Weapons Guide by CyricZ

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (PC)
Weapons Guide
An In-Depth FAQ by CyricZ
Version 1.2
E-mail: cyricz42@yahoo.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Anasthetic
4. Fiber Wire
5. Knives
   - Kitchen Knife
   - Combat Knife
   - Scalpel
6. Melee Weapons
   - Golf Club
   - Katana Sword
   - Fire Axe
7. Pistols
   - Ballers
   - 9mm Pistol
   - 9mm Pistol SD
   - Deagle
   - Revolver
   - .54 Pistol
   - .22 SD
   - Ballers SD
8. Automatics
   - SMG
   - SMG-SD6
   - AK
   - UZI
   - M60
   - M4
9. Shotguns
   - Shotgun
   - SP12
   - Sawn-Off
10. Scoped Weapons
   - R93 Sniper
   - SVD Sniper
   - Crossbow
   - M195
   - W2000 Rifle
   - Custom Rifle
11. Standard Guide Stuff


1. Introduction

Hi there, and welcome to my Weapons Guide for Hitman 2.  I really wanted 
to do a guide for this game, but a desire to do other guides later on 
these next couple of months held me back from doing a full guide.  
Still I want to write something about this game, so I decided to do an 
impromptu setup on the weapons.

Okay, so I'm not much into the arms history.  My thanks again to all 
who've given me info.  From now on, I suggest you not e-mail me with 
little tidbits, but only if you feel something really needs to be said 
about the weapons, because I probably won't say much more.


2. FAQ

Q: How do I use weapons?

A: If you find a weapon on the ground, walk near it, and you'll see the 
option to pick it up in your Action Menu.  Hold E and use the mouse 
wheel to scroll to it, and let go of E to pick it up.  If a weapon is 
in your Inventory, press the right mouse button to bring it up, and 
select it from the menu to pull it out.  Once you have it in your hands, 
press the left mouse button to use it (ie. fire guns or swing knives).  
Press Q to hide the weapon in your jacket if it's small enough, or to 
place it in your left hand if it's too big.  Press R to reload manually 
(you'll automatically reload if you run out of ammo).  Press G to drop 
the weapon in hand on the ground.  Press 1 to cycle through your close 
combat weapons, 2 to cycle through your pistols, and 3 to cycle through 
any automatics you're concealing.  

Q: How many weapons can I carry?

A: You can carry and conceal an indefinite amount of knives and pistols.  
You can also conceal one small automatic (SMG or UZI).  Finally, you can 
carry one large weapon in your hands, and if you want to use a smaller 
weapon, you can transfer it to your left hand as you use the smaller 
one.  If you pick up a large weapon when you're already carrying one, 
you'll drop the first one.  It should be noted that, for some reason, 
the Sawn-Off Shotgun counts as a pistol.  Also, you can never carry more 
than one gun of any type.  If you pick up another of the same type, 
you'll only take the ammunition and the gun will disappear.

Q: How does one get new weapons?

A: To earn new weapons, which will be stored in your tool shed, you 
must successfully complete an individual mission and leave with the 
weapon on your person.  If you pick up the weapon, then put it back 
down, you won't carry it over to future missions.  Once you have the 
weapon in your shed, it will remain there forever, unless you restore an 
old saved game before you officially "earned" the weapon.  There are 
also a few weapons that can be received by earning the rank of Silent 
Assassin in a certain number of missions.

Q: How does one earn a "Silent Assassin" rating to get new weapons?

A: It's not known precisely the stipulations to get SA, but it basically 
boils down to very large Stealth and no Aggression on the ratings.  To 
get no Aggression, you should try to kill no one besides your target(s), 
fire no shots, and alert no one.  Now, you CAN fire one or two shots, 
or get one alert, or kill one person quietly, but not all at once.  I 
do not provide SA walkthroughs here.  Please go somewhere else for 

Q: Can I carry two pistols at once, besides the Ballers?

