FAQ/Walkthrough by maximus86

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/20/04 | Printable Version

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I know there aren't too many people out there that still play this game but
a while back I attempted to write a walkthrough for Frontline but gave up, so I 
have come back 3 years later to take care of this unfinished business. 

I don't include anything but the actual walkthrough of the game. No story, 
controls, weapons or character descriptions or any of that. If you DO want to
know any of that just contact me through my email provided at the end of this
walkthrough and I will gladly tell you that there are plenty of other faq's out
there that have the things that you are looking for.

November 15/04
Version 0.8 - 80% of the walkthrough complete.

November 20/04
Version 1.0 - Walthrough complete. 

This guide is laid out in a simple way. The walkthrough will go in the order
that the objectives of each mission are to be carried out. The name of the
objective will be at the start, followed by the way the objective will be 
accomplished, then the next objective, and so on. This walkthrough was written
while playing on the Normal difficulty. Remember that to get a gold star for
each level you must eliminate 95% of the enemies and finish with 75% health. 
Tips will be given for the first mission. The first half of the walkthrough
is more detailed and more step-by-step than the second half.

1. D-Day
   A. Your Finest Hour
   B. Into the Breach
2. A Storm in the Port
   A. Seaside Stowaway
   B. Special Cargo
   C. Eye of the Storm
   D. A Chance Meeting
3. Needle in a Haystack
   A. Rough Landing
   B. The Golden Lion
   C. Operation Repunzel
4. Several Bridges Too Far
   A. Nijmegan Bridge
   B. Yard by Yard
   C. Arnhem Nights
5. Rolling Thunder
   A. On Track
   B. Riding Out the Storm
   C. Derailed!
6. The Horten's Nest
   A. Clipping Their Wings
   B. Enemy Mine
   C. Under the Radar 
   D. Stealing the Show

1. D-DAY 

   1-A. Your Finest Hour

Tips      : Pick up all the ammo and health packs lying on the ground during 
the first part of the mission, you'll need them to survive. Also, crouch as 
much as you need to, or else you'll quickly take lots of damage.
Difficulty: Medium
Duration  : Short
Meet the Captain on the Shore
You are about to storm the beaches of Normandy. After a brief cutscene, you 
will gain control of your character's ability to look around. There will be 
some dramatic moments nearby, but none of it will affect you. Soon, the captain
will give you a few words of wisdom, and eventually, a projectile will hit your
boat. Once that happens, a cutscene will play, showing that you miraculously 
survived the direct hit on your boat and magicaly swam up to the shore while 
your buddies drop to the bottom of the ocean floor. Once you gain control of 
your character for the first time, stay still. Look to your immediate left and
you will see a destroyed Higgins boat lying on the beach. Go there, and you
will find your captain.
Rescue 4 Pinned Down Squad Members
If you managed to hear anything at all the captain just told you, you would 
have learned that you have to go out and save some squad members. Wait for
him to give you some cover fire, the go to east. You will hear a guy calling
from behind a hedgehog (those metal frames scattered all over the beach). 
Fire three to five shots at the eastern bunker, and he will be recued. Now
move right again, this time a little bit more up, and there will be another
guy calling for help. Save him. Once he's rescued, run parallel along the
western bunker towards a big hole in the ground. There will be another squad
member calling for help. Save him. Now, run all the way to the west side of
the beach, and save the last guy hiding behind a hedgehog. 
Rejoin Squad at Shingle Embankment
Once the last guy is saved, run towards the dip in the embankment. Just run 
there, and you've rejoined your squad.
Rescue Engineer at End of Embankment
Stay where you are, crouching, and watch a guy attempt to go rescue the
engineer. He will soon die, and it will be your turn to go. Stay close to the
embankment, crouching sometimes, and run to the eastern end, until you see an
engineer hiding behind a demolsihed wooden structure. He'll tell you to cover
his movement, so fire on the wastern bunker when he's done talking to get him
moving. Once he moves, he shouldn't stop, so just follow him, and watch him 
blow the barb wire obstacle.
Rendezvous with Captain on Base of Bunker
Once the barb wire is clear, watch the first guy run through and follow him. 
You can shoot at the bunker if you want, as long as you keep moving. Near the 
base of the bunker is a surgeon's pack and ammo. Pick it up. Once the 
guy reaches the base of the bunker, stay there, and don't follow the idiot. He
will keep on running, and will eventually be blown up by a mine. Stay at the
bunker and wait for your captain's next instructions. 
Cross the Minefield and Man the Machine Gun
This next part is a little bit tricky. The captain will tell you to clear the
minefield, although you just saw one of your guys die from trying to do that.
Wait for your captain to lay covering fire and give you the command to go. Once
he does, run towards the holes in the ground, running diagnally to the next 
one. Once you cleared the minefield. Turn right and shoot the German soldier
at the base of the ladder. Once he's dead, go up the ladder and man the gun.
Destroy MG Nests on Ridge
Once the gun is manned, shoot at the sandbags to destroy the two nests. You'll
have to do this pretty fast so that you won't take too much damage or even die.
Eliminate Enemy Soldiers in Trench
Once the MG nests are destroyed, stay on the machine gun, and aim down at the 
trench. There will be a bunch of German soldiers. Keep shooting until the 
message at the top of the screen says objective complete. You might have to
go inside the trench to mop up. Once the objective is complete, the captain
will cross the minefield and jump inside the trench. Go to him to complete
the level.

   1-B. Into the Breach

Tips      : Since there's a lot of close quarter combat in here, use your 
weapon's melee attack to hit the enemy when you are close to a soldier and are
in the process of reloading. There are field surgeon packs lying around every-
where in this level, so don't worry too much about taking damage. Feel free to
rush through.
Difficulty: Easy
Duration  : Short
Clear Machine Gun Bunker
You start off in the trench that you finished the previous level on. Walk up to
your buddies to receive the orders from the captain. When he's done talking, an
idiot will start to run but will immediately get shot. Walk up to the corner
and get ready to fire. What you want to do is quickly peek around the corner
and be able to look past the door to see barrels on the ground. Shoot them to
take care of the guys manning the machine gun. Once the barrels have been blown
up, get inside and walk down the hallways to get to that machine gun. There 
will be three soldiers waiting for you to come, so be ready, and take them all
out (the last one using his buddy as a shield at the machine gun). Once the
three guys have died, your first objective is cleared. Now go and man that gun
because there will be three soldiers coming in to try and recapture the bunker.
Destroy Radio Link to Upper Gun Deck
Once you've taken out the trench brigade with your machine gun, backtrack until
you hit the stairs. Beware, because there will be a soldier waiting to ambush 
you around the corner. Once you near the stairs, a soldier will fall to the
ground because of the blast. Don't wait for him to get up, kill him 
immediately. Walk up the stairs. Shoot the guy blocking your way. Once you make
it to the top, go on until you hear radio chatter. Go to the right to find
the radio. Kill the guy there and shoot the radio. 
Find Smoke Grenades
Your next objective has magically been delivered to you as "find smoke 
grenades." Head out back to the stairs, but don't go down. Instead, there will
be a bewildered guard looking down them, so just shoot him and head on. The
next path you take will greet you with 2 soldiers, one of them flipping a table
to try and find some cover. To your astonishment, this wooden table will block
all of your shots and none of your rounds will penetrate the table. Shoot him
when he is exposed, and clear the room by taking out another soldier guarding
the door. Go on to find another soldier just aimlessly wandering around the 
base of a ladder. Go up the ladder. Go through the doorway to find a guard
smoking. Kill him, and kill his friend just a few seconds later. Go on and
you will see a hatch in the ceiling. It will be slammed shut after a guy tosses
a potato masher down to the ground. Watch your distance, and just wait for it
to go off before you proceed. After that dramatic incident, fight your way on
until you reach some ground-tunnels. As you enter, look left to see a box on 
the ground. There are smoke grenades inside there, so pick them up. 
Clear Both Gun Decks
Now fight your way through the tunnels and rooms until you are forced to go up 
a ladder. Kill the guy at the radio, and open the door nearby to get on the gun
deck. There will be another door in here, but it's closed for now, but remember
it. You are now on the gun deck that you were just firing on moments ago.
Massacre everyone here and in the other bunker, and look for your captain in 
the other bunker to give you some orders. Plant the smoke grenades, and get out
of there. Go through the door that was previously locked, and go down the 
trench to find your captain.

