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Revision Histories:

30 June 2004: Yeah exams have finish, first made the FAQ, there isn't 
spelling mistake or bad grammar

2 July 2004: continuing and complete the walkthrough

17 July 2004: Spider Man 2 is a bit disappointing but it's an ok 
movie I guess. Not much just change my legal info a bit and another 
FAQs answered.


Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)
About characters
Power Up
Boss Faqs
Contact me
Legal Info


Welcome to my second FAQ. Enemies is hard but Boss is harder right 
well in is on this game which is why I decide to make this guide 
because I want to help you on this game. 

I have brought this game when it come out on 2003 and I still love 
this game, part two of this game will be coming at end of 2004/early 
2005 time so while waiting till that come out why not play part one?

Viewtiful Joe is a 2d game but make it look like a 3D game, one of 
the best beat them up game on the Game Cube

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs):

What the different between the US and the Japanese Version?

The Japanese version cover case is in a box like those games back in 
Super Nintendo times and the voice acting, text in Japanese for the 
English version the cover is like in a DVD case and voice acting, 
text is in English

Did you play the US or Japanese version, or you Japanese?

I play the English version because I not fluent in Japanese but I 
might play the Japanese one day and no I'm not Japanese. I am British 
Born Chinese (BBC)

How many VJoe games will capcom make?

*Warning contain spoilers* On the end of this game Captain Blue say 
you need to do the movie two more times and Silvia get to be a hero 
too (already know you can play as her in part 2) so I guessing up to 
part 3 but who knows [end of spoilers]

About Characters:

he like watching movies and one of captain blue fans however this 
time when Joe and his girlfriend watching a movie some one kidnapped 
his girlfriend and Captain Blue pull Joe in to the movie land which 
Joe a hero

The office dress lady is Joe girlfriend. She cheerful and like movies 
but she will be kidnapped I wonder who done this too her?

Captain Blue:

He is a movie hero but got beaten by king blue which means Joe have 
to take his lead. Nothing much to saying about him un till the end of 
the story but I not going to tell you because it spoil it

Power up:

After each level you need to level up stuff but do you know what they 
do well hoping this section will help you

This will get one burger and heal one heart of your life

Shocking Pink: 
There isn't always a bomb when you need it epically when you want to 
beat some enemies

A boomerang that attack enemies it also stop bosses a while

Slide along the ground and kick. That very useful

Air Joe:
A combo, flying punch kick again I don't really use this

Red hot kick:
Jump on the air and kick downward then Joe will make a sliding down 
kick with fire around him this work well.

Match Speed Level (number goes here)
This will increase your match speed. You really need it epically once 
you get to Mr Shark

Viewtiful Forever:
A nice dodge skills that will hit enemies away. Really good skills to 

When you falling down the ground use slow motion just before you go 
fall down use Zoom motion and Joe will bounce back up again

VFX Turbo Charger:
This is a must buy. It will make your VFX mark goes faster so you 
don't have to be normal Joe for longer and die

It like the burger but all your hearts will go up instead of one

Take two:
Once you game over you one more chance to complete that stage

This will continue where you left off and you won't get game over


Before you start the game you pick a mode Kids or Adult:

Kids is easier because you get more moneys, life is longer, View Mark 
last longer and the enemies is easier to beat adult mode is just 
hard. Which ever mode you playing you shouldn't much difficulties 
using this walkthrough. 

Joe The Hero:

After learning how to punch and kick Press Z

Punch and kick the enemies and collect stuff while you go along you 
soon see Captain Blue again

When the arrow is up use the control stick and when it down use 
control stick down these will avoid his attack. Start punching him 
and a cut scene will appear and he teach you how to use slow motion 
(keep holding L)

Run and fight everything using your new skill.  When V-Mark goes out 
u turn back new normal person but your V-Mark goes up quite quick as 

And the end of here you will see joker
He an easy mini boss.  Just use Slow and kick him. once he gone get 
the key and now for the slot machine. Use slow and use punch it and 
make it go V, V, V after that you get a key to the next room

Go to the door.  Slow and kick those traps and you will get burger 
this will increase your health and kill the enemies. Do this until 
you get the next room.  Kill the guy that have the gun.  Best way to 
kill him now is to use slow and kick him.  try to avoid his bullet he 
soon die and leave a few easy enemies then a pile of book kick it to 
the right of the room.  Go to the next room.

Kill the enemies you will see there some spikes.  Jump on the thing 
that is flying now slow and punch the switch. Go over there and jump 
across the next the room.  Kill enemies and get the key. Go to the 

When you get at the centre you see a helicopter flying pass. try 
kicking the bullet back in the helicopter or jump on the helicopter 
and use slow and start kicking and punching it.  It will let enemies 
go down but ignore but try to ignore them.  

