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Viewtiful Joe Demo Version Walkthrough/FAQ
Version 1.1
By Skillmaster2

-Viewtiful Joe Demo Version walkthrough

Viewtiful Joe Demo Version is available as part of the collection of demos on 
the Nintendo Gamecube Preview Disc. Welcome to this walkthrough of the demo. 
Currently Viewtiful Joe and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg are the only two 
demos on the disc that are unreleased either in Japan or elsewhere in the world
and as such this game has no Walthrough/FAQ available for it so far. Hopefully 
this will be helpful to some people. There was quite a few people on the 
GameFAQs.com message boards who were stuck at various points so there is a 
possible demand for this. 

Note that at the time of the release of the demo many of the enemies/items in 
this demo have no official names provided and as such some names that I use to
refer to or describe certain enemies/items are NOT official names/terms.

Version 1.1 Update - Addition of alternative technique in walkthrough. 

Viewtiful Joe Demo Version walkthrough

Hold the control stick either up or down on the 'Nintendo Gamecube Preview 
Disc' main menu until you reach the 'Viewtiful Joe playable' text on the right 
hand side menu. Now press A to play. Take a moment to examine the controller 
instructions screen that pops up now. In particular know:

Y button = punch

X button = kick

A button = jump (as Viewtiful Joe, press this twice to do a double jump)

R button = mach speed (only as Viewtiful Joe, R not used when playing as Joe)

L button = slow motion (only as Viewtiful Joe, L not used when playing as Joe)

Control Stick/Control Pad = left/right moves Joe/Viewtiful Joe to the left and
right respectively, while press up to evade a low attack and press down to 
evade a high attack (the evasion instructions are written incorrectly on the 

To exit this and every other demo on the disc, hold the start, X
and B buttons all at the same time.

Now press A after viewing the instructions screen to start the game. At the
Pre-Viewtiful Joe title screen, press Start to begin. 

The game starts off with a tutorial. This is one of two tutorials on the demo
and it is very important. You learn what I'll call 'Evasion Techniques':

Evasion Techniques:

You play as Joe and when the enemy attacks with a high attack (the skull icon 
appears high) you are instructed to press the control stick down in order to
avoid being hit by his high attack ie. evade his attack. Conversely when the 
enemy attacks with a low attack (the skull icon appears low) you are instructed
to press the control stick up in order to avoid being hit by his low attack ie.
evade his attack. If you manage to evade the enemies attacks in this way the
enemy will throw his/her punch and miss you end up becoming dizzy. At this
point the enemy is vulnerable and will stand at the spot dizzy and unable to
move or attack you. Now's the chance for you to lay down your punches and kicks
using the X and Y buttons. Try mixing up your attacks with punches and kicks to
generate combos. 

These evasion techniques are very important and are the fundamental techniques
you will need especially if you want to rack up a good high score. Also incase
you are interested the high attack evade is called 'Saw that one coming' and
the low attack evade is called 'Footloose Joe' in the game.

Exit the tutorial by pressing the Z button and start the real game. You will
find that there is a basic enemy getting ready to attack you. 

BASIC ENEMY: This enemey will attack you by either punching or kicking. That is

You can press the punches and kicks like crazy to kill him as these basic 
enemies are not much of a threat. If you wish to gain high points (known as V's
or Viewtifuls) you should use the Evasion Techniques described above to kill
him. Ie. wait until he's about to attack, see the skull logo that appears and 
depending on whether it appears high (a high attack) or low (a low attack) 
press the corresponding up or down on the control stick to evade his attack and
when he's dizzy pound away with a combo to gain a lot of points! Gaining points
this way is vital if you want to have a higher score. Also, you may find the 
game more fun if you use evade often. Getting a higher score in the demo 
version doesn't appear to have many benefits aside from self satisfaction 
however so do what you find is more effective and fun for you.  
Now move Joe to the right and jump (A button) to get all the V-items in the 
air. These will be very useful later on, explained later. Keep going to the 
right you will be met with three basic enemies. Use the evasion techniques to 
take care of them. Notice that you get rated each time you defeat a group of 
enemies/area. It's based on your V-combos, defense and time taken. Now you can
kick the statue head to the right to destroy and get some V-coins (that get 
tallied to your high score). Jump on to the mid-air platform and jump and kick
to destroy the two yellow boxes to get two hamburgers. Hamburgers help you gain
life energy back which is denoted as the hearts on the top of the screen. Now
jump to the right to next platform, careful not to fall into needles below.
Jump again from this platform to the mid-air statue head platform and jump from
that to get some V-items high up in the air above. You can now jump and kick 
the statue head mid-air platform and destroy it to get v-coins. Next jump down
to the right and walk under the solid mid-air platform to collect the V-items 
there and you will be confronted with two basic enemies. Dispatch them with the
evasion techniques and proceed to the right.

