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Viewtiful Joe Walkthrough
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Table of Contents

0 - Version History
1 - Intro and Controls
   1.1 The Basic Abilities
   1.2 The Store
   1.3 The Enemies
   1.4 The Report Card and Scenes
2 - The Walkthrough
   2.1 Episode 1: Joe The Hero
   2.2 Episode 2: Some Like It Red Hot
   2.3 Episode 3: 2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea
   2.4 Episode 4: The Viewtiful Escape
   2.5 Episode 5: The Midnight Thunder Boy
   2.6 Episode 6: The Magnificent 5
   2.7 Episode 7: Joe & Silvia
3 - The Things You Can Unlock
   3.1 Those Other Difficulties
   3.2 Sexy Silvia
   3.3 Alastor the Stylish
   3.4 Captain Blue
4 - Legal Info and Thanks

0 - Version History

October 12, 2003
Version 0.1
Just started the guide and made Intro and Controls, The Basic Abilities, The
Store, The Enemies, and Copyright and Thanks

October 13, 2003
Version 0.12
Fixed a lot of errors and added levels 1,2, and 3
Revamped the guide

October 14, 2003
Version 1.0
Added levels 4,5, 6, 7
Changed some enemy names
Added The Things You Can Unlock
Finished the walkthrough today

October 15, 2003
Version 1.1
Fixed some more things, including level 7
Added Alastor

October 17, 2003
Version 1.2
Fixed A LOT of errors, added Cheat Code Central and PsychoZagal and the map to
Episode 4

October 23, 2003
Version 1.3
Fixed Episode 4 even more, Episode 7, made Voomerangs more evident, added some
more PsychoZagal

October 27, 2003
Version 1.5
Improved The Things You Can Unlock

October 29, 2003
Version 1.6
Fixed Episode 4, 180 degrees

October 30, 2003
Version 1.61
Fixed Captain Blue's info; never test characters on kid's mode!

November 11, 2003
Version 1.62
Added Robotic's contribution on Alastor
Added Video Game Master's contribution on Bruce


1 - Intro and Controls

Viewtiful Joe is truly a viewtiful game! So viewtiful that I decided to
write a walkthrough about it! The boards have been over-crowded because
of questions, so maybe this will help lessen the flow. Anyway, this first
section is just an introduction and tells what the game is about. Here the
basics of Viewtiful Joe are listed and all appendixes are here as well.

And these are the default controls:

Start - Pause the game.

Control Pad/Control Stick - Move Joe/dodge.

C-Stick - YFX: Zoom in, Zoom out

L - VFX: Slow.

R - VFX: Mach speed.

Z - Skip cut scenes.

Y - Punch.

X - Kick.

A - Jump/double jump in mid-air.

B - Zoom in, Zoom out.

1.2 The Basic Abilities

In Viewtiful Joe, you have 3 main abilities and using them drains your VFX
bar. At the beginning of every level, you have 3 units in your bar and you
can extend the bar by 1 unit for every 50 film canisters you collect. There
are EXACTLY 250 film canisters in each level and you get 3000 points if you
can collect them all (and you'll be able to pulverize the level's boss).
The abilites are:

Slow: This can be called the "best skill". Slow slows down time. Propellers
will slow down, lowering platforms, Verdys-Choppers, and helicopters. If you
want V-Points, use Slow! The only way to quickly acquire cash is to rack in
huge combos and multipliers (the latter can be only be gotten by attacking
dazed enemies). Also, any damage dealt while in Slow is increased. Slow
effects EVERYTHING, including you. In order to move at normal speeds while
in Slow, hold R.

Mach Speed: This makes you insanely fast, your movement and your attacks.
Hold Y or X to let loose a flurry of attacks. After a couple of hits, you'll
get set on fire, and this is used a few times in the game. Offensively and
V-Point-wise, Mach Speed sucks as it drains the VFX bar too fast and kills
enemies without giving you too many points for your efforts. However, Mach
Speed is needed in order to get boxes in the background, which is why it is
worth upgrading (besides the final boss fight). The easiest way to get boxes
in the background is to pull out a bomb and Mach attack it, although you can
just Mach attack any enemy to break a box in the background. Additionally,
Mach Speed will make platforms and like go higher.

Zoom: This can be called the "best skill". Zoom zooms in. Weak enemies are
stunned by it (useful for cowboys) and all your blows are more powerful.
Your kick turns into a spin kick, your jump gets a aura around it that hits
multiple times, your punch turns ungodly powerful, and if you zoom in mid-
air, you'll make a shockwave. The kick and punch are useful, the jump and
shockwave are just too weak. Since Slow and Zoom make your blows stronger,
if you use them together, you get a lethal combo! Using both skills and
holding down Y is the strongest attack in the game: the SlowZ-RHOH (Slow
Zoom Red Hot One Hundred), and this is used the whole game on every single
boss (except Charles).

1.2 The Store

You can visit the store whenever you are at a checkpoint. Here is where your
V-Points really matter, as you'll use them to purchase upgrades and items.
Here's what you can buy:

Cheeseburger, 1000 V-Points: Restores one life. Does exactly what it's
supposed to do. Don't waste your money on this, if you really need life,
just kill yourself.

Shocking Pink, 1500 V-Points: Produce a bomb out of thin air and send them
flying with a kick! Useful for breaking boxes in the background, useless for
anything else. Don't buy these as you can get them for free in certain
levels. Joe whistles the Mario theme when you use them. Gives you ten bombs.

Voomerang, 2000 V-Points: A smooth move that lets you use the V-emblem like
a boomerang. (Hold Y) Don't buy these as you can get them for free in
certain levels. Using Voomerangs is a cheap way to knock down enemies and
deal damage to bosses. Gives you ten voomerangs.

Sliding, 5000 V-Points: Skid along the ground and kick. A slick move. (Down
and X) Useful for traveling fast and to attack enemies in the distance.

Air Joe, 5000 V-Points: A beautiful flying punch-kick combo attack. To
execute press Y and X as fast you can in mid-air. Deals good damage fast,
but isn't good because (1) the enemies either recoil out of the air to the
ground or (2) the enemy is too strong to get hurt by this.

Red Hot Kick, 8000 V-Points: A fantastic diving drop kick. (While in mid-
air, down plus X) You can hit enemies multiple times with this as you bounce
off of them. If you Zoom and try to do a Red Hot Kick, you'll perform a
Flaming Dragon Kick that packs moderate power.