A: Yes.  It's a bit complicated, but you can carry two different one-
handed weapons and fire them at once.  First, you must have Ballers, 
or Ballers SD.  Drop them on the ground, and make sure one of the other 
guns is on the ground.  Now, pull out the other of the two guns you 
want to double up.  Pick up the Ballers, and you'll transfer the gun in 
your hand to your left hand while you put the Ballers away.  Now, 
pick up the other gun and, whee, you have two pistols.  There's an 
added bonus (or rather a glitch) to doing this.  In addition to firing 
both guns at once, the gun in your right hand will not need reloading, 
so you can go nuts and empty out your ammo supply for the gun in your 
right hand.  There's a bit of a caveat to this; if you use the Sawn-
Off Shotgun as one of your guns, you'll only be able to fire the gun in 
your right hand, whether or not it's the Sawn-Off.  However, it's a good 
tradeoff to be able to fire a shotgun that doesn't need reloading...

Q: What's the spot above the Fiber Wire's slot for?

A: Not a clue.  Rumors have linked it to a crucifix or a rosary.  Don't 
ask.  I don't know.  When I do know, it will be here.


3. Anasthetic

Appearance: A clear greenish bottle.

Found: You start Anathema with it.  You can also find it in the doctor's 
office in Terminal Hospitality.

Use: This stuff is used to knock out a person.  It takes a second to 
unscrew the cap to use it properly.  It helps to be sneaking to properly 
use it on someone, but even if you slip up and the guy notices you, you 
can still run around behind him and use the stuff.  Once you've got the 
bottle on his face, the "ammo" in the upper right will go down by one 
bottle every couple of seconds you hold down the fire button.  For every 
"bottle" you use on the guy, he'll be knocked out for that many minutes.  
You can take an unconscious person's clothes and drag him around as 
normal, but they WILL wake up eventually, unless you complete the 
mission quickly.  At that point, you'll be in trouble, especially if 
you took their clothes, because they'll know you're dressed up as one 
of them.

Description: Not really a weapon, per se, but it needed mention.  The 
description in the inventory says it's chloroform, but if you read the 
bottle in the inventory screen, you'll see the label says 
"methoxyfluorane", a totally different compound.  I suggest not thinking 
about it too much.


4. Fiber Wire

Appearance: A thin wire with handles.

Found: You'll find it in Gontranno Sanctuary in the weapons shed.  
After that, it will stay with you forever.  You cannot drop it, EVER.  
It's glued to your hands!!!

Use: This is a silent killer, and it's always at hand (see above).  To 
use it properly, you should sneak up behind a bad guy and press and 
release the fire button to use it.  Some people think you need to 
prepare the wire by holding down the fire button, but it's not 
necessary.  It takes a couple of seconds to fully strangle someone.

Description: One of 47's signature weapons, and definitely a lot of fun 
to use.  I'm still not sure myself if a person is asphyxiated with the 
wire, or if it cuts into their neck and severs some blood vessels, or 
both.  Other people have suggested that it severs the spinal cord.  As 
this is a big ongoing debate right now, and since I have no desire to 
test it out myself, I'm just going to leave it at these possibilities.  
If you wanna be a know-it-all and tell me which one's "right", save it.


5. Knives

All knives are used exactly the same way.  When standing directly 
behind a person, if you wield the knife, you'll slit their throat and 
immediately kill them.  In all other circumstances, you'll slash with 
the knife, which will take a person down after a few hits.  If you're 
in first person mode, you can slash relatively faster.


Kitchen Knife

Appearance: A wide-bladed cutting knife.

Found: The package in Gontranno Sanctuary.  Also found in Anathema in 
the kitchen.  Also found in Tracking Hayamoto in the room with the fugu.  

Use: See above.

Description: Used mainly for cutting meat, veggies, what have you.


Combat Knife

Appearance: Short knife with serrated dual edges.

Found: On the general in Tubeway Torpedo.

Use: See above.

Description: This small military knife is a good all-purpose tool.  It's 
also known as the Pentagon Knife.