Save game

Fight those bats and jump over those barrow (this is hard) then 
backtrack to the beginning of the room and use slow to make a big 
splash now run to the next room or you can just make a big splash 
then dash to the door. 

You see green flying robot carrying bullets jump and kick them to the 
floor now quickly beat them up, if you keep slow motion when you beat 
him on the air their backpack will explode this will you kill them as 
well.  at the end of the room you see Captain Blue again

Use your move which should be easier then the previous one use slow 
and you should beat him in no time.

After beating Captain Blue up you see a barrow ok uppercut it and use 
match speed to go under it

Fight the enemies and you soon see a barrow rolling down use match 
speed, don't even bother fight the enemies because the barrow do it 
for you, once you get to the bottom of the room you see some touch 
match speed kick or punch it, go through the door and get ready to 
fight the first boss Charles the third. Go to the Boss FAQs section 
to find out to beat him

After the boss battle you should get your grades I got Awesome anyway 
save the game and go to the next episode  but you might want to power 
up first

Some Like It Red Hot:

I think you should beat the enemies up using match speed first after 
that jump on the platform and use match speed until get at the top 
then jump over it

Once you to the over side you see a cow boy robot. Use slow motion to 
punch his bullet back to them and use match speed and punch to kill 
them fast otherwise if you slow you get them a chance to get up again 
and don't want that to happen.

Fight everything using match speed then jump over the whole for now 
and fight Captain Blue for the third time after that and you'll have 
learn Zoom motion (B button or C stick) go back and jump in to the 

You will see a puzzle use view kick to open the gate. Run down to you 
see a dead end. Collect all the points then quickly get on to a 
platform once you on it match speed to fill the water up. 

Loads of laser in the next room so avoid it using slow motion a gate 
should close and see platform and an annoying bats. Jump on the 
platform and make your way up to the top

Fight all the annoying enemies once you get to the end of the room 
face the electricity and use slow motion you should able to garter 
some electric on the machine and the door will open

Fight a joker then use slow and view on the slot machine you may want 
get a burger and some money before you get the V's after that go to 
the door lock and you will get of the sewer

Be careful cars will coming to run you over you hitting the enemies 
and the green flying robot now have to use lighting thunder but it 
not that hard

Jump over the cars and run forward until you see Charles poster, you 
will get two cars busses in the way enemies will come which is easy 
after that done new one come, now new enemies come (girl robots) they 
fight like Captain Blue in a girlie way using slow motion punches 
will get them down quite fast, if they both around you use zoom jump 

After fighting them jump on a buss, once you on it use slow motion 
and you will see the buss on the air now use match speed to get to 
the other side.

Run forward then you see helicopter that you have to fight, You can 
either use the same skills as the first or too get them down even 
faster use view kick at them. 

After beating them up run forward and you get a cut scene that you 
run to the hotel. Save power up if you need to and continue with the 

After beating everything go to centre of the room jump on the lights 
then zoom jumping up to bring more down. Jump over them then you a 
statue holding a ruby, ok so need that crystal right? Match speed 
punch the statue will brake. Put it on the evaluator now get the 
other crystal and go inside the lift

When the lift stop get the platform to come down by using slow motion 
when you get up the top zoom jump and will get a key which you can 
unlock the next door

After some really easy enemies you get soldiers swords robots these 
really easy if you brought red hot kick but if haven't then use slow 
combos at them. 

After fighting in here get the book and put back to the book shelves, 
the book shelves will come closer jump on it and zoom jump to make a 
hole. Go to the room that is open and cowboy robot will appear beat 
them up will see a light under on the floor, use zoom and jump down

Fight soldiers swords robots and leave this room, can you see the 
barrow rolling towards you meaning you have to fight everything and 
get the key before you be crushed. Once you get the key quickly go to 
the lift

Punch the bomb towards the door and use slow motion to blow the door 
up, if you  punch the enemies towards the bomb and holding slow 
motion that will kill that enemies for you -u- sports robot can 
easily be killed by using zoom kick or slow combos. 

After that blow the next door up and you see the girl robot have a 
key so beat her up and collect everything in this room

Leave this room and go to the previous room. Jump up and kick the 
bomb towards the ceiling. Wait until the enemies come down. This 
helps because up there have some beam laser up there which is quite 
hard to avoid when you beating them up, after fighting everything 
double jump to get up there, match speed the bomb until there light 
up with fire then slow motion to explode the door

Beat the couple of sports robot and go to the lift. Next go to the 
door and fight the enemies, you will see a switch on the left so jump 
down on it and a ladder will come down, jump on the ladder then enter 
the room and get ready to fight joker again after he done get to the 
slot machine and get the V's put the book back to the shelves.