Mach Speed, 10000 for level 2 and 30000 for level 3: Have up to 4 (level 2) or
6  (level 3) of yourself appearing and moving at Mach Speed. The instant you
buy level 2, level 3 replaces it. This is necessary in order to get boxes in the
background and for the final boss.

Viewtiful Forever, 20000 V-Points: Strike a pose that's just too cool, and
damage all the enemies on the screen. A killer technique. (In Slow, dodge
enemy attacks and Zoom in) NOT a killer technique. It deals low damage and
uses a lot of VFX. To execute, simply be Zoomed in at the end of the auto-
dodge animation.

Ukemi, 30000 V-Points: When you're hit, react to the fall and reduce damage
to a minimum. A magic move. (Before you fall, Zoom in) A great technique.
Basically, when you're hit and about to hit the ground, Zoom in. You'll
recover the damage you took (you have to be able to survive the blow). If
you get the timing right, this will save your butt a lot.

VFX Turbo Charger, 30000 V-Points: Doubles the rate of recovery on your VFX
gauge. This should be your first real purchase (besides the Lifes). It makes
you ungodly strong and makes the game so much easier. This is the BEST skill
there is.

Life, starts at 3000, goes up to 200000 V-Points: Life gauge goes up one.
Gives you one more heart. The first time you play, definitely buy these
while they're cheap, because every one you buy, makes the next one more
costly. Buy the expensive ones on your second time through.

Take 2, 10000 V-Points, Even if all your lives are gone, restart from the
point where you died. It means your hearts, not L.I.V.'s. Useful for boss
fights. This is a limited use item.

L.I.V., starts at 1000, ends at 20000 V-Points: Stands for "Life is
Viewtiful". Joe gets one more life. Every time you buy one, the price goes
up until it stops at 20000. Don't waste money on this, if you want lives,
use a continue.

1.3 The Enemies

Viewtiful Joe is nice as all its enemies have weaknesses and this will tell you
what those weaknesses are. Zoom's paralyzing effect affects Bianckys,
Verdys, Bianckys-Prima, and cowboys. Also, most enemies can perform a weak
version of Red Hot Kick.


Bianckys are the basic grunts. These enemies are found all over the place and
have different suits for most levels. Zoom has a very noticeable effect on
these grunts and just about shuts them down. Dodging their attacks is pretty
easy, and leaves them open to anything else afterwards. Basically, Bianckys are
the easiest things to kill in the game and if you have problems killing them,
you have problems.


Verdys are quite common (though no where as common as Bianckys) and can be
frustrating at times. There are 2 varieties, one uses a helicopter to fly,
the other, a jetpack. Verdys-Chopper can be dropped to the ground with Slow,
but Verdys-Jet's can't dropped this way. A good way to kill these is to Slow-
punch them in mid-air to make them fall to the ground. Here they become
equivalent to Bianckys, and a similar strategy can be used. They can launch
green missiles that fall all around and homing missiles that can be punched


Biankys-Prima are just ballerinas that are equivalent to Bianckys except that
they spin before they hit and that they hit harder and have better defense.

Bats and Fishes

These enemies are only found in a few levels, but they can be very annoying.
Bats and Fishes just fly or swim around the room that they're in, until they
dive-bomb you. If they catch you, they'll deal lots of damage and prevent
you from doing anything (However, if you struggle with the control stick,
you prevent all damage). This is deadly around other more powerful enemies,
but besides this, Bats and Fishes are barely worth mentioning.

Bianco Billys

Cowboys really, Bianco Billys are irritating foes. Only strong attacks hurt
them, and this makes them weak enemies the instant you get Zoom. However,
until that point, the only way to damage cowboys to use Slow and then hit
their own bullets back at them, and this will daze them making an easy kill.
Right before cowboys fire their guns, they will spin their guns, so use that
as an indicator.


Rosettas are the pink girls that attack just like Captain Blue. Whenever you
get the chance, SlowZ-RHOH them to death. They have the normal punches and
kicks, and the electric attack that Captain Blue has.

Biancky Boxers

Biancky Boxers are just upgraded Bianckys that wear little biker helmets and
spiked gloves. They have more punch, less daze time, and higher defense than
Bianckys. Treat Boxers just like Bianckys and you'll do just fine.


Leaders come in 2 variants and both use swords, Red and Black. Red Leaders
should be treated as stronger Bianckys, while Black Leaders are a whole new
story. Both Leaders can spin their swords and summon tons of swords from out
of nowhere to try to hit you. Black Leaders are much stronger and can't get
hurt while preparing for an attack or while performing one. They have the
typical high and low strikes, and a dash attack with no indicator skulls,
but Leaders give out a noticeable cry before using this attack. Do your best
to avoid this strike as it deals massive damage. Besides this, simply use
SlowZ-RHOH when they're not attacking to kill them.


Cromartys are deadly little fellows. There are 3 variants, unarmed, bazookas,
and grenades. All have physical capacities. Unarmed Cromartys are often
referred to as "men in black" and as "ninjas". They are none of the sort. It is
highly recommend that you DO NOT try to daze Cromartys, as they attack four
times, and the last two times have no indicator skulls. Just dodge their
attacks (by jumping) and use SlowZ-RHOH on them when they aren't attacking,
otherwise they won't take damage. Cromartys-Bazooka can physically attack, and
shoot bullets. Use Slow to dodge or reflect the bullet. However, before firing,
Cromartys have a long charge time, so take this time to use SlowZ-RHOH on them.
Cromartys-Grenade are exactly the same as Cromartys-Bazooka, but they fire
missiles that can't be reflected. Either run from it, or use Slow to auto-


Gelbys are large, yellow creatures that are very, very strong. To damage
one, go in front of one and wait. If it draws back and smokes appears on it,
jump over it and SlowZ-RHOH. If it beats its chest, dodge the spinning
attack that follows and make sure that you're behind it when it lands, then
SlowZ-RHOH it. If you get behind a Gelby after it attacks, question marks
will appear by it indicating that you can damage it. Gelbys deal large
amounts of damage if they hit you, so use some caution.

Metal Leos

Metal Leos look like Fire Leo, except they're made out of metal, hence the
name. SlowZ-RHOH these things when you first find them, they'll block your
blows with their shield. Eventually, the shield will break, and they'll
attack you like a Ballerina. Dodge 5 attacks (They use grunts for high
attacks and laughs for low attacks) and then finish them off with SlowZ-
RHOH. Metal Leos attack using basic punches and by shooting fire balls.