Jump on the stone steps until you get to the top and then jump down 
(making sure to get the V-items in the air) as you do. Now you face four
enemies one of which is a new type of spinning attack enemy.

SPINNING ENEMY: This enemy will attack you by either punching, kicking, or
spinning round and round very fast. Only touch a spinning enemy while it is
spinning using Slow-motion (L button) as Viewtiful Joe.

Since you do not have slow-motion powers yet, wait for the spinning enemy to 
stop spinning and defeat him in much the same way as the basic enemies. Just be
careful not to walk into him while he is doing his spinning attack else you 
will lose health. After all four enemies are defeated you will be rated. Jump
and kick the two yellow boxes to get harmburgers to refill your health meter. 
Now proceed to the right again and jump onto the mid-air platform and jump to
get v-items to the right and land on the ground below. Walk onto the stone 
floor and you will initiate a cut-scene. After the cut-scene ends you will face
a mini-boss. (Since no names are given in the demo I will refer to these 
special enemies as 'mini-bosses' and give a few words describing what they look

Mini-boss #1 - Blue Wearing Superhero

He is very easy as is expected (he seems like he wants to help you rather than
hinder you from the cut-scene).  You can use the evasion techniques to beat
him just like the other enemies so far, just watch out for his kick that
he does from the air down to the ground. Just move out of the way to avoid 
being hit by this. Also watch out when he's charging up (has blue energy
flowing around him)because that means he is about to unleash a
horizontal dash uppercut type move that will hit you if you don't move out of 
the way. His health bar is located to the bottom right of the screen. When I
tested getting hit by him I found that I didn't appear to lose any health so it
seems that this may just be a test fight not be taken too seriously.

Viewtiful Joe (information on playing as Viewtiful Joe)

Once you have depleted his health bar another cut-scene will commence. Joe will
be given powers and told that he can use them by turning into 'Viewtiful Joe' 
by uttering the word 'Henshin'. Joe decides to put it a bit differently and 
will say 'Henshin A Go-Go Baby!'. This seems to work and Joe will transform 
into Viewtiful Joe. This is the point where the game gets very fun since you 
gain access to a bunch of really cool powers. First and foremost, the L button
and R button come into play to initiate Slow-motion attacks (L button) and Mach
-speed attacks (R button). Basically the slow-motion attack slows down time 
around you (you can react better) much like what happens in the Matrix movies.
In fact, very much like what happens in the Matrix movies. Viewtiful Joe will 
even parody Neo's bullet dodging in the first movie when the agents are 
shooting at him atop of building. The mach-speed attack has the opposite effect
allowing you to do a huge number of attacks in a very short time span. You also
get the very useful ability to do a double jump. Do this by first jumping by 
pressing the A button and then pressing the A button again once airborne. This
is handy for reaching high up platforms and hard to reach items as well dodging
enemy attacks.

You will enter the second tutorial in the demo now in which you are asked to
hold down the L button in order to induce the slow-motion power. At the same 
time you are asked to attack with punches and kicks. You will then be asked to
evade an attack and then use slow-motion again and then punch the enemy causing
him to fly into the other enemies behind him, killing them all. The tutorial
now ends and we get back to the game.

Before you set off again, pay attention to the top left of your screen below 
the health bar. This Viewtiful meter shows you how much 'Viewtiful power' you
have. When you hold down either the L or R button to do slow-motion or mach-
speed attacks, the Viewtiful meter will be drained slowly. Once the meter is
drained completely, Viewtiful Joe will turn back into Joe which will leave you
without all your cool Viewtiful Joe powers such as slow-motion, mach-speed and
double jumping. The meter slowly refills when not using the L or R buttons. I
would advise you to watch the meter carefully whenever using the L or R button
so that just before the meter drains completely let go of L or R so that you 
can remain Viewtiful Joe and at least have your double jump capablility while
you wait for you meter to replenish some more to be able to use L and R buttons

NOTE: You can increase the length of the meter by collecting V-items. Everytime
you collect 50, a new box marked off with a V-item logo on the meter will be 
added to the existing meter. So collect as many of them as possible. It's 
possible to add at least two boxes by the end of this demo.