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************

2. A Storm in the Port

   2-A. Seaside Stowaway

Difficulty: Easy-Normal
Duration  : Short-Medium
Collect Resistance Drop at Insertion Point
Right where you start off, go to the boxes near the tree, and press the action
button to pick up the resistance drop.
Man Machine Gun in Church Tower
Once that pointless objective is done, go through the walkway until you see a
jeep full of troops drive by. Follow it, and you will eventually see it crash.
Go to the wreckage and man it's gun and use it on the enemy troops in front of
you. Once it looks like the battle is over, get off the gun and check the alley
to the left and the small store to the right to mop up. Pick up all the 
supplies here and move down the main street. Fight your way through, picking 
off guys from a distance with your trusty M-1 Garand. At the end of the street,
pick up the two canteens in the alley and turn left to go inside a ruined 
building. Keep going until you see a crawlspace. Crouch down and go under it. 
You will hear action in the distance. Go to it, and you will soon discover that
a battle is taking place. Look to your right to see a bridge and a tank on the
other side. If you're not careful, you will take a lot of damage. Taking that
thing out is your first priority. What you want to do is stick to the right to
walk through a short alley. You will eventually come up to the river, and will
have a good view of the tank. Thankfully, there is a box of grenades to aid 
you. From this point, throw grenades at the tank, and if you hit it on the 
turret, it should be disabled. Take out the troops from here too. Once it seems
clear, cross the bridge and mop up. Now head down the street and you will see
a destroyed church. Look up to see the gun. Before you head in, go to the right
and you will see a number of Nazis hiding in a room. Use your grenades to take
care of them safely. There is also a sneaky one running around, so don't miss
him. Once they're all dead, pick up the supplies and head into the church. Once
inside, you will see a dead soldier, with his radio beside him. Get to that gun
and man it. Kill as many soldiers from here as you can, but you'll have to come
back down and get close to the battle to effectively defeat all the enemies.
Secure Submarine Fueling Roster
Facing the church, head left and fight your way on. You will eventually reach
an opening to some sort of store. Go inside and pick off the 2 soldiers from a
distance. Once they fall to the ground, go under the crawlspace to the left, 
and kill everyone in the marketplace. If you're lucky, you'll get one of your
guys to help you fight the battle, if not, he'll just show up once the area is
cleared. Pick up the supplies and head on to the next street. Once there, you
will see a destroyed tank to your left, so oddly parked that you'd wonder what
kind of drivers the German army were hiring at that time. Ignore that atrocity
and head through the doorway right in front of you. Crouch and go under the
crawlspace. You'll soon hear an interrogation taking place. Just keep going
until you reach the exit, where you'll see a soldier execute a prisoner. Kill
him and go to the paper hanging on the wall. That's the submarine roster.
Breach Wall to Docks
Before you exit the room and head out onto the street, take out a grenade and
get ready to throw it. Once you exit, look to your right, and there will be a
gun with three German soldiers. Throw the grenade right at them, and they 
should all die. Go man the gun and help out your buddies. Once the area looks
empty, go to the left to see a big opening. There will be a dead end, but a lot
of suspicious looking barrels near a wall. Fire two shots at the red barrel to
complete the objective.
Locate Submarine Fueling Dock
Go through the destroyed wall. You will reach a big opening with two paths. Go
to the one to your right and kill the soldier on the machine gun. Man it, and 
fire on the soldiers ahead. Once that's done, you'll have to man the machine
gun and walk through the other paths to trigger more soldier spawns. If you
don't do this, you won't get the gold medal. So walk around the area once or
twice, manning both machine guns, and you should trigger the remaining soldiers
to come out and fight. Once it seems everyone's been taken care of, go to the
fueling dock to complete the objective.
Stowaway in the Cargo
Once you are ready, go to the boxes near the truck to complete the level.

   2-B. Special Cargo

Difficulty: Easy
Duration  : Short
Sabotage U-Boat Engines
When you gain control of your character, open the hatch and kill the two 
sailors. Open the door and look to your immedaite right, there will be a sailor
in the washroom. Kill him and go to the door on the right just ahead. Open it
to get some supplies. The next room is going to be chaotic, so just take your
time and kill everyone in the kitchen/mess hall. After that, you will come upon
the steam room. Don't touch the steam or you will take damage. While shooting 
at the enemies, you'll want to turn off the steam by pressing action on the 
valves, and ducking under the steam to get to the next valves, and so on. It's
pretty linear stuff, and very brief. Once you've turned off all the steam, open
the door to the next room and be ready to dodge some bullets. There should be
about 4 sailors firing at you the moment you open the door, and I don't know 
how anybody but Jesus could survive such a volley of well aimed shots, but what
I recommend is to take out your MP-40 and just spray that room until everybody
dies. Place the demolition charges in the red box, and move away from the 
Set Explosives in Aft Torpedo Room
This explosion will disable the engines and create a hole in the wall for you
to advance in the level. Crouch and get in there. Go all the way, and climb the
ladder. You will hear voices at the top. There are two sailors in the room you
are in, which is the torpedo room. Fire at them to open the crate, and set the
timed explosives on the torpedo.
Disable Radio Communication
With your MP-40 at the ready, open the door to start spraying at the most 
poorly trained pistol users in the Kriegsmarine. Once this room is cleared,
open the door to the next room and massacre all the unprepared sailors in here.
Head on to the next room to find the radio and it's operator. Destroy this 
abomination to complete the objective.
Set Explosives in Fore Torpedo Room
Next, battle your way through the officer's quarters to reach the next torpedo
room, and plant the charges. Once the charges have been laid, turn around and
head back.
Find Enigma Code Book
When you return to the officer's quarters, you will witness probably one of the 
most heroic war cries of a German sailor in a video game. He pops out of a 
hidden room, so slay him and get into that room to open a cabinet. In there is
the code book.
Escape Through Exit Hatch
Now, just head back a bit to the periscope room and head up the ladder to 
complete the level.