Appearance: A thin shaft ending in a small blade.

Found: Several basement locations in Terminal Hospitality.

Use: See above.

Description: Mainly used for surgery, this sterile tool can easily cut 
open skin.


6. Melee Weapons

Not all that practical, since most other enemies have guns, but they can 
still kill bad guys, and they can also add to some disguises.

Also, all guns can be used as melee weapons.  Get very close to an enemy 
and press the fire button and you'll smack them with the butt of the 
gun.  It's good for knocking people out relatively quickly.


Golf Club

Appearance: A long metal shaft ending at a solid rounded head.

Found: Anathema, either on the Don or in his bedroom.

Use: Probably the weakest of melee weapons.  Hold down the fire button 
to generate a harder swing.  It will still take a few hits to take down 
an enemy.

Description: Used for playing the popular game/sport of golf, a ball is 
hit with the head of the club.  This particular club is a driver, also 
known as a 1-wood.  The heads on drivers are no longer made of wood 
these days.


Katana Sword

Appearance: A slim, slightly curved sword.

Found: Shogun Showdown, either on Ninjas who carry them, or in the 
museum on a display case.

Use: A good melee weapon, as they go.  Hold down the fire button to 
swing harder.  Also looks good with a black Ninja disguise.  If hit 
properly, can sometimes drop an enemy in one hit.

Description: This beautiful weapon has been used in Japan for hundreds 
of years, by samurai.  I stand corrected on the assumption that ninjas 
of feudal Japan used them as well, when they preferred the smaller 
knives such as Ninjato.  It's deadly in the right hands.  If only 47 
didn't swing it around like a floor lamp...


Fire Axe

Appearance: Wooden handle ending at a red hard metal blade.

Found: Basement Killing, in the Fire Dept.

Use: Another decent melee weapon.  As with the others, hold down the 
fire button to swing harder.  Has very good power, and combines nicely 
with a firefighter's outfit.

Description: Fire Axes are traditionally used by firefighters to clear 
any debris or blockades between the firefighter and either a victim or 


7. Pistols

The weapons used when you don't people to know you have a weapon.  
Pistols are very popular among police, security forces, and civilians 
alike for their ease of use, cleaning, and concealability.



Appearance: Dual pistols, chrome plated.

Ammo Type: .45 ACP
Clip Capacity: 7 each

Found: You automatically take them in Gontranno Sanctuary after getting 
into your suit.

Use: They have serious power, but they stick out like a sore thumb.  
Use them if you've been found out and are faced with several bad guys.  
The double shot means almost an assured kill, and the body flies quite 
a distance when hit.

Description: Real name: AMT Hardballer.  These are 47's true signature 
weapons.  They even have the Ort-Meyer insignia on the grip.  The 
weapon was introduced in 1977 by the USA, and was patterend after the 
original Colt M-1911A1 automatic.


9mm Pistol

Appearance: Small, black pistol.

Ammo Type: Pistol Ammo
Clip Capacity: 15

Found: Many places; Anathema, St. Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park 
Meeting, Invitation to a Party, Tracking Hayamoto, Death of Hannelore, 
Redemption at Gontranno, all on bodyguards.  Also in Basement Killing, 
Graveyard Shift, and Jacuzzi Job on security guards.

Use: A very standard pistol.  There's not much to be gained by wielding 
one of these, except for the probability that you'll find a lot of 
ammo for it.

Description: Real name: Beretta Model 92.  This gun is very popular 
(if the game itself didn't demonstrate that), and most of the world's 
armed forces employ them.


9mm Pistol SD

Appearance: Small, black pistol with a silencer on the barrel.

Ammo Type: Pistol Ammo
Clip Capacity: 15

Found: Start Anathema with it in Normal and Expert difficulties.  
Supplied at Agency Drops in Kirov Park Meeting, Tubeway Torpedo, 
Invitation to a Party, Basement Killing.  Also found on the general in 
Tubeway Torpedo, and on certain contract killers in Temple City Ambush.