The slow-motion and mach-speed each have their uses. The slow-motion in 
particular makes it easier to defeat some enemies and to gain some combos while
the mach-speed also serves similar purposes with different enemies (try doing
huge combos in this and turning on fire!). I will explain what to use when 
fighting enemies in their context as we proceed.

Finally, back to the actual game! No more stopping like that from now on, I
promise. It's pure gameplay from now to the end. We are faced with three 
enemies immediately after the tutorial. Two are basic enemies and one is a 
spinning enemy. Use the evasion techniques to dispatch them, pick up the coins
you get for defeating them and walk on to the right going round the bend. There
is a platform located mid-air and v-items. You will be met by two spinning 
enemies. Use evasion techniques to beat them. Note that when faced with 
multiple enemies, if possible, try to jump and position yourself such that all
of the enemies are to one side of you. This will stop you from having to evade
two attacks at the same time and being able to be hit from either side. Another
useful thing about having the enemies in such a position is that you can do
things like using slow-motion (L button) and then punching one enemy into the
others. There are various things to try out in places like this, including 
mach-speed (R button) attacks to rack up points.

There is another mid-air platform to the right. This one is longer and has
v-items all along underneath it. There are two statue heads on top of the
platform and underneath the platform and below the v-items there are two 
yellow boxes each containing a hamburger. The first thing to do is take care of
the two perched bat enemies perched upside down underneath the mid-air 

BAT ENEMIES: There are only two in the whole demo and this is the only place
that you will encounter them. If they hit you, they will 'stick' to you and
look as if they are draining your energy. To avoid this from happening, dodge
them so that they do not fly into you. You can take them out by jumping
(A button) and using slow-motion (L-button) and punching them (Y button). Only
one punch is needed to kill each one.

Take out the bat enemeies as decribed above, jump and take the v-items above 
and then jump onto the long mid-air platform. You can punch/kick the two 
statue heads on the platfrom to get coins. Two basic enemies will appear here 
so once again use evasion techniques coupled with whatever fancy combos you 
wish to pull together combined with slow-motion or mach-speed to destroy them.
Double jump off the right end of the platform so that you get all the v-items 
in the air and fall to the ground. If you have got every single one so far you
should have 50 and on box on the meter mentioned in the 'Viewtiful Joe' section
above will be unlocked allowing you to stay Viewtiful longer while using slow-
motion and mach-speed. If you didn't get them already, kick the two yellow 
boxes in the air underneath the platform to refill health and proceed to the

Walking along to the right will initiate a short cut-scene in which a slot 
machine falls to the ground and out of it appears the first proper mini-boss
(one that can actually harm you!).

Mini-boss #2 - Spinning Cape-Wearing Slot Machine Enemy

This mini-boss will say things like 'You're too slow!' and 'Muhahahah!'. 
However, you can relax, he's not so tough;-) Move away from the slot machine
while you fight him. His main forms of attacks consist of spinning, 
air-to-ground kicks and bomb throwing. When he is spinning do not walk into him
else you will lose health. Notice that he's telling you that you are too slow 
and his spinning is supposed to be fast. Hint Hint;-) Incase you didn't guess 
it, use the slow-motion ability you have (L button) to slow him down relative 
to yourself. When he's spinning and you are holding down the L button this guy
becomes a sitting duck and now it's your chance to throw him as many 
punches/kicks as you can. You can probably only get in around two before he 
stops spinning and dashes out the way to somewhere else. If he trys to kick you
from the air down, just move out the way to avoid being hit. When he throws 
bombs at you, use slow-motion again to kick his bombs back to him. Knowing how 
to deal with his attacks should probably make this enemy simple to beat for 
you. Just remember the main thing: when he's spins, hit the L button and hit 
him. Keep repeating and he'll be defeated in no time.

After you have defeated the mini-boss, he will drop a black and white coin with
a gold crest on it. Pick up this coin (it will follow you around if you have
picked it up) and using this you can activate the slot machine. In order to
progess and open the door to the right you need to get three 'V' symbols on the
slot machine. The slot machine's slots are moving very fast so use Viewtiful
Joes slow-motion ablities once again to slow things down to a more manageable
speed. Kick the machine everytime the 'V' appears facing us in the middle. You
need to get three 'V's and if you make a mistake you will have to start all 
over again. To start over, just kick the machine until you've stopped the third
slot and if nothing matches the machine will restart all the slots again. Be
careful: if you get three skull logo's the machine will zap you and you will 
lose a heart on your health bar. Take your time using the slow-motion. If you 
have had slow- motion on for too long and you turn back to Joe, just wait until
you turn back to Viewtiful Joe and you can continue you where you left off. 
Once you have got the three V's, a key will pop out of the machine and you can
grab that to open the door to the right and continue. 