   2-C. Eye of the Storm

Difficulty: Normal
Duration  : Medium-Long
Find Resistance Weapons Cache
Now things start to get a little bit tougher. This level has lots of open 
spaces, so there won't be too much of close-quarters combat. Use your MP-40 to
shoot the first two workers nearby. Then, aim up and there will be a soldier on
a tower. Get rid of him or else he'll become a real pain. Fight your way to the
staircase, and go up to the top, up the ladder and onto the roof. Some German
will come onto a radio to announce to everyone about the troubles of the day.
Kill everyone on the roof and the nearby area. Cross the connecting bridge to 
the other roof and go right to spot a box on the ground. Open it to collect
your new weapons, one of them being a sniper rifle :)
Find Rooftap Hatch to U-boat Pen 2
From this spot, where the cache lies, look to the rooftop to your right. There
will be two soldiers. Use this time to practice your sniping skills to kill all
the soldiers you can from the rooftops. Look at towers on the roof, some troops
are pretty far in the distance. Usually if you can hear someone firing at you,
there are still people to kill from the rooftop. After about 5-6 soldiers, you
can go back down the ladder (you can also kill a few sailors on the battleship
from the roof, and this one guy at the top of the crane). By the time you reach
the bottom, the U-boat will explode, and a new path will be opened. Watch out,
because there will be a lot of people hunting you down. Just attack your way
through. Watch out for a bunch of sailors running towards that machine gun on
the battleship, you do not want to be nearby when that thing is manned. Use
your sniper rifle ammo sparingly because you don't have much of it. Fight your
way inside the shipyard until you reach a stairset going down. Break the boxes
to the left of the stairset for lots of health packs. When you're ready, go 
down the stairset, and turn the corner. Once you do, you will see a horde of
soldiers firing at you, and these guys are much better than the sailors you 
faced in the previous level, so back up for some cover. If you wait for a few
seconds, they will come to you. When they do, spray them with your MP-40. Use
your sniper rifle for the guys that stay put. Fight your way to the top of the
next staircase, and snipe that annoying guy on the tower to your left. At this
time, you will probably experience one of several lag problems that Frontline
contains, but you will have to make do. Once the surrounding area seems clear,
head right of the stairset and follow the alley to the end. Once you are at the
end, don't expose yourself, stay slightly inside, and from this position, you
can ping off 3 guys. One on the roof, one on the train, and one on the bridge.
Once they're down, look to the immediate right at the end of the alleyway to
find a bewildered German behind a machine gun. Kill him before he makes any use
of it. From the alleyway, head to left to pick up some rounds for your sniper
rifle behind the big buidling. Once you've done that, go towards that machine
gun. From here on for the next few minutes, you are going to be on your own 
because it's going to be a crazy battle, and enemies will come from every 
direction imaginable. Just get rid of that machine gun at the far end, and just
kill as many people with your sniper rifle as you can. Eventually, it will get
quiet. Once it does, head over behind the train and climb your way to the top
of the roof. Once this happens, you will be greeted by another radio announce-
ment, and more soldiers will pop out of the sky and start firing at you. Just
fight your way to the end of the roof, and you will see a hatch. Go down, and
you will finally complete the objective.
Destroy Supply Trucks
I should have mentioned that before you head down, you should have a grenade
handy because it's going to be intense as soon as you come down. I recommend
crouching and just throw those potato mashers around the room until people
stop firing. Once it gets quiet, head down and pick up the supplies you need.
Once you're ready, head on out through the door, and make your way down the 
alley with all the big boxes. Kill the two soldiers in your way, and you'll
eventually reach another warehouse facility. Kill the two soldiers here, and 
head straight. Head right at the end of the warehouse to kill two soldiers, and
take out your sniper rifle to kill the guard on the tower. Now head down the 
road and you will eventually come up to a parking lot with three trucks. Kill
all the workers here and bomb the three trucks. There is still one more, but
you can't get to it yet.
Acquire Deployment Roster 
Once the third truck is blown up, the garage doors will fall apart and a new
path will be opened. Head inside and turn off that annoying alarm first. Head
right at the hallway and into the room just ahead. In here is the roster, pick
it up. Now, to complete the previos objective, fight your way back to the 
parking lot. There will be new guys, because they just arrived in the last 
truck. Once they've all been taken care of, head left to find the last truck.
Bomb it and the structure overhead will collapse, giving you a bridge to cross
on, forming a new path.
Infiltrate Wet Docks Facility
Once you are on it, just follow the linear path, on to the roof. When you are
forced to come off the roof and onto some boxes, the level will be complete.

   2-D. A Chance Meeting

Difficulty: Normal
Duration  : Medium-Long
Sabotage Engines in Research Facility
From the start, jump down to the left and walk forward until a soldier jumps
out at you. Kill him, move on and you'll spot another soldier just inches from
your nose. Shoot him and take the supplies here. Take out your sniper rifle and
shoot the guy that's on the roof taking horrible shots at you. Now move on and
fight your way through 3 soldiers from the right of the starting point of the
level. You'll be in a tight alleyway, and you'll see a train a few feet in 
front of you. Watch out because there's an ambush waiting for you. There's a 
few guys, so just take them out with grenades and some well aimed shots. As you
move to the end of the rail line, you'll see a machine gun placed on a tram, 
but you won't be able to reach it. What you have to do is hit the switch near
the tram, it's just a stick in the ground on the side the gun is being aimed 
at. This switch will move the tram a few feet down, and you can get on it by
jumping on the box and then onto the tram. You'll have to access this to get
gold on this level. These next few minutes are going to be long. It's going to
be a big battle in this huge open space, so get your sniper rifle out. The only
tip I can really give here is to head right at the entrance of the big yard and
hope on the back of that parked truck for a good sniping point. I don't want to
elaborate so much here but just fight your way through the 15-20 soldiers until
you reach the inside of a building. Once you're inside (you should have killed
two workers) go on and open the door to find some scientists working.  This is
the research facility. Kill everyone here and plant the three charges to 
complete this objective. 
Acquire Engine Blueprints
Once the last engine is destroyed, doors will open and more soldiers will come
to kill you. Make waste of them and head on. Follow the linear path, and after
maybe a minute or two you will see two scientists near a desk. This desk has
the blueprints, so just walk up to it to pick it up. 
Infiltrate U-Boat Bunker
Once you've picked up the blueprints, a door will open to the right, and a guy
will come through. Kill him and go through that doorway. Walk to the end of the
hallway and you will come to a room where a U-boat is being built. It's going
to be another intense battle, so just take your time killing the 10-12 soldiers
here. Once that's done, go on up the stairs and head left where there is a 
vent. Smash open the crate, crouch and get in there. A custcene will play, 
showing an important official. Once you gain control of your character, look
left for the opening, but don't shoot anyone from here, it's not a good spot.
Just keep going until you are forced to come out. Kill everyone in this room 
and proceed and you should be in a hallway. Fight your way through, and you'll
notice a big door to your right. It's locked for now, but will be open soon.
Just keep going until you are in a control room with two guys. You have 
infiltrated the bunker. Kill the two guys and turn off that alarm.
Destroy All U-Boats
See that control panel in this small little room? Press the action button near
the thing and a torpedo will drop onto the U-boat, destroying it and the people
that were working on it. Take this great spot to kill as many people as you 
can. After you're done, go to that door that was previously locked, and head
downstairs. Win the big battle here with your trusty sniper rifle. Proceed with
the level, moving up the stairs and into the next U-boat docking bay. What I
suggest you do here is stay at the top, crouched, and pick off everyone with
your rifle. Once everyone's dead, get onto the submarine. Before you destroy
this baby, you're going to have to use its gun first.
Destroy Fuel Depot
Man the gun and aim all the way to the right. Fire at the big box and all hell
will break lose. Just fire at everything that moves and fire at the fuel depot
outside. Once everyone's dead, get off the gun and move on the other side of 
the submarine. Plant the charges, and head quickly outside. If you stand too
close to the submarine, you will die instantly, so move away. You have now
completed the previous objective.
Find Dock Gates
Once outside, head towards the big gates, and they swill swing open magically.
Walk through to complete the mission.