The lift is locked so go to the only door that open, you will see a 
arrow pointing down on the bath so jump down and will see girl robot 
beat her up and get the key, you see the table on the left step on it 
then right jump out of this room and enter the lift

Uppercut the big bomb to the platform, keep doing this until get top 
the last one you need to punch it through the door to make explode 
now enter the room and fight Hulk Davidson after that battle save the 

2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea:
After a long level, here a short level to play but it not going to be 

You on your six machine so shoot everything around until you get to 
the end of this part, you will see a plane keep match speed shooting 
at it when come stay at left hand corner, if he send bullet at you 
spin kick it back

You now jumping down, punch the boxes while you doing this and you 
might get stuff from it whatever you don't zoom jump down if you want 
to punch some boxes

Fight everything here then collect the remote and the platform will 
follow you before getting the putting down the switch at the centre 
of the right hand side jump on the platform and punch the pink box 
down, this will get you unlimited view mark for a while anyway punch 
the platform on to the switch by slow motion and enter the next room.

They all enemies you meet apart from electric guards. You can either 
zoom kick it or zoom jump it to kill them. You will know when you get 
to the end of the room because there a joker kill the joker, play 
around with the slot machine which may take a while because you need 
to keep jumping because it on the air. After the 3V's you will get a 
key card, put it on the wall slide 

Beat everyone in this room then backtrack to the beginning and beat 
Grane Bruce

Viewtiful Escape:

Go forward zoom in jump everything and you will get the remote for 
the platform, go back and get the platform, if you need to get the 
platform to go down so that it won't get crushed those rockets, an 
easy way to kill the enemies is upper cut them to the rockets. When 
the platform is forward jump on it and match speed to make it go up.

In this room you will see flying green robots again just send back 
the bullet by punching it, when they are done match speed the 
platform to open the gate now quickly jump to the next room. 

Make your way back to the wheel room and there a new enemies that 
wearing yellow to fight, now they are the hardest enemies to fight in 
this game just wait till confused (they will have question mark above 
there heads) then fight them at there back or zoom jump down on their 
back after fighting them place the wheel where it mend to goes and go 
now go right and jump up. 

Keep running until there two way direction of course take the right 
jump over the holes and be careful with the rockets. You will soon 
see rockets going upwards used match speed and run to the other end 
jump down run to the other side and repeat until you get a new area. 

Fight the enemies and you will see wheel turning fast and one of 
those yellow robots that have the key. Slow punch the wheel when it 
have a yellow label saying stop after doing that kill the yellow 
robot and place the key

Get all the way to the bottom and you see a puzzle, yellow robot (-n-
) and flying robots. Kick the flying robots bombs towards yellow 
robot and hopefully he die then fight the easy one. The puzzle does 
get annoying because it always changed and hard to remember. Zoom 
kick it. remember where it highlight and use slow punch when you done 
it correctly it will stop the rocket moving.

Backtrack to the wheel room fighting some enemies in the way before 
turning the wheel to the other side get the burger and the front of 
the wheel which it isn't there before that's so weird anyway to the 
only direction you have to go and get ready to fight a boss Another 

Who was the real Joe then? Anyway there a bigger problem now get 
which is get out of off here. Run until reach to the dead ends now 
jump on the platform ok that was the easy part done next you need to 
uppercut the rockets and go under it keep doing for the next two 
rockets after that  you see a rockets going up jump on it, slow 
motion when on the air match speed and straightaway jump on a 
platform once you get on there jump, jump and jump avoiding the laser 
once you get to the top save it

The midnight thunder boy:

You start with some enemies so beat them and soon you will meet a 
tank which is easy to beat when you hear a funny noise jump then 
punch the bullet back in after the tank done ignore the hole for now 
and fight the plane. The plane is quite hard because you need to be 
careful with both corners (there  fire) do the same skills with the 
previous helicopter and you beat it very quickly

Go back to the hole once you get done there now run to a dead end, 
jump up use slow motion to get a wooden platform to appear make 
another then match speed to fill the fire, the platform will brake 
but you should able to go the next room

Travel till you get to the end which you will know because you see a 
joker which you should know how to beat it by now. After he beaten 
get three bombs on the slot machine, punch one of them into the hole 
then imminently jump on top the slot machine and slow motion until 
you get out, you might need couple of retries before you get it 

Fight a few more enemies, a tank and planes after that jump on a 
train which you can now say "bye" to this city. 