Use: Quite useful indeed, especially for the hitman who doesn't want a 
lot of noise.  Any time you start a new mission, you should at least 
carry this gun so, in the off chance things go awry, you can quietly 
put your problems to rest.  Just like a normal 9mm Pistol in all other 

Description: Real name: Beretta Model 92, suppressed.  Basically, 
silencers control the discharge of gases that occur when a bullet is 
fired, which produce much of the sound.  Additionally, for silencers to 
work properly, the bullets must travel at a subsonic speed, which can 
make them less deadly.



Appearance: Somewhat larger pistol, gray in color.

Ammo Type: Magnum Ammo
Clip Capacity: 8

Found: In Anathema, on the Don's brother and son, as well as in the 
study.  In Murder in the Bazaar, on the lieutenant.  In Tunnel Rat, on 
the lieutenant.  In Temple City Ambush, on the desk near Agent Smith.  
In Terminal Hospitality, on black-suited bodyguards.  In St. Petersburg 
Revisited, on bodyguards.

Use: A good power gun, but quite loud.  That's about it.  Use only in a 

Description: Real name: Desert Eagle .50 Action Express.  This pistol 
was developed by Israeli Military Industries.  It's one of the most 
powerful handguns on earth.  Uses .50AE rounds.



Appearance: Short-barreled chrome-plated revolver.

Ammo Type: Magnum Ammo
Clip Capacity: 6

Found: In Anathema, on the Don.  In Jacuzzi Job, on female bodyguards.  
In Murder in the Bazaar, on cult members.

Use: See Deagle.  They're about the same, except for the capacity.

Description: The general consensus is that this is a snub-nosed Colt 
Python, which uses .357 magnum rounds.


.54 Pistol

Appearance: A rather small and gray pistol.

Ammo Type: Pistol Ammo
Clip Capacity: 10

Found: St. Petersburg Stakeout, on a couple of soldiers at barricades.  
Invitation to a Party, on the Spetznaz Agent.

Use: Not much different from a 9mm Pistol, really, except for a smaller 

Description: Real name: Russian Makarov 5.45 mm PSM. A Russian knockoff 
of the Walther PPK.


.22 SD

Appearance: A small and long-barrelled light gray pistol.

Ammo Type: .22 Ammo
Clip Capacity: 10

Found: Shogun Showdown, on a display case in the museum.

Use: Quite a bit more inaccurate than the 9mm Pistol SD.  But, a gun is a 
gun in some circumstances, and in Japan, you don't have much of an 
opportunity to pick up silenced pistols.  For some odd reason, this gun 
does not get picked up by metal detectors.  Good for Kuala Lumpur.

Description: Real Name: Ruger 22/45 silenced.  Furthermore, the .22 
caliber is featured in this gun mainly so that a greater exit velocity 
can be achieved with a lighter bullet.  The bullet still must travel at 
subsonic speeds to cut back on sound.  Unfortunately, the bullet is 
very weak, and may not even puncture a skull.


Ballers SD

Appearance: Ballers with long silencers attached.

Ammo Type: .45 ACP
Clip Capacity: 7 each

Found: Given to you when you complete any one mission with a Silent 
Assassin rating.

Use: If you want the power of the Ballers, but the quiet of a silenced 
gun, you've found the right weapons.  Just watch out for the serious 
kick that could catapult a body right into view of someone else.

Description: Although the AMT Hardballer has never been specifically 
featured with a silencer, it's possible to retrofit the weapon to 
accept one.


8. Automatics

Generally used when silence just isn't an option and you're staring 
down more than one bad guy.  These are usually readily available in 
heavily populated missions.



Appearance: Black automatic gun with a clip forward on the barrel and an 
angled grip.

Ammo Type: SMG Ammo
Clip Capacity: 30

Found: Invitation to a Party, on bodyguards.  Tracking Hayamoto, on 
bodyguards.  Temple City Ambush, on one of the assassins.  Terminal 
Hospitality, on bodyguards.