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************

3. Needle in a Haystack

   3-A. Rough Landing

Difficulty: Normal
Duration  : Medium - Long
Protect Corporal Barnes as He Destroys Tanks
Walk up to the soldier standing right in front of you. He is Barnes, the demo
guy who will blow the tanks in this level. Follow the road, you'll see one of
the paratroopers caught in a windmill. Keep folllowing the dirt road and you
will witness his execution. Keep folling the road, and eventually there will 
be soldiers firing at you. Fight through until you see the first tank. Cover
Barnes while he goes up to destory it. Once that's done, fight your way down 
the dirt road and you will eventually find a lone American soldier who's lost
and wants to join you. He'll tag along. Keep fighting and you'll eventually
come across a tank parked very close to a house. Let Barnes take care of it 
and move along. Keep going until you reach another set of houses. If you watch
from a distance you'll see a German officer beating on a villager. Snipe him
from afar, and no one should notice. If you keep going just ahead, you'll see
the third tank, but don't go there yet. Head right, into a small encampent
to find the kerosene. Once here, pick up everything you need and look for a
small pathway in this area. If you find it, (it's left facing the bonfire).
you'll come out of the pathway facing the back of a tank, which is a better
route than the frontal assault. Kill all the infantry here, and let Barnes
destroy the tank. After that's done, there are two paths to take, but you 
might not notice one of them since they're so far apart. Just take the right
one facing the tank. Once you are at the end of that pathway, fight your way
to claim the village, and destroy the tank parked inside the building. One
more to go. Fight down the dirt road, and you'll eventually come across a 
windmill, with a sniper (so to speak) firing at you. Kill him and climb the
ladder that's behind the windmill to get to the top. Once you are on the top,
face the open field to trigger a whole wave of enemy troops to come running
and firing at you. Use your sniper rifle to kill them all. This trigger 
sequence is required for you to get gold on this mission. Once that's done
climb down and fight on until you come across a village with a howitzer.
Kill the soldiers and press the action button to fire the howitzer at the
tank. Once that's done, get off the dirt road to get on a new pathway. Once
you're done fighting your way through, you'll reach a large field with 
hay stacks and mortar fire. Follow the corporal as he safely dodges all the
rounds and makes it to the first mortar man. Kill him and take cover as he
blows the final tank. Once he does, the objective is complete.
Find Kerosene
There will be a small sausage fest around a bonfire. Kill the soldiers there
and pick up the kerosene (a small red box) near the bonfire to complete this
objective. Now go back to the first objective.

Create Distraction to Open City Gates
Once the last tank is gone, fight your way through and you will eventually
come upon another dirt road. This is where the corporal and you split. So just
head to that big gate you see in the distance. Go to the hay stack near the 
windmill, and press the action button to trigger a fire, and to lure the guards
to open the gate. There will be five of them, so get a grenade ready. Once 
those doors fly open, chuck it in and slaughter them. Head inside to complete
the level. 

   3-B. The Golden Lion

Difficulty: Normal
Duration  : Medium
Locate Tools to Sabotage Vehicles
From where the level starts, move up a bit to see two soldiers resting
behind a machine gun. They will magically spot you however, so quickly kill 
them and jump behind the gun. This will alert more guys towards your position,
so wait a bit for everyone to get mowed down. From the gun, head left to clear
that place out (it's a dead end there), then come back to clear out the area
to the right of the machine gun. As you head on, you will head into a small 
area where two Germans didn't seem to care much about the firefight that just
erupted and killed 10 of their buddies, so massacre them while they try to get
off the ground. There should be two of them. Once they're dead, head out onto
the main street. Once you make it, a gun fight will erupt, and some major lag
is bound to come up. Kill everyone in the area, and cross the bridge. Head 
left towards the big wooden doors. There will be a small entryway to a thin
hallway. Go inside to enter the motor pool. Here there will be a couple of 
guards, so kill them, and destroy the alarm. Once that's done, open the door
beside the alarm booth, and there you will find a parked car and a toolbox on a
table. Go to the toolbox and press the action button.
Sabotage Motor Pool to Prevent Pursuit
From here, open the hood of the first car and cut the wire. Sabotage the other
three vehicles nearby to complete this easy objective. Exit the motor pool and
head back on the street.
Meet Operative in Garage
From the street facing the bridge, head left to continue the level. Fight your
way through, and eventually you'll be at the end of the street and be forced to
move off into the neghborhood. Go on as far as you can until you reach a dead
end. There is a door you can open. Open the door to discover a garage and a 
truck. This is where the operative is. He'll tell you to clear out the area 
ahead, so you'll have to go out there. Use your rifle to massacre the most 
poorly trained Gestapo unit of the Third Reich. There is quite a few of them,
so take your time in taking everyone out, especially those sneaky snipers. If
you hear shots, find the sniper shooting them. You'll have to move around a bit
but eventually you'll find every last one of them. Once everyone's dead, 
sabotage the three vehicles in this area, and stock up on health (there's a
surgeon pack in the garage). Get in the back of the truck once you're ready. 
Using the operative's mad road skills, you are going to act as the assault man
for this truck ride. I suggest using grenades to kill the enemies for this ride
(also cooking them) because it's hard to kill more than one enemy at once while
riding this truck. This task can become particularly annoying when you're 
trying to get gold for this level. Eventually, he'll come to a stop, and you'll
have to do clear out the area ahead again. Kill everyone, sabotage the two 
vehicles, and get back on the truck. He'll start driving and will roam through
a park. A big wooden door will stop him from proceeding, so he tells you to go
unlock it from the other side. Do just that, and make sure you kill all the 
soldiers, including the ones you might have missed at the front of the park.
Once you remove the bar from the door, get back on the truck for another ride.
Once you go through another set of drive-by's, you'll come to another stop.
Here, the operative will give you a new order.
Get an Officer's Uniform
You'll have to find a uniform in this area. First, clear the area of the 
Gestapo and sabotage all the cars. Once that's done, hop into the back of a 
German vehicle to find a uniform waiting for you. Get some health and get back
into the truck for the final ride of the night. 
Meet Operative at Golden Lion Club
You'll have to ram through a Gestapo checkpoint, and after that, your driver 
will lose his ability to dodge every single bullet that's been shot at the 
truck and finally crash his car and die, forcing you to jump out. Once you 
land on your feet, there will be three soldiers firing straight at you, so be 
swift in killing them. Once they're dead, break open the boxes to get some 
health. Move onto the street. You'll see a bridge just up ahead. There will be 
two guards there, so try and take atleast one of them out by surprise. 
Eliminate the other one by force. Cross the bridge and head right. You will 
eventually come to a dead end, but there will be a bar to enter. Go to the door 
and enter to put on your clothes. Take some time to relax here, tip the piano
player, or to look at the drunken soldiers. Once you're done, head up the
stairs and open the door to get to the back of the bar. You'll see two soldiers
and 3 pitchers beside them. Go over to the pitchers and press the action button
three times to knock them over and hit the German below. This will cause a 
fight, during which you'll have time to meet the operative, who is the waiter
down below. Go to him and he will open the door nearby. Go through the doorway
and to the truck to complete the level.

