Game Script by UltraVioletGirl

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Viewtiful Joe Game Script
Written by UltraVioletGirl
0. Version History
1. Introduction
2. Story
3. Characters
4. Script
4.1. Opening
4.2. Joe the Hero
4.3. Some Like it Red Hot
4.4. 2,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea
4.5. The Viewtiful Escape
4.6. The Midnight Thunderboy
4.7. The Magnificent 5
4.8. Joe and Silvia
4.9. Ending
5. FAQ
6. Closing
6.1. Copyright Information
6.2. Credits
6.3. Contact Me


0. Version History

1.00: Script completed according to the soundtrack, plus some changes made on
my own. Some dialog still needs to be confirmed and changed.

1.05: Changed some dialog errors in the opening and the first chapter; added
some actions to the opening.

1.09: Oh, my stars! An update! I fixed a few little things in this script,
Adding a long-forgotten footnote in 2,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Changing the heading a bit.
Fixing a typo in 1.00 version history.
Changing the FAQ a bit.
Fixed some footnotes to sound a bit less childish.
Changed the font from Courier New to Lucida Console.
I'm thinking of maybe going through the game again and correcting some of the
errors, but I'm kind of iffy on that. If I do start updating this more often,
you'll notice that I've matured a lot in the three years since this thing was

1. Introduction

Yes, this is the Viewtiful Joe Game Script. I got the soundtrack a while back
and only noticed the game script inside it a little while ago, so I’m typing it
down here. There are several dialog errors, so I have corrected some of them.
Later on, I’ll make some changes and this guide will (hopefully) be 100%
accurate some day.

2. Story

Joe and his girl, Silvia, are “enjoying” a “date” together at the movies. Joe
is cheering on his hero, Captain Blue, but Silvia wants them to do something
together. While trying to divide his attention between the movie and his girl,
the movie monsters come to life and grab Silvia! While Joe sits there in shock,
he gets sucked in, too! Joe gets a V-Watch from his idol, Captain Blue, and
goes off to save his girl as... Viewtiful Joe!

3. Characters

Here are the major characters of the game.

Viewtiful Joe: Joe is an average guy who ends up getting sucked into Movieland
and becomes the red hero we all know and love: Viewtiful Joe! (Voiced by Dee
Bradley Baker.)

Sexy Silvia: Joe’s girlfriend, she gets kidnapped into Movieland and is held
hostage. She gets to become a hero in the end. (Voiced by Christina Puccelli.)

Captain Blue: Joe’s hero and idol, Captain Blue grants Joe the V-Watch. He
turns out to be the major villain. (Voiced by Gregg Berger.)

Goldie: Silvia’s twin sister seen in Silvia’s story.

Ivory: Silvia and Goldie’s mother and the wife of Blue, she is seen in Captain
Blue’s story.

Dark Fiend, Charles III: The first boss of the game, he mentions a “ritual of
sacrifice.” (Voiced by Roger Rose.)

Iron Ogre, Hulk Davidson: The second boss, he really likes to sing and can get
annoying on occasion. He doesn’t say much about the Jadow’s plan. (Voiced by
Kevin Michael Richardson.)

Aquatic Terror, Gran Bruce: The third boss, he’s a huge idiot and reveals the
location of the Jadow’s hideout. (Voiced by Roger Rose.)

Another Joe: A Joe clone, he turns out to be:

Blade Master, Alastor: Joe’s archrival, all he cares about is a good challenge.
He reads the entire plan of the Jadows to Joe. (Voiced by Mikey Kelley.)

Raging Stones: These green creatures are stone copies of the first four bosses.
They may look like a bunch of rock-heads, but they’re harder to defeat then the

Inferno Lord, Fire Leo: Fire Leo is the most evil boss in the game! He doesn’t
really give Joe any information, but rambles on pointlessly until it’s time to
fight. (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.)

The Omnipotent, King Blue: Your big, bad guy, he’s really Captain Blue gone
bad. (Voiced by Gregg Berger.)

Sixmachine: The little vehicle Joe rides on. (Voiced by Hideki Kamiya.)

