
that will lead to the contact.  Once you are on the path
follow it until you see a door in front of you.  Enter
that door to get to the contact's garage.  Go around the left
side of the truck to start getting him with you and to be told
to clear each area before he drives through it (this includes
desroying the alarms in each area!).

|X|Meet operative at garage

You now must run ahead and clear the current area.
There a lot of enemies in this area, including 5 snipers.
There will be one sniper on top of each building in
each direction, with 2 in the direction opposite of
where you entered.  Once everyone is dead.  Head toward
the left of the area to take out the first car.  Simply
open the back part of it to sabotage it, don't forget
the health and whatnot in the front.  Then go to the two
cars parked infron of the big building.  The black one
can be sabotaged from the front hood while the other
one is from the back (with items in the front).  Once
you get all three cars, head back to the truck and
press action to hop in the back. Once you get in, he will
drive you to the next point, but along the way, there will
be about 5 guards you have to hit along the way which
is very hard so you might try grenades if you are good
with them or just aim well.  In the next area, there
is another group of enemies to kill + snipers.  Kill them
all (2 snipers on the left buildings, 1 on the big building
ahead, and 1 on the right building).  Also, check the alarm
point for a surgeon pack.  Once you are ready to sabotage the
cars, open the hood of the black one and then go to the back
of the green one and open it and then grab the health from
the front.  After you are done, return to the truck and get
in.  It will now drive you to a park-like area where you can
kill people as you drive through, but if you miss them it
is okay because the truck stops in the park.  Once it stops,
get out and finish off all the enemies in the park.  Now, go
back to the doorway to the left of where the truck stopped, but
don't go in yet.  Instead, snipe the guy on the roof in front
of you.  Now enter the area and kill all the guys on the ground as
well as the sniper on the right building.  Once they area all dead
collect the health (a surgeon pack in the left corner of the area
and a health kit on the right corner).  Now go to the door the truck
is behind and press action to unbar the door.  Now get back in and
ride unlong until the next area.  On the way to the next area,
there are about 4 guards you have to hit on the way, you might try
sniping them.  Once you get to the next area, you can easily take
out the few enemies there.  Check the alarm station for a surgeon
pack (and kill the alarm) and then go to the laundry truck.
Crouch in front ofit and press action to drain the oil and
then go jump in the back and get the officer's uniform.

|X|Get an officer's uniform

Now, go to the green car and open the back of it to sabotage and
then grab the health from the fron compartment.  When you
are done, go get back in the truck.  You will now be driven through
another area where you have to be quick and shoot the enemies
because you don't get a second chance.  Again, grenades sort of help
since they are grouped closely.  Once you get to the next area, he
will drive into a road block across a bridge and crash.  Get out
and kill the enemies you can hit and then break the crate to
continue.  There will be a sniper on the building on your right so
get him and then continue killing the enemies until you cross another
bridge back to the left side.  From the bridge, continue to the right
and keep going until you can go left and you see a blue door.  Enter
this door to get into the bar.  When you press action to enter the
bar, you are automatically disguised.  Once inside the bar, tip the
piano player to make the guards by the stairs move.  Now go up
the stairs.  Go in the door on the left.  You will now go to the edge
of the ledge in the next area and press action to get the 3 beers
to fall off the ledge.  This will start a fight between the two guys.
Once they fight, go down a level and go near the guy on the table at
the end of the bottom path.  He will figure out you are the operative
guy and let you go in the door behind him (note: he will only respond
once the fight really starts to break out and you move around him a
little bit).  Now go out that door and go to the passanger side of the
truck out there.  Ta da!  Mission complete!

|X|Meet contact in Golden Lion Bar

   | 3. Operation Repunzel |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 93


||Find kitchen key set
||Search paintings to find map
||Destroy clocks to find documents
||Find keys to cell door
||Locate Gerritt
||Commandeer enemy vehicle

Note:  This guide assumes you are going for a 95% kill
ration on this mission, which means blowing your cover
from the start.

When the mission begins, run toward the front door of
the mansion.  Once there quickly pull out your pistol,
aim at one of the two guards' head, and shoot him and
then quickly hit the other.  After this, a guard should
come from *your* left.  Shoot him and then shoot the one
that notices the action and comes from the opposite side
of the mansion. Kill him and follow the path where he came
from, but stop as soon as you partly see a guard by a
gate.  Aim and shoot him in the head and then sneak around
the corner and kill his friend as he watches in awe.  Now
enter the house on via the side door.  Once inside, use the
Aim and peek move to quickly pop the guy sitting on the
desk.  After he is dead, move down the hallway off of that
room, killing the two guys in each of the two rooms off
of that main hallway.  After they are dead, follow the hall
way straight until you get to the end.  At the room at
the end of the hallway, quickly kill the two guys that
should be down there before ascending the stairs.  After
climbing the stairs, you enter a room with 4 people in it.
Kill them all and then take the keys of the wall around
the first corner of the room.

|X|Find kitchen key set

Now, climb back down the stairs and go to the first door
on your right of the hallway you pass through before.
This door is now unlocked with the keys you have taken.
Once you open the door, don't run into the room, aim and
kill the one soldier on the floor to the left and then
quickly kill his friend in the back of the room before
he knows what to do.  Now continue onward until you
get to a gray hallway.  Take the first left, as it loops
around to where you need to go.  In the left loop, you
will kill for guards and there is also a little room on
the left of the hall containing a field surgeon pack.
Continue following this hall until you see a ramp on
your left that leads back up into a kitchen-like room.
You can stand in the doorway and kill all 5 people in
this room if you'd like.  After they are dead, taste
the bread and then go through the double doors.  You
will be in a dining hall complete with 4 guards and
some medical supplies behind the podiums.  After they
are dead, go into the connecting room, where you will
see a drunk man :-).  You should shoot him as well as
the about 5 other men in the room as well.  Continue
forward into a room with a piano as well as 3 guards and
another drunk to be killed.  Kill them all and go through
the door on the right of the stage.  You will now be in
a courtyard with about 10 guys!  Kill them all from
the yard or start climbing the stairs to even the odds.
Either way, once they are dead, go up to the balcony
and follow it into a grand two story hall.  There are
3 guards here so kill them and then go accross the
balcony on the right until you see the boxes.  Then cut
accross the middle balcony and follow it until you
see the drunk at the podium.  Aim and shoot him and then
go to the picture with a light on it at the back of
the hall, this is where the map is.  Press X in front
of it to procure the map.

|X|Search paintings to find map

Now pass through the door at the end of this room and
kill the 3 guys in the next red rooms.  Some of them
are hiding behind the wall.  After they are dead, climb
the stairs into the next room with about 4 guards, 2
of which are on the balcony.  You can kill some before
they know you are there.  Now after that, go through
the only door and kill the two guards in that hall and
then proceed to the end of the hall.  At the end of the
hall there is a room on the left with a pool table.  In
the room there are 4 guards, kill them.  Now face the
pool table, see that koo koo clock on the wall to the
left?  Shoot it dead to get the documents you need.

|X|Destroy clocks to find documents

Now return to the hall way and enter the other room
you had previously passed.  Now you are in a sonna-like
room where you must kill 4 guards (2 are in the back
room).  Once they are dead, press the X in front of
the valve to open the not-so-secret-secret door to
meet up with an agent who talks to you a little bit
and tells you to take whatever you like from the ammo
stores she has.  I like her :-).  Now climb the stairs
and press X in front of the wall to exit from behing
a bookcase into a safe bedroom.  We will be back here
in a minute, but first go out into the hallway and kill
the 3 men out there.  Now go back to the room and press
X in fron of the *other* bookcase to enter another secret
passage.  Follow it until you can exit it into another
room ( it will not be the first door on the left, that
is a bedroom, continue forward and to the left until
you see a bookcase wall).  In the next room, you will
meet 7 guards, so choose an appropriate weapon to take
them out quick, I prefer grenades due to the large
area affect and the panic they instill in the soldiers.
After that check around the bodies, I believe one of
them has the keys to Gerritt's room (it is the closed
door on to the right of the room you are in after
exiting the secret passage).

|X|Find keys to cell door

Once you open it, Gerritt will be glad to see you and
begin to follow you.  Though, it seems like he has
his own set path to get to the balcony area.