   3-C. Operation Repunzel

Difficulty: Normal-Hard
Duration  : Medium
Find Kitchen Key Set
If you want to get gold on this mission, you're going to have to let go of your
documents, pull out your pistol, and kill everyone outside in this first area.
If not, just head to the left and enter the mansion by the side entrancem and
the door will close behind you, and your identity will most likely be revealed
by the soldier sitting down. Once he's dead, fight your way to the end of the
hallway. I suggest using your melee attack because the pistol is a terrible
weapon. Once you make it to the end, head up the stairs and kill the three
soldiers here. In this room is the key set, hanging on the wall. 
Search the Paintings to Find Map
Head back downstairs and open the previously unlocked wooden door. Just past 
this door is another guy, so kill him too. You should have a shotgun now, so 
use that instead of your dinky pistol. Fight through these hallways until you
make it to the kitchen. There will be some deadly chefs here, so make sure you
get rid of everyone. After the kitchen is cleared, go to the double doors and
open them to find yourself in a big hall. Kill everyone here and move on. 
You'll pass through a treacherous hallway, and fight your way to a more fancier
hall with a bar. Once again, kill everyone here and get on the stage. Get into
the small passageway to continue the level. Once you're out of the passageway,
you'll be outside in a garden-courtyard. There are a lot of soldiers here, so
take your time in killing them. Fight your way up the path and up the stairs,
and you'll be in a grand hall with big red banners. Go to the walkway in the 
middle and look at the guy at the speaker. He is going to pull out a rocket
launcher and blow the walkway. I don't think it is possible to prevent him to
do that, but it might. Whatever the case may be, keep advancing and press the
action button behind the painting right behind the big red banner close to the
wall. That's where the map is.
Destroy Clocks to Find Documents
Fight your way to the room just ahead of this painting, and you'll be in a room
with a lot of clocks. The documents aren't anywhere here, so just go on and go
up the stairs. Fight your way through the library, and then after into the
hallway. Down this hallway will be the steam baths and an officer's room at the
end of the hallway. Go to the officer's room, kill everyone and break open the
clocks on the wall to find the documents. 
Find Keys to Cell Door
Now go to the steam room, kill everyone and switch the valve at the end to open 
up a secret passageway. Crawl under. Once you're out, you'll see a lady on a 
radio. She's friendly, and she'll give you a few words. Pick up the supplies
here and go up the stairs. Open the door to find yourself in a bedroom. Go out
into the hallway to kill three soldiers if you wish, but it's not necesarry to
go there. Instead, press action on the book case on the wall to reveal another
secret passageway. Go in and follow it to the end first wooden door, which is
a bedroom with a canteen in it. Take it and go back to the passageway, and go
to the next wooden door. Have a grenade out, and throw it once you open this
door. There are several enemies in this room, and it's hard to see them 
because there's a screen blocking your vision. Just take your shotgun and run
in there rambo-style once the grenade blows up. Once this room is cleared, you
should have gotten the cell keys. It's a mystery to me where they are exactly,
but you always seem to get them once you kill everyone in this surrounding
Locate Gerritt
Once you got the keys, open the door nearby in the screen room to find Gerritt.
Comandeer Enemy Vehicle
Once he sees you, he'll follow you. Once he gets up and does that, clear the 
path for him. So go up the stairs to get to the roof of this mansion, and win 
the huge fire fight here. Look up at the clock to shoot down two snipers. Once
the area is cleared and he snails through, you'll reach what seems to be a dead
end, but don't worry, you can smash the railing off once Gerritt gets there. 
Once he reaches the railing, press action to motivate him. Jump down to your
safety, but make sure you land on the haystack below, if not, you'll lose a lot
of health. Once you're on the ground, go the German vehicle nearby.

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************

4. Several Bridges Too Far

   4-A. Nijmegan Bridge

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Medium
Defuse Charges Under Bridge
Listen to the wiseman's words and go up the stairs. You'll see two Germans at 
the top. Walk slowly all the way to the top and right behind them to kill them
easily. Once they're dead, pick up their weapons, one being the Gewer rifle. 
As you proceed, you'll see a patrol of two soldiers walking on the sidewalk
on the ride side. Pick them off with your new-found rifle and carry on. You'll
hit a roadblock with several soldiers nearby, one of them manning a machine gun 
nest. You can either pick everyone off with the rifle, or kill the guy behind
the gun and charge in to man it yourself. When you do man the machine gun, more
soldiers will be triggered to come in from the stairs, so make sure you get
everyone here if you want to get gold. Once the area is cleared, proceed down 
the stairs to find yourself under the bridge. You'll see two guys working on a
bomb. Kill them and defuse the charges. There's two in this area, one on a post
and the other just underneath the next stair case. Run towards the gunfire and
kill the two soldiers playing with the charges there. Defuse the charges here
and you should have four more to go. Proceed up the stairs until you're back on
the bridge. When you're on it, run forward and move to the right to man the gun
and quickly kill the three soldiers and your field of view. Continue on, and 
you will be under the big arch. This is going to be quite a battle because of
the snipers on the top. Kill all the soldiers at the bottom first, but make 
sure you don't advance far enough for the machine gunners to fire at you. To 
get rid of them, climb the ladder on the right side to get to the top of the
arch. Kill the face-shielded snipers here, and then shoot everyone at the 
bottom to clear the area. It's easy to fall off here, so make sure that doesn't
happen. Go down the ladder to mop up and proceed on until you reach another
roadblock with a machine gun nest. Do the same thing here as you did before, 
and go down the stairs to be under the bridge. Do the same thing here as you
did before, and you'll have disarmed all the charges. 
Destroy Anti-Aircraft Gun
Get on the road, and kill all the soldiers to the right. Go down the road and
walk for a bit until you see three guys advancing. Kill them all and keep
going. You'll see the road take you to the right, making a u-turn going down.
Follow the road and you'll see a car pass by in front of you about 75 metres at
an intersection. Kill the guy standing at the intersection and go to the right
where you'll see the car and a soldier. Clear this area out and follow the road
again. You'll see the AA gun shooting in the distance. Go towards it until you
reach the entrance of the AA bunker. You'll see the medical truck down below.
Fight your way inside the bunker and go right at the fork. This path will take
you to the AA gun, so fight your way to there, and put a round into the barrel
near the AA gun to destroy it.
Escape in Medical Supply Truck
Go down a bit, taking the only path left, and you'll eventually reach the truck
after 2-3 soldiers. Go to the front of the truck to start it. 