Use: What's to say.  This is a pretty standard automatic, and it's 
concealable.  It has a slightly higher rate of fire than some others.

Description: Real name: Heckler und Koch MP5.  Very popular among 
military and police forces.  Uses their world famous delayed-blowback 
roller-locking mechanisms for ensuring accurate fire from a closed 
chamber at all times.



Appearance: Same as SMG, only with a silencer.

Ammo Type: SMG Ammo
Clip Capacity: 30

Found: Hidden Valley and At the Gates, on ninjas, both white and 
black clothed.  Also on a turbaned cult member in Temple City Ambush.

Use: A good automatic, by sheer virtue of the silencer.  Only problem is 
that the extra bulk doesn't make it concealable, but it's well offset 
by being able to clean up without being noticed.

Description: Real name: Heckler und Koch MP5-SD6.  It features an 
integral silencer and is used by Special Forces around the world.



Appearance: Automatic rifle with a brown stock.

Ammo Type: 5.56 Ammo
Clip Capacity: 30

Found: St. Petersburg Stakeout, Kirov Park Meeting, and Tubeway Torpedo, 
on soldiers.  Also Murder at the Bazaar, Motorcade Interception, and 
Tunnel Rat, on soldiers.

Use: Less useful than the SMG, since it's not concealable.  Use if in 
serious trouble.

Description: Real name: AKSU-74.  Although several know-it-alls have 
told me to the contrary, I've received overwhelming response to this 
model.  Regardless, all members of the AK series can be traced back to 
the Kalashnikov AK-47, which is still one of the most popular rifles in 
the world, and is very commonly seen amongst terrorist groups.  The 
actual ammo caliber is 5.45mm.



Appearance: Black automatic with clip integrated into a straight grip.

Ammo Type: SMG Ammo
Clip Capacity: 30

Found: Terminal Hospitality, on cult members.

Use: Slightly slower rate of fire than the SMG, but still concealable.

Description: Real name: Israeli Military Industries UZI sub-machine gun.  
Although the design dates back over 40 years, the Uzi remains one of the 
best sub-machine guns available today.  Based on the Czech Model 23, the 
Uzi is largely made from cheap pressed-steel parts, the inexpensive cost 
of manufacture only contributing to it's popularity.  Notably, the 
magazine's location in the pistol grip means the weapon is much easier 
than most to reload in the dark.



Appearance: Long black rifle with a bipod extension.

Ammo Type: MG Ammo
Clip Capacity: 100

Found: Motorcade Interception on certain UN soldiers, and Tunnel Rat, on 
certain soldiers.

Use: If you want to clear out a room, this is the gun to do it with.  
Although not too a fire rate, the M60 has lethal power and a near-
bottomless clip.  It'll drop a crowd in nothing flat.

Description: The M60 was the standard US Army Machine-Gun throughout the 
Vietnam War, where it was known as 'The Pig'.  In reality it is a 
cumbersome, mediocre machine-gun which has since been modified to the 
M60E3 - a thorough re-designing of the original model.  In the game, 47 
could not effectively use a real M60, since, in addition to requiring 
the bipod for stability, it must be belt-fed by someone else.



Appearance: Thin automatic carbine with a sight.

Ammo Type: 5.56 Ammo
Clip Capacity: 30

Found: Motorcade Interception on UN Soldiers, complete the entire St. 
Petersburg block in one attempt, earning Silent Assassin on all four 

Use: A very high rate of fire on this automatic.  It's just a pain to 
get.  If you try for it in Motorcade Interception, remember that you 
can't directly kill any UN soldiers.  They have to be shot up by their 
own comrades.

Jordan Glist says that there is a much easier way to get the M4.  If you 
take out the target in the Motorcade Interception level, wait for things 
to cool down, and kill off most of the remaining enemies, you can sneak 
up behind a UN troop and Fiber Wire him.  As long as he does not see you 
(and no one else), the mission isn't failed.