Before you continue you, you can do a couple of other things on the slot
machine. If you get three coin symbols, a bunch of v-coins will come out of the
machine that you can use to increase your points. Finally, getting three
hamburger symbols will make a hamburger pop out of the machine and you can grab
that to regain health. The chances for skull logos coming up 
increase each time you have got either all V's, all coins or all (since then 
that particular logo vanishes from the machine for the next time) so just be 
careful not to get zapped.

Now jump on top of the slot machine and jump again to the mid-air platform 
above. Jump and kick the yellow box to get a hamburger to regain health and
double jump off the mid-air platform towards the right to collect the v-items
in the air high above. Now go back to the groud below and proceed through the
door to the right having collected the key from the slot machine. 

You enter a room with knight statues swinging their axes vertically up and down
in reckless abandonment. Be careful not to get hit by them although this 
becomes quite difficult when being attacked by enemies at the same time.

***Alternative technique for dealing with knights submitted by "The Master 
Gamer, Keith Wilson":

"...You can beat the big knights directly. All you have to do is 1) If you're 
Joe, when the statue holds its axe up straight you can jump and kick or punch 
it a couple of times to desroy it or 2) If you're Viewtiful Joe, you can just 
slow down time and kick or punch the axe once to destroy it."


There are v-items between the first and second knight statue. Grab those and be
prepared as you are attacked by two pairs of basic enemies and then a pair of
spinning enemies. You probably won't be facing more than two enemies at the
same time so it's not so difficult. The hardest thing is not to be hit by the
knight statues. Use evasion techniques to beat the basic and spinning enemies.
It's possible to destroy the knight statues by punching the basic/spinning
enemies into them in slow-motion (L button held down while attacking). There's 
another spinning enemy round the bend as you progress to the right. Back in
between the first and second knight statue (if they still exist after your
fight!) if you jump up you should see a chandelier. Jump onto this using a 
double jump and notice some v-items in the air. Jump to get these while jumping
to the next chandelier to the right. You can go back down to the groud. Proceed
to the right and just before the next door there is a bunch of v-items located
near the knight statue. Take those if you like and then enter the door to 

As you enter this new room which looks like a library and walk to the right, 
a short cut-scene begins in which the door behind you closes shut and the next
mini-boss enters the room to fight you. 

Mini-boss #3 - Double Pistol Cowboy Enemy

What makes Viewtiful Joe a fun game is that there are numerous way in which to
deal with enemies. This mini-boss is no exception to this and there are vastly
different ways in which to defeat him. The first time I played the game it took
me a long time to win this fight. What I did was use slow motion to see where
his bullets were going and used this forsight to dodge them. When he attacks 
from standing on the ground he shoots a bullet horizontally. When attacking
from the air he shoots two bullets either down and horizontal or two bullets
horizontal diagonal to the ground. Then what I did was attack him whenever he
was vulnerable such as when he stops to reload his gun. When he's about to lose
(this enemy has no health bar) he starts shooting four bullets when he attacks
from the air (they go either up, down, left and right or diagionally up-left, 
up-right, down-left, down-right). Eventually (after a long fight) he died. 

The second time playing throught however I realised something and developed a
method for beating him in approximately five seconds. I have used this method
ever since. The simplest (and easiest) way to beat this mini-boss is to use
slow-motion (hold L button down) when he takes his first shot at you (he stands
on the ground and shoots a bullet horizontally towards you as you too stand on
the ground). Use the slow-motion to not only watch where the bullet is going
but also to time your shot so that you PUNCH THE BULLET back to him! Lay off 
of the L button to get back to normal speed and you will notice that as the 
bullet hits the enemy he will become dizzy. He's now vulnerable for a short
time and this short time is all you need to beat him. Go next to him and use 
mach-speed (hold down the R button) and let loose with a punch/kick combo. He
will die after this, taking all of a mere five seconds in total to beat him:-)

Immediately after the mini-boss has died, four basic enemies will appear. Take
them out using evasion techniques. Note that since there are four enemies on
screen at the same time (doesn't happen too often) you can dispose of them in
ways that add a lot of points to your total points. These methods include as I
mentioned before, evading an attack, using slow-motion and punch the first
enemy into all of the others. You can do things using mach-speed too. Once all
four enemies are defeated a book stack will appear that you can kick around.
Kick this onto the switch to the right to cause the book shelf to the right of
the room to be pulled up allowing access to the next area. 