   4-B. Yard by Yard

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Long
Clear Enemy Checkpoints from Main Road
Move until you see a checkpoint with guards. Don't engage them. Go to the 
bakery in front of you by opening the door. Move up the stairs and you'll find
yourself in a room with a soldier guarding a machine gun. Silently walk up to 
him and kill him. Man the gun and kill everyone below. Shoot the red barrel 
near the sandbags to clear the first checkpoint. When you're done go back out-
side and go through the checkpoint. Fight your way down the road, and you'll 
find yourself in a backyard alley after a few steps past the brick structure.
Walk to the end of the path and open the door to the right. You'll see two 
soldiers smokin' and jokin', unknown that you are going to kill them very soon.
Kill them. Walk into this house by opening the door, but prepare for an intense
fight inside. There are going to be about 5 soldiers here. So use your MP- 40
to make good use of the close-quarters. Once the ground floow is cleared, make
your way upstairs, and open the shiny door to your right. Walk in and open the
small crawlspace. Crouch and go in to find yourself in another house. Open the
door to your right to find a machine gun. Use it and fire at the red barrel to 
clear the checkpoint. Get out of the room and open the other shiny door to find
a soldier in the washroom. Kill him and take the surgeon pack. Now, make your 
way downstairs and clear the area. Head into the backyard, and out onto the 
road. Kill everyone here but don't go down the road. There is a small path on 
the right side of the road. Go there and follow the path to the end. You'll be
in another backyard path. Open the door in front and walk in the house. You'll
find a family eating their meal. Just avoid the lady and move on. When you're
in a big room rounds will go off, so quickly make your way upstairs or you'll 
be wounded. Open the shiny door if you want, but there's no point of that room.
Open the crawlspace and go in to find yourself in the house next door. Enter 
the door to your left and kill the soldier guarding the machine gun. Use it 
and fire at the red barrel. One more checkpoint to go. Fight your way out of 
the house. You'll pick up a shotgun in the backyard. At this point you'll hear
the sounds of a tank in motion. Exit the backyard and you'll see a woman look-
ing out the window. Look left to find a path. Walk in there to the end and 
you'll be on the road again. Kill the soldiers to your right. If you want, you
can hunt down a tank on this road if you want, but it's not necessary. The next
5 minutes are an exact repeat to clear the next and last checkpoint. Just 
follow the linear path and you'll eventually destroy the last checkpoint.
Destroy Radio
From the machine gun, fight your way outside of the house until you are in a
backyard alley once again. You'll come across a lady arguing with a German.
Shoot him and the soldier beside him. You'll see a machine gun nest. Man it
once your left side is cleared. Mow down everyone, especially that tank. Once
your done, look to your left, down the long alley. You'll see two unprepared
snipers in the windows if you look with your Gewer. Take these two guys out
before you proceed. There is also a third guy in there, but you can't see him
until you move up a little. Make sure you don't forget him. Fight your way 
through each backyard, using the ladder as a bridge in one of the yards to get
to another one. The last yard to the right is the house with the radio in it. 
If you're as lucky as I was, the German's would have destroyed it by themselves
trying to shoot at me when I was outside. Either way, you still have to get 
inside to clear the house of the enemy. 
Find your way to Central Arnhem
Go into the sniper's house and fight your way upstairs. When you're there, 
looking down the alley, take out your Gewer and aim at everyone who charges 
down this path. There are going to be a lot of them, so just be patient. Shoot
the guys on the roof on each side also. Once the area goes quiet, go out the
back of this house to complete the level. 

   4-C. Arnhem Knights

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Medium-Long
Destroy Panzer IV Tanks
Neutralize Panzerschrek Squad
Meet Jigs in Customs House
This is definitely one of the better and more unique levels in the game. This
one is different from the rest because here you will engage in actual battles
with your allied soldiers against the enemy. This entire level is just battles,
so no sneaky stuff. Before I start I just want to point out that you should put
no worries towards the allied AI in this level, so don't rush in a battle just 
to save them, because in the end, they're really nothing but useless. 

Ok, from the start, just walk until you see a guy with a Browning beside him. 
Pick it up, and he'll start talking. When you've had enough of him, walk
straight into a side door of a house, up the stairs and turn right first to 
pick up some ammunition. Then turn around and go upstairs. There are a couple
of soldiers at the top, firing down at allied troops, so get rid of them. Then
look on the other side to find more soldiers firing at your guys, kill them and
move to the edge of the floor where you can get a good vantage point against
the Germans attacking from the front. Jump down and kill the remaining enemies
on the street. There is a sniper on a roof in the distance, so get him too.
Congratulations, the first battle has been won.

Ok I'm going to split this into many paragraphs or else this is going to be a 
mess. Continue on through the rubble, picking up supplies and medical kits 
until you hear the sounds of the next battle. When you see the fighting, 
quickly run to the un-manned machine gun and fire away. After about 5 seconds,
a tank will smash through the rubble to the left. At this time, direct all your
fire at the tank, and don't stop until it says ENEMY TANK DESTROYED at the top
of the screen. Once the tank is done for, mow down the rest of the enemy. 
You will have to get off the gun to kill one guy on the roof and other soldiers
in a bar shop. You probably took quite a bit of damage this round, so make sure
you pick up all the medical canteens in the shop. Continue on until you reach
the next battle.

Ok this next battle is another house massacre. There are German soldiers firing
down from both sides of the buildings, so you're going to have to fire fast and
furious if you don't want to take much damage. Just use well aimed shots for 
this one and things shouldn't be too hard. Move on.

The fourth battle is probably the wildest one there is. The Panzerschrek are
located here, and they're not the easy type to fight. One shot from them and 
you're toast, so be very careful, 'cause there's probably 12 of them running 
around here. If you're lucky, and most of you will be, half or all of the 
Panzer squad will be eliminated by their horribly placed shots. If this happens
don't start celebrating yet, because there could still be three of them running
around. To make matters worse, there is a machine gun protecting the Panzer
guys, so don't get caught in its line of fire. What I suggest doing is throwing
your grenades at a safe location and distance. Once you think the area is clear
run in and use your shotgun to mop up the remainder of the squad. Then, man the
machine gun to trigger more soldiers. Use the surgeon pack if you took damage.

The next battle is just as hard. Again, don't worry about the friendlies. Let 
them die if you have to take your time. Snipe the guys down the road with your
rifle, and then advance to destroy the last Panzer tank. Make use of that 
Panzerschrek if you'd like, but I must admit it is a hard weapon to use
effectively. Also, there is a deadly machine gun nest near that tank, so don't
get caught in it's crossfire. Once the area is clear, pick up those health 
packs for that gold medal, and move into the houses to find Jigs in one of the

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************

5. Rolling Thunder

   5-A. On Track

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Medium
Steal Officer's Uniform
Exit your porch, then your room, and head left to the next room. This is where
the uniform is. It's on the bed. Pick it up.
Steal Officer's ID
Since they couldn't have put the ID right beside the uniform and made this one
objective, walk a few steps to pick up the ID on the table near the bed.
Enter Train Station
With your newly acquired ID and uniform, head downstairs and show the guard 
your papers to let you through with ease. Head outside, and show your papers
to the guard at the entrance of the train station. Once he lets you through,
walk inside. By now your cover will be blown, and everybody will be hunting you
down. Go back to the square to kill everyone for the gold medal, or proceed 
into the train station if you just don't care. 
Destroy Station Controls
Head to the counter and make your way behind it. Open the door and shoot the 
two soldiers to the left. Pick up that surgeon pack. Advance by opening the
unlocked door, down the stairs and into the laundry room. Clear this room and
advance through the level until you reach a room with a soldier behind the
station controls. Kill him and his buddy, and shoot at the controls to turn 
the alarm off and complete the objective.
Board Sturmgeist's Train
From the control room, head out to the hallway. After a few steps you'll be in
a small kitchen. Kill the heavy chef here and proceed on to the bar. This will
be a big fire fight, so take your time. Clear this area and make your way to 
the train docks. You'll see an "Emmerich" sign. Clear this big area. Open up 
the fenced area for some supplies. Find a door that has a German word above it,
that's the door to find to proceed. This level is slightly hard only because
you don't have a rifle to make precise shots from afar, so don't be afraid to
get up close and personal with the enemy, just aim at the center of mass and 
not the head. Fight through this linear level, and back track to clear out any
enemies or for any health. Eventually you will hear air raid sirens, signalling
an Allied bombing raid. You'll reach an outdoor boarding platform with an 
armored train. Jump on the first open cart to board the train and complete
the level.