1.4 The Report Card and Scenes

Whenever you enter a new area, you might be assigned an objective. This
objective can vary from killing a certain number of enemies to collecting a
certain item. After you fulfill the objective, the scene will end and you
will be graded depending on your performance. You are graded on V-Points,
Defense, and Time. The grades are V, A, B, C, and D, with V being the best.
You are awarded points depending on your average and if you took no damage,
so try to get the best grade.

2 - The Walkthrough

This walkthrough, like any walkthrough, will take you step-by-step through
the game. When starting a new game for the first time, it is highly
recommended that you choose the Kids difficulty because it is a lot easier
than the Adults difficulty. Also, pick up all film canisters you see, you need
every one. Most are in plain sight and will not be discussed in this
walkthrough. The only ones I will mention are the ones that you might not see.
Also, this walkthrough was written for the Kids and Adults difficulties. If you
can beat those, you don't need a walkthrough (Although V-Rated and Ultra
V-Rated just have more enemies and Ultra doesn't have indicator skulls). Oh,
the storyline is that Joe's girlfriend, Silvia, got kidnapped by an evil movie
villain and Joe has to go and save her. Pretty grand, huh? Also, if you're
having problems with anything, use SlowZ-RHOH and if that doesn't work,

2.1 Episode 1: Joe The Hero

The first level is pretty simple and fun. Watch the scene and then go
through the tutorial that teaches you how to dodge and attack. After you
quit the tutorial, let the Biancky attack you first. Dodge and then attack.
By attacking a dazed enemy, you will gain V-Points. Kill it and travel
forward. You'll have to kill a couple of enemies. Do such, but destroy the
large pink box to get some V-Points before you complete the scene. If you
got hit, take a hamburger from one of the orange boxes. Collect the
canisters and kill the enemies. Then progress and another scene will ensue
where you have to defeat more enemies. After you're done, continue on to
fight Captain Blue!

Boss: Captain Blue

The first boss is Captain Blue, and it's a real easy fight. Just wait for
him to attack. If he jumps, he's going to do a diagonal kick (Red Hot Kick),
so run out of the way. If Blue reels back and cries out, he's going to run
up to you and punch. Jump over him to dodge this. If he's in the air and
crackling with electricity, it means he's going to crash into the ground and
cover it with electricity, so run as far as you can. Otherwise, Blue will
appear right in front of you and try to hit you. Dodge his attack using
conventional means. Anytime he misses you, his aura will go away, leaving
him open to attack. Do such multiple times to win.

After the fight, you'll get your Henshin form. Always to stay in this form,
as it so much better than normal Joe as your punches and kicks are stronger,
you have enhanced defense, and because you can double jump. Also, you'll get
Slow, so start dazing enemies and then Slow attacking them to get V-Points.
Keep on going to the right, you'll encounter multiple enemies and canisters.
Kill and collect them all. When you're done, go to the right to fight another

Boss: Joker

The Joker is a "boss" that you'll fight many times throughout VJ, so get
prepared now. He'll attack by spinning for a few seconds and then
teleporting in front of you to punch. Just go up to him and use Slow to
punch and kick. After a few combos, the Joker will be dead.

Use the coin you got to activate the slot machine. Use Slow to make the
reels actually visible. Punch the machine when the icon you want is in the
middle. If you get all skulls, you'll lose a heart. If you get all
hamburgers, you get a hamburger. If you get all coins, you get a bunch of V-
Points. If you get all V's, you get a key. You need the key to progress, so
get it, but before you go, double-jump up to get some canisters. In the next
area, kill and collect everything. If you knock an enemy into one of the
knights, you'll destroy the knight and get a hamburger. Go through the door
that leads to a library. Here a cowboy will appear. When he starts to spin
his guns, turn on Slow and punch the bullet he shoots right back at him.
Then go up to him and kill him. After this a bunch of Bianckys will appear,
but first, jump onto the chandelier and double-jump off of it to collect
some canisters. Then kill all the Bianckys. When you have done so, a bundle
of books will appear. Punch onto the switch on the far right. Jump on the
bookcase, and then double-jump to another bookcase on the right and collect
the canisters there. In the next room (a dining room of some sort), continue
until you find some Verdys, Slow punch them in mid-air and then finish them
off on the ground. When you get to the end of the table, there be some
spikes and a platform. Use Slow to lower the platform and collect the
canisters and hit the switch. The switch will lower a chandelier near the
entrance to the room. Head back to the chandelier. When you get on it, it
will rise and progress from chandelier to chandelier in order to get to the
next area. Here, kill all the ballerinas to get a key and use the key to go
through the door at the end of the hallway. Collect the canisters above the
entrance and stairway. Here comes another boss.

Boss: Black Thunder

This helicopter is quite easy to kill. First, head all the way to the right
to collect a bunch of canisters. Now to killing the boss. The helicopter can
fire bullets and missiles. When it fires bullets, use Slow and hit the
bullets back at the chopper. When it fires missiles, just hit them. After a
while, the helicopter might summon some Bianckys, and these can be knocked
into the boss for damage. If you get close to the helicopter, don't touch
the propellers when they're red because you'll take damage. If you can't
deal damage, just use Slow to lower the helicopter and then pound it with
attacks. It's not a long fight, but if you need health, hit a chandelier for
a hamburger.

Now, you will be in the crypt area. Ignore the switch and move forward,
collecting, killing, and avoiding barrels. When you get to the end, head
back to the entrance and use Slow to make the water droplet huge to activate
the switch. With the switch activated, head to the door on the far right
that just opened. Travel to the end of this corridor while collecting
everything. At the end, you'll fight Captain Blue again. He'll use the same
attacks as before, but this time, you have Slow, so use it to mash him up.
As a gift, you'll get Mach Speed. Go to the barrel on the right and Slow
uppercut it (Y while crouching), and then, holding R, go under it. Travel
down the staircase until a barrel starts coming down. It doesn't go all that
fast, so keep your cool and collect everything. At the next staircase, there
are some canisters way up high that you can't collect. In order to get them,
Slow uppercut a dazed enemy into the power-ups. Continue onward until
another barrel starts coming down the staircase. This one goes faster, so
use Mach Speed to escape. In the next corridor, there will be a bunch of
statues. Mach attack them to set them on fire and when all have been set on
fire, go through the door. In the next area, above and below the starting
platform are canisters. Pick up all canisters in the room and you should have  
a maxed out bar. Continue to the far right and hit the coffin. This will
awaken the boss.