|X|Locate Gerritt

Since he will not come unless you are close and there
is no imidiate danger, such as gunfire around, use
this opportunity to run ahead and take the time to
kill any guards.  On the garden you are about to enter.
Once you climb the stairs past the office that is off of
the room you came from, you will be on a patio outdoor
like area.  Follow the path around to a garded-like
area with statues in it.  There are 8 guards you must
kill that are on the ground in addition to the 2 guards
that are standing on a ledge by the large clock face.
After they are dead, return to wherever you left Gerrit
and walk slowly along with him, and catch up on old times,
you know, the normal thing to do.  Keep walking with him
through the garden until you can get to the very edge of
the balcony part that overlooks a truck with hay in it (
the end of the balcony I am talking about is the part you
would end up at if you didn't have to go around the gates
on the balcony).  If you can't find the place, Gerritt
will eventually get to it and huddle against the wall
Once there, you will have to "encourage"
Gerritt to jump.  Press X and the fence will fall away,
making him fall to the ground.  For you, feel free to be
a bit more graceful, aim for the hay when you jump.
Although you will probably not live if you miss the hay,
you definitely will not get a gold star for health
percent reasons.  After you hit the truck and walk
around to one of the door sides, you should get a
mission complete.

|X|Commandeer enemy vehicle

| D. Mission 4: Several Bridges Too Far                            |
| Levels in this mission:                                          |
|Nijmegen Bridge                                                  |
|Yard by Yard                                                      |
|Arnhem Knights                                                    |

   | 1. Nijmegen Bridge |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 70


||Defuse charges under bridge [8]
||Destroy anti-aircraft gun
||Escape in medical supply truck

XX NOTE:Manning machine guns in this level prompts "magic soldiers" XX

As the level begins, ignore the guy in front of you and turn
around and climb the stairs.  Stop climbing them when you can
see the two soldiers waiting for you well enough to shoot them
both in the back of the head.  Make sure you get them both in
one shot to save ammo.  Now, after they are dead, head onto the
bridge and look left to see a medical kit (save it for later).
Now head down the bridge and kill the two guys that will be to the
right of the flaming wreckage.  When they are dead, continue forward
until you see a lot of cement blocks and guards.  Rush them and shoot
the guys in your way of the mounted gun on the left of your screen.
Once you get to the gun, man it and finish of all the guys that come
into the area (you will need a lot of ammo for this level, ammo
you don't have).  After they are all dead, check in a little aclove
of the bridge to the front right of the mounted gun for a health
canteen and then break the boxes in that area because one contains
a valuable MP-40.  Once you are ready to head under the bridge,
go to the otherside of the bridge and look for a path that leads down.
Follow it and the stairs down and then continue forward until you have
to turn left on a little path and you can see 2 guys talking.
Shoot them quick with some weapon on aim and then head forward until
you see the red bomb on the left.  Hit action to disarm it.  The next
bomb can be found when you head down the short stairs to the right
of where the two guys were (look up and hit action).  Now continue across
this path thing until you get to another short stair case up.  While you
go up it, look up and keep hitting action until you connect with the
bomb.  Now kill the guys up on this area and then disarm the last of the
4 bombs under this section (the last is on a poll similar to the first
one, it is very symetrical, besides you can hear them ticking constantly.
Also note that the 2nd bomb area is identical in bomb placement!).
Once you are done under the bridge, follow the path back up onto the
bridge.  Imediately turn right to take out the three guards near the
little wooden station.  After they are gone, check the station
for a health kit.  Now turn back around and head down the bridge.
Keep going, inoring any sniper's shots you hear until you come to a
large group of enemies.  Imediatly head to the right side of the bridge
and advance killing people until you can come out behind the mounted
machine gun men and kill them.  Once the lower level is clear of
any threats, go back to the wooden guard station you passed.
Inside it there is a surgeon pack.  After you get it, turn around
and look for a broken car on its side near a pole.  Go around to this
pole (there is a surgeon pack to the left of it) and climb it.  It is
very high so be careful not to fall and when you get to the top, keep
pressing forward to go over the top and get on the platform.  Up here
kill all the snipers, take any ammo they drop, and then take the medical
kit on the left section (be careful not to fall off!).  Now to get down,
walk to where the ladder is and then walk backward of the ledge where the
ladder is (you may over shoot the ladder and start to
fall straight down, so then just move toward the ladder to grab back onto
it and stop falling) and keep going down until you get down to the ground.
There may be a few guards that have appeared down there so get them.  Now
you can continue down the bridge until you find another area on the right
where you can go down to disarm bombs.  You will find about 3 other
guys in this area as well as crates that contain ammo and a surgeon pack.
Get that stuff and then grab the surgeon pack to the left of the stairs.
Now go down the stairs.   Once down there, all the bombs
are in the exact same places as the first area.  Just kill everyone and
then disarm the last 4 bombs.

|X|Defuse charges under bridge [8]

After they are gone, head up the stairs on the other side to get back up
on the bridge.  To the right of this part of the bridge is another one
of those wooden guard posts as well as 5 guards you must kill.  Once they
are dead, check the boxes for handgun ammo and check the guard station for
a medical kit.  When you are done, turn around and continue down the
bridge.  You will encounter a group of 3 Germans.  Kill them and continue
following the road until you see a roadblock with a medical kit.  Get it
and then take the road that goes to the right.  Follow it until you
see a car go by to the right.  Kill the guy that will be at the fork of the
road and then follow the car.  You will see it crashed and have to kill the
driver.  After you do that, grab the health and ammo on the otherside and
then turn around and head straight down this road where you will shoot
another guy that has appeared behind you.  Keep going down this road
until you see the AA gun bunker.  Veer to the left and enter it.  Go in
and kill the 5 guys on the first floor and then come back out.  Continue
down the road you were on before you turned left until you get to a roadblock
with a med kit.  Now return to the bunker.  Once inside it, turn right at
the first floor junction and follow the path inside.  Go all the way
to the top of the building a shoot the redish barrel up there to destroy
the AA gun and the guys around it.

|X|Destroy anti-aircraft gun

Now turn back around and follow the right wall to get out of
the compound and to where the Medical Van is.  Before you
get in it, kill the two guys out there.  After they are dead,
just walk toward the doors of the van (before you beat the
level though, you may want to walk all the way back to the
beginning because this is one of the levels where enemies
*magically* reappear after you have passed an area).

|X|Escape in medical supply truck

   | 2. Yard by Yard |

Enemies Required For Gold Medal: 93


||Clear enemy checkpoints from main road
||Destroy radio
||Find your way to central Arnhem

When the mission begins, immediately head straight into
the building in front of you  (red door).  Now go up the stairs
and then turn left and get out your pistol.  Now shoot the guard
in the back of the head and assume control of the mounted
machine gun.  Now aim toward the red container and fire around
it until you hit it and it explodes, clearing the area of the completely
oblivious guards as well as allowing your truck through the first
check point.  Now, grab the clips of the table by the window, grab
the surgeon pack in the bathroom (if needed), and then you
go down the stairs into a kitchen like area and exit out the door
in there.  You may have to kill those not caught in the explosion
as well as 2 guards that come from your right near a big gate.
after they are all dead, go toward that big gate and then
turn left and follow the tunnel that is there until you reach
"yards by yards" and then go the 1st gate on the right and enter it.
Now kill the two guards in the backyard and grab the medical
canteen before you go into the house's backdoor.  Now, enter
it and then quickly kill the 3 guards on the bottom floor and
the 1 on the stairs.  Now climb the stairs and enter the door on
the right.  Now in the room look left, see that little panel, crawl
into it by opening it and then crouching through after you get
the sniper ammo out of the closet.  Once you get to the other side
go to the door on your immediate right and enter it and quickly
shoot the barrel with the mounted gun to kill them all, grab
the ammo of the bed, and then be ready to kill the 2 guards
that come into the bedroom door.  Before going downstairs, check
the other light tan door to the left of the banister.  There is a funny
bathroom scene guard you must kill :-P + a surgeon pack!  After they
are dead, go on downstairs and secure the bottom floor (2 enemies).  Then
go into the backyard to kill one enemy and then exit through
the backyard gate.  Once in the path outside of the house gates,
go out to the street to kill the 6 guards on the street.  You may have
to follow down the street a bit, but if you get close to the checkpoint,
RUN AWAY!  After you have gotten 6, go to the place where
the old man is and follow the passageway there until you see
a fence gate.  Go through it and in to the house that it leads to.
Once inside the house, watch the funny kitchen scene and then
quickly grab the health in the front room and head upstairs.  Once
up there, go in the room on the left and then come back out
and a box of 10 grenades should appear.  Get them and then enter
the sliding panel in front of the top of the stairs.  Once through
it, kill the guard in the room before he notices you and then
grab onto the mounted gun and blow up the checkpoint.  Once that
is done, exit the room through the door and watch for the guard
that will be right on the stairs.  Head down the stairs to kill the
2 guards down there but BE VERY CAREFUL:  A rocket may be shot
through the window at you!  It is hard to dodge so watch out and grab
the health canteen in the front room before you leave.  Once you
leave (use the back kitchen door), kill the two guards in the yard
and then leave using the left gate  (left of the shed).  Now go to
the left in the fence area to get a surgeon pack + grenades and
then go through the tunnel near the area you are at.  Now continue
out to the street and kill all the guards you see on the street.  The
exit is on the right of where you enter the area, by first go to the left.
You will see the source of the rocket, a TANK!  Get out your grenades
and then approach the tank and strafe left and right throwing grenades
until it dies.  To the right of it, there is some health and a machine gun
you could try to use on it, but you have to be fast.  After it is dead, return
to the before mentioned area to exit (at the other end of the street).
Now follow this path and enter the gate on the right.  In this yard, grab
The ammo by the shed and go into the house, killing all the four guards
on the bottom floor.  Grab the health kit by the front door and then
Go upstairs to the door on the right.  It may be locked, if so, go
down and then back up and the guard will bust out of it.  Kill him and
then go through the passage on the left and after you are through
it go to the door on the right.  Once inside, kill the guard and then
use the machine gun to take out the last checkpoint.

