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How do I get past Joe and Silvia 2nd in UV Rated?

I have tryed a lot, but i can't win against the two Metal Leos (one has a key). One of them pushes the other so fast, they cornered me and i couldn't get away from them.

I really don't know what to do.

Byakuren_x provided additional details:

Can you tell me a good way to dodge their spin attacks, or to fight it while cornered? Maybe the best move to attack them?

Normally with only one leo, i would destroy it's shield, punch it with slow+zoom+punch 3 or 4 times and let it attack me with slow. Next i try to escape from it, this makes the leo ends it spin attack to follow me.

This works with one leo, but it doesn't work with two. Thanks.


DarkSceptileX answered:

i've just had the same problem but when you reach the door at the end , get cornered. That way you can focus on one and just break its shield and dodge its spin attacks.
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ZebuFrenzy answered:

There is a simple trick to this once you get the hang of it. Here's what you do:

let the platform reach the end of the room before killing the first Metal Leo. Also, those mechanisms on the ceiling that spew blue can jump on top of them, so it should be worth trying. Once the platform reaches the end of the room, get yourself in the right corner so that only one Leo can attack you at once. Once you do this, pay attention to the type of roar Leo makes when he's about to attack you: his louder roar means he'll attack above, whereas his lower growl will signal his attack with a low claw. Use "Slow" to attack his shield; dodge when he attacks, and repeat the process until his shield breaks. He might breathe fire at you, which you cannot evade with "Slow," so move out of its way.
From there, he'll begin spinning and his method will be the same as Fire Leo, except Metal Leo is slower, so again, pay attention to his growls to know how to dodge. To make it easier, go into "Slow" and dodge as you see fit. Once he misses five times in a row, "Zoom in." "Slow," and use punches to finish him off.
The second Metal Leo should be easy to deal with once you understand the pattern.

Remember, keep yourself against a wall when two Metal Leos are in the fray and you'll do fine.
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