Boss: Dark Fiend, Charles the Third

Charles is a simple aristocrat that needs a beating! First, jump to his
level and hit him. He'll burst into a bunch of bats. Slow punch/kick as many
as you can deal damage to him. After a while, the bats will reform back into
Charles and you can do it all over again. He has 3 attacks. (1) He sends out
a red disc that boomerangs around the room. When Charles is low on health,
he send out more than one disc. (2) He'll turn into a vertical drill and try
to hit the ceiling. Turn on Slow and hit him before he hits the ceiling to
knock him down and allow you to deal massive damage. If Charles hits the
ceiling, a bunch of stalactites will fall down. Avoid them and then try to
uppercut one into Charles. If you do, it will knock him down. (3) He'll turn
into a horizontal drill and try to hit you. Use Slow to hit and knock him
down. If you have Red Hot Kick, use it! One hit from it will knock down Charles
and let you beat him up! It's an easy fight and when you win, it's the end of
level 1.

2.2 Episode 2: Some Like It Red Hot

The second level is harder than the first one, but watch out in the
beginning because your VFX bar has been reduced to its normal size. Anyway,
head to the left kill everything there for some film canisters. Next, go   
right until you find a platform. Jump on it and use Mach Speed. When it's
high enough, jump over the geyser. Here, you'll have to kill two cowboys, one
at a time. Kill them and then continue to the right until you meet Captain
Blue. Use the same strategy to beat him. As your reward, he'll give you
Zoom. Now, you can perform the mother of all attacks, SlowZ-RHOH! Use Slow
and Zoom and then hold Y to perform it. Head left until you find a hole in
the ground. Go in it to find two poles. Zoom in and use the spin kick to
activate both of them. Continue past the door until you find two boxes in
spike-filled water. Jump on either box and then use Mach Speed to raise the
water level. Then jump into the next area. Here, kill the Verdys and make
your way past the lasers. At the end will be a platform and ton of bats.
Kill the bats using the Zoom spin kick and use Mach Speed to raise the
platform. At the top is a room with more bats and Bianckys. Use the spin
kick to kill the bats. When they're all gone, kill the Bianckys as the last
one will give you some film canisters. To open the door, hold L. In the next
area, you'll find a Joker; dispatch him using SlowZ-RHOH. After he's dead,
use Slow and Zoom to get a key from the Slot Machine. Use the key to get
blasted out of the sewers. In the next scene, kill everything. However,
there is a pink box that you can only get if you uppercut someone into it,
so save an enemy for that. Go forward to find two armored trucks. Kill
everything and wait. A bus will come up and you'll need to jump on it. While
on top of it, use Slow and hold it. The jets on the back of the bus will
charge up and release L when the bus is close to the gap. If successful, the
bus should clear the gap. Above the bus is a pink box, and below the bus are
Voomerangs and Shocking Pinks, but you need Sliding in order to get them.
Head to the left, there's some film canisters over there. When you're ready
to fight some helicopters, head to the right. The helicopters are exactly
the same as the one you fought in episode 1, but now, just SlowZ-RHOH them.
They'll die in a couple of hits. Afterwards, go right and enter the hotel.
In the hotel, massacre the enemies and then climb the chandeliers. At the
top, Zoom jump to activate the switch, which will lower two chandeliers. Use  
the newly lowered chandeliers to reach statues holding jewels. Destroy the
statues to get the jewels (there's one jewel on each side of the room and you
can only carry one) and put them into the elevator on the bottom-right corner
of the room. Go into the elevator afterwards. In the next room, use Slow to
lower a platform. Raise the platform and destroy the chandelier at the top to
get a key. Use the key to open the door on the left. Inside there, kill all the
enemies to get some books and put the books on the bookshelf. This will cause
the shelf to become climbable. Jump on top of it and Zoom jump to break the
ceiling. Go through the door in this room. In the next room, kill the cowboys
and collect the canisters on the ceiling. Then Zoom shockwave the floor where
rays of light are coming up. Collect the canisters and then lure the Red Leader
up to the room where you fought the cowboys. Dodge an attack and then Mach
attack it to break the box in the background. You'll get a red vial, which
gives you infinite VFX! Finish off the Leader and go through the door on the
bottom. Here, you'll fight tons of enemies, so stay in Slow and rack up a huge,
HUGE combo. However, make sure you uppercut someone, because there's a box
holding some film canisters up near the ceiling. Use the key you got from the
last Leader to enter the elevator and go to the next area. Here, punch the bomb
over to the door and hold Slow to blast the door open. In the next room, kill
everything and then blast the door on the right. Go into that room and kill the
Rosetta to get a key. There are some canisters near the ceiling. Go back to the
room with the bomb and punch it under the yellow ceiling. Then Slow uppercut it
and hold Slow, the bomb should explode and blow-up the ceiling. Travel through
the hole you made. Avoid the lasers and make your way to the bomb at the end of
the room. Punch it over to the door and Mach attack it to set it on fire. Then
use Slow  to blast the door. Double-jump out of the door as there are some
canisters near the ceiling in the next room. Use the key to enter the elevator
and access the next area. In the next room, kill everything, but make sure to
uppercut someone to get the box near the ceiling. Afterwards travel through the
door. Here, kill everything and then Zoom shockwave the switch to lower some
stairs. Climb the stairs and collect the canisters behind the statue on the
right and then go to the left to fight the Joker. Beat him and then use the
Slot Machine to get some books to put on the bookshelf. In the next room, go
through the door on the right and Zoom shockwave the bathtub. Fall through the
hole and kill the Rosetta in the pit. To get out, stand on the table next to
the right wall and then jump. Use the key to open the elevator. On the
hundredth floor, Slow uppercut the bomb chandelier to chandelier. When it
reaches the uppermost chandelier, it will get set on fire, so Slow punch it
over to the door and hold Slow. The bomb should explode and open the passage to
the next boss.

Boss: Iron Ogre, Hulk Davidson

Hulk is a slow, arrogant rhino that hits hard, very hard. He'll jump around
the room the whole fight and make splashes when he lands. The splashes he sends
out cause damage. When he lands, slightly jump to avoid the splash and then
wait. Hulk will either perform a low strike (3 skulls on the ground) or charge
for a running dash. Dodge the low strike and then SlowZ-RHOH him. Jump over the
running dash and then SlowZ-RHOH him. In either case, watch Hulk's life meter
as you attack. The instant he stops taking damage, cease your attack because it
means he's blocking your punches with his ax, and if Hulk's ax takes too much
damage, it'll break and you don't want it to break. Also, Hulk might perform a
super strike (A HUGE skull) if you hit him too much. This deals high damage and
sets most of the ground on fire (Use Mach Speed to put out flames). If you take
too long, Hulk might make his desk launch missile at you, just reflect them
back at him. You can easily escape this battle without taking damage.