|X|Clear enemy checkpoints from main road

Now grab the health off the desk and head downstairs, killing the guard
on the stairs and the three on the bottom floor.   Exit via kitchen door
killing the guard outside and use the gate on the right side.  Once in the
passage, follow it until you see a mounted gun, grab it and kill everything
on the road, including the tank.  Before you go down "sniper alley", you may
wish to snipe down it yourself.  Now, go down "sniper alley" and take
the first right you see for some grenades.  Right across from that is another 
enter it to find a health canteen behind the shed.  Now go back out and enter 
first gate on the right.  Once inside there, go up the ladder in the yard 
into another.  You will find a surgeon pack and a NPC that will help you kill
some guys.  He has a nice little shotgun, but he is quickly killed.  Enter
the now open gate across from your current yard to kill the guard in there.
Now continue down the path, ignore all the crates, they are all empty.  Now,
when you get to the 2nd to last gate on the right, enter it to find a health
canteen and there might be a guard in there.  After that, ignore the gate
in front of that, the yard is empty.  Now continue down the path.
The radio is in the last gate on the right.  Go into that gate and kill the
guard there.  Now go into the house and turn left, it is against the wall
on the dining room, with a few guards.  Shoot it until it explodes.

|X|Destroy radio

Upon your exit of the house, there may be another sniper in the window
at the end of the alley.  After he is gone and you hear no further fire,
exit down the path at the end and up a flight of stairs.  Now kill the guard
behind the door at the top of the stairs.  After that, follow the hallway
and take the left turn in it to kill some more snipers.  Keep going until
you reach a room with sniper ammo.  Take it and survey the alley to
make sure everyone is dead and nothing *magically* spawned.  After you
are sure, open the door behind you and walk through it down into
the last part to win the mission.

|X|Find your way to central Arnhem

   | 3. Arnhem Knights |

Enemies Required for Gold Star: 66


||Destroy Panzer IV tanks [2]
||Neutralize Panzerschreck squad
||Meet Jigs at Customs House

(Note: you have a lot of ammo on this level :-P)
As the mission begins, walk down the stairs in front
of you and then turn right to see one of your allies...
and a BAR!  This an awesome weapon.  Now, you can
listen and talk to him and wait for him to go into the building
across the street or you can go alone.  Regardless, enter
that building and climb up the stairs.  Once you reach the
2nd floor, shoot the guard up there and turn to where he was
facing.  Now, aim across the street and kill the two guys
in the windows that were shooting your guys.  Now continue
through the 2nd floor the way you were before you shot
those guys.  In the next room, there will be another German
you should kill as well as a medical kit.  Grab it and then
look out the door.  Before you jump, try to shoot the enemy
in the street, there are about 5 but at most you can get
probably 2 so when you can jump safely, take out
the rest.  Now go toward the big pile of scrap in the
road and climb up the left side of it and go back around
onto the street.  In this next area you enter, run straight
toward the mounted machine gun and use it.  If you don't
get to it fast enough, one of your allies might and they suck!
mow down as many as you can with it before the tank comes,
and then when the tank comes, aim at the cannon part of it
and fire until it explodes.  Then resume firing on the enemy.
there are about 2 in the store on the left and another 2 in
the broken building on the right.  Also, there is a sniper on top
of the building right next to where the machine gun is.  To exit
this area after all the baddies are dead, collect the 4-5 medical
cantine that will be in the area (3 in the left shop, 1 in the right
cracked building room, and one in the broken right room).  Then
go the left shop and exit through the rubble that is to the left of
it.  In the next area, you will see two of your allies, ignore them and
head right. You will not be in a fight in a room that looks like
a giant bomb hit it.  To make things easy, go into the broken room
on the right, and kill the guys there, then go upstairs and try to finish
off all the other guys.  In all there is probably about 12, one of them
may hide in the 3rd floor of the house on the right so climb up the
stairs.  When you are done, collect the health on either of the 2nd
floors of the dilapidated houses and just move straight through
the crater and out the other side.  Now continue and turn right
when you see an impassable ruble pile.  Follow this passage until
you go upstairs and then back out onto an open street.  Follow this
street until you hear gunfire.  Quickly find the stairs in the area and
climb them, now follow them and jump of when you see another set
to jump on.  After that, climb those until you get to the edge of
the wood platform.  Now get out your sniper rifle and zoom with
the D-pad.  Kill all the guys you can until you see "Panzerschreck
squad Neutralized".

|X|Neutralize Panzerscheck squad

(I know this isn't the completed first objective, but that is the end
of how to complete the 2nd one, so I will start how to finish the 1st one
here).  Then jump down (little to no damage) and sneak
around to the wall where you hear the mounted machine gun fire.  Aim and
peak over a shorter part of the wall and you can kill the machine gun
operator.  Now before you grab the machine gun, forget about it, because
you need to take out anyone with a Panzerschreck (to us Americans, RL) so 
they do not blast you!  After the gunfire stops, you can go back up to the
2nd floor to get the medical cantine up there or you can grab the surgeon 
to the left of the blazing fire on the ground or there is a medical kit under
the platform you were on before sniping from.  When you are done, go
to the crack in the wall to the right of the wall that the mounted machine
gun is on.  Jump over it and go to the left and keep following the path.  When
you get to a fork in the path, go right to see yet another battle with your 
(with all these scripted battles, woah sweet level this is!).  Forget that 
the Germans
are there to fight and run into the building on the left (Yes run through 
there ranks!).
once inside, you can shoot the guys on the bottom floor, but quickly get to 
the 2nd
floor.  Once there, you can stare at the stairs to see if anyone comes up 
you.  Also, hide on the stairs to make sure that, you kill as many soldiers 
you can
while still hiding from the tank.  Once you know it is clear, get out your 
(I had trouble using this) or preferably your grenades and move close to the
edge of the blown up room.  Now, try to lob them at the tank until it is
destroyed.  Be careful and try to strafe back and forth to avoid fire from
the tank.   After it is gone, go back downstairs and kill all the Germans
 down there until the gunfire can be heard no more.

|X|Destroy Panzer IV tanks [2]

Now, you have to retrace your steps back to the beginning to the level
if you want to kill everyone.  Start with the Panzerschreck squad room,
 there will be more guys to kill there.  Then head all the way back to the
start where there may be some more snipers on the roofs for you to kill.
Once you return to the area where you killed the last tank, you meat heavy
resistance including a few snipers as well as many guys coming out of the
building you will exit through.  After they are all dead, go into the building
they were coming out of.  Continue up the stairs in the building and keep
going until you reach a dead in with a lighter shaded door on the right,
open this door and enter the room to meet your contact and win the
mission.  Woo that was tuff!