Mega Megabot (not sure if this is correct), Six Majin: Joe’s giant, fighting
robot. He also takes Joe into Movieland at the beginning. (Voiced by Hideki

4. Script

Yep, this is the entire game script according to the OST. You can search for a
certain part using Ctrl+F. Also, if you see anything tagged with a star (*),
then read the note at the end of the script.

4.1. Opening

(Scene before you press Start):

Narrator: The Jadows move ominously across the land, dying the sky with blood
and pounding the Earth. Those who still have faith in justice and honor, valor
and goodness, call out his name. The ultimate superhero, the only one who can
save the world from extinction. If he can’t do it, no one can!
Joe: Who me?

(Opening scene):

Narrator: Captain Blue fights with every ounce of his being. He fights against
the dark forces of evil, for what is right. This is all that Blue has ever
wanted; to do the right thing.
Joe: Come on, Blue! You have to save the world! We can’t do it without you!
Silvia: ...Joe. Is this your idea of a date movie? I had a more romantic time
eating popcorn in the lobby! Joe, honey, why don’t you show me some off-screen
action... (Pushes Joe down and starts kissing him.)
Joe: Wh... whoa! Syl... Silvia, cut it out!! I said, cut it out! They don’t
show these old movies all the time, you know. I’ve been looking forward to this
Silvia: Well, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, too! We
haven’t been out on a date in forever! (Pushes Joe down and starts kissing him
Joe: Hey! Stop that, this is the best part...
King Blue: Muahahaaah! I have won! The dark side prevails! Now you have seen
just how flimsy your sense of justice is, Captain Blue! Now I rule this world!
The world is MIIIIIINE! Ha ha haaaaah!
Joe: Go away...
Silvia: Come on...
Narrator: And thus Captain Blue was brought to his end. Goodbye, beautiful
world. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Joe: Aw man. I missed the most important part.
Silvia: Hey... I’ve seen this scene before.
Joe: Know why? Cuz this flick hit the screens way back when we were still
little babies.
Silvia: But that guy in the blue mask... I know I’ve seen him someWHOA!*
King Blue: The girl is mine! And she’ll serve as the object of my revenge!
Joe: Wow... that was unreal! What the heck?
(King Blue grabs Silvia and takes her into the screen.)
Silvia: AH! He... hey! What’s going on?! Let go of me! Joe, do something!
Joe: Whah... What’s happening...?!? (King Blue punches Six Majin into the
theater.) It’s... SIX MAJIN!

*The soundtrack says “somewh-” but I posted it as “someWHOA” because that’s
basically what Silvia says.

4.2. Joe the Hero

(First scene):

Joe: Oww... Hey. Wait a minute... Am I INSIDE THE MOVIE?
Captain Blue: Correct my young friend! I am Captain Blue. I am no longer able
to fight because I have been defeated. You must take my place, as the new
action hero.
Joe: That voice... it really is Captain Blue! Whoa!... Hey, can I get your
Captain Blue: No, I am already gone. I beg of you to take up the torch of
justice, young movie lover. Now go. The world is in danger! Your lady friend is
waiting for you.
Joe: Cool... a real V-Watch! I always wanted to try one on!

(Scene before you battle Captain Blue for the first time):

Captain Blue: My young Joe. It looks like you haven’t awakened to your true
powers as a hero. Come, I’ll show you how to be a real hero. Come and get me!

(Scene after you defeat Captain Blue for the first time):

Awwh, your hero-ness has awakened. Now, the V-Watch is responding to your hero
instincts deep down inside. When the V-Watch glows, say the word, “Henshin!!!”
Joe: Henshin a go-go, baby!!!

(Scene before you fight Captain Blue the second time):

Captain Blue: Joe it’s time for your next trial. Hope you are warmed up cuz
ready or not here I come!

(Scene before you fight Charles III):

Charles the Third: Who dares disturb my beauty sleep? Have you not heard, this
movie is already over! Captain Blue’s defeated, and we are victorious!
Joe: Shows you what you know, bat-brain! In movies, there has to be a plot
twist. That means that things go wrong once before you get to a happy ending!
Now come on! Let’s get this over with!
Charles the Third: What nonsense he speaks! Come nightfall, the ritual of
sacrifice will begin and your pathetic little world will... Oopsie-poopsie!
Almost let the cat out of the bag there! In any case, this has nothing to do
with riff-raff like you. The only thing left for you to do is... PERISH!