An anonymous person sent this in:

"I've found a better way to beat Hulk Davidson. Just wait until he rams into
the wall, then mach punch the hell out of him before he can turn around. Cheap,
but east,"

2.3 Episode 3: 2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea

In the third level, you first fly around on the Six Machine and then go into
an underwater city. As the Six Machine, your punches become laser bursts
(use Slow to make them big) and your kicks become bombs (use Slow to make
them explode). The first part is pretty easy to complete, but pretty hard to
get all the film canisters. In order to get a film canister, destroy all of
an enemy line. There are TONS of enemy lines, so it's just about impossible
to get every film canister there is on this level, unless you have a lot of
lives. Anyway, just shoot things until you get to the end and meet

Boss: Harrier

When the plane is level with you, use Slow laser bursts. When the plane isn't
level with you, use Slow bombs. Use the Zoom spin kick to reflect missiles.
Wasn't this guy easy? Afterwards, you'll start falling down past lots of
canisters, so try to collect them all. When you enter the city, you'll still be
falling past boxes, so hit as many boxes as you can, they all contain film
canisters. At the bottom of the city, go through door to find a big room with
lots of enemies. Kill them all to get a remote. Use the remote to bring the
platform from the entrance to the far right of the big room (The remote makes
it so that the platform follows you). Use the platform to activate the switch
in the big room and continue on. In the next room, kill and collect everything.
There are the 4 poles from episode 2. If you activate a pair at the same time,
you will get a red vial or an extra life. Go to the next room. Here, you'll
have to kill two Guards; use Zoom techniques to do so. There are canisters all
around the room, so jump high and search. The next room requires that destroy 2
Guards also, so do such and continue to the next area. Here, you'll have to
kill a Joker. Beat him up and get all V's on the Slot Machine. This is really
hard due to the water and because the machine goes up and down, but you can do
it. If you do, you'll get a security card of some sort. Put it into the wall on
the right to disarm the bomb, lower the water level, and unlock the door near
the entrance. Now, you can Mach Speed back to the entrance. This saves time,
but you'll get a D in V-Points for this scene, so you might want to beat up
some enemies before getting back to the entrance. After you go through the
door, you'll end up in the boss's lair.

Boss: Aquatic Terror, Gran Bruce

Bruce is a shark. Sharks like water. Joes don't like water. For this fight,
STAY OUT OF THE WATER! Out of water, you can pulverize Bruce. In water,
Bruce can pulverize you. On land, Bruce has 3 attacks. (1) He throws up
stuff (Gamecubes, NES's, belts, those sort of things) in hopes that he'll
hit you. This is easy to avoid. If you're in Slow, you'll auto-dodge.
Otherwise, just jump. (2) He'll spin his dorsal fin to make a tornado behind
him. This is easy to avoid. Since the arena is 3D, just move away from the
attack and it will completely miss. (3) Bruce charges up and then goes
around the arena trying to eat you. Underwater, Bruce moves FAST. If he
catches you, struggle with the control stick so that it deals only 1 heart's
worth of damage. After moving around with this, Bruce will recharge, use the
time to attack. Underwater (or if Bruce raises the water), Bruce can summon
fishes, dive bombers, and mines. Besides having different speeds
(Bruce=faster, you=slower), underwater combat is the same. If Bruce summons
mines, try to get him to eat one. If he does, SlowZ-RHOH him to deal extreme
damage. Whenever Bruce stands still, use SlowZ-RHOH to deal damage. ALWAYS
stay on his tail, because otherwise, he'll start to heal himself. It's not a
hard fight, but the chomping attack can get annoying and damaging.

Video Game Master sent this in:

"In the Gran Bruce fight, you should mention that if you Mach Speed punch him
enough and set him on flames, he'll go into the water and regain health! Plus,
I found out that it's a definite MUST to have the "Ukemi" for this fight if it
becomes a little tough, because this move, if done correctly, will restore
damage, right? Well, when his chomping attack connects, you should jiggle the
stick rapidly and as soon as he spits you out, you should slow down and use the
Ukemi move for it not only will give you "VP" (Viewtiful Points) but it also
will help the damage go to a minimum and help obtain a better Defense Ranking."

2.4 Episode 4: The Viewtiful Escape

For level 4, you'll be inside a submarine firing torpedoes. The indentations in
the floor and ceiling of the sub that offer places to avoid the damaging
torpedoes. In the beginning, Bianckys will be coming out of holes in the wall.
If you try to kill them all, you'll be trying for a long time, but you'll
eventually succeed. Progress to the right, using the indentations to avoid
torpedoes and using Zoom to break floors and ceilings. Near a map of the sub,
you'll find a remote control. This is the map to avoid confusion:

                                   l-------------------1 l <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ?
                                   l     BRIDGE        l l <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< l
                                   l    l--------------l l <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< l
L----------------------------------l    l----------------l <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< l
L ENTRANCE       <<<<<<        <<<<<<<<                    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< l

                                                      L A  L
-----------------------------                         L    L
?                           L-------------------------L    L---------------
-----------------------L       GEARS                                      L
                       L--------------------------------------------L     L
                                                                    L  B  L

The question marks connect the two pieces. -, L, and l are walls. <<<<<< are
torpedoes. The bold A leads to the torpedo launching pad. The bold B leads to
Another Joe. This map, of course, is flipped over when the sub is rotated.