The train part is quite easy. Just beat everything fast and collect 
the key a long the way, here a tip do not spent too long beating an 
enemies. Once you get the end stand on the switch, if you got some 
time play with the match speed or slow motion anyway power up, save 
and get ready to beat up a easy boss named Alastor

The Magnificent 5:

There nothing I can say for this level you just need to fight five 
boss which you can find on the Boss FAQs section. Well good luck

Joe and Sylvia:

Last level of the game and the hardest, go right to the top and use 
zoom jumping down using slow motion it will make the switch on, use 
with the other 2 switches

Space tank is harder then normal tank because they have longer health 
but doing the same skills should able to beat them. After you be 
beaten the tank go to the next room 

Go right to the top and beat Metal Leo by zoom kicking his head do 
the same the with the other Leo (at the bottom of the room)then leave 
this room

Fight everything in this room epically the joker, do the slot machine 
you may want to use match speed because this slow machine it so slow 
anyway the next room it quite hard because you need to punch the 
rocket back to the spaceship and it take ages to finish this task, it 
doesn't help when the yellow robot attack you which you might want to 
be them up first. The laser can easy be avoid by jumping over it or 
using slow motion.

The rest of this level can be easy and it also can be hard. You just 
need to be everything up and you meet all of them before. Once you 
fighting Metal Leo on the time limit battle you need to fight King 
Blue then Captain Blue for the fourth and final time.

Congratulation you have beaten the game, be proud of yourself

Boss FAQs:

Charles the 3rd (Dark Fiend):

This is the easiest boss because his skill help you to beat him. if 
he on the air use slow and punch him.
lots of little bats use match speed punch this get loads of goods 
sometime damage him but even it don't you can still get something out 
of him

when rocks drop from the ceiling dodge it using slow when he near the 
to the rocks uppercut it he will fall down and this is your chance to 
beat him badly

he soon use a sweep of floor move a lot of people jump over him but 
don't instead use slow mo and keep punching him badly until he fly 
off again. He sometime do a nasty red boomerang to dodge this use 
slow motion.  repeat this skill and you been him in no time

Hulk Davidson (Iron Ogre):


===========                             ================

               Joe                        Hulk

slow down and dodge his moves then speed punch him when he make a 
sound let go off speed as soon he use his attack use slow again, you 
will now turn back to normal Joe. make sure hulk see you and run to 
the end jump on the platform when he crush to the wall and gone dizzy 
use match speed and beat him up, 

if he send rockets use slow motion and punch it to go back to him.  
repeat this skill till he dies

Grane Bruce:

Grane Bruce maybe stupid but he quite hard to beat. when he going to 
bite you use match speed to run away from him or throw a Voomerang to 
stop him running towards you. 

he will send fishes out use slow mo and punch them before you do 
anything, when he send out a bomb stand behind the bomb and wait he 
bite you but hopefully he bite the bomb when he does hit him, this 
will damage a lot of his health. when he use his spinning thing use 
viewtiful forever and it should dodge it .

After he jumping he will rest. don't let him rest because he get his 
health back so what you do well punch him. 

If you need health go at the high left hand corner and get the 
hamburger this only work on episode five

Another Joe:

Another Joe fight like Jet Li so you might have some difficulty 
fighting him. basically you need to know his location when he 
telescope himself if you know where they are just punch him

if he send illusions AJ then use view kick(the spinning kick) or 
throw Voomerang to kill them these two skills  will hit him for sure.  
He sometime send your six machine to attack well hit it and get a 


Like another Joe you need to know his location but he usually on the 
air on the ground near where you are

Once you send swords you can't really do anything to them just run 
away. He make stone move with electricity you should punch the stone 
to stop it moving or throw a voomerang to stop Alstor when he come 
down near you slow motion and beat him if you punch him toward he 
will go straight back to the nearest water place just keep beating 
him up once you got the chance

Fire Leo:
Before you fight Fire Leo you should POWER UP

after the comedy cut scene, use match speed kick those rocks now jump 
and use Voomerang at him once this is good news because you damage 
him a bit and now go to his head and hit his head. use slow mo and 
hit him when he do the spinning grab you skill use viewtiful forever

King Blue:
This battle look like Japanese cartoons (animes) series Gundam but 
not quite the same, this battle is a bit easier then fire Leo but it 
is still hard. 

When he throw those space ships just jump over them, do the same with 
rockets or use view kicking, lighting just stand between them, beam 
just keep away from it (don't jump) once you see him use the yellow 
stick this mean he come near to you use slow punch or view kick to 
beat him, repeat this skill

Final Boss: Captain Blue:

SLOW and punch him watch out his lighting attacks also know as stay 
at the corners. His moves is Joe red hot kick but he will say 
"Capital Kick" which slide kick you must stay away from this either 
run away or jump but that skill is not so bad and his other attack is 
jump down and lighting will come out this the skills you must run 
away from otherwise you die easily 

he fast but just keep using slow punch and you can beat him for sure.


CJayC for making a the best website and posting this guide on this 
website, thanks mate

Megaqwerty, I use his guide for the Boss names because I wasn't sure 
how to spell it

Capcom for making a successful brilliant game

You for reading this guide and needing help on this game

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delete it straight away

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