|X|Meet Jigs at Customs House

| E. Mission 5 : Rolling Thudner                                    |
| Levels in this mission:                                          |
|On Track                                                          |
|Riding out the Storm                                              |
|Derailed!                                                         |

   | 1. On Track |

Enemies Required for Gold Star: 78


||Steal officer's uniform
||Steal officer's ID papers
||Enter train station
||Destroy train controls
||Board Sturmgeist's train

As you begin this level, you watch a movie with
the Herr complaining about his train.  When you
then take control, you see you are on a balcony
overlooking there.  Normaly I would say snipe the
guards, but you can't :-(.  Move back into your
room and you will pick up your gun.  Go out into
the hallway and enter the door across from the one
with steam coming out from under it.  In the room,
take the uniform from the bed.

|X|Steal officer's uniform

Now walk over to the lamp table and grab the "papers"
from the table.

|X|Steal officer's ID papers

Now switch your weapons until you come across the
"papers" item.  You are now ready to head down stairs.
Continue around the bottom floor until you see a
guard.  Show him your papers (attack with them :-)).
Then walk around behind him and shoot him in the head.
Now head outside.  There are 7 guards out here that
you should kill before moving on, you will probably
blow your cover doing it because when you start killing
a lot more than 7 appear.  One guard is on the fence
to the right of coming out of the hotel, one is on patrol
and the other two are posted. There are another two
that are on a gate the right of the station
entrance. Once they are dead, you can count on a handful
of other guards appearing out of nowhere, be careful
because few of them drop any more ammo and you are
bound to run out of pistol ammo so switch to whatever
you pick up.  When the gunfire stops, the area is clear
and you can enter the now *open* train station
(you really can't miss it).  Before you do though, grab
the health canteen in front of the truck and there is
also a health kit to the right of the entrance.
Note:  There are A LOT of guards that appear out here.

|X|Enter train station

Once inside, head toward the back into the door on
the left.  In there continue through until you reach a
door that you open and kill a soldier behind.  There
should be a field surgeon pack behind the crates.  Now
continue around and down the stairs.  You will be in some
what of a laundry room.  Kill the three guys down here
making sure to take their ammo and check the right corner
for a health canteen.  Now go through the door on the left
and up into the control room.  An alarm will go off, but
after you kill the two guards and shoot both of the control
panels, it usually goes off.

|X|Destroy train controls

Exit this room through the door (I would take the health
of the shelf first) that is on the left of room.  A guard
will be waiting for his death on the other side.  Continue
into that hall and enter the door on the right.  In there
you can aim and kill an unsuspecting chef (who is dancing?).
Now continue out onto the deck overlooking the trains.  There
are a lot of guards in here so just continue to the left and
down to the ground to take them on.  Once again, use the
strategy of if there is no gunfire noise, everyone is dead.
Before leaving the room, checked by and in the caged corner
for a surgeon pack and a health kit.  The exit is in the right
corner.  Open the door and continue down the hallway.  Turn
left, then right and then kill the guards there and turn left
again.  Enter the fence door and grab the health kit in the
boiler like room.  Exit the room and turn left following the
hall into another train overlook room.  Do as before until
everyone is dead.  Under one of the stairways is a health kit.
Now exit the area through the door in the corner.  Follow this
hallway up into another office.  Kill the 3 guards in here,
take their much needed ammo, and grab the 2 health kits in
the office on either side of the wall desk.  Now exit out the
door into another overlook room.  Head down the stairs shooting
at the guys and something falls from the ceiling to kill a
bunch of them.  After all inside the room are dead, head out
and you can see the Herr's train.  Before you get on it though,
collect the health behind the crates on the right and kill
everyone in the area.  Now simply go to the left part of the
train and jump up onto it.  Mission complete, good job!

|X|Board Sturmgeist's train

   | 2. Riding out the Storm |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 24


||Destroy radio
||Hunt down Sturmgeist
||Steal Sturmgeist's briefcase

As the mission begins, quickly crouch and use your
melee attack on the boxes to get a rapid fire weapon.
Now, quickly run across the train until you get to a door.
Open it, and use your pistol to shoot the unsuspecting guard.
Now go to where the guard was and shoot the guy right
around the left corner.  Grab the medical kit of the desk
if you need it.  Now before exiting ahead, go to the
first rung thing in the car, with a ladder on the side of it.
Now climb this ladder as far as you can and press X
when is says "press X to activate".  You will no have
a RL to take out that APC that was shooting you before.
It takes one hit on the front to take down but.  After it is gone,
press X again and continue out the front of the train
compartment.  In the next cabin, there are two sleeping
guys.  You can usually get them both in the head before
they can get up to shoot you.  Continue into the next car.
Once in it, you can aim and take out 1-2 of the 3 guards
that are talking.  Before you leave this car, grab the
health kit on the wall to the left of where the guys
were talking.  Now continue onto the next room where a guy
will be resting on the corner of a wall (or he may be
at the desk, depends on noise you made).  Shoot him and
then quickly grab the panzerschreck and health canteen
as rockets may be launched at you.  Kill the 3 guys
on the next car (the is on a car with two mounted guns).  They
are easy to kill if you lure them out from the indoor car.  Man one
of the mounted guns and quickly fill the APC with led.  If
you take too long, you will get a rocket in your face.  Now
continue forward past the tank car to kill a guy
that may have come out and then go into the next indoor
car to kill another guy.  Take the health kit on the left wall
of this car and then enter the next one.  This car has
4 guys, 1 is asleep, kill them all and then go into the next
car.  In this car is a guy with the radio, kill him and then
quickly run past the next outdoor part because a train with
and APC comes up beside you.

|X|Destroy radio

In the next inside room, kill the two guys you see right way
and then the other one in the middle of the car.  After that,
go toward the end of that car and climb the ladder to man another one
of the tank cannons.  Be quick this time though because it shoots back!  Now, 
at the 2nd piece of it near the giant turret 1-2 shots should
get it good.  Now go back down and grab the medical kit before going
out across the outside cars.  After that, just continue down the train,
ignoring those cannons on the roofs you pass, and don't stop
until you see a scene where the Herr (think guy in black that talks)
tells the men to get you while he escapes.

|X|Hunt down Sturmgeist

 Kill the two "elite" guards and then grab the briefcase.
 After you get it, open the door at the end of the train to watch
 Sturmgeist get away!  That weasel, he forces you go through
 another hard level!

|X|Steal Sturmgeist's briefcase

   | 3. Derailed! |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 74


||Infiltrate train yard
||Find the demolition charges
||Destroy fuel depot
||Find transportation to Gotha

"At the start of the level, there's a passage on
the right side of the canyon that leads to the back of the machine gun
bunker. You can find it by looking for a lighter patch of "dirt" that marks
the entrance. There's one smoking soldier guarding the door who drops a
health canteen. Climb the short ladder to the hatch on the bunker.
There are three enemy soldiers inside who will drop P-38 ammo when you kill
them. You also find STG ammo, some grenades, and a med kit in here. Use the
machine gun to take out the soldiers in the canyon. If they hide out just
below the window where you can't shoot them, well, you've got grenades now
right?   Retrace your path out to the canyon and pick up the ammo and grenades 
by the soldiers. Approach the box car at an angle from the left side. You
can usually get within about 30 feet or so without being spotted -- if
you're coming down the little "hill" on the left, stop before you reach flat
ground. If you've got good aim with the grenades, you can launch a
pre-cooked grenade through the door past the soldier guarding it. It will
blow up the two guys at the rear of the train. The two soldiers in the
doorways will be completely oblivious to the fact that their comrades have
just been shredded. If you still have a grenade left, you can take them out
by chucking one under the middle of the train, or just run up and shoot
them."  ***Big thanks to chuvano for this info! *** After they are dead,
get in there and grab the ammo and health kit.  When you exit,
check behind the car (where you have already been) for a new
guard that will drop a medical kit.  After the guys here are dead,
advance forward killing the guys on the track ahead.  Keep
moving this way, mowing people down, until you get to a
large gate.  Enter it to get into the trainyard.