Back at the entrance is a platform in the background. Your goal is to take the
platform from its current position and move it under the bridge's entrance to
your right. Head to the entrance and get the platform to follow you. If a
torpedo hits the platform, the platform will be destroyed, and you'll have to
start all over again. Use the indentations and Slow to prevent this from
happening. Once the platform is under the bridge's entrance, it will become a
part of the foreground and you'll be able to ride it. However, at this point, a
torpedo can still destroy it, so use haste. Jump on it and use Mach to reach a
flag at the bridge's entrance. Kill all the Verdys, and then use Slow to lower
the platform on the other side of the gate to open the gate. Jump on this
platform and use Mach to rise and enter the bridge. Once inside the bridge, use
Zoom to break the ceiling at the end of the corridor. Then go to the end of the
bridge and you should encounter a Gelby. To defeat it, let it attack you first.
If it reels back and smokes, jump over it. If it beats its chest, move under it
when it jumps. If you're behind the Gelby after it is done attacking, it will
be dazed and you can SlowZ-RHOH it to death. Kill it to get a wheel. Go to the
head of the bridge and insert the wheel to rotate the sub by 180 degrees. Now
exit the bridge. Your next goal is disable the torpedoes, so head to the
torpedo launching pad. To get there, head right. You will reach the point where
the torpedos are being launched (This isn't the launching pad). To get across
them, use Mach Speed so that you aren't standing on a torpedo when it moves up.
Go across a torpedo and then go through the floor at the end of the torpedo
(Down plus A). There will be another torpedo, cross with Mach Speed (to the
left this time) and then lower yourself. Next torpedo, you'll have to head to
the right.
Here's a picture:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ---------
---- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>-------- TO GEARS

This picture is really bad, but I hope it helps. >>>>>>> are torpedoes, ------
are the platforms you can go through. Eventually, there will be torpedo coming
from out of the ground and you won't be able to lower yourself anymore. Head to
the right through a narrow passage and then continue up until you see some
spinning gears. Don't touch them as they are damaging. Turn on Slow and hit the
yellow part of each gear to stop it. At the end of this corridor is another
Gelby, kill it to get a key. Use the key to unlock the door on the right. Fall
through the hole beyond the door and go through the corridor at the bottom.
You'll find a large room with 4 large rectangles that have orange lights on
them. Clear the room of enemies and then activate the 2 poles by the wall. When
activated, 3 of the orange lights will turn blue and then orange again. Find
the lights that turned blue and hit them. If done correctly, you'll have
disabled the torpedoes. If done incorrectly, you'll have to activate the poles
again. After you're done, head back to the bridge and hit the wheel to rotate
the sub. Then head back to the torpedo launching pad. You'll find that the
entrance is just long indentation in the ceiling, but beyond it is a hole
leading to the next boss.

Boss: Another Joe

Another Joe is an easy battle that can be long or short. He spends most of his
time teleporting around the field and he stops occasionally to attack. The key
skill is the Zoom spin kick as this skill nullifies all his attacks. He has 3
attacks. (1) Another Joe will burst into 4 clones, which will then circle you
for some time and then perform a homing attack. Use the spin kick to destroy
the clones. When he's low on health, AJ will let loose more clones. (2) AJ will
form a bunch a clones on one side of the arena which sit still for some time
and then home in on you at his command. Also, AJ can just perform this attack
without preparation. Use the spin kick to destroy the homing clones. With any
of the clone attacks, if a clone touches you, you'll take damage for that clone
and any other clone that touches you after the first clone. (3) AJ can summon
his Six Machine. It will either fly around in circles dropping missiles or sit
one place going up and down shooting laser bursts. Destroy it to get a
hamburger. To attack AJ the long, boring, and safe way, simply wait and AJ
MIGHT appear in front of you for a normal attack. Dodge it and then SlowZ-RHOH
him. The short, more dangerous way is to seek him out whenever he's not flying
around and then SlowZ-RHOH him. The first method takes awhile, but you probably
won't die, as all you do is stand still and block AJ's attacks. The second
method is more action-packed, but you might fall in the spike pits and you're
vulnerable to the instant clone attack. Before doing anything, AJ always says
something, so use that as an indicator. Attack him as you see fit, he's quite

After the fight, you'll have to escape the sinking submarine, so get the lead
out! Continue through the passageways and gears until you meet a dead end. To
progress, Slow uppercut the torpedo. Head left and uppercut the torpedo there.
There will another torpedo that you can jump on top of. Do so and then hold
Slow. The torpedo will charge up so release Slow when it's done charging. Once
at the top, make your way out of the sub.

2.5 Episode 5: The Midnight Thunder Boy

Does the scenery look familiar? This level takes place in the same city as
level 2 does. The difference? One's at night and harder (not too much though).
If you want an extra L.I.V., head to the left and kill the Gelbys there. Then
head right to find a tank. It can fire bullets, spin, and charge. Either
reflect the bullets back at it or daze one of the Bianckys and punch it into
the tank. To deal more damage, have Slow and Zoom on when you damage the tank.
Before you kill it, jump on it and collect the canisters way up high. After the
tank's death, go to the right and attack the plane there. Jump on it and
SlowZ-RHOH, but jump off when it gets close to the lava geyser. Before you kill
it, jump on it and then jump off to collect the canisters way up high. Use the
key you get from the plane to go into the sewers. Use Zoom to activate the
poles and continue on. Now, get ready for platform madness! In the next room,
there will be pipes dipping water. Use Slow to make the droplets huge and make
platforms in the lava. Once done, stand on such a platform and use Mach Speed
to raise the lava and double-jump to the next area. Here, make your way
platform to platform. On the final platform, use Mach Speed to rise to the next
area. There, jump to the next platform, which leads to the finishing flag. At
the flag, kill the Rosettas that appear and then use Mach Speed to bring a
platform out of the lava. Use to collect the canisters. Then use Slow to bring
down a platform. Jump on it and use Mach Speed to access a dead end filled with
items. Jump back on the platform and use Slow to lower yourself. When at the
lowest possible elevation, use Slow to make huge droplets and platforms in the
lava. Cross the hardened lava to yet another platform. Use Slow to lower it and
find more pipes. Use Slow to harden the lava and make your way to a room
occupied by a Joker. Ah, the end of platform madness! Kill the Joker in order
to use his Slot Machine. If you get all V's, you get 10 canisters. Above the
Machine are 10 canisters. To leave the pit, get all bombs, and punch a bomb
into the hole in the wall on the right. Then hold Slow and jump onto the
Machine. On the next street, kill everything and a plane will attack you. If
you kill it, the lava geyser on the right will lower. Go past it and you'll
encounter a tank. Kill it and a plane will attack you. Kill it and the bridge
will break. A train will try to run you over, so get out of the way. The next
time it comes along. Double-jump over it and turn on Slow before you touch it.
You should jump on and ride it into the tunnels. Afterwards, the train will go
totally out of control. You'll have to travel from car to car to the caboose
and activate the emergency brakes. However, the exit of each car is locked, so
you'll have to the find the key first. If you need life, there are hamburgers
in between each car. In the first car, kill everything to get the key. In the
second car and all after it, there will two paths one upper and one lower
blocked by grating. Hit the grating to destroy it. Take the lower path then the
upper path. At the next fork, take upper for the key and then exit the car. In
the third car, go upper for loot, and then at the next fork, go upper for a red
vial. Then kill the Gelby with a key and get out. Now, you'll be at the
caboose. Head to its end and you'll get attacked by two Black Leaders. Use
SlowZ-RHOH to easily defeat them. There's a switch at the caboose's end. Before
activating it, collect the all canisters in the area first. Stand on it to
activate the emergency brakes. STAY on it and wait, otherwise the brakes will
go up and do nothing. After you stop the train, you'll meet the next boss.