Before you go you may notice that there is a chandelier in the area where you
fought the mini-boss. You could have punched/kicked this chandelier onto the
mini-boss or the basic enemies you fought after. However, now you may use it to
jump onto and do a double jump from it to reach the high up V-items if you
wish. Now jump on the book stack you kicked onto the switch and jump onto the 
the book shelf to the right. From here, jump to the far right bookshelf. From
here you may do a double jump to reach up more high up V-items in the top right
corner. Back near the ground there is a floating yellow box that you can jump
and kick to receive a hamburger to refill a heart on your health bar. Now go
through the door to the right.

We now enter the dining hall. Jump on to the dining table and walk along it to
the right. Two green propeller enemies will appear and fly up above you.

PROPELLER ENEMIES: These are enemies with propellers on their backs which they
use to fly. When in flight, they go high above you and a series of bombs. The
bombs dropped have a space between them so in order to avoid being hit by one
stand such that two bombs will fall either side of you. They fall slowly so you
should be able to tell where a good spot to stand is. If you jump up and use
slow-motion (hold L button) and punch one of these enemies, he/she will fall
to the ground and temporarily lose his/her propeller. Without a propeller this
enemy is the same as a basic enemy that punches and kicks and you can use
evasion techniques to defeat it. If you take too much time, a fallen enemy will
regain a propeller and start flying again which means you will again need to
jump, slow-motion and punch to hit him/her down.

Take out the two propeller enemies as described above and move right along the
dining table. Two more propeller enemies will appear and defeat them in the 
same way as you defeated the pair before. Continue right and at the end of the
dining table there is a bed of nettles/needles with v-items just above them. To
the far right (after the needles) there is a machine with a lever. Also, there
is a floating pod over the needles. If you fall into the needles you will lose
a heart on your health bar so be careful. Jump onto the floating pod and it
will take you to the right where you can get up so that you are on top of the
machine with the chains going up from it. Now use slow-motion and the floating
pod will drop down to just above the needles. Jump on and then jump off, kick
the lever to the right of you (left of the machine) and jump again back on to
the machine. To get the v-items you have use similar techniques. It's all quite
tricky so sometimes if I'm not in the mood to take time what I do is just lose
one heart by falling into the needles, kicking the lever and picking up all the
v-items so much faster and jumping back onto the table. Take time if you like
to decide how you want to do it and what you find most effective. 

Once the lever is hit a chandelier to the far left on the dining table will 
come down to the level of the dining table. Go back left until you get to it
and jump on. As you jump on the chandelier will move up (like an elevator) 
taking you hight above the room. There is a set of chandeliers up here and you
need to jump from one to the other to get to the far right of the room. In 
between them are v-items which shouldn't be too hard to get using Viewtiful
Joe's double jumping ablility or even falling off the side of one chandelier
and just doing one jump to get back to the next (getting all the v-items in the
way at the same time). Double jumping is probably easier and safer though.

If you fall from the chandeliers you will have to activate the lever again to
make the one on the left come back down so try not to fall. Once you have made
it all the way along the chandeliers and reach more solid ground you will be
rated. Jump and kick the two yellow boxes there to receive a hamburgers to 
replenish your health bar. Now walk around the corner grabbing the v-items in
the air as you go. 

As continue down the corridor you come to an area with a chandelier above you
and two spinning enemies appear. You can punch/kick the chandelier onto the
enemies if you wish, otherwise use evasion techniques to kill them. Dropping
chandeliers onto enemies sometimes kills them instantly and sometimes it does
not. You can probably make more points not using the chandelier though. After
those two enemies are dead continue to the right and you'll find yourself in
between two knight statues (watch out for their blades) and another chandelier
above you and a further two spinning enemies appear. Again, you may use the
chandelier to hurt the enemies. Note again, like back in the room before the
library/Cowboy mini-boss you can destroy the statues using slow-motion attacks
after using evading techniques on the spinning enemies. Once everything is 
taken care of here continue on the right and you will be between two knight
statues (or one if you destroyed the one on the left in the fight before) and
another chandelier above. Two spinning enemies appear again so take them out
like you did before. 