|X|Infiltrate train yard

(Note: You may lose a lot of health in this area, but note
that a lot of enemies drop health stuff :-).)
Now, stick close to the right wall and move around to get
the guys behind the sandbags.  Now stick to the right wall
and continue through the whole yard's perimeter taking out most
of the guys on your level.  Now, run into the central building
(for some who know trains, the place where tracks would be
switched).  Once in here, climb the stairs and then kill everyone
up there, including snipers, and then make sure all the levers
in the main room are down except for the middle one. Diagram:
 -                    -
| |                  | |
| |                  | |
| |                  | |
 -                    -
          | |
          | |
          | |
1          2          3
  Now, head back down (with a sniper
rifle you will have picked up from one of the guys and get the
sniper on the building to the right of the entrance to the yard
and on the giant water tower.  Now, make sure you got the guy
in the bhuilding with big glass windows and then turn around
and go into the little shed thing to get the bombs.

|X|Find the demolition charges

Now, head out of that and look left for a little engine
you can ride when you press action near it.  This will
take you to the next area.  When it crashes and throws you
off, immediately head around the coal bins to kill a guy
and another Panzerschreck infantryman.  Now, get out your sniper
rifle and look for places where you see any fire come from
and snipe the guys.  Also go back to where you first entered
the area to look for a guy that shot at you as you rode along.
Now, enter the little doorway to the left of a large tree
and into a little train holder with some guys to kill, some
ammo, and health.  After that, you can get a surgeon pack that
is on the path behind the coal train and after you leave
that extra area, more enemies will come get you.  When you are
ready to go, put a bomb on the gate blocking your way and then
back up and wait for it to blow.  When it does, run in gunning.
Kill as many as you can until you get to the gas station.  Now,
go up on the platform (on your left as you enter the area) and
run all the way back to the start of it and look in the right
corner for some health and ammo.  Go back to the gas station now
and check behind you when you are looking at it for some health.
Now shoot the explosive barrels you can reach and advance to
the two fuel tanks beside each other.  Plant bombs on both and
then get a way.  They will blow and now head up toward the big
tanks.  Shoot the guys you can along the way to it and then put
the bomb on the left one (in the front of the two stuck
together).  I usually do this with the sniper still up there :-).

|X|Destroy fuel depot

About this time, enemies from the next yard will start coming in,
so start to get them.  One of them has a Panzerschreck so get
him fast.  After they are gone, hop on the engine to speed up
your travel.  You will pass about 4 guys along the way, but if
you can't get them all, just go back when your engine wrecks
into the fence and you jump off.  If you go back to get some,
a new guy might appear near the fence where you were.  Once
you are ready to advance (you collected the stuff those guys
dropped), go through the gate to the left of the engine wreck.
Once in there, quickly get out your sniper rifle and get
the Panzerschrek infantryman.  Once he is dead, snipe the other 3
guys you can see, including the one manning the mounted machine
gun to the left of your posistion.  Now advance forward.  Kill all
the other guys you may have not been able to get and then make
sure you climb up into the bunker on the left and kill all the
guys hiding in it.  After that, check for any health a enemy
may have dropped and then continue froward to a car that is
parked in the middle of the road.  Once you reach it, you will
take off and win the mission.

|X|Find transportation to Gotha

| F. Mission 6 : The Horten's Nest                                  |
| Levels in this mission:                                           |
|Clipping Their Wings                                               |
|Enemy Mine                                                         |
|Under the Radar                                                    |
|Stealing the Show                                                  |

   | 1. Clipping Their Wings |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 84


||Find the weapon stash
||Find the ammo room
||Find the spy camera
||Photograph 5 blueprints
||Locate the plans for the HO-IX
||Find a way into the manufacturing plant
||Destroy test engine
||Exit the facility

As the mission begins, you will be in a vent.  Move forward
to the panel in your way.  Press action to slide it open.
Quickly crawl out and shoot the guard on the platform.  Grab
his ammo, you have little.  Now go down and into the little
office and shoot that guard and get his ammo.  Look along
the wall in the office for a garage door opener.  Use it
and then go out of the office and out the newly opened door.
In this next part there will be 2 guys.  Get em' and then
continue onward into another little room.  Pass through here
to get to the weapons stash with 2 more men guarding it.

|X|Find the weapon stash

Collect the _weapons_ from this stash and then move on.
Now, head into the barraks across the half and make sure
you open every chest so you can get all the items.  Also,
the guards here are all asleep so when you are ready to get
them, shoot one of them in the head and be ready for the rest.
Follow the room around the "U" turn it makes and open the
last chest in the room to get the camera.

|X|Find the spy camera

After you have that, the door on the left should open with
a guard inside of the room.  Kill him and then collect the
weapons in the ammo cache.

|X|Find the ammo room

Now go back to the room and continue back to the door that
was locked before (enemies should be coming out of it).  Go
in it to be in a kitchen like area.  Kill everyone, buy be
very careful because the enemies use a lot of grenades and the
chef's knives hurt!  Remember in the kitchen that health gives
back health so get the 3 pieces of it and then continue through
the brick hallway.  Go through it and explore every nook and cranny
to make sure you get the items and enemies.  After you get
through these hallways, you will get to a room with some guards
overlooking a wind tunnel.  You now have to create an "accident"
to open the door.  Push the action button in front of the left
panel to cause a funny scene in the wind tunnel that unlocks
the door.  Go through the wind tunnel then and into the room
on the other side.  Continue out the door here and watch out
for the guards that will attempt to storm the room.  Once outside
the door, turn right and follow this hallway.  You will soon
reach a hallway with green and white.  Kill the guys you see
and then you can take the first right and then go right
again into the room with some scientists to kill.  Get them and
then look for a white paper in this room to photograph (stand
in front of it and hit action).  There is also one in the connecting
room, after you get it, exit out into the hallway.  Now turn left
and look for another hall to turn left into with a door right
at the start of it.  Go in that door to get the one picture
in the first room and then the other in the 2nd room.  Go out
the door in the 2nd room and then turn right.  Turn right again
at the next corner and enter the first door on the left.  Go through
the first room in here and into the 2nd.  Imediately turn right
to photograph the last picture.

|X|Photograph 5 blueprints

Now get the rolled up HO-IX plans from the table.

|X|Locate the plans for the HO-IX

Now head back to the door that lead to the first room and turn
left.  Now follow this hall until it leads you left again.  Follow
this part too until it drops you off in a room that looks
different from the ones you have been in lately.  Enter it and
get ready for a fast paced fight.

|X|Find a way into the manufacturing plant

This is really hard so make sure you take out as many as you can
on the top level, including all the explosive tanks, and then drop
down between the conveyor belts and duck.  Slowly crawl around until
you kill all on the ground and make it to the fron of the room.  Once
you are out there, kill who ever is left, including the guys on either
side at the top of the stairs and then enter the next room.  This one
is much easier, get the guy that will be in front of you and then go
to the right wall to climb up over the part of the room.  Keep following
the right wall and duck under the plane tail to continue.  Once you get
over on that side, you can take out the rest of the guys in the room.
Once they are gone, get their stuff and go through the door way ahead.
There appears to be no resistance in this room, so go to the right up
the stairs and into the back room where there will be one scientist.
Now turn around in that room and look for a gauge with a handle on the wall.  
action in fron of it 4 times (until it is maxed out) and the go press
the button on the console outside of the office, inbetween the two stairs.
You may have to kill some guards that appear before you can.  Now exit
the area through the hole it leaves once the test engine is

|X|Destroy test engine

Past this hole, there will be 2 more guys to get.  After you get them,
get out your sniper rifle and go to the next hall's corner.  Use the
aim and peek move to get the guys in the hallway while saving yourself
a lot of damage.  Once you get them all, move in the hallway with something
like the BAR.  Walk slow and turn right when you can to advance into another
hallway with enemies.  After you get them down and go forward, you will finally
reach a small room off of a hallway that has some health.  Grab it and continue
through the room and get your sniper rifle back out.  Now, go to the door
at the end of the room and use the peek and aim to get everyone you can
and once you are done, go in their with an automatic weapon and hope you make
it.  It isn't that hard, just keep moving though.  Also, you can try
and snipe all of them from the top floor if you are fast.  One more thing,
remember that you can jump of any ladder by pressing jump, this helps you 
move down fast.  When you finally get to the lowest level, try to snipe the 
in the next area.  You might also try RPGs from the bazooka.  Either way,
you will soon have to move in to get them.  Once you do, make sure you
pick up all the health you can and always move *VERY FAST* when you get on 
of the platforms.  After you finally make it to the end of the next room, 
go in the door, try to lure the enemies out to you so you don't get slaughtered.
When they stop coming out, go in yourself.  You may find a health canteen 
on the
ground, but that is the only health left here!  When you are ready to win 
the level,
go up the path in the back of the room and continue up to the minecart and 
will automatically win.  Good job on a tuff level!

|X|Exit the facility

   | 2. Enemy Mine |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 33 (you can miss about 5)


||Ride minecart to secret radar installation

Note: To make things easier to see, pause the game when
you enter a new room to evaluate the enemies' positions.  Also,
always reload between rooms to make sure you don't reload and
miss and enemy.

