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"Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting..."


I came across this game just a few weeks. It sounded interesting, especially since this game is being discontinued after such a short period of time. But is this game worth getting? Let's have a look:

Gameplay: This game really boils down to an Action/Platformer, but the game play is sweet. You have to play through levels, meeting different objectives. Some objectives require you to roll a ball or barrel to a target, others require that you explore a level. Different levels have different requirements, some frustratingly difficult. Basically, your character can run, jump, double jump, do wall kicks, a few sword techniques. But this ninja comes with a wide array of abilities. Not only does he have his trusty katana, but he has explosive darts and shurikens. Also, there are certain areas where the ninja can walk along walls for short periods of time, use his katana as a makeshift hovering device, able to swing between platforms via a grappling chain, and can also grind along some rails. When you attack enemy forces, a tally is kept; if you beat enough enemies, your sword will be upgraded. Also, there are plenty of coins to pick up throughout the levels. Also, the ninja can use four Rage Abilities: Ninja Berserker increases his attack power, Ninja Revive refills his health gauge, Ninja Shuriken lets him ride on a giant shuriken that mows down enemies, and I-Ninja, which makes him invincible. When you beat a level, you are awarded with a grade. When you get enough grades, your sensei will give a higher-ranking belt, which in turn unlocks new levels to beat.

Story: You play as Ninja, the wisecracking rookie ninja. An evil force is invading your land. Your sensei sought the Rage Stone, which can amplify the user's power. However, your sensei gets captured while attempting the mission. You save him, but then accidentally touch the Rage Stone. In a blind fury, you accidentally kill your sensei. Now you're the only one left to stop the evil Ranx Army!

Graphics/Sound: The colors are bright and vibrant. The water looks decent, and your explosive blow darts make a pretty good bang. Not to mention the green blood that is spattered when you take out a foe...The graphics are also great when Ninja uses his Rage Abilities. The voice of this character can get annoying after some time, since he utters strange and comical battle crys in the midst of battle. Same goes with the music. Sensei's voice is much easier on the ears.

Play Time/Replayability:

This game is short. However, some parts of this game can be very challenging and frustrating. Also, you can go back and play levels, except with different objectives. This game can last you a weekend. After you beat everything, the replayability will really depend on how much you like the challenge, as well as hacking & slashing at your enemies.

Final Recommendation:

This game is going to become a PS2 exclusive very soon. Catch this game for the GC before it fades away!

Reviewer's Score: 8/10 | Originally Posted: 01/29/04

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