   5-B. Riding Out the Storm

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Short
Destroy Radio
The first thing you want to do is break open the three boxes to your left and
pick up a better weapon. Take that free STG and advance indoors quickly before
an enemy train starts firing at you. The first rail car will pretty much be the
standard for the level. For this level, when indoors, make use of your melee 
attack and especially your grenades. There's nothing more effective than taking
out a group of soldiers in a tight space with a grenade, so make use of them.
You will also take quite a lot of damage yourself, so pick up those medikits
hanging on the wall here and there. If you want, you can man the train's 
cannon to take out the enemy train beside you, but be warned that you can take
heavy damage if you don't destroy it fast enough. Try to use the melee attack 
as much as possible. I managed to clear the entire first railcar without a shot
fired, and walked away with perfect health. Once the first rail car is cleared, 
you'll need to head outside to get to the next one. This is the tricky part.
There are three soldiers here, and a tank-train right beside you. Try lobbing
a grenade or two at the soldiers before you storm in. Throw a grenade at the
tank-train to disable it. There's also a Panzerscrek lying around, so use that
if you run out of grenades. Once the area is clear, move into the second rail
car. Be ready though, because the moment you open those doors, you'll be fired
at, and these guys are pretty good at hitting their targets. Counter the ambush
by being ready for them and kill everyone here. You will take damage, but there
is a surgeon pack, so make sure you pick it up. You will eventually reach the
radio. Kill the guy near it, and then destroy it.
Hunt Down Sturmgeist
Once again, exit the rail car to be outside. Kill the soldiers out here and 
proceed to the next one. When you are inside, man the turret to knock out the
big attack-trian. It will take about 3 shots. Once that's destroyed, advance
through the several trams until you get to a lavishly decorated rail car. As 
you see a door, a cutscene will play, showing Sturmgeist ordering his men to 
kill you. It's a short cutscene, so get ready for some serious action. This
is going to be tricky because you are going to be ambushed by two very deadly
SS members. Use a grenade if you have one, or else do it the normal way. 
Chances are you won't kill them with much health left, so you probably
won't get gold on your first try. 
Steal Sturmgeist's Briefcase
Take his briefcase off the desk, and open the door to the next rail car to 
finish the level. 

   5-C. Derailed!

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Long
Infiltrate Train Yard
From the very beginning, turn right to find a pathway. Go in there and follow 
it to find an entrance to a bunker. Kill the soldier "guarding" it, and go up 
the ladder to kill everyone inside (3 tough guys). They will be waiting for 
you so don't think it's going to be easy. Collect all the supplies here and
fire at everyone down below. Once that's done, get back on the tracks. You'll
soon see a tram. Get inside to find a panzerschrek. Win the fire fight here,
and advance. You'll come to a big gate, the entrance to the train yard. Open it
and be amazed that there is no one firing at you. Oh look at the medikit right
in front of you, it looks so good and helpful. The moment you advance to that,
the whole yard will spring up and ambush you, but atleast you completed the
Find Demolition Charges
From the medikit head right to kill the two soldiers behind the sandbags. They
have rifles, so use it to kill everyone here from afar. It'll take a good five
to ten minutes to clear the surrounding area, but it has to be done. From where
you entered this train yard, the demolition charges are located in the left
building where a train can be parked. I strongly suggest you clear this whole
yard though before you proceed. Go into that control room to trigger more 
soldiers. It is hard not only because there are so many of them, but many are
using panzerschreks, so take your time. Once the area is cleared, head to the
control room, and play around with the controls to make the train turntable 
face so that you can ride the engine on the tracks. 
Destroy Fuel Depot
Once that's done, go ride the engine into the next train yard. Your ride will 
eventually crash and you'll have to fight again. Backtrack to kill the solider 
on the tower, and clear this whole area. There is a semi-hidden entrance to a 
building at the spot where the engine crashed. You'll have to go there to kill 
some soldiers for the gold medal. When that's done, follow the tracks to the 
next train yard. Blow open the gates, and clear this area. It's the fuel depot.
It's not as bad as the previous two train yards, so you can relax a little. 
There are three fuel tanks to destroy. Blow the first two. The next one is a 
big tank not too far. Once the last fuel tank is blown up, the gates to the
next section of the level will swing open. Kill the soldiers quickly.
Find Transportation to Gotha
Get on the engine to ride to your next destination. You'll encounter several
troops on the way, but chances are you won't kill them all. When the engine
crashes, back track to mop up what you've missed. Once that's done, go into
the final yard of the mission. There's a big bunker here, and a machine gun
nest to the right. Make sure nobody is manning those when you are near them.
When everyone here is dead, follow the tracks to find a car on rails. Get on
it to finish the level.

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************

6. The Horten's Nest

   6-A. Clipping Their Wings

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Long
Find the Weapons Stash
Ho ho ho, look at all these objectives! This is going to be super fun. Get out 
of this air duct and start fighting. Make your way into the office to hit the
switch to open the garage door. Exit the garage and fight your way inside the
office rooms. The first one has nothing, the second one has a lot of weapons.
This is the Weapons Stash. Make sure you have picked up the sniper rifle, the 
rocket launcher, and the BAR machine gun. Too bad you have no ammo.
Find the Ammo Room
Advance into the hallway and get into the room across, the soldier's quarters.
Open up the boxes to find some ammo and canteens. Kill the sleeping soldiers
and move into the farthest corner, open the box to find a spy camera, which 
completes the next objective. The door beside you will swing open. This room 
has one soldier and lots of ammo in it.  This is the Ammo Room. Load all your 
Find the Spy Camera
Look at the above objective.
Photograph 5 Blueprints
Backtrack a few feet to find an open door in the quarters. You'll find yourself 
in a mess/kitchen. Kill everyone here including the notorious chef. Use grenades
to minimize damage. Fight your way out the back of the kitchen and go down the 
Hallway of the Closed Doors. You'll eventually reach an area with scientists 
working on a plane. Kill everyone here and flick the switch to kill the three 
scientists in front of you. After the event is over, the door will magically 
swing open. Move on to the room on the other side and kill 2-3 soldiers. Make 
your way through the hallway. You will reach the infirmaries. This is where you
will take the blueprints. First kill everyone here. Once that's done, take a 
right at the first interection and enter the first door to your right. Head in 
and throw a grenade in the direction of the two scientists.Take a picture of the
1st blueprint. Move to the next room to take a picture of an angled blueprint; 
the 2nd one. Exit here into the hallway and head left. Kill the scientist at the
end of the hallway but turn at the first left. After the turn make a quick right
and head inside the room. Kill the scientist and take the 3rd blueprint picture.
Move to the next room to take the 4th picture. Head out to the hallway and turn
right. Follow the hallway until you see a room to your left. There are two 
medical kits here, so make sure to pick them up. But watch out, there is a 
scientist just a few feet away in the nearby room! Kill him and take the picture
of the last blueprint.
Locate the Plans for the Ho-IX
In this same room (with the 5th blueprint) are the plans for the Ho- IX. They 
are neatly rolled up and very glossy, just sitting there on the desk. Very hard
to miss. 
Find a Way into the Manufacturing Plant
Exit the room and make a left at the hallway. Keep walking until you reach the
end, where you will see a huge factory before your eyes. Walk inside to finish
this objective. Finding a way into this was easy, but coming out will be a 
totally different story. Make sure you picked up the Gewer at the Weapons 
Stash. If not, head back and get it. Also, you are sure to lose a lot of health
here, so back-track all the way to the mess/kitchen to pick up loaves of bread
to replenish your health. 
Destroy the Test Engine
Basically, take all the time in the world to finish clearing out the 
manufacturing plant. Pick off as many people from the hallway as you can before
actually fully entering this dreadful hell hole. Key locations to watch for 
enemies are: back corners- 2nd floor. These are deadly spawning points. There
will be about three soldiers from both. Take advantage of all the explosive 
devices you can use to blow up nearby enemies. Once the room seems empty, 
proceed to the next area, a smaller manufacturing plant. Use grenades here to 
take out the enemies and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Move to the next
area, where you will see a big engine. This is the Test Engine. First, move to
the back room to kill the lone scientist. Then come back and kill the two 
scientists who ambush you. Now, press the big red button. Nothing will happen.
Move to the back room and you will see a Fuel Pressure Switch. Crank it until
the dial is in the red zone, then go back to the button. It will now be green.
Hit the switch to destroy the engine. A hole in the wall will be created.
Exit the Facility
Go to the hole in the wall and you will see a path to the left and a path to 
the right. Both paths have a single guard , so kill them both. Go down either
staircase. You'll see a long hallway down ahead with about 3 guards firing at
you. Kill them all with your weapons of choice. At the first intersection head
straight. Look left to find a box of bazooka shells. Pick them up and now go
left at the intersection. Move on until you see another huge plant ahead. Take
your rifle out and get to work. Clear out the top floor and make your way all 
the way down. There will be three more guys to kill. Once you make it almost 
all the way down, you'll notice another hell hole coming up. I hope you have
enough ammo for your rifle, because there's going to be some more long distance
killing ahead. You'll notice that there's a bunch more to kill once you're at
the ground floor. Once again, take your time to get the job done. If you are 
out of rounds for your Gewer, then just storm the front with all you've got.
Keep fighting until you see a new area up ahead protected by three soldiers
at the entrance. This is the last area, so clear it out and head in. It's a
mine. Head up to get on the rail. This is the exit. Good job. Three more levels
to go.