Okay, this level is hard to kill all the enemies on.  As it starts,
head to the left to grab all those weapons and the surgeon pack
if you need it.  If you need another, there is one on the floor by
the door.  When you are ready to go, head to the mine cart and
press X to begin your crazy and wild ride.  Note this though as
you begin this mission, I will not tell you where to go since it
is pre-scripted, but I will tell you where you aim and shoot the
enemies at since you must be fast as well as when you will
get health on the track.  Okay after you bust through the door
look to the right and shoot the barrel on the platform to kill
both of the guys.  Now continue forward to the next area.  In
this area there is a guy on the left you must shoot, then on the left
there is a barrel to shoot to take out a deck of guys, after you do that,
look toward the top of the wooden thing and quickly shoot the
guy up there, and then before you leave the area, shoot the
barrel at the end to get the two guys at the edge of the room.  The
next area is easy, just look to the left and do what you need to do to take
out the guys on the platform.  Continue to the next area.  In this part, two 
will shoot you from the left to give you an early warning so hit the
barrels to take them out then continue onward.  On the way there,
there is a guy with a RL you can hit on your right and once you get
to the next large area, blow up the barrels near the house and then hit the 
guy on
your right.  Now turn left and shoot the guy lower than your level and then 
the barrels near the next group of guys.  After that, go to the next part.  
In this next
area, there will be a guy in front on the wooden things and one right behind 
where you enter the area.  Get them.  In the next area, there will be another 
two, close together
on a wooden thing.  Get them both and then be ready to get the two
guys on either side in the next hall.  After that, get ready for a hard
room where your automatic aim will start to run dry.  Kill the guys on
the right with the barrels and then get the one guy standing alone.  Now 
and finish off the other guys standing alone too, there are also two standing 
with no barrel.  I think there are also many separate towers with the bad 
on them in this area that are hard to hit.  After you finally get them all, 
to the next part.  In this next hallway, you must shoot three guys on a platform 
the left.  After that, you will beat the level!  Yeah finally!  Also note, 
if you missed
1-5 enemies in the trip, you can probably still get a gold, but anymore than 
4-5, I would
restart the level.

|X|Ride minecart to secret radar installation

   | 3. Under the Radar |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 102


||Find the demolition charges
||Disable both radar stations
||Radio allies your position
||Find entrance to the HO-IX hangar

When this mission starts, grab the ammo right in front
of you.  Now look to the right, you want to run behind
that minecart and then get out your sniper rifle.  Pop
up and shoot the guy behind the mounted gun and then get
the others.  You may get hurt a little and if you do, grab
the medical kit right behind you.  Once they are dead, advance
toward the area where they were and go left.  Look to the right
of the stair-entrance-door to find the demo charges.

|X|Find the demolition charges

Now, head back to the main path, past the mounted gun.  Look
for all the enemies that are on the same level as you and
then go into the radar station and shoot the guy in there.
Plant a charge in there and then run backwards out and back
onto the green.  Now, get out your sniper rifle and slowly
sweep the next area.  You will have to move, but notice that
only the sniper in the tower will be able to hit you.  Also,
there is a guy on the hill on the other side with a Panzerschreck.
Get him the first time or he will nail you!  Once you think you
have gotten all the enemies, go back to the radar tower and
through the new hole.  There will be a whole ****load more as well
as guys that come from where you were!  Now, make sure that the area is clear 
then go to the left opposite part of the field.  Climb the ladder
there and then continue, killing the guards on the path.  As you
advance, watch out for the guy on the hill to the right with a
Panzerschreck.  After you get em' continue forward and take the straight
path.  You will come to a target practice area where you can try to
snipe the guys, but they will usually throw grenades so just
run in guns blazing.  When they are dead, check by the fence
on the left for a much need surgeon pack.  Now, exit the area
on the right side.  As you follow this path, some more enemies
will come to meet you.  After you get them, get out your sniper
rifle to slowly clear the next area.  When you can walk toward
an area with a bunker toward the left, snipe the guy with the
mounted gun in there and then run toward the base to get a health
kit.  Now head back up the side of the hill and go to the left.
This is another tricky part here. You are gonna have to snipe who
you can and then fire a rocket into the mounted gun bunker.
After you clear that bunker, get the guys by the campfires and
the surgeon pack.  The exit to this area is on the right side
of the bunker along the hill.  Continue up this
path and into one of the mounted gun bunker parts
to get some health and Panzerschreck ammo.  Now, continue up the
ladder and snipe the guy in the tower and the two on the ground.
Then go in the radar station and kill the guard.  Plant the bomb
in the radar station and go back out and wait for it to explode.

|X|Disable both radar stations

Now go back in there and drop through the hole and exit the station
to continue.  2 guards will be waiting for you to come out.  Continue
down the path when they are dead, taking out any enemies you encounter.
If at anytime hear automatic mounted MG fire, hit the dirt and crawl
until you can aim and peek and snipe the guy in the tower with the
machine gun.  Do this past 3 towers in all and then you will reach another
bunker like building.  Snipe the people you can see from a distance
and then slowly approach.  You will see an air field so head right
and start sniping everyone down there since you can't go down there.
Be careful because one has a Panzerschrek.  After you are done, grab
the surgeon pack to your right and then head the to left and in the
first door on the right.  In here is a guy on a radio.  Kill him and
then use the radio to call your allies.

|X|Radio allies your position

Now exit that area and head down to the last room in the bunker-like
building.  There will be a few enemies in here, so kill them and then
keep going straight toward the hole in fron of you.  Once you get
to it, you will win this very difficult mission.

|X|Find entrance to the HO-IX hangar

   | 4. Stealing the Show |

Required Enemies for Gold Star: 54


||Find and eliminate Sturmgeist
||Steal the HO-IX

When this mission starts, turn around a follow the passageway.
Note the nice amount of surgeon packs in here, 6!  Now, head back
the other way to begin the battle.  Now, at anytime during the battle
that your health is about half or less full, don't hesitate to run back
to your nook with the surgeon packs.  Also, you can go to the
back of the hall that looks on the field (where you start) and sniper
people.  They can still hit you, but most of the rockets will miss
and end up hitting their own guys.  Although it is tempting to
grab one of the mounted guns, DO NOT!  For one, they can lob grenades
at you easy, for two, they can aim easier at a stationary target, and three,
you will get named by the Panzerschreck infantry.  Also, use the explosive
barrels as much as possible to take out all of them .  After they are
all finally dead in that room, check every part of it to pick
up all the ammo and then enter the hanger to the right.  Quickly enter the
door on the left to enter a small storage wing with a few guys guarding
a plane.  They are easily dispatched and there is a surgeon pack
in the corner near the plan.  Exit this area through the door at the other
end of the hall of the right.  Once outside it, a short FMV ensues and
you then fight Herr and company.  Now, you don't have to go into
the hanger with Herr just yet.  Instead, peek around the corners in aim
and shoot what explosive barrels you can to lure out all his guards.  Once
you have thinned their numbers, go in and finish the rest of them.
Once they are pretty much gone, go after Herr.  Once he falls down once,
immediately go up to him and start whipping him with you melee attack
for a fast kill (or you can kill him however you want for fun, maybe...
grenades :-P).

|X|Find and eliminate Sturmgeist

After that, collect any necessary health items before you
go near the only plane in the hanger and press X to get in.
 Enjoy the movie that follows, you have earned it soldier!

|X|Steal the HO-IX

V. Medal/Star Information

 Bronze Star Requirements- Complete the level
 Silver Star Requirements- Complete the level
                           95% enemies neutralized
  Gold  Star Requirements- Complete the level
                           95% enemies neutralized
                           75% health left

What medals do:  Unlock special movies on the screen
under the main one that has the credits.

In order to earn any medals in MoHF, you must
get a gold star on each stage of a mission.  Only
then will you receive your medal reward.  Also, I have
included a number after each medal in []'s to denote its
place in your medal collection box (denoted in the ASCII
art representation).  ENJOY!