Description: Real name: M4A1.  An older US military issue rifle.  
The M4 Assault Rifle is a miniaturized version of the US M16-A1 and the 
M16-A2 Rifles.


9. Shotguns

One shot kills are quite easy with these power weapons.  They're not 
very common, though, and the normal ones can't be concealed.



Appearance: Long double-barreled shotgun.

Ammo Type: Shotgun Ammo
Clip Capacity: 2

Found: Anathema, on the bodyguard at the main entrance, and on the 
lawyer upstairs.

Use: Your basic shotgun is best used if there are only one or two guys 
near you, because the reload takes a couple of seconds.  But the power 
is still unparalleled.

Description: Although not meant to be too distinctive, I've received 
word that this is a Winchester model.



Appearance: Shorter, black shotgun with pump-action.

Ammo Type: Shotgun Ammo
Clip Capacity: 8

Found: Temple City Ambush, in the Parcel Service building.  St. 
Petersburg Revisited, on some bodyguards.  Redemption at Gontranno, on 
the final enemy.

Use: A much more useful shotgun, which stems from the larger shell 
capacity.  Quite useful for knocking down a stream of bad guys in a 

Description: Real name: Italian Franchi SPAS-12.  Not really full 
automatic as the game suggests, but a semi-automatic.  A very powerful 
combat shotgun.  For a shotgun, it does fire fast.



Appearance: Short version of the Shotgun

Ammo Type: Shotgun Ammo
Clip Capacity: 2

Found: Complete any two missions with Silent Assassin ranking.

Use: It's classified as a pistol, meaning it's just as concealable, 
which gives it quite an edge over the others.  Also, check the FAQ for 
a trick that eliminates reloading, if you have the Ballers and another 

Description: Not sure of the make, but shotguns can be found with much 
of the barrel and stock sawn off to allow for easier transport and 
concealing.  Also, with a shorter barrel, the spread of a shot can be 


10. Scoped Weapons

These things are definitely fun if you like people running around 
wondering who the heck's shooting.


R93 Sniper

Appearance: A long black rifle with a scope.

Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo
Clip Capacity: 6

Found: In Anathema, in the garage.  In Temple City Ambush, in the hands 
of certain contract killers.

Use: One of the first snipers.  The crosshatch sight is easy to use.  
Six shots a clip are always better than one, and black is cool.

Description: Real name: Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper Rifle.  Easily 
deconstructible into three smaller parts for easy concealment or 
stowing.  Powerful, of course, but relies more upon accuracy and the 
ability of the sniper than sheer stopping power.  The R93 is typically a 
bolt-action rifle, although there is a version of it which is not.  Said 
version is not deconstructible.  This is one of the first of a series 
of scoped hunting rifles.


SVD Sniper

Appearance: A long brownish rifle with a scope.

Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo
Clip Capacity: 10

Found: St. Petersburg Stakeout and St. Petersburg Revisited in locker 
137.  Kirov Park Meeting, in the Agency Drop.  Murder at the Bazaar, 
on top of the Guard Quarters.

Use: A bit of a workhorse sniper.  Large clip capacity is a plus, but 
the scope looks kinda weird.  Shoot at the top of the red arrow.

Description: Real name: Russian Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle.  A 
Russian-Army weapon which is light, well-balanced, and easy to handle 
despite now showing it's age.  Unlike some other Sniper Rifles it uses 
the more powerful 7.62mmx54 round, which although it is a bullet dating 
back to the last century remains highly accurate.  Equipped with a 
PSO-1x4 scope, the Dragunov can achieve single shot kills at 800 metres 
in skilled hands.



Appearance: Much like any other hunting crossbow.

Ammo Type: Crossbow Bolts
Clip Capacity: 1

Found: Hidden Valley, behind the first tunnel entrance.

Use: The ultimate hunting weapon.  Kinda marred by the one bolt 
capacity.  Completely silent, though.  The bad guys will wonder where 
that new hole in their sternum came from...