Continue along to the right to encounter the last pair of normal (non-boss!) 
enemies in the demo. They are spinning type enemies and one of them is holding
a key that you need to get into the final door to the right. You can defeat
these two much the same way as every other enemy battle in this corridor ie.
chandelier drop / evasion techniques + slow-motion/mach-speed/ break knight
statues - you know how it's done if you've been reading this far. Once you have
the key from the fallen enemy, walk to the right and go through the door.

This is the final room on the demo version of Viewtiful Joe. The layout of the
room is as follows. There are two staircases in the room on opposite sites. In
the centre is a small flat area which has access to the both of the staircases
(both staircases start their ascent from here) so that the whole room is a kind
of 'valley'. On top of each stair cases is a small flat piece of land too. You
enter the room on the flat piece of land on top of the left side stair case. 
Descend down the stairs and while you do, make sure to double jump into the air
to get all the v-items. Once you reach the middle of the room (flat land in
between the staircases) a cut-scene will initiate. This cut-scene introduces 
final boss on the demo version of Viewtiful Joe. A helicopter crashes through
the window and into the room. The boss battle begins. 

Before the techniques to beat him are described just know that the staircase on
the right has three chandeliers along it hanging from the ceiling and that 
there are a bunch of v-items located on the top of the righ side staircase. If 
you have been collecting enough of the v-items (I described the locations of 
the harder to notice ones through out the walkthrough) you should have opened 
up two boxes on the Viewtiful meter (located on the top left of the screen). 
This will mean you can stay in slow-motion/mach-speed modes longer as Viewtiful
Joe and not have to go back to being just Joe as fast. This will make this 
fight a little easier but even if you haven't got two boxes unlocked 
(though hopefully you have one) you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Final Boss Fight - in demo verison of Viewtiful Joe - Helicopter
(Total including mini-boss fights: Boss Fight #4)

This boss looks far more intimidating than any of the mini-boss fights so far.
Don't let him scare you though, he IS harder than the others and the chances of
losing health is higher here than anywhere else in the game yet - but- he's a 
walk over with these techniques. His health bar is on the bottom
right of the screen (and from the health bar logo it appears a duck or some 
sort of bird is operating the helicopter^_^).

He has two basic attacks. He will spray you with normal bullets that are fired
in a line or he will fire a small set of five or so homing missles that will 
follow you. You will lose health if you get hit by these attacks but also be 
careful when jumping around near him because if you get hit by his propeller 
although you don't lose health you will momentarily lose control of Viewtiful 
Joe and you may fall in front of him while he's firing bullets forward (this is
how I died when I once played).

Remember back to the Cowboy mini-boss in the library room. Just as you could
then, you can punch back any of the bullets the helicopter fires at you here
using slow-motion (hold down the L button). This works both on his normal
bullets and his homing missles. His normal bullets may not always hit him when
you punch them back but the homing missiles will for sure. The homing missles
do reasonable damage to him but the real satisfying way (not to mention
points racking way) to damage him is to jump and attack hiw in slow-motion with
a chain of punch/kick combos. You have to be careful when you jump not get it
by his propeller that will leave you vulnerable for a short time but if you 
manage to get in a couple of punches the helicopter will crash land to the
ground temporarily allowing you to use whatever techniques (slow-motion/mach-
speed combos) to take care of him. Use these attack methods on him to destroy 
him rather quickly. 

A couple of ways to evade his attacks include using the chandeliers on the 
right side stair cases (these may also be dropped on top of him) and also when
he's coming at you firing bullets you can use mach-speed to quickly run 
underneath him and end up behind him. Also, remember the advice from
the 'Viewtiful Joe' section just after the first mini-boss fight. Lay off the
L/R button if you are dangerously close to turning back to Joe. Remaining 
Viewtiful Joe will at least keep your double jump ability intact as you wait to
regain the meter to do more slow-motion/mach-speed attacks. The boss fight is 
short if you manage to really give it to him when he crash lands to the ground
as described above.

After the helicopter explodes take a quick look at your total points (in case
you wish to try getting a better score the next time through) before the camera
zooms in on Viewtiful Joe and the demo ends. Joe gets placed on a backdrop from
the game facing either towards you or the opposite way depending on how you
were standing as the demo ended. 'To V-continued' appears on the screen and we
are taken back to the Nintendo Gamecube Preview Disc main menu.

Congratulations, you have completed 'Viewtiful Joe Demo Version' !

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