Mission 1 Medal: Army Distinguished Service Medal [6]
Mission 2 Medal: Army Commendation Medal [1]
Mission 3 Medal: Soldier's Medal [2]
Mission 4 Medal: Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross [3]
Mission 5 Medal: Legion of Merit [4]
Mission 6 Medal: Distinguished Flying Service Cross [5],
Silver Star [8], EA Los Angeles Medal of Valor, Bronze Star [7],
Distinguished Service Cross [9]

Medal Case Diagram:
| [1] [2]   [3] [4] |
|        [9]        |
| [5] [6]   [7] [8] |

*Thanks to | xwonderx | for a lot of medal info
*[9] thanks to Fishman
VI. Stratagies/Tips

~ Grenades Cooking ~
In order to succesfully throw grenades after cooking
them, you must first get a feel for their fuses.  I won't
say how long they are because people will say "no" because
they count faster or slower.  I will say that some of them
have a beeping noise to let you know when it is close to
exploding.  Now, once you have a feel for it, just hold it
til the last possible point so that it will reach the given
distance and then explode.

~Take Out Nappers~
Tired of other guards waking up when you shoot their sleeping
comrades?  Problem solved!  Simply walk up to them w/o waking
them up and hit them with your melee.  This should keep them
from waking up.
-Thanks to OfficeS

~Ladder Climbing 101~
By popular demand, I present ladder climbing help!  Okay, since
alot of people have trouble with ladders, I provide the following
-Whenever you want OFF a ladder, just jump.
-When climbing a ladder, to go up, look up and press forward
to get down look down and hit forward.
-When you want off at the top of the ladder, climb all the way
to the top and look slightly above parallel while you keep
moving forward.
I hope this helps you poor people w/ ladder trouble

~ Snipping 101 ~
Find a good think to hide behind (wall, box, etc.).
Now, zoom in all the way before you even pop out.
Now let go of aim and move the gun to the general
direction.  Now aim again and pop up long enough to
get of a shot.  If you hit them, keep watching to
make sure they die or see if they need hit again.

~ Room Surveying ~
You may have encountered parts in the game where you
quickly ran into a room only to be gunned down by many
enemies.  The solution to this problem is very simple.
Get next to the doorway into the next area and enter
aim mode.  Now, use the analog to peek around the corner
and see if you can shoot anybody from there who is not
paying attention.  With this way, you will be ready to
go into a room without accidentally getting blown away.

~ Grenade Dodging ~
To first dodge grenades, you must first know how to tell
if one has been thrown at you.  You can usually see them
thrown at you, but if you cannot, listen for the *plink*
of it hitting the ground or watch for the guard that looks
like he threw it.  Now, if a grenade gets thrown at you,
don't panic.  Just back up away from it until it explodes
and then resume combat.  Now, if the enemy is about to throw
one and you shoot him, do not approach the enenemy because
it will drop on the ground and explode.

~ Dealing with Panzerschrecks ~
These kinds of weapons can be deadly in the hands of an
enemy.  The first step to dealing with them is to know
where they enemies with them are.  Once you do, try to
snipe them from a distance if you can.  If you cannot, you
must strafe left and right while shooting them (similar to
the way you fight a tank).  Whatever you do, do not stop because
they can quickly get you.

~ Tank Battles ~
First, always make sure you have a supply of grenades
befor taking on a tank.  Next, get realtively close to
the tank (so you can hit it with grenades).  Now strafe
left and right throwing grenades at it until if finally
explodes.  If you keep moving, you should make it out
alive without a scratch.

~ Bullet Evasion ~
Always strafe using you analog to dodge enemy fire.  It
will almost never fail you so use it well.  Also don't forget
to duck sometimes when enemies shoot at you.  It sounds
funny but sometimes you will dodge the bullets.

~ Close Combat Tips ~
Whenever you are close to an enemy.  Always use
your melee attack to knock them down (usually R3).
Now, when they are down, quickly aim at them and
put a nice short burst of ammo in them to kill them.

VII. Cheats/Secrets/Bonuses

~ Panzerknacker "Tank Eater" ~
You can see this hidden secret on the Golden Lion
level.  Somewhere in the pub at the end, you can
see it through one of the doors.

~ Medal Bonuses ~
Once you get all of those medals from the missions
in the game, you start to unlock nice videos.  They
will all be on the main screen under the movie option.
It will unlock the movies "Making of" and "History of"
each mission that you have the medal on.  Try to get
them all!

~ Bread Secret ~
When you pick up bread, it will say at the top
of the screen about how it tastes good.  This is
not the only bonus though, it gives you back health

~ Enigma Machine Codes ~
ahhhh I know you all want cheats.  Please, try to
beat the game w/o cheats first.  It is not that hard,
unless you put it on hard.  Anyway here are a few:
(all these must be entered on the screen with a
typewriter-looking thing.  Called an Enigma Machine)

Code-------------------Description (what desc means)

MONKEY-----------------free gold star for level, but start next with no weps
WHATYOUGET-------------1 hit kills an enemy
LEMUR------------------Unlock Rolling Thunder Mission
GORILLA----------------Unlock Horten's Nest Mission
BABOON-----------------Unlock Needle in a Hay Stack Mission
ORANGUTAN--------------Unlock Storm in the Port Mission
WHERERU----------------Turns enemies invisible (can still see weps + 
BOING------------------Rubber grenades (they bounce like crazy)
LONGSHOT---------------Snipe with everything (same function as sniper 
URTHEMAN---------------Perfectionist mode (one hit kills you)
TIMEWARP---------------Get a gold star on previous level to the one you are 
GLASSJAW---------------Achilles Heel mode (enemies die from headshots only)
BULLETZAP--------------Invulnerable to bullets
HABRDASHR--------------Men with hats mode
pause the game and press square, L1, cricle, R1, triangle, L2, select, 
pause the game and press circle,L2,Square,L1,Select,R2,Triangle,Select

*Thanks to SxAxDxNxExSxS for posting most of
these in a message.
Thanks to SoulBlade136 for E-mailing me the
invincibility cheat (he really wanted this here <:)>)
Thanks to aiozzo for a couple he donated to me*

VIII. Glitches

Don't get me wrong, great game, but quite a few
funny glitches.  I will post all I find and all
that are contributed under here.

* Format=
# of glitch. "glitch name" glitch

Level Found


Reproducing Glitch

-Contributer *

* 1.  "Upside-down room" glitch

Arnhem Knights

Upside-down-looking room, cannot escape

Begin the mission by going down the stairs, take
a right and go up the stairs into the building (the
one your ally goes into).  You will encounter enemies,
now go to the window to the right of the window with
a med kit.  Walk into that window until you fall out
into this "glitch room".

-ed_gracerichter  *

* 2. Floating guards

Stealing the Show

Guards float above a platform after being shot.

After the scene with Sturmgeist is over, equip your
bazooka and run toward the catwalk that his men are
running on.  Fire your bazooka at them and they will
begin to float in the air!

-WDestein *

* 3. Floating ally

Nijmegen Bridge

You ally floats on the stairs at the begging.

Shoot him until he falls over.

-Lord Zophar *

* ~Special note: this glitch was in the demo and may
have been fixed in the final version

* 4. Game freezing machine gun

Seaside Stowaway

You return to a machine gun and try to use it, only
to find it has dissapeared and it freezes your game.

Go back to the beginning of the level where you
used the jeeps mounted machine gun after you have
completed the church objective or later.   Now, go to
the back of the truck and try to use the moutned machine
gun again.  It should freeze the game and the machine
gun will not be there when you try to press use.

-Lord Zophar *

* 5. Stuck through door

Golden Lion

You go toward a door before pushing off the beer and
get trapped on the otherside of a door.

Go down to the door where the contact will lead you in
before pushing over the beer.  If you run into it at different
angles, one should trap you on the other side.

-danielsinfield *

* 6. Unable to fire with X

Any level

You look up with the button and then cannot fire your
weapon with "x" again.

If, by mistake, at anytime you press
the analog button the weapon you are
currently using points toward the sky
and you start spinning in a clockwise
direction. If you press analog again it
will bring your weapon back to level,
however your 'x'  or fire button does not work.
~Note, I think this depends on what controller setup
you are currently using-

-CBishop *

* 7. Enemies bad accuracy

Enemy Mine

Looking down at the bottom of the mine cart,
enemies can barely hit you

Look down at the bottom of the mine cart and never
look up for the whole level

-Demonbag *
IX. Weapons
I will soon update this part and make it a whole lot
better, stay tuned!