(Scene after you defeat Charles III):

Charles the Third: This is not...
Joe: Sorry to wake you up. You can sleep as much as you want now!
Narrator: Joe wanders into the world of the movies, and gallantly fights evil
to rescue Silvia. With the help of his superior strength, he is able to reign
triumphant over the dastardly Badman, Charles the Third. Where could Silvia be?
Is she safe? Is she even alive? Intolerable anxiety tears at Joe’s heart. What
did they do to her?
Joe: Hmm... What would be a good hero name for me? I never thought this would
be so hard!
Narrator: Searching for Silvia, Joe tries to track clues as to her whereabouts.
Little did he know that the clues would only lead him to more problems... The
next episode is “Some Like it Red Hot”. See you there!

4.3. Some Like it Red Hot

(Scene before you fight Captain Blue for the third time):

Captain Blue: Joe, my young here, this is your last trial. If you overcome this
trial you’ll have acquired the last power. Now let’s get this over with!

(Scene after you defeat Captain Blue for the third time):

Captain Blue: Joe... I have nothing left to teach you. The beautiful moves and
techniques that flourish from your gut hero instincts, exploit them for good
deeds and save the world. The world is waiting for you. Joe, go now! May the
heroness be with you.

(Scene before you fight Hulk Davidson):

Hulk Davidson: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, men! What’up, what’up, what’up?* What can I
do for you, kiddo? I guess you heard I rule the roost around here, am I right?
Am I?
Joe: Man, don’t flatter yourself. You’re just another one of those old
attractions in this “movieland.”
Hulk Davidson: What? Wait a minute, jack. So you knew this world was called
“Movieland”. How interesting. All right, spit it out. Where are you from?
Joe: Huh?
Hulk Davidson: I’m surprised a little “punk” like you from the real world knew
about our plans. Eh! It’s not gonna matter anyway after I’m finished with you.
So what’s with the V-Watch on your arm? You think you’re some kinda Megaman**
or somethin’?
Joe: Heh heh... pretty cool, huh? I’m here to avenge Captain Blue. Just call
me... Ah!*** I haven’t come up with a good name yet.
Hulk Davidson: You know who I am? You know who I am? I’m the one who put that
scar on Captain Blue’s face! You’ll be lucky if you get away with your life,

*I have no clue how Hulk said that exactly, but that’s what the booklet said.
**This wasn’t in the soundtrack booklet, but I knew that “Megaman” was the word
Hulk used.
***A good example that the soundtrack booklet is wrong. It said that Joe had
said ‘darn’ instead of ‘Ah!’

(Scene after you defeat Hulk Davidson):

Hulk Davidson: Hulk’s going to the big house* ...ouch! You little punk!
Joe: A man wears a scar as a medal. Not to say I couldn’t win unhurt, of course.
Narrator: Thus, Joe overcame the frightful power of Hulk Davidson. But on the
blueprints that had fallen into his hands was outlined the most terrible of
plans... The Jadows, seeking to stretch their evil power to the ocean itself,
had planted a bomb in the underwater city of Moo. Already, water was starting
to flood the city. Thousands of lives were at risk. Joe had no choice but to
abandon the search for Silvia and race to the rescue the innocents of Moo!
Joe: Dang, this writing is horrible! I can’t even read this junk! But more
importantly, a superhero needs a super-ride...
Narrator: Joe boards his trusty Sixmachine and embarks on a mission to save the
underwater city! Don’t forget to see the next installment, ‘2,000,000 Leagues
Under the Sea’. ‘Till then... ta-ta!
Joe: Ready, Sixmachine? Let’s ride!**

*A VERY good example of how messed up the soundtrack is. The booklet read
“Hulk’s gonna make a big house...” when he was actually singing “Hulk’s going
to the big house...”
**I don’t remember if Joe said that, but the soundtrack says he did, so I’m
typing it up anyway!