   6-B. Enemy Mine

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Short
Ride Minecart to Secret Radar Installation
This is definitely going to be different. You only have one objective, so this 
won't take long to beat, but it could take a long time to get gold. From the 
start, pick up all the supplies nearby, including the field surgeon pack at the
bottom. Once you've got all the weapons, hop into the minecart. Your bazooka
is very handy for this mission. The first engagement will consist of two 
soldiers on a platform...with a barrel nearby. Shoot the barrel to kill them 
instantly. Thankfully, most of the level will consist of enemies around 
barrels. The hard parts are the lone Panzer guys. Take them out with your
bazooka before they get a shot at you, or else you will quickly lose health.
For the most part, shoot the barrels with your rifle, and use the bazooka on 
lone soldiers. Honestly, I could only get Gold on the easy difficulty, and only
managed to get silver on Normal. It is really hard to get gold on Normal. There 
are only two medical kits to pick up in this level, so try not to get shot. 
After about five minutes of mine cart survival riding, the level will be over.

   6-C. Under the Radar

Difficulty: Hardest
Duration  : Very Long
Find the Demolition Charges
This objective will be the least of your worries for the remainder of the game.
Pick up the supplies in front of you. Peek around the corner to see a machine
gun nest. Kill the soldier manning it and his buddy feeding the rounds. There 
will be one sneaky guy behind the house, so kill him too. Pick up the medical
kit near the rocks. Go to the side of the house facing the machine gun to find
the demolition charges. 
Disable Both Radar Stations
Man the gun to trigger soldiers coming from the right side. There should only
be a few of them. Next, kill the two soldiers behind you. Pick up some canteens
and make your way to the first Radar Station. Kill the guy inside, and set the
charges to blow it sky high. Don't jump down yet. Kill as many guys as you can
from above before you come down. Once you come down, you'll notice a machine
gun nest has been manned and is firing at you like there's no tomorrow. Stay 
protected inside the radar station, and don't come out just yet. See that green
box just in front of you? Use that as cover. Use the bazooka to take out the 
guys manning the gun, and sweep up the area. Once the area is clear, go the 
west side and climb up the ladder. There will be a small ladder immediately to
the right once you get to the top, so go up this smaller ladder to sweep up the
terrace. Once you kill the two guys smokin' and jokin' at the bonfire, collect
their supplies and head back down. More soldiers will come, so kill them all. 
There will also be a bazooka guy firing at you from afar, so take him out with
your rifle. Proceed on and you will soon realize you are in a trench system. 
There will be two paths. Head left to find out this path leads to a dead end. 
Head right to see soldiers in the distance. Use a grenade to take them out.
Don't miss the field surgeon pack here. Head off the range and get ready to 
kill more. Unfortunately, these guys will start using grenades, so be careful. 
Also look out for rear attacks. This next area is a true killer. You will be in
a complex trench system with a bunker to the left of you. I recommend taking 
out everyone closest with grenades first, then use your bazooke to take out the
machine gun nest in the bunker. Then, with your rifle aimed at the gun, wait 
until more people come to man it. Once the area is cleared, look to the right 
to see a housel. Go up there and clear it. Now proceed to the next area, 
another big mess. Kill everyone here and make your way inside the bunker. Now,
if you are brave enough, man the machinge guns to trigger an enormous amount of
enemies. I strongly discourage anyone doing this on their first playthrough of 
the level, because there is a 90% chance of you dying horribly at trying to 
kill everyone by manning the machine gun. The trench system makes it very hard
to kill all the enemies. But if you do kill everyone, good for you. Now, head
up the ladder and kill everyone here. Watch out for yet another machine gun
nest firing at you from afar, up above a tower. Kill the guy quickly to prevent
major damage. Once he's dead, kill everyone down below. Finally, blow the last
radar station.
Radio Allies Your Position
Once you've blown the radar station, head down and be ready to fire right away.
This next part is going to be hell all over again. There are two more machine
gun towers up ahead, and more enemy soldiers. Just take your time clearing out
the area. Eventually, you'll reach a big new area. You will hear a conversation
of a radioman about his lover. The radio is nearby. Kill everyone here, taking
as much time as you can, until you finally reach the radio. Press the action
button to complete the objective. 
Find Entrance to the HO-IX Hangar
The end is near. Exit the radio building and head into the next structure. 
Fight your way through until you see a hatch in the ground. Enter it to finish
the level. Good job. You deserve a coffee. 

   6-D. Stealing the Show

Difficulty: Hard
Duration  : Short - Medium
Find and Eliminate Sturmgeist
When you get control of Patterson, take out the patrolling guard in front of 
you and don't even think about hitting the SS guys. Once the first guy falls,
move back a bit and wait until a group of soldiers comes to you. Use the 
bazooka to take them all out at once. From here on, back up into the bunker and
get used to calling this home for the next thirty minutes. In this bunker is 
ammunition and six field surgeon packs. Don't use them unless you make 100%
efficiency out of them. From this bunker, kill as many soldiers as you can with
everything you've got. When it starts dying down, look at the sides to begin
mopping up. Man the machine guns to trigger any remaining resistance. Once the
area is clear, pick up all the countless ammunition and save the health for
later. Head right into the hangar. Move forward to witness a roof being bombed.
Head left into the doorway and continue on until you engage in a small 
firefight near a jet fighter. Kill the enemy. Proceed to the door and open it. 
A cutscene will play. Once the cutscene is over, get ready for the final battle
of the game! Sturmgeist is finally ready to fight, but with all his cronies 
around him, you sure as hell aren't, so get out your grenades and kill him and 
his gang the cheap way.
Steal the HO-IX
After this last stand, head to the stealthy looking plane in front of you and
press the action button to get into the plane. 

*****************************MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!*****************************
****************************MOH FRONTLINE COMPLETED****************************

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