~Actually handheld weapons~

Weapon|Accuracy|Rate of Fire|Damage|Clip Capacity

Colt. 45|3|20|10|7
Info: Handgun

Walther P38|3|20|9|8
Info: Handgun

Webley&Scott Silenced pistol|3|40|10|7
Info: Handgun

M1 Garand|2|30|12|7

Springfield '03 Sniper|1|40|16|5

STG 44|3|8|10|30


Gewehr 43|1|40|16|10



Mark II Frag Grenade|N/A|N/A|Explosion|N/A|





~Tanks and vehicles~

*All weapon names and statistics are cited from manual,
thanks EA!


Due to some complaints about my FAQ, I have decided to
organize it better (well, actually only one complaint from
some **** named...)

-Bonuses/Cheats Questions-

Q. Why can't I get a gold star on "so and so level"?
A. Try going all the way to the end of the level and
then going retracing your steps back to the beginning.
You'd be surprised how many enemies *magically* appear
behind you!

Q. What is a bonus?
A. It is somewhat of a "cheat" that is unlocked when
you enter one of the cheat passwords in the Engima machine.

Q. I heard if I beat the game several times, I get cool
bonuses, like a car!  Is this true?
A. Absolutely NOT!  Never believe something that can't possible
be feasible!

Q. I heard that there was a secret D-Day mission, can you
confirm this?
A. I most certainly cannot!  I do however know that there may
be as there is a music file on the MOHF DVD that is entitled
"D-Day Bonus music" or something like that, suggesting an
extra level.

-Gameplay Questions-

Q. Is there a multi player?
A. No, there is not, while one WOULD have been nice!

Q. I shot a guy in the head, but he lived.  Why?
A. You may have shot him in the head through the helmet, in
which case he sometimes lives.

Q. How can I tell if an enemy is dead?
A. There are two ways really.  1. They will drop their gun
on the ground and/or 2. You can walk over there body.

Q. I am vulnerable in a fire fight when I reload, what
can I do?
A. Use your melee attack to know them down!  Most controller
set-ups use R3, but consult yours to know for sure.

Q. How can I take out a tank easily?
A. Stafe and throw grenades.

Q. I like to shoot those crates to get the stuff in them, but
it always wastes a lot of ammo.  How can I save ammo?
A. Break them open with your melee attack!

Q. When should I save my game or how often should I?
A. Everytime you beat a level because you may have gotten
a hard to get Gold Star of because it always updates your
total game stats (available under the same screen that has
you medals on it).

-Control Questions-

Q. How do I change the controller set-up?
A. Under the options menu there is a controller set-up option.

Q. Is there a way to make my controls like a past MOH game
or completely customize them?
A. Yes, you can.  Just go into the control option menu and fool
around til you get something you like!

Q. How can I change my controls in game?
A. You can't, but you can quit and go to the options screen
to set them how you want.  You can even set them like the other

-Weapon Questions-

Q. Which weapon do you think is the best one?
A. The BAR!

Q. Why can't I reload the M1 Garand?
A. It is a specialized gun that will reload only when a clip
has been empty.  This was EA's attempt at weapon realism.

-Personal Questions-

Q. Can I put your guide on my site?
A. Depends, you have to e-mail Slasher962@aol.com and ask for
permission first.

Q. How can I contribute or contact you?
A. E-mail me anything you have in text to Slasher962@aol.com.

Q. Did you do all the ASCII art in this guide, if so could
you do some for me?
A. Yes I did it all and I would be happy to help you out.

Q. What kind of computer/accesories do you have?
A. Okay, some ask this but it is a Compaq P4, 2.0 GHz, 80 GB memory
512 MB system memory, GeForce2 graphics card, sound blaster pro sound
card, sony 20" monitor, laser mouse w/ wireless keyboard, and a laser

Q. How much do you play games everyday?
A. Too much!

XI. Future Plans

-I will add real world weapon stats.
-Briefing exerts and info
-more faqs, glossary terms, and glitches
-more cheats
-anything you add
-I will go through and fix grammar and even spelling
-I will make it a little more organized and easy to
read and understand with out much effort.

XII. Thanks

I would like to thank EA for a wonderful game.

I would like to also think anyone who was not
mentioned in the guide that may have contributed
a short little quip or fact.

I want to thank CjayC for posting this guide, he's
a great guy, but gets a little mad sometimes (Klez).

I want to thank my computer for being so friendly.

Thanks to those who host this guide:
XIII. Contact

You can reach me at Slasher962@aol.com.  Please send
all questions, comments, concerns, tips, or otherwise
there.  Also, if there is a section you would like added
to the guide, just tell me!  Also, if you do not like the
guide, don't be an idiot!  E-mail me and tell me why you
don't like it so that I can fix the problem that makes you
dislike it.  I want everyone to benefit and like my guide!

I thank you for your continued support.

XIV. Glossary

This part of the guide will be to define any abbrieviations
that I use in the document so that everyone can understand
without having to e-mail me.

Demo- Demolition

Desc- Description

EA- Electronic Arts

FAQ(s)- Frequently asked question(s)

Herr- in German, this means sir, but in my guide it refers always to Sturmgeist

PS2- Playstation 2

W- With

Wep(s)- Weapon(s)

W/O- without

XV. E-mails
I will divide this section into two parts.  One part is for
the kind, intelligent, praise giving E-mails.  The other part
is for the stupid mailers venting their frustrations on
the wrong person!  Also note, if an E-mail on here is yours
and it offends you for it to be seen, please tell me and I will
remove it, unless you are ones of those evil ones.

~~~~~~~~~~The good, aka smart people~~~~~~~~~ 0:)

This one is from abassett69@***.***

"How's it going, I read you walkthrough on gamefaqs, great job!
What is up with the bonuses?  I don't have any.  Maybe the boing
cheat is one of them?  I bet you get a lot of E-mails when you
post a walkthrough, huh?  Later."

-Ahh, a nice intelligent and civilized E-mail, I thank you abassett!
Also note that the bonuses are all the cheats you put in the Enigma

This one is from SnipesTheMonkey@***.***

"Thanks for making a nice walkthrough/faq
for MOH:Frontline.  I think that you
should add something about cooking grenades.
This gave me some trouble at first.


-Hm, it is nice to see that some people appreciate one's hardwork.  Thanks
a lot Monkey.

This kind one is from NoOneElseHasThisSN@***.***

"This is RedFox, good walkthrough, I'm on the
fifteenth in two days, partly in thanks to you.
Holla at a playa when you see me on the street.


-Thank you for letting me know that I have helped you with my guide, RedFox.
It is a pleasure to finally be able to give something to the gamin community.

This message is a nice complaint with a *well-put* comment from

"Great job on the walkthrough.  Just noticed one thing,
looks like you left out the walkthrough for the Mission
2 Storm in the Port part, between pages 6 and 7.  Take care."

-I left that out at first because I did the missions I like first
and later went in to do that one.  Thank you for caring enough to
ask kindly though.

~~~~~~~~~~The bad, aka mean people~~~~~~~~~~ >:O

This horrible one is from a_rod32@hotmail.com, feel free to tell
him what you think of his grammar skills and offensive opinions.

"your guide to medal of honor: frontline was worthless.
your faq contained some of the dumbest questions ever.
you are by far,  a nerd"

~As we can see, hostility leads to one throwing intelligence right
out the preverbial window.  Please, ladies and gents, don't follow

Yet another ravashing E-mail from a flamer.  Hmmm.....?
His address was CPianks@aol.com.

"Your FAQ sucks grammer is horrible and you
don't seem to know all that mush about the
game.  You might want to play it a couple
of more times and then rewrite some of this document.
      The Crazed One"

~This one could not even spell his complaint,
which was very ironic since he was complaining about
mechanics and grammar!  Also, funny I know nothing about
the game yet I could complete a comprehensive guide that
even says where the enemies are.

All Information contained in this guide copyright 2002,
Lord Zophar.  May not be altered or used in any other form
w/o prior consent and these copyright labels.  If permission
given to be used in other forms, it may not be sold,
distributed, or altered in any way that is detrimental to its entirety.

(c) 2002, Lord Zophar Unlimited