4.4. 2,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Note from UVG: Sixmachine did say something at the beginning of the episode,
but I couldn’t understand it, and it’s not in the booklet. If anyone knows what
he said, or at least has a good guess, please e-mail me! My e-mail is in
section 6.3.

(Scene after you defeat the Harrier):

Joe: Let’s rock baby, yeah!

(Line that repeats itself until you disarm the bomb underwater):

Robotic Voice: Warning, warning, a bomb has been armed! Repeat, a bomb has been

(Scene after you disarm the bomb):

Robotic Voice: The bomb has been disarmed. Repeat, the bomb has been disarmed.

(Scene before you fight Gran Bruce):

Gran Bruce: Oy, mate, you’re the one who foiled my wonderful... uh... uh...
bomb plot! But mate, you better not be thinkin’ you can just hop on this
here... uh... uh... submarine and go straight to our... uh... uh... hideout!
Joe: Wait. That sub goes to your hideout?
Gran Bruce: D’oh! I... Ah, never mind! But you have to know mate, we need that
girl for out dastardly plan to escape... Movieland, and rule the... uh... you
know... UNIVERSE... I think.
Joe: What are you yapping about, “escape Movieland”?
Gran Bruce: (Starts making a bunch of stupid noises.)
Joe: What an idiot...
Gran Bruce: Oy, you best shut up, mate, otherwise I’ll chew your hindquarters
like a big, stickle... uh...
Joe: GUM! G-U-M! GUM! Gosh, do I have to spell it out on a chalkboard for ‘ya?
Gran Bruce: Yeah, so?

(Scene after you defeat Gran Bruce):

Gran Bruce: I think I’m gonna take a nap...*
Joe: You should watch your big mouth until you know you’re gonna win! Although
in this case, the big mouth isn’t really your fault!
Narrator: Joe emerges triumphant after his first marine battle. The lives of
the underwater residents have been saved! Suddenly, the submarine begins to
move forward. Without a moment to spare, Joe leaps onto the submarine.
Joe: Hey, wait up! Aw, come on! I wanna go, too!
Narrator: Will this trail eventually lead to Silvia? Will this ship become the
next Noah’s Ark for Joe, or will he become the next bait for Moby Dick? To find
out, don’t miss the next installment of Viewtiful Joe: “The Viewtiful Escape!”

*Don't know if that's what he said, but who can understand that moronic
bloke, anyway?

4.5. The Viewtiful Escape

(Scene when Joe first jumps on the submarine):

Joe: Bring it on!

(Scene before you fight Another Joe):

Joe: Huh? That outfit looks just like mine! Hey, are you a hero in this world,
Another Joe: (Strikes a fighting pose.)
Joe: Hey? What’s your problem? All right, fine! Let’s settle this! We don’t
need two heroes wearing red, anyway! Whoever wins has to change into a yellow
outfit. (Cackles.) Okay?

(Scene after you defeat Another Joe):

Robotic Voice: Condition red! Condition red! All crew evacuate immediately!
Condition red...

(Scene after you escape from the submarine):

Joe: (Inaudible.)
Narrator: The close contest with the mysterious opponent and his narrow escape
of death from an exploding submarine has taught Joe a valuable lesson.
Joe: (Inaudible.)*
Narrator: But there are many more difficult trials that will present themselves
to Joe. What hardships will he face, and does he have the strength to overcome?
Will he find the hideout in time, before the dark rituals take place? And who
was the mysterious devil-like individual who appeared and then disappeared like
lightning? Find out in the next episode, “The Midnight Thunderboy.”

*Just thought I’d add this, but I bet Joe was telling the narrator to shut the
crap up!

4.6. The Midnight Thunderboy

(Scene when Joe jumps out the manhole):

Joe: Time to go to work, guys! (Kisses his knuckles.)

(Scene when you first board the train):

Robotic Voice: Emergency, emergency, this train is totally out of control!
Activate emergency breaks! Repeat, activate emergency breaks!