Description: Crossbows have been in use since ancient China.  It 
caught on in Europe in the Middle Ages.  In modern times, crossbows 
have been further refined with modern metals to improve distance and 



Appearance: A rather long rifle with a bipod and a scope.

Ammo Type: .50 cal
Clip Capacity: 6

Found: Motorcade Interception, when you find your contact.

Use: This is the most powerful gun you have.  It can take out the 
engine in a jeep and put a very gaping hole in an unsuspecting bad 
guy.  It has a decent fire rate for a rifle.

Description: Real Name: Barret model 95 Sniper.  It's most often used as 
an anti-armor weapon, not anti-personnel.  Those of you telling me it's 
a "Light Fifty" are (apparently) wrong.  Maybe I should give you people 
each others e-mail addies and you can fight it out on your own.


W2000 Rifle

Appearance: A short brown rifle with a scope.

Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo
Clip Capacity: 1

Found: In Invitation to a Party, on the second floor balcony.  To reach 
the balcony, you'll have to find a secret door.  Once inside, go up the 
left staircase.  Head south through a door to the entryway to the 
western corridor.  In that entryway, poke around in the corner looking 
for an Open Door prompt.  (well done to graemey2k1 for finding this)  
Also in St. Petersburg Revisited, on your adversary.

Use: The sight is nice, what with the red stuff and the distance 
indicator, but one shot is really kinda slow.

Description: Real Name: Walther WA 2000.  One of the few guns designed 
from the ground up as a sniper rifle.  Sold as the Rolls Royce of Sniper 
Rifles, it was introduced in 1981 yet still remains the choice of true 
professionals due to the expense of the weapon and the fine tuning 
needed to gain maximum performance from it.  Used by Police, Internal 
Security, and Counter-Terrorist squads, as it remains one of the most 
accurate Sniper Rifles available.


Custom Rifle

Appearance: A short black rifle with a massive scope.

Ammo Type: Sniper Ammo
Clip Capacity: 10

Found: The snipers in Hidden Valley and At the Gates carry them, but 
it's tough to get them to drop one to the ground.  You're better off 
waiting until Redemption at Gontranno, where several guys carry them.

Use: A much better version of the W2000, considering it has a large 
clip, with the same snazzy red-lined sight, not to mention the added 

Description: A custom gun.  I'm gonna take a wild stab and assume it 
doesn't really exist.  I get a feeling I'm mistaken, but I gotta take 
risks in this business... :-P


11. Standard Guide Stuff

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright 2002 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as 
your own. 

The following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


These will be the only sites permitted to carry this FAQ, as it's a 
very specific In-Depth guide.

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the 
- Try to make sure it has something to do with the weapons in the game.  
If I receive a question not related to the weapons, ie. how to receive 
a Silent Assassin ranking, I will not respond...
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't 
understand your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile...

Version 1.0 - 10/17/02 - Got them all listed, and locations.

Version 1.1 - 10/20/02 - Have a lot of new info up.  Thanks to all who 
have submitted.  I received a lot of e-mails, and in the interest of 
space, I didn't put up every last bit of info.  If you think there's 
some info about the guns that's worth mentioning and I didn't, tell me.

Version 1.2 - 10/28/02 - More stuff.  Fixed my info on silencers.

Okay!  Thanks to the following people who've been most helpful in 
supplying me with weapons info:  Ironman Abe, Crimson576, Brent Shadwell, 
Dante, Justin Brasher, Nathan Dietrich, ando_theman, Barticle, Ian 
Clements, Pedro Montoya, masterOrion, Timothy Cummings, Geoff Hunt, Eric 
Lewis, graemey2k1, Rrail, Cykosam, AngryDan, Daniel Lau, Tilt, Mad 
Mantis, Lordsuhn, Jordan Glist

Also thanks to the book 'The Directory Of The World's Weapons'.

If your name is not on the list and you've sent me info, then someone 
beat you to the punch on it.

Good luck and happy hunting!