Boss: Blade Master, Alastor

Alastor the Stylish is going to get a dose of SlowZ-RHOH! Alastor has 4
attacks. (1) He pulls out his sword and then charges in your directions. He
ALWAYS starts the battle with this. Just jump over it. (2) Round Trip. Alastor
will hover far away from you and fire swords that home in on your position
once, spin, and then home in on you again. This is easy to avoid as the swords
attack one at a time, but dodging can get tricky with High Volt. (3) Air Raid.
Alastor will hover very high above you and launch an electric laser of some
sort. Jump out of its way, but dodging it gets tricky with High Volt. (4) High
Volt. Several blocks will rotate around the field firing a consistent laser
downward. The lasers are easy to dodge, but dodging them and Air Raid or Round
Trip can get hard. If a block is low enough just jump over it. Attack with
SlowZ-RHOH Alastor whenever he's in range. Like you, Alastor recoils, so you
can only hit him twice in rapid succession. Try to punch into the lava, he'll
teleport into a fountain and you'll be able to deal massive damage. The fight
is fairly easy, but stay on Alastor's tail to make sure that he doesn't make
mischief. The only thing that could mess up your rhythm is High Volt.

Robotic sent this in:

"The Round Trip swords, like missiles, can be attacked and turned on their
owner. The swords move a lot faster than missiles, so I recommend zooming in
and round kick for a while. Just be careful for High Voltage."

2.6 Episode 6: The Magnificent 5

Level 6 consists of 5 boss fights. There's no exploring whatsoever. The bosses
are stronger and better, but the same strategy will suffice.

Charles: Hit him while he's a drill to knock him down. Then Mach attack him in
order to get the box in the background. To get the canisters way up high, let
Charles drill the ceiling. Then uppercut one of the stalactites into the
canisters. Use the Zoom spin kick to destroy the little bats. If you have Red
Hot Kick now, use it.

Hulk: Use the same strategy, but dodge one of his attacks and then Mach attack
him. There's a box behind the desk that has 10 canisters in it.

Bruce: Use the same strategy. This fight is easy because of the hamburger.

Another Joe: Use the same strategy, but collect all of the canisters. Also,
Mach attack AJ, as there are hidden boxes all over the arena.

After all this you'll fight the level's boss.

Boss: Inferno Lord, Fire Leo

Say hello to the cheapest, evilest boss in the game. If you know how to kill
Leo, you can easily beat him without taking damage. If you don't know how to
kill him... Let's just say Leo will be having fun. When the battle starts, use
Mach Speed and run in the direction Leo is running in. When a rock falls near
you and within running distance of Leo, Mach attack it until you're on fire.
Then run over to Leo and hit him once to put out his fire. Then Slow attack him
until his shield breaks. The instant the shield breaks, SlowZ-RHOH him 2 times.
Then stop and recharge. He should have started spinning by now and hitting
really fast. Use Slow to dodge 5 of Leo's attacks and Leo will get dazed. Use
the time to hit him with SlowZ-RHOH 5 times. Then Leo will jump into the lava
and the process will start anew. When Leo jumps out, run in the direction he's
running and make sure he doesn't land on you. When he's approaching you, Slow
jump over him (Use Slow so that a rock doesn't hit you). Then do your thing.
This isn't a long or hard fight, you just need to know how to kill Leo.

2.7 Episode 7: Joe & Silvia

The final level is hell on any difficulty. Not only does it pit you against
wild endurance tests, some canisters can only be collected if you uppercut a
dazed Cromarty into them! Anyway, the first room is huge and has tons of
enemies to suit it. Kill them all (This will take awhile). Near the entrance
and exit are boxes in the background that are hard to see. To unlock the door,
find the blue pads and get really high above them (use the Die Fighters to get
that high). Then turn on Slow and make a Zoom shockwave. If you're high enough
when you started, you should turn on the pad. The pad will make a sound and say
ON if you do it correctly. You BARELY have enough VFX to activate the pads, so
make sure that you're REALLY high up when you start. When you turn all 3 pads
on, go to the next room. There 2 space tanks in the next room. They attack just
like normal tanks, but they don't summon Bianckys, they summon Cromartys! The
easiest way to kill the tanks is to reflect their bullets with Slow and Zoom
on. 2-3 hits should kill a tank. In order to get the canisters near the
entrance to the room, you have to uppercut a dazed Cromarty into the canisters.
Have fun! Kill the other tank to open the door. In the next room are 2 Metal
Leos. One is up high and one is down below. To kill either one, SlowZ-RHOH one
until its shield breaks and then dodge 5 ballerina attacks. Then finish it off
using SlowZ-RHOH. After you kill both, the door to the next area will open.
Next, you'll have to go through an endurance battle. If you want all the
canisters, just kill all but one enemy from the first rank. The enemies come in
ranks and once you kill the enemies in a rank, another rank appears. The
platform you fight on moves towards the exit, but you can't exit until all
enemies are dead. You aren't timed so don't rush. Just kill everything. At the
end, a Joker will attack. He's been upgraded with a rapier, but just SlowZ-RHOH
him to death. The Slot Machine here isn't fast like the others; it moves too
slowly! Use Mach Speed to get a key. Afterwards, continue to the next area.
Here, rockets are being launched towards the earth, but kill the Gelbys first.
When they're all gone, hit the rockets that are launching to destroy the ships
in the background. This takes awhile as the ships regenerate a lot. Use Slow to
make the rockets extra strong.

PsychoZagal sent this in:

"In that area if you Mach Speed the Gelbys, or whatever else you can find,
including any bombs you have (yes, you can Mach Speed those!) the after-images
will attack the ships in the background, killing them very quickly."

Go through the exit to find another moving platform battle. Kill all the Metal
Leos and collect the canisters near the ceiling. Use the key acquired from the
last Leo to access the last stretch, a bunch of endurance battles. For this
section you'll have to kill all the enemies within the time limit, otherwise
you'll die. The strategy for the different areas is all the same: kill
everything. In the first area, lure an enemy to the entrance and uppercut it to
collect the canisters. The first section has typical enemies, the second has
Cromartys and Leaders, the third has Gelbys, and the fourth has Metal Leos. Get
past the fourth section to find the final boss.