(Scene after you activate the emergency breaks):

Robotic Voice: The emergency breaks have been activated! Repeat, the emergency
breaks have been activated! Thank goodness!*

*Again, a script mess-up. The booklet said that Joe said that line.

(Scene before you fight Alastor):

Alastor: Ah, it’s my friendly neighborhood arch-rival. But you’re a little late
– the ritual has begun.
Joe: I know you!
Alastor: The name’s Alastor. Nice punch back there, by the way.
Joe: What’s this about a ritual? I hope you guys aren’t up to anything weird.
Kids are watching this too, you know.
Alastor: Right! Well, since you’ll die anyway, I guess I can reveal to you our
evil plan. Ahem. “For many years we have fought against Captain Blue for
control of the world of movies. However, it has recently been brought to our
attention that this world may be in fact fictional. If celluloid should become
obsolete, we too will be destined to lie forever on the cutting room floor of
history. In order to counter this threat, we have made a bold plan to break
through the silver screen and take over the world beyond Hollywood.
Joe: Sheesh, I hate it when they have all these sub-plots...
Alastor: The key to our success lies in the DNA of the Creator. As long as we
have that DNA in our possession, we will be able to come and go at will in the
world of humans, which is why we need the girl.
Joe: The girl...? You mean Silvia!
Alastor: Well, that seems to be the general idea. But hey, I don’t give a rip
about all that! The only thing I’m interested in is testing my own strength.
You’ve been making waves in our world, but you should realize you’re just a
sidekick! Let’s see who’s the strongest, once and for all!

(Scene after you defeat Alastor):

Alastor: Why, you... you’re pretty strong. And that move – the one you did back
there... beautiful! Tell me, what do they call you?
Joe: Beautiful? Well, yeah, that works. I’m Joe! Viewtiful Joe!
Alastor: Viewtiful Joe... how fitting...
Narrator: The warrior Alastor was dead. Joe felt that he had lost an old
friend, and his heart was heavy with conflicting emotion. But Joe is
unstoppable. He bravely hurls himself into the mystery of the Creator’s DNA in
order to save the lovely Silvia. Thus, he faces the most agonizing battle any
superhero could ever be forced to encounter.
Joe: Yikes! I completely forgot about Silvia!
Narrator: The grueling attacks of the evil forces know no end. Before his
battered body, the most imposing of the Jadows appears with no mercy. Don’t
forget to catch Joe and company next time in “The Magnificent Five”!
Alastor: Is this it? Am I done for? You’re kidding, right? NO! C’mon, help a*
brother out!**

*Let’s face it, the script’s screwed up! A small mistake, but it said “help OUR
brother out” here.
**I think he may have said more, but I’m not sure. I’ll check next update.

4.7. The Magnificent Five

(Scene when the chapter starts):

Joe: All right! Let’s go kick some... (Pause as Joe looks around.) Oh...
Something doesn’t feel right...

(Scene before you fight Fire Leo):

Silvia: Joe!
Joe: Hey, Silvia, I was looking for you... What are you doing there, anyway?
Silvia: Yeah, right! I’ve been watching you all along from here. You were so
busy showing off, you hardly even thought about me!
Joe: Hey, that’s not true...
(Fire Leo comes in.)
Fire Leo: (Roars.) So you’re the one who’s been knocking down Jadow members
like dominos!
Joe: (Cackles.) The final battle! Okay, now this is where I defeat you and get
to go home with Silvia as me reward, right? Right? You may as well give up,
because I am going to foil* all your grand plans.
Silvia: My hero!
Joe: Not bad, huh?
Fire Leo: (Laughs evilly.) Quite a character, I see. How about we strike a
bargain? You join our forces as the newest member of Jadow H.Q., and once we
conquer the world, you can rule over half of it. Oh, I’ll throw in the girl, as
well. (Growls.)
Joe: Even if you offered me the whole world, the real world doesn’t need a
sweaty, flame-blower** like you. The world’s hot enough with me in it.
Fire Leo: Well, well. That’s a pity. (Clicks his tongue.) We only just met and
already it’s time for you to say goodbye. (Growls.) When I’m done with you,
there won’t even be ashes left! (Roars.)
Joe: Ooh! Are you saying you’re too hot for me to handle! (Cackles.) Try me!

*It was either “foil” or “boil.” “Foil” makes more sense, though.
**It sounded like he said “blame-blower.” Is that even a word?

(Scene after you defeat Fire Leo):

Fire Leo: I thought I was hot... But you are hotter!*
(Fire Leo explodes.)
Joe: Silvia! (Echoes.)
Silvia: Joe! (Echoes.)
Narrator: Joe has finally succeeded in foiling the evil Jadow’s plot. Peace
will return to Movieland. But a question still remains in Joe’s mind: how were
the evil ones permitted to get as far as they did? What was their motivation?
And how would he know that it would not happen again...?
Silvia: (Screams as she is grabbed.) JOE!
King Blue: Don’t think it’s over yet! You will never get the girl! I have an
important use for her.
Joe: You’re the guy from the beginning part!
King Blue: No matter what, I shall rule the world! I will show you how weak and
inconsequential you are!
Silvia: JOE!! HELP!!
Joe: (Pause as he looks around.) Come on, Six Machine!
(Gets on Six Machine and flies off.)

*I don’t know if he says this or not, but, again, that’s what the booklet said!

4.8. Joe and Silvia

(Scene before you fight King Blue):

(Pause as Joe looks around.)
Silvia: (Scared): Joe...
Joe: Oh my gosh... It’s you! How...? Why...?
Captain Blue: (Turns around.) Right again, little one. I am Blue, the Creator
of this land, the Lord of this world! Oh, how trivial, how inconsequential do
heroes look from where I stand.
Joe: Hey, what is this? Captain Blue, enemy of evil, guardian of the world...
Why, Captain Blue?!
Captain Blue: “Guardian of the world”?! Humph! What does THAT mean? No matter
how many villains I knock down, this world will not last! I’m going out to the
real world where my powers will mean something! I’ll rule the entire Earth! And
then I can exact revenge on you people who confined us to this fleeting,
transient world of movies. Humans who just create us and then throw us away
when they’re done and bored with us just like so much tissue paper!
Joe: What are you going to do to Silvia?!
Captain Blue: Foolish boy, you still don’t get it, do you? I am the Creator; I
MADE this film and everything in it. Silvia, I am your father, Silvia.
(Pause as Joe and Silvia look shocked.)
Silvia: That’s not sure. Mama told me my daddy died!
Captain Blue: Silvia, deep down you should know the truth by now. In a way, it
is true that your father has died. In his place stands the Master of the world,
the all-powerful controller of light and dark. Me, King Blue! (Transforms into
King Blue.)
King Blue: Now, give up your futile resistance. Your life will give me the
energy I need to break into the real world!
Joe: (Flies up in front of King Blue in Six Machine.) Captain, uh, King Blue,
you used to be cool. Now, you’re nothing but a loser. I’m gonna show you what
it means to be a true hero!
King Blue: Go ahead. I will snap your foolish little ideals in half! (Laughs
evilly and flies off.)
Joe: Come on, Six Majin!
Silvia: My hero!

4.9. Ending

(Scene after you defeat King Blue):