Boss: The Omnipotent, King Blue

King Blue can hide in the background to avoid damage; so don't hit him when
he's tiny. All of Blue's attacks are very strong, so dodge them all. He has 5
attacks. (1) The first lighting attack hits everything. Just stand still to
avoid it. (2) The second lighting attack sends down a couple of bolts which
then expand to look like the first lighting attack. To avoid, find a lighting
bolt and stand right by it. Usually there will a missile tower that will
prevent this attack. (3) The cane lighting attack makes a horizontal line of
lighting. Crouch to avoid it. (4) A missile tower will come up and summon
missiles from the ship in the background. When the tower appears, Mach attack
it to prevent Blue from using his second lighting attack. Dodge any missiles
that appear (You only have to dodge the missiles that are level with your head
and legs, don't jump, use the control stick). (5) Blue will go into the
background and summon a bunch of Die Fighters that hit the lower part of the
screen. THIS is when you attack him. Jump up and then SlowZ-RHOH Blue to deal
massive damage. If you're too low (near Blue's legs), the Die Fighters will hit
you. After a while, Blue will crackle with electricity, so if you punching him,
you'll get hurt. This can be a long fight, but after a couple tries, you'll
beat King Blue. It's easy to dodge all his attacks and you'll have to as they
all deal lots of damage.

PsychoZagal sent this in:

"Whenever the radio tower is about to summon the missles, you'll hear Blue say
"Say bye bye!" or "Goodbye...", giving you a chance to react. Also, when he
says "Go back to school!", he's usually about to do the full-screen lightning

However, this is only the first half of the final boss fight! Get ready for...

Boss: Captain Blue

How can I put this, Captain Blue fights just like Captain Blue! Blue has his
diagonal kick, teleportation, the electric shockwave, the normal attacks, and
the punch with a charge time. However, Blue has some new tricks. He can summon
lighting bolts that strike one spot only or strike one spot and spread
throughout the whole field. Both can severely trap and damage you. Also, Blue
can use Mach Speed! This makes him insanely fast and very capable of hitting
you. Blue doesn't have much health, so this isn't a long fight. After you beat
him, you'll get to see the credits! No matter what difficulty you beat the
game; you can start a new game with all the stuff you bought in the first game.
If you beat Adults or higher, you can continue to the next difficulty with all
the stuff you bought.

3 - The Things You Can Unlock

When you beat the game for the first time, you unlock the music video,
Viewtiful World. If you beat the game on Adults or higher, you unlock new
difficulties and new characters. This is what you unlock:

   Beat this...                  Get this!
          \\                       //
         Adults>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>V-Rated, Silvia
         V-Rated>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ultra V-Rated, Alastor
         Ultra V-Rated>>>>>>>>>>Captain Blue

Also, if you get all Rainbow V's for every level with a character, you unlock
Unlimited VFX with that character. Just meet the conditions and then hold Z
when selecting the character. If you can do this with everyone, you must be

3.1 Those Other Difficulties

So, you're hot enough to beat Adults, huh? Think you can beat Ultra V-Rated?
With both difficulties, it is recommended that you continue a game from Adults
rather than start a new game in a higher difficulty so that you don't have to
worry about V-Points. V-Rated is just a step up from Adults and isn't much
harder. You meet Cromartys and Boxers a lot sooner (in the first level) and
there are explosive frogs and moles. Additionally, you deal less damage and
take double damage. Ultra V-Rated is a bunch of giant steps up from V-Rated.
There are no indicator skulls and you take quadruple damage. Most strong
enemies can take off eight of your hearts in one hit, and getting hit in your
normal form is instant death in most cases. I cannot stress how important
Voomerangs are in Ultra V-Rated. Able to hit things from a distance (for
killing Guards) and able to stop a boss in its tracks, Voomerangs are awesome!

3.2 Sexy Silvia

All of the characters play like Joe and have gibberish for the cut scenes.
Silvia's storyline is that she has to rescue her twin sister, Goldie, from the
clutches of evil. Silvia is INSANELY fast and can jump a little bit higher than
Joe. Also, her VFX bar lasts twice as long. Before you go along thinking that
Silvia is the greatest thing in the world, Silvia takes DOUBLE DAMAGE. That's
right, an attack that normally takes off 4 hearts, takes off 8 of Silvia's
hearts and this attack could kill her in two hits. X_X On Ultra V-Rated, many,
many attacks can kill Silvia in ONE hit, regardless of her current form.

3.3 Alastor the Stylish

Alastor's storyline is that he wants to fight King Blue for fun and because
Blue kidnapped Goldie. Alastor has to manually go into Henshin form (press the
Z button) and once in it, his VFX bar steadily depletes. However, if you use
any VFX abilities, the gauge empties at the same rate. This allows Alastor to
use Mach Speed for a long amount of time. Since you have to leave your Henshin
form in order to recharge, it's useful that you can double-jump in your normal
form. Since Alastor spends a lot of time in his normal form, he can easily take
double damage and get killed while recharging. Though he's not better than Joe,
Alastor's a lot cooler.

3.4 Captain Blue

If you had the mad skill needed to get Captain Blue, can you get unlimited VFX?
Blue's storyline is that he wants to fight his dark side and King Blue takes
Blue's wife away. Blue has only one jump, but it goes HIGH. If you press A in
midair and hold it, Blue will hover. While hovering, you can move very fast
(almost as fast Silvia's running speed and Mach Speed does effect Blue's speed)
and you can hover an unlimited amount of times. So, what is Blue's
disadvantage? Blue can't see skulls! No matter what difficulty you play on,
Blue will NEVER see skulls. This makes Leo a very hard fight. However, since
this is Blue's lone con, Blue is awesome on Ultra V-Rated! There, his only
disadvantage disappears! I like Blue the best simply because of his hover

4 - Legal Info and Thanks
Thanks to:

GameFAQs for having such a good website.

Bwood for the contributions he has given to GameFAQs as those guides helped
me a lot!

Capcom for making this awesome, viewtiful game!

Nintendo for making the Nintendo Gamecube!

PsychoZagal for the information on King Blue and rockets!

GCNzach for the correcting my degree mistake!

Robotic for telling me about Alastor's Round Trip!

Video Game Master for telling me about Bruce!

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than GameFAQs.com or
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