Captain Blue: Thank you, Joe. Thank you for stopping me. 20 years ago, I was
hailed as the most revolutionary movie maker of my time, but I was just a fad
and I was soon forgotten. All I ever wanted to do was to create heroes, true
heroes the world needed. And as if to answer my prayers, I was sucked into one
of my films, and I was given the opportunity to live as a hero. I lost touch
with reality. I forgot about my wife and daughter. I was too busy living out my
fantasy. But little by little, the seed of evil had begun to sprout in my
heart. Desire for revenge against the people who had betrayed me flared up
Silvia: Daddy?
Captain Blue: Forgive me, Silvia.
Silvia: Daddy, don’t be silly. You could have abandoned your ideals and ended
up disillusioned and hollow like an empty shell. At least you followed your
dream. I thought it was a great movie. Just think of all the fans waiting for
your next production. You can’t disappoint them!
Captain Blue: Silvia! (He and Silvia hug.)
(Crowd cheers.)
Joe: See, Blue,* everybody loves a happy ending. (Pause.) Wait a minute, wasn’t
I supposed to be the main character here?
Captain Blue: Ah, yes. But there’s more to this story. (Snaps fingers.)
Alarm: (Starts blaring.) Warning! Warning! Large number of UFO troops detected
close to Earth. Missile fired. 60 seconds to impact.
Joe: Uh, oh! This doesn’t look good!** What did you do, Captain?
Captain Blue: Like I said, there’s more to this story. There’s two more times
the Earth will be in danger. And each time a hero must stand up to defend it.
Joe: Wh-wh-what did you say? Did you say two more times?
Captain Blue: (Laughs.) That’s right! But, I’m the director, so trust me on
this one. Although, I admit, there was a slight change in the plot. But it
doesn’t matter now. The world has a new, young hero called Viewtiful Joe to
protect them.*** Show them again how a hero is supposed to be.
Joe: I guess you’re right. Well, then I should be going now.****
Silvia: Wait for me. (Joe and Captain Blue look at Silvia.) Daddy, I’m going,
Captain Blue: WHAT?!
Joe: Are you out of your mind?!
Silvia: Look at it this way: Ever since coming to this world, I haven’t done
anything! Come on, there might be a “hero” inside of me, too! So, Daddy, can I
have a V-Watch? Please? You can do this, right? You’re the big director!
Captain Blue: Well, uh, yes, but... (Sighs and snaps fingers.)
(A V-Watch appears on Silvia’s arm seconds before there’s a large explosion in
the background.)
Joe: Looks like the party’s about to begin any minute now! But, you know, in
the movies...
Silvia: There always has to be a plot twist! That means that things always go
wrong once before you get to the happy ending. Isn’t that right, Joe?
Joe: (Cackles.) That’s my girl! This is where the story really starts getting
interesting! Come on, partner! Leave this to...
Joe and Silvia: (Jump up and pose.) VIEWTIFUL JOE AND SILVIA!
(Credits roll.)

*I don’t know if that’s the EXACT line or not.
**Again, not sure if that’s the exact line.
***Do I need to repeat myself a third time?
****... Seriously? Again?

5. FAQ

This is where I answer your questions. If you have a question, e-mail me. My
e-mail is in section 6.3.

Q: Why did you write this?
A: Two reasons: To provide spoilers and help people understand the unclear
dialog better. And I was bored.

Q: I found a problem with your script!
A: Then e-mail me (again, e-mail’s in section 6.3.) with your sighting and I’ll
fix it. Please don’t send me crap like “dude, i red ur scrip and it sux”
because it will be ignored. Remember, when e-mailing me, your two best friends
are spell-check and politeness!

Q: Why are you so corny?
A: I thank God that was a “c.” Anyway, I get it from my dad.

Q: Are you gonna make a VJ2 Script?
A: I really don't know at this point. I've been too occupied with life and my
sudden lack of interest in VJ2 to pick it up, but if I have a sudden urge
to write a second game script, I'll get started.

Q: WHEN are you gonna make a VJ2 Script?
A: See above.

6. Closing

Well, that’s it! The entire Viewtiful Joe game script! While still not 100%
accurate, it’s complete, so live with it. The Viewtiful Joe 2 script will be
easier to write since I can access any scene at any time. Also, the script’s
dialog doesn’t have as many errors, but... Well, you’ll find out later. Until
then, enjoy this script!

If you wish to contribute to the VJ1 script, e-mail me. For the last time, my
e-mail’s in section 6.3.

6.1. Copyright Information

Viewtiful Joe and Viewtiful Joe 2 and all its characters are copyrighted by
Capcom. This guide is copyrighted by me, UltraVioletGirl.

6.2. Credits

Thanks to:

Capcom for making this game and the booklet for reference.
My sister for not bugging me while I wrote this.
Myself for writing this.
Microsoft Word for spelling and grammar check.
The people who read and contribute to this.

6.3. Contact Me

Got a question? Comment? Contribution? E-mail me at You
can also contact me on Yahoo messenger with that same address.

Thank you for reading my script that took me forever to write! Until next time,
UltraVioletGirl out!